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Karen Stone (Real Name Elizabeth Stein)
PL 6
90 pp



Elizabeth was born in Seattle, Washington to Benjamin and Mary Stein. Mary was a devoted wife who converted to Judaism to make the man she loved happy. Benjamin ran a small security firm of great reputation, but little net profit. Mary and Benjamin were always volunteering their time and donating to local charities even though money was tight. Once Elizabeth started school, Mary volunteered most of the day at the local food bank instead of getting a job to add a little more to the families thinning finances.

Benjamins big break came when he was offered the job as the head of a small Israeli security firm ran out of Jerusalem. While smaller, it paid much better than his current job. After consultation with his family, he decided to take the job, move his family to Jerusalem, and lay down roots in a new country for his wife and daughter. Little did he know the job paid so well because it was a front for Mossad who used the company to run some operations that needed plausible deniability on their part. This wasn't a big deal to Benjamin, he served in the Israeli army for two years after all. It also afforded Elizabeth the chance to embrace her roots by working to help the less fortunate in Jerusalem with her mother Mary.

One day while Elizabeth was staying with a family friend and her parents were on a romantic weekend, a car bomb went off near her parents killing them both. This left Elizabeth an orphaned 11 year old girl in a country she had only lived for 3 years. She was heart broken and might not have recovered if not for a close family friend, Maureen, who took her in and treated her like her own daughter. Maureen happened to be one of the agents who "worked" for the security firm Elizabeths dad ran. For a few years, Maureen hid the true nature of her work from Elizabeth, but Elizabeth pushed until finding out the truth that Maureen was a black ops assassin for Mossad.

It took a couple months more of pushing, but Maureen relented by teaching Elizabeth all the tricks of the trade. Useful things such as how to be a good shot, fitting in without standing out, separating emotion from killing targets, and other useful attributes not taught in any book. Maureen made Elizabeth promise not to go private sector, because that was on par with being a traitor to her adopted nation. Maureen passed from cancer a few months after Elizabeths 18th birthday, but Elizabeth was well on her way into becoming part of Mossad. Her accumulated skills quickly passed her through the more covert training, focused more on killing at distance and surveillance, so that within a year she was filling the vacant role left by Maureen.

The next 10 years went fairly well for the fast rising agent. To give her cover, an alias named Karen Stone was created for her. Karen was a reputation manager who traveled around the world to help various clients with their reputation. Most of the time it was a front to kill some terrorist, but she did do some PR and have some real clients to keep face. On mission, she was a pin point shooter and excelled at eliminating targets. When an assignment was tough, it fell on her proverbial desk. Her only line she refused to cross even though it held her back was that she would not risk innocents getting hurt. Other agents didn't mind, but she got by because she was so good.

Fharid Tak, the only target she failed to kill, was her greatest failure. Intelligence had suggested he was the leader of a small, but powerful, terror cell operating out of Paris. In reality, he was the terror cell. On more than one occasion he was in Elizabeths sights, but a car or passer by got in the way. The one shot she could take was with a micro explosive that failed to trigger because of the worn down parts. It also worked the other way. Fharid had been sent to take care of her, or at least her disguised persona. A few car bombs and missed sniper shots narrowly missed killing her and it got to the point Fharid was pulled off his assignment with a draw implicitly declared.

Two years later, her path crossed Fharid's again on accident. This time she wouldn't fail. A bomb was planted on the only path available, line of sights were secure, and the right time of day to avoid innocents getting hurt was planned. The one thing she couldn't control was children who were up later than usual and playing in the alley. It was only two children who happened to be the sons of a radical cleric preaching Israels demise, so she was ordered to pull the trigger regardless of the danger to the children. For a minute she kept her finger on the trigger and let it go. Fharid got away.

Inquires ensued, fingers were pointed, but her past spoke for itself. She was too valuable of an asset. So, she was assigned to the one job all agents hated, but was essential the nations security plans they were told. Whispers of a possible danger stirring in the community of White Sands made their way through the crazy files. No one took them seriously. Hauntings, ghosts, and things of that sort were the stuff of jokes. They needed to teach Elizabeth a lesson though, so she was assigned to investigate and had her cover identity, Karen, move to White Sands from her former home base of New York.

Character Sheet

STR 10(+0) DEX 16(+3) CON 14(+2) INT 12(+1) WIS 14(+2) CHA 14(+2)

Toughness 6 Fortitude 4 Reflex 6 Will 4

Bluff 6(+8), Computers, 4(+5), Craft(Chemical) 8(+9), Craft(Mechanical) 8(+9), Diplomacy 8(+10), Disguise 8(+10), Escape Artist 4(+7), Gather Information 4(+5), Knowledge(Public Relations) 4(+5), Languages(English, French, Russian, Arabic, Farsi), Notice 7(+9), Sense Motive 4(+6), Sleight of Hand 6(+9), Stealth 8(+11)

Attack Focus(Range) 3, Benefit(Alternate Identity), Benefit(Security Clearance), Contacts, Connections, Defensive Roll 4, Dodge Focus 2, Equipment 6, Evasion 1, Improved Aim, Precise Shot 2, Throwing Mastery 2, Uncanny Dodge(Auditory)


Initiative +3

Attack +4
Melee Attack +4
Ranged Attack +7
Sniper Rifle +7 DC 20 toughness 19-20 crit
Light Pistol +7 DC 18 toughness
Throwing Knives +4/+7 DC 16 /18 toughness 19-20 crit

Defense 6/2(flat footed)
Knock back -4

Abilities 20 Saves 7 Skills 21 Feats 26 Powers 0 Combat 16 = 90pp

Motivation(Doing Good): She tries to live up to the good example set by her parents and help people. She does it for Israel by killing terrorists and the communities she lives by helping protect them in her own subtle fashion.

Secret(Identity): She is really a Mossad assassin with a deep cover as an American citizen.

Honor(Moral Code): She will not kill innocents and has even refused to go through with a hit because of innocents being int he way.

Enemy(Fharid Tak): Fharid is the her white whale and she is his. Both have made attempts to knock each other off, while both were disguised, and both keep failing. Unknown to her, he is also her step brother that her father had as a result of a one night stand.


Sniper Rifle, Light Pistol w/ Silencer, House(Workshop, Living Space, Power System), Laptop,
Cell Phone, Mini Tracer, Throwing Knives, Night vision goggles


Karen, or rather Elizabeth, is a genuinely nice person who will help an old lady to her car, volunteer her time at the local synagogue, mentor young girls, and other good citizen stuff. Meeting her on the street she would come across as a perfectly normal person and nicer than most reputation managers. She even has a real interest in the places she lives in that she wants to make them better, without standing out too much of course. Deep down, she is fiercely loyal to Israel and a stone cold killer so long as the target is guilty and innocents don't get hurt. She will rarely cross the line of hurting innocents, even for her country.

Alternate Identity

Name: Karen Stone
Occupation: Reputation Manager, freelance
Age: 34
Marital Status: In a long distance relationship with Michael Loyd
Hobbies: Chemistry and mechanics

Build Notes