REMINDER: Please respect the staff's time

Ask M&M 2e rules questions that your fellow gamers can't answer. Only Mutants & Masterminds Line Developer (and creator) Steve Kenson can post replies. He visits the boards in between projects and convention appearances so please be patient!
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REMINDER: Please respect the staff's time

Post by Nikchick » Thu Jul 19, 2007 11:55 am

Folks, this is a reminder to please be respectful of Steve's time and obligations when posting in the Official Rules Questions forum.

Before posting, familiarize yourself with the posted guidelines:

Official Rules Questions Guidelines (READ BEFORE POSTING)


Please Don't Double-Post

Questions such as Is Book X 1e or 2e? are not appropriate for this forum.
Questions such as Can you justify design decision X? are not appropriate for this forum.
Questions such as If you were going to make Character X and Character Y fight, how would you do it? are not appropriate for this forum.

Green Ronin is happy to provide our fans access to our designers, but please do not abuse their time or their good natures! Our company is very small and our staff are some of the hardest-working and most dedicated in the business. Before you post your question, check the other boards. If it's not there, don't forget the search function in case someone else has asked this before. Ask on the unofficial board to see if anyone else knows the answer.

Every question, every private message, every e-mail means someone has to stop working on the next book to answer it. Some of those questions are appropriate and valuable in clarifying or developing the game, and we welcome them. Please use your good judgment and treat our designers' time with respect.
Nicole Lindroos
Green Ronin Publishing