Tattooverse 2.5: WOF builds

Please, tell us about your character! This section is custom-made just for your heroes (or villains) to hang out in and strut their stuff.
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Tattooverse 2.5: WOF builds

Post by Tattooedman » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:15 pm

Well it’s been just over three years since I first logged onto the ATT and it’s been an interesting experience to say the least. I’ve learned a good bit about how to do character builds, tips on how to GM a game better and share ideas with all kinds of folks. With all that said, I’ve become unhappy with how my build thread has expanded. Honestly it’s more a case of my learning as I go….…..really I never expected this to go as far as it did, never over 1,000 builds. So after dabbling with 3E and setting up that thread, I realized that this 2E thread needed a serious face-lift and I needed to get off my butt and do it.

So that’s what this is……. more of a adjustment to how things are organized in a whole new space now that I know how things works compared to when I first started and I’ve got a much better idea of how much space I’m going to need for things here. So now on to the builds…….as soon as I get them all moved in here that is…….. that’ll be my new pet project for now, transplanting the builds to this updated thread

These are the builds of characters from some of my older games, as well as conversion builds from various sources (comics, TV, movies and so on) I've wanted to work out. Hopefully everyone will enjoy, and any comments or feedback are welcomed. Some of my earlier builds don't have a PL listed, so unless the build states a different PL then it is a PL 10/150 pt character (or as close as possible, with only a couple points above or below ).

DC Comics Builds:
Marvel Comics Builds:
Other Comics Builds:
Freedom City Setting:
Ready to Play Builds & 3E Builds

House Rules, Skills & Feats:
I figured it’d be a good idea to list some of the feats I’ve made use of from books like the Mastermind's Manual, Warriors & Warlocks, and Mecha & Magna just to name a few. Just to be clear on what they do, also I’ll be adding any unique Benefits I come up with along the way as well as address any House Rules I use.

House Rules:
Knowledge [Superheroes/Villains]: You're well versed in the who's who of the world of superhumans. Knowing what heroes are part of which team, who tends to like to work alone, which villains they've fought recently, where at and how the fight went down. You're also aware of what super criminals seem target the same hero time after time and what the reason for their grudge is as well as what some of their latest crimes have been.

Language Skill: I've always operated with the idea that the cost of any ranks in the Language skill costed 1 pp instead of 1 pp equaling 4 different languages. So if a characer has Languages 2 [Greek; Spanish], then the cost for that would be 2 pp total. Unless otherwise said it also includes being able to read and write the chosen languages as well.

Deflection [1pp/rank]: You can block ranged attacks as well as melee attacks. This is like a melee block using your Deflect rank in place of your normal attack bonus. You can attempt to deflect any number of attacks in a round, but each attempt after the first deflect attempt imposes a flat -2 modifier on all attempted block rolls. If you take a full-round action to block, you take no penalty for deflecting multiple attacks. Once you fail a block roll you cannot deflect again until your next turn.

You still add 10 to a Deflect die roll of 10 or less, for a minimum roll of 11. Deflect modifiers are limited by power level. Deflect does not work against area effects or perception ranged attacks, nor versus attacks targeting defenses other than Defense.

Custom Benefits/Challenges:
Benefit [Bruiser]: You've learned to rely on the strength of your arms to sway your foes more than fancy worded threats or implications. This Benefit allows a character to use their Strength Modifier instead of their Charisma Modifier for Intimidate checks.

Benefit [Cold Fish]: It's the pure, cold logic of your arguement that affects the opinions of those you're dealing with more than the passion of what you are saying. This Benefit allows a character to use their Intelligence Modifier instead of their Charisma Modifier for interation skills.

Benefit [Cunning Intellect]: Even though most people of a higher than average intelligence tend to miss things of a more subtle nature in day to day interactions, you are not one of them. This Benefit allows a character to use their Intelligence modifier for Sense Motive checks.

Challenge [Human Wrecking Ball]: You have knowledge of how things are put together that you can use to tear them apart (walls, ceilings, hot-dog carts, arcade games, and so on). Make a Craft (Structural) Check [DC 10]. If successful, you gain a bonus on your damage bonus depending on the result of your roll: +1 for a roll of 10-14; +2 for 15-25; and +3 for 25 or higher. This bonus is not subject to power level limits. The bonus lasts for 3 rounds, then begins to decrease at a rate of 1 per round until it is gone. You can only use this feat when you have a few moments to study the item you are attempting to take apart.

Reputation: The standing of your name among the people of the city where you operate as a hero, or perhaps more importantly how well the members criminal element knows you and the steps your willing to take against them. When the GM decides that a character’s reputation is relevant, a reputation check (d20+ reputation + NPC‘s Int modifier/or relevant Knowledge skill) is called for, with the standard check being a DC 20. If the NPC succeeds on the check, he/she recognizes the character and the character gains a bonus or penalty on any subsequent interaction checks based on the NPC’s roll.

The bonus or penalty only applies when you are interacting outside of combat with an NPC who recognizes you and is therefore aware of your reputation. Those who are unaware of your reputation are unaffected by it in any way.

Determining a character’s reputation is based on two factors: power level and points invested the Renown (increases a character’s reputation by +3) or Low-Profile (reduces a character’s reputation by -3) feats. As a default all characters have a reputation bonus equal t their power level (for player characters this is the power level of the game, or NPCs it is their power level relative to the campaign). So characters in a PL 8 game have a base reputation of +8, meaning that their reputation comes into play on a roll of 12 or better with a DC 20 reputation check.

GM’s might want to vary the base reputation bonus according to the needs of the campaign. If the characters are some of the only super-heroes active in the setting, for example, they may have greater reputations (perhaps one and a half to twice the campaign’s power level). If they are covert agents or otherwise out of the public eye, their reputation bonus might be lower.

Feats from other M&M sources:
*are from Warriors & Warlocks
** are from Mecha & Manga
*** are from the Mastermind's Manual
**** are either creations of mine or created by others on the ATT that I agree with.

**Combat Reaction: You have trained to react quickly to particular surprises. Define a specific action that can be preformed with a move or free action and assign it to a particular event, such as "jump to cover when people start shooting," "use the Interpose feat on the nearest ally as soon as combat starts," or "become Invisible when I hear a strange noise." When the event you assigned comes to pass, you can perform the defined action as a reaction before the event's results are adjudicated. Additional ranks let you choose another event & action.

**Conspiracy Theorist [ranked]: You are adept at reading between the lines and making connections between two apparently unrelated facts. This is not so much intuition as the ability to process and compare information on the fly. If you roll a natural 20 on any Gather Information, Investigate, or Knowledge skill check, you gain an insight that appears unrelated to the subject at hand. You can then make a new check for any one of the skills mentioned without needing to have any tools or reference material readily available. The subject of the second roll doesn't need to be related to the first one. Each additional rank in this feat moves the die roll threshold that allows a second check by one, up to a natural roll of 16 to 20.

*Cunning Fighter: You are particularly skilled in using every little trick of movement, weapon placement, and so on, at your disposal to fool the eyes and reflexes of your targets in a fight. When using the Feint maneuver in combat, you may use your attack bonus instead of your Bluff skill for the check.

*Follow-Up Strike: If you score a critical hit with an attack, you can make an additional attack against the same opponent immediately as a free action, with the same attack bonus as the attack that scored the critical hit.

*Improvised Weapons [ranked]: You are skilled with making use of anything as a weapon that you can find around you and can take hold of. You gain a +1 damage bonus with an normal item (bar stools, empty glasses, telephone poles and so on) you can grab and use as a makeshift weapon. You can use normal objects as weapons more effectively than usual and your weapon may grant you extended reach appropriate to the item you are using. This bonus adds to the normal +2 damage bonus you would usually get with an improvised weapon and is limited by PL limits.

*Iron Stomach: You can eat anything that's not toxic-spoiled or unpleasant food for example-without ill effects. You get a +4 bonus on Survival checks involving keeping yourself nourished.

*Improved Demoralize: You can make yourself particularly frightening or impressive. You may attempt to demoralize using your Intimidate Skill as a Move Action.

*Improved Distract: Your presence is very disconcerting, especially in combat. When you use the Distract feat you may do so as a Move Action.

*Improved Feint: Your style of combat is confusing to your opponents, making it easier for you to strike them from unexpected directions or before they expect it. You may attempt to Feint as a Move Action.

****Improved Ranged Disarm: You have no penalty to your attack roll when making a disarm attempt at range.

*Improved Taunt: There's something about you that makes people want to punch you in the face.....a lot. Using the Taunt feat and your Bluff skill you may attempt to demoralize someone as a Move Action.

***Improved Trick: You can trick an opponent to making a mistake in combat (such as standing in front of an electrified fence while goading the opponent into physically attacking then moving at the last second so they make contact with said electrified fence) as a move action.

**Last Stand: You can be a bloody mess, but you still find that one last ounce of strength needed to prevail. You can use Extra Effort to ignore all penalties from damage conditions during a single round.

*Lionheart [ranked]: You gain a +4 bonus per rank on Will Saves VS fear and related effects. This bonus cannot increase your total effective Will Save bonus higher than the power level limits of the game.

***Low-Profile [ranked]: You are less well known than your capabilities would suggest. For each rank in this feat your reputation is lowered by -3.

***Martial Strike [ranked]: Your unarmed attacks inflict additional damage: +1 per rank in this feat. Your maximum damage is still limited by the campaign’s power level.

*Mass Intimidation: You can attempt to intimidate more than one subject at a time. You suffer a -2 penalty to your check per opponent beyond the first.

**Mechanical Genius: You are so familar with machines that you can fix and break them in your sleep. Choose a type of technology or type of technological item available in the setting, you gain a +4 bonus to Craft and Disable Device checks used to fix or sabotage items of the chosen technology, not subject to the setting's PL.

****Multilingual: You’ve been around the world a few times, spending time in other countries for extended periods of time and as a result you’ve learned many different languages. By spending an HP you can speak a certain language for the remainder of a scene.

**Online Research: People are icky, and you don't need to talk to them to find things out. You can use your Computers skill instead of Gather Information when looking for anything that would normally be acquired by talking to people and buy them drinks and such. You can use this feat together with other feats like Well-Informed, that normally require the use of Gather Information.

***Opportunist: When an ally successfully attacks an opponent in an area you threaten, you get an immediate attack of opportunity against that opponent. This attack is in addition to your normal attack for the round. A successful attack is one that hits a target and they fail the saving throw (thus a successful Dazzle or Snare attack would count for the purpose of this feat).

***Renown [ranked]: Your reputation precedes you. For each rank in this feat your reputation bonus increases by +3.

*Reversal: When you escape from being grappled, you may immediately make a grapple check against the attacker from whom you escaped. If you escaped from multiple grapplers, you must choose one to be the target of your grapple check.

**Rousing Speech: Whether by inspiration, deception, or intimidation, you can motivate others to try their best. Choose Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Perform when you acquire this feat. You are subject to the normal guidelines for interaction skills. Take a standard action and make the chosen interaction skill check (DC 15). If you succeed, you are considered to be aiding a number of allies equal to your Charisma modifier. You grant your affected allies a +2 bonus to a particular check or save you choose when you use this skill (Strength checks, Toughness saves, etc.). If they haven’t used the bonus at the beginning of your next turn, it is lost. You may take this feat more than once. Each time, it applies to a different interaction skill.

**Rhythm of Combat: Your tactical knowledge lets you know how well you and your allies are doing in battle. As a Move Action, you can make a Knowledge [Tactics] check (DC 15). If you succeed, you are aware of the number and nature of any injury an harmful conditions affecting all your allies in your line of sight. If your check meets a DC equal to the enemy's Fortitude Save Bonus, you also receive this information about your enemy's that are within your line of sight. You can make this check as a Free Action by increasing the DC by +5.

**Salvage: You can cannibalize a machine for its parts, so that you can use them later. When faced with a machine, you can make a Craft check (DC 15) to "borrow" some parts from it. You can also apply this feat as part of a Disable Device check to sabotage a machine, at the appropriate DC. If you succeed, you can "store away" a +1 bonus to a Craft check to build something with a similar technology. You can add up to a +5 bonus from salvaged parts to a construction check and once you've used a bonus it is gone, now a part of the new creation. You cannot salvage temporary inventions; their parts are used up and too unstable to grant a lasting bonus.

****Street Connections: You can use your Knowledge [Streetwise] skill instead of your Diplomacy skill to call in favors with the Connected feat.

****Speed of Thought: Fast reactions and quick movements aren't dependent on pure physical ability. Sometimes people who are blessed with a higher than average intellect can process their surroundings faster than normal people. You can use your Int modified instead of Dex modifier for initiative checks.

*Sweeping Strike: When you make a successful unarmed attack against an opponent, you can split your damage bonus between damaging your opponent and a free and immediate trip attack. The trip attack is resolved normally, including your opponent's potentially having the opportunity to trip you.

**Task Focus: They say that overspecialization is death; they haven't met you. Choose a specific task or situation that can be preformed with a skill check (like keeping watch at night for a Notice check). When making checks that involve your chosen specialization, you gain a bonus equal to one-half your ranks in that skill. Additional ranks allow you to choose a new task in the same or totally different skill.

*Tough [ranked]: You are unusually tough; add your rank in this feat as a bonus to your Toughness Saving Throw. Your maximum Toughness Save Bonus is limited by power level as normal.

*Unbalancing Strike: When you hit an opponent with a melee attack, you can choose to throw him off balance rather than inflicting damage. Your opponent makes a Reflex Saving Throw (DC 10+ your attack's damage bonus). A failure means he loses his Dodge Bonus to Defense for the next round.

**Up the Walls: You can jump your way over walls and other high obstacles. You can use your Acrobatics skill instead of Climb to scale an incline, provided you have places to jump from separated by at most half of your normal speed. These can be narrow handholds, a parallel wall in an alley or even a well positioned friend.

*Veteran Fighter: Your long years in harsh combat have taught you how to exploit your deadliest blows for lasting and sometimes unexpected effect. When you score a critical hit, you may spend a Hero Point and choose for the hit to have a different additional effect of up to 10 power points in value (in place of the normal +5 bonus to Saving Throw DC). Particular effects most likely to be associated with this feat are Dazzle, Drain, Fatigue, Nauseate, or Stun, but others might be appropriate at the GM's discretion.

**Withstand Damage: Dodging is for wimps, you stand your ground in the face of an incoming attack. When you are the target of an attack, you can take a penalty of up to -5 on your Dodge Defense Bonus and add that same amount (up to +5) to your Toughness Save Bonus. Your Defense bonus cannot be reduced any lower than +0 and your Toughness bonus cannot more than double. If you do reduce your Defense bonus to +0 then you are considered flat-footed and all attacks made against you are considered surprise attacks, even if you have Uncanny Dodge. You can declare this change as a free action or as a reaction, but only once in a turn and before your opponent makes his attakc roll; the new values will remain until the beginning of your next turn.

Original Builds:
Black Wolf
Bravo [Exiles-themed game]
Coldcast [Shadow Riders]
Curve (original build [PL: 10/150; PL: 11/167; PL: 11/174; 3E version])
Death [the Horsemen]
Envoy II
Famine [the Horsemen]
Galen [Exile themed game]
Greystone [New Vindicators Academy of Europe PbP game]
Jinn [Shadow Riders]
Lilith [Exile themed game]
Kova [Shadow Riders]
Kynigos [Omniversal Defenders PbP game]
Mack Williams [Shadow Riders]
Master Huang [Way of the Fist PbP]
Nathan Colt
Oni [Shadow Riders]
Pestilence [the Horsemen]
Remington [Shadow Riders]
Rick Sterling
Rushmore [Shadow Riders]
Seeker [PL10 & PL 9 versions]
Shen Sung [Hong Kong Action PbP Game]
Silversmith [Requested Build]
Torque [Shadow Riders]
Toshiro Hikkaku
War [the Horsemen]

Novels, TV & Movie Builds:
Abigail Whistler [Blade Trinity]
Al Bundy [Married with Children]
Bam & the CKY Crew [Viva La Bam]
Batman Beyond
Blade [Blade Movies]
Blue Falcon
Chad Yasutora [Bleach]
Christopher Chance [Human Target]
Deacon Frost [Blade I]
Don Vito [Viva La Bam]
Dog the Bounty Hunter [Dog the Bounty Hunter]
Doctor Jacob Hood [11th Hour]
Doctor John Watson [Sherlock Holmes the Movie]
Dynomutt, Dog Wonder
Elektra [Teen Force]
Generator Rex
Gloop & Gleep [The Herculoids]
Hannibal King [Blade Trinity]
Harry Keogh, Necroscope [Necroscope Novels]
Ichigo Kurosaki [Bleach]
Igoo [The Herculoids]
Indiana Jones
Jay & Silent Bob
Jan & Jacye (with Blip the Space Monkey) [Space Ghost Adventures]
Kid Comet [Teen Force]
Leland Chapman [Dog the Bounty Hunter]
Matthew Quigely [Quigely Down Under]
Moleculelad [Teen Force]
Ookla the Mok
"Memphis" Randall Raines [Gone in 60 seconds]
The Phantom
Princess Ariel
The Pumphrey Brothers (Paul & Craig) [Human Wrecking Balls]
Remo Williams [the early years]
Remo Williams [mid-training]
Riddick [Pitch Black]
The Shadow
Shego [Disney’s Kim Possible]
Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock Holmes the Movie]
Snake-Eyes [G.I. Joe]
Snake Plissken [Escape from New York/Escape from L.A.]
Space Ghost [Space Ghost Adventures]
Stormshadow [G.I. Joe]
Tim “Youngblood” Chapman [Dog the Bounty Hunter]
Thundarr the Barbarian
Tundro [Herculoids]
Vampire Template [Blade Movies]
Vic Mackey [the Shield]
Wesley [Wanted]
Whistler [Blade Movies]
Zander [The Herculoids]
Zok [The Herculoids]

Fights & Brawls:
Superboy VS. Kid Supreme [the set up]
Superboy VS. Kid Supreme [the fight]

Supernatural Builds:
Bela Talbot [Supernatural]
Bobby Singer
Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester [Season 5]
Gordon Walker
Sam Winchester
Sam Winchester [Season 5]


Mythical Items:
Draupnir [magical copy]
Gungnir [Odin's spear]
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DC Characters Builds

Post by Tattooedman » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:15 pm

DC Builds:
Blue Lantern Corps Power Ring
Darkstar Armor
Green Lantern Corps Power Ring
Red Lantern Corps Power Ring
Sinestro Corps Power Ring
Star Sapphire Power Ring
Thanagarian Race/Thanagarian Wingman Templets

Abra Kadabra [Rogues]
Adam Strange
Air Wave
Alley-Kat-Abra [Zoo Crew]
Angle Man
Animal Man
Agent Liberty
Agent Orange
Aquagirl [Teen Titans]
Aqualad [Teen Titans]
Aquaman [JLU]
Aquaman [the Waterbearer era]
Aquaman [the early years]
Argent [Teen Titans]
Argus [New Bloods]
Arkillo [Sinestro Corps]
Atom [Tangent]
Atomic Knight [Outsiders]
Atrcitus [Red Lantern Corps]
Ballistic [New Bloods]
Batman 1M
Batman [Tangent]
Beast Boy [Doom Patrol]
Black Canary
Black Condor II
Black Lightning
Black Manta
Blue Beetle II
Blue Beetle III
Blue Devil [Shadowpact]
Bombshell [Teen Titans]
Booster Gold
Brain [Brotherhood of Evil]
Bronze Tiger
Bumblebee [Teen Titans]
B’Wanna Beast
Captain Boomerang II [Rogues]
Captain Carrot [Zoo Crew]
Captain Cold [Rogues]
Captain Marvel
Cascade [Sovereign Seven]
Catman [Secret 6]
Celsius [Doom Patrol]
Chronos [Secret Society]
Connor Hawke
Constantine Drakon
Count Vertigo [Injustice Society]
Creeper [Outsiders]
Crimson Fox
Cruiser [Sovereign Seven]
Cyborg [Titans]
Danny the Street [Doom Patrol]
Deadshot [Secret 6]
Double Down [Rogues]
Doctor Alchemy [Rogues]
Doctor Light I
Doctor Light II
Doctor Mid-Nite II [JSA]
Doctor Polaris
Donna Troy [New Titans]
Dreadbolt [Terror Titans]
Elcipso II
Edge [New Bloods]
Elasti-Girl [Doom Patrol]
Elephant Man [Brotherhood of Evil]
Elongated Man
El Muerto
Eradicator [Outsiders]
Fastback [Zoo Crew]
Fate [Jared Stevens]
Faust [Outsiders]
Feliz Faust [Secret Society]
Ferrin Colos
Ferro [Legion of Super-Heroes]
Finale [Sovereign Seven]
Firestorm [Ron Raymond]
Flash [Tangent]
Flash [Wally West]
Floronic Man [Secret Society]
Folded Man [Rogues]
Geist [New Bloods]
General Immortus
Geo-Force [Outsiders]
Geomancer [Injustice Society]
Gemini [Brotherhood of Evil]
Gentleman Ghost
Girder [Rogues]
Gizmo [Fearsome Five]
Green Arrow
Green Lantern [Tangent]
Gunfire [New Bloods]
Guy Gardner: Warrior
Halo [Outsiders]
Hawk & Dove [JLU]
Hawkgirl [JSA]
Hawkman [JSA]
Hawkman [Zero Hour version]
Heat Wave [Rogues]
Herald [Teen Titans]
Hougan [Brotherhood of Evil]
Hourman II [JSA]
Hourman III [JSA]
Icicle [Injustice Society]
Indigo [Sovereign Seven]
Jesse Quick
Jinx [Fearsome Five]
Jokers [Tangent]
Joto [Teen Titans]
Kalibak [New Gods]
Karma [Doom Patrol]
Katana [Outsiders]
Kid Eternity [Teen Titans]
Kid Flash [Teen Titans/Wally]
Killer Frost
Killer Wasp [Injustice Society]
King Shark
Lady Vic
Lady Shiva
Lionheart [New Bloods]
Loadstone [Doom Patrol]
Lobo [JLU]
Looker [Outsiders]
Magneta [Rogues]
Major Disaster
Mammoth [Fearsome Five]
Manhunter IV [Mark Shaw]
Manhunter VII [Chase Lawler]
Manhunter VIII [Kirk DePaul]
Manhunter [Tangent]
Mantis [New Gods]
Matter-Eater Lad [Legion of Super-Heroes]
Matter Master [Secret Society]
Mento [Doom Patrol]
Metamorpho [Outsiders]
Mirror Master II [Rogues]
Mister Miracle [New Gods]
Murmur [Rogues]
Negative Man [Doom Patrol]
Negative Woman [Doom Patrol]
Nemesis II
Network [Sovereign Seven]
Nightblade [New Bloods]
Nightshade [Shadowpact]
Nightmaster [Shadowpact]
Ocean Master
Orion [New Gods]
Omen [Teen Titans]
Pantha [Titans]
Persuader II [Terror Titans]
Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt
Phobia [Brotherhood of Evil]
Pig-Iron [Zoo Crew]
Plasmus [Brotherhood of Evil]
Plastic Man
Plastic Man [Tangent]
Piper [Rogues]
Power Girl
Prysm [Teen Titans]
Psimon [Fearsome Five]
Pulse-8 [Ultramarines]
Ragman [Shadowpact]
Raker Quarrigat [Green Lantern Corps]
Rampart [Sovereign Seven]
Raven [Teen Titans]
Red Arrow
Red Hood
Red Devil [Teen Titans]
Red Star [Titans]
Red Tornado [Justice League]
Reflex [Sovereign Seven]
Richard Dragon
Risk [Teen Titans]
Rocket Red
Robotman [Doom Patrol]
Rubberduck [Zoo Crew]
Saint Walker [Blue Lantern Corps]
Shadow Thief
Shinning Knight [JLU]
Shimmer [Fearsome Five]
Shiv [Injustice Society]
Skyrocket [Power Company]
Sparx [New Bloods]
Spectre [Tangent]
Speedy II [Teen Titans]
Starfire [Titans]
Starman I [Justice Society]
Starman V
Star Sapphire [Secret Society]
Static [Teen Titans]
Steppenwolf [New Gods]
Striker Z [Power Company]
Sun Boy [Legion of Super-Heroes]
Tar Pit [Rogues]
Tattooed Man
Techocrat [Outsiders]
Tempest I [Doom Patrol]
Tempest [Titans]
Terra [Teen Titans]
Terrorsmith [New Bloods]
Tigress [Injustice Society]
Timber Wolf [Legion of Super-Heroes]
Thrill Devil
Trickster [Rogues]
Triad [Legion of Super-Heroes]
Triple Threat [Slipstream/Watts/Hammer]
Tomorrow Woman [Justice League]
Top [Rogues]
Turtle [Rogues]
Vibe [JLU]
Vigilante [JLU]
Warmaker One [Ultramarines]
Warp [Brotherhood of Evil]
Weather Wizard [Rogues]
Windfall [Outsiders]
Wizard [Secret Society]
Wonder Girl [Teen Titans]
Wonder Girl II [Teen Titans]
Wyld [Outsiders]
Yankee Poodle [Zoo Crew]
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Marvel Characters

Post by Tattooedman » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:16 pm

Marvel Builds:
Infinity Gems
Nova Corps Centurion Template/Nova Prime Template/Nova Corps Devices

3-D Man
Adam Warlock [Infinity Watch]
Adam Warlock [Guardians of the Galaxy]
Amphibian [Squadron Supreme]
Andromeda [Defenders]
Angel [Defenders
Ant-Man II [Scott Lang]
Ape-Man [Ani-Men]
Aqueduct [Force of Nature]
Arachne [Avengers]
Asylum [Psionex]
Atlas [Thunderbolts]
Avalanche [The Brotherhood]
Awesome Android
Batroc [Batroc’s Brigade]
Beast [Defenders]
Beetle [Sinister Syndicate]
Bird-Man [Ani-Men]
Bishop [X-Men]
Black Bolt [Inhumans]
Black Cat
Black Crow
Black Death
Black Knight II
Black Knight II
Black Panther
Black Racer [Serpent Society]
Black Tom Cassidy
Blackwing [Masters of Evil VII]
Blink [Exiles]
Blob [The Brotherhood]
Bloodhawk [X-Men 2099]
Bloodstorm [The Six]
Bloodstrike [The Folding Circle]
Blue Shield
Boomerang [Sinister Syndicate]
Boomslang [Serpent Society]
Brimstone Love
Brute [The Six]
Bug [Guardians of the Galaxy]
Bushmaster [Serpent Society]
Cat-Man [Ani-Men]
Captain America [Avengers]
Captain Britian [Excalibur]
Captain Mar-vell
Cerebra [X-Men 2099]
Charcoal [Thunderbolts]
Chamber [Generation-X]
Ch’od [Starjammers]
Citizen V [Thunderbolts]
Cloud [Defenders]
Coachwhip [Serpent Society]
Colleen Wing
Collective Man
Colossus [X-Men]
Coronary [Psionex]
Corsair [Starjammers]
Cosmo [Guardians of the Galaxy]
Cottonmouth [Serpent Society]
Crimson Cowl [Masters of Evil VII]
Cyclone [Masters of Evil VII]
Cyclops [X-Men]
Crystal [Inhumans]
Dazzler [X-Men]
Doc Samson
Doctor Doom
Doctor Octopus [Sinister Six]
Doctor Spectrum [Squadron Supreme]
Doctor Strange
Drax the Destroyer [Infinity Watch]
El Agulia
Eel II
Electro [Sinister Six]
Energizer [Power Pack]
Fallen [The Six]
Firestar [New Warriors]
Firewall/Silk Fever [Force of Nature/The Folding Circle]
Flying Tiger [Masters of Evil VII]
Gamora [Infinity Watch]
Gargoyle [Defenders]
Gambit [X-Men]
Ghost Rider [Johnny Blaze]
Gorgon [Inhumans]
Green Goblin I
Groot [Guardians of the Galaxy]
Hammer & Anvil
Havok [The Six]
Hawkeye [Avengers]
Hellcat [Defenders]
Hellstrom [Defenders]
Hepzibah [Starjammers]
Hercules [Avengers]
Hobgoblin I
Hobgoblin II
Hornet [Slingers]
Human Torch I
Human Torch II [Fantastic 4]
Husk [Generation-X]
Hydro-Man [Frightful Four]
Hyperion [Squadron Supreme]
Iceman [Defenders]
Iceman [The Six]
Impulse [Psionex]
Ink [Young X-Men]
Invisible Woman [Fantastic 4]
Ironclad [U-Foes]
Iron Fist
Iron Man [Avengers]
Jack Flag
Jack O‘ Lantern
Jolt [Thunderbolts]
Karnak [Inhumans]
Killer Shrike
King Cobra [Serpent Society]
Klaw [Masters of Evil VII]
Korvus [Starjammers]
Kraven the Hunter II [Sinister Six]
Krystalin [X-Men 2099]
Kylun [Excalibur]
La Lunatica [X-Men 2099]
the Left Hand [The Folding Circle]
Lightspeed [Power Pack]
Longshot [X-Men]
Luke Cage
M.A.C.H. II [Thunderbolts]
Machete [Batroc’s Brigade]
Magik [Exiles]
Maggott [X-Men]
Magnus [Exiles]
Man-Killer [Masters of Evil VII]
Mantis [Guardians of the Galaxy]
Marvel Boy [New Warriors]
Marvel Woman [The Six]
Mass Master [Power Pack]
Mathemanic [Psionex]
Meanstreak [X-Men 2099]
Medusa [Inhumans]
Meggan [Excalibur]
Metalhead [X-Men 2099]
Microbe [New Warriors]
Midnight’s Fire [The Folding Circle]
Mimic [EXiles]
Mimic (616)
Mister Fantastic [Fantastic 4]
Mister Hyde
Molten Man
Morph [Exiles]
Moondragon [Defenders]
Moon Knight [Avengers]
Moonstone [Thunderbolts]
Mysterio [Sinister Six]
Namor [Avengers]
Namorita [New Warriors]
Nightcrawler [Excalibur]
Nighthawk I [Squadron Supreme]
Nighthawk [Defenders]
Night Thrasher [New Warriors]
Nocturne [Exiles]
Northstar & Aurora
Nova [New Warriors]
Phoenix [X-Men]
Pip the Troll [Infinity Watch]
Polaris [X-Men]
Power Princess [Squadron Supreme]
Pretty Persuasions [Psionex]
Psylocke [X-Men]
Puff Adder [Serpent Society]
Pyro [The Brotherhood]
Quicksilver [Avengers]
Rattler [Serpent Society]
Raza [Starjammers]
Red Wolf
Rhino [Sinister Syndicate]
Ricochet [Slingers]
Rock Python [Serpent Society]
Rocket Raccoon [Guardians of the Galaxy]
Rogue [X-Men]
Rogue (90s version) [X-Men]
Rusty Collins
Sabretooth [Exiles]
Sasquatch [Exiles]
Sandman [Sinister Six]
Scarlet Spider
Shadowcat [Excalibur]
Shatterstar [X-Force]
Shocker [Sinister Syndicate]
Shockwave [Masters of Evil VII]
Silver Samurai
Siryn [X-Force]
Skullfire [X-Men 2099]
Skybreaker [Force of Nature]
Skymax [Squadron Supreme]
Smiling Tiger [The Folding Circle]
Songbird [Thunderbolts]
Sons of the Tiger
Speedball [New Warriors]
Speed Demon [Sinister Syndicate]
Spider-Man 2099
Spider-Woman I [Avengers]
Spider-Woman III
Star-Lord [Guardians of the Galaxy]
Starfox [Avengers]
Star Thief
Steel Serpent
Storm [X-Men]
Sunfire [Exiles]
Sunstreak [The Initiative]
Swordsman II
Swordsman III
T-Bird [Exiles]
Techno [Thunderbolts]
Terraformer [Force of Nature]
Thing [Fantastic 4]
Thor [Avengers]
Thor 2099
Thunderbird I [X-Men]
Thunderstrike [Avengers]
Tiger Shark [Masters of Evil VII]
Titania [Frightful Four]
Toad [The Brotherhood]
Trapster [Frightful Four]
Triton [Inhumans]
Turbo [New Warriors]
Ultra Girl
U.S. Agent [Avengers]
Valkyrie [Defenders]
Vance Astro [Guardians of the Galaxy]
Vector [U-Foes]
Vapor [U-Foes]
Vision [Avengers]
Vulcan: (Deadly Genesis Mission)
Vulture [Sinister Six]
Wild Thing
White Tiger IV
Whizzer [Squadron Supreme]
Will O‘ Wisp
Wizard [Frightful Four]
Wolverine [X-Men]
Wonder Man [Avengers]
Wrecking Crew
X-Ray [U-Foes]
Xi’an [X-Men 2099]
Zaran [Batroc’s Brigade]
Zero-G [Power Pack]
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World of Freedom Setting 3E

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Other Comic Companies

Post by Tattooedman » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:16 pm

Coda Warrior Template
Kherubim Template/Kherubim Lord Template

Attica [Trokia]
Backlash [WildCore]
Bliss [DV8]
Brawl [WildCore]
Brutus [MERCs]
Burnout [Gen 13]
Cannon [StormWatch]
Claymore [Wetworks]
Copycat [DV8]
Dane [Wetworks]
Deathtrap [MERCs]
Diva [StormWatch]
Dozer [Wetworks]
Evo [DV8]
Fahrenheit [StormWatch]
Fairchild [Gen 13]
Ferrian [WildCore]
Flashpoint [StormWatch]
Flint [StormWatch]
Freefall [Gen 13]
Frostbite [DV8]
Fuji [StormWatch]
Grail [Wetworks]
Grifter [WildC.A.T.s]
Grunge [Gen 13]
H.A.R.M. [Trokia]
Hellslayer [MERCs]
Hellstrike [StormWatch]
Jester [Wetworks]
Kilgore [MERCs]
Mother-One [Wetworks]
Mister Majestic
Pike [Cabal]
Pilgrim [Wetworks]
Powerhaus [DV8]
Rainmaker [Gen 13]
Razer [MERCs]
Slag [Trokia]
Styrian [WildCore]
Spartan [WildC.A.T.s]
Sublime [DV8]
Taboo [WildCore]
Threshold [DV8]
Vigor [WildCore]
Voodoo [WildC.A.T.s]
Warblade [WildC.A.T.s]
Winter [StormWatch]
Zealot [WildC.A.T.s]

Alter Boy
Badrock [Youngblood]
Battlestone [Brigade]
Bootleg [New Men]
Byrd [New Men]
Coldsnap [Brigade]
Combat [Youngblood]
Cougar [Youngblood]
Dash [New Men]
Diehard [Youngblood]
Doc Rocket [Youngblood]
Exit [New Men]
Fighting American
Kayo [Brigade]
Kid Supreme
Kodiak [New Men]
Lethal [Brigade]
Maddie Warner [Dynamo 5]
Myriad [Dynamo 5]
Pilot [New Men]
Proctor [New Men]
Psi-Fire [Youngblood]
Reign [New Men]
Riptide [Youngblood]
Sentinel [Youngblood]
Scatterbrain [Dynamo 5]
Scrap [Dynamo 5]
Seahawk [Brigade]
Shadowhawk I [Paul Johnstone]
Shadowhawk II [Eddie Collens]
Shaft [Youngblood]
Slingshot [Dynamo 5]
Sundance [New Men]
Thermal [Brigade]
Twilight [Youngblood]
Visonary [Dynamo 5]

Amber Hunt [All-New Exiles]
Catapult [Exiles]
Deadeye [Exiles]
DJ Blast [The Squad]
Doctor Rachel Deming [Exiles]
Dropkick [The Solution]
Electrocute [The Strangers]
Forsa [The Squad]
Ghoul [Ultra Force]
Grenade [The Strangers]
Hardcase [The Squad]
Hardcase [Ultra Force]
Hellblade [All-New Exiles]
Juggernaut [All-New Exiles]
Lady Killer [The Strangers]
Lament [Ultra Force]
Mustang [Exiles]
Night Man I
Night Man II
Outrage [The Solution]
Prime [Ultra Force]
Prototype [Ultra Force]
Reaper [All-New Exiles]
Shadowmage [The Solution]
Shuriken [All-New Exiles]
Siena Blaze [All-New Exiles]
Spectral [The Strangers]
Starburst [The Squad]
Strike [All-New Exiles]
Tech [The Solution]
Tinsel [Exiles]
Topaz [Ultra Force]
Trax [Exiles]
Wreckage [Ultra Force]
Yrial [The Strangers]
Zip-Zap [The Strangers]

!mpact Comics:
Black Hood

Top Cow:
Ballistic [Cyber Force]
Cyblade [Cyber Force]
Heatwave [Cyber Force]
Impact [Cyber Force]
Killjoy [S.H.O.C.s]
Ripclaw [Cyber Force]
Stryker [Cyber Force]
Velocity [Cyber Force]

Amalgam Comics:
Angelhawk [JLA]
Antimony [Magnetic Men]
Apollo [JLX]
Bismuth [Magnetic Men]
Canary [JLA]
Chaos [JLX]
Captain Marvel [JLA]
Cobalt [Magnetic Men]
Darkclaw [JLA]
Dr. Strangefate
Firebird [JLX]
Goliath [JLA]
Iceberg [JLX]
Iron [Magnetic Men]
Iron Lantern
Mariner [JLX]
Mercury [JLX]
Nickel [Magnetic Men]
Nightcreeper [JLX]
Runaway [JLX]
Speed Demon
Super Soldier [JLA]
Wraith [JLX]
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Freedom City PbP Setting

Post by Tattooedman » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:17 pm

This is the setting used for my FORCE Ops, Albright Institute & New Freedom League PbP games, it's mostly straight from the 2E book with some additions I thought would be interesting from other game systems (Champions: NM, VIPER: Coils of the Serpent, & CROOKS!), some very good ideas I was inspired by from here on the ATT by other posters, as well as some ideas of my own that I thought would be interesting to see used here.

Freedom City Setting:
Claremont in 2008:
The Reserve:

99 Dragons Member
Ace of Spades [the Royals]
Afterburn [Syndicate of 7]
Alchemist [Brimstone House]
Alex Vezini [AEGIS]
Amend [the Psions]
Angela Fong
Angaza [Claremont Academy]
Ankylosaur [Sinister Syndicate]
Anvil 2
Apex [Next-Gen]
Arclight [VIPER]
Atomic Brain
Ashmoore [Claremont Academy]
Bank Shot [Next-Gen]
Baron Twilight [Brimstone House]
Barrak Alien
Barracuda [Naguar]
Battlecry [Claremont Academy]
Battle Brothers
Behemoth [The Champions]
Binder [Sinister Syndicate]
Blackbird II
Black Claw
Black Diamond
Black Dragon
Blackfire [The Order of Chaos]
Blackheart [Sentinels]
Black Lotus
Black Paladin
Black Scorpion
Black Vulture
Bling [Claremont Academy]
Bloodtide [Naguar]
Blur [Masters of Speed]
Bolchock [Body Shots]
Bolt [Next-Gen]
Boomslang [VIPER]
Bonechill [Sinister Syndicate]
Bowman [Freedom League]
Brass Knight [Brimstone House]
Captain Thunder [Freedom League]
Caryatid [Claremont Academy]
Cateran [Masters of Fortune]
Cerebrus Rex
Challenger [Claremont Academy]
Changeling [Next-Gen]
Cheetah [Masters of Speed]
Chimera [Beastiary]
Clutch [The Order of Chaos]
Conjurer [Brimstone House]
Constrictor [VIPER]
Coral Snake
Corbae [Project: Freedom]
Cordon [Claremont Academy]
Crimson Katana
Crimson the Archer [Masters of Fortune]
Crush [Claremont Academy]
Darkbolt [Shadow Academy]
David Fraley
Death Magnetic
Deep Ones
Defender [The Champions]
Desert Wasp [Claremont Academy]
Deucalion [Claremont Academy]
Devil Ray [Crime League]
Diamondback [VIPER]
Doctor Azoth
Doctor Breakdown [Sinister Syndicate]
Doctor Daphne Halperstein [Albright Institute Staff]
Doctor Leslie Reece [Albright Institute Staff]
Doctor Shock
Doctor Noah Spence [Albright Institute Staff]
Doctor Stratos [Crime League]
Donnie Benis
Druid [Next-Gen]
Elite [Next-Gen]
Empress [Brimstone House]
Esper [Shadow Academy]
Ethan Keller
Faction [The Horde]
Faster Pussycat
Feline [Claremont Academy]
Firepower [Next-Gen]
Flora [Brides of the Green]
Fullbore [Masters of Speed]
Gorgon [Brimstone House]
Green Dragon
Gremlin [Shadow Academy]
Ground Zero
Halfjack [VIPER]
Harbringer [Project: Freedom]
Hardcore [Sentinels]
Harrier [Project: Freedom]
Headcase [The Reserve]
Headknocker [Syndicate of 7]
Hellbent [Masters of Speed]
Hummingbird [Masters of Fortune]
Iceflame [Claremont Academy]
Iron Angel [Sentinels]
Jack of Blades
Jack of Diamonds [the Royals]
Jade Phoenix
Jade Spider
Jawbreaker [Claremont Academy]
Jin Toju [Brimstone House]
Johnny Reb
Johnny Sixx
Kid Colt [Claremont Academy]
Kid Karma
King Babylon
King of Hearts [the Royals]
Knockout [Body Shots]
Knuckleduster [Body Shots]
Krait [VIPER]
Kryogen [VIPER]
Ku Tu the Eternal
La Pyra [Project: Freedom]
Lady Blue
Lady Hex [The Reserve]
Lady Hive
Lady Liberty [Freedom League]
Lady of the Lantern
Legion [The Horde]
Lionheart [Project: Freedom]
Living Dead Girl (& Tombstone)
Lord Ætheric
Magician II
Magni [Next-Gen]
Manowar [Naguar]
Manticore [Beastiary]
Marksman [The Champions]
Maxima [Brides of the Green]
Meltdown [The Order of Chaos]
Miako Niota
Minion [The Horde]
Minotaur [The Reserve]
Mister Mist
the Monkey
Narwhale [Naguar]
Nahual [Project: Freedom]
Nemean [Beastiary]
Night Archer
Nightwrath [The Order of Chaos]
Ninjas of Sin
Noir [Sentinels]
Oculon [VIPER]
Onyx [Sentinels]
Orion the Hunter [Crime League]
Overdrive [Syndicate of 7]
Overrun [The Order of Chaos]
the Pack
Paragon [Syndicate of 7]
Patriot [The Reserve]
Phosphorus [Sinister Syndicate]
Piper [Crime League]
Pixie [Claremont Academy]
Po Xu
Power Corps
Professor Zed
Prometheus [The Reserve]
Psikosis [Syndicate of 7]
Quantum [The Champions]
Queen of Clubs [the Royals]
Ramona Cortez
Rampart [the Psions]
Razorfane [Brimstone House]
Red Death II
Red Phoenix [Project: Freedom]
Red Shadows Members
Rikus [Brimstone House]
Rose Monk
Roundhouse [Body Shots]
Sandstone [Poreject: Freedom]
Scaleface [Claremont Academy]
Screwface [Syndicate of 7]
Sea Devil [Naguar]
Sebastian Arcane [Sentinels]
Seeker [The Champions]
Sepulchre [Brimstone House]
Sergei Romanov
Shadow Bandit
Shimmer [Claremont Academy]
Sidewinder [VIPER]
Sister Blister
Slick [Sinister Syndicate]
Slo-Mo [Masters of Speed]
Sloth [Claremont Academy]
Solomon Goldberg
Speed Demon [Sentinels]
Star Knight III [Freedom League]
Steel Commando
Sticker [Claremont Academy]
Stompa [Shadow Academy]
Student Body [Claremont Academy]
Tag [Claremont Academy]
Target [Shadow Academy]
Technomancer [Sentinels]
Think Tank [Sentinels]
Thunderhead [The Order of Chaos]
Timothy “Dire” Straits
Trance [Claremont Academy]
Troll [Sentinels]
Tom Cyprus
Tungarak [Masters of Fortune]
Unani [the Psions]
Undine [Beastiary]
Uppercut [Body Shots]
Venus [Brides of the Green]
Vibron [Shadow Academy]
VIPER Agents
Vivian Marcos
Vipress [Syndicate of 7]
Vortex [Project: Freedom]
Wallflower [Claremont Academy]
Whiplash [Masters of Speed]
Whirligig [Masters of Speed]
Whitestar [Masters of Fortune]
Wildflower [Sentinels]
Xeno [Project: Freedom]
Yautja Alien
Zarana [Claremont Academy]
Zenith [The Champions]
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World of Freedom Setting 3E

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3E Character Builds

Post by Tattooedman » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:17 pm

Ready to Play Builds:
Doctor Spectrum
Doctor Strange
Etrigan, the Demon
Iron Man
Karate Kid
Lagoon Boy
Martian Manhunter
Red Tornado
Saturn Girl
Wonder Man
Yellowjacket [with Wasp]

Original Characters [3e]:

Freedom City Characters [3e]:
Bowman IV [Freedom League]
Blackbird II
Blackstar [Crime League]
Captain Thunder [Freedom League]
Chase Atom [Atom Family]
Chimera [The Beastiary]
Crimson Katana
Daedalus [Freedom League]
Devil Ray [Crime League]
Doctor Metropolis [Freedom League]
Doctor Mayhem
Doctor Simian [Crime League]
Doctor Stratos [Crime League]
Hiroshima Shadow [Crime League]
Jack Wolf [Atom Family]
Johnny Rocket II [Freedom League]
Lady Liberty [Freedom League]
Manitcore [The Beastiary]
Maximus Atom [AtomFamily]
Medea [Crime League]
Mister Mist
Nemean [The Beastiary]
Orion the Hunter [Crime League]
Piper [Crime League]
Psuedo [Freedom League]
Raven [Freedom League]
Rose Monk
Shadow Bandit
Silver Hyena
Star Knight [Freedom League]
Tesla Atom [Atom Family]
Undine [The Beastiary]
Victoria Atom [Atom Family]
White Knight
Wildcard [Crime League]
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Re: Tattooverse 2.5 [2E]

Post by Tattooedman » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:18 pm

World of Freedom Setting 3E

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Re: Tattooverse 2.5 [2E]

Post by Horsenhero » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:33 pm

Pssst! T-man! You're build list lists Top Cop as a publisher...shouldn't that be Top Cow? Not to be, y'know, OCD about it or anything. :wink:

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Re: Tattooverse 2.5 [2E]

Post by Tattooedman » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:46 pm

:roll: ah, got it now HH. Thanks for pointing that out.
World of Freedom Setting 3E

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Blackstar build #1

Post by Tattooedman » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:49 pm

PL: 10
Str 14 [22] (+2/+6) Dex 18 (+4) Con 20 [24] (+5/+7) Int 14 (+2) Wis 14 (+2) Cha 14 (+2)

Skills: Bluff 4 (+6), Computers 4 (+6), Diplomacy 6 (+8.), Drive 6 (+10), Gather Information 6 (+8.), Intimidate 4 (+6), Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 6 (+8.), Notice 6 (+8.), Pilot 8 (+12), Sense Motive 6 (+8.), Stealth 4 (+8.)

Feats: Attack Focus (Melee) 4, Attack Focus (Ranged) 2, Benefit [Alternate I.D.], Connections, Contacts, Distract [Bluff], Dodge Focus 4, Fascinate [Diplomacy], Improved Grab, Improved Initiative, Set-Up, Startle, Teamwork

Powers: Alternate Form Shadow Body 11
--Concealment 4 [all visual] (Flaw: Limited-Only in areas of darkness/shadows)
--Elongation 3 [25 ft]
--Enhanced Strength 8
--Enhanced Constitution 4
--Enhanced Feats 3 (Diehard; Evasion; Tough)
--Flight 3
--Insubstantial 4
-Alt. Power: Blast 8 [shadow bolt]
-Alt. Power: Snare 8 (Extra: Engulf)
-Alt. Power: Strike 4 (Power Feat: Mighty)
Super Strength 2

Saves: Toughness +6 [+8]
Fort +7 [+9]
Ref +7
Will +6

Combat: Attack +6/+8 (ranged)/+10 (melee)
Damage +4 [+8] (unarmed)/+8 (blast)
Defense +8 (+2 flat-footed)
Initiative +8

Drawbacks: Vulnerable [Light based Attacks {+50%}] (-3 pts)

Costs: Attributes 34+ Skills 17+ Feats 18+ Powers 55+ Saves 9+ Combat 20- Drawbacks 3= 150 pts.

Real Name: John Riggs
Alias: Matt Hopkins
Height: 6'
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel

Background: The story of John Riggs life as a hero starts with a journey into space. On a NASA mission Commander Riggs piloted the shuttle while the scientists onboard were to collect energy readings on a anomaly that had appeared. During the mission the entire crew was exposed to an unknown wavelength of energy that caused them all to lose almost ten hours of time, during which they were in the black on communications due to their location in relation to Earth.

When they awoke the crew seemed fine and finished the mission without any other incidents and they soon returned home to discover their lost time. As a result Commander Riggs and the others were subjected to a massive list of tests to determine what had happened to them during their lost time. After six months of quarantine the only thing that could be found was that Commander Riggs suffered from periodic seizures that resulted in his becoming unfit for duty as a pilot. Being released from quarantine and deciding not to continue his time in the military since he couldn’t fly anymore John returned to the life of a civilian and went back to his parents home in Metro City.

It was there months later when he discovered the effects of the energy he had been exposed to, when a giant robot attacked the city. During the assault John was buried under the rubble of a damaged building caused by the robot’s rampage, while trying to free himself John suddenly found himself free of his trappings and able to free some of the other people that had been trapped under the rubble.

After the attack had been repelled by the city’s heroes known as the Centurions John approached them and revealed what he was able to now do and they agreed to help him understand, control and where his powers had come from.

Over the following year John discovered that during his lost time in space that he and the rest of the crew had been taken by aliens who wished to understand humans. During their time with the aliens the crew were experimented upon in several ways during which John and other members of the crew had been given the DNA of the aliens, making them hybrids. The reason for this was that the aliens were dying and were looking for another species that they could possibly make contact with and be able to mingle with them to continue their race. Unfortunately the inclusion of the alien DNA wasn’t as compatible with human DNA as the aliens had thought which caused various problems for the crew’s health. John had been one of the luckier ones only suffering from the seizures, most of the other members suffered from other health issues that later on appeared like chronic illness, even cancer for a few of them, and personality disorders as well.
One of the scientists developed multiple personality disorder, his other personality developing powers as well and a desire for personal power. Calling himself Dr. Rath, the scientist tracked down the other members of the crew and killed them all as they hadn’t developed any sign of superhuman ability. When he came after John Dr. Rath was surprised to discover a foe that could hold his own against him, which led to a rivalry that would often involve plots to destroy Metro City in Dr. Rath’s goals of domination.

Fortunately John’s friends and allies in the Centurions were able to help him stop most of Dr. Rath’s attacks though John was forced to develop a new identity as a result of the doctor’s attacks drawing the attention of Section Omega.

Section Omega was a special branch of the military that was looking to develop various superhuman outlets of war, as well as investigate any and all kinds of possible alien invasion attempts. John and the rest of the mission crew had already been on Section Omega’s list of possible “recruits” but with Dr. Rath’s actions drawing added attention they soon learned what had happened to both men and were highly interested in studying both of them.

In the end John was forced to locate the aliens that had done their experiments to him and went with them into deep space, helping them continue their search for a compatible race to intermingle with. Though he was able to convince them to take Dr. Rath with them as well, though the doctor was kept in a cryonic pod along with several other members of the alien’s race to keep him from causing any more problems while they attempted to correct the mental disorder they had accidentally inflicted upon him.
World of Freedom Setting 3E

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Bravo build #2

Post by Tattooedman » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:51 pm

PL: 5 (75 pts)
Str 14 (+2) Dex 14 (+2) Con 14 (+2) Int 10 (+0) Wis 14 (+2) Cha 14 (+2)

Skills: Bluff 4 (+6), Climb 4 (+6), Investigate 4 (+4), Knowledge (Pop Culture) 4 (+4), Knowledge (Streetwise) 4 (+4), Knowledge (Tactics) 4 (+4), Language (Base: English; Spanish), Notice 4 (+6), Sense Motive 4 (+6), Survival 4 (+6), Swim 4 (+6)

Feats: Diehard, Dodge Focus 2, Improved Initiative, Power Attack

Powers: Hellfire Control 6 [yellow] (Power Feat: Homing 2) (Drawback: Noticeable {glowing eyes} [-1 pt])
-Alt. Power: Blast 4 (Extra: Area {Burst})
-Alt. Power: Dazzle 6 [visual]
-Alt. Power: Flight (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Obscure 6 (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Strike 6 [sword] (Power Feat: Mighty); (Dynamic)

Saves: Toughness +4*/+2 [*Uniform]
Fort +4
Ref +3
Will +4

Combat: Attack +4, Damage +2 (unarmed)/+6 (hellfire powers), Defense +5 (+2 flat-footed), Initiative +6

Drawbacks: Involuntary Transformation ({Hellfire Beast} Uncommon Frequency) (-4 points)
Vulnerable ({Mithral} Uncommon Frequency; Major Intensity) (-3 points)

Equipment: Uniform: +2 Toughness; Subtle

Real Name: Sean Fitzgerald
Height: 6’
Weight: 210 lbs.
Hair: White
Eye Color: Brown

:arrow: WOW!!!!! This was a tough build for me to do!! A 75 pt character is unbelieveably hard to do when the closest thing you've tried is 120 pt character. I'm pretty proud of this one, even if I've been struggling on balancing the numbers for the last two days. (Trust me the background took me even longer!!!)

:arrow: Bravo was made in response to one of my players (also known as Starfox 1. please, please pity me!!) taking over GM duties for a little bit (hehehe! I get to be a player for a while!! hahahahaha!). The biggest thing is that Starfox has spent a fair amount of time reading Michuru's Vindicator Story Thread (an excellent setting that is well written!!!) Anyways, brillant man that he is Starfox decided that starting the group off at PL 5 was the way to go. If you've read the Vindicators, you'll realize that Bravo is a Nephilim and that yes, my GM is using large parts of Michuru's work in his setting, but is mixing in characters from the X-Men.

:arrow: I'll take a moment here to say thanks to Michuru for the tips he gave me when I PMed him on building 75 pt characters. It made lots of sense and also gave me some new methods of working on future builds and possibly re-working of earlier builds later on.

:arrow: Maybe at some point I'll add the history for Bravo, as well as the other members of the player group later on.
World of Freedom Setting 3E

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Curve build #3

Post by Tattooedman » Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:19 pm

Strength 2 Agility 3 Fighting 5 Awareness 3
Stamina 2 Dexterity 5 Intellect 0 Presence 0

Skills: Acrobatics 5 (+8.), Athletics 5 (+7), Close Combat [Mega-Fist] 4 (+9), Deception 12 (+12), Expertise [Streetwise] 4 (+4), Expertise [Thievery] 13 (+13), Insight 8 (+11), Perception 10 (+13), Ranged Combat [Kinetic Control Array] 3 (+9), Sleight of Hand 4 (+9), Stealth 10 (+13), Technology 4 (+4)

Advantages: Improved Initiative, Improvised Tools, Luck 2, Second Chance [Disabling Devices], Move-By Action, Power Attack, Taunt

Powers: Kinetic Energy Manipulation:
Slo-Mo: Affliction 13 [Resisted by Dodge/Fortitude--Hindered/Immobile/Paralyzed] (Extras: Alternate Resistance [Dodge], Area [Burst], Ranged, Selective); (Dynamic)
-Big Bang: Dazzle 13 [audio] [Resisted by Fortitude] (Extras: Area [Cone]); (Flaw: Quirk [requires medium]); (Dynamic)
-Buckshot: Blast 13 (Extra: Multiattack); (Flaw: Quirk [requires medium]); (Dynamic)
-Kinetic Acceleration: Flight 13 (Dynamic)
-Kinetic Bolt: Blast 13 (Extra: Penetrating); (Dynamic)
-Kinetic Manipulation: Move Object 13 (Extra: Precise); (Dynamic)
-Kinetic Sense: Senses 11 [Accurate, Detect (Kinetic-based Movement), Extended, Penetrates Concealment, Radius, Ranged, Tracking] (Dynamic)
-Mega-Fist: Damage 13 (Extra: Penetrating); (Dynamic)
-Trip Wave: Affliction 13 [Resisted by Dodge/Fortitude--Vulnerable/Defenseless/Prone] (Extras: Alternate Resistance [Dodge], Area [Burst], Selective); (Dynamic)
Kinetic Field: Force Field 11 (Extra: Impervious)

Offense: Initiative +7
Melee Attack +6 // Mega-Fist +9 // Mega-Fist Damage +13
Ranged Attack +5 // Kinetic Array Attack +9 // Kinetic Bolt/Buckshot Damage +13

Defense: Dodge +9
Parry +9
Toughness +13*/+2 [*Impervious Force Field]
Fortitude +6
Will +8

Family Matters: Donnie’s involvement in Project: Freedom is due to his wanting to be involved in his daughter Mallory’s life.

Respectable Thief: Donnie is proud of his second-story man thief skills and the fact that he's never done a violent crime ever.

Responsibility - Parole: Donnie has to follow the terms of his parole or go back to prison and lose his relationship with his daughter.

The Quiet One: Donnie doesn’t have much to say very often, though when he does he tends to be fairly blunt about it.

Costs: Abilities 40+ Skills 40+ Advantages 8+ Powers 78+ Defense 19= 185 pts.

:arrow: Yeah I know……a 3E character in my 2E thread but it’s my first PbP character. I can’t help myself, I wanted to show Donnie's whole evolution from his start. So below are the various 2E builds of him showing where he started off and how things moved along for him.

2nd upgrade wrote: Curve:

PL: 11
Str 16 (+3) Dex 16 (+3) Con 14 (+2) Int 12 (+1) Wis 14 (+2) Cha 12 (+1)

Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+9), Bluff 12 (+13), Climb 4 (+7), Concentration 6 (+8.), Craft (Mechanical) 6 (+7), Disable Device 14 (+15), Escape Artist 8 (+11), Gather Information 6 (+7), Intimidate 6 (+7), Knowledge (Streetwise) 8 (+9), Notice 10 (+12), Search 8 (+9), Sense Motive 8 (+10), Stealth 10 (+13), Swim 4 (+7)

Feats: Attack Spec. (Unarmed), Attack Spec. (Kinetic Array) 2, Challenges 3 (Hide Tampering, Improved Feint, Slip Between Cover), Contacts, Dodge Focus 2, Fast Overrun, Improved Initiative, Improved Overrun, Improvised Tools, Luck 2, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Taunt

Powers: Kinetic Control Array 13 [Blast 13] (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Blast 13 (Extra: Autofire); (Flaw: Medium); (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Dazzle 11 {audio} [Big-Bang] (Extra: Area [Cone]); (Flaw: Medium); (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Flight 13 (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Move Object 13 (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Paralyze 11 [Slow Down] (Extra: Ranged); (Flaw: Slow); (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Paralyze 8 [Slo-Mo] (Extra: Area [Burst]); (Power Feats: Progression, Selective); (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Strike 13 [Mega-Fist] (Penetrating); (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Super-Senses 7 [Accurate, Extended, Radius, Tracking, Ranged Detect (Kinetic Movement)] (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Trip 11 (Extra: Area {Burst}); (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Trip 11 (Extra: Knockback); (Flaw: Touch Range); (Dynamic)

Force Field 10 (Extra: Impervious)

Saves: Toughness +12*/+2 [*Impervious Force Field 10]
Fort +5
Ref +8
Will +8

Combat: Attack +5/+7 (unarmed)/+9 (kinetic array)
Damage +3 (unarmed)/+11 (mega-fist/kinetic blast)
Defense +10 (+4 flat-footed)
Initiative +7

Costs: Attributes 24+ Skills 27+ Feats 18+ Powers 65+ Saves 14+ Combat 26= 174 pts.
1st upgrade wrote: Image
"Ya think ah'm bad? Heh, lemme introduce ya ta the folks ah work with...."
PL: 11
Str 16 (+3) Dex 16 (+3) Con 14 (+2) Int 12 (+1) Wis 14 (+2) Cha 12 (+1)

Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+9), Bluff 8 (+9), Climb 4 (+6), Concentration 6 (+8.), Craft (Mechanical) 6 (+7), Disable Device 12 (+13), Escape Artist 8 (+11), Gather Information 6 (+7), Intimidate 6 (+7), Knowledge (Streetwise) 8 (+9), Notice 10 (+12), Search 8 (+9), Sense Motive 6 (+8.), Stealth 10 (+13), Swim 4 (+7)

Feats: Attack Spec. (Unarmed), Attack Spec. (Kinetic Array) 2, Challenges 2 (Hide Tampering, Slip Between Cover), Contacts, Defensive Attack, Dodge Focus 2, Fast Overrun, Improved Initiative, Improved Overrun, Improvised Tools, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Taunt

Powers: Kinetic Control Array 13 [Blast 12] (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Dazzle 11 {audio} [Big-Bang] (Extra: Area [Cone]); (Flaw: Medium); (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Flight 13 (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Paralyze 11 [Slow Down] (Extra: Ranged); (Flaw: Slow); (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Paralyze 8 [Slo-Mo] (Extra: Area [Burst]); (Power Feats: Progression, Selective); (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Strike 13 [Mega-Fist] (Penetrating); (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Trip 11 (Extra: Area {Burst}); (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Trip 11 (Extra: Knockback); (Flaw: Touch Range); (Dynamic)

Force Field 10 (Extra: Impervious)

Saves: Toughness +12*/+2 [*Impervious Force Field 10]
Fort +5
Ref +8
Will +7

Combat: Attack +5/+7 (unarmed)/+9 (kinetic array)
Damage +3 (unarmed)/+10 (mega-fist/kinetic blast)
Defense +10 (+4 flat-footed)
Initiative +7

Costs: Attributes 24+ Skills 27+ Feats 16+ Powers 61+ Saves 13+ Combat 26= 167 pts.

Original Build wrote: Image
PL: 10
Str 16 (+3) Dex 16 (+3) Con 16 (+3) Int 12 (+1) Wis 14 (+2) Cha 12 (+1)

Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+9), Bluff 6 (+7), Climb 4 (+6), Concentration 6 (+8.), Craft (Mechanical) 6 (+7), Disable Device 10 (+11), Escape Artist 8 (+11), Gather Information 6 (+7), Intimidate 6 (+7), Knowledge (Streetwise) 8 (+9), Notice 6 (+8.), Search 8 (+9), Sense Motive 6 (+8.), Stealth 6 (+9), Swim 4 (+6)

Feats: Attack Spec. (Unarmed) 2, Attack Spec. (Kinetic Array) 2, Challenges 2 (Hide Tampering, Slip Between Cover), Contacts, Defensive Attack, Dodge Focus 2, Fast Overrun, Improved Initiative, Improved Overrun, Improvised Tools, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Taunt

Powers: Kinetic Control Array 12 [Blast 10] (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Flight 10 (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Paralyze 10 [Slow] (Extra: Ranged); (Flaw: Slow); (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Strike 10 [Mega-Fist] (Penetrating); (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Trip 10 (Extra: Area {Burst}); (Dynamic)
-Alt. Power: Trip 10 (Extra: Knockback); (Flaw: Touch Range); (Dynamic)
Force Field 8 (Extra: Impervious)

Saves: Toughness +10*/+2 [*Impervious Force Field 8]
Fort +5
Ref +7
Will +6

Combat: Attack +4/+6 (unarmed)/+8 (kinetic array), Damage +2 (unarmed)/+10 (mega-fist/kinetic blast), Defense +10 (+4 flat-footed), Initiative +7

Costs: Attributes 26+ Skills 24+ Feats 17+ Powers 51+ Saves 11+ Combat 24= 153 pts.

Real Name: Donald “Donnie” Benis
Height: 6’
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Blue
World of Freedom Setting 3E

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Charger build #4

Post by Tattooedman » Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:37 pm

Str 12 [20] (+1/+5) Dex 12 [20] (+1/+5) Con 14 [22] (+2/+6) Int 12 (+1) Wis 14 (+2) Cha 12 (+1)

Skills: Acrobatics 4 (+9), Bluff 6 (+9), Climb 2 (+7), Concentration 6 (+8.), Intimidate 4 (+7), Knowledge (Streetwise) 4 (+5), Notice 4 (+6), Sense Motive 6 (+8.), Stealth 6 (+9), Swim 2 (+7)

Feats: Assessment, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Dodge Focus 2, Improved Block, Improved Critical (unarmed) 2, Improved Disarm, Improved Throw, Improved Trip, Instant Up, Luck, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Stunning Attack, Talented [Bluff/Intimidate], Taunt, Weapon Bind

Powers: Container Super Charged Body & Mind 11
--Enhanced Strength 8
-Alt. Power: Strike 8 [shocker punch]
--Enhanced Constitution 8
--Enhanced Dexterity 8
--Enhanced Feats 7 (Dodge Focus 2, Evasion, Improved Initiative 4)
--Enhanced Reflex Save 4
--Quickness 5 [perform actions x50 faster]
--Speed 6 [500 mph]
--Super Strength 2 (Power Feats: Bracing, Counter Punch, Groundstrike)

Saves: Toughness +8*/+6 [*Defensive Roll]
Fort +8
Ref +11
Will +5

Combat: Attack +8
Damage +5 (unarmed-critical 18-20)/+8 (shocker punch)
Defense +10 (+3 flat-footed)
Initiative +23

Drawbacks: Vulnerable [Power Drains-uncommon & moderate] (-2 pts)

Costs: Attributes 16+ Skills 11+ Feats 20+ Powers 55+ Saves 7+ Combat 28-Drawbacks 2= 135 pts.

:arrow: A rare thing for me to do nowadays but I got the urge to do an original character build, inspired by the picture I found & a lingering idea I‘ve had for a little while now. The result is Charger here, nothing fancy but I like the idea of a guy who’s body is supercharged and is enhanced physically to mid-peak human levels.

:arrow: As a result Charger is a little dash of a speedster, a bit of blaster (kinda with the shocker punch), with just a touch scrapper for good measure. I like the basic feel he’s got plus I wanted to see if I could build him at a PL 9 just for something different to do since most of my builds are either PL 8 or 10 normally.

:arrow: I may just have to use him in a setting at some point later on down the line when I get a chance. He looks like fun to play.

:arrow: Love this pic of Lightning Lad I found and it just was what I was thinking for how Charger looked, so I just had to snag it up to use with him. 8)
World of Freedom Setting 3E

"Your ignorance is not my burden."
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Death build #5

Post by Tattooedman » Sun Jan 30, 2011 11:03 pm

Str 20 (+5) Dex 20 (+5) Con 20 (+5) Int 16 (+3) Wis 16 (+3) Cha 16 (+3)

Skills: Concentration 8 (+11), Intimidate 10 (+13), Knowledge (Current Events) 10 (+13), Knowledge (Streetwise) 8 (+11), Notice 8 (+11), Sense Motive 8 (+11), Stealth 8 (+13)

Feats: Attack Spec. (Scythe) 2, Diehard, Dodge Focus 4, Equipment, Fearless, Improved Block 2, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Power Attack, Weapon Bind, Weapon Break

Powers: Drain Constitution 8 (Extra: Area {Cloud})

Device [Reaper Armor] 13 (hard to lose)
--Immunity 5 (Critical Hits; Environmental Cold; Environmental Heat; Suffocation)
--Mind Shield 4
--Protection 6 (Extra: Impervious)

Device [Scythe] 17 (easy to lose) (Power Feat: Restricted 2)
--Blast 12 [heat] (Extra: Penetrating)
-Alt. Power: Blast 12 (Extra: Autofire)
--Deflect 10 [all ranged] (Extra: Move Action)
--Strike 5 (Extra: Penetrating); (Power Feat: Mighty)

Saves: Toughness +11*/+5 [*Impervious Protection 6]
Fort +7
Ref +5
Will +8 [+12 vs. Mental Powers]

Combat: Attack +4/+8 (scythe)
Damage +5 (unarmed)/+10 (scythe strike)/+12 (scythe blast)
Defense +9 (+2 flat-footed)
Initiative +9

Equipment: Comm-Link; GPS

Costs: Attributes 48+ Skills 15+ Feats 17+ Powers 119+ Saves 7+ Combat 18= 234 pts.
World of Freedom Setting 3E

"Your ignorance is not my burden."
-- Chiun

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Famine build #6

Post by Tattooedman » Sun Jan 30, 2011 11:07 pm

Str 12 (+1) Dex 16 (+3) Con 14 (+2) Int 14 (+2) Wis 16 (+3) Cha 14 (+2)

Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+11), Bluff 4 (+6), Concentration 8 (+11), Disable Device 6 (+8 ), Escape Artist 4 (+7), Knowledge (Streetwise) 4 (+6), Notice 6 (+9), Search 6 (+8 ), Sense Motive 6 (+9), Stealth 8 (+11)

Feats: All-Out Attack, Attack Spec. (Coldfire Array) 2, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Dodge Focus 6, Equipment, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Set-Up

Powers: Cold Control 12 [Coldfire]
-Alt. Power: Blast 12
-Alt. Power: Blast 8 [flash freeze] (Extra: Area {Explosion})
-Alt. Power: Dazzle 10 [visual-snow]
-Alt. Power: Drain Toughness 10 [extreme freeze] (Extra: Ranged)
-Alt. Power: Environmental Control 10 [Hamper Movement: Icy Surfaces[1/4th movement}]
-Alt. Power: Snare 8 (Extra: Independent)

Immunity 10 (Cold Effects)
Strike 8 [Coldflame aura] (Extra: Aura); (Linked to Coldfire Array)

Saves: Toughness +7*/+5**/+2 [*Costume & Defensive Roll/**Costume]
Fort +5
Ref +8
Will +7

Combat: Attack +4/+8 (cold control array)
Damage +12 (Coldfire array)
Defense +12 (+3 flat-footed)
Initiative +6

Equipment: Costume: +3 Toughness; Subtle; Comm-Link; GPS

Costs: Attributes 26+ Skills 15+ Feats 16+ Powers 59+ Saves 12+ Combat 20= 148 pts.
World of Freedom Setting 3E

"Your ignorance is not my burden."
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