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Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

Right now this is just a gallery of ideas, characters that have been brewing in my brain. I'm also including a section for settings that I have created, or helped create.

Active Characters
Singularity in Gulf Coast Guardians
Draugr in Gate City
Bastion in Heroes Unlimited
Faethor in Terminusscape
Devalin Brown in Wild Cards: Agents of the FBI

2nd Edition
Edict (David Dietrich)
Portal (Daniel WIlliams)
Ryder (Lord Commander Ilkran-Furtugah-Vangorial-Ishtren-Mophear of House Ix)
Warren Wright
M.D.K. (Hector Garza)
Fang (Wei Fang)
Zeus (Arthur Miller)
The Warden
Urborg Vengrath
Casimiro(Estemo Silva)
Necrosavant(Michael Carter)
Singularity (Vincent Irons)
Oliver Durant
Metro (John Doe)
Ferris Samson
Living-Dead-Man (Bradley Dent)
Bastion (Tyler Battle)
Biopunk (Jason Creed)
Faethor Koegh
Citizen Zero (Andrew Quest)
Annex (Devalin Brown)

3rd Edition
Multiplex (Arnold Hate)
Hellraiser (Billy Black)
Grail (Avory Montrose)
Overload (Gideon Reed)
Shadow Khan (Herald Hyogo)
Psion (Noah West)
Infinite Knight (Konstantin Lavronenko)
Epoch (Andrick Molokan)
David Abrahms
Praxis (Ben Watly)
Abel "Grim" Grimes
The Future (Tony Stark)
Kalki (Rayjiv Malik)
Stronghold (Zory Lavronenko)
Steven Mason
Perilus(Jason Sumerled)
Willard Brewer
Blackjack (Jack Naypier)
Ballistic (Luke Davis)
Simon Lang
Alister Smite
Wight Knight (Franklin Reed)
Illumi-Knight (Kevin Camble)
Wyatt Hallows
Revenant (Alex Gooding)
Takedown (Brent Finley)
Aberrant (Nathan Walker)
Massacre (Aiden Faust)
Titanium Dragon (Herald Hyogo)
Draugr (Aiden White)
Ian Cole
Isabella Dragosani

Dark Babylon Co-created with Task.
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

Multiplex (Arnold Hate)
PL: 10 (150pp)

ABILITIES: STR: 1 AGI: 1 FGT: 8 AWE: 1 STA: 1 DEX: 1 INT: 1 PRE: 2

SKILLS: Deception 6 (+8), Expertise: Popular Culture 4 (+5), Insight 8(+9), Preception 6(+7)

FEATS: Assessment

Mimic 12 [Extras: Increased Duration (Continuious); Flaws: Limited (Natural Powers, ex: no technology Mimicry), Limited (Physical Contact); 84pp]

Captain Amazing 45pp power setting
Advantages: Range Attack 9
Move Object 10 [Advantages: Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Trip]
- /Alt/ Blast 10
Protection 11


DEFENSES: Dodge 8 Parry 8 Fortitude 8 Toughness 1 (12 Protection) Will 8

OFFENSE: Initiative +1 Close +8 Unarmed (DC 16) Range +9 Move Object 10 (DC 20) Blast 10 (DC25)

Power Collector: Multpilex lusts after more, and new, powers. It is an unhealthy fixation. He will at times go to great lengths to aquire them.

Enemy: The telekinetic Captain Amazing has a grudge against him for ruining his reputation (in a big way).

Arnold was average all his life, and he was tired of it. His home life was annoyingly bland as a kid. He never got into trouble. When he grew up he had a predictably boring telemarketing job that bound him to a cramped cubical. Arnold girlfriend was even ... well, if he had had one she would have been average too. Anything more would have been a crime against nature.

At every stage of his life, Arnold had one outlet that was beyond average. A window into a magical world of the greatness he longed for but could never achieve: Comic books. They gave him hope. At least until he met his first super hero. Captain Amazing. A real super man saving lives on a daily basis. The Captain had actually saved Arnold from some falling construction equipment. Arnold was instantly enamored with the costumed hero.

... and Captain Amazing gained a stalker. Arnold became obsessed with finding out more about his personal hero. His work, friends, and family were neglected as he visited accident sites, battlegrounds, and delved deep into the mystery that was Captain Amazing. He found out things that people had overlooked, but was always one or two steps away from actually meeting the Captain again. Getting frustrated, Arnold decided to try and draw the Captain to him. Then they could meet, talk, be friends, and Arnold's mind numbingly dull life could be special again. For a little while.

One failed endeavor lead to another until Arnold resorted to tying a man to a car seat with a bomb in his lamp and a speaker on the roof, demanding for Captain Amazing to come forth. The Captain came to the citizen's aid, but Arnold threatened to trigger the bomb unless Captain Amazing endured a gauntlet of feats. While Captain Amazing was finishing the last of the toils, all of which Armold had arranged to watch by way of camera, he released his captive and traded places with the man. So he had arranged for the Captain to save him again. All he wanted was to be close to that greatness again.

By the time Captain Amazing had returned to the car with all the ordeals endured and apparent threats thwarted he began to notice the difference in "captives" while he was "freeing" Arnold. But it was too late. They'd touched and Arnold had felt it for the first time. The Captain's power surged within him and he didn't even know what it was. Only later did he discover the ramifications of that touch. After he'd been beaten senseless by his former hero, after he'd been locked away for his crimes. It was then, as he tasted power in him, that the hero worship turned to loathing.

He experimented in prison, test at the new strength inside him limits until the day he escaped. After setting some plans in motion Arnold began impersonating Captain Amazing. In an effort to tarnish his reputation and turn the populace against him he committed a number of violent crimes. Further complicating things, he unwittingly kidnapped Captain Amazing in his civilian identity! This lead to Arnold's defeat, as the Captain had been unable to locate or divine the true nature of his opponent until then. Arnold was again thwarted by the Captain, though this time he managed to escape. The damage was done anyway.

After this last encounter Arnold began to see how little the Captain was. Or at least began to see him as less and less significant. Especially compared to the hunger growing in him. With rage dissipating Arnold began to search for other powered beings. Rather than seeing them as things to be deified, he now saw them as targets and began gathering information on potential victims. Deep inside he knew their power could be his. Just like Captain Amazing's was.
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

David here is a hero from the 1930's Germany. Looking over the Booster Gold/Skeet builds designed by MDSnowman and Thorpacolypse helped me alot with Edict and Bellum's mechanical aspects. So thanks to those two. I'm not sure if the 17 Toughness, representing Bellum's hardness, is actually legal but ... eh. It seemed fitting to me. Bellum is a sword from the future afterall.

Edict, David Dietrich

Abilities: STR: 14 [30] (+10) DEX: 12 (+1) CON: 14 (+2) INT: 10 (+0) WIS: 10 (+0) CHA: 16 (+3)

Skills: Bluff 8 (+11/+15), Diplomacy 8 (+11/+15), Gather Information 8 (+11), Profession [Buisness Administration] 8 (+8), Notice 8 (+8), Sense Motive 8 (+8)

Feats: Attractive, Beginner’s Luck, Dodge (4), Minions (9), Takedown Attack

Powers: Device 11 [Uniform – Enhanced Strength 16, Force Field 8 (Extra: Impervious [+1]), Super Senses 2 (Extended Vision, Infravision); Flight 5 44pp], Emotion Control 10 [Extras: Duration (Continuous), Contagious; Power Feats: Subtle; Flaws: Limited (Love/Loyalty - Edict/David), Limited (Interaction with David), Permanent, Range (Ranged) 6pp.]

Note on Emotion Control - David's Emotion Control doesn't effect a persistant area. By that, I mean it doesn't smack people just because he walks by them in a crowd. He has to intercat with them on some level. Be that waving to that, smiling across a crowded room, giving a speach to a crowd, or saving them from a fire. In that is it constant and permanent. From there it spreads as those people interact with others and talk about him.

Combat: Attack +10 Damage +10 (Unarmed)/ +13 (Bellum 19-20 Crit.) Defense 20 (13 flat-footed) Init +1

Saves: Toughness +10 (8 Impervious) (10 flat-footed) Fortitude +6 Reflex +6 Will +6

Fame - David's persistant emotion control will no doubt cause him to become very popular.

Patriotism - David's loves his country, and his people. He wants the best for them and will both fight and die for his country and it's people. However he will come into conflict with a government he sees a corrupt or opressive.

Abilities 16 + Skills 12 (48 Ranks) + Feats 16 + Powers 46 + Combat 32 + Saves 14 – Drawbacks 0 = 140 (+ 10 Bellum Str Penetrate 150)/150

David was the only son of a widower Nazi judge. Deeply racist and a strict totalitarian, the man was emotionally abusive to his son as well as a social predator and manipulator. Despite is father, David grew into a confident and mostly well adjusted young man who made friends easily and had a knack for talking himself out of trouble.

Though David's father pressured him to pursue a career in law, wanted material security and felt big business would get him that. During his third year of college David received a prestigious internship with a big company keeping an eye on the school's student population. On spring break that same year David visited family in southern Germany.

The relatives on his mother's side, whom he was visiting, were old money living off the fruits of their forebears. It was while seeking some quiet time in the family crypts David discovered a false wall on one tome which contained small trunk, whose contents he explored with the same childish curiosity of an adventurer discovering buried treasure.

What David found was what appeared to be a black military uniform with metallic trim. But there were insignia on it that David didn't recognize and Internet searches didn't uncover anything similar enough. The uniform wasn't the only thing David found. With it was a metallic cylinder. After cleaning up the uniform David tried it on, curious to see how it looked on him.

As he admired himself in the mirror David was suddenly gripped by searing pair. The uniform had released it's only dose of nanites. The micromachines entered his body and altered David's DNA, making him into a natural leader. He'd never had making friends, but not he didn't even need to try.

After fainting from the extreme pain, and waking, David was greeted by a voice radiating from the cylinder. It stated it's designation and informed him that it was to be his aid and advisor. Naturally David thought he was hallucinating. Rationalizing that he had come into contact with some mind altering mushroom spores or something similar. However, after ripping a door off it's hinged and flying a good twenty feet into the air he decided to listen to the talking cylinder.

It called itself BC2, explaining that it was the second generation of Bellum Consuasor line of military officer aids from five centuries into the future. It also explained that David was wearing an officer's uniform from it's time, one tailored to him. Why, it couldn't explain. Bellum also informed David that the pain he felt was part of a genetic alteration process carried out by nanites that would soon be flushed from his system.

The alteration included "superior leadership qualities", which Bellum described as a psychic virus
that helped ensure those he interacted with would remain loyal to him and their interactions with others would spread the Idea. The alteration also included a DNA marker that Bellum identified with. The artificial sentience was literally made for him. Again it could not explain why.

David's initial reaction to all of this was the idea of becoming a "uberman" his countrymen could look up to and inspire hope in Germany's dark times. But he had no martial training aiwth which to protect his people, so Bellum opted to act as his trainer. David found his prowess increasing as an unnatural rate. Even without his uniform on. In response to this observation Bellum informed him that the nanites that another boon to his altered DNA was a short term of accelerated learning in combat skills. In less than two weeks David's raw combat ability had increased dramatically as Bellum promised it would.

Bellum Consuasor II
PL 9 (135pp)
Abilities: Str 02, Dex 10, Con --, Int 16, Wis 16, Char 08
Skills: Knowledge [History] 12 (+15), Knowledge [Technology] 12 (+15), Knowledge [Tactics] 12 (+15)
Feats: Eidetic Memory, Teamwork (2)
Powers: Shrink 4 (Extra: Continuous; Flaw: Permanent; Feats: 4pp), Flight 3 (6pp), Immunity 35 (Fortitude, Interaction Effects; 35pp), Hardness 17 (17pp), Strike 3 (Extras: Penetrate, Linked [Corrosion 10]; Power Feats: Limited [Wielder] Mighty, Improved Critical, Thrown] 29pp), Feature (Library; Feat: Temporal Inertia 2pp), Quickness 6 (x100; Flaw: Limited [Library] 2pp)
Combat: Attack +9, Damage +3 [Strike] , Defense 19 (14 Flat Footed), Init: +0
Saves: Toughness +17 (17 Flat Footed) Fortitude +N/A, Reflex +6, Will +9
Drawdacks: No Hands (Freq DC 10 Sev DC 15 4 pp),

Abilities -8 + Skills 9 (36 Ranks) + Feats 3 + Powers 95 + Combat 28 + Saves 12 – Drawbacks 4 = 135/135

Bellum is an artificial sentience with the body of a sword, whose retractable blade is composed nanites programed to disassembler matter. It is the second generation of it's kind. The sword originates from the 25th century, where it was designed to be an advisor to military officers. In fact, it's name means "War Advisor" in Latin.

The Bellum artificial sentience is actually contained in a cylindrical hilt/handle. The blade itself is composed of nanites which enter and leave the cylinder to shape into a straight double edge blade. These same disassembler nanites may be turned on an invalid user.

In addition Bellum contains a vast library of information from the future, which changes very little despite the actions Edict/David may take to alter events.
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

Portal (Daniel Williams)
PL 10 (165)

Portal now has a picture. Imagine the arms (but not gloves) and legs (but not boots) are dark blue. The chest is white and the boot/gloves are the same as the picture. Nix the "advertisements" and imagine a whirlpool symbol in blue on the chest.

ABILITIES: STR: 14 (+2) DEX: 16 (+3) CON: 14 (+2) INT: 14 (+2) WIS: 14 (+2) CHA: 14 (+2)

SKILLS: Acrobatics 8(+11), Bluff 8(+10), Climb 4(+6), Disable Device 8(+10), Knowledge[Technology] 4(+6), Knowledge[Tactics] 8(+10), Notice 8(+10), Profession[Security Specialist] 8(+10), Search 8(+10), Sense Motive 8(+10), Stealth 8(+11), Swim 4(+6)

FEATS: Attack Focus [Melee] 3, All-Out Attack, Attack Specialization[Unarmed] 2, Defensive Roll 2, Improved Disarm, Elusive Target, Equipment 2, Evasion 2, Improved Initiative 1, Power Attack, Second Chance[Deflect], Takedown Attack 2, Uncanny Dodge[Spatial Awareness]

Teleport 10 [Extras: Portal (+2), Accurate (+1); Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy, Turnabout, Progression (Variable Portal Size) 4, Subtle(Portal)] 59 pp
Defensive Portal Fighting
AP: Deflect 10 [All Ranged; Extra: Reflect (+1), Redirect(+1), Ranged (+1), Linked (+0) with Shield 6; Feats: Indirect 3] 1 pp
Living Layline /Used Passively/
AP: Shield 8 [Extra: Linked (+0) with Danger Sense, Blindsight (Spatial Awareness [Extended Sense 10]), and Direction Sense] 1pp
Offensive Portal Fighting
AP: Rapid Attack 10 (Rapid Teleports into melee range, 50 ft. radius) 1pp.

COMBAT: Base Attack +5 Melee +8(+12 Unarmed) Range +5 Damage +6 (+2 w/o Power Knuckles) Defense +5 (+13/10 Shield, 2 flat-footed) Init +7

SAVES: Toughness +7 (+5 flat-footed, +4 w/o Uniform) Fortitude +7 Reflex +10 Will +7

Uniform [+3 Toughness, Subtle, Comlink] 5 ep
Power Knuckles [Strike 4, Mighty] 5 ep

Sleeper Agent: Sector 13 has a means of "reactivating" Portal's old identity and he isn't a very nice guy.

Two Lives: Sector 13 did a good job of erasing Portal's real past and creating a realistic new one. But such operation's aren't perfect. Something from his old life may come back to haunt him.

Enemy: Though he isn't aware of them, Sector 13 likely counts as an enemy.

Loves the Lime Light: Portal likes the spot light. He loves hearing, or reading, a good bit of news about himself. The positive stuff anyway. Because of that, he'll probably spend time for an interview he should be using to fight bad guys. He's also prone to showing off for cameras, striking poses, or giving a quick quote when he could finish a chase.

TRADE OFFS: - 3 Toughness/ +3 Defense, -2 Damage/+2 Attack

Abilities 26 + Skills 20 (80 Ranks) + Feats 20 + Powers 62 + Combat 20 + Saves 17 – Drawbacks 0 =165/165

Portal is able to spontaneously create, and manipulate the size of, "wormholes". That being bridges in space between two locations. He is able to traverse through these wormholes unharmed, as well as send (throwing someone into a portal) or bring people through them.

He is also able to effect the gravitational pull on the wormholes to a limited degree. For example stopping a deadly fall by passing through one wormhole and exiting with reduced velocity to land unharmed on the ground. Though invisible to the naked eye, those people or devices attuned to spatial phenomena are able to detect these portals.

A side effect of this ability is a sixth sense relating to space, allowing Portal to sense spatial phenomena as well as the bodies that displace space by occupying and/or moving through it.

Portal's connection to wormholes has allowed him to develop unique fighting techniques. He frequently creates them to cause a punch or kick to enter a portal and harmlessly strike at nothing in some other location. Or other times he may create a wormhole while being shot at, and then project the exit behind his attacker so that the person is struck instead of him.

He is also capable of using these gateways through space to strike at others from a distance (and will do so in combination with closing into melee through portals) in rapid succession when outnumbered.

Portal has had two lives. One is real and he knows nothing about it. The other is the fabrication he currently finds himself living. The real Portal joined the military after high school. This lead him to entering a special forces unit, and later being recruited by a black ops group called Sector 13. Their pitch was that the group was constructed to combat meta-human threats. In actuality, the soldiers who joined were part of an experiment.

Sector 13 was a facade. The man running it had made contact with extradimensional aliens. These aliens were weapons dealers, and Sector 13 was being used to test their weaponry. Portal became one of their weapons. A living weapon and one of many designs. After test runs, charting his potential, he was "put under". His memories wiped, replaced with the fiction built for him to live in.


Portal's new identity, Daniel Williams, had a similar history to up until entering the military. After four years of service he left the military to enter the private sector. Joining a security firm he had an eventful life that became even more dynamic when he got a job protecting a physicist defecting from AIM.

An experiment the scientist was working on was damaged when AIM agents tried to capture him, resulting in an explosion that altered Daniel, granting him super human abilities. Some time afterwards, including rest needed to recover from the battle, Daniel left the security firm to start his own.

Exploiting his new abilities, and the attention they drew, for profit he turned into a hero for hire. To some degree. Sure, he'd save people from life and death affairs without charge, but if some rich guy was worried about a theft, he was going to cash in. While Daniel never hid his identity he took on the code name Portal, and tagged it on his agency name. "Portal Securities".
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

Hellraiser (Billy Black)
PL 10 (150)



ADVANTAGES: Close Attack 5, Fearless, Ranged Attack 5

SKILLS: Intimidation 10(+14), Preception 4(+6), Expertise[Streetwise] 4(+4)

Enhanced Stamina (Impervious) 9 [27pp]
Summon 3 (Hellfire Motorcycle: Mental Link) [7pp]
AE - Variable: Weapon Creation 1 (Hellfire Weapons: [5 point pool]) [1pp]
Sample Weapon: Hellfire Chain (Strength Based Damage, Improved Trip, Improved Disarm, 15' Reach)
Blast 12 (Hellfire: Penetrating) [36pp]
AE - Enhanced Strength 12 (Penetrating) [1pp]
AE - Create 10 (Hellfire Constructs: Movable 10, Stationary, Subtle, Indirect 4) [1 pp.]
AE - Mental Blast 12 (Haunting Glare: Limited to Wrongdoers) [1pp]
Immunity 12 (Aging, Life Support, Own/Motorcycle's Hellfire) [12pp]
Senses 2 (Darkvision) [2pp]

Grad +8 (DC 27), (Bludgeon, Crit 20)
Hellfire +8 (DC 27), (Magical, Crit 20)
Throw +8 (DC 27), (Bludgeon, Crit 20)
Unarmed +8 (DC 27), (Bludgeon, Crit 20)
Mental Blast (DC Will 25), (Crit 20)

Dodge 8
Parry 8
Fortitude 9
Toughness 9 (Impervious)
Will 6

Enemy: The Cult of E'chon, the cult that created Billy.

Just a Kid: Billy possesses the body of a 13 year old boy when not manifesting his alter ego, the Hellraiser.

Transformation: In order to acess the majority of his potential (all poweres except Immunities and Senses) Billy must manifest his demonic self.

Nobody: Billy, despite all apperances, is one year old. He doesn't have any parents and he isn't a legal citizen of any country. Since he was never really born, there are no legal records of him either.

Abilities 28 + Advantages 11 + Skills 9 + Powers 88 + Defense 14 = 150


Billy wasn't born, so much as created. A little over one year ago a group of mystics killed a host of children and stitched portions of their bodies together to create a vessel meant to house an ancient force they meant to summon.

The ritual was a complete and total success. But they didn't count on how difficult to control the product of their efforts might be. The primordial force entered the patchwork corpse, animating it and giving it life. Billy awoke that day and in instinctive reaction fought and fled his way to freedom.

The cult was in such disarray due to Billy's escape, and the damage that escape had caused, that Billy had time to learn and adjust. He met a girl on the streets who taught him English, and how to read. That was Billy's first friend, Abigail. Without a home, he lived on the streets, and derelict buildings.

Billy quickly grew protective of the homeless, who seemed ignored, and children in general. In his one year of life Billy has kept a low profile, wondering through rundown neighborhoods no one paid much mind to. When gangs and other troublemakers threatened the innocent in his haunts, the darkness in Billy came out to play.
Hellfire Motorcycle


STR 5 Toughness 12 Defense 0 Size Medium

Enhanced Trait Move-by Action (Imparted to Billy while riding)
Engergy Aura 4 (Hellfire: DC 19)
AE - Enhanced Trait Vehicles +16 (Imparted to Billy while riding)
Movement 2 (Wallcrawling 2, full speed)
Speed 10 (2,00 miles/hour, 4 miles/round)
AE - Movement 3 (Dimensionaal 3 [any dimension], 800 lbs] Increased Mass 4)
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

Grail (Avory Montrose)



SKILLS: Acrobatics 8(+10), Athletics 8(+10), Close Combat [Touch/Unarmed] 6, Deception 7(+9), Expertise [Civics] 4(+6), Insight 7(+9), Preception 7(+9), Persuasion 7(+9)

ADVANTAGES: Attractive 2, Close Attack 4, Defensive Roll 2, Diehard, Equipment 1, Great Endurance, Inspire 1, Instant Up, Ranged Attack 3, Teamwork, Ultimate Effort [Power Check]

Healing 10 (Extras: Persistent, Stablize, Regrowth, Energizing 10 ) [33pp]
AE - Healing 10 (Extras: Persistent, Stablize, Regrowth, Restorative 10) [1pp]
AE - Healing 10 (Extras: Persistent, Stablize, Regrowth, Resurrection 10) [1pp]
AE - Strike 6 (Strength Based; Extras: Penetrating 8, Improved Critical 1, Linked [See Below]) [1pp]
Linked - Affliction<Stun> 10 (Extra: Limited [Organic], Reversible)
Linked - Affliction<Nausiate> 10 (Extra: Limited [Organic], Reversible)
Linked - Affliction<Sleep> 10 (Extra: Limited [Organic], Reversible)
AE - Weaken 10 (Extras: Progressive, Reversible, Broad [Physical Traits], Limited [Organic], Limited [Weaken Stamina -7], Linked [See Below], Assesment [Target Only], Favored Foe 2 [Target Only]) [1pp]
Linked - Affliction<Stun> 10 (Extra: Limited [Organic], Reversible)

Affliction (Nausiate)
1st Degree Hindered
2nd Degree Disabled
3rd Degree Incapacitated
Resisted by Fortitude
Affliction (Sleep)
1st Degree Fatigued
2nd Degree Exhausted
3rd Degree Asleep
Resisted by Fortitude
Affliction (Stun)
1st Degree Dazed
2nd Degree Stunned
3rd Degree Parylized
Resisted by Fortitude

Costume (Protection 2, Subtle) [3ep]
Comlink [1ep]
Flash Goggles [1ep]

Dodge 14
Parry 14
Fortitude 10
Toughness 6(4 w/o costume 2 flat)
Will 6

Grab +12 (DC 17) (Crit 20)
Throw +5 (DC 17 (Crit 20)
Unarmed +12 (DC 17) (Crit 20)
Strike +12 (DC 23) (Crit 19-20)
- Affliction<Nausiate> (DC Fort 20) (Crit 20)
- Affliction<Sleep> (DC Fort 20) (Crit 20)
- Affliction<Stun> (DC Fort 20) (Crit 20)
Weaken +12 (DC Fort 20) (Crit 20)
- Affliction<Stun> (DC Fort 20) (Crit 20)

Coined as "biophysical control", Avory has the ability to manipulate living (or mostly living) organic tissue. Perhaps because of this he has developed well rounded physical attributes notably above average, including a body worthy of a model.

Prejudice (Paragon): Avory is subject to the same prejudice all paragons are recieving.
Ambition: Avory plans to use his exploits as a civil servant as a stepping stone for advancement. Because of this he's more likely to be distracted by political matters, or perform ruthless manuvers to get ahead.
For His People: Avory seeks to gain social and political acceptance, not just for himself, but all for paragons.

Abilities 32 + Skills 27 + Advantages 18 + Defense 36 + Powers 37 = 150/150

Avory was born and raised in a small Texas town where football was everything. His father was a football player, and his father ... all the way back to the early days of leather caps. It was only natural that Avory be groomed for the sport as well. Yes, as far as his father was concerned, he was going to be the first in the family to go pro.

From peewee up to college Avory played, and he was great at it. And yes, he would have gone pro too, if he hadn't turned out to be a paragon. Avory's sport's career ended the gave he brought a man back to life. Irony at it's finest. Avory's father was enraged and sickened. They haven't talked to each other since.

Even if he didn't want to do it, which he was glad he did, Avory couldn't have stopped it. There was an accident, a car crash that he came across while driving to meet some friends. After calling 911 on his cellphone Avory left his truck to check on the driver. While inspecting the man's wound and trying to staunch it's bleeding warmth flowed from Avory and into the man healing him.

After recovering from the rollercoaster ride of emotional event (including the man he healed trying to sue him!) Avory's goals changed drastically. Turning away from sports he began to take an interest in politics. Though he wanted to use his ability to heal people, to heal both physical and social wounds, it was obviously dangerous for him to do so publicly.

But he was given a unique opportunity to make a difference when a mysterious man contacted him recently, and he has decided to exploit it.
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

Design credits for the "Power Enhancement" power set go to Fable. Thanks again for working that out with me.

Overload (Gideon Reed)



DEFENSE: Dodge 10 Parry 10 Fortitude 6 Toughness 6 (3 w/o vest and duster) Will 5

SKILLS: Acrobatics 4(+8), Athletics 5(+7), Deception 10(+14), Expertise [Tactics] 11(+14), Insight 8(+11), Perception 6(+9), Persuasion 4(+8), Technology 3(+6), Treatment 3(+6)

ADVANTAGES: Assesssment, Equipment 4, Language 1 [English (Base), Arabic], Ranged Attack 6, Redirect, Set-up 1, Taunt

POWERS: Power Enhancement (37 points)
Bolster Power: Selective Area Luck Control 1 (grant Luck point use), Quirk (only to mutants), Increased Action (Standard); Enhanced Advantages 10 (Luck), Limited to use with Luck Control • 6 pp
Power Overload: Affliction 10 (resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Disabled, Transformed [Powerless]), Progressive, Quirk (grants an NPC target a point of Luck while the effects last) • 29 ppp
AE - Power Restoration: Healing 10, Restorative, Limited to Restorative • 1 pp
AE - Power Enhancer: Variable 4 (Mutant Powers), Affects Others, Others Only • 1 pp

Kevlar Vest and Duster (+3 Toughnes) 3 ep
Commlink 1 ep
Blaster 5 (DC 20, Multiattack, Improved Critical) 16 ep

Initiative +4
Affliction +8 (DC Fort 20), (Crit 20)
Blaster +8 (DC 20), (Crit 19-20)
Unarmed +8 (DC 17), (Crit 20)

Prejudice: Gideon suffers from the same ill will as all mutants.
Hero Complex: Gideon thinks he has to save everyone. He feels especially responsible for fellow mutants and has a need to make a stand for them more so than homosapiens.
Relationship: Jason Reed, Gideon's father. Jason's anti-mutant sentiments further complicate their relationship. In addition Gideon still maintains ties with the once opressed mutant residents of a small Virginian town named Black Wood.

Abilities 58 + Powers 37 + Advantages 15 + Skills 27 + Defense 13 = 150/150

Gideon grew up in a military family. His father was a solider, his mother an engineer that worked with the army. But he never really knew them. His mother died when he was five, and after that Gideon spent more time at military schools than most kids did in public schooling. Jason Reed was a career military man and patriot. He intended for his son to be as well. Jason was even more adament when he a boy at school turned out to be a mutant who, on meeting Gideon, lost control of his powers. Gideon's injury from the event started his father's distrust of mutants, which grew over the years.

At eighteen Gideon went straight into the Army. For six years he was rotated in and out of Iraq. During these years Gideon's status as a mutant was hard to notice, except by the few mutants he worked with who benefitted from his presance, or found themselves debilitated by their own powers on the battlefield.

During the time he spent in Iraq Gideon developed a romantic relationship with a local woman. They were planning on getting married after he left the service, but he was killed in an IED explosion. Gideon took the first opportunity to go home and retired from the arm forces shortly afterwards.

After a month of mourning Gideon went on a road trip across the states. Partially to reacquaint himself with his homeland, but also in an effort to try and find himself. Sick of war and filled with grief he just needed to be. But he felt empty. He was a warrior with no war worth fighting and no people to protect. He didn't need to look for his people, because they found him in a small Virginian mining town.

It was like stepping back into the day's of Pinkerton-labor union conflicts. But instead of a fledgling union, mutants were being exploited, coerced, and press ganged into working in the town's mines. Gideon empowered the the local mutants, in a very real way, and helped them organize themselves. The resulting conflict that ensued was enough to draw the attention of state level agencies as well as the X-Men.

When the X-Men tried to stop the fight for mutant rights in this small town they were treated as a hostile force and Gideon's first encounter with them was violent. It was short though, as Cyclops and Gideon got face to face and were able to talk. Through Xavier's connections the human/mutant rights violations in the town were brought to the attention of outside authorities who at least made an effort to put a band aid on the issue.

Afterwards Gideon was offered a place on the X-Men roster as a way of helping mutants on a global scale.
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

The mechanical setup is inspired by Thorpacolypse's Wesley Gibson and John Preston builds.




SAVES: Toughness +6(5 w/o uniform, 4 falt-footed) Fortitude +5 Reflexes +5 Will +5

Attack Bonus +7
Melee +7 (Sword DC 20 Crit. 17-20, Unarmed DC 18 Crit 19-20)
Range +7 (Machine Pistols DC 18 Crit 20, Blast 5 DC 20 Crit. 20, Blast 5 DC 20 Crit. 15-20)
Grapple +9
Defense Bonus +6
Knockback Resist: -3
Initiative: +12

SKILLS: Acrobatics 6(+10), Concentration 7(+10), Disguise 10(+10), Escape Artist 6(+10), Intimidate 10(+10), Notice 7(+10), Profession[Assassin] 8(+11), Sense Motive 7(+10), Stealth 6(+10)

FEATS: Acrobatic Bluff, Ambidexterity, Assessment, Benefit[SHADOW Security Clearance], Defensive Roll(2), Elusive Target, Equipment(3), Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Aim, Improved Critical(3)[Swords(2), Unarmed(1)], Improved Disarm(1), Improved Initiative(2), Move-by Action, Power Attack, Precise Shot(2), Quick Draw, Skill Mastery(1)[Acrtbatics, Notice, Sense Motive, Stealth], Takedown Attack(2), Ultimate Effort(1)[Aim], Uncanny Dodge[Visual]

Speed 2 [2pp]
AP: Leaping 2 [1pp]
Blast 5 (Extra: Targeted Shapeable Area, Selective, Flaw: Requires Firearm, PF: Progression [10 sq. per rank]) [16pp]
AP: Blast 5 (Extra: Auto-Fire, Flaw: Requires Firearm, PF: Improved Critical x5, Improved Ranged Disarm) [1pp]
AP: Blast 5 (Extra: Penetrating, Flaw: Requires Firearm, PF: Improved Critical x5, Improved Ranged Disarm) [1pp]

Uniform (Protection 1, Subtle) [2ep]
Commlink [1ep]
Machine Pistols (+3 Damage Crit. 20; Extra: Auto-Fire, PF: Progression [2 pistols], Split Attack) [11ep]
Katana (+3 Damage Crit. 19-20) [1ep]

Enemies: He had lots of them. Government agents he's tussled with (or killed their partner/teammate), relatives of victims, rogue survivors of Project Konstantin ... the list of potential enemies goes on.
Reputation: Konstantin has killed a lot of people. Done a lot of wrongs. People in the proper circles are certain to know about him and what he has done, or is rumored to have done.
Tragedy: People who get close to Konstantin tend to suffer for their association. He just can't keep his work from crossing over into his personal life. When it inevitably does, the people he is close to end up hurt.

Abilities 24 + Skills 16 + Feats 28 + Powers 21 + Combat 26 + Saves 5 - Drawbacks 0 = 120/120

They called him Twelve. He didn't have a name. No parent's gave him one, because he was taken from the hospital shortly after his birth by an independent group of researcheres working for SHADOW. He was part of an education experiment, dubed Project Konstantin, designed to create better killers faster. There were twenty-four children and none of them had names. Just numbers.

The training was harsh, desensitizing, and littered with SHADOW propaganda and dogma. Some children died. As children they were forced to fight and kill feral starving animals with their bare hands. Puberty was entered with the murder of people that their instructors claimed were criminals, traitors, or enemies of the state.

By sixteen, Twelve was working in the field. At eighteen he'd earned the privilege of living outside a controlled.guarded, and monitored compound. He was allowed to have a life of his own. Not that he had much of a life. All he knew at the time was his training, the missions he went on, and death. Eventually he met people and grew beyond the construct that had been created for him.

Over the year's he has gone by many aliases, discarding old lives like soiled Kleenexes. But the name Konstantin, his call sign and what most in the world of espionage know him as, he took from the program that made him what he was. The administrator, along with his surviving support staff, had gone rogue. They weren't selling the techniques they had developed, but they were hiring out the agents they had trained as mercenaries.

Twelve was free of their influence by then, having official handlers outside their reach. Putting down the rogue operation was assigned to Twelve. The project heads were assassinated, and the agents they had created were either rounded up or put down. Inevitably some slipped through the cracks and disappeared, but the goal was accomplished. Twelve moved on taking with him the name Konstantin.

Five years later, at the age of twenty-five, Konstantin is taking some down time in the Ukrane when he receives the missive to aid SHADOW interests in Equatorial Kundu.
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

Here is another young person possessed by a supernatural force (aren't they all?).

SHADOW KHAN (Herald Hyogo)

PL: 8 (120/120 pp)

ABILITIES: STR 0/(6) AGI 0/(2) F GT 2 AWE 2 S TA 0/(3) DEX 0/(2) INT 2 PRE 0

DEFENSE: Dodge 2/(8) Parry 0/(8) Fort 5 Tough 0/(8, Impervious 7) Will 5

SKILLS: Expertise[Current Events] 3(+5), Expertise[Popular Culture] 3(+5), Insight 6(+8), Preception 6(+8), Technology 3(+5), Vehicals 3(+5)

ENHANCED SKILLS: Close Combat[Darkness Weapons/Powers] 6, Ranged Combat[Darkness Weapons/Powers] 6, Stealth 10(+12)

ADVANTAGES: All-out Attack, Benefit[Sentient Power], Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Initiative(1), Move-by Action, Power Attack, Takedown(2)

Enhanced Traits (Limited: Only in Darkness) 20pp
* Parry 3
* Dodge 3
* Strength 6
* Agility 2
* Dexterity 2
* Close Combat[Darkness Weapons/Powers] 6
* AE - Ranged Combat[Darkness Weapons/Powers] 6
* Stealth 10
Wall-crawling 2 (Limited: Only in Darkness) 2pp
Power-lifting 2 (Limited: Only in Darkness) 1pp
AE - Leaping 2 (Limited: Only in Darkness) 1pp
Protection 5 (Extra: Impervious 7 ; Limited: Only in Darkness) 7pp
Regeneration 10 (Advantages: Diehard ; Limited: Only in Darkness) 11pp
Darkvision 2pp
Weapon Creation, Variable 6 (Immunity to Own Weapons ; Limited: Only in Darkness, Only Weapons) 31pp

Sample Weapons
* Clawed Gauntlets (Power: Strike 2, strength based damage ; Extras: Multiattack, Penetrating[8] ; Advantages: Improved Critical[4], Improved Defense, Improved Disarm, Improved Smash, Precise Attack[C. Cover, C. Concealment], Weapon Bind, Weapon Break)
* Shadow Machine Pistols (Power: Blast 8 ; Extra: Multiattack ; Advantages: IMproved Critical[3], Improved Ranged Disarm, Precise Attack[R. Cover, R. Concealment])

AE - Create 8 (Extra: Continuious Duration, Moveable, Subtle, Precise, Increase Mass 3 ; Limited: Only in Darkness) 1pp
AE - Snare 7 (Extra: Blocks Senses, Chokehold, Tether, Constricting/Damaging, Reversible ; Limited: Only in Darkness) 1pp

Imitiative +6
Snare +8 (DC 17 Dog, DC 22 Tough) (Crit 20)
Clawed Shadow Gauntlets +8 (DC 23) (Crit 16-20)
Shadow Machine Pistols +8 (DC 23) (Crit 17-20)
Unarmed (Light) +2 (DC 15) (Crit 20)

Weakness - Light: Herald's powers don't function in strong light. In addition light based attacks are more effective against him.
Weirdness Magnet: The Shadow tends to attract odd events and people. From mystical phenomena and fanatic cultists to various supernatural beings.
Enemies: While Herald hasn't had the chance to make any significant enemies yet, the Shadow is an ancient being and it or it's previous hosts have made plenty of enemies. Some of them are still around.
Relationships:Like any would-be super hero living at home, Herald has to worry about his parents. His Father's name is John and his mother is named Lucy.
Seceret Idenity: Herald seeks to keep the populace ignorant of his true nature.

Abilities 12 + Powers 77 + Advantages 8 + Skills 12 + Defense 11 = 120

Herald, is host to a primordial force of chaos and creation. This "Shadow" is an alien sentience which has bonded itself to him. Through this connection he is able to greatly increasing his strength and durability as well as other physical attributes to a lesser extent.

Herald can create constructs and has even toyed with creating living beings (though he hasn't mastered this by any means). Most commonly he uses his powers to create a suit of mystical body armor about himself, as well as creating shadowy weapons.

The Shadow is a sentient vital thing. While it never seeks to usurp control of Herald, it does encourage him to take a certain courses of action. A voice within his head, it communicates with him at times to offer advice (Benefit: Sentient Power).

The limits of this power and ability is unknown, though it does not function at all in strong light, which turns anything it created into dust.

Herald's family, originally from the East coast, moved to Victorville just as he was entering middle school. His father is an anthropologist who had received an offer from a local land owner to investigate some caverns where some Native American artifacts were discovered, as well as paintings of the stone caverns themselves. In the meantime, while his father dug up history, Lucy settled into her job at the local hospital as a nurse and Herald was sucked into the new school year.

The intervening years passed with a relative lack of significant events. Herald read comics, watched TV, messed around on his computer, and even did a little homework. Generally he was content to cruise through school underachieving. Then this last summer Herald, tired of hearing about his father's work and being shooed away when he visited him at the caves, suck onto the land owner's property and had himself an adventure. If you can call getting lost in a dark underground cave network an adventure.

At some point he overlooked a crevice (he could have sworn there was solid ground in the spot before he stepped into the empty space) and fell down a chasm. He seemed to fall forever. In fact herald never remembered hitting ground. But he did pass out. Herald wasn't sure how long he was out either, but when he came to he was the roof of a building looking down on four men where were harassing a young woman. Like wolves they snapped at her, maneuvering her into a dark alley.

Herald hear a voice in the back of his mind. Encouraging him to take action. He ignored the idea at first, but when they started pawning at the woman and hitting her Herald instinctively jumped. Descending upon the four men he found himself breaking their soft fragile bodies with disturbing ease. The woman he had saved was in the far corner of the alley, screaming. More afraid of him than she had been of the three men.

Freaked out by the woman's screams Herald fled the scene. Running past a window he saw himself clad in a freaky black and brownish gold armor with wicked gnawed gauntlets. He gawked at himself for all of ten seconds before he realized he needed to make sure no one saw him like this. Once he was alone he went through a repetitious cycle of panicking and geeking out over how scary and awesome what he'd just seen and experienced was.

Over the summer Herald gained an understanding of his new abilities, and snuck out at night to experiment. As days passed he felt a gnawing urge to make use of his powers. He realized how good it felt to save that woman. Or maybe it was beating the snot out of the men. Either way he started down the road of a vigilante at night while during the day he was ... just Herald.
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

Ryder (Lord Commander Ilkran-Furtugah-Vangorial-Ishtren-Mophear of House Ix)


SKILLS: Concentration 8 (+10), Craft[Electronic] 4 (+6), Craft[Mechanical] 4 (+6), Pilot 12 (+17), Knowledge[Technology] 4 (+6), Intimidate 8(+10), Notice 8 (+10)

FEATS: Attack Specialization["Ulixia"] (2), Equipment (18), Evasion, Improved Initiative, Leadership, Precise Shot, Quick Draw[Draw]

Device 5 (photonic gun-sabre ["Ulixia"]; easy to lose): Blast 8 (Extras: Autofire; Alternate Powers: Strike 6 [Extra: Penetrating 8 ; Feats: Improved Block 2, Improved Critical 4, Improved Sunder, Mighty, Stunning Attack, Weapon Break])
Device 4 (space suit; hard to lose): Immunity 9 (life support), Protection 8 (Extras: Impervious 3)
Device 1 (warp-band; easy to lose): Immunity 1 (to the Warpwold), Mind Shield 3, Super-Senses 1 (communication link with other warp-bands)

Overrider Wyldride Vehicle:
Strength 20, Speed 20, Space Travel 20, Defense 10, Toughness 15, Size
Powers: Blast 12, Communication 4 (subspace), Immunity 10 (life support, the Warpwold)

COMBAT: Attack +8, +12 (phaser), Grapple +10, Damage +2 (unarmed), +8 (phaser), Defense +9, Knockback -7, Initiative +9

SAVES: Toughness +11 (3 Impervius, +3 without space suit), Fortitude +7, Reflex +9, Will +9 (+6 without Warp-band)

Heir to the to a Sundered Throne: Though his world is dead now, Ryder was the heir to one of the warring (cold war) families that ruled his world. Because of this he has inborn enemies (rival houses and his own siblings if any have survived) and other survivors may have unrealistic expectations (political or otherwise) of him.
Noblesse Oblige: Ryder was brought up believing it was his responsibility to lead, manage, and care for his people. Ryder's world is gone, the races his house once ruled scattered. But he still maintains this ingrained mindset. The attachments he builds are related to (though he doesn't consciously realize it) his fiefdom that he needs to be responsible for. This extends, especially so, to other victims of Omega's destruction of worlds.
Pride/Honor: Ryder was brought up to hold himself to high standards, and in maintaining those standards possesses a high opinion of himself. Amongst other things he must: Be brave and valiant. Refrain from harming women and children (A woman is exempted from this is she is presently, or about to, endanger someone.). He must not refuse a duel if the challenger holds significant status (leader of a noteworthy group, noble, officer). Never go back on his word.
Relationship: The Brotherhood, a band of Overriders. He still maintains ties with this group.

Ryder, as he now calls himself, is from a race that evolved from plants. Superficially they appear human enough, with gray skin, black eyes, "grassy" hair (always dark colors), and a white aloe instead of blood. But they have organs similar to humans, and have similar dietary requirements.

Ryder was born on a technologically advanced planet call Ohm. It was the Throne World for the To'gari Empire. The Empire was ruled by five noble houses that controlled all the wealth and technology of their worlds. All of these houses were in a state of Cold War with one another while, to outside observation, standing united.

Despite the wealth, privilege, and status Ryder was not pampered as one might think. His family was known for their Questing Knights who explored the galaxy, fought for the Empire, and brought glory to their House through great deeds. Ryder was expected to follow in this tradition and started training from an early age.

In time, after gaining his knighthood, Ryder gained command of his own vessel. His father came to be so pleased with the deeds he carried out for his House that he was made heir to the House of Ix. This also painted a large target on his back, as many of his siblings felt it was their right. But Ryder endured the storm. Until Omega came.

The battle for his world was futile. They were destined to loose, and it was Ryder's epic failure when it ended, as he was given command of his Houses' fleet during the battle. Ryder survived the destruction of his own ship and was taken prisoner. Though he was defeated, the proud To'gari noble was not beaten.

Aboard the prison ship that was transporting him, along with other future slaves, Ryder organized his fellow prisoners and together they escape. A good number even lived through the fight and flight to freedom. None of his people were aboard the vessel, but Ryder had befriended a group of Overriders and traveled with them, meeting up with a group of their companions elsewhere.

The group was an oddity. They called themselves the Brotherhood and were something between a biker gang and a roaming knightly order. It was familiar enough for Ryder to hold onto and stay with them while he learned about the Terminus. It was also from them that he received his nickname "Ryder". However when the group scattered, questing for an artifact called the Sangrail, Ryder went his own way.
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

PSION (Noah West)

PL: 10 PP: 150/150


DEFENSE: Dodge 8 Parry 8 Fort 7 Tough 12 (2 w/o Force Field, 10 Impervious) Will 7

SKILLS: Acrobatics 8(+12), Insight 8(+10), Intimidate 8(+10), Preception 4(+6)

ADVANTAGES: Accurate Attack, Agile Feint, All-out Attack, Assessment, Improved Initiative(1), Power Attack, Precise Attack [R. Concealment, R. Cover], Move-by Action, Ranged Attack(8)

Flight 6 12pp
Force Field 10 [Extras: Impervious 10] 20pp
Mental Blast 10 [Extras: Reduced Range (Ranged), Accurate] 31pp
AE - Blast 10 [Extras: Reduced Range (Close), Burst Area (30 ft.), Linked (See Below) ; Advantages: Improved Critical(1)] 1pp
Linked - Move Object 10 [Extras: Area (30 ft. Burst), Limited Direction (Away), Limited (Those affected by Blast effect)]
AE - Create 10 [Extras: Moveable] 1pp
AE - Move Object 10 [Extras: Damaging, Accurate] 1pp
AE - Blast 12 [Extras: Affects Insubstantial(2), Incurable ; Advantages: Improved Critical(4)]

Initiative, +8
Blast 12, +8 (DC 27) (Crit 16-20)
Burst Area Blast 10, (DC 25) (Crit 19-20)
Grab, +8 (DC Spec 12) (Crit 20)
Mental Blast 10, +10 (DC Will 25) (Crit 20)
Move Object 10, +10 (DC 25) (Crit 20)
Throw, +8 (DC 17) (Crit 20)

Responsability/Enemy: The Beast. A psionic manifestation of Noah's dark impulses given life through his powers. He feels responsible for the damage it does, and will try to minimize the harm it does when possible.
Reputation: Those in the know might blame Noah for the trouble The Beast causes.

Abilities 38 + Powers 67 + Advantages 17 + Skills 14 + Defense 14 = 150/150

Noah has immensely powerful psionic abilities. Unfortunately, or fortunately, as the case may be, he doesn't control his vast potential. Perhaps his mind and body sensed this would be too much for him. Whatever the case he unconsciously developed mental blocks. It was a dam that couldn't hold everything back, however, as is evident in his psyche creating The Beast. With The Beast separating from Noah, he has manifested dynamic use of raw psionic energy, not yet showing signs of telepathy or mind reading.

Noah grew up living a fairly normally life. He lived in a middle class household with a mother, father, and older sister. He went to school, had friends, and even got beat up by a bully before he learned to stand his ground. Everything was pleasantly mundane until he turned thirteen.

Some inborn mutation manifested at the age of thirteen. An energized black and purple cloud given the form of a bipedal monster climbed out of Noah's torso when he was having a dream about someone at school he felt had treated him poorly. The monster, which Noah would later name The Beast, tore the person's house apart and badly injured them.

Such occurrences continued throughout middle school and highschool. It was early on that his parents found out, and the family began moving frequently. Whenever Noah felt extreme negative emotions the monster came out and attacked something or someone, and it was getting stronger as time went on. Not that Noah had any control over it, but it grew capable of greater feats, such that it quarreled with super powered persons.

Noah moved out when he graduated high school and settled into drifting. But eventually someone tracked The Beast back to him. A mentalist by the name of Captain Amazing. He attacked Noah, thinking he was purposefully projecting The Beast, and when he found out this wasn't true tried to sever the link hoping to cut The Beast off from the psionic source of power fueling it.

The result of the effort created a psychic backlash that not only hurt Captain Amazing but caused the Beast to manifest permanently. Though it no longer fed off Noah's vast well of psionic potential, it took a lot of him with it and raged freely. But the very next day, Noah noticed he was able to actually control his abilities. The Beast had been holding him back for years, or perhaps it was a crutch he had subconsciously leaned on. Either way, Noah was finally in control.

With this change Noah tried to do some good with his powers. Now that he felt like he could. He felt he needed to make up for some of the hurt The Beast had inflicted on the world. Not just that, he felt a need to save people. Now that he didn't have to constantly run from his baggage, or a least had decided to stop running, Noah settled down in Green City and took it upon himself to protect it's citizens from what malevolence and disasters he could.
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

Now, this build is inspired by BARON's Iron Man design. There are some tweaks to personalize it though.

INFINITE KNIGHT (Konstantin Lavronenko)

"The human will can turn ashes into icecream."

PL: 12 PP: 200


DEFENSES: Dodge 5(8) Parry 8 Fort 8 Tough 2(14 Armor, 11 Impervious) Will 9

SKILLS: Close Combat[Unarmed] 4, Deception 6(+10), Insight 7(+10), Preception 7(+10), Ranged Combat[Weapon Systems Array] 4, Vehicles 8(+12)

ENHANCED SKILLS: Expertise[Physical Sciences] 12(+13)

ADVANTEAGES: All-out Attack, Assessment, Improved Aim, Inspire(3), Interpose, Languages[Russian(Native), English], Precise Attack[R. Cover, R. Concealment], Ranged Attack(3), Takedown(1)

ENHANCED ADVANTAGES: Move-by Action, Power Attack

POWERS: INFINITY MAN BATTLESUIT (Removable, Feature 2[Suit A.I. and Database], Restricted 2[Only Konstantin] * 4pts)
Armor Protection 12, Impervious Toughness 11 * 23pts

Combat Computer Enhanced Traits 15 (strength +10, fighting +5), Advantages 2 (move by action, power attack), Defenses (+3 dodge) * 35pts

Communications Communication 4 (radio: worldwide) * 16pts

Life Support Systems: Immunity 10 (life support) * 10pts

Sensors Senses 13 (accurate radio extended 3 [radar], detect magnetic at range, infra vision, microscopic vision 4, time sense), Enhanced Skills (Expertise[Physical Sciences] +12 [Limited: Processing Sensor Data]) * 16pts

Weapons Systems Array (26pts), dynamic alternate effects 2 * 31pts
- Repulsor Rays: Ranged Damage 13, dynamic * 27pts
- Jet Boots: Flight 13, dynamic * 2pts
- Rockets: Ranged Damage 8, burst, dynamic * 2pts

Initiative +6
Repulsor Rays, +11 (ranged, Damage 13)
Rockets, +11 (ranged, burst area, DC DC 23)
Unarmed, +10 (close, Damage 12)

Relationship - Zory, his grandfather, is Konstantin's only living relative.
Not the Science Type - Konstantin, while valiant and brave, is no scientist. He doesn't understand how his armor works, nor does he have any idea how to repair it. Zory usually handles that.
Enemy - Konstantin has a long hate-hate relationship with both the RUssian Mob's super powered villains, and the seceret society called ASP.
Deadly Secrets - The Infinity Man Battlesuit's database contains a vast store of information. Scientific, political, and so on. Some of these are secrets that others may want to seek out or keep from being known.

Abilities 38 + Powers 109 + Advantages 15 + Skills 21 + Defenses 17 = 200/200

Konstantin was little more than a good driver and pilot. Then his life changed when he accepted a job that his friend arranged for him involving transporting some cargo. Little did he know the cargo included the remains of the Infinity Man armor, and that it was being shipped to a Russian mobster.

In route to his destination the transport truck was waylaid, and the guards protecting the cargo were killed by ASP Agents. Konstantin managed to escape in the fire fight and concealed the truck's cargo at his grandfather's workshop.

Konstantin was in for another surprise when he discovered his grandfather, Zory, was part of the team of scientists coerced into designing the original Infinity Man armor. With the supplies Konstantin managed to salvage from the cargo-truck Zory was able to repair the suit of armor in time for Konstantin to combat the two criminal groups seeking to lay claim to it.

Though both groups have long since given up on trying to reclaim the armor (Sure, sure. *Wink, nudge.*) Konstantin has stumbled into numerous plots over his career as an armored superhero creating bad blood between them.

Driven to save the world from evil both domestic and beyond, Konstantin prefers an aggressive stance on crime fighting. He aims to seek out villainy where it lurks, and has forseen a great storm brewing in Hub City. Which is why he and his grandfather have relocated from New York.

Konstantin's debute in Hub City was during "the Horde Event", where an insane scientist name Doctor Zero was cloning local super powered being for an army to take over the city. As an unknown quality, and his powers being supplied by technology rather than some inborn gift, Konstantin helped tip the tide and was the one to destroyed Doctor Zero's cloning faciluty, sending formerly cloaked flying fortress to the depth of the ocean.
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

The Qwardian Ring is inspired by Taliesin's design and the Ring Wielder from the Instant Heroes book.

Warren Wright
PL: 10 PP: 150


SAVES: Tough +3/+13 (w/ forcefield, 10 Impervious) Fort +7 Ref +7 Will +10

SKILLS: Concentration 8(+10), Diplomacy 2(+4), Intimidate 8(+10), Knowledge[Tactics] 12(+12), Notice 8(+10), Profession[Security Specialist] 10(+12), Search 4(+4), Sense Motive 8(+10)

FEATS: Accurate Attack, Attack Focus(1) [Range] Attack Specialization(1) [Power Ring], Benefit(2) [Instill Great Fear], Improved Aim, Leadership, Power Attack, Precise Shot


Device 15 [Hard to Lose; Power Feat:Benefit 2 (Power Ring A.I. and Sinestro Corps Database), Indestructable; Drawbacks: Key (Power Battery required to recharge; Uncommon, Minor; -1pp), Power Loss [when not recharged; Common, Minor; -2pp], Psyche Break (Fear; Uncommon, Moderate; -2pp)] * 58pp

Traits (75pp total)
Cosmic Energy Control 10 [Power Feats: Precise, Ricochet] * 12pp
AP - Create Object 7 [Extras: Movable; Power Feats: Progression 1 (10-foot cube per rank)] * 1pp
AP - Snare 10 [Power Feats: Reversible, Tether] * 1pp
AP - Strike 11 [Extras: Penetrating] * 1pp
AP - Telekinesis 11 [Heavy Load: 24 tons] * 1pp
AP - Super-Senses [Detect Life (mental ranged, Accurate, Acute) 4, Detect Electromagnetism (ranged, Accurate, Acute) 4, Detect Spatial Phenomena (ranged, Accurate, Acute) 4] * 1pp
Communication Link 1 [Other Qwardian Power Rings] * 1pp
Enhanced Feats 1 [Quick Change] * 1pp
Flight 8 (2,500 MPH) * 16pp
Force Field 10 [Extra: Impervious (+1)] * 20pp
Immunity 9 [Life Support] * 9pp
Space Travel 1 [1c; Power Feats: Hyperspace] * 2pp
Comprehend 4 [Languages; speak, read, and understand all languages, anyone able to hear you can understand you] * 4pp

COMBAT: Attack +7, +8 (range), +9 (Power Ring melee), +10 (Power Ring range), Grapple +10 (+21 with telekinesis), Damage +2 (unarmed), +10 (cosmic energy control or snare), +11 (strike), Defense +7, Knockback -11, Initiative +3

Abilities 24 + Skills 15 + Feats 9 + Powers 58 + Combat 28 + Saves 16 = 150/150

The ring design is a mish mash of Taliesin's Qwardian Power Ring and the example from Instant Hero. Here are some notes pertaining to the Ring's design from Taliesin's own 2ed thread.
Taliesin wrote:Instill Great Fear: Psyche Break is a version of Power Loss from the Mecha & Manga sourcebook, requiring a Wisdom check against DC15 to achieve the correct state of mind (in this case, Fear or fearsomeness) in order to use the ring. A Sinestro Corpsman buys off this drawback with the Instill Great Fear Benefit, which costs two ranks—one to buy down the Intensity, one to buy off the Frequency. Non-Lanterns may to use the ring, albeit with the requirement of overcoming the Psyche Break either through the Wisdom check or using Extra Effort to temporarily buy off the Drawback.

Power Battery: The power ring carries a charge that usually lasts about 24 hours with typical use. This is the Power Loss Drawback. The ring may be recharged through its power battery, which channels fear from the Central Power Battery on Qward. The power battery is represented by the Key Drawback, is hard to lose and easily accessible through a pocket dimension linked to the power ring.

... I created the Hyperspace power feat for Space Travel, which is basically built along the lines of Datalink’s Cyberspace or Shrinking’s Microverse. The ring usually provides travel at lightspeed in space but also allows access to designated wormholes for faster-than-light travel. The location and destination of these wormholes is under the GM’s control.

Responsability: Warren is a member of the Sinestro Corps and may be called upon the Corps in a dimension where they operate. Or fellow Corpsmen stranded in the Terminious and in need of aid.
Motivation: Warren feels it is his duty, as an intergalactic peacekeeper, to bring order and stability to the world around him. The lawless must be made lawful and social chaos must be given direction. Usually this ends up being through force and fear if words will not work.
Enemy: Green Lanterns. The Sinestro Corps has a long history of bad blood with them.
Relationship: Shal-koran, Warrens former mentor turned lover.

As a young man living in the Coalition, a North American collective of city states on his Earth, Warren entered the military out of high school seeking direction. The Coalition was a different place in his world. All of North America was barren and had become one giant windy dust bowel. Everyone blamed the aliens. Refugees that came to Earth escaping the tragedy of their own world's becoming uninhabitable due to their star's death. They brought with them hunger, disease, and a wasting of the land. It didn't matter that all of this was a result of the Coalition's misuse of the technology the alien refugees shared in return for citizenship.

Having gained a technological superiority over the other nations of the world, and lacking resources, the leaders of the Coalition decided taking it from other countries was their best option. The nations of the Easter Alliance were seen as vulnerable, and targeted. That's where Warren was sent. He spent years traveling, fighting, protecting, and killing. One day, support stopped coming. The messages, orders, and war propaganda continued for a time. But they stopped eventually. Something happened back home and no one heard a word from Coalition Command.

Warren and his comrades were left fighting a war they weren't sure existed anymore. But they had to fight. Stopping meant they'd have to surrender, and surrender meant death. In order to survive in the foreign, hostile land, Warren had to become a monster. That's when the ring found him.

He was alone. Resorting to terrorizing cities with explosives, and raiding armories for supplies. One night a golden light came from the sky and knocked him off his feet. The ring slid onto his finger and ... took him away. It was a relief, really. Warren had been on borrowed time for about a month. Sooner or later he would have gotten caught or killed.

Some time later Warren found himself on Qward. There he trained for his new role and purpose as a member of the Sinestro Corps. Compared to the corruption of his homeland, Sinestro's vision was a dream. After his initial training Warren patrolled the spaceways with a senior member of the Corps, Shal-koran. In time their bond would grow and turn romantic. But duty kept them apart.

When Warren began patrolling his own sector alone, he had a shaky start. He wasn't exactly versed in alien cultures and it took a while for him to get use to employing his ring's A.I. rather than relying on his own knowledge and skills. In time he started installing security agencies on various worlds to improve their stability, and backed them up with 'confiscated' technology. It was all practice for when he returned home, to Earth.

But his homecoming wasn't what Warren expected. The world was under siege by Omega and his forces. Warren alerted his fellow Corpsmen, but those who arrived in time to aid were too few. Shal-koran was there though, and she along with Warren were among the few to survive the assault. In the Terminus Warren and Shal-koran were forced to split up. Or rather, she forced Warren to take one route while she lead forces chasing them in another direction.

Since then Warren and Shal-koran have discovered other Corpsmen in the Terminus. Though few, they have endeavored to carry on their duties while organizing resistance against Omega's forces. Much like in their home dimension, they are forced apart by their responsibilities.
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EPOCH (Andrick Molokan)

PL: 12 PP: 180


DEFENSE: Doge 14 Parry 14 Fot 10 Tough 10 Will 10

SKILLS: Acrobatics 5(+11), Athletics 5(+11), Expertise[Military] 11(+15), Insight 9(+13), Preception 9(+13), Persuasion 2(+6), Ranged Combat[Gauntlets] 8(+14), Technology 1(+5), Treatment 1(+5), Vehicles 1(+7)

ADVANTAGES: Agile Feint, All-out Attack, Assessment, Benefit(2)[Diplomatic Immunity, King of Brungoria], Defensive Attack, Diehard, Equipment(1), Great Endurance, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative(1), Languages(1)[Base: Brungorian, English], Leadership, Power Attack, Takedown(2), Uncanny Dodge

Mental Quickness 18 [Limited: tactical planning] * 6pts
Senses 4[Precognition; Limited: to combat preparation] * 3pts
Immunity 2 [Disease, Aging; Limited: Half Effect] * 1pts
Regeneration 1 * 1pts
Speed 1 * 1pts
Organic Crystal Gauntlets [Removeable]
Crystal Shards Damage 4 [Ranged, strength based] * 6pts
Crystal Strike AE - Damage 4 [strength based; Advantages: Improved Critical, Improved Smash, Weapon Bind, Weapon Break] * 1pts

Body Armor [+4 Protection], Commlink * 4ep

Initiative, +10
Crystal Shards, +14 (DC 25) (Crit 20)
Crystal Strike, +14 (DC 25) (Crit 19-20)
Unarmed, + 14 (DC 21) (Crit 20)

Abilities 100 + Powers 19 + Advantages 17 + Skills 26 + Defenses 18 = 180/180

Responsability: To the people of Brungoria.
Motivation: Making a better, safer world.

Andrick was born on the island nation of Brungoria, located near the Antarctic circle. Despite it's location Brungoria is possessed a tropical climate due to unique geothermal properties. The nation, ruled by a monarchy, maintained an isolationist policy that only loosened during the second World War.

A German destroyer arrived at Brungoria carrying an occult research team searching for an artifact. They wouldn't take 'go away' for an answer and occupied the first village they came across, turning it into a base of operations. Andrick, with the help of the locals, liberated the village and took the Germans captive. Later their vessel would be used to carry Andrick, then the royal Prince, and a small guard to join the war in Europe.

It was part of a quest his father had sent Andrick on to prove his worthiness to rule Brungoria after his death. On returning home from the war Andrick found his father dead by mysterious means. Though he was thought assassinated, a killer was never found, and Andrick assumed the throne. Over the years world events have pulled him away from his kingdom, in order to protect it. Most notably during the Cold War era, and more recently during the Centauri invasion.

Andrick had always been a champion for his people. Their first line of defense, going forth to fight enemies before they could reach his homeland. With the rise in dangerous metahuman activity growing he has established a council to govern the kingdom in his growing absence. Now he stands with the Protectorate, the heroes he had helped repel the alien invaders with, seeking to keep the world safe for all peoples.
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PL: 10 PP: 150


"The truth, at best, is a partially told story."


DEFENSES: Dodge 8 Parry 8 Fort 4 Tough 0/12 [Force Field] Will 16

SKILLS: Close Combat[Unarmed] 4, Expertise[Theology] 15(+15), Expertise[Urban Survival] 1[+7], Insight 9(+15), Preception 9(+15), Ranged Combat[Telekenisis] 8

ADVANTAGES: Assessment, Connected, Contacts, Benefit(3)[Cipher; Plague Messiah; Theology for: Connected, Contacts, & Well-informed], Trance, Ultimate Effort[Will Saves], Uncanny Dodge, Well-informed

A Mind Wide Open Mind Reading 10, Senses 8 [Danger Sense(Mental), Detect Toughts (Ranged, Extended [1], Accurate, Radius), Mental Awareness], Communication 3 * 40pp
- AE, Mental Blast 10 * 1pp
- AE, Mind Control 10 [Limited(Sentient), Mental Link] * 1pp
Psi Suit [Removable] * 39pp
Force Field 12
Move Objects 12 [Damaging]
- AE, Domination and Obfuscation Affliction 10 [Power Control (Will Save): 1st Impaired, 2nd Disabled, 3rd Controlled; Increased Range(Preception), Subtle] Feature 5[Insidious added to: Mind Control; Subtle added to: Communication, Mind Control, Mind Reading, Force Field]

The "Psi Suit" is powered by Ether's psionic energies. It acts like a big battery, storing so he isn't overwhelmed by the. He can then channel those excess energies into the Telekinesis, Power Control, and Force Field effects. These aren't "built in" features of the suit. Rather the suit allows Ether that extra control over his abilities.

Initiative +0
Grab, +4 (DC 9) (Crit 20)
Mental Blast, (DC Will 25) (Crit 20)
Mind Control, (DC Will 20) (Crit 20)
Mind Reading, (DC Will 20) (Crit 20)
Move Object, +8 (DC 27) (Crit 20)
Affliction(Power Control), (DC Will 20) (Crit 20)
Unarmed, +4 (DC 14) (Crit 20)

Abilities 6 + Powers 81 + Advantages 10 + Skills 23 + Defenses 30 = 150/150

Nobody: Ether doesn't exist. He isn't a legal citizen of Bastion, nor does he have any identification, place of residence, or occupation.
Mute: Ether was born with no vocal cords.
Overwhelming Power: Ether is a wild talent. He was never taught, nor learned, how to control his abilities properly. They might simply be too vast for him anyway. Without his Psi Suit Ether's Telepathy and it's alternate effects gain the Uncontrolled flaw.
Plague Messiah: This is both a responsability and a reputation. Ether feels a need to help and lend succor to the blighted plague folk. The Covenant's remaining members have also spread word of the New Messiah, building upon his deeds with their dogma and propaganda. People need a leader and they need hope, but due to his lack of any kind of upbringing or training Ether falls short.

Ether is the product of generations of genetic engineering and selective breeding by a religious cabal bent on creating their own savior. A new messiah. But he didn't meet their expectations. He was imperfect. Flawed. He was unable to speak and believed slow to learn. Worse still he was found to be dangerous to everyone around him. Minds were ripped apart and Ether was quickly segregated.

The zealots kept Ether alive to learn from the mistakes they had made with him. The majority of his life was spent in the solitude of a cell. The only opertunity at education that he had was to read about the world in religious propaganda. Eventually a suit was designed to contain Ether's psionic energies. The day he was to test it, however, the cabal was raided by Stronghold enforcers.

Most members of the cult were either arrested or killed, but Ether by virtue of his gifts was able to escape. Immediately he was assaulted by the pain and suffering in the world around him. Then he knew exactly how much of a disappointment he must have been to the Covenant that created him. He felt small against the tide of agony. But Ether got over the initial trauma. He saw and felt too much not to try to do something.

Ether did what so many wanted to do, but felt too helpless to do: he fought. He fought criminals, he fought monsters, he fought the MegaCorps themselves. He could do this, because unlike so many, Ether had real power. But a grain of sand was still a grain of sand when compared to the desert. His actions didn't go unnoticed, however. Members of the Covenant that had survived Stronghold's purging recognized the handiwork of their abomination and exploited his efforts to gain converts.

Suddenly he was their messiah again. Not just the Covenant, but a swelling of new believers across Bastion. But with all past messiahs and prophets, the people did not stand up to support him with bold vigor. It didn't matter. Ether would save them. He'd save them all ... or die a martyr.
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