Transform Duration Questions

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Transform Duration Questions

Post by Elric » Fri Aug 22, 2008 4:06 pm

Hi Steve,
Some issues regarding Transform’s duration as it affects inanimate objects. Let’s go with core rules Transform.

The rules and your previous ORQ responses are all somewhat contradictory.

Per your answer here, Transform on inanimate objects ends immediately if you can’t maintain the power.

This makes it operate kind of like a Sustained duration power even though Transform has a Sustained (Lasting) duration by default. If Transform truly operated as if it had a (Lasting) duration of any kind when used on inanimate objects, then it seems like since those objects don’t get saves the effect would be a permanent change in an inanimate object because the object would never get a subsequent save to end the effect (kind of like the way that you have to repair an object hit by a Drain Toughness effect- it doesn't regain toughness on its own).

However, your answer here says that Transform doesn't end if you switch to an AP and had no exception listed for Transform used against inanimate objects. One of these answers likely needs some modification.

All of which gets me to some specific questions:
1) If you have a Transform power with Transform’s default duration and use it to transform an inanimate object, and then switch Transform to a different Alternate Power in its Array, does the Transform effect end?

2a) Should Transform receive errata clarifying that its duration is Sustained rather than Sustained (Lasting) when it is used on inanimate objects (and thus ends if you are unable to take a free action to maintain it)?

2b) If the answer to 2a is “No”, then should Transform receive errata clarifying how its Sustained (Lasting) duration interacts with objects that would otherwise receive no saves against the effect?

3) I presume that regardless of the answer to 1), if Transform has the Duration Extra so it is Continuous, Transform’s effect does not go away if you use it on an inanimate object and then switch to a different power in its array. Correct?

4) Are any of the above answers (or your two previous answers on the subject that I’ve linked to here) different in Ultimate Power than in the core rules?
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