Willpower Extra Effort function

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Willpower Extra Effort function

Post by Elric » Wed Sep 03, 2008 3:43 pm

Hi Steve,

From the core book: "Extra effort is a free action and can be performed at any time during the hero’s action (but is limited to once per round)." The Willpower function of Extra Effort is as follows:
Willpower: Gain an immediate additional saving throw against a power with a Lasting effect, such as Mind Control or Nullify (see Duration, page 70). You get this save even if the Lasting power has a Continuous duration (which doesn’t normally allow for additional saves at all). If you’re mind-controlled, the fatigue from the extra effort doesn’t affect you until you’re free of it.
By the letter of the rules it seems like a character who failed a save against a Stun power and was Dazed wouldn't be able to take free actions and thus couldn't use Willpower to gain an additional save against the effect. However, this doesn't seem in the spirit of the rules concerning this use of Extra Effort.

1) Should we assume that Willpower doesn't take any time to use, can only be used on a character's "action" (as in initiative count), and counts against a character's one use of Extra Effort a round, but unlike other uses of Extra Effort it doesn't require a character to be able to take a "free action"?

2) Likewise, can a character use Extra Effort for Willpower while unconscious (to get an additional save against Mind Reading, for example)?

3) If the answer to 2 is "Yes", then should a character who already has the Exhausted condition be required to spend a hero point to buy off the fatigue in order to use Extra Effort while Unconscious, since otherwise as he is already Unconscious he doesn't suffer anything from an additional level of fatigue?
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