Shapeshift question

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Shapeshift question

Post by clemente » Mon Oct 06, 2008 8:07 am

Hi Steve,

First of all, sorry about any error in this this text, english isn't my natural language. I'll try to make my doubts clear as much as possible.

I'm new to mutants and masterminds, and tried to play it once with pretty good results. Reading the main book again, I get a doubt in the shapeshift power.

The power description states that "You can also redistribute power points spent on your own physical traits (lowering your Strength to apply those points elsewhere, for example)", but I'm thinking in some alternate uses of this change base.

1) Can I trade points spent in some powers for aditional points to my shapeshifted form? For example, my characther has wings (fly) in his natural form. So he changes into a mecha form, withouth this trait. Can I use the points spent in the fly power to buy new ones? (In this example, the mecha form cannot fly, I "lose" the points spent in the wings or can spend then in strike, for example?)

2) Can I trade abilities and mental traits? For example, my characther now changes into a sentry gun (like the one used in team fortress), with a direction system to aim and logical upgrades for combat.

a) Can I buy points in mental traits? For example, trade points used in dextery/constitution to buy the inteligence of the new program I'm running?

b) Can I trade points used in feats, skills and stats like combat and defense?
For example, trade ranks in Combat - Melee for ranks in Combat - Ranged? The sentry cannot strike someone with weapons or fists, but have a special program to calculate distances and aim. My characther usually only know how to strike with his fists, but in the machine form he changes his perception of the world and can calculate distances precisely.

I think the second option can get a bit power gamered (with it, you can have any characther tipe at will), but the first one makes a lot of sense for me and isn't a broken game rule in my opinion. I just wanted some oficial explanation on this.

Thanks for the attention and sorry about the abyssal english.