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Toxic eagle

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Toxic eagle PL: 7/Minion Rank: 7

Concept:Mutated giant eagle
Environment:Radioactive wastelands
Height/Length:10' tall, wingspan up to 20'
Weight:600 lbs.
Eyes:Dark purple
Feathers:Brown feathers tinged with purple

Strength 4, Stamina 4, Agility 3, Dexterity 0, Fighting 5, Intellect -2, Awareness 1, Presence 0

Giant eagle: Flight 6, Wings; Growth 4 [Innate, Permanent], Senses 2 [Extended vision, low-light vision] • 17 points
Toxic nature: Immunity 2 [poison, radiation], Protection 4, Impervious 3 • 9 points
Toxic weapons: Strength-based Damage 1 [poisoned talons], Improved Critical, Linked to Weaken Stamina 4, Progressive; Damage 5 [acidic skin/feathers], Reaction [being touched], Quirk: Always Active -1 point • 33 points

Advantages Close Attack 4, Evasion, Improved Critical [talons], Move-By Action, Startle

Skills Intimidation 8 [+10, includes size modifier], Perception 6 [+7], Stealth 6 [+5, includes size modifier]

Initiative +3
Poisoned talons +9, Close, Damage 5, Crit: 19-20 linked to Weaken Stamina 4, Progressive

Dodge 6, Parry 6
Toughness 8*, Fortitude 6, Will 4
*Impervious 3

Power Points
Abilities 14 + Powers 59 + Advantages 7 + Skills 10 [20 ranks] + Defenses 13= 103 Total

Cruel animal: Intelligent and cruel, they inflict pain on their prey, especially upon humans. They can’t speak and have limited manipulation with their talons.

:arrow: Mutated giant eagles with toxic talons and acidic skin/feathers. They are immune to their own acidic skin/feathers and that of others of their kind.

Description of Powers: Toxic eagles are giant, mutated eagles. They are strong and much tougher than would be expected of even a creature their size, impervious to small-arms fire. Their skin and feathers are highly acidic, burning anything which comes in contact with them. Capable of flying at up to 120 mph, they can go even faster in a dive. They have the incredible eyesight of normal eagles as well. Their talons are razor-sharp and coated in toxic waste, acting as a strong poison on living beings.

But what makes them a true threat is their intelligence, as smart as a human child and vicious as well. They work in small groups sometimes, circling prey and overwhelming them by force of numbers. This cunning also means they know how to make best use of their abilities and know how to cause fear in their prey. They are able to speech, most choosing not to unless it would inflict more fear in their prey. They have a strong cruel streak, especially towards humans. As if they know their current plight is because of human actions.

Description: This giant eagle stands 10' tall, with a massive wingspan up to 20' in length. Their feathers are brown but tinged with purple. Within about 30' of one, you can smell a strong acrid scent. With good observation, you can see acid dripping from their body, burning the ground beneath them. Their talons are coated in a green substance, most likely toxic waste and highly poisonous.

The Center found this particular creature on a world after a nuclear apocalypse, a mutation caused by radiation and toxic waste. Their minds appear to be expanded as well, as they show cunning far beyond any normal animals. This is what led to such little exposure to them, as after 30 minutes of study and collecting readings on this place, we were forced to retreat, as a group 10 strong showed up. At least we got some data on that trip, thanks to the protection of our power armors

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Toxic bear

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Toxic bear PL: 10/Minion Rank: 7

Concept: Mutated giant bear
Environment: Radioactive wastelands
Height/Length: 20' long, 10' tall
Weight: 4000-6000 lbs.
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: None
Fur: Violet fur all over body

Strength 10, Stamina 6, Agility 1, Dexterity 0, Fighting 8, Intellect -3, Awareness 1, Presence 0

Massive mutated bear: Growth 6, Innate, Permanent, Senses 3 [acute smell, low-light vision, tracking [smell] • 16 points
Paralyze gas breath: Affliction 10 [Resisted by Fortitude, Vulnerable, Stunned, Paralyzed], Cloud Area • 20 points
Radiation Empowered: Immunity 7 [gas-descriptor, poison, radiation], Protection 6, Impervious 5 • 18 points
Terrifying Strength: [Alternate Effects of Strength Damage]
Groundstrike: Burst Area Affliction 10 [Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude, Dazed and Vulnerable, Stunned and Prone], Extra Condition, Limited Degree, Limited to targets on the ground • 1 point
Bracing: Immunity 10 [being moved], Sustained • 1 point

Advantages Endurance, Fast Grab

Skills Athletics 2 [+12], Close Combat: Claws 2 [+10], Perception 10 [+11]

Initiative +1
Claws +10, Close, Damage 10
Groundstrike, Area Burst, Affliction 10
Paralyze gas breath, Area Cloud, Affliction 10

Dodge 7, Parry 8
Toughness 12*, Fortitude 10, Will 3
*Impervious 5

Power Points
Abilities 22 + Powers 56 + Advantages 2 + Skills 7 [14 ranks] + Defenses 18= 105 Total

Radioactive beast: Due to the environment it lives in and its mutated nature, it constantly puts out low-level radiation. This inflicts Damage 2, Fortitude-based for every minute within 6’ of it.
Animal: Despite its mutated nature, it is still an animal and driven by basic drives of hunger and survival. It can’t speak and has crude at best manipulators with its paws.

:arrow: Take a normal bear and dial it up several notches, you get a toxic bear. Mutated monsters from a post-apocalypse world, they are avoided by the natives at all cost.

Description of Powers: Toxic bears are large, mutated bears. They have superhuman strength and toughness due to this, even being almost bullet-proof and able to strike the ground to create a strong tremor. Their claws can rip through solid steel, breaking from normal containment with ease. Showing low levels of intelligence, above normal animals, they are much tougher to deal with than would be expected. Especially with their adaptation to toxic environments and one more major mutation, the ability to breath out a cloud of gas which can cause paralysis.

Description: These massive bears, having violet fur and some bony spikes coming from their foreheads, are from the same reality where the toxic eagles are found. These used to be normal bears of some sort, before the nuclear apocalypse which claimed this world. Now they are huge, with vicious temperaments. They have yellow eyes which gleam with a malicious intelligence. They aren't cowards but are cruel and vicious, always using their paralyze gas breath on their prey first, and then ripping them apart. We almost lost an agent to one of these creatures, as it nearly tore his power armor apart. Normal restraints would surely prove to be useless against their massive strength. Good thing the Center supplies its field agents with some unusual gear.

They are almost always found alone, not liking to share their prey with even other toxic bears. Despite some signs of intelligence, they appear unable to speak in any manner beyond roaring. It should also be noted that attempts to take one down with strong knockout gas proved ineffective. Future trips to this reality aren't planned for this time, 1 toxic bear captured and being studied, contained within a super alloy walled environment. Hopefully the higher ups will approve future trips to this apocalypse world sometime soon.

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Viper rat

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Viper Rat PL: 5/Minion Rank: 4

Concept:Genetically engineered viper/rat hybrid
Environment:Sewer systems, underground
Height/Length:1-2 ft. long
Weight:4-8 lbs.

Strength -4, Stamina 0, Agility 3, Dexterity 1, Fighting 3, Intellect -4, Awareness 1, Presence -4

Snake rat: Burrowing 6 [2 mph], Quirk: Can’t burrow through solid rock; Movement 1 [Environmental Adaptation [underground], Shrinking 8, Innate, Permanent, Protection 1, Senses 3 [acute smell, infravision, low-light vision] • 28 points
Weak Venom: Weaken Agility 1, Progressive, Resistible [Toughness] • 2 points

Advantages Benefit [Athletics based on Agility], Prone Fighting

Skills Acrobatics 8 [+11], Athletics 12 [+15], Close Combat: Venom bite 4 [+7] Perception 7 [+8], Stealth 9 [+20, includes size modifier]

Initiative +3
Venom bite +7, Close, Damage Weaken Agility 1, Progressive, Resistible [Toughness]

Dodge 8, Parry 9
Toughness 0, Fortitude 2, Will 1

Power Points
Abilities -4 + Powers 30 + Advantages 2 + Skills 20 [40 ranks] + Defenses 5 = 53 Total

Vermin: A simple animal, it lives only to eat, breed and survive. It can’t talk and has crude manipulation with its paws.

:arrow: A dangerous pest, its bite carries the threat of a weak paralytic venom. The main threat is that they breed as fast as normal rats do and tend to travel in large families.

Description of Powers: The viper rat has all the abilities such a hybrid of the two creatures would have and then some. It has incredible reflexes, is capable of burrowing through anything except solid rock and its tough scales afford it some protection, despite its small size. Its small size is both a benefit and hindrance, making it easier for the creature to avoid attacks and strike with its own, while making it vulnerable to injury and slowed in movement rate. It can see in any lighting, sense heat and pick up prey by sense of smell. Due to its hybrid nature, the natural venom of a viper was both weakened and altered to be paralytic instead of deadly.

Description: The creation of a madman, he spliced the DNA of a New York sewer rat with that of a viper snake, creating this nightmare creature for those in urban and suburb areas. Growing to a length from 1 to 2 feet long, they weight around 4 to 8 pounds on average, although there are rumors of much large ones hiding in the sewers. They appear to be a giant sewer rat but with red scales in place of fur and a pair of fangs on the top of their mouth. They can burrow though anything short of solid rock and have gotten into some basements of suburban homes. Their venom is a weak paralytic, slowing the reflexes and agility of those affected by it.

The madman made more than one and unfortunately didn't make them sterile, as they have breed and multiplied. Mostly found in the New York area, they have begun to spread out recently. If steps aren't taken to contain them, they will become a major threat. Center agents are ordered to destroy these vermin on sight, not to worry about wiping them out of existence. With the projected growth of their numbers, that won't be a problem for a while yet.

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Re: Psistrike's 3rd Edition creations

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And with the Viper rat, I've converted all the minions and monsters I originally stated for 2nd edition. With changes here and there to mix things up. Now hopefully I've worked through my writer's block and can start on some new stuff again. :D

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Black Gladiator [DC Universe version]

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Black Gladiator PL 10

Quote: “Let’s rumble!”
Concept: Rogue military officer with power armor
Occupation: Ex-military, mercenary for hire
Base of Operations: Mobile
Real Name: Grant Talbot
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with criminal record, treason
Identity: Secret [Known to some in U.S. military]
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 150 lbs./250 lbs. [With armor on]
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Dirty Blond
Age: 26 years old

Strength 14, Stamina 3, Agility 1, Dexterity 2, Fighting 6, Intellect 1, Awareness 2, Presence 1

Armor: Protection 11, Impervious 10 • 21 points
Combat Computer: Enhanced Advantages 4 [Assessment, Favored Foe [previously assessed], Improved Initiative, Uncanny Dodge], Enhanced Fighting 2, Enhanced Insight 4 [Insight +8], Limited to Assessment checks • 10 points
Comm System: Radio Communication 2 • 10 points
Hydraulic Systems: Array [4 points]
Leg Hydraulics: Leaping 5 [250 feet] • 5 point
Focused Hydraulics: Speed 5 [60 mph] • 1 point
Life Support System: Immunity 10 [life support] • 10 point
Sensors: Senses 12 [Accurate Radio Extended 3 [radar], Darkvision, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Infravision, Time Sense, Ultra-Hearing] • 12 points
Built-In Devices: Feature 2 [Built-In Computer, Loudspeaker] • 2 points
Weapon Systems: Enhanced Strength 12, Penetrating on 14 on Strength [Precise, Reach] • 40 points

Advantages Accurate Attack, Assessment, Favored Foe [previously assessed], Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Startle, Uncanny Dodge

Skills Athletics 2 [+16], Deception 10 [+11], Expertise: Military 2 [+3], Expertise: Streetwise 8 [+9], Insight 4 [+6] 12 [+14] for Assessment, Intimidation 10 [+11], Perception 4 [+6], Treatment 2 [+3]

Initiative +5
Unarmed/Armor Weapon Systems +6, Close, Damage 14, Penetrating, Precise, Reach

Dodge 4, Parry 6
Toughness 14*, Fortitude 6, Will 6
*Impervious 10

Power Points
Abilities 32 + Powers 109 + Advantages 3 + Skills 21 [42 ranks] + Defenses 10=175 Total

Motivation: Driven by greed, he will do anything to get money and live the good life. He doesn’t care who gets hurt or what means he has to use to get it, even turning against his own government to steal the Gladiator armor prototype.
Addiction: Due to the mental link with the Gladiator armor, it creates a chemical addiction in Grant. He gets a rush from using its power, to the point if he goes for an extended period without using it he starts to suffer from withdrawal.
Enemy: The U.S. military is after Grant to recover the Gladiator armor and execute him for treason. He has made his share of enemies in the superhero community and authorities, having killed more than a few police and even innocents.
Identity: Except for a few high ranking members of the U.S. military, no one knows that Grant Talbot is Black Gladiator.
Power Loss: The armor is so completely connected to him, no one else can operate it unless he dies, severing the link. Even if subdued, it would take hours of painstaking work to remove the armor from him. But its nanites-powered systems and self-repair ability make it vulnerable to being shut down by a strong EMP.
Weakness: Lack of EM shielding makes it vulnerable to magnetic and electrical attacks, suffering an additional degree of failure when subjected to such attack.

:arrow: A dangerous opponent whose PL doesn’t fully reflect the threat he possesses. He varies his tactics based upon his current foe, from brute-force beat down, to hit and run and even targeted strikes to hit more agile foes.

Personality: Grant is a selfish, greedy man, caring only for himself and his own comforts. He will betray anyone, do nearly anything to make some quick cash. Life to him is a commodity to be bargained for, even the life of children meaning nothing more to him than what he can ransom them for. He believes that no one will hold back on him in a fight and does the same to any foe.

Description of Powers: A stolen military prototype, the Gladiator armor combines advanced armor plating, electronics systems, hydraulics and servo motors, and nanites-based internal power supply and self-repair ability. Mentally linked to the wearer, it responds to their thoughts. It protects the wearer with nanite-reinforced armor plates and a life support system capable of lasting for months without refueling. Advanced electronics and computer systems give the wearer numerous sensors, including radar, infrared vision and full spectrum vision; a combat computer able to assess opponents and keep records on foes; built-in basic computer and loudspeaker systems; and a radio com system.

The hydraulics systems boost leaping ability and running speed, while the servo motors boost the wearer’s strength to superhuman levels. While advanced, self-replicating nanites can form any weapon as needed to attack with. Capable of tearing through even armor plating with ease, its own armor plating ensures the wearer can’t be harmed by anything less than a rocket launcher or tank’s main cannon.

History: Grant grew up being told by his father every day that you can only depend on yourself. Kicked out when he turned 16, he lied about his age and joined the army soon after. He was in better shape than most of the other recruits, but when it came to firearms accuracy he could barely hit the target sometimes. His drill sergeant more than once got into a knockdown fight with Grant, who thought he deserved more respect.

Years in the service and he never once was sent into the field, his firearm skills being subpar. But when a brawl would break out he proved himself every time. Thus it was with wariness those in charge of Project Gladiator recruited him. Several different sub-projects were on-going, including genetic modification, direct mental programing, cybernetics and more. But the only one advanced enough was the power armor project. Using advanced technology and nanite-based systems, a self-repairing armor capable of taking on whole units was created.

Grant was the first to wear the armor, revealing a fatal flaw in its design.. Once it bonded with a wearer, no one else could operate it, not without the previous operator dying first to sever the bond. Testing went well, as Grant withstood even direct tank fire while in the armor and tore through the armor like paper. The mental link was a boon and curse for the wearer, as he can operate the armor just by thinking, but became addicted to the sensations it feed him while active.

Believing the armor too dangerous in its current form to the wearer, the military tried to take it from Grant. Only to have him take out over 2 dozen soldiers and escape. Grant slipped back into his old ways quickly once on his own, hiring himself out both for jobs and to act as a distraction for superheroes. More than once he was taken down, only to escape before the military could show up. He has made a name for himself in the criminal underworld but always seems to blow through his money as fast as he gets it. Driven by greed and addiction to the armor, he has lost what little morals he may have once possessed.

Description: Grant is an above-average looking guy, in great physical shape and condition. While he keeps his dirty blond hair short and trim, his gray eyes show a cold ruthlessness behind them. From his early training at boot camp, he has several scars on his arms and legs.

As Black Gladiator, the armor he wears is black with silver trim, humanoid in form with streamlined limbs and a faceplate with simple eye slits. Any weapon formed by the nanites is black and glossy, seeming to gleam in any direct light.

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Bloodthorn [DC Universe version]

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Bloodthorn PL 8

Quote: “What will you get, the rose’s beauty or its thorns?”
Concept: Survivor of Poison Ivy’s poison
Occupation: Criminal, ex-bank teller
Base of Operations: Gotham City
Real Name: Juliet Ambor
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with criminal record
Identity: Public
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Age: 24 years old

Strength 2, Stamina 6, Agility 6, Dexterity 2, Fighting 8, Intellect 1, Awareness 2, Presence 2

Highly Flexible: Enhanced Advantages 3 [Evasion, Precise Attack [Close, Cover], Uncanny Dodge], Enhanced Dodge 4, Enhanced Fighting 6, Enhanced Parry 2 • 21 points
Plant Form: Features 2 [identify different plant species and their properties simply by looking at them, Your touch can cure a plant of infections, minor damage, and other maladies, restoring it to full health, like a limited version of the Healing effect.], Immunity 3 [Sleep, Starvation, Suffocation], Regeneration 3 • 8 points
Rose’s Beauty and Thorns: Enhanced Advantages 4 [Attractive +1, Daze [Deception] Fascinate [Deception], Damage [piercing] 6, Reaction [to being touched or struck] • 27 points

Advantages Attractive 2, Daze [Deception], Evasion, Fascinate [Deception], Precise Attack [Close, Cover], Skill Mastery [Deception], Uncanny Dodge

Skills Close Combat: Unarmed 2 [+10], Deception 10 [+12], Insight 4 [+6], Perception 4 [+6], Stealth 4 [+10]

Initiative +6
Unarmed +10, Close, Damage 2 plus 6

Dodge 10, Parry 10
Toughness 6, Fortitude 8, Will 4

Power Points
Abilities 46 + Powers 56 + Advantages 2 + Skills 12 [24 ranks] + Defenses 4= 120 Total

Motivation: Driven by a desire for attention in the past, it has been amplified to the point she wishes to be worshiped and given anything she desires. She believes her great beauty entitles her to everything she wants.
Enemy: In addition to Poison Ivy whom she wants revenge upon, more than a few other female villains have been angered by her attitude.
Fame: She is a local celebrity in Gotham City, having more than one fan site online by obsessed males.

:arrow: She tends to manipulate men to do her bidding, despite being a skilled fighter now. She prefers to get others to do what she wishes than to dirty her own hands. If a cure were discovered to reverse her transformation, it would also restore her mind.

Personality: Once a girl who got by on her looks through high school and now only able to find a job working at a local bank as a teller, her transformation caused by the toxin has twisted. Now she believes others should do what she says simple because she is beautiful. She is self-absorbed and self-centered, going into a fury if denied what she wants. She is a skilled manipulator, relying on her looks and words to win over others to her side.

Description of Powers: Mutated by surviving Poison Ivy’s deadly toxin, she has become part plant and her mind has been twisted. She is highly flexible, able to bend and twist in nearly impossible ways to avoid attack and strike from unexpected directions. Her plant nature means she doesn’t need to sleep, eat, or even breathe anymore, absorbing sunlight for nutrients. She heals from injuries so fast cuts heal over right before your eyes. Her natural beauty was enhanced to near-goddess level and she emits pheromones which allow her to entrance or distract others. She has thorns on her body and limbs, able to cut into even iron and inflict bleeding wounds. She can heal plants, both from minor injuries, infections and other maladies by touch.

History: Juliet was a typical high school pretty girl, breezing through life on her looks and getting her way most of the time. This is why the real world came as a shock to her as she was forced to settle on a job as a bank teller in Gotham City. Several years of this began to wear on her nerves, feeling like she shouldn’t have to endure this mundane life.

When an old friend who had hit it big invited her to a party, she hoped to attract a rich husband. She never expected Poison Ivy to crash the party, where she finally snapped. Beginning to whine about how this was her big break and that Ivy was ruining it, she sounded like a typical spoiled rich girl and Ivy decided to make an example of her. The poison should have left her dead but something unexpected happened.

Juliet slipped into a coma which lasted for weeks, in which her body filled out more, her skin turned green and thorns grew out of her skin. Upon waking the doctors and nurses tried to calm her but something inside had changed. She used her looks and manipulated everyone into letting her leave without a word. Soon she was slipping into the best parties, hanging out with the rich and famous, even being given what she wanted.

As long as she used her new looks and abilities to her advantage, she could live the life she always dreamed off. But it all came crashing down when Batman detected her use of pheromones to manipulate others, resulting in a fight she had no chance to win. Locked up in Arkham to try and cure her of her desire to manipulate others, only seeing her doctors through a glass wall to prevent her pheromones from affecting them.

Description: Juliet was attractive before, now she has the looks of a goddess and the desire to use them. She is a very curvy woman, her light green skin giving her the appearance of a flower with her bright red hair and green eyes. She tends to wear whatever is in fashion that she can get others to give her, tending towards the slinky and sexy.
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Mindstrike [DC Universe version]

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Mindstrike PL 12

Quote: “You thought you could match your mind against mine.”
Concept: Powerful psychic villain
Occupation: Former scientist, world conqueror
Base of Operations: Metropolis
Real Name: Janis Jordanson
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with criminal record
Identity: Public
Marital Status: Divorced
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Brunette
Age: 34 years old

Strength 1, Stamina 2, Agility 1, Dexterity 3, Fighting 2, Intellect 4, Awareness 6, Presence 4

Mental Fortress: Immunity 10 [Mental Powers], Impervious Will 10 • 20 points
Telepathic Powerhouse: Array [68 points]
Telepathy: Communication [Mental] 4 linked to Mind Reading 12, Cumulative, Penetrating • 68 points
Mental Blast: Perception Ranged Damage 12, Alternate Resistance [Will], Penetrating, Subtle • 1 point
Mind Control: Perception Ranged Cumulative Affliction 12 [Resisted and Overcome by Will, Dazed, Compelled, Controlled], Subtle • 1 point
Mentally Reprogram: Perception Ranged Cumulative Affliction 12 [Resisted and Overcome by Will, Dazed, Compelled, Transformed], Subtle • 1 point
Psychic Death Keel: Perception Ranged Progressive Weaken Stamina 12 [Resisted by Will], Subtle • 1 point
Telepathic Senses: Senses 6 [Awareness, Mental; Detect Minds, Ranged, Acute, Accurate] • 6 points

Advantages Eidetic Memory, Skill Mastery [Expertise: Psychic Powers], Ultimate Will

Skills Deception 10 [+14], Expertise: Science 12 [+16], Expertise: Psychic Powers 14 [+18], Insight 8 [+14], Perception 8 [+14], Technology 12 [+16]

Initiative +1
Telepathic Powerhouse Perception Range, Damage 12, see power

Dodge 4, Parry 4
Toughness 2, Fortitude 8, Will 16*
*Impervious 10

Power Points
Abilities 46 + Powers 98 + Advantages 3+ Skills 32 [64 ranks] + Defenses 21= 200 Total

Motivation: Her twisted mind leads her to believe she has the intelligence, skill and power to rule the world better than anyone currently in power.
Enemy: She has made more than a few enemies, from Superman and Batman to the likes of even Lex Luthor who sees her as a threat to his plans.
Temper: She will lose her cool if faced with someone who defies her commands. She uses her more dangerous telepathic attacks on such a foe til they are subdued.

:arrow: A genius twisted by her own invention, she now believes she could rule the world better than those currently in power. Her telepathic powers make her a huge threat and she could succeed with her plans. She is only capped with her Telepathic Powerhouse effects and with Fortitude and Will.

Personality: Once simply a shy scientist who sought to help others with her findings, her mind has been twisted into a power-mad world conqueror. She believes only she has the ability to properly rule of the lesser minds of this world and will not be stopped in her plans by those who don’t have her vision. Those she can’t control she slays, having no use for the rabble who would stand in the way of her destiny.

Description of Powers: A true telepathic powerhouse, she is completely immune to the mental powers of others and strongly shielded against anything targeting her superhuman will. She can sense any mind with ease, even targeting them without needing to see them. But her full telepathic powers allow her to do many things; from communicating and reading the minds of anyone, projecting powerful mental blast that can rip through even impervious defenses, mind control others and even reprogram their minds and memories. Most deadly of all is a psychic death keel, triggering the target’s body to shut down and die no matter how hardy they are.

History: Janis grew up loving the paranormal especially psychic powers, believing that if humans could understand each other on a deeper, more mental level that a lot of the world’s problems could end. She focused on science in school and graduated college with a masters. But her greatest work would begin when she was hired by STAR labs to work in their psionic division. Working on other projects, it took her longer than she hoped to finish her dream project, the telepathic activator.

But human testing was years off and she needed more substantial evidence to keep her project going. Thus she did what all great [read: foolish] scientist do: she tested it on herself. And it opened her mind to a world she never knew, hearing the thoughts of everyone in Metropolis at once. The strain was too much and she blacked out, but not before picking up the thoughts of someone at STAR labs, someone who planned to take credit for her work.

This last thought and the overload from reading millions of minds at once twisted something inside her. Waking up to find herself barred from her own lab, she began to see those around her as fools, fools who needed someone smarter, wiser to rule them all. Thus it was the use of just a minor amount of her new mental powers she took control of the guards, took her telepathic activator and left.

Working out of an abandoned warehouse, she plotted out her first move, seeking to avoid the mistakes of others. Taking out the superheroes who would surely stand in her way was the first step, then those who had similar goals who would be brought under her rule or permanently dealt with. Superman felt an alien presence within his mind but proved too strong to hold onto. She attempted to slay him instead but once more it wasn’t enough, as the Man of Steel had a will of steel as well.

News spread of the attack on Superman and Batman soon arrived in Metropolis. He proved to be just as dangerous to the telepathic powerhouse Mindstrike, as she dubbed herself, and she was forced into hiding. Lex Luthor saw her as a threat and a resource, her telepathic activator could give him the power to take out Superman once and for all. But she proved elusive and continues to remain in hiding, planning out her next move and waiting for the right time to act.

Description: Janis appears to be a mousy brunette with above average looks. Her skin is pale with minor burns on her arms. She keeps her brunette hair short and down to her shoulders, while her eyes have turned violet and pulse with restrained power. She sees no need to hide who she is, dressing in simple outfits and walking around as if she was a goddess on Earth.

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Psi-Blade [DC Universe version]

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Psi-Blade PL 10

Quote: “Let’s see if your mind is as tough as your body.”
Concept: Psychic mutant
Occupation: College student, adventurer
Base of Operations: Metropolis
Real Name: Margo Fineman
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Auburn
Age: 19 years old

Strength 12/1, Stamina 1, Agility 2, Dexterity 3, Fighting 4, Intellect 3, Awareness 6, Presence 2

Active Telekinesis: Enhanced Advantages [Agile Feint, Close Attack 4, Power Attack], Enhanced Acrobatics 4 [Acrobatics +8], Enhanced Strength 11 [Feature: Mental Strength], Leaping 2 [30 feet], Movement 3 [Safe Fall, Wall-Crawling 2], Speed 3 [16 mph] • 44 points
Focused Psychic Potential: Damage 12, Alternate Resistance [Will] • 24 points
Passive Telekinesis: Enhanced Advantages 8 [Defensive Roll 5, Evasion 2, Improved Defense], Enhanced Dodge and Parry 10 • 28 points
Telepathic Potential: Enhanced Will 6, Senses 1 [Awareness, Mental] • 7 points

Equipment: Customized car [Car, Size: Large, Strength: 5, Speed: 5, Defense: 8, Toughness: 8, Features: Alarm, Navigation System; 10 ep], Cell phone [Camera, Cell Phone, Video Camera; 4 ep], Laptop computer [1ep]

Advantages Agile Feint, Assessment, Benefit [Wealth: Well-Off], Close Attack 4, Connected, Defensive Roll 5, Equipment 3, Evasion 2, Fascinate [Persuasion], Improved Defense, Luck, Power Attack, Trance

Skills Acrobatics 8 [+10], Athletics 2 [+3], Expertise: Psychiatry 6 [+9], Insight 8 [+14], Perception 6 [+12], Persuasion 8 [+10], Treatment 8 [+11]

Initiative +2
Unarmed +8, Close, Damage 12
Psychic Sword +8, Close, Damage 12

Dodge 14, Parry 14
Toughness 6/1*, Fortitude 6, Will 14
*Without Defensive Roll

Power Points
Abilities 44 + Powers 103 + Advantages 9 + Skills 23 [46 ranks] + Defenses 9= 188 Total

Responsibility: Margo is driven by the lessons her father taught her about responsibility. She wishes to use all her gifts to help others, not just her powers but her money and skills. Thus she is determined to become a psychologist and treat mentally unstable superhumans.
Enemy: She has already made an enemy of Lex Luthor, as well as the insane Mindstrike.
Honor: To help those in need; never take advantage of others.
Identity: Margo Fineman, college student

:arrow: Someone whose potential is a lot stronger than she realizes, Psi-Blade could become as powerful as the likes of Green Lantern or Superman someday. If only she would get over her own mental hang ups and stop worrying so much about others.

Personality: Margo is the kind of girl who never let her looks or family wealth go to her head. She always kind to others evens those nasty to her. She seeks to console those in pain and help those in trouble. While she could get anything she wanted with her looks, wealth and family connections, she sees it as her responsibility to use what she has been given to aid others. But she also is a fun-loving girl who likes to let loose and just hang out with her friends to let off steam.

Description of Powers: Margo was born a mutant, one with incredible psychic potential that has always scared her a little. She has only self-training in the use of her awakened psychic abilities, not knowing what she could do with proper outside help. Her telepathic potential boost her already strong will to superhuman levels, while making her aware when others use mental powers near her. Her subconscious passively works to protect her, moving her to avoid harm and shielding her from physical threats.

She has learned how to use it actively use her telekinesis, allowing her to move with the agility and grace of a professional gymnast, make superhuman leaps and run faster than a normal human could, even slowing any fall to prevent harm to her and allowing her to run on any surface as if it were solid ground. A form of tactile telekinesis enhances her strength to superhuman levels and even helps direct her strikes to their target. But the power which she took her codename from is her full focused psychic potential which manifest in a powerful sword, one which strikes directly at the mind of living beings.

History: Margo always knew she had it good, what with her mother and relatives reminding her all the time growing up. She had looks, wealth and family connections; she could have anything she wanted and more. But Margo’s father had grown up poor and would always remind her that it was the responsibility of those who have to help out others. Whether helping with money, through connections or her own skills, she took this to heart.

By the time she left for college she was one of the most popular girls around, not that it mattered to her. Taking courses in psychiatry and psychology, she wished to help those poor unfortunate souls whose own mind had turned against them. But Margo had her own secret to keep; the fact she was a mutant and had been since her 13th birthday. Only training herself in their use so much as to gain control and not harm others, Margo feared what she could do and never opened up to anyone about it.

What little training she did was focused mainly on defense and control, to the point her abilities were nowhere near their true potential even by her second year of college. It was only the news of attacks on Superman and then Batman by a powerful psychic which drew her out. Putting together a makeshift costume with a simple mask, she snuck out while her dorm mate was asleep and began to search the city.

It wasn’t long before she picked up strong mental powers being used not two blocks from her. Booking it, she showed up to find several police officers under the control of Mindstrike. Calling her out, Margo suddenly felt a powerful presence trying to invade her mind and threw it off. What shocked her most was when she one-hit Mindstrike unconscious with a punch. For such a powerful psychic, this woman had a glass jaw. Only the officers were still under the madwoman’s control and helped her escape. Psi-Blade, using a name which didn’t give details about her powers and only spoke of her focused psychic potential, she began to go out on a regular basis to not only fight crime but try to help those she fought realize the error of their ways.

Description: Margo is an attractive young woman, she could have gone on to be a model or actress. Her skin is lightly tanned and flawless; she has an athletic build and muscle tone. Her auburn hair normally hangs down just a few inches below her shoulders, while her brown eyes show empathy and true compassion behind them.

Although she is well-off and from a rich family she prefers to wear simple off-the-rack outfits, comfort over style being her motto. As Psi-Blade she wears a simple dark blue mask over the top half of her face, with a blue shirt with simple gloves for her hands and light blue slacks with tennis shoes.

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Re: Psistrike's 3rd Edition creations

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Work on a benchmark chart for PL, abilities, skills, attack bonus and damage for all my current creations. Going to use it for general creations and characters, unless I post a modified version of the chart and description for what the PLs represent in a particular setting I come up with. Going to be doing modification of some characters and their stats to fit more within the PL bencmarks I came up with. Used Jab's bencmark charts as a guide for my own. :D

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Re: Psistrike's 3rd Edition creations

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Only changed a few characters and their PLs and stats around.
Bioforce: Lowered her PL by 1, Fighting by 2 and lowered Takedown to 1 rank. Now a PL 10, 150 pp character who is a powerful rookie.
Bloodthorn: Lowered her PL by 1, Enhanced Dodge and Parry by 2 each, Close Combat skill by 2 and lowered Regeneration by 2 ranks.
Detonator: Lowered his PL by 2, lowered Parry by 1, Fortitude by 2 and Will by 4, Stamina by 1, Protection from Nanite Weave Armor by 3, Ranged Combat: Launcher Gauntlet by 4, and Shockwave Bomb by 2 to keep within new PL.
Dread Hunter: Lowered his PL by 1, lowered Fighting by 2, and lowered Ranged Attack advantage by 2.
Eve: Lowered her PL by 1, dropped Close Combat skill, and lowered Dodge by 3 and Parry by 2.
Shadowblade: Lowered her PL by 1, Lowered Close Combat by 2, Lowered Dodge and Parry by 2 each.

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General PL and stats benchmark charts

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PL 0-1-
[Barebones NPCs, weakest of creatures, etc.]

PL 2-
[Minor NPCs, pets, etc.]

PL 3-4-
[Stronger NPCs, thugs, henchmen and other minor characters]
Stalker Lizardman; Bio-Flux

PL 5-
[Start of true predators and dangerous creatures, Elite thugs, Skilled NPCs, NPCS with good gear, weak superhuman]
Sand Ripper, Shrieker, Viper Rat

PL 6-
[Major NPCs like named cops, SWAT members, skilled doctors, etc. Civilian who has just gained powers [low accuracy/high damage, low defense/high toughness trade-offs], elite hunters of animal kingdom]
Aquatic Ninja, Metal Destroyer Beast

PL 7-
[Elite animals who are the toughest of their animal order, average starting teen super, NPCs with advanced/super-tech gear]
Blood Wraith, Dark Essence Viper, Horned Rock Snake, Kami Shokunin, Serpent Horse, Toxic Eagle; Grav Blader

PL 8-
[Average starting/rookie hero, teen hero with strong powers or some training, dangerous creatures]
Shadow Death Fish; Bloodthorn, Blur, Gender Bender, Hacker, Shadowstrike, Splicer

PL 9-
[Experienced hero, most elite of animal kingdom, National Guard level threat creature]
Bloodfire, Glimpse, Goliath, Malvor the Dark, Reflex, Spiritforce, Techno-Girl, The Shaper, Undercover

PL 10-
[Experienced hero around for years, rookie hero with powerful powers or a lot of training, Army level threat creature, serious super villain or rival to major heroes]
Cyberoid 004, Dread Beast, Toxic Bear; Bioforce, Black Gladiator, Bloodstone, Bone Stalker, Detonator, Dread Hunter, Eve, Flashburn, Ironheart, Lightning Blade, Night Warrior, Psi-Blade, Shadowblade, Silentstrike, Starburst, Sunray, Trace, Zipper

PL 11-
[Elite creatures like older dragons, experienced and skilled heroes with at least 10+ years in the field, weak demi-god]
Alchemist X, Nightshade, Rapidfire

PL 12-
[Legendary creatures like the kraken or roc, average kaiju monster, highly powered and experienced hero with 15+ years of experience]
Dracoant; Burnfist, Dragonblade, Foam Menace, Mindfury, Mindstrike, Power Hammer, Silver Moon, Comic Overseer

PL 13-
[Average demi god, Powerhouse hero with experience or beginner sorcerer supreme, near unique creature capable of taking on entire armies]
Shadow Lord

PL 14-
[Experienced demi god, powerhouse hero with 10+ years of experience, experienced sorcerer supreme, children of celestial beings]
Inazuma Ryu Kame; Willforce

PL 15-
[Minor god, Elite hero with 15+ years of experience, sorcerer supreme with 10+ years of experience, minor celestial being]

PL 16-
[Legendary kaiju monster, major god, average celestial being]

PL 17-
[Elder god/ruler of pantheon, strong celestial being]

PL 18-
[Powerful celestial being, lesser embodiment of universal concept [Justice, Fate]

PL 19-
[Elder celestial being, average embodiment of universal concept]

PL 20-
[Either individual with one power that makes them PL 20 but low PL otherwise or powerful embodiment of universal concept]

[True manifestation of universal concept]

Strength Level Benchmarks
”Sub-Human Strength”
STRENGTH -5 to -3: Viper Rat
STRENGTH -2 : Dark Essence Viper, Shadow Death Fish

”Normal Human Strength”
STRENGTH -1: Shrieker, Alchemist X, Gender Bender [female self-], Silver Moon
STRENGTH 0: Blood Wraith; Bio-Flux, Bloodfire, Gender Bender [male self-], Hacker, Mindfury, Shadow Lord, The Shaper, Zipper, Comic Overseer
STRENGTH 1: Flashburn, Glimpse, Grav Blader, Lightning Blade, Malvor the Dark, Mindstrike, Nightshade , Rapidfire, Shadowstrike, Spiritforce, Starburst, Techno-Girl, Willforce

”Stronger Than Normal Human Strength”
STRENGTH 2: Stalker Lizardman; Bloodthorn, Blur, Detonator, Reflex, Shadowblade, Undercover
STRENGTH 3: Aquatic Ninja, Sand Ripper, Night Warrior, Splicer

”World-Class Humans”
STRENGTH 4: Kami Shokunin, Toxic Eagle
STRENGTH 5: Dread Beast

”Low-Level Metahuman Strength”
STRENGTH 6: Metal Destroyer Beast, Serpent Horse; Bone Stalker, Power Hammer
STRENGTH 7: Horned Rock Snake; Dread Hunter, Goliath, Trace

”Metahuman Strength”
STRENGTH 9: Inazuma Ryu Kame
STRENGTH 10: Cyberoid 004, Toxic Bear; Bioforce, Dragonblade

”Powerhouse Super-Strength”
STRENGTH 12: Dracoant; Bloodstone, Burnfist, Psi-Blade, Sunray
STRENGTH 14: Black Gladiator, Ironheart, Silentstrike
STRENGTH 16: Eve, Foam Menace
Upper limits of guys with Power-Lifting
400 tons [Cyberoid 004], 25k tons [Eve], 6 tons [Goliath, Trace], 12.5k tons [Ironheart] 6k tons [Silentstrike]
Agility Level Benchmarks
AGILITY -5 to -1:
AGILITY 0: Dracoant, Inazuma Ryu Kame, Stalker Lizardman; Bloodstone, Comic Overseer
AGILITY 1-2: Aquatic Ninja, Blood Wraith, Cyberoid 004, Kami Shokunin, Metal Destroyer Beast, Sand Ripper, Serpent Horse, Shadow Death Fish, Shrieker, Toxic Bear; Alchemist X, Bioforce, Black Gladiator, Bloodfire, Detonator, Dragonblade, Flashburn, Foam Menace, Goliath, Hacker, Ironheart, Lightning Blade, Malvor the Dark, Mindfury, Mindstrike, Nightshade, Psi-Blade, Shadow Lord, Shadowstrike, Silentstrike, Splicer, Starburst, Sunray, The Shaper
AGILITY 3-4: Dark Essence Viper, Dread Beast, Horned Rock Snake, Toxic Eagle, Viper Rat; Bio-Flux, Blur, Bone Stalker, Burnfist, Eve, Gender Bender, Glimpse, Grav Blader, Night Warrior, Spiritforce, Techno-Girl, Trace, Zipper, Willforce
AGILITY 5: Rapidfire, Undercover
AGILITY 6-7: Bloodthorn, Dread Hunter, Power Hammer, Silver Moon
AGILITY 8-10: Reflex, Shadowblade
AGILITY 11-14:
AGILITY 15-18:
AGILITY 19-20:
Toughness Level Benchmarks
TOUGHNESS -5 to -1 :
TOUGHNESS 0-1: Dark Essence Viper, Viper Rat
TOUGHNESS 2-3: Shrieker, Mindstrike, The Shaper
TOUGHNESS 4-5: Aquatic Ninja, Blood Wraith, Sand Ripper; Bio-Flux, Blur, Gender Bender, Glimpse, Shadowstrike
TOUGHNESS 6-7: Metal Destroyer Beast, Stalker Lizardman; Bloodthorn, Malvor the Dark, Psi-Blade, Rapidfire, Reflex, Shadowblade, Undercover, Zipper
TOUGHNESS 8-9: Horned Rock Snake, Kami Shokunin, Serpent Horse, Toxic Eagle; Grav Blader, Hacker, Night Warrior, Splicer, Trace
TOUGHNESS 10-11: Shadow Death Fish [Against non-wooden or non-magical weapons]; Bioforce, Bloodfire, Bone Stalker, Dread Hunter, Lightning Blade, Silver Moon, Spiritforce
TOUGHNESS 12-13: Cyberoid 004, Dread Beast, Toxic Bear; Burnfist, Detonator, Flashburn, Goliath, Nightshade [vs. demons], Sunray, Techno-Girl
TOUHGNESS 14-15: Alchemist X [With Stoneskin Potion], Black Gladiator, Dragonblade, Ironheart, Power Hammer, Silentstrike, Starburst
TOUGHNESS 16+: Dracoant, Inazuma Ryu Kame; Bloodstone, Eve, Foam Menace [vs. physical attacks], Mindfury, Shadow Lord, Comic Overseer, Willforce
Intellect Level Benchmarks
INTELLECT -: Dracoant
INTELLECT -5 to -4: Dark Essence Viper, Horned Rock Snake, Metal Destroyer Beast, Serpent Horse, Shadow Death Fish, Shrieker, Viper Rat
INTELLECT -3: Toxic Bear; Bloodstone, Foam Menace
INTELLECT -2: Cyberoid 004, Dread Beast, Sand Ripper, Toxic Eagle
INTELLECT 0-1: Aquatic Ninja, Blood Wraith, Stalker Lizardman; Bio-Flux, Bioforce, Black Gladiator, Bloodthorn, Bone Stalker, Burnfist, Flashburn, Goliath, Ironheart, Power Hammer, Shadowblade
INTELLECT 2: Inazuma Ryu Kame, Kami Shokunin; Blur, Dread Hunter, Eve, Grav Blader, Rapidfire, Reflex, Silentstrike, Spiritforce, Trace, Comic Overseer
INTELLECT 3: Malvor the Dark, Night Warrior, Psi-Blade, Shadow Lord, The Shaper, Undercover, Zipper
INTELLECT 4-5: Bloodfire, Detonator, Dragonblade, Gender Bender, Lightning Blade, Mindstrike, Nightshade, Shadowstrike, Starburst, Sunray
INTELLECT 6-7: Alchemist X, Hacker, Mindfury, Silver Moon, Splicer, Techno-Girl, Willforce
INTELLECT 8-9: Glimpse
Awareness Level Benchmarks
AWARENESS 0: Stalker Lizardman; Silentstrike, Comic Overseer
AWARENESS 1-2: Aquatic Ninja, Blood Wraith, Cyberoid 004, Dark Essence Viper, Dracoant, Dread Beast, Horned Rock Snake, Kami Shokunin, Metal Destroyer Beast, Sand Ripper, Serpent Horse, Shadow Death Fish, Shrieker, Toxic Bear, Toxic Eagle, Viper Rat; Bio-Flux, Black Gladiator, Blackfire, Bloodstone, Bloodthorn, Blur, Eve, Flashburn, Foam Menace, Gender Bender, Goliath, Grav Blader, Ironheart, Silver Moon, Zipper
AWARENESS 3-4: Inazuma Ryu Kame; Alchemist X, Burnfist, Detonator, Dread Hunter, Hacker, Malvor the Dark, Night Warrior, Power Hammer, Rapidfire, Shadow Lord, Shadowblade, Splicer, Starburst, Sunray, Techno-Girl, The Shaper, Trace, Undercover
AWARENESS 5-6: Bioforce, Bone Stalker, Dragonblade, Mindstrike, Psi-Blade, Shadowstrike, Spiritforce, Willforce
AWARENESS 7-8: Lightning Blade, Mindfury, Nightshade, Reflex
AWARENESS 9-12: Glimpse
Presence Level Benchmarks
PRESENCE Below 0: Aquatic Ninja, Cyberoid 004, Dark Essence Viper, Horned Rock Snake, Metal Destroyer Beast, Shadow Death Fish, Shrieker, Viper Rat
PRESENCE 0: Blood Wraith, Dracoant, Kami Shokunin, Sand Ripper, Serpent Horse, Stalker Lizardman, Toxic Bear, Toxic Eagle; Bioforce, Blackfire, Bloodstone, Foam Menace, Ironheart, Silver Moon, Sunray, Comic Overseer
PRESENCE 1-2: Dread Beast; Alchemist X, Bio-Flux, Black Gladiator, Bloodthorn, Blur, Bone Stalker, Detonator, Dragonblade, Dread Hunter, Flashburn, Gender Bender [male self-], Goliath, Grav Blader, Hacker, Lightning Blade, Psi-Blade, Rapidfire, Reflex, Silentstrike, Starburst, Techno-Girl, Trace, Zipper
PRESENCE 3-4: Burnfist, Eve, Gender Bender [female self-], Malvor the Dark, Mindfury, Mindstrike, Night Warrior, Power Hammer, Shadow Lord, Shadowblade, Shadowstrike, Splicer, The Shaper, Undercover
PRESENCE 5-6: Inazuma Ryu Kame; Nightshade, Spiritforce, Willforce
PRESENCE 7-10: Glimpse
Fighting Level Benchmarks
FIGHTING 0: Stalker Lizardman; Bloodstone, Comic Overseer
FIGHTING 1-2: Grav Blader, Hacker, Ironheart, Lightning Blade, Mindfury, Mindstrike, Shadow Lord, Silver Moon, Spiritforce
FIGHTING 3-4: Aquatic Ninja, Horned Rock Snake, Serpent Horse, Shadow Death Fish, Viper Rat; Alchemist X, Bio-Flux, Detonator, Eve, Gender Bender, Goliath, Malvor the Dark, Nightshade, Psi-Blade, Rapidfire, Shadowstrike, Splicer, Starburst, Techno-Girl, The Shaper, Zipper, Willforce
FIGHTING 5-6: Blood Wraith, Dark Essence Viper, Dread Beast, Kami Shokunin, Metal Destroyer Beast, Sand Ripper, Shrieker, Toxic Eagle; Black Gladiator, Flashburn, Shadowblade, Silentstrike, Undercover
FIGHTING 7-8: Cyberoid 004, Toxic Bear; Bloodfire, Bloodthorn, Blur, Bone Stalker, Foam Menace, Reflex, Sunray
FIGHTING 9-10: Dracoant; Bioforce, Dragonblade, Dread Hunter, Glimpse, Power Hammer, Trace
FIGHTING 11+: Inazuma Ryu Kame; Burnfist, Night Warrior
Dexterity Level Benchmarks
DEXTERITY Below 0: Cyberoid 004
DEXTERITY 0: Dark Essence Viper, Dracoant, Horned Rock Snake, Inazuma Ryu Kame, Sand Ripper, Serpent Horse, Shadow Death Fish, Shrieker, Stalker Lizardman, Toxic Bear, Toxic Eagle; Bloodstone, Comic Overseer
DEXTERITY 1-2: Aquatic Ninja, Blood Wraith, Dread Beast, Kami Shokunin, Viper Rat; Bio-Flux, Bioforce, Black Gladiator, Bloodfire, Bloodthorn, Bone Stalker, Burnfist, Dragonblade, Eve, Flashburn, Foam Menace, Gender Bender, Goliath, Grav Blader, Ironheart, Lightning Blade, Silentstrike, Silver Moon, Starburst, Zipper
DEXTERITY 3-4: Alchemist X, Blur, Detonator, Dread Hunter, Glimpse, Hacker, Malvor the Dark, Mindfury, Mindstrike, Night Warrior, Nightshade, Psi-Blade, Reflex, Shadow Lord, Shadowblade, Shadowstrike, Spiritforce, Splicer, Sunray, The Shaper, Trace, Undercover, Willforce
DEXTERITY 5-6: Power Hammer, Rapidfire, Techno-Girl
Skill Benchmarks [Includes total modifier, include size modifiers where they apply]
Acrobatics: +1-+3:
+4-+6: Stalker Lizardman; Gender Bender, Zipper
+7-+8: Aquatic Ninja; Blur, Glimpse, Night Warrior
+9-+10: Bone Stalker, Burnfist, Dread Hunter, Grav Blader, Psi-Blade, Rapidfire, Trace
+11-+12: Viper Rat; Silver Moon
+13-+14: Reflex
+15-+16: Shadowblade
Athletics: +1-+3: Psi-Blade, Shadowstrike, Spiritforce, Techno-Girl
+4-+6: Alchemist X, Bio-Flux, Detonator, Flashburn, Glimpse, Lightning Blade, Nightshade, Reflex, Undercover, Zipper, Willforce
+7-+8: Blur, Grav Blader, Rapidfire, Shadowblade, Splicer
+9-+10: Aquatic Ninja, Dark Essence Viper, Kami Shokunin, Stalker Lizardman; Night Warrior
+11-+12: Toxic Bear
+13-+14: Bioforce, Dragonblade, Power Hammer, Sunray
+15-+16: Dracoant, Horned Rock Snake, Viper Rat; Black Gladiator, Bloodstone, Bone Stalker, Dread Hunter, Trace
+17+: Inazuma Ryu Kame; Burnfist, Eve, Goliath, Ironheart, Silentstrike
+4-+6: Aquatic Ninja; Alchemist X, Blur, Flashburn, Gender Bender [male self-], Goliath, Grav Blader, Ironheart, Power Hammer, Rapidfire, Reflex, Shadowblade, Sunray, Zipper, Comic Overseer
+7-+8: Gender Bender [female self-], Shadowstrike, Trace
+9-+10: Bio-Flux, Detonator, Dragonblade, Hacker, Night Warrior, Nightshade, Shadow Lord, Spiritforce
+11-+12: Black Gladiator, Bloodthorn, Splicer
+13-+14: Glimpse, Malvor the Dark, Mindstrike
+15-+16: Burnfist, The Shaper, Undercover
+17+: Undercover [For Disguises]
Expertise: ]+1-+3: Power Hammer [Night watchman]
+4-+6: Bioforce [Current Events, Law], Blur [Streetwise], Flashburn [Streetwise], Ironheart [Fisherman], Rapidfire [Cowboy Robber], Reflex [Art], Shadowblade [Popular Culture], Silentstrike [Popular culture], Zipper [Popular Culture], Comic Overseer [Art, Creative Writing]
+7-+8: Aquatic Ninja [Underwater survival], Gender Bender [Popular Culture], Goliath [Criminal, Streetwise], Grav Blader [Skater/rollerblader community], Shadowstrike [Magic, writing]
+9-+10: Bio-Flux [Streetwise], Black Gladiator [Streetwise], Burnfist [Criminal], Dread Hunter [Hunting], Psi-Blade [Psychiatry], Spiritforce [Spirit World, Wicca], Techno-Girl [Sciences], Trace [Criminal, Streetwise], Undercover [Law Enforcement, Streetwise], Willforce [Popular Culture, Research]
+11-+12: Bloodfire [Magic], Bone Stalker [Survival], Lightning Blade [Archaeology, History], Malvor the Dark [Criminal, Law], Night Warrior [Streetwise], Silver Moon [The Moon], Starburst [Astronomy], Sunray [Engineering, Sciences], The Shaper [Streetwise]
+13-+14: Inazuma Ryu Kame [Celestial lore, History, Magic], Kami Shokunin [Forging, Magic], Glimpse [Business, Current Events], Hacker [Current Events], Mindfury [Quantum Physics]
+15-+16: Detonator [Explosives Design], Nightshade [Magic], Shadow Lord [Magic]
+17+: Alchemist X [Alchemy], Dragonblade [Magic], Mindstrike [Psychic Powers], Splicer [Genetics]
Insight: ]+1-+3:
+4-+6: Bio-Flux, Bloodfire, Bloodthorn, Flashburn, Gender Bender, Silentstrike, Comic Overseer
+7-+8: Bioforce, Blur, Ironheart, Shadowblade, Sunray
+9-+10: Blood Wraith, Kami Shokunin; Burnfist, Dread Hunter, Hacker, Lightning Blade, Malvor the Dark, Night Warrior, Shadowstrike, Splicer, Willforce
+11-+12: Inazuma Ryu Kame; Bone Stalker, Night Warrior, Reflex, Shadow Lord, the Shaper, Trace, Undercover
+13-+14: Black Gladiator [For Assessment], Mindstrike, Psi-Blade, Spiritforce
+15-+16: Dragonblade
+17+: Glimpse, Nightshade
Intimidation: ]+1-+3: Aquatic Ninja
+4-+6: Blood Wraith; Blur
+7-+8: Alchemist X, Bloodstone, Flashburn, Night Warrior, Rapidfire
+9-+10: Horned Rock Snake, Toxic Eagle; Bloodfire, Foam Menace, Power Hammer, Trace
+11-+12: Black Gladiator
+13-+14: Bone Stalker, Dragonblade, Glimpse, Goliath, Shadow Lord
+15-+16: Burnfist
+17+: Inazuma Ryu Kame
Investigation: ]+1-+3:
+4-+6: Blur
+7-+8: Night Warrior
+9-+10: Trace
+11-+12: Malvor the Dark, Mindfury, Undercover
+13-+14: Hacker
+15-+16: Splicer
Perception: ]+1-+3: Aquatic Ninja, Zipper
+4-+6: Cyberoid 004, Metal Destroyer Beast, Sand Ripper, Serpent Horse, Shadow Death Fish, Shrieker; Bio-Flux, Black Gladiator, Bloodthorn, Blur, Eve, Gender Bender, Goliath, Grav Blader, Ironheart, Silver Moon, Starburst
+7-+8: Toxic Eagle, Viper Rat; Detonator, Hacker, Silentstrike, Techno-Girl
+9-+10: Dark Essence Viper, Horned Rock Snake; Bioforce, Burnfist, Lightning Blade, Malvor the Dark, Rapidfire, Shadowblade, Shadowstrike, Splicer, Willforce
+11-+12: Inazuma Ryu Kame, Toxic Bear; Alchemist X, Bone Stalker, Night Warrior, Psi-Blade, Shadow Lord, Sunray, Trace, Undercover
+13-+14: Kami Shokunin; Dread Hunter, Mindstrike, Reflex, Spiritforce
+15-+16: Dread Beast; Mindfury, Nightshade, The Shaper
+17+: Dragonblade, Glimpse
Persuasion: ]+1-+3:
+4-+6: Gender Bender [Male self-], Ironheart, Lightning Blade, Shadowstrike, Zipper
+7-+8: Gender Bender [Female self-], Hacker, Reflex
+9-+10: Psi-Blade, Undercover
+11-+12: Glimpse, Malvor the Dark, Night Warrior, Spiritforce, Splicer, The Shaper, Willforce
+13-+14: Nightshade
+17+: Inazuma Ryu Kame
Sleight of Hand:+1-+3:
+4-+6: Aquatic Ninja; Bio-Flux, Zipper
+7-+8: Bloodfire, Spiritforce, Splicer
+9-+10: Alchemist X, Night Warrior, Nightshade, Undercover
Stealth: ]+1-+3:
+4-+6: Metal Destroyer Beast, Toxic Eagle; Alchemist X, Flashburn, Grav Blader, Hacker, Shadowstrike, The Shaper
+7-+8: Blur, Detonator, Malvor the Dark, Nightshade, Shadow Lord, Techno-Girl, Zipper, Willforce
+9-+10: Aquatic Ninja, Horned Rock Snake, Sand Ripper, Serpent Horse [when hiding], Shadow Death Fish, Shrieker; Bio-Flux, Bloodthorn, Burnfist, Dragonblade, Gender Bender, Night Warrior, Rapidfire
+11-+12: Blood Wraith; Dread Hunter, Reflex, Shadowblade, Trace, Undercover
+13-+14: Dread Beast
+15-+16: Bone Stalker
+17+: Dark Essence Viper, Viper Rat;
Technology: ]+1-+3:
+4-+6: Aquatic Ninja; Flashburn, Grav Blader, Trace
+7-+8: Dread Hunter, Starburst, Undercover
+9-+10: Bioforce, Detonator, Night Warrior
+13-+14: Glimpse, Splicer
+15-+16: Mindstrike, Sunray
+17+: Hacker [With Computers], Techno-Girl
Treatment: ]+1-+3: Black Gladiator, Shadowblade
+4-+6: Blur, Detonator, Ironheart, Rapidfire, Shadowstrike, Trace
+7-+8: Night Warrior
+9-+10: Nightshade
+11-+12: Psi-Blade, Spiritforce, The Shaper
+13-+14: Splicer
Vehicles: ]+1-+3:
+4-+6: Flashburn, Night Warrior
+7-+8: Trace
+9-+10: Undercover
Defenses Benchmarks
Fortitude -: Cyberoid 004 [immune]; Bloodstone [immune]
Fortitude 0-1:
Fortitude 2-3: Dark Essence Viper, Kami Shokunin, Shadow Death Fish, Shrieker, Stalker Lizardman, Viper Rat; Bio-Flux, Grav Blader, Mindfury
Fortitude 4-5: Glimpse, Hacker, Malvor the Dark, Reflex, Shadowstrike, Silver Moon, Sunray, The Shaper
Fortitude 6-8: Aquatic Ninja, Metal Destroyer Beast, Sand Ripper, Serpent Horse, Toxic Eagle; Black Gladiator, Bloodthorn, Blur, Detonator, Flashburn, Gender Bender, Ironheart, Lightning Blade, Mindstrike, Night Warrior, Psi-Blade, Shadowblade, Spiritforce, Splicer, Techno-Girl, Undercover, Zipper, Comic Overseer
Fortitude 9-10: Horned Rock Snake, Toxic Bear; Bloodfire, Dread Hunter, Goliath, Nightshade [vs. demons], Rapidfire, Shadow Lord, Starburst
Fortitude 11-12: Blood Wraith, Dracoant, Dread Beast; Alchemist X, Bioforce, Bone Stalker, Dragonblade, Eve, Power Hammer, Trace, Willforce
Fortitude 13-14: Foam Menace, Silentstrike
Fortitude 15-16: Inazuma Ryu Kame; Burnfist
Fortitude 17+:

Will Below 0:
Will 0: Stalker Lizardman
Will 1-2: Dark Essence Viper, Dracoant, Horned Rock Snake, Metal Destroyer Beast, Sand Ripper, Serpent Horse, Viper Rat
Will 3-4: Aquatic Ninja, Blood Wraith, Shrieker, Toxic Bear, Toxic Eagle; Bloodthorn, Grav Blader, Power Hammer
Will 5-6: Cyberoid 004, Dread Beast, Kami Shokunin, Shadow Death Fish; Bio-Flux, Black Gladiator, Bloodfire, Bloodstone, Eve, Flashburn, Gender Bender, Goliath, Silentstrike, The Shaper
Will 7-8: Bioforce, Bone Stalker, Burnfist, Detonator, Foam Menace, Malvor the Dark, Rapidfire, Splicer, Starburst, Sunray, Trace, Undercover, Zipper
Will 9-12: Inazuma Ryu Kame; Alchemist X, Blur, Dragonblade, Dread Hunter, Glimpse, Hacker, Ironheart, Lightning Blade, Mindfury, Night Warrior, Nightshade, Reflex, Shadowblade, Shadowstrike, Spiritforce, Techno-Girl, Comic Overseer
Will 13-16: Mindstrike, Psi-Blade, Shadow Lord, Willforce
Will 17+: Silver [vs. mental powers]
Attack and Damage Benchmarks
Attack Bonus +0-+4: Horned Rock Snake, Stalker Lizardman; Grav Blader, Mindstrike, Spiritforce [Unarmed], Splicer
Attack Bonus +5-+6: Aquatic Ninja [tentacle stinger], Blood Wraith, Metal Destroyer Beast, Sand Ripper, Shrieker; Bio-Flux [Unarmed], Black Gladiator, Eve [Heat Vision], Ironheart [Unarmed], Silentstrike, Starburst [Star Plasma Blast], Comic Overseer [Drawings to Life III]
Attack Bonus +7-+8: Cyberoid 004, Kami Shokunin [forge hammer], Serpent Horse [bite], Shadow Death Fish [Stupefaction Ray], Viper Rat [Venom Bite]; Bloodstone, Detonator [Unarmed], Foam Menace [Unarmed], Gender Bender [Unarmed], Lightning Blade [Lightning Blade], Mindfury [Telekinetic Blast], Psi-Blade, Sunray, Techno-Girl
Attack Bonus +9-+10: Dark Essence Viper [bite], Dracoant [bite, plasma spray], Dread Beast [+10], Toxic Bear [claws], Toxic Eagle; Alchemist X [Thrown alchemical creations], Bloodthorn [unarmed], Dragonblade, Dread Hunter, Flashburn [Pyrokinesis], Hacker [Custom Blaster Pistol], Nightshade [Witchcraft], Shadow Lord [Shadow Magic], Shadowstrike [Shadow Magic], Zipper [Unarmed], Willforce [Energy Blast]
Attack Bonus +11-+12: Inazuma Ryu Kame; Bloodfire [Hellfire blast], Bone Stalker [Unarmed], Burnfist [Unarmed/claws], Goliath [Unarmed], Malvor the Dark [Guns], Power Hammer [War Hammer], Reflex [Unarmed], Shadowblade [Swords], Silver Moon [Trip attacks], Undercover [Custom Blaster Pistol]
Attack Bonus +13-+15: Bioforce [Gravity Burst], Blur [Unarmed], Glimpse [Unarmed, Guns], The Shaper [scalpels]
Attack Bonus +16-+18: Night Warrior [+16], Rapidfire [Pistols], Trace [Custom Heavy Pistol]
Attack Bonus +19+:

Damage Below 0:
Damage 0: Bio-Flux [unarmed]
Damage 1: Viper Rat [venom bite]; Grav Blader [Unarmed]
Damage 2-3: Blur [Unarmed], Splicer [Unarmed], The Shaper [scalpels]
Damage 4-6: Aquatic Ninja [Trident], Dark Essence Viper [venom from bite], Metal Destroyer Beast [Bite], Sand Ripper [bite and claws], Serpent Horse [bite and venom], Shrieker [tail stinger], Stalker Lizardman [claws], Toxic Eagle [poisoned talons]; Bloodthorn [thorns], Glimpse [Heavy pistol], Hacker [Custom Blaster Pistol], Night Warrior [Custom Laser Pistol], Rapidfire [Pistols/Gun Tricks], Reflex [Unarmed], Shadowstrike [Shadow Blast], Undercover [Custom Blaster Pistol]
Damage 7-8: Blood Wraith [Spontaneous Massive Bleeding], Kami Shokunin [Forge hammer]; Bone Stalker [Unarmed], Gender Bender [Gender Change Ray], Goliath [Unarmed], Malvor the Dark [Ancient Curses], Shadowblade [Shadowblade], Trace [Unarmed]
Damage 9-10: Dread Beast [bite], Horned Rock Snake [Horn strike], Shadow Death Fish [Weaken Stamina linked to bite], Toxic Bear [claws]; Bioforce [Unarmed], Bloodfire [Hellfire Sword], Dread Hunter [All attacks except unarmed], Flashburn [Pyrokinesis], Spiritforce [Fear Aura], Techno-Girl [Gadget Harness], Zipper [Vibration Strike]
Damage 11-12: Alchemist X [Alchemical acid vial], Bloodstone [unarmed], Mindstrike [Telepathic Powerhouse], Nightshade [Witchcraft], Power Hammer [War Hammer], Psi-Blade [Unarmed, Psychic Blade], Silver Moon [Moon Madness Mental Feedback], Sunray [Targeted Laser, Unarmed]
Damage 13-14: Cyberoid 004 [Bite/sickle hands], Dracoant [plasma spray, includes Weaken Toughness]; Black Gladiator [Unarmed, Weapon systems], Burnfist [Hellfire Blast], Detonator [Micro-Shaped Charge], Dragonblade [Blade Slash and Dragonfire Blast], Ironheart [Unarmed], Lightning Blade [Lightning Blade], Silentstrike [Unarmed], Starburst [Star Plasma Blast]
Damage 15-18: Inazuma Ryu Kame [bite]; Eve [Unarmed], Foam Menace [Unarmed], Mindfury [Telekinetic Blast], Shadow Lord [Shadow Blast], Comic Overseer [Drawing to Life III], Willforce [Energy Blast]
Damage 19-20:
Damage 20+:
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Re: Psistrike's 3rd Edition creations

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Nice work on the General PL and benchmark charts Psistrike! That had to take some time but gives a good idea of who's who in your DC Universe.
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Re: Psistrike's 3rd Edition creations

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Super Nova wrote:Nice work on the General PL and benchmark charts Psistrike! That had to take some time but gives a good idea of who's who in your DC Universe.
Thanks, took several hours to go through all my builds and work them into each individual character for everything. Also helped me to realize I made several characters too high of PL for their original concept. I use it for my DC Universe builds, general monsters and minions and such. Will probably make a chart with adjusted description for the PL benchmarks for any other settings I make, including when I finally start posting my Freedom City/Emerald City 3rd builds. :D

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House rules and converted 2nd edition stuff

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Here is where I will post any house rules I use with my general builds and converted 2nd edition stuff I use.

Powers as Advantages: Any effect which is 1 pp/rank or less can be bought as an advantage, within reason. Examples include: Combat Concealment [Concealment [normal vision], Partial, Action [Move]; Extra Limb [1 rank of Extra Limbs, up to 2 ranks]; Rapid Healing [1 rank of Regeneration]. See Talent Power Profile for more examples.

Converted Feats as Advantages: •Defensive Strike [If an opponent attacks you and misses, your next melee attack against them gains a +2 circumstance bonus; Must be used with your next action.] •Defensive Throw [Immediate trip chance as free action if opponent misses]
•Follow-Up Strike [If you score a critical hit with a melee attack, you can make an immediate additional melee attack against the same opponent as a free action.]
•Untapped Potential [When you use extra effort, you can increase a power effect by 2 ranks instead of 1]
•Cunning Fighter [Use attack bonus instead of Deception for feinting]
•Lightning Strike [Reach, Subtle applied to Strength, Limited to Only for Attacks]
•Combat Reaction [Define a specific action that can be performed with a move or free action, and assign it to a particular event [Ex: Jump to cover when people start shooting, use Interpose advantage on nearest ally as soon as combat starts, become Invisible when I hear a strange noise, etc.]. When the event comes to pass, you can perform the assigned action as a reaction.]
•Last Stand [You can use extra effort to ignore all penalties from damage conditions for one round.]
•Online Research [Use either Expertise: Computers or Technology in place of Investigation for Gather Information checks. Can be used with Well-Informed]
•Withstand Damage [Take a penalty up to -5 on Dodge or Parry and add the same to Toughness checks. Can’t lower defense stat to less than 0 or more than double Toughness defense. Can declare the shift as a reaction, but only once per round. Hindered til next round]

Converted Powers as Effects/Power Builds: •Pain [Perception Range Affliction [Resisted by Will, Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated]
•Probability Control [Variable [Probability Effects], Reaction Action, Limited to Second Chance and Skill Mastery advantages, 9 pp/rank; 1 rank should be enough]
•Age Shift [Morph 1 [Own apparent age], Shrinking 4 [Only to take on younger forms], 13 points]
•Color Change [Ranged Affliction [Resisted by Dodge; Transformed [Change colors]], Limited to 3rd Degree; Ranged Transform [Change objects colors] 4pp/rank version, Continuous Duration; Example Alt Effects: Visual Dazzle; Visual Illusion; Ranged Affliction [Resisted by Fortitude, Hindered, Stunned], Limited Degree; Visual Obscure; Ranged Attack Concealment [visual], Partial]
•Dimensional Control [Array of Alternate Forms: 1-D Form [Concealment 4 [all visual], Insubstantial 4, Limited to openings and spaces, Affected by Dimensional effects], Two-Dimensional Form [See Alternate Form examples in main book], 4-D Form [Insubstantial 3], Senses 8 [Vision and Hearing Penetrate Concealment], Enhanced Strength], 5-D Form [Enhanced Advantage [Improved Initiative], Quick and Speed, all with Affects Others [+1], 6-D Form [Movement 3 [Dimension Travel 3]
•Dimensional Pocket [Either Feature [Feature ranks is total mass ranks in material you can carry with no effort] or Movement 1 [Dimension Travel, Pocket Dimension] possible with Alt Effect with Attack Extra and extra ranks Limited to Resistance]
•Dream Control [Base Power: Perception Range Affliction [Resisted by Will, Figment, Phantasm, Immersion], Limited to Sleeping Targets]
•Dream Travel [Mind Reading limited to Entering and Interaction with Sleep Subject’s Dreams] •Immutable [Immunity 10 [Immunity to Alteration Effects, Immunity to Weaken Effects]

Converted Power Extras and Flaws: •No Saving Throw [Limited to NPCs and represented by complications of automatic failure on the Defense check against a power.]
•Reincarnation [Feature applied to Immortality, allow you to come back in different form with different powers, abilities, etc. when you revive after death. Uncontrolled Reincarnation [-1] flaw means the GM has complete control of what your new form is after you revive]
•Constricting [For Snare-based Afflictions, add a +1 Damaging extra to half the Affliction’s ranks, where the target suffers an attack each round of that rank til free.]
•Self-Banish [-1 Flaw for Summon power, Summoned beings remain a number of rounds equal to the summoner’s PL before automatically disappearing. They are considered incapacitated and must recover before they can be summoned again.]

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Comic Overseer [DC Universe version]

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Comic Overseer PL 12

Quote: "You will see my greatness!"
Concept: Empowered comic creator out for revenge
Occupation: Criminal, Comic artist and writer
Base of Operations: Metropolis
Real Name: Brent Dunlow
Legal Status: U.S. citizen wanted for various minor crimes
Identity: Public
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Age: 24 years old

Strength 0, Stamina 0, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intellect 2, Awareness 0, Presence 0

Ring of Power: 150 points, Removable [-30 points] • 120 points
Boosted Ego: Enhanced Advantages 2 [Beginner’s Luck, Fearless]; Enhanced Defenses 18 [Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 6] • 20 points
Protected from Mundane: Immunity 11 [Life Support, Own Powers] • 11 points
Reality Mastery: Array [55 points]
Drawings to Life I: Create 18, Continuous, Precise, Stationary • 55 points
Drawings to Life II: Summon Drawings 9, Heroic, Mental Link, Variable Type [Broad: Any of his drawings] • 1 point
Drawings to Life III: Ranged Damage 18, Accurate 3, Homing 2, Incurable, Indirect 4, Split 2, Variable Descriptor 2 [any technological] • 1 point
Writing to Life I: Perception Range Affliction 12 [Resisted by Fortitude or Will, Transformed] Progressive, Limited to 3rd degree, Variable Descriptor 2 [Any mental or physical transformation] • 1 point
Writing to Life II: Environment [3 points of effect] 12, Variable • 1 point
True Greatness Can’t Be Harmed: Impervious Protection 18 • 36 points
Shielded Mind: Enhanced Will 12, Impervious • 24 points

Advantages Beginner’s Luck, Benefit 2 [Wealth 2], Eidetic Memory, Fearless

Skills Deception 4 [+4], Expertise: Art 2 [+4], Expertise: Creative Writing 2 [+4], Insight 4 [+4]

Initiative +0
Drawings to Life III +6, Ranged, Damage 18 [Homing 2, Incurable, Indirect 4, Split 2, Variable Descriptor 2]
Writing to Life I Perception Range, Damage 12 [Affliction]

Dodge 6, Parry 6
Toughness 18*, Fortitude 6, Will 12, Impervious

Power Points
Abilities 4 + Powers 120 + Advantages 3 + Skills 6 [12 ranks] + Defenses 0 = 133 Total

Motivation: He is driven by arrogant pride and his ego to prove his greatness to others, especially those who have ignored his greatness in the past.
Disability: Without the ring, he is a sickly, skinny geek who has let his health go. Without it he suffers a -2 circumstance penalty to Fortitude checks to avoid illness.
Obsession: He is obsessed with proving his greatness with as little work as possible. If he wasn’t such an overconfident slacker and egomaniac, he might have actually made something of himself by now.
Reputation: As an artist, writer and even now as a villain, he known as a slacker who tries to get by doing as little as possible.
Temper: When insulted in any way, he will focus his anger upon the source.

:arrow: Putting bits and pieces of the basic concepts of Fable, Pallete, and Sketch into one individual, he is an arrogant, egotistical comic book artist and writer who has gained power and wishes to punish all those he blames for his career not taking off.

Personality: Brent is an arrogant, self-absorbed young man, who believes he and in turn whatever he does is greater than anyone else. When confronted with his own limitations, he will always blame them on others, stating he could do so much more if not for others getting in his way. He has driven off what few friends he had in the past and lives a lonely life, but says he prefers it to hanging out with inferiors all the time.

Description of Powers: Comic Overseer is nothing without the simple looking brass ring he wears, whose origin nor source of power are known to him. While wearing it he is immune to mundane concerns, not needing food, drink or even rest so he can focus all his time on his plans. He is nigh-invulnerable to harm and even mental powers find it difficult to overcome his mental defense.

But the true power of the ring lies in its ability to bring his imagination to life. He believes he must use his drawings or writing to do so, but the ring doesn’t actually have such a limitation. Examples of what he brings to life include: bringing whole buildings, machines and other objects to life; summoning forth superhumans and monsters from his drawings of great power; create a weapon which seeks out its target or creatures which seek out their target until they hit; change the environment for miles in nearly any way; and most dangerous of all, transform others in any way, both body and mind.

History: Brent grew up being told by his parents how great his was, always praising him for the littlest thing. This warped his young mind into one of arrogance, so self-absorbed that he believed whatever he did was better than anyone else. To the point that in school when he would get Bs and Cs, he would blame it on the teacher being jealous of him and trying to hold him back.

This continued through college and on the way into his adult life. To the point he couldn’t hold down a job for long, as he tried to work in comics and as a graphic artist. He thought his break had come with a good job in Los Angeles as a graphic artist opened up, only to be passed over for some young upstart by the name of Kyle Rayner. His frustration at being unable to hold down a job and get his career to take off began to wear on him.

Til random chance dropped a cosmic artifact into his life, a simple looking ring that appeared to be made of brass, which Brent stumbled upon while out for a walk. Not looking over a freebie, he put on the ring and made his way home. Only to discover the next time he set to work on his art, whatever he drew, whatever he wrote could become real. Testing it out for only a few days, he knew that the universe itself had finally noticed his greatest. And now he could punish everyone who had ever doubted that greatness or stood in his way. And he would start with the most recent thorn in his side, Kyle Rayner.

Description: Brent, despite his own belief, is an average looking guy who doesn’t always take care of himself. His skin is slightly pale from spending most of his time indoors, having minor scars on his hands and arms from accidents, while his build is skinny with no noticeable muscle tone. His brown hair is kept short and messy, while his brown eyes tend to have a dull look to them except when he is lashing out at those he believed wronged him.

His clothes tend to be unkempt with noticeable wear and tear due to lack of proper care. Simple blue jeans with holes in the legs and knees, various tee shirts and plaid numbers that are rumpled, and a pair of tennis shoes so worn down in the front the white coating has been worn down so the black fabric is visible underneath. He has begun to use his new powers to upgrade and update his wardrobe, but slowly so as not to draw suspicion. He feels no need for a silly costume or uniform as the Comic Overseer, wishing for everyone to know who he is.
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