Regeneration Resurrection questions/issues

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Regeneration Resurrection questions/issues

Post by Elric » Sun Aug 24, 2008 8:30 pm

Hi Steve,
Some questions/comments about UP's version of Regeneration (page 73), but these issues all apply to Regeneration in the core book as well.

1) Comment: The Resurrection extra on Regeneration gives a misleading description when it says “At nine ranks you can check to recover from death each round.” Looking at the table below it’s clear that at eight ranks you can check to recover from death each round. Nine ranks lets you do this as a standard action, which is really no different in the vast majority of cases because you come back Unconscious and Disabled and won’t get to take actions anyway. So this should probably be changed to say "eight ranks" instead because writing "at nine ranks" implies that eight ranks won't do the trick.

Next issue:
Resurrection says “At ten ranks, you get a recovery check instantly whenever your condition becomes dead. If successful, you don’t die.” However, the table below lists 10 ranks in Resurrection as Regenerating in “no action.”

2) Is 10 ranks in Regeneration meant to both give you a check to avoid death in the first place whenever your condition becomes dead and a check each round, with no rest for a recover action, to resurrect if you do fail that first check and die?

3) Comment: Given the above, the Total Regeneration example probably isn’t quite accurate, because if it includes 10 ranks of Resurrection corresponding to 36 pp (36 pp rather than 35 pp due to the errata), then it ought to include something about “not dying in the first place” in accordance with the description for Resurrection 10.
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