Critical hits re: non-damage attacks

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Critical hits re: non-damage attacks

Post by gamester » Thu Mar 16, 2006 8:55 pm

There are conflicting opinions on just which sort of attacks/etc that a critical hit can influence. So to address the question directly rather than skirting & inferring, am coming to the Fount of Lore & Wisdom directly.

In your post:

you confirm that a critical hit will boost the saveDC of the Snare. However in the book, both p153 and p164 state: "A critical hit increases the attack's damage bonus by 5."

Given that a criticial only comes into play if you are actually rolling an Attack roll and get a natural '20' (barring Feats) :

Is the intent that a critical should ONLY apply to attacks & powers that do 'damage', i.e. that use a Toughness save or take Bruises, Injuries, etc...?


Is the intent that a critical applies to ANY attack/power where you need to make an Attack roll to affect the target and then it raises the target's relevant save/resist/whathaveyou by 5 (a Blast 10's Toughness save from DC 25 to DC 30, a Paralyze 10's Will save from DC 20 to DC 25, a Nauseate 10's Fortitude save from DC 20 to DC 25, etc) ?

Thank you.
re: area affects:
Under the Area Extra (p111-112), p112 part, last sentence of the 1st full paragraph:
"A touch range area effect is always centered on you, but does not affect you."

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Post by Steve Kenson » Sat Mar 18, 2006 1:42 pm

Technically, the critical hit descrition should say "a critical hit raises the attack's save difficulty by +5"

The way I handle it is, any attack that requires an attack rolls and allows a saving throw may benefit from a critical hit, gaining a +5 save DC. It's a slight advantage of having to make that attack roll.

If you want a somewhat more detailed and balanced version, you can say a critical hit raises an attack's save DC by +5 or an effective 10 power points, whichever is less, so an attack that costs 4-5 points per rank only gets a +2 DC bonus rather than the full 5. This makes critical hits less devastating for this big attacks.
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