Hercverse: a World of Questions

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Hercverse: a World of Questions

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Like the Wordverse, the Thorpcoverse and Neo-Earth G before me, this is my attempt to create my own world full of my favorite fictional characters all blended together in a delicious fruity twist. If I can have a tenth of the Wordverse's storytelling, a tenth of the Thorpcoverse's expansiveness and a tenth of Neo Earth G's creativity....
...that's still seven-tenths left to fill, so I'd better come up with something to be best at quick. :lol:

For me, every setting has to start with a major theme: a concept that defines the stores that can be told with it. The theme I have chosen for the Hercverse is this:

:?: :?: :?: Questions :?: :?: :?:

A grand unifying theory of the supernatural is usually the soul of a crossover setting; some neat explanation for how these disparate power systems are all tapping into the same things.

Not here. Not in the Hercverse. In the Hercverse, nobody has any idea how things work.

Oh, sure, the laws of physics provide a useful baseline, despite all the many ways that they can be broken. Of course, the ways they can be broken all operate on their own internal logic and rules. The problem for anyone trying to find some common root to everything is that you can't. There isn't one. Nasu-style Magecraft that can kill its user should they overstep their ability exists next to Zatana, who's magic can't fail at all so long as he can cast it, and they're both magical enough to hurt Superman. Mutant psychics like Jean Grey and people with psychic talents that are inborn but somehow not part of a mutation can do very similar things and give out totally different energy readings. The Type-Moon, a ridiculously powerful being from the moon that spread a contagious vampirism, was vanquished a decade ago at great cost by Zeltrech the Kaleidoscope, and still there are over two-hundred different varieties of creature that can be called "vampires."

It can give you a headache. And don't even get started on the afterlives.

Still, life goes on, despite the best efforts of Gaia and the Anti-Monitor. And with so many different routes to power, most people will come across one or two in their lifetime, and the unknowable is anything but unusual.