Flawing Growth to JUST give larger size....

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Wow, I know the post is 2 years old, but I must know...

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Blackhawk wrote:
Ravennus wrote:The reason I asked, is because I was building this character made entirely of organic metal (sort of like Colossus, but permanent), who also grew to about 9-10 feet tall.

So, with Alternate Form: Solid bought up at 10 ranks with immovability as an extra, I didn't need those powers from Growth. They would be completely redundent, and wouldn't stack higher than his PL of 10.
All I wanted was to actually emulate the fact that..well...he was large size. The strength, immovability, and protection stuff was already dealt with (and more).
Um, why not buy his Alternate Form: Solid to 8 ranks (for example), and then buy Growth to 2 ranks?

Basically, just figure how many ranks of Growth you want him to have, and then buy the remaining ranks up to his PL in Alternate Form.
Hello! I know this post is old, but I'm just starting to get into M&M 1e, (I'm going to be running) and I had the same question he had. Your answer helped. Thank you. That is exactly what I'm going to do with my Talos character (bronze man form, 16 feet tall).

On a follow up: If I wanted Shockwave added to the Super Strength from both sources (Growth and Alt. Form Solid), would I just add the extra to each power (Growth and Alt. Form) to ensure I have Shockwave at the full Super Strength value of 10 ranks?