The Crinoverse 3 (Ultima Thule)

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Re: The Crinoverse 3 (Ultima Thule)

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Yeoman wrote:
EnigmaticOne wrote:
kenseido wrote:Heroes taking the law into their own hands is a very bad thing, especially to the point of executing criminals.

Plus, all the anti-robot groups out there would definitely be stirring the pot.

It's WHAT Star did that bothers people, not who she did it to.
Times like these make me wonder why they haven't re-instituted the death penalty in a universe with super-villains galore. It seems to be the only possible explanation for why the only default legal system punishment for convicted super-villains are to be locked up in cardboard prisons despite so much of their collective destruction and body count.

But why people haven't railed for its return baffles me.
Even if they did, there's a huge difference between the death penalty and having a criminal killed in their cell by an artificial intelligence acting on what she claims is revenge and the divine word of her robot god.

While in character, Star needs to see consequences for her action, both legally and her own emotional state. Now, if Cryo wants to be cool with it because of what the Skull did to him and your personal beliefs, that's absolutely fine, but I suspect at least a few of the other Sentinels would be put off by it.
Yes, fair points. It's not really even my personal beliefs so much as what Cryo went through. Being made out to be a madman, traitor, hunted, the loss of Afterthought in such a horrid manner, all good riddance to him.

And admittedly, though a reformed Pantheon/Gene Nation member, it still colors some of the views he has of justice vs. law deal.
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Re: The Crinoverse 3 (Ultima Thule)

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I think the biggest consequence of Star's action will be the fact that she basically gave Skull a second chance.

Remember, he was brain dead. Utterly harmless because he was stupid enough to graft parts of an wildly incompatible alien species' brain to his own. It's be like what would happen if you sawed off parts of a dolphin's brain and sewed them onto a human brain.

If Star had done nothing, Skull would have spent the next ten years or so drooling and crapping his pants until his body gave out or one of the guards decided to stick a pillow on his face (Remember the guy who let Stat in? The one who said his granddad was a Holocaust survivor? Yeah him. Truth is there were probably half a dozen guys, cape and civilian alike, planning on doing the same thing, Star just got there first.)

But killing Skull freed up his soul, which meant Wotan was able to get it. And now Wotan has his war marshal and quite possible the most evil guy who ever was has the ear of a Pantheon Head.

Lets just say its not gonna be a fun time to be a frost giant in the forseeable future.

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Re: The Crinoverse 3 (Ultima Thule)

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Which means it would have happened with or without her. If not her, or a guard, Wotan just would have arranged to have it happen.

What's on Star's head is that she ended a life in cold blood. Was it right? That's up to your personal beliefs. Were she at a more or less developed stage emotionally, she might not have done it. But she's at a point where her emotions are developing, and she's still having trouble understanding them. So between her programming, Schmidt being antithetical to life in any definition, and that he killed a friend of hers, she chose to do it.