Naraku of InuYasha

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Naraku of InuYasha

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Hello everyone, I’m new to Mutants and Masterminds and I was working to convert an anime character to a game I’m running. This game will be using the M&M 2nd Edition rules. Since I’m new to the M&M game I’m interested in seeing how this character could be improved. Another note is that this should be representative of Naraku from early in the series; he becomes stronger as the series progresses.
Naraku (of InuYasha)

Quote: "Can't you see? To taint Kikyō's heart with spite, so that the Shikon jewel would absorb the blood of malice. Two who had trusted each other would now despise and kill one another. What purer evil could be found to taint the jewel? And the more profound the love had once been, the more powerful the resulting hatred, and the more evil the jewel. Magnificent."

Power Level: 14-15; Power Points Spent: 231

STR: +3 (16), DEX: +2 (14), CON: +2 (14), INT: +4 (18), WIS: +3 (16), CHA: +2 (14)
Tough: +2/+14, Fort: +14, Ref: +14, Will: +14

Skills: Bluff 10 (+12), Diplomacy 10 (+12), Disguise 8 (+10/+30), Gather Information 8 (+10), Intimidate 4 (+6), Knowledge (arcane Lore) 8 (+12), Knowledge (otherworlds) 8 (+12), Notice 8 (+11), Sense Motive 8 (+11)

Feats: Minions 3

Black Magic (Magic 5) (mystic hand)

Illusion 3 (Alternate; affects: 1 type + visual - touch, DC 13; Ephemeral; Phantasms, Thematic 3 (one type - Castles); Progression, Area 6 (500 ft. radius))

Insect mesengers (Super-Ventriloquism 7) (Alternate; Crew Required)
Insect scrying (Clairvoyance 7) (Alternate; Medium)
Sensory Link 7 (Alternate; DC 17; Medium)

Demonic speed (Array 4) (default power: speed)
Flight 4 (Array; Speed: 100 mph, 880 ft./rnd)
Speed 8 (Default; Speed: 2500 mph, 22000 ft./rnd)

Force Field 12 (+12 Toughness)

Miasma (Array 21) (acid, default power: corrosion; Innate)
Poison Blood (Energy Aura 9) (Array; acid, energy type: acid, DC 24)
Toxic Cloud (Corrosion 8) (Default; DC 23; Cloud Area (40 ft. diameter, lingers - General), Poison; Fades)

Shape-shifting (Morph 4) (morph: broad group - humanoid, +20 Disguise)

Attack Bonus: +14 (Ranged: +14, Melee: +14, Grapple: +17)

Attacks: Poison Blood (Energy Aura 9), +14 (DC 24), Toxic Cloud (Corrosion 8) (DC Fort/Tou ), Unarmed Attack, +14 (DC 18)

Defense: +14 (Flat-footed: +7), Knockback: -7

Initiative: +2
Languages: Native Language

Totals: Abilities 32 + Skills 18 (72 ranks) + Feats 3 + Powers 87 + Combat 56 + Saves 35 + Drawbacks 0 = 231

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Notes: Naraku in this build doesn’t have much in the way of offense; his only attack is weak given his PL.
His Saimyōshō minions are for spying, keeping in touch with his followers most of his magic is to use them as such the idea was to scry on them, link to their senses and have the ability to speak through them with the ventriloquism ability.

I have his shapeshifting ability as a morph power although it is probably a weaker power than what he has in the anime, since morph seems like just an illusion rather than actual shapeshifting.

Even though this is built as an NPC I was hoping to keep the power points in the 14-15 range so I didn’t fit in the regeneration, anatomical separation, or demon absorption abilities he should have. The demon absorption is probably the biggest omission, but it’s primarily a way to describe how he becomes more powerful. I haven’t seen all of the InuYasha series, but I don’t think he ever uses the power as an attack against a main protagonist, or even a secondary one from what I can tell.