DCA/3e Young Injustice OOC (Full)-

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DCA/3e Young Injustice OOC (Full)-

Post by Horsenhero » Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:37 am

The Spin-

This game is a spin-off of my Injustice Gang game, inhabiting the same continuity. It features one of the main characters from that game in a leadership role and may have cross-overs with players/characters from that game.

The Beginning-

Terry fortune felt pretty good about things. Just yesterday, one of his comrades...The Muscle seemed to be on the verge of death. Her body was seizing and her brain dying, which put a huge damper on the feelings of elation the team had experienced saving the universe from Trigon the Terrible. With the assistance of Dr. Mid-Nite and using the Teen Titans East medical facilities, she'd been saved. If she and the good doctor were to be believed, she'd...evolved. Grabbing a hot, soft, cheese drenched pretzel from a street vendor, Terry ate as he walked, savoring the day, the victory...everything really. Just as he popped the last scrumptuous, doughy chunk of pretzel into his mouth, his phone started to ring.

Without looking at the screen, he answered. "Hello."

A voice rasped in his ear. "Terry Fortune, your mother is eeeeeviiiillll." Then broke into laughter.

"Yeah? Your fathers' a fern with a complex." Terry answered back. On the line was Everett Green, a friend from way back and the son of Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man.

"Ha! Ain't that the truth." Everett laughed. "Listen Terry..." He said, his voice suddenly serious. "...can you come out to Coast City? I've gotten caught up in a situation and you're the best person I know to help me defuse it."

"What kind of situation?" Terry asked, a little concerned.

Ev went on to explain about an incipient gang war in Coast City and how he, as the son of a famous villain, had been asked to mediate a truce. While he was willing, because he didn't want his business, a Greenhouse & Plant Nursery to suffer any retaliation, he also knew he wasn't the most diplomatic individual ever. He needed to know if Terry could help him out. The luck controlling son of the villainess, Roulette was a charismatic guy who by personality or power, might be able to sway things.

Terry agreed and after a talk with Andre' Luthor, the nominal leader of the ironically nicknamed "Injustice Gang", a team of heroic youths with super-villain parents or mentors, he was on his way. Psyke decided to accompany him, being the ultimate social manipulator, this was right up his alley. Within a few hours, the pair were headed west in their "brand new" jet. Okay, so it was an old T-Jet with the Titans logo removed, but both Andre and Claudette gave it a "clean bill of health".

The meeting went fine. With Psyke there to help everyone agree to play nice, the truce was just about finalized, when Everett's greenhouse blew up. The blast was devastating, killing most of the gangsters, crippling the others and putting Psyke, who'd been at the epicenter of the blast, in a coma. Everett had been destroyed, but was able to reconstruct himself from a nearby shrub. Terry...fortunately, managed to avoid the brunt of the blast, his luck powers working overtime to let him escape mostly unharmed.

Unharmed, but enraged, and he knew exactly how to handle the problem. Andre' told him the Gang was in pursuit of other foes, but would break off the investigation to come out. Terry had a different idea. He would need his friends' financing for this, but the success of the young, disaffected scions of villains against the earth-shattering might of Trigon inspired him. If the Titans could have two branches...one east and one west, why couldn't they? They had the connections. They had the financing. They knew that the way to strike back at the older villains, who'd done them injustice was through the youth. Therefore, using his knowledge of his mothers' network, Terry began putting together his own franchise...

...Young InJustice!
Like the game it is spun off of, this game will have a tone that fluctuates from light to dark, depending on the plotline. I will absolutley indulge my love of puns, irony, satire and everything else irreverent during the course of it. Be warned.
The crunchy-

This is a PL9 135PP game.

Characters are legacies of an established DC villain, but are heroes themselves, for reasons of their own. The game is set in a contemporary, post-crisis on infinite earths-pre New 52 universe. I am shooting for a team of 6, but the first two spots are reserved for Terry Fortune and EPIC's new character. Powers, Advantages & skills follow the rules as written.

I prefer, characters who are fairly archetypal and straight forward in design. The odder, more convoluted and difficult to understand a powerset is, the less I'm liable to like it. Just so everyone knows up front, powers that fall under particular scrutiny from me are: Mind/Emotion Control, Precognition, Postcognition and any Variable power.

Advantages that meet that level of scrutiny are Artificer, Inventor and Jack-of-All-Trades. Unless there's a really good reason, I'm not a fan.

So far there's only one houserule I use.

All Grab Attacks (formerly Grappling) are handled as opposed checks. Bonus is still capped as normal.
Youth Hero teams (west)-

Titans West- San Francisco
Blue Beetle
Traci Thirteen

Infinity Inc. Los Angeles
Atom Smasher
Power Girl
Star Girl
Amazing Man
Flying Manta Sub. Size: G Str. 12 Speed. 8(flight) AE: Speed 8 (swiiming) Def. 10 Tough. 11 Features: Navigation System, Immunity 10 (life support), Smokescreen/Ink Cloud, Torpedoes/Missiles (Ranged Damage 8 Area Burst 5), Bucking Cables. 69ep
Albatross Island. Size: C Toughness: 20 Features: Combat Simulator, Communications, Computer, Concealed 3, Defense System, Dock, Fire Prevention System, Gym, Holding Cells, Infirmary, Laboratory, Living Space, Power System, Security System. 28ep

Warchild (EPIC)
King of Spades (Evolucion)
Sekhmet (Bladewind)
Talon (ClassDunce)
Undertow (Tattooedman)
Velocity (Walking Dad)
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Re: DCA/3e Young Injustice OOC (Recruiting 4)-

Post by EPIC » Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:46 am

"You bring the bodies, I'll bring the violence."
"There's no problem I can't solve by blasting the everloving $#!+ out of it."

Name: Lisandra Drakos
Alias: Warchild
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 143lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Skin: Caucasian
Power Level: 9
Power Points: 137 +5 unused
Hero Points: 1
[32]ABI [20]DEF [18]SKI [6]ADV [61]POW

Strength: 1
Stamina: 2
Agility: 4
Dexterity: 2
Fighting: 3
Intellect: 0
Awareness: 2
Presence: 2

Initiative: +4
Unarmed: +3 DC16 Tgh (Bluedgeon)
Force Manip: +8 DC25 Tgh (Energy, Concussive)
Bullet Hell: +10 DC23 Tgh (Energy, Concussive)

Toughness: +11(2+9)
Dodge: + 7(4+3)
Parry: + 6(3+3)
Fortitude: + 9(2+7)
Will: + 9(2+7)

Acrobatics 5(+9), Athletics 8(+9), Insight 6(+8), Intimidate 8(+10), R.C: Energy Control 6(+8), Perception 3(+5)

Agile Feint, All-Out Attack, Attractive, Extraordinary Effort, Great Endurance, Power Attack

[32] Force Manipulate: Damaging Move Object 10, Precise, Variable Descriptor
*[ 1](32) Bullet Hell: Ranged Damage 8, Accurate, Homing 2, Indirect 4, Multiattack, Ricochet
*[ 1](32) Energy Construct: Continuous Create 7, Increased Mass 3(25 tons), Movable, Stationary, Tether
*[ 1](32) Dimension Tunnel: Enhance Teleport 0, (Adds the following extras/flaws to Teleport 7; Affects Others Also, Area:Burst, Easy, Extended(120 miles), Increased Mass 4(200 tons total), Selective, Limited to Extended)

[23] Force Field: Protection 9, Sustained Linked to Flight 7 (250mph)
*[ 1](23) Dimension Slide: Teleport 7 (1/2 mile), Increased Mass 9(13 tons)

[ 2] Absorb: Immunity 2 (Dimensional Descriptor), Sustained

Motivation: While she'll claim she just likes to fight, Lisa is in truth preparing to oppose her father, Ares, to prevent him from setting in motion events that will end all life on Earth. That would be a bad thing for everyone involved.

Scrapper: And while her true motivation isn't fighting, Lisa does love a fight and cannot turn down a personal challenge to fight as a point of pride. She does not however, hold any antiquated notion of fair play and will take every advantage she can, fully expecting the same of her opponent.

Powerloss: While Lisandra's energies are drawn forth from extradimensional space, opening the way for them and manipulating them requires personal reserves of energy. Lisandra absorbs ambient energies through her skin naturally that recharges her, but particularly intense battles or expenditures of energy can find her feeling drained to the point of being unable to use her powers until she can recharge a bit.

Lisandra Kaya was born to a mortal woman, a former priestess of Althena who was seduced by a mysterious stranger for a brief affair. This man turned out to be none other than Ares in disguise in a petty scheme to slight his sister Althena. Learning of this, Althena influenced the child, to prevent her from taking on the monsterous appearance of Ares' other children, and to gift her with wisdom, feeling no child should be punished for simply having Ares as a sire.

Unfortunately, Ares came to learn that this daughter would hold vast potential. For what exactly remained to be seen, but he felt he could mold her into a weapon, despite being a mere demi-goddess half mortal. Lisa grew up with the emnity of her siblings, the other children of Ares, jealous of her appearance, though she eventually earned a begrudging respect for her raw power that was years from peaking at her prime. Despite her brutal training, life was not all that bad, after all, she loved a good fight.

During a brief, rebellious escape from her father's training, Lisa found herself in Delphi and met an oracle there. The strange seer told Lisa that her father, unchecked, would bring about through his actions, the end of all life on Earth. Besides having a vested interest in life being half mortal, it would also mean no more worshippers for the Gods, which would put a great many of them, her father included, out of a job.

The oracle could not, however, tell her exactly which plot would ultimately be the lynchpin that brought the end. With insight from the gift of wisdom from Althena, Lisa resolved to stop her father and save him from his own stupid self, since he would never heed her words, and even had he, he could not alter his nature any more than a fish or a bird.

Opposing one of the most violent, and in these modern days, rather powerful for all the wars in the world, Olympian gods was tantamount to suicide, so she took a cue from the superheros of the world...when an adversary was too powerful for one, they gathered their numbers to bolster their power.
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Re: DCA/3e Young Injustice OOC (Recruiting 4)-

Post by Horsenhero » Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:48 am

Oh and as an FYI for anyone considering submitting a character, the two characters already cast are a Luck Controller and a Construct with warrior/paragon/light controller tendencies.

So, I probably don't need any more Luck themed characters or artificial life-forms. Everything else is up for grabs.

Oh, and make sure I know who your villainous parent/mentor is.

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Re: DCA/3e Young Injustice OOC (Recruiting 4)-

Post by kenmadragon » Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:06 pm

I would like to express interest in this. It's not often that we get a teenage villain game, (well. One that I am actually around for). I'm probably going to go a stealthy teleporting/mystic type. Cross between Kyd Wykkyd (from the Teen Titans cartoon show) and Raven (from the show, since I don't really like her in the comics, and the new 52 has shown little of her outside of Phantom Stranger and various others to my knowledge). Former apprentice of Trigon is his most likely possible legacy. Working name right now is Shadow Wyzard.

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Re: DCA/3e Young Injustice OOC (Recruiting 4)-

Post by The_Watchman » Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:13 pm

I might just have to adapt Farceur as I really wanted to play that character. His basic mindset and skills make the Trickster (or one of the other Rogues) an obvious inspiration. I'll tinker and see if I can make him workable for this.
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Re: DCA/3e Young Injustice OOC (Recruiting 4)-

Post by Horsenhero » Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:14 pm

Well, just so we're clear...these characters are children or mentees of villains, but are heroes themselves. Maybe not for the best reasons, but heroes nonetheless. I don't do villains games. They're a pain in the ass. Please, please, please read the game background so you understand what I'm looking for.

As for an apprentice of Trigon...PL X demonlords aren't really disposed towards apprentices. Worshippers and slaves, yes. Apprentices? Why would they?

Now, mystic villains such as Felix Faust, Wotan, Morgan Le Fay, Ocean Master or even Mordru might go the apprentice route, but players like Trigon, Neron, Blaze or Lord Satannus? I just can't see it.

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Re: DCA/3e Young Injustice OOC (Recruiting 4)-

Post by EPIC » Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:26 pm

Just to clarify Psyber's schtick, the build is more warrior than paragon and definitely a sort of construct/battle suit type.

As for light control, it's fairly minor in scope, used mainly for personal constructs such as weapons and defenses. So energy controllers can feel free to go ahead and be energy controllers of the blasty variety without concern. A ring-slinger type might be a tad close in practice however.

So a truer paragon archetype or a powerhouse would also not really crossover too much since while the character has a fair strength, it's not quite to paragon levels.

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Re: DCA/3e Young Injustice OOC (Recruiting 4)-

Post by kenmadragon » Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:30 pm

Yeah, but I was figuring him to be slightly demonic, and Trigon was one of the first to come to mind who actually takes particular interest in magic rather than simple cosmic power. (Also, I persist that Trigon was only X in his home dimension, and seems more like a PL 18-21 or so outside his home dimension). Felix Faust already has a son who turns good (Sebastian gains Felix's powers and then some when Neberius tricks Felix for his soul). Wotan seems like he just wants to be jump bodies whenever he loses, which is a bit janky, and I think he got carted off by some extradimensional beings to do no harm, so its unlikely that he would have time to train someone when he is trying to escape from imprisonment by a god. Morgan le Fey would rather steal a possible apprentice's life force to make herself younger than actually train them, so she can be 'immortal'. Ocean Master...no, just no. Mordru just seems way too powerful to care, and given how he is a Lord of Chaos, it is unlikely any apprentice of his would get away with becoming good without dying first. Of course, right now, Mordru seems like the best bet for a legacy, so I will probably go for him if I can't find a powerful mystic who is evil and given to training others,

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Re: DCA/3e Young Injustice OOC (Recruiting 4)-

Post by Horsenhero » Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:44 pm

I would note that even at PL 18-21 (which breaks the overall level cap anyway), Trigon is more powerful than Mordru (who checks in at PL16)...and despite DC's rather one dimensional treatment of Morgan Le Fay (gads I hate authors who don't know anything about a mythological character except the name and use them anyway), I tend to give her more complex motivations and behavior. Plus, as a priestess/sorceress from an ancient society of the same, apprenticeships are part of her cultural background.

In the end though, pitch what feels best to you and either they make it or they don't. That's the way I go about character creation. The more compelling the character, the more likely they'll make it.

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Re: DCA/3e Young Injustice OOC (Recruiting 4)-

Post by Horsenhero » Wed Apr 17, 2013 4:06 pm

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Trigon has had sons, so an offspring of the demonlord would be acceptable. A half human/half fiend sort. Of course the same goes for Neron, Blaze, Satannus or even Ares or a similar mythological diety who's been cast as a villain.

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Re: DCA/3e Young Injustice OOC (Recruiting 4)-

Post by Evolución » Wed Apr 17, 2013 4:52 pm

I applied for the original game, but didnt make it to the cut. Here is my submission for this one, the original character was bad, so I made a new one.

Name: King of spades Height 1.80mt
Skin: Pale Weight 70 kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black Age: 19


The Royal Flsuh gang is a established gang or criminal syndicate, that underwent many changes in members composition, usually involving murder. Jack was recruited as the Jack of Clubs by the original gang, and taught the trade of robbery and fighting by Amos Fortune the ace of clubs. Amos even exposed Jack to dangerous cosmic radiation, hoping to increase his powers. Using him as a guinea pig, he then empowered the rest of the members of the gang. The cosmic radiation seemd to take some of Jack's humanity from him, leaving him more stoic, pale, almost as if he was made of ivory, like a chess piece. His head often played tricks to him, and he thought he was an actual medieval servant of sorts. However, when Fortune recklessly assassinated the second Royal Flush gang (with the spades suit), something clicked in Jack's head. How could he follow such a monster, and why did he thought he was safe at his side? His scoundrel abilities allowed him to silently evade the gang and melt with the population long enough for them to stop searching for him. Jack now takes the name of King of Spades, in honour of the defunct members of the second gang. Despite that Amos didn't do anything "bad" to him, Jack holds a vendetta against the Ace of Clubs, and aims to fix the name of the Spade Royal Flush.

A little off...: "Do you even know who you are speaking with? I'm a King!"
Reputation: The knave of thieves he was nicknamed.
Ivory : Jack looks odd and scary with his ivory skin and fixed gaze.

Abilities ( 38 pp)
Strength 4 , Stamina 5 , Agility 3 , Dexterity 4 , Fighting 4 , Intellect 1 , Awareness 0 , Precence 0 .

Powers ( 36 pp)
- Otherwordly aura ( Energy aura 4 : 0 ) · 16 point/s

- Ivory void ( Energy absortion 8 : Absorbs magical energy, enhances growth ) · 8 point/s

- Otherwordly Ivory ( Growth Density 1 : Str and Sta +1 ) · 2 point/s

- Ivory heart ( Immunity 10 : Emotion, interaction skills, Flaw: Uncontrollable ) · 5 point/s

- Magic proof ( Immunity 5 : Magic damage ) · 5 point/s
- Force proof ( AP: Immunity 5 : Force damage ) · 1 point/s
- Fire proof ( AP: Immunity 5 : Fire damage ) · 1 point/s

Advantages ( 29 pp)
Imp. Aim 1 , All out attack 1 , Close attack 6 , Takedown 2 , Ranged attack 5 , Equipment 2 , Imp. Initaitve 1 , Throwing mastery 8 , Move by action 1 , Power attack 1 , Teamwork 1.

Skills ( 13 pp)
Acrobatics 4 (+ 7 ), Deception 0 (+ 0 ), Athletics 0 (+ 4 ), Expertise( Nature ) 0 (+ 0 ), Insight 6 (+ 6 ), Treatment 0 (+ 1 ), Persuacion 0 (+ 0 ), Technology 0 (+ 1 ), Vehicles 0 (+ 4 ), Sleight of Hand 0 (+ 4 ), Perception 8 (+ 8 ), Intimidation 0 (+ 0 ), Investigation 0 (+ 1 ), Stealth 8 (+ 11 ),

Initiative: 7
Throw + 9 Attack for DC: 24 Range: Ranged ( )
Unarmed + 10 Attack for DC: 19 Range: Melee ( )
Spades (Shuriken) + 9 Attack for DC: 24 Range: Multiattack ( )
Otherwordly aura + 10 Attack for DC: 19 Range: melee ( )
Sword + 10 Attack for DC: 22 Range: Melee ( )

Defence ( 19 pp)
Dodge: 8 Parry: : 9
Toughness: 8
Fortitude: 8
Will: 6

Equipment Cost Bonus
Chain mail 3 0
Sword 4 0
dagger 2 0
Shuriken 3 0
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Re: DCA/3e Young Injustice OOC (Recruiting 4)-

Post by RuleofThree » Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:13 pm

I think I might bite. How much knowledge of mainstream DC continuity is needed, since I'm only familiar with animated stuff and don't actually read comics? I basically want to take Lian Harper - who I think is supposed to be dead - and make her the rebellious protege of Deathstroke.

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Re: DCA/3e Young Injustice OOC (Recruiting 4)-

Post by Sid » Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:24 pm

I'll post Fortune's build in a few minutes, just commenting that King of Spades would be Terry's half brother (maybe, he's not sure if Amos is his father).


Terry Fortune (A.K.A. Fortune)
PL: 9 (135) + 2


Concept: Luck Manipulator/Hand to Hand specialist.
Occupation: A week out of juve
Real Name: Terry Fortune
Legal Status: Adult (just turned 18), Stateless, with a sealed juvenile record
Identity: Secret
Place of Birth: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Living Relatives: Roulette (mother), Avo Fortune ("father")
Height: 6 ft. 1 in.
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dirty Blonde

Abilities (46pp)
Strength 1, Stamina 4, Agility 5 Dexterity 0, Fighting 2, Intelligence 1 Awareness 5 Presence 5

Powers (48pp)
Born Under a Bad Sign (Array 34pp)
- Hex: Perception Ranged Affliction 9 (Resisted and Overcome by Will; 1st Degree: Impaired and Vulnerable, 2nd Degree: Defenseless and Disabled), Extra Condition, Indirect 4, Insidious, Subtle 2, Limited Degree - 7pp + 3pp/rank = 34
- That’s No Good!: Perception, Ranged Damage 9, Indirect 4, Subtle 2, Variable Descriptor 1 (Accidents) (1pp)
- Dealer’s Hands: Strength Based Damage 5, Multi Attack 6 (1pp)

Lucky Break, Kid: Protection 5, sustained (5pp)

Just My Lucky Day: Enhanced Advantage 7 (Beginner’s Luck, Improved Critical (Unarmed) 1, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Luck, Precise Attack 1 Close/Concealed, Uncanny Dodge) (7pp)

Advantages (6pp)
Assessment, Attractive, Defensive Attack, Equipment (1), Instant Up, Power Attack

Skills (18pp) + 2pp

Acrobatics 3 (+8), Athletics 2 (+3), Close Combat: Unarmed 10 (+12), Deception 6 (+11), Insight 6 (+11), Investigation 1 (+2), Perception 6 (+11), Stealth 5 (+10), Technology 1 (+2)

Equipment (5ep)
Grapple Gun: Movement 1 (Swinging) - 2 ep
Smart Phone - 2ep
Flashlight - 1ep

Initiative +9
Unarmed +12 Close, Damage 6, Multiattack, Crit 19-20
That’s No Good! -- Perception, Damage 9 (DC 19) (Indirect 4, Subtle 2)
Hex -- Perception, Affliction 9 Various effects, Resisted by Will (DC 19)

Defense (17pp)
Parry +8
Dodge +8
Toughness +10
Fort +8
Will +10

Motivation: Sticking it to his mother. His mom abandoned him when he needed her most, after serving time in juvenile detention, he wants to hurt her by becoming what she hates.

Relationships: Terry’s mother is Roulette who has effectively disowned him. Terry believes his father is Amos Fortune, but doesn’t know for sure.

Weirdness Magnet: Terry’s probability powers can cause all sorts of strange things to happen to him. Sometimes good, but mostly not.


By all accounts, Terry’s life was pretty normal up until about age 12, if you consider growing up the son of a Roulette, a super villain who captured super heroes and made them fight each other in a hidden fight club normal that is.

From a very early age, Roulette seemed to be a great mother, she cared about her boy, even naming her after her father the original Mr. Terrific (or whom she believed to be her father anyways). During that time, Terry learned all he could from the trainers at the fight club, there wasn’t much else to do because it’s not like he could go to the park down the street or play Pop Warner Football.

Even though he was young, he was a quick study, things also just came naturally to him. It was during this time that he also met “Uncle” Amos, or Professor Amos Fortune as he’s know to the rest of the world. Amos was always very nice to Terry, whenever he’d come see his mother, he’d always make sure to stop in and see Terry and give him a toy. When Terry was 12, that is when things changed. “Uncle” Amos and his mother had a huge argument, and Terry never saw him again. It was also at this time that Roulette began neglecting her son, effectively turning him over to her staff. He barely saw her for the next four years, but he continued to learn what he could to try and impress her.

Little did Terry know that the argument that day between with Mother and her "Uncle" was about him. When Fortune found out that Roulette was pregnant he exposed her to a gas in an attempt to mutate the baby. Roulette’s exposure to the Book of Destiny, plus Fortune’s knowledge of the "Luck Gland" meant it was an opportunity he could not pass up to create a genetically lucky child. Fortune was there to tell her that he felt the experiment was an failure because Terry showed no signs of luck manipulation. Roulette was furious that her partner has experimented on her like some sort of test subject. After that, she just couldn’t bear the sight of her own son because she was believed him to be a genetic freak.

On his 16th birthday, Terry decided to do something that he thought surely would bring him back into his mother’s good graces, when the mobile fight club was near Las Vegas, Terry snuck out and rolled some tourists for their credit cards. Breaking into a hotel room via the balcony, he used the stolen credit cards to gamble on an online poker site. He was up almost $100,000 by the time hotel security busted in and took him into custody. Looking back on it, he should have realized that a hotel would monitor online gambling traffic through it’s WiFi.

Terry’s expectation for his mother to show up and bail him out didn’t bare out, in fact nobody came at all. Terry wasn’t born in a hospital, in fact he didn’t even have a birth certificate as far as he knew, so he just lied to the District Attorney and claimed to be homeless and that he had no idea who his parents were. Eventually they gave him a new identity and threw him into prison.

After two years serving in juvenile detention, Terry took his meager belongings, hustled some idiots out of $1,000 dollars and hitch hiked from Nevada all the way to Metropolis.

He had a lot of time to think about his life over those two years as he grew into a man, one was that it was now obvious to him that Amos Fortune must be his father, and to honor him (even though he was disappointed to learn he was now in prison), he took on his last name. He now set out to make his name in Metropolis, more than anything to stick it to his mother.

He had heard about the Darkside from people who showed up at his mother's club, so he knew at the very least he'd be safe. As he began frequenting the bar more and more he became close friends and eventually became one of the founding members of the Injustice Gang.

EDIT: Added 2pp to his skills as Chapter 1 wraps up.
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Re: DCA/3e Young Injustice OOC (Recruiting 4)-

Post by The_Watchman » Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:30 pm

I know there's already a Black Adam family with Isis and Osiris canonically, but would a different legacy of Black Adam (or possibly one of the other evil paragons that fight Captain Marvel) be acceptable? I'd like to make a paragon and I'm having trouble thinking of villainous examples besides Black Adam and the extinct races (Kryptonians, Czarnians, Martians, etc). Anyone I'm forgetting?
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Re: DCA/3e Young Injustice OOC (Recruiting 4)-

Post by Horsenhero » Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:35 pm

RuleofThree wrote:I think I might bite. How much knowledge of mainstream DC continuity is needed, since I'm only familiar with animated stuff and don't actually read comics? I basically want to take Lian Harper - who I think is supposed to be dead - and make her the rebellious protege of Deathstroke.
I'd go for it, if you could tell me how Lian is grown up. The game is set in the contemporary DCU, which means that Roy Harper is still in his prime as Arsenal (no Red Arrow in this universe, all apologies to Mark Waid who first imagined that name change for Kingdom Come), but there are many potential explanations for her being old enough to be a viable character. Plus, none of Deathstroke's kids seem to get along with him anyway, so why would an adopted protege'?