Absorption + Healing (UP)

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Absorption + Healing (UP)

Post by Elric » Thu Sep 25, 2008 11:11 pm

Hi Steve,
Comment: My question on this forum about Areas in Ultimate Power, here, never got a response. Since it's down at the bottom of page 2 now, I thought I'd mention it so it isn't overlooked.

For Healing in Ultimate Power, your answer to me here clarifies that Healing should be read as “If you use Healing on yourself, you don’t have to make a separate recovery action—your own recovery action is considered to be part of the action required to use Healing”

A) I presume that this ruling in no way affects the bolded sentence below, which limits you to using Healing once a round, regardless of the action required to use Healing. Correct?
UP wrote:Action: This extra reduces the action required for you to use Healing, but does not affect the recovery action required of the subject. You cannot use Healing more than once per round regard-less. To heal multiple subjects at once, apply the Area modifier.
B) Assuming the answer in A is “correct”, for Absorption in Ultimate Power that lets you use absorbed damage for Healing, can you use Healing twice in a round if you are hit by two attacks that you can absorb?

Essentially, should the limitation from the Healing power be carried over to Absorption (though this isn’t explicitly stated in the text for Absorption), or is it specifically intended that Absorption should not have this limitation (because this limitation wouldn’t necessarily fit with the flavor of Absorption powers).
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