Homing and Power Attack/Sneak Attack/range issues

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Homing and Power Attack/Sneak Attack/range issues

Post by Elric » Sat Sep 27, 2008 9:46 pm

Hi Steve,
Some questions on Homing. Throughout all of this I'll assume that the Homing power in question has Range: Ranged. Also, as the text of the Homing power feat is essentially identical in core and Ultimate Power, I'll assume the answers are the same for both books unless you say otherwise.

Your answer to slaughterj here states
Steve Kenson wrote:Homing attacks require "a free action to maintain".

[Case 1] The GM may choose to interpret this as equivalent to a sustained duration, and rule that switching to another Alternate Power aborts the remaining homing attacks (the attack dissipates, veers off course, or what have you).

[Case 2] I'd recommend a Homing attack be treated as essentially Independent: you can switch Alternate Powers, but you don't control the Homing attack once it's launched; it keeps trying to hit the target until it does or runs out of chances, or you are rendered incapable of taking free actions.
However, your earlier answer to Scholz, here states
Steve Kenson wrote: The Homing attack is treated as a lasting duration, so it continues even if the attacker switches to a different power in an array.
1) These answers appear at odds; this answer to Scholz seems to imply that Homing is intended to work as Case 2 above, but your answer to slaughterj leaves the possibility open that it wasn't intended to specifically mean either Case 1 or Case 2. Which is correct?

Your answer here states:
If a homing attack misses the first round, what modifiers does it use when it comes back on the next round?

A Homing attack uses the character's base attack bonus for that type of attack on each and every subsequent attack.
2) If you use an attack that has Homing and use Power Attack or Accurate Attack, I assume that the changes in damage from these feats do not apply to the subsequent attack if the Homing power misses on the first round, since the changes in attack bonus also do not apply. Is this correct?

3) If you have the Sneak Attack feat and use an attack that has Homing and it misses, but then comes back around for a second attack, is it possible to get bonus damage from Sneak Attack (under the appropriate circumstances), or is the power 'out of your control' so you can't direct it sufficiently well to get the bonus damage?

4) How do you determine whether an attack with Homing takes range penalties on subsequent attacks from the Homing power feat (after you've missed with the initial attack)? Or do range penalties not apply on the follow-up shots?

5) How far from you can a (Range: Ranged) Homing attack go? The usual 100 feet x rank of the power that would be the maximum range of an initial homing shot?

5b) If so, would this be from your initial point when you used the power, your current point, from the last point where homing tried to hit the opponent, or something else?

5c) If your target went outside the Homing attack's maximum range, would the attack simply dissipate (possibly hitting randomly near the end of its range)? Or something else?
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