Continuous Powers in Arrays

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Continuous Powers in Arrays

Post by Elric » Thu Aug 21, 2008 5:46 pm

In Ultimate Power, what (non-Lasting) Continuous Powers stay active if you use them and then switch to a different Alternate Power in an array? This questions presumes that under the normal AP rules, most (non-Lasting) Continuous powers in arrays do not stay active if you switch to a different Alternate Power- let me know if this is incorrect. So I'm asking about exceptions here.

You have said in the FAQ (for the core book) that since Continuous Create Objects “remain until they are destroyed, nullified, or you choose to dismiss them”, Continuous Create Objects don’t vanish if you switch to another power in an array. Unless you say otherwise, I'm going to assume that UP Continuous Objects works the same way.

Looking at "base powers" with similar wording for Duration (Continuous) as Create Objects in UP makes it seem like Continuous Illusion ("Continuous Illusion allows you to create illusions that continue to exist (even interacting) until you choose to dismiss them") and Continuous Obscure ("Continuous Obscure effects remain in place until they are countered in some fashion") might have the same property.

1a) In UP, does Continuous Illusion remain after you switch to a different Alternate Power in an Array?
1b) Same question, but for Continuous Obscure.

2) Do these answers apply to the core book versions of these powers as well?

3) Off the top of your head, are there any obvious non-Lasting “building block” powers in Ultimate Power that if given Continuous Duration should have this ability (not disappearing if you switch to a different power in an Array), but that I haven’t mentioned so far?
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