Villain idea for my campaign (brainstorming)

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Villain idea for my campaign (brainstorming)

Post by dreamking89 »

So after running a few one shot games IRL and being part of numerous PBP games on this site, I'm finally going to be running my own campaign. It's going to be in the Freedomverse (though a heavily altered Freedomverse with some NPCs switched out for characters of my own creation).

Anyways, one of my players finished his character early: the premise being an immortal sorcerer who is secretly a dragon. He mentioned the idea of a villain for the character being a time-displaced knight he fought in the Middle Ages, which gave me an idea to expand on that.

Basically, what I have so far is that the knight in question was a leader of a great Order of Dragonslayers (which I don't have a name for yet. After fighting the PC, he somehow thrown forward in time (probably from the PC's early experimenting with magic) and landed sometime during the Great Depression. Living alone, homeless and bitter from what the dragon did, he was approached by Mr. Infamy, who offered him a chance to reform his Order and the power to wipe out all the dragons in the world. Taking the offer, the knight was given extra long life (immunity from aging at half effect) and enough money to become a successful tycoon in weapons development, science, etc. Now he has reformed his Order into a Knight's Templar-esque organization. He has attracted hundreds of 'knights' to his order, which is now corrupt due to the original Knight's desire for revenge.

So that's all I really have so far. Right now I'm looking for ideas for the Order's name, and possible "Knights" other than the time-displaced knight. If anyone has any ideas for those, it's greatly appreciated. Also, any other cool thoughts you may have would be welcome as well.
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Re: Villain idea for my campaign (brainstorming)

Post by Pardum »

An idea for some of the knights could be people who have been tricked and mislead about the purpose of the order and believer that they are trying to get rid of the "evil" presented by the the dragons. The head knight could have told them stories about how terrible the dragons are and convinced them that they are serving mankind by killing all of the dragons.

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Re: Villain idea for my campaign (brainstorming)

Post by hypervirtue »

This is an interesting idea, I am reminded of the "Forever Knights" from the Ben 10 cartoon universe a little though.

The first thing that pops out to me here, is this guy has been around for a while, and he's armed with modern weapons and equipment. So honestly, I'd not call them "Knights" anymore. I'd go with something more modern sounding, more corporate, as he is a "Tycoon in Weapons Development."

I'd take some historical clues, such as this one:


This is a painting known as "St. George and the Dragon" which is one of the earliest depictions of a "Dragonslayer" in western historical/mythological reference.

So, if you want to go more anachronistic sounding for the name you could call them the, "Order of St. George."

If you want to go for a more modern sounding one, I'd take a cue from real life PMC names, and toss in an anachronistic title, perhaps:

The Chevalier Group

After all, they have to do something other than hunt dragons to make profits, and they need the training and experience after all. Thus you could make them a powerful PMC that utilizes advanced weaponry (that they develop) that is world-renowned for their PMC activities with their Dragonslaying agenda not known to the public. This allows them to also present the fact that they could have powerful political contacts with the government which helps them constantly get off the hook after tangling with the heroes and subsequently being arrested.

So now I am thinking some kind of Iron Man-esque armored knights fighting dragons... Which is an awesome visual.

Then I'd structure them in a similar manner to the more common parlance romanticized fictional hierarchy of knights. Giving them ranks accordingly:

Main Knight: The Black King aka (Insert name here) the time displaced knight and leader of the Chevalier Group. This guy is your main villain so he's a non-minion.

Then you'd have his first line of knights, the day-to-day leaders of the PMC operations. His "round table" as it were. These would be ranked as "Lord" and "Lady" if your villain is an equal opportunity type of guy. These are non-minions.

Then you'd have the knights under them, the officers, these would be the "Sir" class of baddie. These are non-minions.

Finally you'd have the minions, these would be the squires.

I'd set them up something like:

The Black King - PL 14

Lords/Ladies - PL 12

Sirs - PL 10

Squires - PL 8 minions

Play the Black King like a David Xanatos (see the animated Gargoyles series) and you suddenly have this great set-up for an antagonistic organization for your Dragon Wizard.

I dunno, maybe I am over-thinking it.
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Re: Villain idea for my campaign (brainstorming)

Post by Doctor Devious »

What's "a Dragon" in this setup?

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Re: Villain idea for my campaign (brainstorming)

Post by Fists of Dorn »

Pulling from what hypervirtue said, having the knighthood be a private military corporation, why not re-skin the always awesome Freedom City villains The Power Corps? They are updated for 3E and available for free here.
  • *Reduce their enhanced strength in favor of strength-based damage (beam swords, laser lances, power pikes, and the like) and make this an alternate of their ranged blasts (ballistae, spears, etc.).

    *Incorporate a couple of fun afflictions for them to throw at foes, as alternate effects of their ranged blasts. Ensnaring/paralyzing effects (energy nets, pulsating energy beams, energized outer armor, etc.), Dazzling effects (strobing lights, sonic vibrations, etc.), and so on. Something that can help them to find the weaknesses of a hero they may otherwise have too much difficulty with.

    *Reduce their ranks of protection by three (replacing it with enhanced defensive roll advantages to represent a force-field like shield that they have to manipulate into the way of an attack for it to be effective; i.e. if caught off-guard they don't get their shield up in time).

    *Exchange their Life Support immunity for the individual immunities with the exception of the Starvation & Thirst immunity.

    *Change the enhanced advantages of Precise Attack from Ranged to Close to emphasize their close-quarters-centered training with melee weaponry.

    *Personalize their individual mental traits and each character's skills, maybe even giving each a personalized livery to make their power armor unique. There could be multiple groups of ten "knights" each with their own power armor, though they are typically only deployed in groups of ten to any region; the rest remain in reserves in case they are needed. Plus there are the many non power-armored knights who fall anywhere from infantry to specialties in communications to marketing (somebody's gotta push this corrupted knight's product). This leaves lower-tier minions (security guards and office workers), lieutenants (less established power-armored knights), and the major villains (the knights established retinue of power armored knights and himself).

    *If the player characters are going to be starting as PL10 characters, I would recommend keeping the knights all PL10 offensively, but increasing them to PL11 defensively [Dodge/Parry- 10; Toughness- +12/ +9 when vulnerable] as a way of helping to match them up against the heroes.

Good luck,


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Re: Villain idea for my campaign (brainstorming)

Post by Beleriphon »

You have a few options here. I'd go with some suitably futuristic but also anachronistic. The Brotherhood of Steel from Fallout is probably a good place to start for organization.

You have your leader, paladins, knights and squires. You can then have your scribe doing research. If you prefer a different take on things pick a different language than English. Maybe Italian would work: you would get paladino, cavaliere, scudiero and scrivano (or commesso).

Here's a few others:
Swedish: förkämpe (lit. champion/paladin), riddare, väpnare, skriftlärd
German: jaegeritter (I made this one up, its close to hunter-knight), ritter, knappe, schreiber
Polish: paladyn, rycerz, giermek, przepisywacz
Russian: boyar, rycar, oruzhenosec, pisec
Spanish: paladín, caballero, escudero, escribiente
French: paladin (the word is French), cavalier, écuyer, scribe

I admit I'm kind of disappointed with the French translations, although I shouldn't be all that surprised.