Official Rules Questions Guidelines (READ BEFORE POSTING)

Ask M&M 2e rules questions that your fellow gamers can't answer. Only Mutants & Masterminds Line Developer (and creator) Steve Kenson can post replies. He visits the boards in between projects and convention appearances so please be patient!
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Official Rules Questions Guidelines (READ BEFORE POSTING)

Post by farik » Fri Sep 30, 2005 6:46 pm

This Official Rules Forum gives the members of the Atomic Think Tank Community direct access to Steve Kenson's insight and intention when creating the rules for Mutants & Masterminds. It also give us access to Steve's experience as a player and Gamemaster. That being said, Steve is also very busy.

So in order to make sure Steve can answer questions and still work on making Mutants & Masterminds a thriving game for those fans who aren't Atomic Think Tank members we ask you to please follow these guidelines.

#1 Please don't ask "How would you do this" questions. While Steve is an experienced Gamemaster by his own admission his solutions aren't going to be right for every group. These types of questions will recieve a much more informative response if they are posted in the GM's Eye's Only or the Mutants & Masterminds Rules 2e forum where the community as a whole (including Steve) can provide input based on their own experiences.

#2 Don't ask about design philosophy. Steve may be willing to answer these questions but this forum's primary purpose is to clarify what the rules are not necessarily why they are that way. This forum is a quick question response format if you want discussion this isn't the right place.

#3 Don't ask about company policies. Steve is the Line Developer not the Green Ronin CEO, distributor, or the printer. Green Ronin is very pro communication company and they share information when and where they can. Green Ronin staff frequent the boards and are also responsive to emails. In other words Steve can't answer every question.

#4 Look before you post. Read the errata and the Frequently Asked Questions files, both available from the Gimmick's Gadgets section of the site. Search the forum to make sure Steve (or someone else) hasn't already answered your question when somebody else asked earlier. In fact, you may want to pose your question to the general rules forum first, to see if a helpful fellow player can give you a quick answer.

So feel free to ask questions about how gravity control interacts with shrinking or how many progressions of a certain feat are required for a specifc effect or any other game mechanic oriented question.

If you choose to disregard these guidelines you may find your thread has been moved to a more appropriate forum by one of the moderators.

Happy posting!