Marvelous Evil

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Marvelous Evil

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I once posted a thread with the beginnings of this idea, but this more developed. I call it "Marvelous Evil," an alternate universe combining elements of Resident Evil with the Marvel Universe.

The events taking place in the background of the Resident Evil games largely proceed unchanged. In the late '60s, Ozwell E. Spencer, Sir Edward Ashford and Dr. James Marcus founded the Umbrella Corporation, the secret goal of which was exploiting the ancient Progenitor virus found in a rare African flower. While Ashford and Marcus thought to create bio-weapons to sell to the highest bidder and gain temporal power, Spencer had a different idea: use the mutagenic viruses to remake mankind and stand atop a new world as a god. Dr. Marcus was betrayed and murdered, but eventually restored by his own creation in the Tyrant virus (or "T-virus"). He attacked Umbrella in turn, causing the outbreak at the Spencer Estate in Raccoon City where our story begins.

The soldier transport carrying Billy Coen is actually returning him to the Arklay Facility when resurrected Marcus strikes the Umbrella train, Ecliptic Express, and unleashes the T-virus. Billy Coen is an escaped test subject for Umbrella's "Weapon X" program, which mutates a host and grants both incredible regenerative powers, heightened senses and in Billy's case a set of retractable bone claws in his hands. He's the only successful test subject and Umbrella wants him back to dissect and figure out how to replicate the process.

Meanwhile, the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team has come to investigate the Arklay Facility after a series of cannibal murders and animal attacks rocks Raccoon City. They pinpoint the Spencer Estate as being at the heart of the area covered, so they come to investigate. Their helicopter suffers a serious malfunction and they make an emergency landing in the Arklay Forest. Bravo Team is not hurt by the incident, but quickly come under attack by packs of vicious zombie dogs. Some of the team is killed, the others driven to the Spencer Estate, except for Rebecca Chambers. Separated from the others, she encounters the derelict Ecliptic Express and Billy Coen, a man whom Umbrella has framed with false allegations of murder and military treason. The two are forced to work together to survive once they arrive at Dr. Marcus' Umbrella Training Facility, and eventually defeat the monstrous Dr. Marcus himself (after he transforms into a gigantic Queen Leech). Rebecca allows Billy to go free and makes her way to the Spencer Estate. She survives this mess largely thanks to her own powers — possibly a mutant of some kind, maybe Shadowcat.

S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team goes in after Bravo, led by the treacherous Captain Wesker. They land in the Arklay Forest and come under attack while investigating the whereabouts of Bravo Team. Barry Burton, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield and Albert Wesker reach the Spencer Mansion and what they assume is safety, though Wesker has at this time already enacted his own devious plans. He forces Barry to secretly help him by threatening his family, while Jill and Chris explore the estate and discover the twisted secrets lying beneath the surface. Jill is helped by her experience as a former burglar of great skill, called "the Black Cat" in her day.

The events of the game proceed largely as normal. In the aftermath, however, several important things occur. One is that Barry discovers that Wesker had already killed his family and only bluffed that they were alive and under threat. Barry becomes a magnum-toting Punisher, out to put an end to these criminals that shield themselves from the law with money and influence.

Meanwhile, after confronting the mutant horrors and human evils of Umbrella in the Spencer facility, Chris Redfield returns to the government with evidence of Umbrella's wrongdoing. He volunteers for a new project that uses similarly mutagenic viral agents (sold to them by William Birkin, one of Umbrella's scientists) to enhance a soldier to the peak of human ability, known as Project: Rebirth. Feeling that he must become the best of humanity in order to fight the worst inhumanity, Chris is given a unique shield made of the only known vibranium in the world. It suits his status as a protector. He is Captain America.

Even as Chris and Barry depart Raccoon City and Jill remained behind to fight Umbrella's corruption, the city was doomed. The T-virus had leaked into the city's sewers and then into the city's water supply, while infected rats also brought it to the surface. The result was that most of the population was infected before they knew it, and by late September, the outbreak overtook the city. Most of the population became zombies and some of Umbrella's nastier creations got free of the overrun labs.

Unaware of the hell that awaited, Claire Redfield (looking for her brother) and rookie cop Leon Kennedy (first day on the job!) came to Raccoon City. They both quickly discovered the horror gripping the city, but it was too late to escape easily. They made their way to the RPD station, where they encountered other survivors: young Sherry Birkin, daughter of William, and Ada Wong, a superspy. They fought their way through the sewers into a hidden Umbrella facility beneath Raccoon City, and Claire was bitten by one of the giant spiders infected by the T-virus. Its venom, instead of killing her, mutated her DNA into a spider-human hybrid, and when she awoke, she soon discovered that she'd become something of a Spider-Woman.

Leon, meanwhile, fell in love with Ada but then had to watch her die, and vowed never to let someone he cared about fall victim to such madness again. Together Leon and Claire confronted the Tyrant, a huge bio-weapon soldier created by Umbrella, and destroyed William Birkin after he mutated himself with the new G-virus into a horrific monster. They escaped the city with Sherry Birkin, unaware that Ada had survived.

Jill remained in Raccoon City and found herself in the midst of a zombie epidemic. She also found herself hunted by an implacable monster called the Nemesis. He hunted down the last remaining S.T.A.R.S. members, including Jill, who desperately tried to escape Raccoon with the help of Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service, an elite group of soldiers trained for recovery and data elimination. Nemesis nearly killed them all, but Jill finally destroyed him with the help of Carlos Oliveira, a U.B.C.S. agent, and an experimental rail gun. They escaped Raccoon City shortly before its nuclear destruction.

However, the inert remains of Nemesis absorbed some of the radiation from the lab and the blast and regenerated in the smoking aftermath, becoming something even more powerful.

So, those are the basics. I do have some thoughts for RE4 and later, but there are some questions about what to do with characters thus far. Players playing in this setting might want to play as one of the canon characters now become a superhero, or might want to make up their own. Only certain things really fit: no magic, no cosmic stuff. But that leaves the question of what to do with some of these?

Barry Burton: Becomes the Punisher, with a high-tech magnum as his signature weapon.
Rebecca Chambers: I've often thought she could be a mutant, like Shadowcat, or maybe gained powers some other way. Not sure what powers they might be, though.
Billy Coen: As Weapon X and a tough bastard, he certainly managed to escape the forest and remains at large. No adamantium, but it's not needed.
Leon Kennedy: Leon I'm really not sure about. I thought perhaps he might wander the world, seeking to perfect himself and become Iron Fist, but I'm not sure if that'd be a little too close to magic and clash with the setting. It might work, though, given that the viruses often work wholly supernatural-like effects. I thought also he might become Iron Man, piloting a suit of high-tech armor designed to counter the threat of monstrous mutants.
Carlos Oliveira: I'm not sure what he should do, but he needs to become a hero of some kind. Maybe he has powers, maybe he doesn't, but I'm not sure what kind of role he'd take on.
Chris Redfield: He's Captain America and goes on to oppose Wesker as a paragon of humanity, finally defeating him in RE5.
Claire Redfield: Given spider-powers, she fights Umbrella by sneaking into their facilities and ends up on Rockfort, where she encounters Steve Burnside and the Ashford twins.
Jill Valentine: I thought she could be Black Cat, maybe replete with luck powers, maybe not. It might fit her novelization background as having been a thief, though. If not Black Cat, I'm not sure what Marvel role to give her off the bat.
Albert Wesker: Remains more or less unchanged.
Ada Wong: She could well the equivalent of Black Widow, which fits her general personality and background.

Meanwhile, Nemesis becomes the setting's Hulk. Resurrected and empowered by the radiation of the atomic bomb, he becomes nigh-unstoppable, with godlike strength and durability. Rather than getting stronger when angry, he just basically becomes unkillable, his regenerative powers heightened to such a degree that maybe only complete disintegration can stop him. So rather than strength, it's toughness that increases for him, making him one of the worst foes our heroes can encounter.
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Re: Marvelous Evil

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