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JonMarker's tele-pad (2e budgets /help ask)

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I'm going to list power level 5 character and characteristics here, then every so often ask for help on a grand idea (knock around) that is sticking in my head.

It is not that I don't like pl 10, I just like the mental workout one gets with a home brew game with a lot of weight (rules). These rules are:

Base 10 stats being str, dex, etc are being used at this time
1) pl5 no overage, no short
2) no trade offs
3) advantages and feats cost 2pp
4) stunts are 3
5) no free or bought off powers
6) must have real world drawback (shy, mental, relation of type, job, homeless, etc)
7) real crimes
8) actions have consequences regardless.
9) real world impediments see rule 6
10) If a combined character, each character must have the shared traits bought for each combination, unless the combination makes a new power
(a symbiotic character vs. a character that changes it's head for different powers{thank you the person that came up with the head switch character to make this example possible})
11) skill to match power IE: power to fly means skill to pilot

Before I go further I must give a shout out to a person on the roll call's 50th+ page that made a pl5 toon character without buying off too many powers. I have a similar character I will someday update to here later.
And another shout out to all those that have done toon guys at any plvl any, got use to working with the search engine and finding things got a lot easier.

So simple put: Thank you

Feels good to pop that over the 69th view cherry, yeah small life goals.

Knock around ideas: (still pl5, can be open, but as to be cited sources) and I want to use them and treat them as a character that could operate in real or cyber life. If you are wondering why children's shows are listed I'm an uncle of a young one whom/who I'm trying to teach gaming to for them to learn math, counting, & socializing.

1) The children's show "Wally Kazam" making the actual "Wally" with minion dragon (with the mecha & manga fetch command for letter related objects and animal heal), non-lose-able indestructible magic letter needing word spouting creation / form altering wand of magic words & letters AND when the letter is stolen everything is De-powered from the magic wand, plus 2 allies (usually speaking in song or about animals...tried using well informed), and finally 1 nemesis that speaks in riddles or thinks something counter to the hero(s)' ideas are best.

2) Anime character quadruple symbiotic soul eater with Maka, Maka's latent weapon blood (from her mother who is a mister and not from the dad who's a weapon) and black blood (business demon of chaos)

3) Reboot time/modem pirate detective electric based snooper

4) a guy whose powers are only the flaws that normal are attached to the powers, not a power loss guy, not a nullifier person that is on 1 setting, but maybe an affliction area person. Also give him a gun that can shoot his "infected" cure all disease (the x men cure kid think the name was leech best example)

5) A zombie survivalist that is a zombie that is wanting to survive humanity, but not be apart of it or cause an out break (as needed)

6) Java-junkie the hyper active adult and speedster from kids next door that needs a coffee totem (any remotely related) & a business suit

7) Darkman avg from all of his horror/action flicks (of which there are 4 known to me), lots of str, and anger issues, perfect sound mimic, can't use touch as a sense, has a triggers for going anger hulk. However he is a scientist with fake skin that last 99 minutes. (Didn't like the breakthrough at the end of the 3rd movie)

8) Tried my hand at a dragon human symbiotic relation in which the human ate & mind shields (matter eater with extra pocket) in order for them both to survive and the dragon defends with 2 breath weapons (stun don't laugh it was the best fit for "spits a wet stomach boulder of digested stuff at something", then electric ball area - each tires by emptying the stomach reducing the characters to hunger, we also strike via knuckle spikes. Scales via armored jumpsuit, flying via extra limbs (tail & dragonfly wings). Old recycled military parts & equipment from his "escapes". Yes it's 1 creature with 1 body & separate stats, but gestalt isn't what I was going for. The goal was to always have 2 checks to do for each type of thing thrown at me.

:arrow: 9) An exorcist for mutant powers with favored enemy mutant that uses a futuristic teddy bear that (a) absorbs the powers permanently (b) nullifies the absorbed powers then (c) mimics 1 of the absorbed powers (the bear is like a "danger whistle" from the future for mutants)
He has a cool small truck with extra gas tank, thicker sheet metal armor, gps, and a cow catcher
Other items include a cross for healing ritualistically.
Not sure if I could use the mecha & manga book for banish as a ritual to "permanently" get rid of mutant based powers.
Other than that he is a skill & feat monkey to make him harder to hit and/or kill mostly against mutants, with a window washing day job he uses to snoop. He is also a family of low level / "ugly" mutant councillor.
currently in use at of, still waiting on approval.

10) face/off syfy show loser that gains the ability to speedily craft humans into one of their personal creations permanent. Each creation as the power of the idea behind the creation. IE: a bug would be a bug, a shadow creature would be a shadow, etc...

11) Anime Gantz bounty hunter

12) A street level Loki, probably a clone with the mecha & manga flaw of idiot of circumstantial hero via he is trying to get "ahead in life" and always has to take some hood down to do it. Then to add insult I would make him a lazy grocery bragger & stocker.

13) a more action version of the children's' show paw patrol with transforming vehicles and gizmo launching backpacks in 2e Mecha & Manga rules, with or without the headquarters, and less of the "villains" making dated pop culture references.

14) A hypnosis version Billy May Hayes with a 19.95 blaster and a silencer radius.

15) Learned that a TechnoDruid is a Mage that uses tech for green purposes, what if a TechnoDruid was someone that could make the net organic and give new meaning root.//hack
(Yes a .hack reference from anime)

16) A lower power of Danny the street a teleporting possibly male character from Doom Patrol, maybe minus the flamboyance to try a different approach. (It worked for doom patrol, I wish to imitate, not directly copy or insult)

17) a mother Mae-Eye spin off in which people eat the sweets and get to see an event maybe even interact with an event in order to see the probabilities of 1 "what if" question.
IE: robin or bats never had their respective families killed or never met?

18) Diogenes of Sinope is a man cursed to carry a magical lantern until he finds the most honest man. What happens when Diogenes finds his man and hands off the lantern? Would they become the first GLC? Would the guy have to be honest all the time? Could he lie and make it truth later?
Of note: there is no ring for this myth.

19) what if jig saw used the puzzle pieces to create timed cloned golems of those killed that could only fully live if they help jig saw collect all the people he blames for starting his rampage.
Basically replacing the corrupt cops and giving the failure 1 last shot to succeed?

A list of 18 powers that could go into a power suit "soon":
1) brain computer interface via neural interface or brain enhancements
2) human power leveled exo-suit/ skeleton with or w/o extra limbs
3) genetic engineering / synthetic bodies (used to put implants in)
4) nano mite delivery of medicine - not re growth or regen type (yet)
5) electric wall crawling via golf ball like surface and electricity
6) energy blast by focused lasers
7) magnetic shrapnel shields
8) sonic screamers (because blasting music brand x of -insert your hate here- is fun)
9) underwater breathing / re breathing
10) bullet resist fabric
11) limited jet pack - possibly limited to lake size by use of water jet tech
12) super senses (all), includes sonar, heat, microscopic, radar vision, hearing
13) ominilingualist
14) record and respond reflexive enhancements - useful against repeating characters
15) Google / memory
16) camo-projection
17) microwave use (not sure how it's a power, but lunch will be warmer)
18) static recharging - finally a truly unlimited playlist!

Excuse the post pop & edit, but ideas don't have a good shelf life if not "written" down.
That is it for my ideas this edit, the next part is are questions:

A)?Did the cost of the main powers ever change or the course of 1-2-3ed converts?
B) How many powers are actually listed and tallied? (Best guess in number form)
C) Best minion build? With mecha - manga 2e
D) Is there a build for a baby dragon (possibly pseudo dragon)?
E) Hideout build: under a bridge in a secure sewer tunnel, not batman style?
F) Is their a thread that deals with 2e hero lab issues and how to change cost for things (ie power stunts &feats mentioned earlier) please direct me to it.
G) How to play the cartoon character / character you love in a game that doesn't fit? 0 god mode in GM's world (Serious toned game)

More later from this short time lurker long time lover of RPGs, love to hear back, etc...

Feed back, thoughts, list, budget builds are appreciated.

Stating out characters: At The Feretory

Melvin Flynn Dorfferhnirtz Alt Id: MiniMort Base of operations: Dimension Zane 1st
appear: at your mom’s house (was at a wisecracking friend’s mother’s house, got a hero point)
Concept: The budget toon character
From base 10: STR:2 DEX:8 CON: 5 INT: 6 WIS: 2 CHARM: 0
Abilities: Tough: 2 Fort: 4 Reflex: 6 Will: 3 DEF: 8 INIT:4 HERO PTS: 3 ATTACK:3 Range: 3 Melee: 3
Powers: Immovability 1, Create object 2, Animation(shadow) 3, Blending 1, Teleport 2, Dazzle 2 (1 sense), Regeneration 2, Weapon ( sledgehammer his go to when creating an attack weapon) 1
Feats: Quick Draw, Durability, Dodge, Evasion
Skills: (Acrobats through Taunt listing) 5,1,2,4,1,(craft mech) 4,3,3,3,0,3,1,5,5,0,1,1,3,3,3,3,3,0,1,2,0,0,4,1,4,3,2,5,5,2,2,2
Origin: Winner of a weird HDTV Flat screed from a contest he doesn’t remember entering. He immediately hooked it up to his desktop to watch 3-d cartoons, when BOOM!! He was instilled with 90% of a cartoon character’s powers, blown into another dimension, & now he wonders WHY?

Name: Stormaggedon
Concept: Human Dragon symbiotic dimensionally transfigured then displaced thing during the first “Convergence”, came back with the last one. (see Thor movies)
Relationship: Human eats, Dragon defends
Description & Origin: Under a bridge, during a lighting storm, in a Hover-villa shanty, Under layers of muck, deep inside a woven mass of old military padded armor jumpsuits with a buckle lies before you Something that seems 60%Human, 10%Scales, 20%Extra Limbs, 5% Bitter, & 5% Extremely Hungry
It watches you for a few seconds, unfurling its insect like wings, swishing its tail back and forth…almost marking out personal space revealing why the jumpsuit looked cobbled together. The creature chews right on the wall which is the right side of his current domain. A few more bites and this creature may escape. In its hand an old cell phone with a camera in it, did it take a picture of you?

Part 1: Dragon Symbiotic pet Mecha & Manga p106
In place are 5 pet ranks @ 75 pp for pets
Stats: STR: 14 +2 DEX: 14+2 CON: 14 +2 INT: 14 +2 WIS: 14 +2 CHARM: 10+ 0
Pet feats (p111):
1)Pet orders - 1pp/2 orders total know: 6 orders
a)Fetch(DC 15) - gets 1 specified thing (object / person) if nothing is indicated pet grabs whatever
b) Heel (DC 15) - stays close to trainer/master 2E Feats (pet’s):
c) Special attack (DC 20) - does pet attacks 2) All out attack p79
d) Work (DC 15) - push/pull 3) Improved Aim p84
e) Herd (DC 20) +4 Intimidate rolls 4) Move by Action p87
f) Warning (DC 15) Negate a surprise attack on pet
Pet’s powers:
5 extra limbs 4 unfurling dragonfly wings and tail (5pp total/5 ranks total / 5 limbs total) p108 2e
-1 Noticeable
Flight (10pp/5 ranks) p109 2e
Strike (1pp/1r) p192 ultimate 2e having spiked knuckles -1 Noticeable
***2 breath weapons***
1 Stun p79 ultimate 2e he breathes a rock through us and it has to touch the offender
(-1 tire form of hunger was the best fit for hurtles a wet stomach boulder of digested stuff)
2 Ball Lighting area ranged p 153 ultimate 2e -1 Noticeable (Talking Christmas Tree in time’s square as he lights up to power up this noticeable power and probably leaving scorch marks, every so often) (also -1 tire form of hunger) Saves: Tough 5 Reflex 5 Will 5

Person part 2:
Stats: STR: 12+1 DEX: 12+1 CON: 12+1 INT: 12+1 WIS: 12+1 CHARM: 8 -1
Recovered and recycled Military gear: (10 pp total): Flash Goggles 1pp, Multi-tool 1pp, Taser Stun Gun 2pp, Armored Jumpsuit (tailored/recycled) 3pp, Bolos 1pp, Camera Cell phone with charger 2pp

5 extra limbs - 1 Noticeable
Matter Eater p172 ultimate 2e (Drains toughness of stuff until digested) Save None range touch Duration instant Cost = 5pp +1pp/ 1 Rank extra stomach storage (35pp total / 7 ranks total)
Mind Shield p174 ultimate 2e Enhances will saves (1pp/ 1 rank)
No skills for either of them.

:arrow: in use Name: The Remover real name: Al G. Ziman
Concept: First an Ode to a friend, Then an Exorcist for Mutant powers
(pl1-3 then going+) and a family / person that can’t handle their power he wants to be the councilor with “Danger Teddy” , and a window washing job to lurk around
Equipment: “Danger Teddy” - a device that uses the “Danger Link“ allowing for the teddy to do
(a) Absorb 3(both types noticeable, ranged 120' approximately), (b) Nullifies 2 (all powers), (c ) Mimics 1
(noticeable 1 physical power IE: fly by wings)
Extra for equipment: Ranged +1 / +X when in Oni form, hard to lose +1
Drawback same: Dark Secret Uncommon / Unknown +2, intensity Minor +0, Progressive +X, Timed +1
The whole absorb is a range weapon is something he is trying to keep hidden, he usually asks followers to touch teddy. :roll:
:arrow: In reality “Danger Teddy” is an ONI with a ranged essence drain attack that wants to suck up all the mutant powers for itself and crossover to this world, it gives instructions on how to use itself, but cannot act upon this world…yet.
A cool small truck with an alarm, gps, extra gas tank, and armor 1 (bought by toughness 10)
A cross or other holy device in which he uses for ritual banishing, healing, and counseling
Powers: (of The Remover) Banish 2
Feat: Equipped, Ambidexterity, Attack Special(Banish) 2, Assessment, Choke hold, Diehard, Critical strike, Accurate Attack, Favorite opponent (mutants), fight style kung-fu, Evasion, Elusive target, Improved Initiative, Prone Fighting, Sneak attack, Stun attack, Uncanny Dodge (ranged), take down attack
Stats: {base 10} 12 with the exception of wisdom: 10 flat
Skills: acrobatics+5, Climb +5, Stealth +5, Bluff +1, Handle Animal +1, Meds +1, Disguise +3,
Survival +2, Comp +3, Notice +2, Intimidate +3, Swim +3, Diplomacy +1, Drive + 5, Search + 5,
Disable Device +4, Escape +1
Complication :Doing Good, small amount of Fame
Of special note: :?: he and the “Danger Teddy” are the idea I need the most help on.I didn't give the remover actually healing or ritual, because I wanted him to have internal power and have his character be shown that all he is doing is faith healing... so he could someday become a shattered character and start all over, nor did I give him his job of window washing, because I don't know if it falls under flaws,Motivate, or other and he is already a councilor for mutants. I didn't want too much cash being raked in.

The paw patrol anime mecha style
Rider - the leader (animal genius w/ density shift undercover armor)
Str12, Dex12, Con12, Int14, Wis12, Charm14
Handle animal skill: +2 (int or charm) 1 rank/ 4skill points --> total: +6
Animal pets feat *6
Communication (radio) selective/limited to animals, extra area (10pp/5r)
Comprehend (animals 2)
Undercover density shifting vest 7pp
:arrow: forgot the transforming water/air/terrain leader's ATV machined mecha (how much would that cost?)
Mecha - base 2pp police cruiser, neural 2pp/r, all terrain (included flight to save cost) 1pp/1r, Cargo 1pp/1r, No cover -4pp Each mecha (total of 6) was treated as separate characters due to 5pl limit Each 1 is 26pp buying off 10pp, 16pp to go...
Transforming backpacks - main gimmick each pup has to help save the day
1st based upon the utility belt (ultimate 2e) *6 with: (14pp each taken from pups' power points)
Bolos, Explosives, cut torch, power knuckles, Comm-link,Handcuffs, multi tool, re breather, megaphone, Fire extinguisher, jet pack (Special thanks to the Crinoverse Avenger Academy for a pre-made jet pack of flight 4 speed 30mph)
The pups - each are unique in their own way, but I have still to figure out how to do a generic smart puppy with the skills of repair, pilot, drive, perception, demolition, and swim (each a pup's strong suit) as the main interchangeable skills for only 16power points (pp). As it stands the mecha are already stand alone characters.
:arrow: I saw various "packages that started a character as a human, took the package for a lot of points (16 my total budget as is) then left the powers unattached, as is I could only buy the dog package, maybe use the aging rules and then not go anywhere with it.
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HeadQuarter or not?

Post by JonMarker »

Hello, I would like to play a game... :lol:
The game is simple, I will state a "place" give you background details, then you give your honest opinion of headquarter or not.

1) the many places that jigsaw used for his games; HQ or not?
2) the places that "law abiding citizen" used
Part a) the warehouses he tunneled in from
Part b) the prison he "stayed at"
Part c) his house with all the gadgets he is not using through the movie
3) Danny the street from Doom Patrol - a former person with powers of space, time, teleporting, dimensional controlling, and the ability to become a planet, can only communicate through signs, smoke, and broken glass
4) Moog from The GL Crops. He is a planet that answers to OA, houses the hope lanterns (cartoon version), and communicates to one person at a time
5) Static-X's abandon warehouse before the tech sidekick happened
6) the planet from the steampunk Lantern, he got his planet pulled through dimension(s?) for the GL cartoon
7) the TARDIS - don't forget it does have living parts and can take control of stuff / people (bad wolf)
8) an abandon house (not a warehouse or store)
9) a cave system located under a waterfall that is local and well know, but no one wants to go into
10) cyberspace the whole thing, not just a page, or a place on the net, or being stuck in 1 game
11) the cyber world of reboot with or without the modem pirates and game hops
12) Heck for any spawn of -insert random name here- for characters like black heart, black star the villain, any demon, any devil based villain
13) Bleach fans - would the "real world" be an HQ or the place between dimension an HQ, or is it the soul society place that is an HQ (that almost always gets destroyed). Can you pick 1 for the whole cast? :?:
14) A genie's bottle?

Give it a try take your best guess and add your own what the heck is this place/person headquarter crazy thing. :roll:
Somebody stop this crazy thing! :twisted:
That was what I thought it was, right?

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The Remover - pl5 banisher strip down/rebuild/request help

Post by JonMarker »

So the GM approved the banisher guy with the pick up truck and funny teddy bear...
That's the good news.

Here comes the bad: now I have to treat teddy like a pet and feed him more than likely using the container power, but we are only allowed 1 mecha and anime . :shock:

So now it is total strip down, I don't know what if any I can save from the original

Can you guys find it in your hearts to try and help me rebuild this guy? I'm thinking along the lines of a rookie ghostbuster where the ray gun is also the trap. :)

:D Any help is, will be, and can be appreciated! 8)
That was what I thought it was, right?