Collapsed Version of Marvel Timeline

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Re: Collapsed Version of Marvel Timeline

Post by Libra » Sat Nov 09, 2013 9:25 am

My thoughts exactly (albeit expressed with greater clarity). :D
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Re: Collapsed Version of Marvel Timeline

Post by digitalangel » Tue Dec 24, 2013 11:42 am

Also remember that Cap and most of the active heros in the WW2( and several of the cold war) time frame were the results of experimentation, not born mutant. This means if you want to leave that history in place as part of your world and still say that mutants are just starting to appear in any numbers works just fine.

Wolverine and Apocolpyse are the biggest thorns in that plan, but Wolverine really kept a pretty low profile from the public for most of his life, Apocolypse, if known about at all, is probably written off by history as an ancient legend from Egyption mythology until you want him to show himself in one of your plots.

Magneto and Xavier really come on the scene in the Marvel universe somewhere in the WW2 time frame (shortly after), so this fits pretty well with the timeline you are shooting for.

The various generations of the Black Panther have been around for a logn time, but outside of Africa, they are not well known either. Just because you don't want "the world" to know about mutants/heros/etc until fairly recently doesn't mean you can't keep reional legends in place that the rest of the world starts paying more attention to after groups like the FF, Magneto and the brotherhood, etc open the collective eytes of the world to new possibilities.