Softshell Jackets for X-Men patch help pls

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Softshell Jackets for X-Men patch help pls

Postby Choos » Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:47 am

Hi all,

Looking for softshell jackets, preferably black that would be good to display X-Men patches and still wearable in normal company (LOL some role-players still have normal company.)

Requirements, good quality ie not fall apart in 5 seconds for a start, come in a range of sizes from girly small to XXL.

Some friends and I used the MM2 rules for years and years to play a new generation X-Men game until one of our players moved away and coincidently the DC game was launched putting our X-Men on hiatus.

To celebrate our gathering one of the players (and coolest, nicest, most sentimental person) bought everyone a gorgeous X-Men patch which I think no one so far has applied to anything.

My plan is to find a suitable black softshell jacket that spoke of the X-Men (movie feel) to reintroduce the game but am scratching my head.

I just rewatched the first X-Men film (which I still love) and finally realised the students don't have a uniform, Wolverine upon waking in the infirmary puts of a daggy tracksuit (albeit with a cool Xavier logo) and Scott actually wears a cardigan!

Really appreciate some leads here good people.

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