Meninges - My First Character for my First Try at M&M

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Meninges - My First Character for my First Try at M&M

Postby SDarkshine » Tue May 22, 2012 3:58 pm


This Thread will also be where I post characters that I have made for Play-By-Post RPGs at M&M's Game Room. Thank you for your understanding.

Hello and How are You's to Everyone! :)

My name is SDarkshine, and I want to play Mutants and Masterminds!! :D

I love making my own characters, whether it be for my own perspectives of literature and media, or just for the sake of imagination and daydreaming. However, I have rarely had time to get into RPGs in the past...until now!

So, I'm going to get started in my RPG fun by getting into M&M! I have looked at other RPGs, such as Villains & Vigilantes and Hero Games' Champions, but I thought that, since this board has a play-by-post, I would try this one. First, I need to create my character. I have been reading the books for the 2nd edition, thus, I have an idea for my character. The hard part is that I'm having trouble fitting all of my ideas into PL10, but I'll get to that later.

Right now, let me start with what I had in mind for my first character, Meninges

UPDATE (AS OF 03/29/2014): I have decided that I will edit my posts concerning Meninges. She is going to be different from my previous idea of her. This will take a while, as I haven't been here in a long time!

Until my next post, have a wonderful day!!! :D
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Re: Meninges - My First Character for my First Try at M&M

Postby JoshuaDunlow » Tue May 22, 2012 4:35 pm

Welcome to the Boards Sdarkside!! I'll offer some advice on the magic resistance part.

By taking the Immunity 5 (Magical Damage), your still vulnerable to magical spells that don't do damage. My solution would be to do this:

Immunity 10 (Magic Descriptor; Power Loss 1 [does not work against beneficial magic]) Should cover what you want.

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Re: Meninges - My First Character for my First Try at M&M

Postby kenseido » Tue May 22, 2012 5:33 pm

Not sure that Power Loss vs Beneficial Effects would be a valid Drawback. Very much falls in the "Limitation that doesn't limit" category.

I think the Power Feat Selective is more in line with what you are looking for.
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Re: Meninges - My First Character for my First Try at M&M

Postby catsi563 » Tue May 22, 2012 5:35 pm

Hi and welcome to our world =^_^=
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Re: Meninges - My First Character for my First Try at M&M

Postby prodigyduck » Thu May 24, 2012 2:28 pm

Welcome. I look forward to your posts.
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Re: Meninges - My First Character for my First Try at M&M

Postby SDarkshine » Mon May 28, 2012 2:25 pm

Hello and thank you all for replying to my post ^_^!

And a special thank you to all for helping me with the Immunity to Magic. I'm going to look into the Selective Power Feat - I read briefly about it and it sounds ideal.

Now, I am currently using a demo of the Hero Lab to calculate all that I am going to give to Meninges. So far, it's not looking too bad. I am working with the 2nd edition statistics.

Thank you all again for replying to me and helping me out. Thank you especially for the welcoming into this forum.

Until next time, have a pleasant last days of May!
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Re: Meninges - My First Character for my First Try at M&M

Postby SDarkshine » Mon May 28, 2012 2:57 pm

This Space is for Meninges' brief but improved Background and Complications.

Coming Soon...
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Re: Meninges - My First Character for my First Try at M&M

Postby SDarkshine » Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:33 am

Hello, again, everyone.

As I have just stated earlier in my thread, I will be placing my characters which I have made for M&M's Game Room here. So, let's begin with my un-used character, Arbeli, from the unstarted game Shadow of the Hawk.


Alternate Identity: Didine DeLure
Age: 17
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 128
Hair: Blackish Brown
Eyes: Amber

Player Level 4 - 60 Points

Abilities [20]
Strength 0
Stamina 1
Agility 2
Dexterity 2
Fighting 3
Intellect 0
Awareness 1
Presence 1

Combat: [9]
Initiative 2
Dodge 2
Parry 3
Toughness 3/1
Fortitude 1
Will 1

Advantages: [10]
Defensive Roll 2
Evasion 2
Improved Aim
Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover)
Quick Draw
Ranged Attack 1
Takedown 1
Uncanny Dodge
Equipment 4
~Cell Phone (Smartphone)
~Laser Sight
~Motorcycle (13 EP; Features: Alarm, Hidden Compartments, Navigational System)
~Stun Ammo
~Undercover Shirt (2 EP)

Skills: [13]
Acrobatics 3 (+5)
Athletics 3 (+3)
Deception 3 (+4)
Insight 3 (+4)
Investigation 3 (+3)
Perception 2 (+3)
Ranged Combat 2 (+4)
Stealth 3 (+5)
Technology 3 (+5)
Vehicle 1 (+3)

Powers: [13]
Personal Wrist-Attached Crossbow (Device: 16 Points) (Removable: -3) Total: 13 points
-Normal Quarrel: Blast 3 ((Feat: Ricochet, Subtle)
•AP: Stonefish Toxin Quarrel: Affliction 3
o1st Degree: Hindered
o2nd Degree: Immobile
o3rd Degree: Paralyzed
oResisted by Fortitude
oFeats: Ricochet, Subtle
•AP: Tangle Quarrel: Snare 1 (Feat: Ricochet, Subtle; Extra: Contagious ~ Partial 2)
-Grapnel Quarrel: Movement 1 (Swinging)
•AP: Affliction 2
o1st Degree: Vulnerable
o2nd Degree: Prone
oFeat: Alternate Resistance (Dodge)
oLimited Degree 1
-Reinforced Crossbow Edge: Strike 1
-Situational Awareness: Sense 1 (Danger Sense, visual) Total: 1 point
-Acquired Immunity: Immunity 2 (diseases and poisons), Limited to Half Effect, Total: 1 point

Start of a Passion
Didine Delure, born in San Antonio, TX, came from a family whose recent tradition went a little above the law to give and get justice. Her mother got her exquisite of vigilantism when she married her nerdy, yet charming (inside and out) college sweetheart, who turned out to be a skilled hacker. With her creativity and her drive to see the “untouchable” corrupt taken down, Ms. Delure worked with her husband in creating a vast, secret network for the vigilantes of the southeastern United States. Any “untouchable” that escapes the law and the court were researched upon by the ‘administrators’ (seasoned vigilantes and detectives with good moral who were appointed by the couple under their faux ID); information was then given (encrypted) in the network as “bounties” – targets that various vigilantes could vie for. A successful vigilante can then post about how they dealt with the chosen “bounty”, which can result in increased recognition and reputation throughout the network’s vigilante community. There was a catch in the network, however. The Delures designed the network to support moral actions vigilantes should take – including that of the non-lethal (i.e. cannot kill the target, opponent, or others). Any vigilante that killed or used lethal action on any “bounty” will be denounced and even marked by the network; some consequences included the ‘administrators’ researching the vigilante and luring the authorities to them.

Transitional Arch
Still maintaining their normal identity by day, by night Mr. Delure did maintenance for the network, while Ms. Delure trained herself to become one of the network’s ‘researchers’ – choosing a non-lethal wrist crossbow as her only weapon of choice. (due to his heart condition, Mr. Delure was unable to, instead becoming his wife’s technical and communications partner). After the “golden age” of the vigilante network, the Delures were able to settle down. During their time, Didine Delure was born. The family’s joy together, however great, did not last long; during her first year, Didine’s father died from his congenital heart defect. Feeling that the vigilante part of her life would not be the same without her love, and realizing the increased active attempts by the U.S. government and authorities to get into the network – which could then endanger her and her daughter – Ms. Delure shut down the network and erased it from the existence of the World Wide Web. Only she and her husband knew how to create it, and it could never be replicated, thanks to its unique encryption codes. She was most certainly not going to bring it back again – it was too risky for every vigilante out there. Besides, she had her darling daughter to raise.

Mommy’s Little Helper, Now and Forever
Didine never knew about her parents’ creation of the vigilante network. All she knew was that she had a kind, loving family – with a mother who, occasionally, liked to take up a little hobby. She started getting involved in her mother’s hobby when she was ten years old – the hobby consisted of them transferring information and evidence from trusted contacts and private detectives to authorities and vigilantes (under codenames). Didine learned a lot from this experience – it was as interesting an education as her daytime school, albeit a tad more thrilling. Even with their hobbies, Didine had a joyful upbringing – strengthening her development with good morals. Life in this single-parent family was highly positive for her. That was, until four years later, when Ms. Delure was diagnosed with a heart affect herself. This was partially surprising; some of her family line had dormant cells of this throughout their long lives, due to their strong immunity system. Sadly, Ms. Delure was one of the very few who did not develop such immunity. It was a tearful experience for her and Didine, as they spent their last year and few months together, living vigilante-free, normal lives. After her mother passed away, Didine contemplated about living a normal future, not returning to her vigilante hobby. She would live in the bliss her mother left her.
But that was not to be…

Sway of a Sting
What was supposed to be her ideal remainder of her life ended up being only a short-term hiatus. Few months after her mother’s passing, Didine was adopted by someone who claimed to have known her mother personally. This man was a seasoned vigilante named Ghost Sting. He saw the potential in Didine and offered her a place as his operative spy. At first, Didine was compliant – with the experience she had with her mother, she turned out to be quite good at that. As she got started, she took up a codename for herself – Arbeli, taken from the word arbalest, meaning “one who shoots arrows”. The targets she was given by Ghost Sting were the ‘untouchables’ who could buy their way out of the law. The routine was simple – get past security, research the target, take whatever evidence would incriminate them, and return to Ghost Sting, who would then give the evidence to the authorities. The relationship between Arbeli and Ghost Sting was less of a father-daughter and more of a business partnership. Rarely do they team up together on a ‘mission’, but that was fine with Arbeli – her mother’s wrist crossbow was all she needed to take care of any ‘trouble makers’. This was all her every-other-day thing, from when she graduated from high school at age seventeen, to when she and Ghost Sting moved to Empire City to tackle more targets. The new vigilante life was okay; a tad less fun and a little more dangerous than the times with her mother. But that was how it was supposed to be…
At least, that was what Arbeli thought, until she found the truth…

The Ghost’s Imposter
One night, as Arbeli had just collected the final evidence against a high-corporate CEO, she heard a struggle in an adjacent room of the corporate building. She snuck by to find, to her shock, Ghost Sting killing the said CEO. That vigilante was supposed to be one of those that used non-lethal methods – he killed that businessman as if he had years of experience! Arbeli left before she was discovered and began her own investigation on Ghost Sting. Whenever he left their warehouse base, she would look for indications as to what he really did with the evidence. What she found was deplorable – Ghost Sting was acting for his own vendetta and interest rather than for justice. He was selecting the wealthy ‘untouchables’ so that he could kill them and hack into their bank accounts to steal their money! But this couldn’t be right… Ghost Sting was a renowned vigilante in the Southeast, well known for his non-lethal tactics. What could have caused his change of heart? Upon further investigating, Arbeli found the horrid truth – the man who had adopted her was not the real Ghost Sting. Somehow, he had taken the Ghost Sting identity. Whether the real one died on his own or this imposter killed him was unknown. But that was not Arbeli’s primary concern. This man had used her for his own gain, and he used what the real Ghost Sting knew about her mother to get to her. She knew he had wronged her; if her mother was still alive, she would know that he had wronged her. And they both knew what to do when they are wronged by such a person… payback.

Phantom Limb
It was going to be risky…and dangerous. She knew that ’Ghost Sting’ would come after her, but she felt that this was worth it. All of those he killed deserved justice – and she was going to give it. For the next two months, every time ‘Ghost Sting’ was away – whether with his public identity or not – Arbeli would gather evidence against him. The amount of money he stole from the targets, any trace of evidence from his suit, his normal identity, even where he publically lives (he didn’t care to have Didine go to college, rather needing her to be proactive in her vigilantism – that would be his undoing). After collecting enough evidence, Arbeli secretly planted them right in the offices of the Empire City authorities. It would only be a matter of time before they go after him, and then… he would come after her. She would be waiting.
The time came the next day. One night, four months before her eighteenth birthday. Standing in the upper floor of their warehouse base, Arbeli waited, with her crossbow loaded with stonefish quarrels – and an extra tube of the paralyzing toxin. She didn’t need to hide from him, nor did she want to. She didn’t have to wait too long, though. There he was, in the real Ghost Sting’s body suit, slipping through the window and facing her, the only skin showing was his frowning mouth. He didn’t need to demand why she did this to him – he knew why. He only asked if this was how she repays someone who adopted her. Not at all, she replied, she would never do that to someone who cared for her. No, this was how she repays a liar, a thief, and a murderer. At that, Arbeli aimed and fired her crossbow. ‘Ghost Sting’ barely dodged the quarrel. And… the fight began.
It could have lasted for an hour. She had her crossbow and her wits, he had nothing but his arms and a man’s strength. It didn’t look like he had the strangler that he used on that day, nor did he have any visible weapons. Easy prey – or that was what she thought when she cornered him on the warehouse’s catwalk. She had him pinned and her crossbow aimed at point-blank. She was about to pull the trigger , but then she hesitated. She felt soo bad that it had to end this way…they did have some good times…he even came to her graduation and personally congratulated her…like a father. She shouldn’t have had to feel sorry, though, for when she hesitated, ‘Ghost Sting’ – with his free hand – reached to his back and pulled out a machete from a concealed holder. He tripped Arbeli and –WHACK! – chopped off her right hand – her primary had for her crossbow!
A piercing scream filled the whole warehouse as Arbeli felt the searing pain. It felt soo horrible! He was soo horrible! That murderous, backstabbing &@$#@^%!!! Arbeli’s shock became sheer, over-powering rage – she was not going to be killed by this loser! With her left hand, she grabbed the thick tube of the stonefish toxin, popped the lid, and jammed it into the imposter’s mouth. ‘Ghost Sting’, who was distracted by Arbeli’s scream, didn’t even realize what was down his throat. He could do little to resist the toxin pouring down his throat. His machete, stuck on the catwalk, was of no use to him. Panicking, and feeling the effects begin to take over, he struggled like crazy against the rusty rail he was pinned to. The railing suddenly snapped and fell backwards, taking ‘Ghost Sting’ with it. Still in pain, Arbeli could only watch as the imposter fell to the bottom floor. A sickening smack followed. As she peered down, Arbeli saw the former partner, dead, with blood already pouring out of him. It was the worst sight that she had ever seen – she killed someone; a killer, but still a somebody. She couldn’t stop to brood, though – she had to stop her own bleeding. So, she turned from the scene, picked up her hand, and went to the medical room built in their hideout.

On Hawk’s Wings
Arbeli was alone again. Hiding out in the old warehouse, she was able to stop the bleeding from her own right arm before she lost too much blood. She did not want to risk going to a hospital – she decided to instead rest for a while, letting her wound heal on its own. Besides, she still needed to get rid of ‘Ghost Sting’s’ body. But she really needed to rest. There would be enough time for that.
She didn’t even have a week to herself. Four days later, Arbeli was working on modifying her crossbow so that, one day, it can fit on the stump of her right arm. It was difficult working with one hand, but it did give her something to do for a while. That was, until she heard footsteps coming from the lower floor. Immediately, she grabbed her crossbow and rushed to the catwalk to see who it was. She felt her heart shoot up to her throat. Down there, standing next to ‘Ghost Sting’s’ dead body, was Nighthawk. Arbeli heard about the infamous vigilante, and expected to bump into him someday – but today of all days! Why today? Well, she was about to find out; no sooner than she took a step back that Nighthawk looked up and saw her. Arbeli couldn’t help but wonder what he was thinking underneath that mask. It didn’t matter, though – if he though she killed him, he would be right. Arbeli just stood there on the catwalk. She didn’t bother running; he would catch her. She was wounded and not well enough to try using the crossbow with her left hand…or fight at all. She had been caught, and she knew she would have to face the music.
She watched as Nighthawk used his grapnel to come up to the catwalk. What was he going to say? Was he going to arrest her on the spot? Or maybe he would interrogate her first, squeezing out every detail of the imposter’s demise? How was she going to respond? She questioned herself until Nighthawk was just a foot away from her. She expected him to demand what happened – instead, the first thing he did was look at her stump arm. A surge of embarrassment and shame went up her spine, and she shied her right arm out of view. The next thing Nighthawk did was just as unexpected – he asked her if ‘Ghost Sting’ did that to her. After a brief stutter, she answered him. A short pause later, Nighthawk suggested that they go to his hideout to tend to her wound – to make sure it was not infected. A puzzled look was followed by Arbeli’s realization – she can’t leave yet! She needed to deal with the imposter’s body! It wasn’t necessary, he said. They needed to take care of her first. It didn’t look like she had much of a say, so Arbeli reluctantly went with him.

Redeeming a Third Try
It was quite interesting to have a surgery done by a well-known vigilante. It wasn’t very painful either, so that was cool. After the surgery, Nighthawk then asked Arbeli what happened. He seemed calm, but she could not be sure if he would believe her. She decided to tell him anyway – keeping it all bottled up was tearing at her. She told him everything: the adoption, the task she did for the imposter, how she found the truth, and finally, the fight. She told nothing but the truth and, after she was done, she watched to see how he would react. After a somewhat uncomfortable amount of silence, Nighthawk let out a small sigh of relief – he knew she was telling the truth. He then told her his side of the story. It turned out that the real Ghost Sting had a partner before he died; the partner told Nighthawk that someone stole Ghost Sting’s identity and moved to Empire City with a ‘sidekick’. Nighthawk started to track the person to find out what he was up to, but was surprised when he found out that the Empire authorities received enough evidence to arrest the imposter in public! Nighthawk then broke into the imposter’s public home to find indications of his hideout. It took him a few days to locate the warehouse and ‘Ghost Sting’, but he was too late, as Arbeli got to him first.
Again, there was the uncomfortable silence, until Arbeli asked if she would be arrested. No, she wouldn’t, was all he said. While she was relieved, Arbeli remembered, now that ‘Ghost Sting’ was gone, where would she go? The police could be looking for her (in her public identity) since she is registered as the imposter’s adopted child. That was when Nighthawk offered to take her in – she could work with him as a crime fighter as well. Arbeli, with a blank face, considered this. Should she join him? Could she handle being a vigilante again, even with just one hand left? And what if he tries to use her like ‘Ghost Sting’ did? In her mind, her doubts were countered by assurance. There were no records ever of Nighthawk intentionally killing anyone. He seemed to be liked by some of Empire City’s population. And besides, he did heal her stump arm. He had no intention of harming her or using her for his own ends. There was no denying that this vigilante was honourable. With a little pause, Arbeli agreed to join Nighthawk.
The road ahead was not going to be easy, but at least she would have someone she can trust. Someone who could train her, test her might, and represent to her the ideal vigilante her mother always envisioned. Yes, her future was not going to be easy, but it was going to be worth it.

Personality & Motivation:
Arbeli genuinely cares about the innocent, especially those who have been wronged by the ‘untouchables’. Helping them by taking down the corrupted is her primary motivation for becoming a vigilante, as it was with her mother. She knows how it felt to be betrayed by those one trusts – her experience with ‘Ghost Sting’ taught her that. Thus, she strives to ensure that no one else has to experience that…ever.

On the other hand…

Arbeli does get a kick out of being a vigilante – and she hides that joy very well. She gets a rush of excitement sneaking into a locked area filled with incriminating evidence, taking down an ‘untouchable’ and any opponent that side with one, and getting away to ‘fight another day’. The action and thrills of being a vigilante helps Arbeli become creative with her crossbow. It’s nearly just as rewarding as helping the innocent.

Arbeli’s Demeanour:
Upon first impression, Arbeli appears to be thoughtful, but distant. When one has a chance to understand her, they would find her to be an honourable and rather a peaceable individual. Arbeli doesn’t like to talk about her past much, and she usually thinks twice before considering going somewhere public with anyone. When by herself, she tends to be ‘spaced-out’, in thought. When she is very comfortable with someone – or somewhere – one would find that she is quick of mind and even charming.
While she does trust Nighthawk enough to work with him, she is still on alert to see if he is as honourable as he leads. If she senses that he will do something to betray her trust…well, that will be left alone until that happens, if that ever happens.

Arbeli lost her right hand during her fight with the ‘Ghost Sting’ imposter. She had modified her crossbow so that it can be attached to that stump. She takes off the crossbow when not in use. Arbeli never considered returning to her public identity due to disability.

Like her mother, Arbeli promised herself that she would do her best not allow anyone – opponent, the guilty, or the innocent – to be killed or seriously injured during her work as a vigilante. While she hated those who committed heinous crimes, she would not bring herself to kill them for that – she wants to bring them to justice. She does not fight for no reason, nor does she inflict needless pain. If there are other options, she would gladly take them – she definitely would not pierce someone if a strike from her crossbow would knock her opponent out. That being said, Arbeli has little interest in violence and would snap at anyone who would suggest that she kill someone, or that the person kills someone. She still feels guilty about ‘Ghost Sting’s’ death.

Arbeli still has her public identity as Didine DeLure. Documentations would tell that she was adopted by a Mr. Robert Midwell (the imposter ‘Ghost Sting’), who has recently moved to Empire City. The authorities could be looking for Didine, primary to get her into protective custody, and partially to inquire from her about ‘Ghost Sting’.

Unbeknownst to Arbeli, her parents were the ones who created the secret vigilante network in the southeast of the United States, before Ms. DeLure permanently erased it when she borne Didine. ‘Ghost Sting’ seemed to be the only one who found out about Ms. DeLure and her daughter. However, what if he told someone about her? Did he tell one of the vigilantes, who were not happy when the network turned on them when they killed their targets? Perhaps some of the ‘administrators’ of the former network are trying to get in contact with Arbeli, either trying to help her or get her to be their crime-fighting partner?

Here were some suggestions from Hound and Lord Fell that would have helped me make Arbeli better:

Hound wrote:maybe if you can find the points link your toxin quarrel with ranged blast so you casn hurt them and maybe parlize them. to save on points since this is such a low level game, make it only 2 degrees instead of 3 since its rare someone would fail so baddly.

also up affliction to a 4 for maximum chance of working.

I really like that idea.

Lord Fell wrote:So... I read through Arbeil's backstory.

It's obvious that you put a lot of work and thought into it, and it has good logical progression. I definitely see that it was written specifically for this campaign. So... a lot of pluses for the story.

I do feel that she has a LOT of vigilante experience. In my opinion, too much for this "rookie theme" campaign. I'm not sure that you can rewrite your background to tone that down. I'm also not sure that I would worry about it. If you think you can make her feel less experienced without changing the flow of your story, you could. But, at the same time (as I said previously) there is a lot of good stuff in your story, that could overcome what I see as the only flaw.

This was especially helpful. So, I was going to edit Arbeli's backstory with the following:
~Rather than her mother training Didine on everything she knows AND take her to help her with her 'hobbies', I could make it so that Ms. DeLure never did any of that with her daughter. The only thing that she trained Didine on was the basic use of the wrist crossbow, which Didine kept as an heirloom after Ms. DeLure passed away. Ms. DeLure would also share with her daughter how to tell a 'good' vigilante from a 'bad' vigilante.

~The imposter 'Ghost Sting' never had Didine go into any dangerous spying. He simply had her either a) meet with his associates, allies, or firends who would themselves provide her with the so called 'evidence' to give to 'Ghost Sting' or b) she would be able to do the spying, but not as dangerous (I'm confusing myself as to how I would write that up so that she would still come out as a novice, untrained vigilante, but I'll think of something).

~Didine never used her mother's crossbow when she was adopted by 'Ghost Sting'...well that was until after she discovered his deciet. Also, instead of a drawn out fight, when she and 'Ghost Sting' met at the warehouse - after she sent the evidence to the Empire Police - she surprised him when she took out her crossbow and pinned him to the railing of the warehouse's catwalk.

This, my friends, would have finalized Arbeli (albeit without the picture).

Have a pleasant day, everyone!
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Re: Meninges - My First Character for my First Try at M&M

Postby SDarkshine » Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:08 pm

Good Midnight, everyone!

I'm posting another completed character, which I used to play as in Lord Fell's game, Dr Zero's Last Hurrah!

A fancy, yet good-hearted woman - with illusion powers – who loves to bring her imagination to life, yet dreads her secrets being discovered.

Sanja LeClurton was the daughter of a famous illusionists couple in Italy. She grew up as an assistant to the couple’s performances – which were actually a combination of her father’s expert sleight of hand and her mother’s real illusion powers (that she inherited as well). Most of Sanja’s beginning adult life was spent increasing her fame as a supreme ‘illusion artist’ after her parents settled down and retired. She also studied dance to further improvise on her illusion tricks. Her "illusion arts" tours usually occur within Europe and North America, the latter where she inherited a small townhouse from her parents. Sanja got her first taste as a crimefighter when she apprehended crooks who were trying to steal from a theatre she was performing at. The thrill of confusing her opponents with her illusions coaxed Sanja to take a ‘hobby’ as a superhero – named Déjè.

Personality & Motivation:
Motivation - Thrills:
Sanja does get a kick out of being an ‘illusionist’ as well as being a ‘crimefighter’. She gets soo excited whenever she tricks a criminal into being arrested or giving up on their nefarious plans. Now while Déjè does care about innocent people and wishes to use her power for the greater good, she also knows that she didn’t have to be a superhero for that. Becoming a ‘superhero’ was an opportunity to let her use her powers more freely and creatively. It’s nearly just as rewarding as helping the innocent.

Déjè has no qualms in ‘playing’ with her opponents with her illusions – up to the point of them getting hurt a little bit (more like that of comedy), but not to the point of severe injury and death.

Despite using her powers to ‘toy’ with criminals, Déjè is quite reluctant to use them to mess with everyday people, especially with innocent bystanders. Also, she is highly reluctant to kill anyone.

Déjè is very careful when talking to someone about herself. Despite her charming personality, she is quite insecure about having people getting to know her well. Any slip on her part could have her and her powers exposed for what they really are…and she certainly does not want that to happen at all!

In her normal identity, Déjè is a well-known artistic ‘illusionist’ performer. That identity constantly deals with adoring fans and the snooping, curious media. Déjè may run into some problems if the true nature of her illusions were revealed. Worse yet, someone could potentially find the connection between both of her identities and expose her for being the same person.

Having illusion powers in the first place is the number one secret that Déjè strives to keep to herself. She relies on using her powers to trick her opponents and leaving them confused as to what her ‘powers’ really are. The key is that her opponents should not know that her ‘powers’ are not real. There could be some situations where Déjè will struggle to hide the truth of her power, or take a less convenient method of maintaining her secret.

Yes, I did draw her. :D
Sanja McClurton is lovely young African-Italian woman (a combination of cuteness and beauty) with shoulder-blade-length black hair and grey eyes. In her Déjè identity, she wears a black and maroon jumpsuit with a slit one each outer side of her thighs. She also wears a short black jacket over it – a loose, flowing sleeved type clasped at the center with two buckles - with a huge hood attached to it as well as a mask that covers the majority of her face but not her hair. Her neck and collar area (with the exception of the back area) are exposed. The outfit includes knee-high boots, and gloves that reach up to her elbows.

Alternate Identity: Sanja LeClurton
Height: 5’7’’
Weight: 128 lbs.
Age: 26
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey

PL6 PP100
Abilities [26]
Strength 0
Stamina 3
Agility 1
Dexterity 0
Fighting 2
Intellect 2
Awareness 3
Presence 2

Combat/Defenses [13]:
Initiative 1
Dodge 5
Parry 5
Toughness 5 (7 with Undercover Shirt)
Fortitude 6
Will 6

Advantages [7]:
Daze (Deception): You can make a Deception check as a standard action against your target’s resistance check (Deception skill, Insight, or Will – whichever has highest bonus) to cause an opponent to hesitate in combat (take only a standard action until the end of your next round).

Defensive Roll (rank 2): You can avoid damage through agility and ‘rolling’ with an attack. Being a rank 2 you receive a +2 bonus to your Toughness, but it is considered an active defense similar to Dodge and Parry, so you lose this bonus whenever you are vulnerable or defenseless.

Evasion: You have a +2 circumstance bonus to Dodge resistance checks to avoid area effects.

Fascinate (Deception): Your Deception is so effective that you can capture and hold other’s attention with it (subject to normal guidelines for interaction skills; ineffective in combat and immediate danger). Take a standard action and make an interaction skill check against your target’s opposing check (Insight or Will defense). If you succeed, the target is entranced. You can maintain the effect with a standard action each round, giving the target a new resistance checks. The effect ends when you stop performing, the target successfully resists, or any immediate danger presents itself. Like all interaction skills, you can use Fascinate on a group, but you must affect everyone in the group in the same way.

Skill Mastery (Deception): You can make routine checks with Deception even when under pressure. You can take this advantage multiple times for different skills.

Equipment (rank 1):
Undercover Shirt
-Toughness Bonus: +2
-Cost: 2 Equipment Points
Stun Gun
-Type: Simple Weapon
-Damage: +3
-Critical Range: 20
-Damage Descriptor: Electricity
-Cost: 3 Equipment Points

Skills [16]
Acrobatics: 3 + AGL 1 (+4)
Deception: 8 + PRE 2 (+10)
Expertise: Current Events 1 + INT 2 (+3)
Insight: 2 + AWE 3 (+5)
Intimidation: 0 + PRE 2 (+2)
Perception: 2 + AWE 3 (+5)
Persuasion: 3 + PRE 2 (+5)
Sleight of Hand: 4 + DEX 0 (+4)
Stealth: 9 + AGL 1 (+10)

Powers: [38]
Illusion: Power Rank 6 (4 pp per rank ) Total: 25 points
Definition: You can control others’ senses to create false images and sensory impressions.
• Affects Three Sense Types – Visual (Two Sense Types) and Audio
• Area: 60 cft
• DC 16 for Insight Resistance Check (10 + rank)
• Extras:
o Independent: Normally an active illusion (like a running creature) requires a standard action during each round. With this extra, the active illusion only requires a free action to maintain instead of a standard action.
~Alternate Effect: Illusory Attack – Damage Rank 6
~Definition: You create an illusion of harm so profound the target reacts as if actually struck. The attack affects the target’s mind rather than body. Successfully shaking off the illusion with a Will check immediately removes any “damage” conditions caused by it.
• Alternate Save: Will +0
• Resistible by Will (Removes Damage)
• Variable Descriptor +1 (Illusionary effects)
• DC 21
• Perception Range +2
Illusory Concealment: Concealment (Power Rank 10) Total: 11 points
Definition: You can create the illusion that you are simply part of the background, blending into your surroundings.
• Affects All Senses
• Blending (Flaw): The Concealment only works as long as you move no faster than your (ground speed – 1), since your blending can’t adapt faster than that.
~Alternate Effect: Illusory Disguise: Morph (Power Rank 2)
~Definition: You can use illusions to change your appearance. Provides a +20 circumstance bonus to Deception checks to convince others you are what you appear to be.
• Rank 2: Narrow Class - Assume the appearance of any person rougly Déjè's size.
True Visual Perception: Senses (Power Rank 2) Total: 2 points
Definition: You are able to perceive past illusions, right down to the true nature of things. This is equivalent to Immunity to Illusions.
• Visual Senses Counter Illusions – You automatically succeed on your resistance check against illusions on visual.

On a side note, there was one other thing that I wanted to make integral for Déjè. I initially planned on giving her a Teleport movement. But, because of the difficulty I had in keeping that with the rest of her stats, I decided to take it out. Maybe it can be added to her when she 'levels up'.

I sure had a difficult time writing up Déjè's stats. Lord Fell was kind enough to help me out with his knowledge:
Lord Fell wrote:Reviewing Deje...
Ok, first... In terms of the original recruitment guidelines, your background is about right... were I to present this sheet to one of my tabletop players, I'd cut at least half of the Personality/Motivation information. For an ATT game, that doesn't matter.

As for your Complications.. Fame is a complication, check. Fame references a Secret Identity, which would mostly be where your Fame becomes a complication -you are recognized by fans who want autographs, etc, but you need to get into costume and get to work. Weakness, as you've described is really not a Complication; you've developed a character that doesn't meet offensive or defensive caps... and that makes her weak. That's not a complication, so much as a problem with character design.

On that same topic, I have specified that I expect 100% for characters to meet their caps for Defenses. You have active Defenses of 5, a combined toughness of 4, which adds up to 9 out of a possible 12... need to meet your numbers.

Advantages; you could probably use some of your unspent equipment points to (for example) add a melee weapon to bonk bad guys with. Also, you probably don't need Hide in Plain Sight, when you have a Concealment power. Also keep in mind that your HiPS is a function of Stealth, and your stealth is a rather low +3. Speaking of Skills, I'm not sure why Deje has a Technology skill at all. Probably better to have a few "staple" skills at around a +5 (an "expert" level) and a few go-to skills around a +10 level.

Powers... your powers seem really expensive, but your character doesn't seem to be very effective somehow, let's see here...
Illusion: A DC of 13 is pretty low, this power is not likely to be effective very often, but it's your bread and butter. I'd probably skip Selective to reduce the cost to 4pp per round. You can create illusions that are effectively selective without taking Selective by the way you define them; an illusion of a giant snake eating the villain isn't going to bother your allies.

Your Illusionary Double... you don't need to buy this. Your main Illusion power has Independent, you can do this effect better with that power. Better would be to make an Illusion Attack (an AE that gives you a Damage effect that you can use, that meets your attack/damage caps).

I would also make your Morph power an AE of your Concealment power; you aren't going to need to be Morphed at the same time you are Concealed. It's OK to have AEs of powers that are cheaper than the Main Power.

Also, in the interest of saving some points, I'd advocate changing your True Sight from "all senses" to just vision, which would be a lot cheaper. Cheaper yet, would be: Second Chance -Save vs. Illusion.

...That should save you a pile of points, which should hopefully let you beef up your character in some of the places which are lacking.

This, and a few other advice (i.e. how to reach the caps of the defenses, raising my Illusory Attack, exchanging Defensive Roll points for Stamina, removing Resistable from my Morph, altering my Stun Gun, and cutting out the Dex) helped me make Déjè more suitable for his game. A big thank you to Lord Fell :D !
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Re: Meninges - My First Character for my First Try at M&M

Postby SDarkshine » Wed Jul 11, 2012 12:16 am

Hello, again, fellow RPG Gamers.

I'm posting my character for bleachfreak247's game, Hellworld. I absolutely loved the setting, as well as how bleachfreak247 had proposed it. So, I created a character for the game. Unfortunately, I'm having a bit of difficulty getting this one in the range of 180 pps for PL 12. Would someone please help me with that part?


Update as of July 15, 2012 - Sadly, but truly, Eih'va was not selected for participation in the Hellworld. :( Oh well, at least whenever someone needs a PL 12 super-powered alien humanoid being, she will be ready. :wink:

Here she is...

A humanoid offshoot (okay, not so much as one anymore) who, after accidentally absorbing a black hole essence, became a living black hole. And by ‘living black hole”, I mean she has the ability to pull opponents into her dimensional pocket inside her where she could selectively 'digest' some of them, while keeping the others imprisoned.

Death of the Suns
Dimensions away from Earth, in a galaxy somewhat similar, there was a planet – Vatha, a lush world with large oceans and a planet-spanning jungle- with twin suns warming the fair skies (the suns’ combined rays were equal to that of the Earth’s sun). The people of this planet, the Vathani, were long-living and prosperous within their gleaming cities alongside the blue seas (there were only three cities on the planet). At one time in their history, one of the twin suns underwent supernova- surprisingly still, it became a black hole. This new form ‘swallowed’ the other sun whole, yet it continues to swirl some of the latter star’s ‘light’ (particles). While the planet Vatha was at a safe enough distance to not be destroyed, the lack of the stars placed it in somewhat perpetual darkness. The black hole, ‘glowing’ above the skies, was the only source of light for the Vathani. It’s not just the particles that surround it; something happened when the black hole swallowed the second star. No one knows what happened, but it resulted in crystals (the size of an average human heart) occasionally being ‘spewed’ out from the black hole and drifting throughout space. These crystals contained ‘light’ essences from the second star. Some of them fell onto Vatha, where the Vathani incorporated them into their architecture and lifestyle. The crystals helped provide enough light for the cities to compliment the night.

The Black Light
As the crystals continued to descend from the sky, one in particular was found by Eih’va, the current empress of the Vathani people. The crystal, she realized, was unlike any of the others she had seen throughout the cities. The ‘light’ was nearly dark, almost black. As she gazed upon the dark crystal, it suddenly began to pulse – like a heartbeat. Her crystal brain* started to pulse as well – in unison with the dark crystal! Eih’va, in a panic, called for the guards as well as the scholars of her city. Tried as they might, they could not understand why the empress’ crystal brain is reacting to the dark crystal.

Suddenly, it moved.

It ‘attached’ itself to Eih’va’s crystal brain. Then, it ‘fused’ with it, as if it was being absorbed into the brain. A few minutes of silence passed…then Eih’va doubled over, her body tensing, her muscles aching. The guards came up to support her, but were repelled by the pulse emitting from her body. Eih’va was morphing…her flesh, her muscles, her organs…her entire body was compressing. After a short while, it felt as if she was losing weight. By this time, more scholars, guards, and doctors came, attempting to help her. She could hear their exclamations…

She’s losing color…she’s getting dark…her body is changing…turning incorporeal…losing legs…gaining tendrils…my word! She’s pulsing like the crystal!...her powers are out of control…can’t get to her…do something! Save her! Help her! She’s still changing! She looks like…she’s starting to look like the black hole in the sky…

At that moment, the pulse coming from her body started to pull instead of push.

Everyone surrounding the empress panicked as they tried to get away from her. She was turning into a black hole! Eih’va never felt so scared in her life. She was about to kill her people – unintentionally! The empress struggled to get up, wishing there was some way to ‘turn the pulse off’! That was when she felt something inside her, directing her to gaze up at the black hole. The crystal…yes…she had to go up there…in there…

With merely a thought, the empress rose, levitating above her people. Without warning, she zoomed up, flying to the skies…past the clouds…above Vatha. In all the rush, she noticed that she didn’t need to breathe at all. Sooner than she expected, she made it to the black hole. It felt odd to her, being right there before this…unnatural enigma, yet not feeling any pull towards it whatsoever. The pulse within her…somehow counter-balanced it…it was guiding her…encouraging her to go inside…Too entranced by the ‘light’ coming from the hole – and wanting to know what was happening to her – she went in.

That was the last time that the Vathani saw Empress Eih’va before her transformation. It was, to them, a great loss. The people, in grief, built a memorial to the kind ruler, who sacrificed her life to save them, rather than letting her pull kill them. The Vathani prayed that where she is, she will have eternal rest.

But Eih’va was not dead – at least not out of existence.

Fading Peace
Time passed (equivalent to two Earth Centuries). Crystals continued to descend from the black hole, and the Vathani continued to collect them to brighten their cities, in honor of their lost empress. Never again was there another incident of a dark crystal. Vatha, the Vathani, and the black hole continued to exist in peace…however, that peace was not to last. In the latter part of the ‘century’, a spaceship appeared, orbiting Vatha at first, then landing. Some creature arrived at one of the cities. The Vathani were able to understand the creature with their crystal brains’ telepathy.

They did not like what they heard. This creature was telling them to surrender their planet to its master, Sharak-Nah-Grapthua, who will come to claim their planet. The people, angry that someone would dare try to reign their home in place of their beloved empress, interrogated the intruder and – after obtaining more information through telepathy – killed it. The Vathani prepared themselves for the coming invasion. They did not have to wait long…spaceships suddenly appeared. It was an invading armada, sent by the conqueror Sharak-Nah-Grapthua. Their weapons aimed at the planet, the spaceships prepared to bombard the cities. With the black hole in the background, the invading armies prepared themselves, expecting to take the planet with some minor resistance.

But they were not expecting this to happen…neither were the Vathani…

The black hole…it was moving…towards Vatha…

The armies were dumbstruck, the Vathani were in awe. The black home – glowing with an inner light - came closer towards the planet. Then, it ‘swallowed’ the planet whole. As it did, it glowed even brighter, like a celestial portal! Once the hole finished taking in the planet, its glow dimmed down, until it was black again.

A little time passed, with nothing happening. The armies of the armada couldn’t wrap their minds around what just happened. The most certainly couldn’t comprehend what was happening now – the black hole’s shape was morphing. It’s form was changing to that of…some female…a large female…why ‘it’ was becoming a ‘she’, they could not understand…not that they had time to do so, because ‘she’ started coming after them! Instinctively, the armies drew fire upon ‘her’…but they went right through ‘her’ without effect – some seem to even warp around ‘her’! The armies were ineffective against her…too bad the opposite was true against them. The spaceships were suddenly jerked about, being pulled towards ‘her’. Only a few smaller ships were able to escape the gravity pull. The majority of the invading armada could only panic as they were pulled into this new black hole…if there were any sound to be heard in space, it would be the shredding and crushing of the ships – and all within them – as they were disintegrated within the black hole, Eih’va.

Push Forward, Pull Together, Immobilized
After that one-sided battle, the living black hole – Eih’va – shrunk to her former size. Wondering what to do now that she had her homeworld in one of her dimensional pockets – and now that she decimated over three-quarters of an armada – she decided to roam space to find a better, safer place for her planet. How she would get Vatha out of her when she arrives there…well, she does not have the answer to that yet.

Unfortunately, she never got past her own solar system, when a second armada – much bigger and with more weaponry than the last – arrived. The few survivors of the previous armies must have told their leaders and their master about their destruction at the grasp of “a massive black hole…taking the form of a female…swallowed a whole planet…tore apart the whole armada…it was horrific!” These testimonies brought some of fierce soldiers and warriors of the empire, with advanced technology to counter this giant. Even their conqueror, Sharak-Nah-Grapthua – known also as Fade – came to see this unnatural entity.

When the army finally found Eih’va, Fade executed the survivors on the spot for their ‘over-exaggeration’. A few minutes later, he was shouting commands as Eih’va imploded one of the first ships. The former empress was nearly berserk. She tore at the ships, pulling their hulls as she zoomed through them. How dare they threaten her people! She may be her former size again, but that does not make her any less dangerous. She crashed through three more ships – leaving a trail of explosions in her wake – before she got to the ship Fade was in. Too bad Fade was prepared…Before Eih’va could strike, one of the ship’s cannons shot her. Unlike the previous blasts, this one entrapped her. It also, to Eih’va’s displeasure, immobilized her. She, for the first time, was captured.

The ship’s tractor beam pulled her into the ship. All of the ship’s crew gathered to see this being – this unnatural creature that destroyed an army and ‘swallowed’ and entire planet’. Among them was Fade, who was first in line to see Eih’va. If there was anything she felt about the conqueror as they were there, face to face, it was nothing but full contempt and loathing – she would like nothing more than to kill him for what he attempted to do to her kind.

The creatures – the soldiers of the conqueror’s armies – continued to gather, some even asking Fade what he planned to do with this…entity. Eih’va could faintly interpret what they were saying with her telepathy, but the words that struck out were Fade’s decision.

…Send her to Hellworld…

…the scientists…study her…

..find a way…to use her…use her powers…

…become…a living weapon…

Never had Eih’va felt such anger – such rage – against a living being enough to want to kill him! Her immobilizing prison, however, prevented her from making an attack. And so, Fade had her transported to Hellworld, ordering the guards of the prison world to keep her restrained and immobilized until there was a sure way to ‘safely study her’. Until then, she was locked within the deepest of the most secured station within Hellworld.

Either until Fade’s scientists find a way to tap into her power for the conqueror’s use…

Or until she frees herself…that immobilizing prison won’t keep her for long…

When Eih’va was her former self (to her people), she was charming, highly educated, well-versed in her species’ culture, and kind. Being transformed into a living black hole altered her personality. Eih’va is still quite charming; she even took up an affixation for outer space, spending time adrift while looking at stars and nebulas when she is not preoccupied. Despite maintaining her ‘charm’, she recently became a tad ruthless when fighting against merciless enemies. She has an especially strong hatred for conquerors that would bring harm to her people and allies.

Secret: Unknown to anyone (except for her people), Eih’va was formerly the Empress of Vatha. She seems to be the only one with that knowledge. However, what if someone else knows? What if the infiltrator - who came to Vatha - told someone from Fade’s empire?

Enemy: Fade – Should Eih’va ever escape from her prison, there is no doubt that Fade will attempt to retrieve her. What kind of weapon he intended to turn her into…is unknown.

Responsibility: Eih’va currently has her planet, Vatha, within her secondary dimensional pocket (story plot device). She is currently seeking a safe, new solar system for the planet – far away from Fade’s touch. She takes it upon herself to travel far to find one.

Obsession: In relation to her responsibility, Eih’va is obsessed with new galaxies and solar systems that she has never seen before. Her obsession can be placed in two parts: finding a new home for her planet, and finding a place untouched by Fade.

Alternate Identity: None – Eih’va is her real name.
Weight: Unknown
Age: Probably around 270
Hair: ‘Black’
Eyes: ‘Celestial Gold’ Irises with “Void Colored” sclera

PL12 PP180

Abilities [20]
Strength 6 (-2)
Dexterity 16 (+3)
Constitution 14 (+2)
Intelligence 14 (+2)
Wisdom 14 (+2)
Charisma 16 (+3)

Saving Throws [8]:
Toughness +2/+6
Fortitude +3
Reflex +6
Will +6

Combat [0]
Defense +3
Knockback -3
Initiative +3
Carry Load: 20/40/60/120/300 lbs.

Attack Bonus +0
Grapple Bonus -2
Melee +0
Ranged +2

Feats [13]:
Accurate Attack
All-Out Attack
Attack Focus (Ranged) 2
Defensive Roll 4
Dodge Focus 3
Power Attack

Skills [10]
Bluff: 0 (+3)
Concentration: 8 (+10)
Diplomacy 2 (+5)
Intimidate: 1 (+4)
Investigate: 3 (+5)
Notice: 8 (+10)
Search 8 (+10)
Sense Motive 3 (+5)
Stealth: 7 (+10)

Powers: [129]
Living Black Hole [Dimensional Pocket 10] (84 pp Total).
• Capacity: 1000000 lbs.
• DC 20
• Extras:
- Affects Corporeal
- Area (Explosion)
- Alternate Save (Toughness)
- Aura
- Duration (2)
- Selective Attack
• Linked Power:
~Matter Eater (Drain 10)
~Drains Toughness
~DC 20
~Affects Corporeal
~Explosion Area (100 ft)
~Duration 2 (Sustained)
~Linked (Dimensional Pocket 10)
~ Selective Attack
Alternate Powers:
Gravity Bend (Gravity Control 10)
- Range: 100 ft.
- Radius: 50 ft.
- Strength: 50
- Force: 12.8 tons
- Extras:
- Progression 4 (Mass)
- Selective
Reach the Stars (Flight 10)
- Speed: 10000 mph, 88000 ft./rnd
Void Bend (Telekinesis 10)
- Range: 100 ft.
- Radius: 50 ft.
- Strength: 50
- Carry: 4.3 tons/8.5 tons/12.8 tons/25.6 tons
- Extras:
- Precise
- Progression 2 (Mass)
- Subtle (Subtle)
Living Void (Linked Powers) (38 pp Total)
Ghost Void (Insubstantial 4)
- Incorporeal; Permanent; Innate
- Immunity 19 (Life Support; Mental Effects)
Transcend Language (Communication 6) (5 pp Total)
• Sense Type: Mental
•Range: 20 miles
• Subtle (Subtle)
• Flaw: Check required (Concentration)
AP: Comprehend 2
• Languages
- Understand All
- You’re Understood
• Flaw: Check required (Concentration)

• Mute (Uncommon, Minor) (-1)

Please let me know what you think of her!
If someone who usually boasts goes silent, RUN! It means that they are about to hit harder.

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