Marvel Ultimate Sourcebook (Gambit)

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Marvel Ultimate Sourcebook (Gambit)

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I have been running a campaign in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, AKA 1610, for a little while now. I thought that people might like to use the resources that I have created. This first post will be a brief introduction, followed by a table of contents.


There are many reasons to base a game in the 1610. The most attractive of these is the fact that one has significantly less history to deal with.

The content of the Sourcebook will cover the 1610 beginning with the first issue of Ultimate Spider-Man (hereafter USM) and ends just before the Ultimatum with Ultimate Fantastic Four/X-Men Annual #1. I have decided to end before the Ultimatum because I felt that it was a very poor story.

The Timeline basically details every significant event that happened, listed in chronological order.

The Plot Hooks section will detail some ideas for adventures based on the happenings in the Timeline.

The Adventures section will be for some adventures that I have created and if time allows, recast the Ultimatum and Ultimates 3 as adventures which can, hopefully, end better than they did in the actual comics.

The Characters section will be 1610 builds. These will consist of conversions of 1610 characters, original characters, and original imagining or re-imaginings of Marvel characters that either never had 1610 versions or had poor 1610 versions respectively.

With no further ado . . .

The Ultimate Marvel Universe:


1. Timeline.
..... a. 2007 and before
..... b. 2008
..... c. 2009
..... d. 2010
..... e. 2011 and beyond
2. Plot hooks
3. Adventures
..... a. Ultimatum
..... b. Death of Scarlet Witch (Ultimate 3)
4. Characters
5. Miscellaneous
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Re: Marvel Ultimate Sourcebook - [Under Construction]

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The events of the timeline below are an estimate, albeit an obsessive and well researched one, of the events of the Marvel Ultimate Universe. They are based on a reading order someone even more obsessive created.

It cannot be exact, because there are major inconsistencies in the books themselves. For instance, it is never winter, except in Ultimate War. Another example can be found in the Ultimate Spider-man line. The series begins and Doctor Octopus falls into a coma for three (3) months, from issue 4 to issue 14. Let us assume, however unlikely, that the events of issues 15 to 58 take place over one (1) month. In Ultimate Spider-man #59 four (4) months pass. In Ultimate Spider-man #61 two (2) months pass. This means ten months has passed. It also means that the reference in issue #72 claiming that issue #1 took place "nine months ago" must be wrong. This is just one of many that I have tried to reconcile as best as I can.

Also, I have altered the years so the origins of the major players, the X-men, Spider-man, the Ultimates, and the Fantastic Four would take place around 2008. The reason for this was to make the timeline “end” around the current day. That way one can start their campaign a few years in the past if they wish the events of the books to be taking place while they are playing or they can start afterward and use what has come as a history.

One must note that this timeline ends just before the events of the Ultimatum. The reason for this is that if one is going to use this as a setting, why begin after nearly half the characters have been killed? One can always do a small amount of work on one’s own to include it if they wish.

Also, if one wishes the events to have taken place as in the years that they did (i.e. Ultimate Spider-man Issue 1 was published in 2000) subtract six (6) years from any date after 1945. (i.e. the timeline says 2008 it is actually 2002).

Further a small portion of the information, like dates of birth, are educated guesses. The dates of birth are mostly based on the appearances, but in many cases the ages of the characters are referred to and are therefore exact. Also one must keep in mind that not only the super technology, but also the mundane technology like cell phones, that exists on these dates in “history” is more advanced than our universe.

Justification and Explanation.

Regarding the content of this timeline, it encompasses the following series and issues:

Ultimate Fantastic Four: 1 – 57
Ultimate Spider-man: 1 – 128
Ultimate X-Men: 1 – 97
Ultimates 1 & 2
Ultimate Origins
Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra
Ultimate Elektra
Ultimate Human
Ultimate Iron Man I & II
Ultimate Nightmare, Secret & Extinction
Ultimate Vision
Ultimate Team-up (1-3; 5-8; 10-16)
Ultimates Annuals 1 and 2
Ultimate X-Men Annuals 1 and 2
Ultimate Captain America Annual 1
Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual 1 and 2
Ultimate Spider-man Annual 1, 2 and 3
Ultimate Six
Ultimate X4 1 and 2
Ultimate War
Ultimate Fantastic Four/X-Men Annual 1 and 2

It ends, as stated above, before the Ultimatum and also does not include the Supreme lines.

Wasp’s age is 26 in 2008. This makes her born in 1982. She met Hank while she was in college. However Pym is shown to be in his teens in 1990 during the gulf war. Therefore they must about eight to ten years apart.

Betty Ross went to college with Wasp, so she is presumably the same age. However Bruce is already at least twenty in 1990, so he is much older than her as her birth date should be about the same year as Wasp: 1982.

The Elektra and Elektra and Daredevil books have internal contradictions. In the first issue of E&D, Elektra’s friend says that she has a class with Matt, but later in Elektra Matt is taking law school classes and has an internship with a law firm. As Matt goes on to represent Banner a few years down the road, it seems that it is more likely that he is in Law School, while Elektra is in undergrad.

The fact of whether humans created Mutants or whether they arose through evolution is a controversial topic in the Ultimate universe. Ultimate Origins introduces the idea that Weapon X program created the mutant gene, but every prior book has the evolution explanation. For instance in Ultimate War, Cap says that Wolverine had a healing factor before he went to Weapon X. I prefer the evolution explanation, but I have left the timeline vague on the subject. One can choose to portray the Canadian scientist, Abraham Cornelius, as “delusional” as Fury referred to him, or you can choose to interpret that this minor character created mutants. Totally up to you. But the “created” gene is stupid. And so are you if you like it. (Kidding.)

Issues 4 and 9 of the Team up series cannot be reconciled with the rest of the timeline. They show versions of the Fantastic Four and Iron Man that cannot co-exist with the later versions.

One of the most controversial (if anybody even cares) things about the outline may be that Peter progresses through high school grades in my version. The writers of Ultimate Spider-man wanted to have the first 72 issues take place over nine months. However at many points they progress several months in contradiction to this. What does their school year look like? They are always in school and never (with one exception) cold. I would have loved to go to a New York school that has no winter, but one that has no summer vacation would have sucked. So I just inferred that Peter is progressing in grades as we go.

There is a conflict between the Ultimate Origins story and the Ultimate Spider-Man canon. Origins seems to portray that Richard and Mary Parker died due to Dr. Banner's transformation into the Hulk; in the Spider-Man canon, it's clearly shown that Peter grew up at least 4-9 years old, before Peter lost his parents in a supposed plane crash. However, it seems to me that the possibility exists that they were merely injured in the Origins story and did not die until years later. While I agree that it certainly appears that they died, it is never stated explicitly allowing for the injury interpretation. This is how it is handled in the Timeline.

Sharon Carter says it is June, in USM 46. But the kids are in school. So June is one of only a few months that it could not be.

In issue 42 we see a flyer for Dazzler’s band. It says February on a flyer. One must assume this is an old flyer or it is unseasonably warm, because the X-men are all wearing t-shirts and shorts in northern New York.

The Wolverine versus Hulk has far too many continuity errors to exist within the regular timeline. In ten pages four months passes. That would be fine if not for the fact that the same period in Ultimates 2 is about two to three weeks. Ultimates 2 was published first and is more crucial to the universe, so I did not include Wolverine versus Hulk. I struggled with it and there is just no way it fits.

In issue 106 the month is April, Peter’s calendar says March, but he has not been to work for about ten days, so he has yet to flip it.

In the Ultimate Knights story arc Mary Jane says she is 16 and Peter claims that it is his sophomore year, but these statements and other ones here are based on the illogical attempts by the writers to claim that everything happened in one year (see above), so I ignored it.

The Ultimate Squadron Supreme lines are not included here. There is no particular reason for this other than simplification. One universe was enough. If one wishes to use a Fury disappearance hook, he should disappear around after or on April 1st and be saved/reappear before May 18th. (SEE plot hooks)

Bolivar Trask shows up in USM 125 a few weeks after the publication of UXM 87 were he dies. Although it is clear that 125 takes place about a month before 87, it seems strange that he is trying to get the venom suit back and in charge of his own company one month and the next he is doing the bidding of Fenris Corporation after his company collapses. The 87 Trask is portrayed as remorseful at his involvement in the mutant genocide while the 125 Trask is portrayed as a ruthless villain. It is not per se a contradiction, but it is close. One may choose to say that his company was failing and he tried one last ditch effort to save it: getting the suit. When he failed so did the company. Then the Fenris twins came along shortly after to recruit him.


I added a few things that are not canon, but that I thought were necessary. All these are in brown

Also the "President" that is shown is sometimes Bush sometimes not, but it is always an older white man. Obama losing to Robert Kelly was the way I handled it. Robert Kelly does not exist in the canon of the Ultimate Universe, but in some later stories that I don't include a vice president named Bob Blackthorne does appear. I made this the ticket as you can see. I am neither a republican nor a democrat at this point in my life, so no political motivation was involved. It merely seems the policies regarding Mutants are more in line with Kelly's tendencies in the 616, so I made the choice to do it this way. Of course you can change 2008 to 2001 in the timeline and then it would be Bush the whole time. It is up to you.
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Re: Marvel Ultimate Sourcebook - [Under Construction]

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200,000,000 B.C.

The Fantastic Four travel back in time pursuing terrorists who intend to hold the first creature that comes out of the primordial ooze for hostage.

145,000,000 B.C.

The Fantastic Four foils the time terrorists.

28,000 B.C.

The cosmic cube falls from the sky on planet Archeron into the hands of Thanos

19,000 B.C.

Atlantis and Lumuria, the two most advanced civilizations of the time, wage war on one another. This war nearly annihilates the two empires, and ends in a treaty giving control of the land to the Lumurians and control of the seas to Atlantis.

10,000 B.C.

Namor is imprisoned for undisclosed crimes.

Atlantis is infected by the race known as Tan-ed-Drul, the Dragons of Seven or simply Hydras. It destroys both the Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations.

The inhuman race known as Attilans establish their secret city in the Himalayas.


Milanese alchemists Andrea Vecchiato and his allies Paulus, Cesare, and Stranza trap Menendez Flores, A.K.A. El Diablo, in his tower.


Diablo hatches a plan to free himself from his confinement by manipulating the elemental characteristics of the Fantastic Four.

Diablo kidnaps Enid Richards, Elsie Grimm and Franklin Storm by transporting them across time. He intends to lure the Fantastic Four back in time.

The Fantastic Four travel back in time and fight their way to Diablo’s stronghold/prison, called the Tower with No Doors.

Diablo uses Enid as a conduit channeling destructive energies through her body in order to create the Elixir Vitae. He sends the excess force forward in time to destroy the modern world.

The alchemists and the Fantastic Four fight Diablo and destroy the portal to the future. As a result some universal energy remains trapped in Enid. She touches Diablo causing him to disappear and presumably destroying him.

The Fantastic Four are returned to the future with the aid of Vecchiato


James Howlett is born


The Vision bringing a warning of the coming of Gah Lak Tus crashes in Tunguska causing the Tunguska event.


Timothy Dugan is born.


Steve Rogers is born.


Nick Fury is born.


Russian scientists discover the remains of Vision and seize it for the government.


The first Captain America, a normal human, is killed during the Battle of Tenura at Guadalcanal.


James Howlett, Nick Fury and Wilson Fisk’s Grandfather are arrested stealing valuables from the wreckage of an Italian village.

Nick Fury is subjected to the Super Soldier Experiments, he escapes.

Abraham Erskine turns Steve Rogers into a super soldier. He is killed immediately afterward and Steve Rogers defeats the assassin. A Watcher device appears.

James Howlett is returned to duty.

James Howlett meets Captain America.

Men begin to notice that James Howlett has the strange ability to escape death and injury. The Canadian officials send him back to Canada for tests.

Abraham Cornelius imprisons James Howlett in a lab.

James Howlett is subjected to experiments in Canada.


Captain America destroys a train containing Chitauri super-weapon components.


Captain America destroys Armin Zola’s base, defeating Zola and liberating many concentration camp victims, on whom Zola was experimenting.

Captain America and Allied forces attack a Nazi/Chitauri base in Iceland. Captain America destroys a super-weapon while in flight and falls into the north Atlantic.


The mutant gene is first discovered in James Howlett’s DNA.


Charles Xavier, AKA Professor X, is born.


Erik Lehnsherr, AKA Magneto, is born.


Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, is born


Bruce Banner, AKA The Hulk, is born


Stark Industries begins to research Bio Tech armor and applications.


Howard Stark and Loni Stark separate. Howard Stark begins a relationship with and eventually marries Maria Cerra. Maria becomes pregnant.

Maria accidentally infects herself with a regenerative virus. Although the virus works, it has the side effect on the neural tissue of her and her fetus. The virus causes neural tissue to grow all through the body of the fetus and causes Maria to be driven insane.

When the divorce is final, Loni Stark allies herself with Zebediah Stane in order to take over Stark Enterprises.

Maria dies. Antonio Stark is born.

Although the neural tissue that permeates his body makes him a super genius and allows him to regenerate damage, it also causes him constant pain. Howard goes on the run with Tony and his assistant Si Ma.

Stane finds that Howard has outmaneuvered him and that despite owning Stark Enterprises, he has no ownership rights to the Bio-Armor division.

Stane kidnaps Howard’s other assistant Nero. He uses a mind reading device, called "the Lid", on Nero to steal information about the Bio-Armor. This leaves Nero mentally disabled.


Hank Pym, AKA Giant Man, is born


Stane finally catches up to the Starks and kidnaps Tony. He tries to use the Lid on Tony, but to no effect. Tony is rescued. Stane is incarcerated.

Matt Murdock, AKA Daredevil, is born.


Erik Lehnsherr releases James Howlett from the Weapon X facility. He kills his mother and severely damages the facility.


Janet Van Dyne, AKA the Wasp, is born.
Betty Ross is born.
Brian Braddock is born.

Elektra Natchios is born.
Bishop is born.


Doctor Stephen Strange mysteriously disappears.

Victor van Damme is born.
Stephen Strange, Jr. is born.


Tony Stark meets James Rhodes. Tony is developing nano-technology and a set of armor. Tony is attacked and nearly killed by classmates who have been manipulated by agents of Stane.

Howard Stark decides to enroll Tony, James, and Nifara Rhodes, James’ sister who witnessed Tony attack, into the Baxter Building think tank. Howard had earlier enrolled Obadiah Stane, Zebediah's son, in the school as well.

Ben Grim, AKA The Thing, is born.
Reed Richards, AKA Mister Fantastic, is born.
Susan Storm, AKA The Invisible Woman, is born.

T'Challa Udaku is born.


Zebediah Stane is broken out of jail and murdered by men claiming to work for Howard Stark.

Tony Stark takes his first drink.

Piotr Rasputin, AKA Colossus, is born.

Howard Stark is jailed under suspicion that he had Zebediah Stane murdered.

Tony wearing an early version of the Iron Man Armor foils a hostage situation aboard a Ferry. The armor is destroyed and Tony is nearly killed. It is later revealed that the terrorist situation was merely a ruse. The hijackers were actually trying to destroy Stark enterprises. Mark Scott, CEO of Whiplash LLC, is suspected to be behind the attempt.

Obadiah Stane uses mind control chemicals on a prison guard to try to kill Howard Stark, but Stark survives the attack.

Tony Stark foils Loni Stane’s plot to steal the Iron Man armor and detonate a nuclear device over South America. Nifara Rhodes is killed by Loni. Loni is killed by Obadiah Stane.

Eddie Brock, AKA Venom, is born.


Nick Fury is saved by James Howlett in Kuwait during the Gulf War. While recovering he is confronted about his past by General Thaddeus Ross. Nick Fury agrees to head up the new Super Soldier project.

Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr meet.


Jean Grey, AKA Marvel Girl, is born.
Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops, is born.
Henry McCoy, AKA the Beast, is born.
Ororo Munroe, AKA Storm, is born.


Nick Fury enlists scientists Bruce Banner, Hank Pym, Richard Parker and Franklin Storm to begin work on recreating the Super Soldier project.

Erik Lehnsherr and Xavier begin a mutant society in the Savage Lands

Johnny Storm, AKA The Human Torch, is born

Franklin Storm leaves the Super Soldier project to begin the Baxter Building think tank.

Warren Worthington is born


Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, is born.
Mary Jane Parker is born
Flash Thompson is born
Gwen Stacy is born

Katherine Pride is born

Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk and severely injures Peter Parker’s parents, Richard and Mary Parker.


Mary Storm fakes her death leaving Franklin Storm, who is aware of the subterfuge, to raise Johnny and Susan.

Xavier, Magneto and others create the drug “Banshee” in the Savage Lands. But, when they become aware of the dangerous nature of the drug, they stop production.


On his tenth birthday, as is the tradition in his family, Victor van Damme is told by his father that he is a direct descendant of Vlad Tepes Dracula.


Reed Richard’s experiment attempting to teleport non-organic material into the N-Zone is a success. He is recruited to the Baxter Building think tank when his science fair experiment demonstrating the technique is witnessed by Willie Lumpkin.


Colossus is smuggled into the US from Russia

Colossus discovers that he has powers and uses them to earn money performing feats of strength for tourists.


Richard and Mary Parker die in a plane crash along with Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brock.

Erik Lehnsherr and Charles Xavier leave their lives, and in Charles’ case his wife and child, behind to try to help the mutant cause.

Colossus returns to Russia.


Erik Lehnsherr and Charles Xavier save the life of Ricky Gibson, later known as Detonator, from being lynched by mutant fearing humans.

Colossus’ powers are discovered by the Russian Mafioso Anatol Spichkin.

Janet Van Dyne begins seeing Henry Pym.


Elektra Natchios attends Columbia University.
Matt Murdoch attends Columbia University Law School.

Elektra Natchios and Matt Murdoch begin dating only to come into conflict over a fellow student named Calvin Langstrom III. Trey, as he called, is a member of a family so rich that he can get away with burning down Elektra’s father’s store and raping her friend. Elektra decides that she must kill him to protect her family and friends, but Matt refuses to accept her taking the law in her own hands. This ends their relationship.

Elektra Natchios’ father gets caught up in money laundering after accepting a loan to rebuild his store from his relatives the Natchios Brothers who are in organized crime.

Later the Natchios’ bookkeeper goes to the police with his ledger. Elektra offers to assume the debt of her father and the Natchios task her with posing as a prostitute to recover the bookkeeper’s notebook. Before she can do this, the bookkeeper is killed by Wilson Fisk’s assassin Bullseye and her father is framed for the murder.

Elektra makes a deal with Wilson Fisk to get her dad off by returning the notebook to him. He forces her to face Bullseye in single combat and she defeats him. Matt Mudock who had been assisting Elektra once again ends their relationship because of her deal with Wilson Fisk.

Reed Richards and Victor van Damme begin to work together on their projects. Dr. Arthur Molekevic is fired from the Baxter Building think tank because he has been experimenting with creating a form of humanoid mold-based life form.

Erik Lehnsherr and Charles Xavier approach Rolling Stone writer to write an article on their Mutant Brotherhood. The writer wonders of the article might foster more fear than understanding as they watch people picket the San Francisco Mansion where the Brotherhood is headquartered.


In the Savage Lands tensions build between Charles Xavier and Magneto about how the mutant society they built there should proceed.

The Blob reveals to Magneto that he has a daughter. He wants to bring her and her mother to the Savage Lands, but Magneto refuses.


The tension between Magneto and Charles Xavier worsens as to how the Brotherhood should proceed.


T'Challa Udaku is severely injured in the “Trial of the Panther,” a tribal ritual hunt meant to decide the heir to the throne of Wakanda. T'Challa endeavored to prove himself in the trial despite it being his older brother, M'Baku’s right. The current king, their father, decides to share Wakanda's technology in exchange for the Weapon X program’s help in saving T'Challa’s life. Because of this M'Baku leaves the kingdom.

T'Challa Udaku is turned over to the Weapon X program. There he is saved and given many enhancements. Weapon X is, however, unable to repair his vocal chords and he is left a mute.

Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan, who appears not to have aged significantly since the 1940, James Howlett and other SHIELD operatives raid the Weapon X facilities. There, a “delusional” scientist claims to have created mutants. Fury orders the facility burned so as not to allow these claims to reach the public. Fury shows kindness as he saves T’Challa from the program, but later Fury calls him U.S. “property” in an argument with his T’Challa’s father.

Magneto paralyzes Xavier with a metal spear for fleeing the Savage Lands.

Detonator, formerly Ricky Gibson, attacks the pentagon. He is captured and the damage to the Pentagon is concealed form the general public.

Xavier recruits Jean Grey.

Scott Summers powers manifest themselves when he is in Junior High accidentally killing his step parents Noah and Janelle Whalley.

Colossus’ father discovers him in bed with another boy. Colossus begins to take Banshee so that Anatol Spichkin will hire him. He becomes an arms dealer.

Xavier recruits Scott Summers.

Illyana Rasputina is born.


Ororo Munroe and Yuriko "Yuri" Oyama steal bikes in Texas. When Ororo tells Yuri she is going out on her own, Yuri attacks Ororo, but in the end it is Yuri who is severely injured when her bike crashes. Yuri is left a quadriplegic.

Charles Xavier and Emma Frost decide to keep a stray cat. Emma decides that the cat should be named Mystique when it tears up Xavier’s office.

Thor Odinson, a Norwegian nurse, has a nervous breakdown and spends 18 months in a Mental Institution. When he emerges he claims to be the Norse God Thor come to save earth. The truth of his claims can neither be proven or dismissed.


Stephen Strange, Jr. is contacted by Stephen Strange, Sr.’s manservant Wong, who reveals to him the nature of his legacy.

Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm are transformed into the Fantastic Four and Victor van Damme becomes Doctor Doom when an attempt to send organic material into the N-Zone fails. The five are teleported all over the planet, with Susan ending up in the clutches of Dr. Arthur Molekevic, the Mole-man.

The Fantastic Four travel back in time to alter the events that created their powers, so that Ben will have never suffered his condition. However, the change has unintended consequences that culminate in the Skrulls taking over the planet and eliminating the entire human race. Ben Grimm manages to stop the Fantastic Four from altering the timeline by traveling back. His efforts leave him stranded in ancient South America and assure that most of the preceding paragraph did not actually occur.

When Dr. Arthur Molekevic releases a subterranean monster that attacks New York City the Fantastic Four defeat the creature. They then defeat Dr. Arthur Molekevic and recover Susan. These events are covered up as a “minor terrorist attack.”

Victor van Damme creates a shanty town called the “freezone” in Copenhagen. He controls the occupants with radio controlled microfiber implants. The Fantastic Four travel there to challenge him after he tries to kill them with a robotic insect swarm. They fight Doom to a draw, but Reed manages to release the occupants from Doom’s control.

Doom takes over the small European country of Latveria.

Tony Stark climbs Mount Everest.

Frank Castle’s family is murdered by crooked cops led by Arthur Jillette after he reports them to internal affairs. Frank is injured in the attack and upon recovering becomes the Punisher. He hunts and kills several of the cops responsible as well as other criminals before he is arrested.
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Re: Marvel Ultimate Sourcebook - [Under Construction]

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08 – Peter Parker is bitten by a spider that has been subjected to a genetic alteration drug called Oz at Osborne Labs while on a field trip.

09 – Peter realizes he has powers.

10 – Peter breaks Flash Thompson’s hand in a fight by merely blocking his punch.

11 – Peter goes to Osborne Labs where he meets Doctor Otto Octavius.

12 – Peter defeats a professional wrestler called Crusher Hogan while in disguise.

14 – Peter gets his costume from the wrestling promoter. Norman Osborn attempts to administer his genetic alteration drug Oz to himself. However, an explosion at Osborn Labs turns him into the Green Goblin. Doctor Otto Octavius is also caught up in the explosion, and lapses into a comma. Harry Osborn, Peter’s friend and classmate who is also Norman’s son, is also caught up in the explosion.

18 – Peter first appears as Spider-man at a wrestling match. On his way home he fails to stop a thief. Peter comes home to find that his Uncle Ben Parker has been killed. That same night Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin kills his wife. Peter catches the criminal who shot Uncle Ben, only to find that it is the same one who he failed to stop.

28 – The Green Goblin attacks Peter’s school. The battle leads the two out onto a bridge where a police chopper shoots the Green Goblin. The Goblin falls into the water, presumably dead.

31 – Spider-man meets Wolverine when he intervenes in a fight between Wolverine and Sabretooth.


01 – Spider-man first defeats the inept super villain the Shocker.

04 – Peter gets a job at the Daily Bugle.

06 – Peter finds out that Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, is behind all organized crime in New York.

08 – Spider-man encounters the Hulk who destroys several piers in New York until he changes back into Bruce Banner. Banner is taken into custody by General Thaddeus E. “Thunderbolt” Ross and SHIELD agents.

21 – The Brother hood of Mutants bombs Capitol Hill.

26 – Spider-man fights the enforcers, Mr. Big, Dan Rubenstein, Bruno Sanchez, and Montana Bale.

28 – Sentinels are released to police mutants.

29 – Hank McCoy, AKA Beast, is recruited to the X-men by Jean Grey and Professor Xavier.


03 – Ororo Munroe, AKA Storm, is recruited to the X-men by Jean Grey and Professor Xavier.

05 – Peter Rasputin, AKA Colossus, is recruited to the X-men by Jean Grey and Professor Xavier.

08 – Despite the lack of training the new recruits, along with Marvel Girl and Cyclops, are sent to Times Square where they battle the Sentinels and save Bobby Drake.

14 – The X-men save Wolverine from Colonel John Wraith, the leader of Weapon X. Wolverine scars Wraith. Wolverine’s rescue is actually Magneto’s plan so that he can infiltrate the X-men.

17 – A large fleet of Sentinels is seen searching New York City for Mutants. Jenna Bush is kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Mutants.

18 – The X-men travel to Croatia to rescue Bush. They fight the Brotherhood and save her. Beast is severely injured in the fight when a building collapses on him. Cyclops defects to the Brotherhood after a disagreement with Professor X and seeing Jean Grey kiss Wolverine.

20 – Jean uses experimental surgery to save Hank McCoy, but his hair turns blue as a result.

21 – Spider-man fights the Kingpin, the Enforcers and Max Dillon, AKA Electro. He loses the fight and they unmask him. They throw him out the window to kill him, but he survives. The Kingpin kills Mr. Big and leaves the body in a fountain with Spider-man’s mask still on it.

28 – Spider-man steals a tape of a murder recorded on the Kingpin’s security system.

31 – Peter turns the tapes over to Ben Urich, a reporter at the Bugle.


01 – Spider-man encounters Natalia Romanova, AKA Black Widow,. He helps her escape from the Latverian Embassy. She knocks him out with a” widow’s kiss” and leaves with Nick Fury.

02 – Peter tells Mary Jane Watson that he is Spider-man.

03 – Punisher escapes from Riker’s Island. He was incarcerated there after he killed several of the cops responsible for murdering his family. Upon his escape he immediately begins to hunt the remaining cops.

04 –Punisher kills one of the cops in the office of Matt Murdock, the Daredevil. The Daredevil captures the Punisher and keeps him from killing Artie Jillette with Spider-man’s help/interference.

05 – Spider-man encounters Blade, accidently temporarily saving a vampire from him.

06 – Spider-man encounters Elektra and stops her from killing a Latverian general named Tappert. He begins to question himself when he learns that the general may be guilty of genocide. Spider-man decides to go ask his newest acquaintance Daredevil about the troubles of being a superhero. Daredevil tells him to give up the hero business because he is too young and unprepared.

07 – Doctor Otto Octavius wakes from a three month comma to find that the accident at Osborn labs has fused four metallic arms to his body. He is driven insane by the experience, kills the lab technicians while escaping and becomes Doctor Octopus. Gwen Stacy starts attending Peter’s school, PS 163 in Queens. Kenny “Kong” McFarlane, Peter’s classmate, begins to suspect that Peter is Spider-man.

08 – In order to prove his theory, Kong decides to assault Peter. Peter feigns weakness and Kong’s suspicions are allayed. After being returned to his cell in Riker’s Island general population, Frank Castle finds that he has been placed in the same cell as Artie Jillette by sympathetic guards who know what Artie did.

09 – Sergei Kravinoff, the star of a reality TV show called Kraven the Hunter, comes to America to hunt Spider-man.

10 – Big Ben is bombed by the Brotherhood who is now being assisted by Cyclops. It appears that Wanda Lensherr and Scott Summers have begun a relationship. It is one of several bombings that have taken place, with others happening in New York and Washington DC.

11 – George W. Bush and the U.S. military send the Sentinels to destroy the Brotherhood’s society in the Savage Lands. Magneto takes control of the Sentinels and sends them back to destroy Washington DC.

12 – In the early morning hours of Saturday morning the Sentinels arrive in Washington DC and begin to destroy the Mall. Magneto personally attacks the White House and attempts to finish a naked and cowering George W. Bush by smashing him with his own car. A pitched battle ensues and Xavier is able to defeat and presumably to kill Magneto when his own son, Pietro Lensherr, uses his super- speed to remove Magneto’s helmet. Hundreds die in the attack.

14 – Pietro Lensherr, AKA Quicksilver, and Wanda Lensherr, AKA Scarlet Witch, attack an army convoy to recover their father’s body. After a conflict with several X- men, they find only his helmet, as no body was recovered. Pietro expresses guilt and regret over betraying his father and tells Wanda that he loved him.

15 –Kurt Wagner, AKA Nightcrawler, assassinates a foreign dignitary for Weapon X.

16 – Doctor Octopus attacks the Hammer Industries’ power plant. When Spider-man tries to stop him Doctor Octopus defeats Spider-man, who barely escapes.

18 – Electro wakes up in FBI custody. He is escapes briefly but is recaptured by the Ultimates.

19 – Doctor Octopus attacks Justin Hammer at one of his facilities, but is defeated by Spider-man. Spider-man must then immediately fight Kraven who he knocks unconscious with one punch. In a third consecutive conflict of the night, Spider- man is forced to subdue Flint Marko, AKA the Sandman, when he is accidentally released from the Hammer research facility where he had been the subject of experiments. These encounters are all televised live.

28 – Harry Osborn, Norman’s son and Peter’s friend, returns to High School. Peter is threatened by Norman, who has resurfaced. Norman warns Peter to quit being Spider-man or suffer the consequences. Norman claims to own Peter, because he knows it was his spider that gave him his powers.

22 – Peter learns that a school therapist, Dr. Bradley, is actually working for SHIELD. Nick Fury comes to the school to talk to Peter. Fury tells Peter that SHIELD believes Osborn will ask him to kill Fury. Peter is angered when Fury tells him there is nothing he can do to help him. Fury says that they must wait for Osborn to make a move on Peter, his family or friends. That night the Goblin kidnaps Mary Jane. The goblin throws her off of a bridge, but Peter saves her. The Goblin and Spider-man fight throughout the city back to Osborn’s home. There they continue to fight and the Goblin gets the better of Spider-man. He is about to kill him when Harry Osborn stabs the creature in the back. The Goblin and Harry are taken into SHIELD custody.

24 – To blow off some steam after recent events, Peter, Mary Jane and their friends go to the mall. There they bump into the X-men.

25 – Doctor Curt Connors becomes the Lizard.

28 – After learning about him, Spider-man tries to track down the Lizard. When he encounters him, the Man-Thing appears and transforms Connors back into his human form.

29 – A mystic named Xandu wishes to steal the Wand of Watoomb from Stephen Strange, Jr. When they have a chance encounter he hatches a plan to have Spider- man break the Strange residence’s magic wards. He infiltrates the house, but the two are able to stop him.


01 – Special Session of the United Nations is called to pass the Super-human Test Ban Treaty. The treaty outlaws the unauthorized creation of Super-humans through manipulation of the human genome. It also disallows the unauthorized employment by governments of “persons of mass destruction.”

05 – Nightcrawler escapes from Weapon X, but is quickly recaptured.

07 – The X-men appear on a Tokyo talk show.

09 – Xavier’s School is attacked by Weapon X agents led by Colonel Wraith. The X- men are all captured and taken to a Weapon X base in Finland.

10 – Nick Fury disappears investigating a violation of the Super-human Test Ban Treaty in India.

11 – General Ross, director of SHIELD, goes to Colonel Wraith to ask for help in reacquiring Fury. Beast is altered to enhance his physical attributes and sprouts blue fur as a result of the process.

24 – The X-men working with other Weapon X mutants under Weapon X’s control rescue Fury. Wraith uses Cerebro to find Wolverine and capture him.

25 – General Ross is severely injured and many others are killed in an explosion caused by Xavier under Wraith’s control.

26 – The X-men and the other mutants are freed from Weapon X by the Brotherhood of Mutants. Nick Fury also assists in the rescue, shooting Wraith.

28 – Fury takes over as director of SHIELD after General Ross is injured.


13 – A mutant thief named Remy LeBeau, AKA Gambit, saves a young orphan girl from being killed by the mobsters that killed her parents. One of the mobsters was Hammerhead who Gambit defeated by making his adamantium skull explode. Timesweek Magazine does a cover story on the X-men.

17 – Fury offers Banner a position with the new post-human taskforce, the Ultimates.

19 – Hank Pym and Janet Pym are transferred from the Pittsburgh Super Soldier facility to the New York facility, the Triskelion.

24 – The first Giant Man tests are a success.

26 – Captain America is found frozen, but alive, in the North Atlantic.

27 – Steve Rogers is revived, only to find that he has been asleep for over 50 years.

30 – Giant Man tests in San Francisco are a success.


04 – Captain America is revealed to the world at a huge reception at the Triskelion.

05 – Spider-man goes to ask the Fantastic Four if he can join the group, but they tell him that they don’t have the authority to allow him to join the team.

06 – Spider-man encounters Shang Chi and assists him with some gang trouble in his neighborhood.

21 – Thor and his followers stage a demonstration against the World Trade Organization negotiations at their headquarters in Geneva Switzerland.

30 – Criticism builds for the Ultimates and Super-soldier program. The public sees it as a waste of resources, while Tony Stark does nothing to help the image when he takes Shannon Elizabeth to space for her birthday.


01 – Nick Fury goes to Norway to recruit Thor. But Thor has no desire to join the Ultimates because he fears the United States will misuse them for the interests of free trade and oil.

05 – The X-men go on a world tour. The point of the tour is to promote goodwill towards mutantkind, so the X-men spend the trip stopping terrorists and criminals in foreign countries.

07 – David Xavier, AKA Proteus, escapes his confinement on Muir Island. David, the son of Charles and Moira MacTaggert, despises his parents. To complicate matters further he suffers from a dangerous combination of serious mental imbalance and extremely powerful reality-shaping abilities.

09 – One half of the X-men encounter Proteus, but he escapes.

12 – Colossus saves the sunken Russian Submarine, the Kursk, in the Barents Sea.

13 – The X-men defeat Proteus, but not without a great cost. He destroys parts of the Louvre, the Sydney Opera House, and Madrid’s Plaza Mayor. The mutant casualties include both Bobby Drake and Hank Mc Coy who are seriously injured and Betsy Braddock who is killed.

14 – Because of the serious injuries to Bobby and Hank, Charles decides to disband the X-men.

17 – After a few days of reflection Xavier decides not to disband the X-men.

27 – In a misguided attempt to make the Ultimates appear necessary, Bruce Banner, triggers his transformation into the Hulk. He goes on a rampage destroying New York and killing hundreds until the Ultimates manage to stop him.


02 – Peter Parker starts his junior year.

04 – Reed Richards begins to modify a space shuttle for travel in the N-Zone.

06 – An imposter poses as Spider-man robbing banks.

07 – Spider-man gets shot while trying to apprehend the imposter.

08 – Peter is treated for his wound by Janet Pym. Gwen Stacy’s father, Police Captain John Stacy, is killed trying to apprehend the imposter.

09 – Spider-man takes down the imposter. May Parker offers Gwen Stacy a place to live.

10 – Mary Jane breaks up with Peter over the stress of knowing his secret and Gwen moving into his house.

13 – Hank and Janet Pym have a domestic dispute and he injures Janet. The assault is widely reported in the media. Janet is hospitalized at the Triskelion.

14 – A memorial service for the victims of the Hulk’s rampage is held at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. It is later confirmed that 852 people lost their lives.

15 – Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, Quicksilver and the Black Widow, take out an alien sleeper cell in New York. The office building that houses the cell is destroyed in the process. Steve Rogers finds and seriously injures Hank Pym for what he did to Janet. This is also widely reported.

17 – The Ultimates and SHIELD execute an attack on a suspected Chitauri base in Micronesia. However, it is a trap and the base explodes. Over 20,000 SHIELD operatives die and nearly the entire fleet of Helicarriers is destroyed. Janet realizes that the base is a trap and that is was a plot to invade and take over the Triskelion. The Chitauri take control of the Triskelion and capture Janet taking her to a secret base in Arizona.

18 – The Chitauri reveal their nature explaining that they are a race that acts as the universe’s immune system wiping out disorder and free will wherever they find it. They also reveal that that their plan is to use a mind control chemical called gamma-butyrolactone to make the human race subservient. However, at that moment an armada of damaged Chitauri ships appears in the skies over Arizona. The Chitauri have been chased to earth by a revolt of the species that they control. The Ultimates show up and battle the Chitauri. The aliens try to destroy the solar system with a bomb, but Thor teleports it to the Wastes of Nastrond. The Ultimates destroy the armada and repel the invasion. Despite the extensive television coverage 18 % of those poled don’t believe that the invasion was real.

22 – White House holds a reception for the Ultimtes.
Peter Parker finds a box of his parents things. It contains a tape of them from when he was a boy that shows his childhood friend Eddie Brock. May tells Peter that Eddie’s parents died in the same plane crash as Peter’s parents. Peter decides to find Brock.

23 – Peter finds Brock at Empire State University where he is studying bioengineering under Doctor Conners. Eddie reveals that he found a piece of the bio-suit that their fathers were working on and has been reproducing their experiments.

24 – Peter breaks into Eddie and Conner’s lab to steal a small portion of the bio-suit to do his own experiments. The suit envelops him creating a new black costume. The new costume enhances Spider-man’s powers, but exerts some form of control over him spurring him on to violence. Spider-man must electrocute himself to be free of it.

25 – Eddie Brock becomes Venom by allowing the bio-suit to take him over. He must consume people to keep the suit from consuming him. Spider-man fights Venom and defeats him by electrocuting him. Peter confronts Nick Fury asking him to take hi powers away. Fury refuses telling Peter to stay strong.


11 – Kitty Pride joins the X-men. Bobby Drake sues the X-men.

14 – The Brotherhood disables the nuclear capabilities of India and Pakistan avoiding a standoff between the two countries.


04 – Barrack Obama and Joe Biden lose the election to Robert Kelly and Bob Blackthorne. The Republicans win a close race after running a campaign based on free of the post-human threat, while the Democrats ran a admirable, but less popular platform of tolerance and civil rights.

11 – Wolverine and Cyclops fight over Marvel Girl. Marvel Girl suffers from a relapse of hallucinations and psychotic episodes.

12 – Beast reveals, over the internet, the fact that Magneto is still alive to Blob, who he believes to be a girl. They agree to meet. Wolverine and Cyclops go to the Savage lands to save missing U.S. Marines; Kitty stows away and accompanies them. Cyclops and Wolverine find that the supercomputer that controlled the Brotherhood’s mutant society has “evolved” developing artificial intelligence and a plan to conquer the world. Part of this plan involves rebuilding humans into cybernetic zombies. The computer is defeated when Kitty uses her powers to phase through it. The three X-men attempt to escape, but Cyclops is allowed to fall, presumably to his death, by Wolverine. Marvel girl and the other X-men go to meet their benefactors the Hellfire Club. The Club is actually a cult that worships something called the Phoenix Force. They believe Jean Grey is the host. They force her to undergo a ceremony to bring the Force out of her, but it backfires and she destroys all of them. Jean uses her powers to manipulate reality. She believes herself to be a god, but Xavier, believes the powers are her own. He reaches into her mind and manages to suppress the power. Beast comes over the communication device telling the X-men that he was duped by the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood probed Beasts mind for Magneto’s whereabouts and free him. Magneto reacquires control of the Brotherhood.

13 – Magneto and the Brotherhood destroy the Brooklyn Bridge, over 800 people die in the blast. The Ultimates take several members of the Brotherhood including, Toad, Juggernaut, Rogue, Hard-Drive, and Vanisher into custody.

14 – Xavier’s Mansion is found abandoned. While the X-men are holed up in a safe house, Kitty and Wolverine return from the Savage Lands without Cyclops.

16 – Magneto attacks the Triskellion and wipes their computers of all information concerning the Brotherhood. He also shoots Quiksilver in the knee caps and makes Wanda watch as a punishment for their betrayal of the Brotherhood ideals. SHIELD keeps this incident out of the media. When the power in the Triskellion goes out Banner turns into the Hulk, escapes and eats six of the staff.

17 – Ultimates attack the X-men using a device that nullifies Xavier and Marvel Girl’s telepathy. They nearly defeat and capture X-men, but Bobby Drake, AKA the Iceman, intervenes to save them. Nonetheless, the Ultimates still capture Xavier.


07 – The Brotherhood finds Cyclops, who despite being severely injured by the fall, is still alive after 26 days in the Savage Lands.

09 – Jamie Madrox, AKA Multiple Man, and Jason Wyngarde, AKA Mastermind, rob the Louvre.

10 – Dick Chaney and Nick Fury reveal the new Sentinel Force. This force consists of 60 men in Sentinel-like human-sized power armor. The Brotherhood has been responsible for 62 separate operations, both conventional robberies and terrorist attacks, within the last four weeks since Magneto resurfaced. These attacks have taken more than 3000 lives. The Brotherhood establishes a new base at the North Pole. A mutant known as Forge begins to build a device to magnify Magneto’s powers. Magneto attacks a satellite SHIELD is placing in orbit to identify and track mutants.

11 – The Brotherhood executes a bombing in Chicago. The X-men capture the mutants responsible. The media issues conflicting reports portraying the two as working in concert and as trying to turn the Brotherhood over for amnesty. The X-men hide via psychic illusion in a family’s residence in Stamford Connecticut. Xavier is interrogated at the mutant holding facility, Camp X-Factor, at Guantanamo Bay, but does not reveal anything.

12 – Cyclops wakes up at the Brotherhood’s citadel and breaks out of custody. Magneto enters the device that magnifies hie powers and begins to reverse the earth’s magnetic poles. At the same time a force of Brotherhood mutants attacks Camp X-Factor and releases all of the mutants there including Xavier. Before Magneto can complete his plan to switch the poles, Cyclops interrupts him and reveals he has signaled the other X-men. The others arrive and a fight ensues between them and the brotherhood. Kitty uses her powers to sabotage the amplification device, but Magneto manages one last use destabilizing a nuclear reactor just north of Miami. The plant nears meltdown as some of the mutants from Camp X-Factor arrive to save the inhabitants of the surrounding area. The X-men defeat Magneto and prevent him from taking his own life. Marvel Girl allows the Pheonix Force to take control and uproots the entire nuclear reactor and plant from the ground. She then levitates it up into the sky and contains the explosion and subsequent radiation with her powers. Wolverine is kicked off the team.

13 – Magneto is turned over to the Ultimates. As a result of the X-men’s efforts the White House arranges for a pardon and makes the decision to bring the X-men under government authority

16 – Peter encounters a mutant named Geldoff, who can cause things to explode, at a high school party. Peter and Mary Jane make up.

18 – Peter goes to the PS 44 to confront Geldoff who is blowing up cars there. The two stop a robbery, but Geldoff almost kills the criminals and the victims with his explosive powers. Kitty, Jean and Ororo show up to take Geldoff back to the school. Peter goes with him to meet the professor and the rest of the team.

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15 – Osborn, Octavius, Electro, and Sandman are being held in SHIELD custody. Fury tells them that they have no rights and that their only chance to have a tolerable existence is to cooperate. Osborn becomes angry and turns into the Goblin. He is subdued by Hank Pym.

16 – Kraven the Hunter, who has undergone genetic alteration to better hunt Spider-man, is taken into SHIELD custody.


02 – The Xavier School is rebuilt and re-opened under government authority. Fury intends to use the school as a feeder for the Ultimates.

04 – Cyclops tracks Wolverine down in the Canadian wilderness. He convinces Wolverine to return to the X-men by revealing that he may have been married in his pre-Weapon X life.

05 – Octavius reacquires his arms and breaks his fellow inmates out of the SHIELD facility. In their escape they kill 35 of the 38 facility’s staff. Hank Pym is one of the survivors.

07 – Sandman and Electro attack the Triskellion and escape after crippling the computer systems there and kidnapping Spider-man.

08 – The five take Spider-man with them and attack the White House. The Ultimates and a mask-less Spider-man oppose them and eventually defeat them. Fury tries to use Harry Osborn to get his father to surrender, but before Norman has a chance to surrender, the Iron Man jumps the gun and tries to take Osborn out. The ensuing brutality of subduing Osborn causes Harry to vow to kill the Ultimates and Spider-man.

09 – The White House covers up the true nature of the attack, blaming it on a generic terrorist event.

16 – The video tape evidence in the Kingpin trial is ruled inadmissible. He is cleared of murder charges.

18 – Sam Bullitt, a partner in the firm who represents Wilson Fisk, runs in the special election to fill the vacant position of District Attorney of New York County. He runs a heavy anti-vigilante campaign focusing especially on Spider-man.

19 – The Enforcers are captured and taken onto police custody after attempting to intimidate J. Jonah Jameson into endorsing Sam Bullitt’s candidacy.

21 – The Black Cat steals an artifact from the Kingpin. Spider-man attempts to stop her, but cannot. Video of Spider-man giving chase is recorded and the media portrays the two as partners fleeing the scene together.

24 – Black Cat and Spider-man fight Elektra but all three escape each other.

26 – Spider-man discovers the Black Cat’s true identity. The Kingpin and Elektra are there when he arrives to confront her. Black Cat destroys the artifact and Elektra throws a sai into her chest. She falls off a high balcony to her, presumably to her death. The Kingpin and Elektra escape and Peter cannot find the body.

27 – Unknown assailants attempt to assassinate Wolverine in New York.

28 – Despite being seriously injured he makes it to Spider-man’s house.

30 – After several days of regeneration, Wolverine and Spider-man investigate the assassins. They are attacked by them. The attack escalates, destroying property and injuring civilians until Daredevil steps in. The Assassins retreat. Wolverine is injured and Spider-man calls in the rest of the X-men.

31 – Professor X delves into Wolverine’s mind and finds that the assassins are former Weapon X soldiers. They approach the mansion and Marvel Girl, unleashes her Phoenix power destroying their helicopter. Two men are killed and Marvel Girl is crushed by her actions. The rest of the X-men find the remaining assassins, but are unable to capture them before they kill themselves. Dum Dum Dugan appears and informs the X-men that these men may just have been the first wave of an effort to overthrow the President. He tells them that there are those within the government that think that the president is mishandling the mutant problem: So much so that they may be planning a coup.


06 – Aunt May goes away for vacation leaving Peter and Gwen alone.

10 – Spider-man: The Movie begins filming. Doctor Octopus escapes in order to sabotage the filming.

11 – Spider-man and Doctor Octopus clash on the set while the crew films the conflict. Spider-man is defeated and kidnapped by Doctor Octopus who flees on a hijacked plane to Brazil. En route Doctor Octopus tortures Spider-man by removing one of his teeth and beating him, but he escapes before the Doctor can kill him. Back in Queens, Gwen breaks into Peter’s things and finds his costume.

12– Spider-man gets home and Gwen pulls a gun on him, because she still blames him for her father’s death. Peter disarms her and she runs off. May returns as all this is happening, but luckily Peter manages to hide the truth from her once again.

13– Nick Fury destroys Doctor Octopus’ arms.
Warren Worthington II makes arrangements to delegate responsibility for their son, Warren Worthington III, to Xavier.

14– Warren joins the other mutants at the mansion.

16– Demonstrators flock to the gate of the mansion after hearing of Warren who, with his white feathered wings, strongly resembles a Christian angel. The demonstrators believe him to be a messenger from God. Warren runs off and Xavier sends Storm after him. She convinces him to return and when he does, he appears in front of those at the gates. He tells them that he is a mutant. The media decries the incident as a mutant hoax.

17– In Bromlet South Carolina a young mutant manifests dangerous powers that are uncontrollable and deadly to those around him and kills 837 people. Wolverine, immune because of his regeneration powers, is forced to go there and kill the boy. His actions are instigated and sanctioned by Fury without government authorization. The X-men go to try to recruit a punk band singer named Alison Blair, but she does not accept.

18– The president learns that there are those within his administration that believe his turnaround regarding the X-men is a result of him being psychically controlled by Charles Xavier.

20– Emma Frost is brought before the president with her plan to create program that will act as an alternative to Xavier’s school. The president accepts her plan as it will help him distance himself from Xavier and reassure the portions of his supporters and administration that he has not been brainwashed. Emma Frost puts forth many candidates for her first batch of mutants. These include: Rahne Sinclair (AKA Wolfsbane), Callisto (real name unknown), Roberto De Costa (AKA Sunspot), Clarice Ferguson (AKA Blink), Lucas Bishop (AKA Bishop), Forge (real name unknown), Lorna Dane (AKA Polaris), and Alex Summers (AKA Havok). The final roster, decided upon by the president is: Havok, X'ian Coy Mahn (AKA Karma), Beast, and Dazzler.

22–Emma Frost unveils her new mutants at a press conference on the steps of the capital. They and the president are nearly killed when a sentinel appears and attacks them. The X-men stop the sentinel, but Beast is killed. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Harland Petty, USN and the Secretary of Defense, Bennett Whitaker are arrested for treason after SHIELD finds out that they are behind the sentinel attack.

23– Beast is buried at the Xavier Mansion.


10– Spider-man movie is able to wrap filming in only a month. The reason for this is that the decision is made to use actual footage of Spider-man fighting Doctor Octopus alongside movie footage.


4– The last day of school for Peter which ends his junior year.


1– School resumes. Peter enters his senior year.

4– Spider-man movie premieres. The movie is a unique mixture of feature film and reality entertainment.

7– The movie is wildly popular grossing 176 million domestically and 545 million worldwide over the labor day weekend.

9– Spider-man encounters and defeats an unstable villain called the Gladiator at a museum. Spider-man is injured in the fight, but Police Captain Jeanne De Wolfe allows him to leave. Doctor Curt Conners loses his research funding. When Spider-man goes to him so that he can clean up his wound, Conners examines Spider-man’s blood sample and conceives a way to get new funding.

10– Conners convinces Peter to allow him and his assistant, Ben Reilly, to experiment on his blood for the betterment of humanity.

15– Four mutants are killed in New York in a single day. These mutants are: Marrow (real name unknown), Everett Thomas (AKA Synch), Japheth (AKA Maggot) and the Morlock Masque in female form.

16– A young mutant named Jean-Paul Beaubier (AKA Northstar) is attacked and nearly killed by a deranged former scientist, Nathaniel Essex (AKA Sinister). But for Northstar’s super-speed, Sinister’s bullet would have killed him.

17– When Xavier sends the more senior members of the X-men to search for the killer, Sinister attacks the school. He throws Xavier down the steps and nearly kills all of them until Rogue defeats him.

21 – The mutants visit Coney Island. Gambit attacks them causing the Ferris wheel to collapse. In the confusion he escapes, kidnapping Rogue. He takes Rogue to his employers: Andrea and Andreas von Strucker, the co-presidents of Fenris International, a global investment firm. The Struckers are twin mutants who offer Rogue a chance to better control her powers in return for working with them. Although she does not except their offer, she does not return to the X-men either, choosing instead to strike out with Gambit.

30– Doctor Abraham Cornelius offers Yuriko "Yuri" Oyama a chance to have her quadriplegic body rebuilt. She becomes Lady Deathstrike.


1– The Fantastic Four Enter the N-Zone in a modified Space Shuttle.

2– When there, Johnny becomes very ill. When there, they meet an alien creature, Nihil, who tries to double cross them and return to this universe. His ship crashes on the Las Vegas Strip and The Fantastic Four defeat Nihil and his forces.

3– When returning from the battle in Las Vegas, the helicopter they Are riding in is caused to crash into the roof of the Baxter Building. Inside, the facilities have been taken over by Rhona Burchill (AKA the Thinker). She nearly defeats the Fantastic Four, but luckily at the last minute Reed defeats her.

4– A message portraying the destruction of many alien worlds pervades all media from radio to television to cellular phones the internet. Even the minds of psychics receive the message and are affected by it. All but the strongest psychics are left comatose or unable to use their powers.

5– The broadcast continues intermittently. SHIELD’s Psi-ops division is disabled by the message.

6– As the broadcasts enter the third day, people begin to kill themselves and others begin to fear the end of the world is coming.

7– The Ultimates and the X-men send teams to Russia, the source of the signal. There they find a Russian base sealed since the early nineteen nineties. Inside they find super-soldier abominations and the source of the signal. The being Vision, a warning emissary, from a chain of long dead worlds is the source. It came nearly one hundred years ago, but after it crashed, the Russians kept it surpressed and unable to regenerate itself. After a few years it rebuilt itself and began broadcasting its warning in the form of the messages. It warns them that something called Gah Lak Tus is coming to destroy the planet. The being, called the Vision, is brought back to the Triskelion where Sam Wilson is put in charge of researching it.

9 – Peter Wisdom Director of Operations at MI-6 receives authorization to implement his plan to develop meta-humans.


02 – The European Defense Initiative begins field trials.

05– Spider-man prevents the Punisher from killing Boomerang and leaves them both subdued for the Police.

09– Conner’s project creates a life form which share characteristics with Peter and the Venom suit.

11– The thing escapes and kills a security guard and a couple. It also kills Gwen Stacy. Peter encounters Conners who tells him that he created the creature. Spider-man battles the thing and defeats it by throwing it down a smokestack into a fire where it presumably dies. Conners turns himself in, but before conners work can be seized, Reilly steals a sample of Peter’s blood. The ordeal and the loss of Glenn cause Peter to claim he is giving up being Spider-man.

16– Wolverine and Spider-man switch bodies. Hilarity ensues.

17– Johnny Storm decides to go to a regular High School. He picks Peter’s High School in Queens.

19– Harry Osborn meets with Fury, who tells him that he now owns all of his dad’s interests.

20– Mary Jane and Peter and Johnny and Liz Allen all go to Rockaway beach. There Liz manifests powers similar to Johnny’s. Johnny chases after her, but she gets away.

23 – On Monday, Liz is embarrassed that everyone knows she is a mutant. Johnny comes to the school to try to apologize. He decides not to attend school anymore. Johnny and Peter save people from a building and Peter convinces Johnny that the sacrifices one makes to be a hero are worth it.

25– Harry learns that his father brainwashed him and discovers one of his father’s secret subterranean bases.

27– Spider-man defeats the Killer Shrike. Harry reveals to Peter that he remembers that he is Spider-man and that he and Mary Jane had a relationship before Peter started dating her.

28– Peter has an encounter with Dr. Strange in which he becomes enchanted by a spell that plunges him into a horrific world based on his nightmares. Strange is able to free him and Spider-man flees.


01– Mary Jane and Peter break up. The mutant criminal known as the Hammerhead kills Silvio Manfredi, the crime boss known as Silvermane.

02– A vigilante known as the Moon Knight appears and he and Spider-man have a brief conflict. Hammerhead enlists the enforcers to aid him in his bid to overthrow the Kingpin as crime lord. Daniel Rand (AKA Iron Fist) is released from Prison where he was incarcerated for assault with a deadly weapon. The weapon in question was, of course, his fist.

03– Danny returns to the old neighborhood where he meets up with his friend Shang Chi. The Kingpin manipulates Spider-man into taking down Hammerhead.

04– After a run-in with Hammerhead,t he two decide to do something about the gang activity in the neighborhood. During the run in both Spider-man and the Black Cat show up as the fight escalates. The Kingpin’s Consigliore Walter Dini is indicted. The Kingpin murders him.

05– Shang Chi, Iron Fist, Elektra, Moon Knight, Black Cat, Spider-man, Hammerhead and several thugs all face off in a warehouse. The Moon Knight ends up in a coma. Hammerhead is arrested along with the thugs. Elektra ends up in critical condition. The Black Cat, Shang Chi and Iron Fist escape.

06– The Kree attempt to destroy a shuttle mission that is the first step in humans leaving the earth for other worlds. Captain Mahr Vehl, masquerading as a human doctor Phillip Lawson, manages to remove the drive engine, thus avoiding a larger explosion, but the ship is destroyed. Mahr Vehl is captured after the fight. During his interrogation he reveals that he is an alien and he wishes to defect. However his fellow Kree wish to keep humanity earth-bound so that they may watch them be consumed by Gah Lak Tus.

07– The Ultimates and the Fantastic Four are called in to help. They form a two-pronged attack. Half of their force remains on the ground to fight the Kree shock troops, while the other takes the backup shuttle to attack the Kree vessel orbiting Earth. Both phases are a success. The team aboard the Kree vessel manages to down load all the information the Kree have collected about Gah Lak Tus before the ship is destroyed.

08– Susan Storm, Reed Richards, Captain Mahr Vehl, Fury, meet to discuss the data they retrieved from the Kree vessel and the Vision. They conclude that the thing called Gah Lak Tus is a world destroying entity and earth is its next target. They also later discover that Gah Lak Tus is composed of hundreds of thousands of robotic creatures tied together by a hive intelligence. Misty Knight, a private detective, is hired to investigate a cult. The cult turns out to be founded by silver heralds of Gah Lak Tus who are preparing the population to be conquered.

10– Using a modified version of Cerebro, Xavier contacts Gah Lak Tus. He finds that the entity is motivated by an irrational hatred of organic life. His very touching it seemed to desecrate it. The entity sends another more powerful metallic herald. Iron Man and Captain Mahr Vehl intercept and fight it. Misty Knight is attacked by one of these heralds, but Captain America and Falcon intervene. All over the planet the Silver Heralds spread their fatalistic gospel and cults of acceptance spring up everywhere. Richards discovers a way to possibly destroy the Gah Lak Tus by creating a portal to a parallel universe that is experiencing its big bang. A small portion of the energy of this event would be focused through the portal creating an ultimate weapon.

11– Riots break out in many major cities as a result of clashes between the followers of the herald and the rest of the population. A terrorist is captured who is revealed to be a clone. She is a member of a cult that wishes to great Gah Lak Tus as a savior.

12– hundreds of cult member clones attack the Triskelion in order to protect Gah Lak Tus so that they may meet it on its arrival. Richards fires the weapon, destroying 20% of Gah Lak Tus. The entity turns and runs.

16– Advanced Idea Mechanics finds and repairs one of the robots that made up Gah Lak Tus. They use it to create the Ultimate MODOK from the scientist George Tarleton. The Vision and Sam Wilson defeat it. Andrews air force base is destroyed.

17– Reed accidently accesses an alternate universe where a virus exists that turns the meta-humans into zombies. The alternate universe zombie version of the Fantastic Four come to this universe and force Reed back through to the other. Johnny Sue and Ben manage to subdue them. In the zombie universe, he is aided by Magneto and a handful of ordinary human survivors. They manage to escape back through to this universe.

19– Johnny and Sue Storm’s mother, Mary Storm, returns after faking her death 15 years earlier. She claims that she had to leave to search for Atlantis. She has now discovered it and needs the Fantastic Four to help her explore it.

20– The Fantastic Four releases a former denizen of Atlantis, Namor, who attacks them. He is subdued, but later attempts to steal Sue away from Reed through force. He summons a colossal water elemental to destroy New York, but abandons his plan of destruction in exchange for a kiss from Sue.

22– An Alien corpse in discovered in South America. Ben Grimm meets Alicia Masters a blind sculpture student.

23– While leaving a nightclub Johnny sees a girl being chased by monsters. When he tries to help her he is beaten into submission. The Girl, Crystal, is a princess of a race called the Atilans. Those chasing her were palace guards bringing her home so that she could be forced to go through with the wedding that she fled. They eventually accomplish their task and take her back to the secret city of Atila. The Fantastic Four follow Crystal back to Atila were they try unsuccessfully to rescue her. Merely because the four breathed the air within the city, Black Bolt, their king, destroys it and moves the populace to another site. Crystal goes with them.

29– Johnny is found to have a parasite called Zvilpogghua inside of him. It is extremely dangerous and when it is “born” it will destroy humanity.

30– As Reed is unable to cure Johnny and he has no other resort he goes to Doctor Doom for help. Doom agrees to help Johnny if Reed switches bodies with him. Reed agrees. Meanwhile, the zombie Fantastic Four escapes containment and begins working on a portal to bring the other zombie meta-humans to this universe. Victor in Reed’s body fails at the spell to cure Johnny. The creature is purged from Johnny’s body and goes to Doctor Doom’s body which Reed now occupies. Reed, still possessing Doom’s body, defeats the Zombie Fantastic Four. He intends on taking the creature into the portal to the zombie universe and closing it, but Victor switches bodies back saying it is his duty to save the world. Victor goes through the portal, seemingly permanently, as the universes will not be mutually accessible again for several million years.
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01– Spider-man fights Omega Red, a mutant assassin.

02– A crew of super-powered workers comes to clean up the mess.

04– Spider-man fights and defeats Rhino and the army takes the Rhino into custody, while Eddie Brock quietly stalks him and watches the battle.

05– Peter goes on a date with Kitty Pride (AKA Shadowcat). Spiderman beats the Shocker with Kitty Pride’s help.

06–Spider-Man battles a man in beetle-like armor. The Beetle breaks into Roxxon Industries and steals a vial of an unknown substance.

07 – Fury meets with Spider-Man to tell him that the Beetle robbery and Roxxon industries both have something to do with Latveria. Fury tells Spider-Man to cease his involvement, as it is a sensitive international situation. The X-men learn that the country of Genosha is killing mutants on live web-broadcasts like a twisted reality television program.

08– Xavier decides to assign Jean, Scott, Bobby, and Kitty to take down go to Genosha and do some recognizance. However, Warren, Peter, Alison and Kurt, feel that Xavier is not doing enough and secretly go to shut down the operation. Eventually the show is shut down, however Angel is severely injured. The most recent victim, the dangerous mutant Longshot, escapes, and the X-men bring another persecuted mutant, known as Spiral, to the states to set her free.

09– While Xavier visits the bank in an attempt to deal with the remaining Hellfire Club’s efforts to deprive the school of funds. While there, conjoined mutant twins calling themselves Syndicate attempt to rob the bank. Xavier leads the mundane humans in a plan to overtake Syndicate and manipulates the twins into assisting him in recovering the funds. The X-men battle a member of the alien race called the Technarchy.

10– Ororo tracks down an absent Wolverine in Canada. There they are attacked by Lady Deathstrike. They manage to defeat her and a group of former Weapon X soldiers, but Storm is injured. Wolverine returns to the X-men bringing her to safety.
Captain America parachutes into Northern Iraq to rescue Nine Hostages.

11– Hostages are returned home. News about Banner being the Hulk and the accompanying cover-up is leaked. The European super-soldiers rescue a stranded submarine.

12– Banner’s trial begins.

16– Silver Sable spots spider-man, but loses him in Queens.

21– Day nine of the trial. Banner is found guilty. Fury secretly drugs him. SHIELD blows up an aircraft carrier with Banner on it, but, unknown to them, he escapes and survives.

22 – Sable and her associates see Spider-man entering high school.

23 – After Banner’s funeral is held, he contacts Henry Pym.

25 – Tony Stark proposes to the Black Widow and gives her a version of the Iron Man armor. The Ultimates meet with the European Defense Initiative at “The Dome” in Brussels. They are told that Thor is a mental patient whose powers are created by stolen technology. Thor attacks police protecting Anti-U.S. Super-Soldier protestors in Rome. The Ultimates capture Thor, believing him insane

26 – The Defenders enlist Henry Pym as a member

27. Ultimates dismantle Iranian nuclear capability.

29– Sable kidnaps Flash Thompson, thinking that he is Spider-man. He escapes and gains notoriety from his story.


1 – Spider-man is captured by Silver Sable and her mercenaries. She is working for Roxxon Inc. The CEO of Roxxon believes that Spider-man is protecting his company because he has stopped several super villains in their attempts to harm Roxxon interests. However, it was all simple coincidence. The Vulture attacks Spider-man. It is revealed that Elijah Stern, AKA the Tinkerer, who believes he was wrongfully fired by Roxxon, is behind all the super villain attacks. Fury takes him into custody so that Stern can work for SHIELD and get psychological help.

3 – The Mad Thinker is hired by AIM, Advanced Idea Mechanics, to steal Cerebro from the X-Men. She is able to convince the three X-Men that the Fantastic Four were the perpetrators. She double crosses AIM, and attempts to use Cerebro to enhance her own mental capabilities even further. Iceman, Wolverine, and Kitty Pryde go to the Baxter Building to confront the Fantastic Four. When the two groups learn that The Mad Thinker is the one behind the heist, they join forces to defeat her.

4 – Ultimates foil hijacking while plane is still in flight. The Rocketmen, SHIELD agents in armor derived from earlier Stark designs, assist.

5 – SHIELD agents encounter the Hulk in Sierra Leone. SHIELD agent and Ultimates Reserve Member, Damian Hellstrom, continues his undercover work with the Defenders. A man stricken with radiation poison turns into a giant monster and attacks a nuclear plant. He is stopped by the Ultimates and Ultimates reserves, The Goliaths.

6 – An agent for the Ultimates reserves dies when his body is unable to tolerate the stress of the Super-Soldier serum. An attempt on Nick Fury’s life is unsuccessful.

7 – A movie portraying the events of Flash Thompson’s kidnapping premieres on Lifetime Television. The story is Flash’s version of events and portrays him as heroic.

8 – The Juggernaut escapes SHIELD custody and tracks down Rogue in Las Vegas. She is there with Gambit stealing the Gem of Cyttorak from a Fenris owned casino. They do battle and Gambit sacrifices himself to defeat Juggernaut. Before Gambit dies, Rogue absorbs his powers and some of his consciousness. While her stolen powers and psyche normally fade quickly, these linger haunting her.

9 – Several new students join Emma Frost’s Academy of Tomorrow, including Roberto De Costa. While attempting to aid the Chicago Fire Department, Polaris loses control of her powers and accidently kills several firemen and bystanders. Polaris is taken into SHIELD custody. Her magnetic powers forced them to house her in the same cage as Magneto. Acting for SHIELD, Scarlett Witch captures the mutant Longshot in the Savage Lands. Four students of the Academy, Havok, Northstar, Cannonball and Susnpot, attempt to break out Polaris. They are opposed by the Ultimates and The X-men. This is just a diversion orchestrated by Magneto. During the fight Mystique and Forge sneak in and release Magneto. Magneto releases many of the Triskellion prisoners. Dazzler is seriously injured by Deathstrike. SHIELD ends its allegiance with the X-men thereby revoking all funding. Magneto escapes the Triskellion by putting a disguised Mystique in his place.

15 – Dazzler is in a comma. Professor Xavier offers Angel a chance to be a spy in the Academy of Tomorrow in exchange for Xavier’s leaving Dazzler on the team. Rogue returns to the mansion still unable shake Gambit’s powers. Colossus agrees to go to homecoming with Northstar.


17 – Xavier meets Lilandra Neramani, an official of the Church of Shi’ar Enlightenment. She offers him the resources of the church in exchange for access to Jean Grey. The church believes that she is about to bring about the re-birth of their Deity and wish to perform tests to prove it. Fury captures a newly manifested mutant named Elliot Boggs who has accidently killed their parents. He brings Boggs to the X- men to see if they can deal with his out of control reality altering powers. Storm and Wolverine encounter Sabretooth. He claims to be Wolverine’s son. Sabretooth manages to escape with some of Wolverine’s tissue. He takes it to a now disfigured Doctor Cornelius who intends to clone Wolverine. Marvel Girl and Cyclops agree that Cyclops must be more spontaneous. Rogue, whose own vampiric abilities are now replaced with Gambit’s, can now be intimate with Iceman and they decide to begin dating again. Nightcrawler and Colossus go to see Dazzler. Nightccrawler reveals his true feelings for Dazzler, saying he is in love with her. Colossus confronts Nightcralwer about his homophobia and Nightcrawler admits that he is not comfortable with the fact that Colossus did not tell him.

18 – Boggs is allowed to awaken after it is determined that he can control his powers. Boggs uses his powers to help battle the Brotherhood of Mutants who have attacked the homecoming dance at the Academy of Tomorrow. The Shi’ar arrive at the mansion to test Marvel Girl. The tests unleash something inside of Marvel Girl and she nearly kills Xavier and Lilandra. Later when the test results are revealed Gerald Levine lies telling Marvel Girl, Xavier and the others that based on the test results she cannot be the Phoenix. However secretly he is a member of the Hellfire club and the truth is that he believes she is the Phoenix.

19 – Shadowcat and Spider-man defeat a villain called the Ringer. She returns to the mansion only to be apparently attacked by two other X-men, Wolverine and Storm. Shadowcat manages to trigger the blackbird’s autopilot before she is captured. This sends the plane back to Queens to pickup Spider-man. He accidently boards and is transported back to the mansion where he is captured. Before he blacks out he sees that it was not infact the X-men, but a mercenary named Deadpool and his Reavers hidden by an illusion. These mercenaries have undergone terrible cybernetic modification to battle the mutants that they hate. They take Spider-man and the X-men to Krakoa a small island off of the Genoshan Coast. There Mojo and his minions plan to broadcast the fight between the X-men and Spiderman and Deadpool and the Reavers. The X-men win the battle and escape the island. While many of the Reavers are destroyed, Deadpool survives.

20 – Ben Urich writes a story about a woman who claims to have been bitten by a vampire. J. Jonah Jameson does not believe him, but when Urich continues his investigation he is also bitten. Spider-man attempts to save Urich, but is overmatched. Morbius steps in and helps him defeat the vampires and save Urich from turning. Spider-man learns that his genetic alteration has left him immune to vampires’s bites.

22 – Jessica Drew is “born.”


09 – The Magician helps the X-men defeat the friends of humanity. Xavier keeps Marvel Girl in a surveillance cell because he fears for her stability. Nick Fury visits the X-Mansion to inform Xavier that he wants to enlist Magician in The Ultimates. However, Xavier suspects something is amiss when he realizes Fury does not recall bringing Magician to the X-Men. They conclude that he has used his powers to manipulated reality so that the X-men would accept him as a member of the team. When the X-men return from the conflict with the Friends of Humanity, Xavier and Fury confront Magician about the fact that he has manipulated them. A conflict ensues in which the Magician realizes that they will not accept him. The Magician decides that he must destroy the X-men. Marvel girl intercedes and the X-men seemingly defeat the Magician with Wolverine killing him. However, it is later revealed that the Magician fabricated the events of his death when he appears to Shadowcat. He tells her that he did not mean to hurt anyone and that he intends to go off where he can be alone. However Shadowcat does not realize any of this and from her perception the conversation never happened and the X-men continue to believe that he has been defeated. Meanwhile, Nightcrawler secretly kidnaps Dazzler when she awakes from her comma. He lies and tells her she is in danger and puts her in a cave. He claims that he is doing this to protect her from an unknown danger that attacked the mansion. She believes him and acquiesces to being hidden away.

10 – The X-men learn of Nightcrawler’s betrayal and rescue Dazzler. They fight Nightcrawler and in the course of the battle Rogue regains her power-theft powers. She uses them to subdue Nightcrawler. After the conflict is over Xavier maintains Nightcrawler in a psychic comma hoping to treat his mental illness. Dazzler wants him to pay for kidnapping her and quits the team.

16 – Doug Ramsey begins to feel alienated by the other students in the Academy of tomorrow because he is not a mutant.

18 – Kingpin and Jean DeWolfe manipulate Spider-man into taking on a thug named Frank Oliver. Daredevil is on the same criminal’s tail after the thug offered him money to represent him. The two encounter Oliver at the same time. Serendipitously, the Punisher attacks him at the same time. The Moonknight, who has recently awoken from a comma, appears to attack the Punisher. The conflict ends with the Punisher being taken into custody, and the Moon night, Spider-man, escaping Daredevil. Before the Punisher is taken into custody he kills DeWolfe for being a dirty cop. Spider-man does not believe him, but after Daredevil informs him, he accepts it as the truth. Later that night, the Daredevil makes the Moonknight a proposition involving forming an alliance with himself and others against the Kingpin.

20 – Ramsey tells Emma Frost that some of the other students are committing vigilante acts. He nearly gets himself killed following the other mutants on one of these acts. Emma Frost disciplines the group of vigilante students. T hey all become angry with Ramsey when they discover he told Frost of their actions.

21 – Protestors outside of the Triskellion demand Thor’s release and complain of Ultimate actions around the world. Wasp meets Hank Pym and they renew their relationship behind Captain America’s back. Hawkeye’s family is assassinated and he is captured.

23 – Captain America learns of Wasp’s cheating and confronts her. Fury views footage of Hawkeye’s family’s murder which reveals Captain America to be the killer. Captain America is arrested. The North East of the United States is invaded by a super-powered coalition of nations opposed to the United States' foreign policy. This international collective is made up of China, Syria, North Korea, Iran, and rogue elements of the French and Russian governments. The attack is spearheaded by the super-team the Liberators consisting of Colonel Abdul al Rahman, the Abomination, the Crimson Dynamo, Hurricane, Swarm, Perun, and The Schizoid Man. The invading forces defeat the Ultimates and the military of the United States therby taking control of most of the territory east of the Mississippi River. Nick Fury loses an arm on the fighting. Black Widow reveals that she is the true traitor and kills Edwin Jarvis. She then holds Tony Stark hostage and attempts to extort his enormous fortune at gunpoint. But Stark activates the nanites he has placed in her bloodstream. This freezes her body in place and allows him to further download her knowledge into his own mind. He then knocks her unconscious and escapes. Hank Pym is revealed to be working with the Liberators.

24 - Hawkeye escapes from his captors. Wasp manages to assist Captain America in escaping as well. The President is captured. Captain America and several other of the Ultimates fight the Liberators in Washington DC. The Hulk reappears to join the fight. The European Defense Initiative joins the fight. Tony Stark reveals that he has been creating a giant Space-based Iron man-like weapon. He unleashes the weapon on the invading forces. Hank Pym turns coat and rejoins the Ultimates. The Fantastic Four, the X-men and Spider-man join the fight. Thor appears and confronts Loki, who has been behind the whole invasion. Loki summons his mythological minions to join the fight. The Asgardians then also join the fight on the side of the Ultimates. Thor defeats Loki and the battle is won. Hawkeye kills Black Widow for what she did to his family. Banner is placed back in custody.

25 The Ultimates and other heroes help to clean up and repair after the attacks of the Liberators and their forces. Captain America and Falcon discover that Arnim Zola, a Nazi War criminal, has been kept alive by the U.S. government. They have done this by transferring his consciousness into a sentient computer matrix. He escapes during the attack on America with the help of white supremacists. Captain America and Falcon confront and defeat Zola and the supremacists.

26 – The Mole-man kidnaps several of the young scientists from the Nursery Two, the Baxter Building’s second installation, in Pine Buttes Oregon. Among the scientists are: Phineas Mason, Sunita Begum, Gus Axelrod, and Josie Hart. Mole- man takes them to an ancient technologically advanced Lemurian underground city in order to re-colonize a subterranean metropolis he has discovered there. The young scientists help defeat Mole-man and decide to stay in the city because they are tired of the military taking advantage of them and using them to create destructive weapons.

27 – Fury asks Captain America to mentor Black Panther for inclusion into the Ultimates.

28 – While on a date Invisible Girl and Mr. Fantastic encounter a group of extra- dimensional aliens known as Seed Nineteen. A conflict ensues and the aliens easily escape. However the group leaves two of its members behind. One is the living vehicle Sky-Eater and the other is a physical aspect/manifestation of the group’s leader/guide that exists on their home world, called Seed. The aliens have come to earth coincidently as they were merely trying to escape their enemies after breaking another member, Tesseract, out of captivity. When the remaining members of the Seed Nineteen group, Threshold, Dreamcatcher, Grail Fountain, and Magnificent Brute, realize they have left their leader/guide, Seed, behind they go to the Baxter Building to recover it leaving Vykni, the final member, behind to guard Tesseract. At the Baxter Building the Seed realizes that they should all work together to help successfully complete the mission of saving the Tesseract. In the meantime, enemies of the aliens representing the Acheron Empire, appear to recover Tesseract led by the Emperor’s son Gallowglass. They defeat Vykni and it is revealed that Tesseract is under some form of mind control that makes him loyal to the enemy. The Fantastic Four and the aliens decide to work together and travel to their origin dimension. Once there they manage to kill Gallowglass and recover Tesseract. The alien Dreamcatcher, Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Girl attempt to remove the technology that has been inserted in Tesseract to control him. The Four are contacted by the emperor Thanos via possession of The Thing. He demands that Mr. Fantastic create a weapon for him called the Cosmic Cube. He claims that he has “seen” that Mr. Fantastic can do it. Mr. Fantastic rejects the offer and Ben manages to reject the possession. The Four are then attacked by the empire forces led by the emperor’s other son, Ronan. Dreamcatcher shows Mr. Fantastic how to teleport them back to Earth. He does so, but Ronan follows them as does the remaining members of Seed Nineteen. Back on Earth Mr. Fantastic concocts a plan to have Dreamcatcher combine all their powers so as to defeat the seemingly indestructible Ronan. It works and he is defeated. The aliens return home.

29 – Spider-man’s clones escape.

30 – Spider-man and Mary Jane are at the mall when they are attacked by The Scorpion. After Spider-man defeats him he unmasks him only to find out that they look exactly alike. Spider-man takes The Scorpion to The Fantastic Four. They determine that he is a clone of Spider-man, but is only a 94% match. When Spider-man returns home he finds that Mary Jane is missing. When he goes to look for her he encounters a female with a similar costume and powers as himself. She defeats in combat him and when he awakes she is gone. When Spider-man continues to search for Mary Jane at his old house he finds Gwen Stacy there alive. Aunt May shows up at the house as well and Peter must tell her that he is Spider-man. She reacts poorly to the news and kicks Spider-man out. At that same moment Richard Parker, Spider-man’s father, appears alive. He explains that he has always been alive having never gotten on the plane that killed his wife and the Brocks. He has been forced to keep his whereabouts secret by his employers, the CIA. It is revealed that Mary Jane has been kidnapped by another clone of Spider-man; this one has advanced intelligence but also has a disfigured face as a result of being an imperfect clone. He wishes to use the OZ formula to give her powers so that she will not be in danger so often. A third clone appears, this one with six arms, and attacks the disfigured clone. The disfigured clone defeats the six armed one and continues his experiment on Mary Jane. The Fantastic Four reluctantly tell Fury about Peter’s clone. He mobilizes a group of robots called the Spider Slayers to take down Spider-man and his clones. These robots attack Spider-man’s home before he can learn the entire truth about the clones and his father’s involvement. The attack causes Aunt May to have a heart attack and Gwen to turn into Carnage. Fury is about to take Spider-man into custody when the Fantastic Four arrive and intercede. They save Aunt May and take Peter’s father with them to safety. The Spider Slayers read Carnage’s power signature and nullify it returning Gwen to her natural form. The disfigured clone completes his experiment and Mary Jane transforms into a demonic creature. Before Spider-man can be taken into custody, the female with Spider-man-like powers appears and steals Spider-man away. She reveals to Spider-man that she is his female clone and is called Jessica Drew. She also tells him that a man named Ben Reilly is responsible for her creation. Further she has all of his memories despite someone named Cassandra Webb intending on erasing them. She reveals that Carnage escaping is what allowed her and the other clones to get out. She tells him that the other clones are earlier and less perfect versions of him. They all are damaged or malfunctioning in some way, but all of them want to find and protect Mary Jane. She leads Spider-man to find Mary Jane. Mary Jane fights briefly, but then reverts to herself. They then find out the truth: that Otto Octavius is the one who created the clones. He is revealed to be working for the FBI’s Special Projects Research and development. He also tells Spider-man that his father is merely a clone aged an implanted with his father’s memories. Spider-man begs the Fantastic Four to help Mary Jane and begs Fury to pull his troops out and allow Spider-man and the clones to take care of Dr. Octopus. They both oblige. Far from helpless, Dr. Octopus reveals that he can control metal and creates new arms from the surrounding metal. Despite this, the clones and Spider- man manage to defeat him. However, whereas Peter is ready to turn himself in to Nick Fury, Jessica promptly leaves to escape incarceration. Before Fury can arrest him The Human Torch intervenes and steals Peter away to the Baxter Building where they have cured Mary Jane. Mr. Fantastic tells Spider-man that he thinks that they can cure him too. The clone Spider-man thought was his father ages quickly and dies. Fury agrees to allow Spider-man to continue his career as a super-hero. Mary Jane and Spider-man make up. Aunt May accepts that her nephew is Spider-man and forgives him.

31 – Gwen and the Scorpion are in SHIELD custody. Shadowcat sees Mary Jane and Spider-man kiss.
Jean Grey celebrates her twentieth birthday. A mutant claiming to be from the future attacks the X-men. This mutant claims to be a future Wolverine and wishes to kill Xavier to avoid a terrible future that Xavier brings about. Unable to succeed at killing Xavier, the future mutant, known as Cable, kidnaps Jean Grey. Another mutant from the future, known as Bishop, shows up too late to stop Cable. Bishop helps the X-men track Cable to an abandoned Weapon-X base in Finland. Cyclops and Xavier stay behind. There the X-men confront Cable and his group of future soldiers, Domino, Kaine, Grizzly and Hammer. A conflict ensues. Rogue is severely injured when her arm is severed. She survives and regenerates the arm by absorbing Wolverine’s healing factor. Cyclops and Xavier resolve to join the fight, but not before Xavier reveals that he loves Marvel Girl more than simply a mentor or student. The X-men defeat the group, but not without great cost. Xavier is killed when Cable detonates an explosive device. The other mutants escape back to the future.


01 – Diablo’s hunchbacked henchman Peppone appears in composed of blue white flame to the Fantastic Four telling them that his master has kidnapped their loved ones and challenging them to come back to 1499 to save them. A massive gate appears in New York leading to 15th century Milan. The Fantastic Four decides to go through to save their kidnapped family members, Enid Richards, Elsie Grimm and Franklins Storm. When the Fantastic Four succeed in defeating Diablo in the past, the gate is destroyed in the future.

02 – Kitty Pride leaves the team, moving back to New York with her mother. Cyclops proposes to Marvel Girl, but she declines because, while she loves him, she is not ready for marriage. Xavier’s funeral is held. Most of the meta-human community attends. Nightcrawler escapes.

05 – Cyclops, Storm, and Marvel Girl learn that they have inherited Xavier’s estate. Colossus goes to visit Northstar at the Academy of Tomorrow indefinitely. Wolverine leaves the team; secretly his departure is to find his wife. A mutant named Pyro destroys a television station in New York with his pyrokinesis because he believes they have been spreading anti-mutant propaganda. He is nearly killed or captured when he is caught between The Friends of Humanity and the police. Nightcrawler teleports him out, and Pyro tells of an underground society of mutants.

06 – Marvel Girl, Storm and Cyclops meet with Lilandra Neramani to discuss the Shi’ar Church’s continued funding of the Xavier School. She agrees, but on the condition that she be allowed to place her assistant Gerald Lavine in the school as a representative. Although unknown to the X-men, Gerald Lavine has been revealed to have ties to the Hellfire Club. The X-men agree. Cyclops disbands the X-men and tells everyone that the school will now be only that: a place to teach mutants, not a base for a paramilitary unit. Mastermind replaces Mystique in impersonating Magneto, allowing her to rejoin the Brotherhood. Sinister seemingly commits suicide.

07 – Aunt May stays in the Hospital while her house is being restored. SHIELD pays for both her medical bills and the repairs. Spider-Man manages to save his job at the Bugle when he tells them that his Aunt had a heart attack and lies saying that he witnessed the conflict between the Green Goblin and Spider-Man in Queens. Spider-Man, according to a Reuter’s poll is now the most popular Super-hero in America. Unfortunately for him, the Kingpin owns his likeness and floods the market with merchandise. Shang Chi attempts to use a disguise to get close enough to take out the Kingpin, but he is found out and nearly killed. Daredevil saves him and offers him a place on the team he is forming. Matt Murdoch comes to Peter’s School. He reveals himself to be Daredevil and tells Spider-Man to meet him later that evening. Shadowcat enrolls at Spider-Man’s school. Spider- Man and Shadowcat have a conversation and she tells angrily tells him that she knows he is in love with Mary Jane. Spider-Man goes to meet Daredevil and when he gets there several New York based super-heroes are there. The heroes are Doctor Strange, Moonknight, Iron Fist, and Shang Chi. The group decides to take down the Kingpin by infiltrating his organization as his bodyguard. Fisk calls the position his “Fist.” It is revealed that Iron Fist is informing the Kingpin of the group’s actions without their knowledge.

08 – The Moonknight creates the identity of the Ronin and infiltrates the Kingpin’s organization as the Fist. To prove himself he attacks Spider-Man at his school. Shadowcat intervenes and is injured. Spider-Man is captured and taken to the Kingpin. The Kingpin allows Spider-Man to win because he makes money selling his likeness. However, he knows that Ronin is Moonknight in disguise and beats him severely. The Kingpin tells Spider-Man that the informant is Daredevil so that he will go attack him. Spider-Man does just as the Kingpin intended, but they manage to figure out that Iron Fist is the traitor, not Daredevil. Iron Fist reveals that he only betrayed them because the Kingpin threatened his daughter. Daredevil allows Iron Fist to go, asking him to create a diversion. Daredevil uses the diversion to infiltrate the Kingpin’s inner sanctum and threaten his wife. Meanwhile, the Kingpin’s thugs attempt to kill Ronin/Moonknight by shooting him in the head and leaving him in the river. Daredevil threatens to kill the Kingpin’s wife and might have done so if not for the intervention of Spider- Man. Spider-Man and Daredevil tell the Kingpin to leave the country and never return. He agrees.

09 – Moonknight somehow survives and turns himself in to the authorities. He informs the authorities that the Kingpin was the one who tried to kill him and agrees to testify against him. Before the Kingpin can leave he is arrested for the attempted murder of Moonknight.

12 – Mr. Fantastic, in an attempt to fuel his Cosmic Cube device, inadvertently draws the Silver Searcher to Earth. The Searcher’s approach causes planet-wide natural calamities, like electrical storms and tidal waves. The Searcher outclasses the Fantastic Four and summons his master Revka Temerlune Edifex Scyros III, AKA the King with No Enemies, to Earth. One there the King, named the Psycho-Man by the Human Torch, takes psychic control of the entire populace of New York, then the world. He transports the entire population of Earth to another world, Zenn La, where he rules over them in the “perfect” society.

14 – They live in the “utopia” until The Searcher comes to Mr. Fantastic and removes him from the range of the King’s mind control machines. Once beyond the city, the King’s control over Mr. Fantastic ends and he and the Searcher decide to save the kidnapped populace. Mr. Fantastic and the rest confront Psycho-Man. Mr. Fantastic gains control of the mind control device and all of the other technology on the planet. It nearly destroys his mind, but with the help of the rest of the Four, he manages to control it. He teleports everyone back to Earth and edits all of their memories to forget the event. He also uses the power to make Psycho- Man a happy slave like his subjects had been. The Searcher leaves to explore the universe.

15– Mr. Fantastic continues to obsess over completing the Cosmic Cube. A colleague of Dr. Franklin Richards named Ivan Kragoff invites Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman to a symposium in Siberia. Mr. Fantastic is too caught up in finishing the cube, so the Invisible Woman goes to Siberia without him. However, the Symposium is a ruse. The Invisible Woman’s plane is shot down and she is taken prisoner by Kragoff and his assistant Sorba Rutskaya. Mr. Fantastic strangely slips out of his obsessive mindset and he and the other members of the Four go to save her. Once in Siberia they encounter a 1980s era Crimson Dynamo. After an initial conflict they work together to find Invisible Woman. Meanwhile Kragoff reveals his plan to attempt to use teleportation through the N- Zone to overwrite his dying wife’s genetic code and memories on a host body thus combining them into a new form and save his wife. He reasons that the Invisible Woman’s body is a perfect candidate for such a procedure, because her first trip through the N-Zone has already re-written her genetic code once. However, before he can finish the experiment he is murdered by his assistant Rutskaya. She means to insert herself into the experiment and gain the Invisible Woman’s powers. When Rutskaya learns that the Four and the Crimson Dynamo are on their way to save the Invisible Woman, she sends three soldiers in stolen Dynamo Armor to stop them. Before she can complete the process, the Invisible Woman uses her powers to interrupt it. The interruption causes several different simian DNA samples to be incorporated into the experiment. These are combined with Rutskaya and turn her into a gigantic, deformed, gorilla-like creature with multiple simian limbs and heads, as well as a single human head which retains Rutskaya’s insane personality. Invisible Woman escapes Rutskaya with the help of the talking bear Misha. Rutskaya sets the base to self-destruct. She fights the Four until the Invisible Woman introduces even more DNA into her unstable system. The self destruct goes off, and while the Invisible Woman manages to protect her allies, Rutskaya’s body is not found. The Invisible Woman hypothesizes that Rutskaya probably survived the blast using her intangibility.

16 – A translucent cube-shaped force field appears covering most of Manhattan extending out to New Jersey. Those inside seem to be in a form of stasis, frozen like statues. Mr. Fantastic hypothesizes that the cube is a self defense of his Cosmic Cube. He also reveals to the Invisible Woman that he feels that he was being compelled by a force outside of his control to finish the Cube. Halcyon forces have come to take the Cube, but Mr. Fantastic uses it to defend himself. When they are unable to break through the force field, they use a tractor beam to remove the whole force cube and Manhattan within it. Thanos’ forces intercede and teleport the force-cube to their home world Acheron. Once there the Four leave the force-cube to confront Thanos and his army. The Thing disappears. Thanos reveals that it was his will that was compelling Mr. Fantastic to complete the Cube and as a result he can also control it. Thanos and Mr. Fantastic face off in a battle of wills for control of the Cube. Thanos goes to Earth and begins to transform it as he wishes. The Thing awakes on another world. He finds out that he has be teleported there by Atrea, Thanos’ daughter. The Thing convinces Atrea to help him save the others. They begin by finding Mister Fantastic who has fooled Thanos into thinking he has been killed. They then go to Earth to confront Thanos. One there Mister Fantastic removes the removes the safeguards from the Cube that stop it from responding to random whim or fantasy. Thanos’ infatuation with death causes him to effectively kill himself. Mister Fantastic use the Cube to fix all of the Thanos’ actions and disposes of it in a time-rift creating a paradox in which the present events were the cause of Thanos getting the Cube in the past.


03 – The Invisible Woman is called to Nursery Two in Pine Buttes Oregon to investigate a mysterious giant shell. SHIELD agent Agatha Harkness, a social psychologist, is assigned to the Baxter Building to study the effectiveness and efficiency of the Fantastic Four. The Four go to assist the residents of an apartment building that has mysteriously become unstable because of random wholes being bored into it. Before they can help they are threatened by a group of seven heroes, Alpha Dog, Filament, Ghost-Ware, Neuropath, Penultimate, and Primal Screamer. The Seven say they will rescue the building and that they will fight the Four for the honor if necessary. The Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic talk about their relationship, but she is unsure that she is ready to reconcile with him. Harkness uses subterfuge to separate the Invisible Woman from the rest of the Four. She then has the Seven attack her. They defeat her and Alpha Dog makes her denser and throws her in the ocean. There she is saved by Namor. Namor tells her that the shell was the egg of something called a Hydra. The Hydra are a race of creatures responsible for the destruction of one of the districts of Atlantis and possibly the sinking of the entire civilization. They conclude that the seven meta-humans and Agantha Harkness are in fact a single creature, as the hydra has two forms, one singular and the other multifaceted. They discover that they reproduce by using an explosion of power as a catalyst. They reproduce in factors of seven and will therefore be an end to the world. Meanwhile the other members of the Fantastic Four realize something is amiss as well. They are defeated by the Seven and they kidnap the Human Torch. They take him back to Pine Buttes to use his powers as the catalytic explosion. However the other members and Namor come to rescue the Human Torch and fight the Seven. The Invisible Woman uses the unstable biology of the Hydra against them. She introduces chemicals into the air that the Hydra’s incomplete molecular structure bond with. Rather than borrowing power from the catalyst explosion they create the explosion themselves and are consumed by it. While most of the Four and Namor escape, Mr. Fantastic is left behind. The Invisible Woman goes back for him and save him with her shield. Inside the shield safe from the explosion they kiss implying that they may get back together.

04 – Silver Sable tracks and confronts Venom. Venom escapes.

05 – Venom finds Spider-Man and the fight one another. At the end of the fight Silver Sable steps in to capture Venom. She takes Venom to see Bolivar Trask. Trask demands that Venom return the suit. Trask tells him that he owns the suit because Eddie Brock Sr. and Richard Parker were working for him when it was invented. The Beetle breaks in to Roxxon and knocks everyone out with gas. The Beetle then steals a sample of Venom. Venom chases after the Beetle and attacks him. Spider-Man interrupts the two while they do battle. The suit abandons Venom and adheres itself to Spider-Man. Beetle fights the newly black-suited Spider- Man and Silver Sable and her men join the fight. Fury and the Ultimates show up to join the fight as well. The fight culminates in Thor calling down a bolt of lightning that separates the suit from Spider-Man.

06 – Spider-Man wakes up in his own bed. He goes to speak with Fury and Fury tells him that he has the suit and that Eddie Brock escaped.

18 – In the last five weeks twenty students have been enrolled at the Xavier School. Toad has come on as a teacher. It is revealed that the Beast is alive and has cured himself of the Weapon X experiment side effects that caused him to have blue fur. He was revived at the hospital and his existence was kept a secret by Xavier and Fury. The two have been using psychic powers to lead him to believe he has been in contact with his family and friends this whole time, when in fact he has been isolated and hidden away for the purpose of working on something called the Legacy Virus. Storm is having dreams about something called the Shadow King. Nightcrawler finds the Morlocks underground society and proves himself worthy for membership by battling a mutant called Caliban. Toad goes to the Morlocks to recruit young mutants for the school. A Sentinel kills a mutant who claims to belong to something called the Mutant Liberation Front. When Nightcrawler reveals his ties to the X-Men and Toad reveals himself as a representative of Xavier’s Mansion, the Morlocks turn on them taking them prisoner.

19 – Another Sentinel attempts to kill a mutant called Pyro. He is saved by Bishop and Storm who are forming a new X-Men team. Pyro is offered membership and accepts. While Colussus rejects the offer to join the new X-Men, Dazzler and Angel join the team.
Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Ice-Man and Rogue go to investigate after Toad does not check in. They are recognized as X-Men and attacked. The X-Men, with Toad and Nightcrawler joining in on their side, fight the Morlocks until Nightcrawler snaps the neck of their leader. While this does not kill him, it does end the fight. The X-Men are allowed to leave, but Nightcrawler stays and is told that the Morlocks wish him to be the new leader. Betsy Braddock, AKA Psylocke, and Syndicate arrives at the mansion explaining that they have been secretly working for Xavier. Nick Fury Disappears.

20 – Wolverine joins the new X-Men. Sentinels attack a gathering of the Mutant Liberation Front. The leader of the movement, a mutant calling himself Stryfe, fled after telling the other mutants to fight the Sentinels.

21 – Stryfe manages to regroup with the surviving Mutant Liberation Front members. He tells them that there is a traitor in their midst - one who informed the Sentinels where they would be gathering, however he does not know who it is. The new X- Men go to the mansion to recruit Psylocke. While there they see a news report about Sentinels attacking a group of mutants. They go and confront the robots. Curt Connors is transferred from Ryker’s Island to the Triskelion.

22 – In order to stop the Sentinels once and for all the new X-Men decide to find out who is controlling them. They track a damaged Sentinel back to its base. There they find Andrea and Andreas von Strucker. They, along with the original Sentinel creator Boliver Trask, are behind the new Sentinels. The X-Men battle the Sentinels and the von Struckers. Bishop kills the von Struckers and calls Psylocke his “wife.” As the fight concludes, the mutant Stryfe teleports into the Sentinel base. The X-Men seeing him there conclude that he has been the informant for them all along. Stryfe sends the remaining Sentinels to destroy his followers in the Mutant Liberation Front. The X-Men go to defend the other mutants leaving Trask and Angel behind. Trask sets the base to overload. Angel tries to save him, but Trask resists and fall into the explosion. His last words are “forgive me” as he now realizes how terrible his creations have been. The X-Men battle the Sentinels. The Beast appears in the fighting and reveals that he is still alive to the shocked X-Men. When they return to base they conclude through various tests that Beast is telling the truth. Storm is still unsure how she feels about him returning, but shortly accepts it and they kiss. Psylocke confronts Bishop about him calling her his wife. He reveals that she and he were married in his future. At a meeting between the Academy of Tomorrow and The Xavier School, Shinobi Shaw, Emma Frost’s boyfriend and Sebastian Shaw’s son, and Gerald Lavine try to bring forth the Phoenix form Marvel Girl. She attacks them and almost kills them. It is revealed that Emma Frost is also a member of the Hellfire Club.

26 – Spider-Man defeats the Spot at Roxxon Industries.

27 – Spider-Man confronts the Shocker and Shadowcat intervenes to defeat him. She reveals her knew costume. She and Spider-Man agree to remain friends. Spider- Man tells Aunt May all the other details of his life.

28 – Gwen Stacy undergoes tests administered by Dr. Connors and Iron Man. Green Goblin and many other enemies of Spider-Man escape from the Triskelion. Gwen Stacy escapes from the Triskelion and swims to shore. Captain America recaptures the Vulture. Norman Osborn goes on television and accuses Nick Fury of being responsible for his transformation, imprisoning him without trial, and seizing his formulas and assets. When Spider-Man sees Osborn on television he realizes that he has to protect Mary Jane and Aunt May. They hide themselves away and he goes looking for Osborn. He finds Electro in Osborn’s old apartment. They fight until SHIELD agents intervene. They take out both Electro and Spider-Man. Spider-Man wakes up in a cell in the Triskelion. Shadowcat comes to save him, but Carol Danvers, acting head of SHIELD, convinces them to help her take down Osborn. They all find Osborn at his accountant’s house and a fight ensues. Osborn escapes only to later confront Spider-Man in his home. While there they see Harry Osborn at a press conference aboard a SHIELD Heli-carrier on Spider-Man’s television. He is telling the truth about his father. The Goblin goes to find his son and attacks the heli-carrier. A fight ensues and Harry turns into the Hobgoblin. Spider-Man, the Hobgoblin and SHIELD all fight the Goblin. The fight rages until the Goblin kills his Harry. The Goblin turns back into Norman when he realizes what he has done. He asks Carol Danvers to kill him. She does. Spider-man curses her for allowing Harry to be killed and storms off.

30 – The New X-Men defeat Dr. Cornelius, who has mutated himself into a malformed creature. They also shut down his attempts to clone Wolverine. That night Storm is troubled by visions of her former lover Amahl Farouk. He is a psychic who Storm accidently electrocuted when her powers were first manifesting. He claims that he has become a more powerful being after living in the dreamscape. He attacks her, but eventually she overcomes and defeats him. When she awakens it is unclear whether this actually happened or whether it was all in Storm’s mind. She tells Wolverine that she cannot be with him, and that she chooses Beast.

31 – The X-Men learn that Sinister has escaped the Triskelion. The New X-Men go to recapture him. Sinister goes to the Morlock city. There he kills several mutants still attempting to fulfill his plan to kill ten mutants for his “master” Apocalypse. When he need only kill one more mutant, the New X-Men nearly stop him, however before they can do so, Bishop intervenes allowing Sinister’s final victim to be Angel. Wolverine kills Bishop for this. Sinister dies and rises as Apocalypse. The X-Men attack him , but he reveals the ability to control all mutants. As a result the Mutants from the Xavier School join the fight on his side. They attack the Fantastic Four who had come to investigate. Shadowcat attacks Spider-Man. SHIELD brings its forces to the fight as well. Suddenly two armored forms appear. They reveal themselves to be Xavier and Cable. They break Apocalypse’s control over the mutants and reveal Apocalypse’s nature. They reveal that he is, or at least think he is, the first mutant. They reveal that Cable took Xavier into the future to teach him how to fight Apocalypse and that Bishop was left behind to help the mutants with great potential realize it so that they could help in the fight. Cable, Xavier and the rest are unable to defeat Apocalypse. Before Apocalypse can kill Xavier, Jean unleashes the Phoenix force. Jean merges with Phoenix to become an entirely new being. She defeats Apocalypse and alters reality so that the rise of Apocalypse never happened and no one remembers the events except the X-Men. She then leaves them behind. Xavier reforms the X-Men as agents for positive change in the world.


01 – Bruce Banner comes to Iron-Ma n to ask for help in curing him from the Hulk condition.

02 – Stark agrees to help Banner and they go to New Mexico to do some tests. Once in New Mexico, at one of Stark’s facilities called the Ironworks, they find that The Hulk creature is even more powerful than earlier thought. The creature exhibits the ability to adapt to nearly any situation almost instantaneously. Hulk escapes and Stark is just barely able to subdue him. Stark and his scientists use nanotechnology to treat, and permanently control, Banner’s condition.

03 – Former MI-6 agent Peter Wisdom, AKA the Leader, plans to use both the nanotechnology in Stark’s blood and the Hulk formula in Banner’s blood to further enhance himself. His forces attack the Ironworks and capture Banner and Stark. To save themselves Stark must reprogram the nano-bots to allow Banner to become the Hulk. This unfortunately means that the Hulk will adapt beyond the nanotechnology’s ability to control it and effectively remove Banner’s cure. The Hulk and Iron Man defeat the Leader. The Leader is presumably killed in the fight and the Hulk escapes. Liz Allen continues to feel strange. The Human Torch returns to Spider-Man’s school, because he wants to see Liz again. At the same time Ice-Man returns to apologize to Shadow Cat. She accepts his apology and Liz, Mary Jane, Cliff Harlan (AKA Kong), Spider-Man, Ice Man, Human Torch and Shadow Cat all agree to go to the beach. When there, Liz manifest flame powers. She panics and flies off. Kong reveals that he knows Spider-Man’s real identity and tells him to go after her. Ice Man and Spider-Man do so. When they catch up with her Magneto appears offering to take her to her father. Although it is not revealed at this point, earlier events reveal that her father is the Blob. The X-Men appear and try to convince Liz not go with Magneto. Liz decides to go with neither the X-Men nor Magneto and flies off. Later Liz goes to Mary Jane for help. There, Spider-Man reveals his secret identity to her. Liz agrees to go with Ice-Man to the X-men.

05 - Spider-Man works with the cops to stop a new villain called Mysterio.

06 – Spider-Man defeats Omega Red when he attacks the Daily Bugle.

07 – Spider-Man, while in the city helping Mary Jane with a school project, witness the Shocker committing a robbery. This time the Shocker manages to defeat and capture Spider-Man. He takes Spider-man to a warehouse where he tortures him. Mary Jane enlists Shadowcat’s help to save him. Spider-Man manages to get loose and has to be stopped from killing the Shocker. Shadowcat and the police arrive and take the Shocker into custody.

11 – Eddie Brock shows up at Spider-Man’s school to demand that Spider-Man get the Venom suit back for him. Spider-Man tries to find some information about the suit, Trask, and his father, but cannot. Ben Urich discovers what Spider-Man has been researching and becomes curious. Gwen Stacy shows up at Spider-Man’s house. Brock comes to the house to once again demand the suit. Spider-Man attacks him and takes him away to distant rooftop. Gwen follows them. When she turns into Carnage she attacks Brock and when she touches him a part of the Suit within him awakens and he turns into Venom. Venom and Carnage fight. Venom consumes Carnage leaving behind only Gwen. Venom escapes.

12 – Tony Stark does many tests. He concludes that although the Carnage creature destroyed her original body, it absorbed her essence and built her a new body. Carnage was then absorbed by Venom leaving her a normal girl free of the symbiote. SHIELD allows Gwen to go home with Aunt May and Spider-Man. Eddie Brock is captured by Beetle who is revealed to be an agent of Latveria.

25 – Spider-Man’s final day of high school.


01 – Phoenix’s search takes her far into space where she is seen by a reptilian alien race.


06 – Phoenix’s search takes her far into space where she is seen by stone-skinned alien race.


07 – The Silver Searcher now aligned with a race called the Watchers confronts Phoenix. He tells her that she must stop her travels, because she is inciting havoc in her path. He tells her that she has started wars and caused entire races to commit mass suicide in her honor. The Searcher asks her what she seeks and she responds “Heaven.”

14 – Phoenix returns to the Mansion.

15 – Nightcrawler comes to the Mansion to celebrate Phoenix’s return. He apologizes to Colossus. A group named Alpha Flight attacks the X-Men. The team, a group of Canadian nationals, steals Northstar back for their government. Wolverine reveals that Alpha Flight was so powerful because they were using the Banshee drug. The drug gives humans temporary super powers and it gives meta-humans secondary mutations and increased power. Jean discovers that Colossus has been using the Banshee drug for years. Colossus is angry at the betrayal and leaves the X-Men. He takes several others with him. He, Dazzler, Nightcrawler, Angel and Rogue all take Banshee enjoying increases in power and secondary mutations. Cyclops also accompanies them, although he does so in an attempt to find out who their Banshee supplier. He and Jean want to find out this supplier so that they may stop her. Wolverine is surprised to find that he tests positive for the drug Banshee. He protests his innocence and temporarily leaves the X-Men to find answers.

17 – The Banshee-using X-Men go to confront the Alpha Flight. During the fight, Cyclops is forced to abandon merely pretending to take the drug and take Banshee for real. They Alpha Flight, but when they find Northstar, he has been forced to overdose on the drug. Colossus believing him dead, spiral further into addiction. The others become addicts as well. Wolverine, with Spider-Man and Shadowcat’s help, discovers that he was among the mutants whose DNA was used to create Banshee.

18 – The original X-Men attack their Banshee-using companions. Wolverine literally cuts out Colossus’ heart, but somehow his metal form keeps him alive. Jean is incapacitated when she hallucinates seeing her father. He tells her that she is going to cause the others to suffer and lose her powers if she does not prove she is worthy of them. Colossus is convinced to give up after Northstar appears at the battle. He is alive, but paralyzed. Colossus gives up, but Cyclopss refuses to do so. He flies off into space. Jean follows him and tries to convince him to come back, but initially he refuses. He says that he would rather die than go back to not being able to control his powers as Banshee has allowed him to do. She appeals to him telling him that he she and the X-Men both need him. He agrees to return.

19 – Wolverine goes to Muir Island to confront Xavier about his involvement in the development and distribution of Banshee. Once there, Wolverine learns that while Xavier was the creator, it was Moira Kinross who had been making and distributing the drug. She has been doing so to fund her facility. When Wolverine attempts to destroy her Banshee supply, Moira attacks him with the previously unknown ability to emit a deafening sonic cry. Wolverine quickly defeats Moira and leaves her to die in the exploding hospital, but she somehow survived.


08 – The Fantastic Four are summoned to Devil’s Point, Wyoming by SHIELD. They are shown Project Pegasus which is a warehouse-like facility that contains all the objects of mysterious origin or unexplained power that the United States authorities have accumulated over the years. They are summoned because a device house there has recently activated. The Four and SHIELD are unaware of the exact nature of the device. They only know that it is transmitting a signal. They surmise that it may be watching them and may be sentient. Before they can decide what to do with it, several more appear in various locations across the planet. When they investigate further it possesses the Invisible Woman and she relates that the thing is called a Watcher. It is part of a hive culture that is here to observe and record the significant events that shape our civilization. It has come to witness a great event that they hypothesize is about to happen. In order to help the human race with the coming event, they choose a herald. This herald is a boy named Rick Jones.
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Re: Marvel Ultimate Sourcebook - [Under Construction]

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Cable reveals that he has not killed Xavier, but rather has imprisoned him.
Cable heals Xavier’s paralysis.
Cable reveals that there is a danger coming back in the current day that he must prepare Xavier to face. He elaborates that the reason for his future is because they were unable to defeat it.

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Re: Marvel Ultimate Sourcebook

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I will post three types of character builds for use in the setting. The first character type, called original characters, contains those characters that I have created based on my own ideas. These characters do not exist in any universe. They are my own or have been created with help from my players. The second character type, called non-canon characters, contain those characters that I have created as adaptations or reboots of existing 616 Marvel characters for use in the Ultimate universe. These characters are versions of characters I thought I could put a cool spin on, like Arcade, or ones I have fleshed out, like Unus. The final character type, called canon characters, merely contains builds of the characters as they exist in the universe. By calling them canon, I simply mean that they exist in the canon of the 1610 universe and the builds represent them in that form.


I use several house rules, most of which are adoptions of the 3e mechanics:

2.5 ed. Rules:

Extraordinary Effort
Fearsome Presence
Mind Control
New Conditions
Precise Strike
Speed Feint

House Rules:

Limited Luck
Reduced Action

Original Characters:

The Three Wonders:

Alex Faraday (Trinity)
John H. Minkowski (Rift)
Grant Eldrich (Eldrich)

Supporting NPCs

Ana Austin


XA210 - (Xenoacquisition Agent 210)
The Aggregate
Tiffany Royal
George Hill
Katsu Mozou
Momus Demon
Odessa Strife
The Matchstick Man
Eli Von Sarin
The Justinian

Non-Canon Characters:

Absorbing Man
Emma Frost
John Jameson
Miles Warren the Jackal
The Purple Man
Yunus the Untouchable

"Canon" Characters:


Black Panther
Captain America
Captain Britain
Captain France
Captain Spain
Captain Italy
Captain Mahr Vehl
Fantastic Four:
Mister Fantastic
Inivisble Woman
Human Torch
Giant Man
The Hulk
Inhumans (Non Canon*)
Black Bolt
Iron Fist
Marvel Girl
Nick Fury
Professor X
Scarlet Witch
Seed Nineteen
• Threshold
• Dreamcatcher,
• Grail Fountain,
• Magnificent Brute,
• Vykni
Shang Chi
Silver Searcher
Stephen Strange, Jr.


Alpha Flight
• Shaman,
• Sunfire,
• Snowbird,
• Aurora
Animal Mutants
• Orb Weaver
• Sumatran
• Prosimian
• Saluki
• Kathleen
• Hive
Arnim Zola
• Black Knight
• Hellcat
• Power Man
• Nighthawk
• Son of Satan
Doctor Octopus
Doctor Doom
George Tarleton (MODOK)
Green Goblin
Hard Drive
Herr Kleiser
Heralds of Gah Lak Tus
Killer Shrike
The Leader
• Colonel Abdul al Rahman,
• The Abomination
• The Crimson Dynamo
• Hurricane
• Swarm
• Perun,
• The Schizoid Man
Mad Thinker
Mole Man
Multiple Man
Omega Red
Sentinels Marc One
Sentinels Marc Two
Sentinels Marc Three
Silver Sable
Sorba Rutskaya
Von Struckers

Supporting Characters

The Ultimates Reserves
• Goliaths
• Rocketmen
• Four Seasons
□ Spring
□ Summer
□ Autumn
□ Winter
• Thunderbolt
• Intangi-Girl
Carol Danvers
Curt Conners
Doctor Cornelius
Enid Richards
Franklin Storm
Gwen Stacy
Lilandra Neramani
Misty Knight
Timothy Dugan
Xi'an Coy Manh (Karma)
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Re: Marvel Ultimate Sourcebook - [Under Construction]

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"There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen,
and fared sumptuously every day." -Luke 16:19

Name: Zebediah Killgrave
Height: 6’
Weight: 180 lbs.
Power Level: 11

STR: +0 (10), DEX: +2 (14), CON: +3 (16)
INT: +3 (16), WIS: +2 (14), CHA: +2 (14)

Tough: +6/+8, Fort: +10, Ref: +7, Will: +12

Skills: Drive 4 (+6), Knowledge (current events) 4 (+7), Knowledge (streetwise) 4 (+7), Notice 5 (+7), Profession (Attorney) 5 (+7), Search 4 (+7), Sense Motive 6 (+8)

Feats: Attack Specialization (Heavy Pistol) 3, Defensive Roll 2, Dodge Focus 5, Equipment 3, Improved Critical (Heavy Pistol) 2, Improved Initiative 2, Low Profile 10, Power Attack, Precise Shot, Quick Draw 2, Sneak Attack 2, Tough 3

Mind Control 11
PF: Subtle [Notice* DC: 20], Progression 6 (Save Interval: 1/week)
Extras: Conscious, Effortless, Perception Area (General: No Reflex Save), Duration (sustained)
Flaw: Sense-Dependent (Visual)

Regeneration 10
[Recovery Bonus +2, Lethal 6 (standard action), Non-lethal 2 (standard action)]

*Those used on and mental awareness, etc.

Equipment: Armor Piercing Ammunition (Makes Gun Penetrating 4), Cell Phone, Heavy Pistol, Laptop Computer, PDA, Undercover Shirt

Attack Bonus: +4 (Ranged: +4, Melee: +4,

Heavy Pistol, +10 (DC 14)
Mind Control 11, Perception (DC = 1d20 +11)
Unarmed Attack, +4 (DC 15)

Grapple: +4

Defense: +11 (Flat-footed: +3)

Initiative: +10, Knockback: -4

Appearance: Killgrave appears to be a normal man in his late thirties. He has a fondness for the color purple. He wears stylish sun glasses tinted purple and always wears accents of purple in the expensive tailored suits he wears. A violet is ever present on his lapel.

Origin: The Killgrave family can draw its lineage back to kings of Eastern Europe. He claims that his love of the color purple is because his family wore the regal colors in their time as rulers. Sometime in the 1800s his family was deposed and most of his progenitors were killed. However, one child escaped and made his way to the Spanish colonies of California. He became wealthy and powerful, a status his family has enjoyed ever since.

Killgrave was raised in opulence attending all of the best schools. His education culminated in graduation from the Stanford Law School. He took over the family business and now runs the prestigious A-list talent and sports agency called Violet Talent Agencies, better known as VTA. His client list reads like a who’s who of Hollywood and the sports world. It is often wondered in Los Angeles how he gets so many top-tier clients. The truth is more sinister than even the most fanciful screen writer could dream up.

His dirty secret in a town full of them is that Killgrave has the ability to bend men’s wills to his own. He uses his power to sign clients and make deals all over the country. Most men would be happy with being one of the most powerful and wealthy men in country; Killgrave, however, is not most men.

He also uses his substantial powers of mental manipulation to control most of the organized crime on the west coast. His powers allow him to benefit from all of the benefits of being the Don, with none of the risk. The way he accomplishes this is by using his powers to control the mind of the actual Don of the West Coast, a mysterious man known as Roman Justinian. The Justinian, as he likes to be called, is not aware that he is not the true leader; in fact no one in his criminal empire knows that he is not the truly in control. Killgrave realizes that the time at the top of any such organization is short and is often ends in a violent death. The death of The Justinian would mean little to him, as he would merely control his replacement as well.

The Purple Man, a nickname spoken only out of his hearing, is one of the most amoral and dangerous men a group of heroes will ever encounter. He has no qualms about using or manipulating others, seeing it as an extension of the divine right of his ancestors. After all what other explanation, aside from his and his progenitor’s powers, can be given for men believing that another is meant to rule them because a man in the sky wants it to be so?
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Re: Marvel Ultimate Sourcebook

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Real Name: Unknown
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 140 lbs.

Power Level: 8 (w/ PLX Device)

STR: +0 (10), DEX: +1 (12), CON: +0 (10)
INT: +7 (24), WIS: +2 (14), CHA: +2 (14)

Tough: +0/+3, Fort: +3, Ref: +4, Will: +7

Skills: Bluff 12 (+14), Computers 13 (+20), Craft (electronic) 13 (+20), Craft (mechanical) 13 (+20), Craft (structural) 13 (+20), Disable Device 9 (+16), Gather Information 10 (+12), Intimidate 6 (+8), Knowledge (tactics) 9 (+16), Knowledge (technology) 13 (+20), Notice 6 (+8), Search 1 (+8), Sense Motive 8 (+10), Sleight of Hand 5 (+6), Stealth 6 (+7)

Feats: Benefit 2 (Wealth), Challenge - Fast Task (Craft [Electronic]), Contacts, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 7, Inventor, Minions 10 (+5 Extra Minions), Set-Up, Speed of Thought, Well-Informed

Equipment: Hold-out Pistol, Undercover Vest


Device X
• Murderworld Control Staff

Attack Bonus: +2 (Ranged: +2, Melee: +2, Grapple: +2)

Ranged Attack: +2 (Hold-out Pistol: Damage 2),
Unarmed Attack: +2 (Unarmed Strike: Damage 0)

Defense: +6 (Flat-footed: +3), Knockback: -1

Initiative: +8

Languages: Native Language

Totals: Abilities 24 + Skills 35 (137 ranks) + Feats 31 + Powers 0 + Combat 16 + Saves 11 + Drawbacks 0 = 117


When SHIELD raided the abandoned building that once held Giggles Arcade in 1995 they were surprised at what they found. They had expected a group of sophisticated computer hacking terrorists. Instead they found only a boy of ten years old. He had used cast off computer equipment and technology to hack into an astonishing array of government and financial databases. They were further surprised that the boy had no identity. No birth certificate and strangely no name. When they questioned the boy over the next several months they found that they could not find anything out about the boy’s past. Every time he told them anything about his past the story changed each time. The nameless orphan had a new name and story for each caseworker.

As the boy’s talent was undeniable, they recruited him, despite his abrasive but charismatic personality, mysterious past and questionable psychiatric reports.

The boy, who the agents referred to only as Arcade because of his unknown origins, eventually proved to an incredible asset. He was cleared to work on a project called Item 412. The item was a suspected alien artifact that no other tech had made any headway on. Had the agents known Item 412’s true nature a person such as Arcade would never have been allowed access to it. Nonetheless they assigned him to it under close surveillance thinking he would have no more success than anyone else had. They were wrong.

After two years, Arcade found out how to activate the device. He managed to keep his discoveries secret from his supervisors. Even he did not realize the power of the artifact initially, but when he discovered its true potential, he knew that he must possess it for himself.

He escaped with the artifact and began his career as a highly paid criminal assassin.


Arcade is a genius with incredible knowledge of and gifts concerning technology. Arcade also controls item 412.

The artifact, known to SHIELD as item 412, is actually an ancient machine that creates a self contained pocket dimension. It was originally created to contain an alien culture’s greatest criminals. The device keys itself to a “warden” who controls it. This warden can control all aspects of the pocket dimension acting as a godlike entity within its confines.

Realizing the quality of the dimension’s inhabitants, Arcade found a way to reboot the device effectively erasing everything, and everyone, inside.

He then set about creating areas within the pocket dimension that would be fatal to those who entered it. It was the perfect way to get rid of his victims. He merely tricks the target into entering and lets his Murderworld, as he has dubbed it, do the rest.

The theme of the zones within his Murderworld are those of an amusement park. He has found a way to view the demises of his victims and takes great delight in watching the twisted fun house environment dispatch his foes.

However, despite his omnipotent control of Murderworld, Arcade has a compulsive need to create the scenarios within in such a way as to allow the inhabitants a chance to survive and succeed.

The device itself appears to be a metallic cane, much like a carnival barkers’.

It creates a one way portal to a predetermined zone within the Murderworld. These zones are all connected and an especially tough or lucky victim may elude one only to be placed in another. Defeating some of the zones will allow escape, but so far, to his knowledge, no one has escaped.

Unbeknownst to Arcade, two of his victims, a Scientist named Neville Chambers and his assistant Karen Locke, managed to elude their fate. They are still in a zone of the Murderworld and are trying to find a way out.

As mentioned above, Arcade has a compulsive need to give his victims a chance to elude his deathtraps. He believes that it is more fun if they have a chance and would consider it boring if he constructed the zones to be infallible.

It was for this reason that he placed some technological equipment in the zone to which he sent Mr. Chambers and Miss Locke. Chambers managed to jury rig some of the equipment to send a false signal portraying their deaths. Since that time, they have found a way to send a signal out of the pocket dimension. They hope that someone might detect the signal and assist them in their escape.

Note: This character is not to be confused with Arcade I. That character was colossally lame. A dot com millionaire who hated mutants because of a dead sister killed by them. Plus look at him: