Stun & Nauseate questions

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Stun & Nauseate questions

Post by Elric » Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:48 am

Hi Steve,
As Stun and Nauseate seem identical in the core rules and Ultimate Power, unless you mention otherwise I’ll assume your answers here apply to both versions of these powers.

1) Suppose an attacker has used a Stun power on a defender, resulting in a Dazed result, and the defender has rolled 2 subsequent “break-out” saves and failed both. The attacker then uses the same Stun power again, and the defender fails his save.

A) Does this simply add a second Lasting Stun power that the defender has to save against separately over time, or does it not work like this?

For B-C, Assuming that the answer to A) is "it doesn't work like this", if the defender fails his save by enough to be Dazed again. Do you handle this as:
B1) This failed save resets the bonus that the defender gets on subsequent “breakout” saves as if he had just failed a save against the Stun power for the first time?

B2) Or does the defender still get the +2 bonus on subsequent breakout saves for having missed 2 break-out saves so far?

C) If the defender had failed his first save by enough to be Stunned and then failed the second save by only enough to be Dazed, how do you handle the situation in B)?

D) Just to make sure: since Stun is a lasting effect, a defender can’t simply use the Recovery function of an HP to automatically buy off a result of being Stunned by a Stun power; he has to use Extra Effort for Willpower to get an additional save against the Stun effect. Correct?

2) The Nauseate power includes language about how additional missed saves "accumulate levels" of the effect. For example, a defender who misses one save against Nauseate by 1 is Sickened; if that defender misses a second save against a further use of the Nauseate power by 1, the effect changes to Nauseated.

A) I presume that if on a second use of the power the defender misses the save against Nauseate by 10+ he would suffer the more severe “Helpless” result rather than the less severe “Nauseated” result. Is this correct?

B) If a character fails his save by 5-9 against an initial use of the Nauseate power, becoming Nauseated, and then fails a save by 1-9 against a subsequent use of the Nauseate power, does he become Helpless? Or is he merely still Nauseated and it would take a third save for him to become Helpless?

Put differently, should we read the Nauseate power quite literally (in which case he wouldn’t become Helpless in this situation), or should we read the “successful use” clauses as “If you successfully use Nauseate on an opponent and then successfully use Nauseate on him again, move the effects of Nauseate to the next 'staged increment', or the result of his most recent save, whichever is worse for him.”

(Nauseate is the only Staged effect with a clause about “accumulating levels” that has three “failure levels”. Paralyze and Snare have similar text but only have two “failure levels” and Stun has three “failure levels”, but no text about “accumulating levels of failure.” So this is the only place where this distinction is relevant.)

C) As successive saves on these Lasting (“accumulating levels”) powers seem to be interpreted as making the effects of the original power use more severe, I assume that if faced with the analogous situation from question 1B) above, this should be resolved as B2) would suggest. Is this correct?
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