A Mutants & Masterminds Voicechat Discussion Server-thingy

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A Mutants & Masterminds Voicechat Discussion Server-thingy

Post by Ardebitis » Fri Mar 07, 2014 7:13 pm

I'm not the best at coming up with topic titles...

Regardless, I have noticed, with my borderline-obsession with live chat programs, that Atomic Think Tank completely lacks a non-private voice-chatting server. I aim to fix that!

Mumble is a voice-communication program, similar to Ventrilo or Teamspeak. I happen to have a Mumble server I'm not using for much of anything, so I figured I'd see if it can get any use from the people here.

The general rule of thumb is "Keep it civil and don't be a jerk." If you can follow that rule (It may qualify as a plural, technically...) We'll have no problems.

To join the server, go to http://mumble.sourceforge.net/ and refer to the big rectangle that has "Get Mumble" on it! If you don't know what you're doing, get the one that says (Stable).

Once you have Mumble installed and open, add a new server with the following info:

Label: [This can be whatever you want]
Port: 2437
Username: [Also whatever you want, for the most part.]

I hope to see you there!