The End of the World Didn't Take

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The End of the World Didn't Take

Post by IMPug » Sun Sep 29, 2013 12:11 am

Recently, I have started an M&M3 pick-up game to cover the times when only a few people in my gaming group are available to play. The general concept is that on December 21, 2012 aliens returned to Earth. I have been writing an intro for the players in first person. My intention is to have the aliens have strong technology and mental powers. I need help coming up with some basic alien minions of the scout and thug varieties as well as sidekick level aliens of the manipulator and illusionist variety and finally some boss type aliens whose power level would rival the players.
Here is the first draft of the intro.

April 15, 2015
Tax Day today. Well, it would have been. The world I grew up in changed vastly in the two and a half years since The Return. It was cruelly clever really. We should have known it was coming. All the signs were there, left for us through antiquity by civilizations that lasted for centuries, in some cases millennia. Their methods were down right traceable in retrospect. Beings of “divine power and wisdom” would infect an entire culture to alter their beliefs with what we would come to identify as religion.
Don’t doubt. Don’t examine. Have faith. Believe. Follow these teachings. Don’t question. Across continents, among wildly different cultures, throughout recorded time, the message was the same. But, our ancestors were not completely fooled and never fully cowed. They were devious and left clues in the art and architecture of their time. Stonehenge, the Great Pyramids, the Nazca Lines, the Mayan Calendar, Chinese pottery, sculptures from around the world. Still, it probably would have worked again if it weren’t for The Accident back in 2011.

“This just in. There has been an explosion at Carnegie Mellon campus. Sources say that “the Research Building” as it is locally known has been nearly destroyed in a catastrophic accident. First Responders are at the site. Police, Firefighters, and Paramedics on the scene have virtually shut down the grounds. Our own Field Correspondent has been unable to gain any official comment or even a clean view of the wreckage. Wreckage that earlier today was a place of higher learning focused primarily on graduate level studies. Our Eye in the Sky chopper is en route to capture what is sure to be riveting and compelling imagery.”

Accident. Heh! I believed that too for a while.

The stories that followed were quite frankly unbelievable. A woman who could fly and heal the most devastating injuries, cure diseases and even neutralize poison with a touch. A man who could warp, shape, and move metal with a gesture. A former collegiate football player who could walk through gun fire, keep pace with a police cruiser, and turn a city bus on its side with the shove from one arm. A gods-damned full-on Terminator 2 looking man made of titanium was captured by the National Guard and held by the US Department of Defense for questioning for months. That “man” reportedly walked out of a maximum security military prison while being shot and hit with rocket propelled grenades. He punched his way methodically through reinforced concrete walls and just kept walking while soldiers tried to stop him.

Ha! Ha! There were reports of cold fusion experiments yielding actually measurable results so massive that every governmental super power caught readings of it from satellites in orbit. That was my favorite. It got so outrageous that Stan Lee was present on TV nearly every day being interviewed for his opinion on seemingly comic book level phenomenon. These “supers” were mostly acting like you would expect comic book heroes and villains to act. Fanboys from around the world flocked in droves to like storm chasers trying to witness their childhood fantasies come to life. They listened to media reports and rushed to areas of “incidents” to catch a glimpse or hear a word from these people.

I didn’t really believe any of it. I passed it off as a grand Hollywood hoax that would bolster movie revenues for a while and possibly garner lawsuits and criminal charges from pissed off consumers and law-makers. That is until I died…and got better.

While eating a plate of cheese fries at the “O” on Forbes Ave just about the time the local fraternity parties let out, a kid on a skateboard shattered the front windows and rode his board along the wall destroying the décor. He body was horizontal to the floor and riding along the wall like it was a gods-damned skate park blithely ignoring Sir Isaac Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation. The cracks of gunfire sounded from outside and bullets thunked into the walls in the kids wake. Into the restaurant charged a group of paramilitary shock-troop types with robotic dogs. The skater kid and these men and their robo-mutts threw down in a full on battle for the ages. It was quite a sight to see, until I got caught in the crossfire. Bullets riddled my body starting at my right knee, shattering the cap, and tracking its way up my leg across my hips, breaking those, and perforating my torso. The last things I felt were an incredible pain in my chest and a viciously hard knock to the head. Then everything went black.

Consciousness returned with the faint sounds of electronic beeps, the astringent smell of commercial grade cleansers, and Harry Connick Jr. crooning away through poor-quality speakers. There was some sort of white film blocking my vision. I pushed it away and heard the most heart-stopping, blood-curdling scream. Panicked, I jumped up…off a metal table…in a medical examiners lab...and heard the clang-ping of small metal objects hitting a hard linoleum floor. Something restricted my left big toe. A dirty blonde woman in a lab coat cowered and cried behind another metal table that held a body in a rather gruesome state of disassembly. Her reaction was understandable in retrospect. I wore a toe tag with my name on it and the letters D.O.A.

They found me after that, the group of researchers who caused The Accident. PhD candidates all of them. Gave their big recruitment speeches, flashed their newly earned wealth, offered fame and fortune, even anonymity and opportunity to make a difference if that was what I wanted. It was all so condescending. They didn’t know me. They only cared what happened to me out of a feeling of guilt. You see, I was a janitor in the building that blew up.

I liked to fancy myself as a poorer man’s Good Will Hunting. I enjoyed reading the papers these people wrote. I understood some of them, got bored or confused with others, and learned that for all of their vaunted knowledge and genius, almost none of them could write worth a damn. I guess I also fancied myself a modern-day blue-collar Jack Kerouac. Instead of joining their little club, that kept getting itself in trouble, I said screw it and went walk-about like Crocodile Dundee.

Looking back on things now, I wish I had stayed. Maybe my cynicism and grass-roots perspective would have helped in the times to come. During The Return, I was fly-fishing in Saskatchewan. I thought all the lights in the sky in late December 2012 were simply a facet of aurora borealis. I didn’t even know what had happened until Easter of 2013. It was fitting to me to find out on that particular day, the Resurrection Day, a holy day in the Christian faith. Jesus Christ…I can identify with him, another kid like me who just couldn’t seem to die. Although the miracles associated with him were “divine”. Turns out mine were simply genetic evolution forced upon me by a man with a cultural memory so long that could sight-read the friggin’ Mayan Calendar. That’s a tale already chronicled earlier in my journal though.

When they arrived, The Returned made a spectacle of it with light displays and harmonics reminiscent of angels descending from the heavens. They chose locations where they once were worshipped, places like the Yucatan Penninsula, Egypt, Greece, and India. They seemed to speak in tongues, when in actuality they spoke directly to the minds of men. From media coverage in Greece, India, and Egypt, The Returned must have expected a different welcome than they received. Military attack choppers, ground forces with assault rifles, tanks, armored personnel carriers, battleships with 16 inch guns and surface-to-air missile launchers and similar responses advanced upon positions of The Returned. Offended by the hostility of the greeting they received, The Return attacked wearing the guises of creatures and beings of our myths and legends. The world’s immediate threat response troops did not fare so well. They did some damage, sure. Within less than an hour, the forced arrayed against The Returned were pacified or destroyed.

So, here are the nuts-and-bolts of what happened. Spacefaring aliens returned to the planet that had been their personal petri-dish-like experimentation ground for literally the entire history of man, written, remembered and forgotten. Their natural abilities were so much greater than those of the lesser creatures they had chosen to ***deleted*** with for so long, that we (meaning our ancestors) had actually worshipped them as gods. Across every known culture, mythology or religion told of these “people”. You can track their landing patterns through time with the periods of religious discovery and rising of long lasting civilizations that are known to us today through archeology. Pick a religion, it was founded by a flippin’ alien. Any prophet, visionary, messiah you can name…alien. With one exception, Joseph Smith…that dude was just an opportunist and consummate con artist. Multiple wives in a predominantly Judeo-Christian society? Genius! More power to you, brother. You want a really funny revelation (pun-intended)? Scientology had the closest to accurate view. Yeah, they voluntarily went over to The Returned lock, stock, and barrel.

The Return was of global significance and received around the clock media coverage. Religious communities went out of their gods-damned minds. Conspiracy theorists had their vindicating day in the sun. Militaries around the world went into full readiness and governments in some countries instituted martial law. Our world had become skeptical and believed much more in science and logic than at any previous time that the Aliens had visited, although some theorize that Atlantis had reached our level of education and been punished for it. This time…THIS TIME though. We were not outclassed entirely as a species. Some had evolved and become more, become strong enough to resist. They fought back with brawn and brain, might and thought, ideas and ideals. Quite frankly, they got the people of Earth to believe in themselves as much if not more than they believed in these invaders.

Like the gods-damned world police, the U.S Armed Forces joined the fray. Unlike the Threat Response forces, they had been gearing up to combat super-powered people due to the unrest in American since the Accident. They even had the help of some of The Evolved as the “supers” had been tagged thanks to a leaked genetics doctoral thesis. The U.S. Armed Forces and the Evolve fared much better. Still, they were horribly outnumbered. The Returned had a three super power or equipped combatants for every one that took the field against them. They pushed to forces of humanity back to mostly useless land and began an insidious campaign of propaganda to fool, capture, cajole, and convince masses of humanity into welcoming their “return”. For those with a sane head on their shoulders, it was an invasion. They focused mostly on the population centers of our world.

I wish there were more of them, these evolved humans. The aliens were too numerous. The Evolved could not cover enough area. They lost battles, lost land and cities and populations. A few populations were destroyed, many more were captured and subjugated. Now much of the world is under the aliens’ control. Most of Africa, all of South America and Central America, Southern Europe, most of the United States, much of southern Asia have all fallen to The Returned. There are holdouts of humanity though.
High up in mountain chains and in most areas that remain below freezing for 2 to 3 months or more of the year have not been conquered. I have heard rumors that the Alps are largely untouched. Switzerland is still neutral. Gods-damned aliens descended to Earth, and they have managed stayed out of it all. Some people still fight. I have decided to join the fray. I have a few tricks up my sleeves and apparently I cannot die. So, I’ll fight these mind-***deleted***. There are stories of other Evolved who have remained hidden. We’ll need their help. Gods help me, but it is time for my own damn recruitment speeches.

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Re: The End of the World Didn't Take

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I really like this. I'd love to read more.