Mister B's Thread: Magic in Legaria

Please, tell us about your character! This section is custom-made just for your heroes (or villains) to hang out in and strut their stuff.
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Religion of Legaria

Post by Mister B » Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:22 pm

Legarian Religion & Spirituality

The legarian religion is very simple, and is split into a divine duality. A female and male figure to personify all things about their world.

Marasay, Goddess of Light.
Pronounced: Mare-a-say
The Mother, The Queen; Goddess of Mercy, Goodness and Light. Goddess of Virtue and Peace.
Symbol: The dove and a beam of light
Starting Abilities (8 pp): Awareness 2, Presence 2
Starting Skills (2 pp): Expertise: Religion 2, Treatment 2
Starting Advantages: Ritualist
Granted Powers:
The light of Mercy: Environmental Control 1 (light)
Mercy's Touch: Healing 1 (Flaw: takes 2 rounds to cast)

Valar, God of Valor.
Pronounced: Val-are
The Father, The King; God of Righteous thought, law, & Fury. God of Honor and Bravery, and Valor.
Symbol : The crown and sword
Starting Abilities (8 pp): Stamina 2, Fighting 2
Starting Skills (2 pp): Expertise: Religion 2, Intimidate 2
Starting Advantages: Ritualist, Fearless (+5 instead of full immunity)
Granted Powers:
Valar's Wrath : Make an Attack's damage penetrating; Move Action, Variable- Any melee
The Just defense: Impervious Toughness Defense (requires a move action, requires a shield)
Feature: Divine purpose. Add the Divine descriptor on any melee attack, (variable - any melee attack)

Status: Religious Heirarchy
1 : Initiate
2 : Friar
3 : Priest
4 : Bishop
5 : Cardinal

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Making a note of Thoughts for his supers campaign

Post by Mister B » Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:09 pm

So what do we know about Evolutionaries ?
1. There was an age before man, where there was a more powerful version of human. The ruled over weaker men like gods. (still working out details here)
2. The Inter-breeding with man, eventually created what I will dub the 1st strain, or demi-gods, those who possessed great power. But after a certain amount of time, roughly some time after 500 B.C. to 0 A.D. The genetic strain had become so diluted (or perhaps a war), that Evolutionaries were not possible any longer.
There are 3 distinct strains of Evolutionary, so dubbed, first, second, and third (being the weakest)
3. The Dark Ages, introduced an Evolutionary up-heaval that nearly destoyed humanity in its wake. (the 4th strain) Many of those during this age are either evil, or persecuted.
4. The Age of Englightenment. sometime during the 18th century, a secret order was created. To create a better man. They got their hands on pure Evolutionary DNA from an Ancient. At the time , The order was ruled by 5. Each person gained a unique power, and the resurgence of Evolutionary power continued. Only to grow stronger over time. (the 5th strain)

This is all I got right now. Hope you enjoy :)

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Alpha Omega Conversions?

Post by Mister B » Sun Feb 09, 2014 10:41 pm

Anyone ever hear of the Alpha Omega RPG?
I had been pondering trying a few conversions from that game. Cause I really love the setting and the system on a whole. But I think support is starting to dry up over the system. But it really is an amazing game.

The Alpha Omega Universe

Alpha Omega is set in a futuristic, war-torn, post-apocalyptic Earth. It provides a world of endless adventures, epic heroes, vile villains, horrific monsters and unknown dangers. It is a world ready for you and your imagination.

It is 2280. The world has been reclaimed by primal forces, savage and deadly. Humanity is evolving, its ingenuity unchained. It fights to reach out from beyond the protection of its great cities and reestablish global order. However, ancient war returns-fought by legendary enemies of incredible power threatening all that has been rebuilt.

Mankind has raised great cities out of the ashes of the Old World; mammoth vertical towers reaching to the clouds out of the violent environments around them. Aliens have been discovered living amongst us, their ancestry shrouded and confused by ancient texts. Earth is their battleground and their forces are poised to wage their epic war once again, however mankind is no longer an insignificant and ignorant bystander. Mankind will be central to the Evolutionary War whether they want to be or not.

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Legarian Equipment

Post by Mister B » Sat Apr 05, 2014 1:42 pm

Recently got the Armor & weapons gadget guides. And decided to list what equipment is usable in my medieval setting.

Leather Armor: Protection 1
Studded leather: Protection 2
Chain Mail: Protection 3
Half Plate: Protection 4
Plate Mail: Protection 5
Full Plate: Protection 6

Bracer: Improved Defense Advantage.
Small Shield: Enhanced Parry/Dodge 1
Medium Shield: Enhanced Parry/Dodge 2
Large Shield*: Enhanced Parry/Dodge 3 (alt: Visual Concealment, Partial, Sustained)
*Often used for set position with spears, or lances.

Dagger, Knife: Strength based damage 1 (piercing), Dangerous
Dagger, Sword breaker: Strength based damage 1 (piercing), Dangerous, Disarming, Breaking
Axe, Hand: Strength based damage 2 (Slashing), Breaking, Dangerous
Axe, Battle: Strength based damage 3 (Slashing), Breaking, Dangerous
Axe, 2H: Strength based damage 4 (slashing), Breaking, Dangerous
Sword, Short: Strength based damage 2 (slashing)
Sword, Normal: Strength based damage 3 (Slashing)
Sword, 2H: Strength based damage 4 (slashing)
Club, Cudgel: Strength based damage 1 (bludgeon)
Club, Heavy: Strength based damage 2 (bludgeon)
Flail: Strength based damage 2, (bludgeon), dangerous, disarming, reach
Hammer: Strength based damage 2 (bludgeon), Smashing
Mace: Strength based damage 2 (bludgeon), Dangerous
Morning Star: Strength based damage 3 (bludgeon, piercing), Dangerous
Pick: Strength Based Damage 2 (Piercing), Smashing, Dangerous
War-Hammer: Strength based Damage 3 (bludgeon), Smashing
Staff: Strength based Damage 1 (bludgeon), Double
Staff, Iron Shod: Strength based Damage 2 (bludgeon), Double
Spear: Strength based Damage 2 (piercing), dangerous, reach
Spear, Throwing: strength based Damage 1 (piercing), dangerous, ranged
Spear, Lance*: Damage 3, Reach 2
*often used from a "Set" position, or from horseback. Otherwise not a good weapon.
Whip: Damage 1, Disarming, Grabbing, Reach 2
Net: Grabbing (Fast grab with effective strength 2), Entangling
Short Bow: Ranged Damage 2 (Piercing)
Normal Bow: Ranged Damage 3 (piercing)
Compound Bow: Strength based Ranged Damage 2 (piercing)
Long Bow: Strength based Damage 2 (piercing), Extended Range
Crossbow: Ranged Damage 3 (piercing)
Sling: Ranged Damage 1 (piercing)

Breaking: Weapon break Advantage.
Dangerous: This is the Improved Critical Feat. Same rank limitations.
Disarming: Can make a disarm attempt with no penalty.
Grabbing: Fast Grab Advantage. Effective Strength is weapons damage bonus. Costs 0, if the weapon does no damage.
Smashing: Suffer no penalty for a Smash Attack against objects.

Ranged weapons that are strength based, half their strength score to determine the bonus to damage.

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Re: Magic In Legaria

Post by Mister B » Mon Apr 21, 2014 11:16 am

Finally got a few things for Magic. Opinions are welcome. Next I'm going to tackle the Mystic Disciplines. After that I'll tackle divine magic.
Mister B wrote:Image

Spells are broken up into 4 circles of power. Each Circle is a new tier of power, often based on the Power Level of the Magic wielder. All wielders can use 1st circle spells by default. To gain access to the next circle, the wielder must buy access to them and meet the minimum requirements. I made this list to show where certain powers might fall , and how difficult they might be to use. This list is also still within its infancy, but I'll add to as I can.

Casting Spells: I'm also thinking that spells should require an Expertise Roll to active. The difficulty being 10 +5 for each circle of the spell. So a 1st circle spell has a DC of 15. Then I'll let people use focus's that add bonuses to this. I'm trying to keep it mostly a 50/50 chance without a focus, and before exceeding Arcane Expertise Ranks.

First Circle Spells
Requirements: Benefit: Circle Spells 1, Expertise: Arcane 5 +
Frost Burn. This spell causes intense cold to inflict the target by touching them. Damage Effect (Cold descriptor). · 1pp/rank
Healing Hands. This spell heals the target touched. Healing Effect. (2pp/rank)
Magic Light. This creates a light centered on an object the wielder holds, or by creating a ball of light. Spell casters often choose what color the light is , and it stays that way . Environment (light) 1. At higher ranks you can create a flash of light as another effect: Affliction Effect (Vision Impaired, Vision Disabled, Blind; Area (burst), Sense dependent (visual)) · 1pp/rank + 1pp for the Alt. Effect
Sense Magic. This caster can sense magic in a radius. Senses (Detect Magic, Radius (Detect Magic); Sustained) · 2pp
Telekinesis. The caster can remotely move objects with their mind. Move Object Effect. 2pp/rank

Second Circle Spells
Requirements: Benefit: Circle Spells 2, Expertise: Arcane 9 ranks.
Create Food or Water. The caster can create a “mass” of food to satisfy the effects of those who eat it. With food, the spell creates “Mass” instead of volume. Your typical well fed person eats roughly 1 pound of food. Create “Food & Water” (continuous, Innate) · 3pp's/rank +1
Healing Light. The caster creates a light that will heal a target at a range, instead of touch. Healing Effect (Ranged Range) · 3pp/rank
Identify. The caster to identify the magical properties of an item. Senses Effect (Detect Magic, Acute) · 2pp
Levitation. The caster may slowly float up or down. Flight Effect (Limited: Direction) · 1pp
Lightning Bolt. The cast may create a bolt of lightning. Blast Effect (Lighting Descriptor) · 2pp
Magic Armor. The caster creates a bubble of energy around them to absorb damage. Forcefield Effect · 2pp's/rank
Rain Storm. The caster can create rain to fall in a small area, with which to help water plants. Causing visibility to be reduced, and sometimes impeding movement. Environment (Visibility 1) · 1pp's/rank (2pp's rank if you can Impede Movement also)

Third Circle Spells
Requirements: Benefit: Circle Spells 3, Expertise: Arcane 13 ranks
Chain lighting. The caster may create a bolt of lighting that can attack multiple enemies. Blast Effect (lightning descriptor; split attack 3) · 2pp/rank +3
Air Walk. The caster can walk on air as if it were ground. This is the Flight Effect with the Platform Flaw.
Fire Bolt. The cast can shoot a bolt of fire that explodes on impact. This is the Blast Effect with the Area: Burst Modifier. · 3pp's/rank
Enchant Weapon. The player can touch a weapon and temporarily enchant it. Linked Enhanced Trait 1 (Close or Ranged Combat Skill; Affects others Only ) + linked Damage 1 (Stacks*, Sustained; Variable 2: Any Melee or ranged weapon). · 5pp
Stasis. Touch attack that puts target into stasis. For the target time stands still; the target cannot move, or attack. Affliction Effect (Hindered, Immobile, Paralyzed; Concentration ) · 2pp's/rank

Fourth Circle Spells
Requirements: Benefit: Circle Spells 4, Expertise: Arcane 17 ranks
Summon Earth Elemental. The caster can call upon the elements of earth itself to come to his beck and call. Creating a being of pure Earth which will carry out his commands. Summoning Effect (Earth Elemental; Controlled, Mental Link) · 3pp's/Rank +1
Magic Step. The caster can teleport short distances in any direction. But the caster, must be able to have a clear image of the place in his mind. Teleport Effect (Easy) · 2pp's/rank +1
Use Moongate. The caster can open moongates at special locations, that allow long distance travel. Teleport (Extended, Portal; Extended Only; Limited: Requires a moongate to active) · 1pp/rank
Return Life. The caster can revive a fallen ally as long as the body is intact and still warm. Healing (Resurrection; Flaws: Can only Resurrect, Quirk: Body must be whole) · 1pp/ rank -1.
Phantom Steed. The caster can summon a phantom steed which can act as a mount. Summon (Phantom Steed; Controlled, Mind Link) · 3pp's/Rank +1

New Modifiers:
Stacks: This Modifier allows an effect to stack onto an existing effect, as long as the power level is not exceeded. This is a straight +1 cost modifier. For another point, the player can exceed power level by 2 ranks only.