Steel City Heroes

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Steel City Heroes

Post by XeroKhan » Wed Sep 11, 2013 7:24 pm

I have been wanting to do this for a while, and I finally decided to do it: create my own tale from my own universe. Basically, it is a modern form of superheroes whose powers seem more realistic. Of course, there is magic and alternate worlds, yada yada, but that is more of a spice to it. Anyway, allow me to introduce you to my heroes of a purely fictional Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I must also note that any names of my characters and any real life characters are completely coincidental and unintentional.
Pittsburgh, Steel City- a city built originally for the vast production of steel by the means of air blasting (this was introduced by the philanthropist Andrew Carnegie) is in a state of a criminal crisis. The current mayor had been recently murdered, leaving the city in an immediate Mayoral Election. The rate of crime has been escalating dramatically ever since. Could all this be connected?

As the election is going on, the current police commissioner Phillip Underhill has begun an investigation into the murder of the previous mayor, Raymond Bilko. Not much evidence was uncovered, and barely any witnesses were able to help out. The only thing of note was that the mayor had choked on a multitude of candy that was shoved down his throat. What could this mean?

The Heroes:

Zambo the Clown

Awakening in some form of a box, a man dressed like a clown began to struggle, attempting to force the box open. Eventually, his head was able to bash through the top and his face was exposed to the night. He then tried to make the hole larger by bashing at the spots he thought were close to the hole. With enough effort, he was able to make that hole large enough to escape his prison. This man soon realized that his memories were missing, and that he was standing in the Allegheny Cemetary in front of the coffin that he broke out of. He then checked himself thoroughly for anything specific, and found a wallet in a pocket underneath the costume he wore. Inspecting the wallet, he was able to see that any form of his identity was missing except for a clown license bearing the name "Zambo." Zambo, as he believed who he was, began to stumble through that cemetery that night, learning that he was no human, but an undead being! What was going on!?

Albert N. Tellect

Albert grew up with an interest in what was in space; however, his father wanted him to become a fighter for the money. Albert had no choice but to train in fighting. This ended when Albert's father died in a car accident and had to live with his divorced mother in Pittsburgh. Albert was finally able to attend college and become an Astronomer.

When Albert was studying the stars late that night about a mile out of Pittsburgh, he spotted a falling star heading straight toward where he was. The crash landing was massive, and Albert was able to escape any injury that could have happened. Out of curiosity, Albert examined this "fallen star" to realize it was some form of capsule for something. When Albert was able to open it, he found a strange metallic armor inside. The very armor seemed to lull Albert to enter it. When Albert entered the machine, he was able to quickly learn its functions and the suit learned his natural language. Albert was soon able to hide the armor in his mother's attic. Where did the suit come from? What secrets does it hold?

Chun Feng

Chun was raised in a monastery in China. She never had any parents, but she was raised by the monks, who taught her their philosophy of not using violence to solve problems, but was trained in martial arts as a means of self defense. When she came of age, Chun decided to leave the monastery to explore the world around her; thus, she left the monastery thankful and left for Hong Kong. Upon arrival, she had only enough money to take a trip over to America. She decided to go to Pittsburgh for some reason that she cannot explain. She arrived in the middle of the night, and tried to find a place to sleep before she began her search for a place to live and a job. Who are her parents and why did they drop her off at that monastery, she began to think.

Rupert Mayche

Rupert's childhood years were filled with intrigue due to the fact that his home was haunted. He interacted with the house's ghost, a young girl who was forcefully drowned by her drunk father. As the two interacted, the ghost girl eventually passed on happily, and Rupert was glad. Thus, he decided to become a paranormal investigator. With many years of study and interaction with ghosts, Rupert finally became a paranormal investigator of Pittsburgh.

Things changed for him one night as he was approached by an elderly man with an impressively long white beard. The old man offered Rupert the arts of Runic Magic to assist him if he were to go up against dangerous ghosts. Curious, Rupert accepted and learned this "Runic Magic" within a year under that very same old man. When that year was over, Rupert learned that this old man had vanished. Rupert began to investigate this "Runic Magic" and learned of it's Nordic origin. It began with Odin, the chief god of Asgard. Odin had learned this very Runic Magic when he hung himself for some days. Why did Odin, the chief god of Asgard, teach Rupert the Runic Magic?

Alice Frost

Alice grew up not having anything standing out for her until she graduated college with a degree in Chemistry. Alice was always fascinated with Chemistry, especially when dealing with a substance's Freezing Point. However, things changed when she was kidnapped by a local drug dealer wanting to freeze crystal meth for transportation for his deals. Alice wanted her freedom, but this drug dealer had her chained to a support beam in the basement. It was then Alice did the first thing that came to her mind: freeze the whole building. She was able to with the chemicals she was given and accidentally froze herself in the process. When that dealer came to see the progress, he saw the frozen basement and Alice's frozen body. Before he could approach Alice, she was able to move and froze him in place. She was able to escape that night. Who was that drug dealer, and why did he want frozen crystal methaphetamines?
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Re: Steel City Heroes

Post by Horsenhero » Fri Sep 13, 2013 12:19 pm

Looking forward to the story.

I just have one teeny, tiny question about the origin of Alice Frost. Wouldn't the drug be frozen crystal methamphetamine, not methane? Methane is a flammable gas that does actually have an established freezing point at which point the gas becomes a solid. It also can be seen as a liquid, similar to LPG (liquified petroleum gas), but none of those forms are safe for human consumption or respiration, methane being both flammable and toxic...and probably carcinogenic.

That's all for the questions. The characters look interesting and I'm anxious to read the tales.

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Steel City Heroes- Issue #1: "Not So Calm Night"

Post by XeroKhan » Fri Sep 13, 2013 7:24 pm

[quote]You are correct, Horsenhero. My mistake. I will edit that after I get this first section of the tale done.[/quote]

[size=200]Issue #1: "Not So Calm Night"[/size]

[size=150][color=#BF0000]Zambo the Clown[/color] and [color=#800080]Rupert Mayche[/color][/size]

Rupert, who just happened to be investigating the Allegheny Cemetery for ghosts, saw the lumbering clown heading toward the cemetery gate. Rupert, with his extensive knowledge on the paranormal, thought it was some form of a demon leaving the cemetery and began to attack Zambo. Zambo, on the other hand, saw Rupert approaching him in an aggressive way and began to defend himself. Just as Rupert was going to cast a spell, Zambo was able to grab Rupert's hand just in time. Zambo tried to convince Rupert that he just wanted to speak, but Rupert thought it was a trick; thus, Rupert tried to cast a spell with his free hand, but the spell seemed to short out! The zombie clown saw Rupert trying to cast another spell and made a grab for Rupert's other hand; however, Rupert was able to quickly pull it away before so. Zambo tried once more to convince Rupert, but the mystic did not lend his ear.

Before the mage could cast a spell to hurt the zombie, a spirit seemed to grab Rupert's arm, preventing Rupert's use of another spell. This spirit seemed to recognize Zambo and was able to convince Rupert that the clown was good and continued its routine of haunts. Skeptical, Rupert decided to hear what the zombie clown had to say. After hearing the clown's tale, Rupert then said, [color=#800080]"How do I know that this is not a trick to lower my guard, Draugr?"[/color] (A Draugr is a Nordic Zombie). Zambo returned by saying, [color=#BF0000]"If I wanted to kill you, I already would have. I just wanted to ask you who I was?"[/color] This then caught Rupert's attention. [color=#800080][i]"If I can help him find out who he really is, then he may truly pass on in peace."[/i][/color] Rupert thought. [color=#800080]"Fine, I will do so, but hear this: if you try to kill me, I will kill you back. Deal?"[/color] Rupert then said to the zombie. [color=#BF0000]"Deal."[/color] the clown said, and the two shook hands.

Thus, their investigation began. Rupert lead Zambo to his Paranormal Store located in the Shady Side district, where they could access a computer to find the obituary. After looking for a bit, Rupert had called over Zambo and pointed to one specific obituary regarding a "Richard Hampton," an entertainer who was murdered. From what Richard could remember, the local police were still investigating the murder. [color=#BF0000]"What shall we do?"[/color] Zambo asked. [color=#800080]"I think we should delve deeper into this one and see if this 'Richard Hampton' is who you really are."[/color] Rupert replied. The obituary mentioned the murder sight located at the Carnegie Library and Museum. Thus, the two left for the Oakland district... In the morning of course.

[size=150][color=#FF4000]Chun Feng[/color] and [color=#0040FF]Alice Frost[/color][/size]

When Chun had finally arrived in Pittsburgh, she began searching for a place to stay for the night. She had begun her search in Stanton Heights. Thus, with her training, Chun was able to make it to Stanton Heights very late in the night. She had stopped briefly in Lawrenceville to take a break. It was then that Alice was being chased by some gangsters (a total of 4) under the very man that kidnapped Alice. When Chun saw the girl being chased, Chun had taken a fighting stance and began to protect the fear-filled Alice.

Chun was able to move quick enough to catch the thugs off guard and hit that thug with all her might, making that thug fall unto the ground unconscious. The two furthest thugs then pulled out their pistols and fired at their attacker, but their shots were off too much. Alice, who saw this girl coming out of nowhere and knocked out one of her pursuers quickly, had taken inspiration from the mysterious girl and changed into her ice-covered form. Then, Alice tried to ensnare one the closer pursuer and was able to freeze his feet to the ground. That second pursuer also pulled out his pistol and fired a shot at Alice, but whether her form was too dense or the bullet had been at the right angle to skim off, that bullet had skid off of Alice and into another direction. Chun, who had not seen Alice change, made another full-powered attack on the closest thug to her, who had landed the hit and knocked that thug unto the ground and knocked him out. The thug that just got on the ground had dropped his gun, but he was able to pick it back up and fired at Chun, but he had missed again. The standing, untouched thug had then fired twice at Chun, but both shots missed entirely. Alice then tried to freeze the already frozen thug once more, and- possibly she miscalculated the strength of the freezing wave, had made the frozen thug completely frozen in what looked like a single piece of icy armor. Chun had now felt more chilled and saw Alice's changed form, but this did not deter her next full-powered attack on the last thug, which also knocked him out as well. The two girls had repelled the thugs successfully!

Chun had lowered her fighting stance as Alice returned to her fleshier side. [color=#FF4000]"What did you just do?"[/color] Chun asked Alice, now knowing of Alice's changed form. Alice was a bit shy, and merely turned her head and bit her own lip. Alice was now in an uncomfortable position. [color=#FF4000]"It is alright, I will not harm you."[/color] Chun said, coercing Alice to speak. Alice was still a bit scared and did not wish to speak. [color=#FF4000]"Very well."[/color] Chun sighed, and began to walk off. [color=#0040FF]"Wait."[/color] Alice said quickly as to stop Chun from walking away, [color=#0040FF]"I do not want to go home alone."[/color] Chun had turned around and saw Alice's face full of fear as Alice's eyes pointed to the downed- and one frozen- thugs. [color=#FF4000]"Sure, I can do that. May I ask for your name?"[/color] Chun had then asked. As the two walked together, Chun told Alice her tale and vice versa. The two became quick friends. And that night (and possibly many other to come), Chun was able to stay with Alice at her home.

[size=150][color=#008000]Albert Tellect[/color] by himself[/size]

Albert had finished another one of his classes at Duquesne University, and decided to to free-fly in his cataphract. After some time to get home and get the suit on, he began to fly with the anti-gravity suit and all seemed well...

[size=200]BAM![/size] Albert was sent spinning for a bit for something had hit him! Getting his bearing back to normal, Albert was able to see what looked like a humanoid wasp, coming at him with another attack! Immediately, Albert went began his suit's Defensive Maneuvers! With his palms facing the insectoid, Albert shot a massive amounts of plasma bolts at the attacker, who nimbly dodged the attack with ease. Then, just like before, the being made another strike with his fist; but, with the help of the suit's maneuverability, dodged the attack quickly. It was then Albert changed his focus to melee and made a swipe at this being, but the way this "wasp-man" moved made Albert miss.

Then, at a distance, the being began to speak: [color=#FFBF00]"Zo, my target iz nimbler zan I zought."[/color] This wasp man said with an accent one would expect with a wasp being. [color=#FFBF00]"I , Vazb, waz hired to bring zat zuit in for the galactic emperor, zo give it to me!"[/color] this "Vazb" demanded. Albert was shocked that he was fighting an extraterrestrial being; however, this did not change Albert's decision. [color=#008000]"Never."[/color] Albert said as he made a fist toward Vazb and shot a blast of plasma his opponent. The blast hit Vazb, but Vazb shrugged off the attack like it did nothing. Then, Vazb charged at Albert, but Albert dodged that as well. To try and make Vazb to stop moving, Albert shot some strange bolt of electricity from his wrist, but Vazb looped around it and made another charge at Albert, who dodged once more. [color=#008000][i]"What can I do to hit him?"[/i][/color] Albert thought to himself. Albert then opened his palm and a blue light shone from it, and Vazb immediately juked the light off to the left quickly and went for Albert. Vazb was then able to tackle Albert, who had the wind kicked out of him. It was then Albert went to smash Vazb's back with his elbow, and hit him directly, who cried in pain from the smash and released Albert immediately. From the momentum of the tackle, Albert was sent crashing through the wall of a tower and landed on the floor immediately before; however, Albert was fine.

Vazb then landed on the part of the unbroken roof, stretched his back, gritting his teeth, and said, [color=#FFBF00]"You hit well, young maggot. I will be back for ze zuit!"[/color]. With that, Vazb flew off. Albert climbed out of the wreckage that he unintentionally made and thought, [color=#008000][i]"This would be VERY bad. Best get rid of the evidence."[/i][/color] With that, Albert quickly connected to the building's computer system, copied the data for himself, and erased the data from the building and flew off. As Albert flew, he felt very happy to have met an actual alien, despite having to fight this "Vazb." Then, Albert began to think, [color=#008000][i]"If Vazb was sent by an intergalactic emperor for this suit, then things will be getting very difficult to fight off."[/i][/color]

[quote]Edit: I do not know about you readers, but I am sorry if there are a lot of these [XXX][/XXX] things all over. I did not intend for this to happen.[/quote]
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Re: Steel City Heroes

Post by Horsenhero » Wed Sep 18, 2013 3:11 pm

Not a bad first chapter, though it's obvious you were far more comfortable writing by the last section than you were in the beginning. I do have a couple of suggestions to make.

First, since story writing is sort of a hybrid between playwriting and essay writing, you might want to free your dialogue from the paragraph structure. Exposition for fiction doesn't have to fit into the precise structure of an essay. Thus you could have descriptive exposition of say, three sentences, a gap, then dialogue, another gap and a return to descriptive exposition or more dialogue. Currently, all your dialogue and descriptive exposition is compressed together in tight paragraphs, making it something of a mess to read.

Second, if you decide to separate your dialogue into separate lines more akin to a play, you don't have to muddle things up by trying to use different color fonts for different characters' dialogue. As demonstrated by this chapter, if for some reason the font color doesn't express, the bracketing code does, which can make the story difficult to read.

Last, take the time to translate game action into more flowing descriptive text. For example, instead of writing; "The two furthest thugs then pulled out their pistols and fired at their attacker, but their shots were off too much.", try more descriptive prose.

To wit:Unable to close the distance fast enough to save their comrade from Chun's furious assault, the slowest pair of goons drew their pistols and fired. Chun was showered with fragments of brick, like pixie dust as the bullets impacted the wall of the building to her left. She snorted derisively as the criminals shot at her while charging forward. Dumb thugs who'd obviously watched too many movies and thought you could aim accurately while on the run.

The very same event, written two different ways. Both are accurate descriptions of what happened, but the second is a slightly more dramatic, vivid description of events.

Anyway, I'm glad to see that by the final segment, you seem to have become far more comfortable with the storytelling process. I look forward to more.

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Steel City Heroes- Issue #2 "The First Meeting"

Post by XeroKhan » Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:28 pm

Thank you for the advice, Horsen. I will try to apply this to this next issue. Also, I was already trying to post this, but I accidentally closed my web browser and lost everything I had previously typed. So, here I go with again with this:
Issue #2 "The First Meeting"

The morning had begun the same way as it had always done. The warm glow of the great fiery ball in the sky had felt good save for the chilling breeze that counteracted the glow. The men and women of Pittsburgh were hurrying to their workplaces as their children and teenagers were heading to their respective schools.

As for the news of the day, the front page article presented the mysterious hole-in-the-ceiling inside a local business building. Police and detectives are baffled by this happening, but their investigation in this is still continuing.

Not only this, but a group of thugs were arrested for "loitering" in the park. They kept saying that they were attacked by a "Chun Lee" look-alike and a girl of pure ice, but their words fell of deaf ears. Police chief Alexander Rozz had evidence of this group's possession and distribution of illegal drugs; thus, this said group was arrested and are being processed into the state prison.

It was about ten in the morning when Rupert and Zambo had arrived at the Carnegie Museum and Library. Rupert had made Zambo wear a baggy Duquesne University hooded shirt and brown cargo pants to cover up Zambo's undead body. As the two entered, Zambo began a conversation between the two:

ZAMBO: "Are you sure that I need to be wearing this?"

RUPERT: "Positive. Now, let's proceed to where you could have been murdered."

ZAMBO: "But what if I was not murdered here?"

RUPERT: "Then we will need to go back to square one."

ZAMBO: "Which would be...?"

RUPERT: "Oh, for the love of- finding out who you really are! We just did that last night."

And with that, Rupert and Zambo both went into the library area of the building. It was at this time that three others entered the building: Chun Feng, Alice Frost, and Albert Tellect. Chun had wanted to see the city in the daylight, but Alice needed to do some research into what she was forced to do the previous night and still felt uneasy about being alone; thus, Chun stayed with Alice. As for Albert, he needed to get his mind off of the previous night's battle and the morning's news. He was in a constant circular thinking of guilt then approving his guilt and then back to guilt. Due to this day being one of his class day's off, Albert went to the library to read some literature to calm his mind down.

As for Rupert and Zambo, they had arrived at the scene of the murder (which was conveniently lacking of any police to guard) that they wanted to investigate. The room, other than the blood stains on the walls, had a polished oaken table with matching chairs and a window that looked toward Schenley Park. Although Zambo could not find much, Rupert was able to spot something under the table. Upon examination, the two had learned that the item was a rubber clown nose.

ZAMBO: "Could this be mine?"

RUPERT: "Possibly, but let us not jump to conclusions yet. Next, we should see if there is any form of DNA on this. Thankfully, I have a friend that can figure this out. We should go see her next."

And with that, Rupert and Zambo left the room for the exit of the building; however, the two (as well as Chun, Alice, and Albert) began hearing a strange laughter coming from the entrance. Storming in, a group of four police officers with an empty look on their faces ran into the room, followed by what looked like a robot with a man's head in the stomach area of the robot.

"You lot are next!" the head said, beginning to smirk with a mad smile. Then, four of them began feeling a headache, but they seemed to be uninfluenced. Zambo, on the other hand, also got the same empty look on his face as the officers.

RUPERT: "Ow, what the heck? Hey, Z, you alright? What's up?"

...: "Hah, he is under my control! Now, kill your friend!"

CHUN: "I will not let you do that!"

Chun had risen from her seat and easily tackled Zambo unto the ground before Zambo could do anything.

...: "Foolish girl! I, Mister Brain, will obliterate your mind!"

Then, the apparent Mister Brain began to smirk his mad smile once more as he glared at Chun; however, Chun seemed to be unfazed!

MR. BRAIN: "What!? How can this be! Oh, forget it, KILL THEM ALL!"

It was then that the controlled officers pulled out their pistols, each aiming at one of our heroes! Chun was able to move fast enough to get to the closest officer to her. Then, with fast ease, Chun was able to rip the pistol from the mind controlled officer's hand with ease and tossed it away. Then, with once swift movement, Chun was able to come back at the same officer with an elbow to his stomach. Even though he was mind was controlled, the officer still felt the full brunt of the attack and fell back unto the ground, making a loud thud when landing.

Albert was the next to move. Not having access to his suit was a bad thing against a villain, but the disarmed pistol seemed to land at his feet. Picking it up, Albert raised the pistol toward Mr. Brain and took a shot at him, shattering the glass that was protecting Mr. Brain's head! Mr. Brain roared with the pain of the shattered glass moved with momentum to damage his head.


Then, Mr. Brain unleashed a devastating blast of brainwaves at the unsuited Albert, but Albert's mind was strong enough to resist the attack. Even more outraged, Mr. Brain sent another wave at Albert, but Albert was able to resist from that as well.


Alice, seeing Albert being the main focus, wanted to do something, but she did not know what. She then quickly made her icy armor and shot a blast of cold at the standing officers, all of which became "Cop-sicles," due to their being frozen in the Icy Snare that Alice had made.

Rupert had enough of this. He raised his hands and formed a runic symbol, and from that symbol two massive, ghostly hands burst forth and grabbed Mr. Brain, who was too focused in his anger toward Albert. Even with his robotic body, Mr. Brain could not move an inch.

Zambo then stood up, but he still had the blank look on his face. It was then that the mind controlled Zambo punched Rupert in the stomach with a great force. Rupert had the wind taken out of him, and the two massive ghost hands vanished, releasing Mr. Brain. Then Zambo went to stomp Rupert, but missed and made a foot-sized hole in the floor.

Chun, who had seen Zambo standing up and attacking Rupert, went after the undead man once more to stop him. She went for a quick strike to the throat to stun the clown, but she missed. Chun was utterly open for Zambo's next attack!

Albert had then dropped the pistol and moved up to Mr. Brain and attempted to punch the head; however, the punch was too far up and hit the robotic body in the process!

MR. BRAIN: "My turn, brat!"

And with that, Mr. Brain swung at Albert, and managed to hit him! Sadly, however, the swing from Mr. Brain's metallic body knocked out Albert, who was on the floor. Mr. Mind had then turned his focus at the kung-fu girl and sent another one of his mental blasts at her! The resulting blast had given Chun a massive headache and had made her dizzy.

Alice was now angry at Mr. Brain for hurting her new friend! Thus, she created an icicle in the palm of one of her hands and shot it at Mr. Brain. The icy attack had smashed into Mr. Brain's forehead and caused him to fall backward unto the ground. Alice had stopped Mr. Brain!

During this time, the police were rushing to the museum to stop what was going on. When they had arrived, they found Mr. Brain unconscious and lying on the floor, as well as three frozen officers, one officer on the ground, one college student unconscious, and four others standing in the room. The police began to question the four standing heroes and reviewed the security footage to secure their statements. In the end, the officers that were being controlled were being taken care of as well as Albert. And Mr. Brain was taken into custody.

In a hospital room where Albert was, the group had made their meet-and-greet and had told each other their heroic origins. They turned on the news to find out that they had made the news as Pittsburgh's latest super heroes.

ALBERT: "So, I guess we all made the news recently, huh?"

RUPERT: "Yup, and who knows what else we may come across, and we may even see that Mr. Brain again soon."

CHUN: "Ugh, do not remind me of that insane freak."

ZAMBO: "Same here, and I should know the meaning of the word 'Freak'. Also, I am sorry for attacking you back there. It was not me at all."

RUPERT: "Yes, I know that. So, once Albert's out of here, why not meet to get something to eat, maybe schwarma? Primanti Bros.? Or even P.F. Changs?"

ALICE: "I don't like Chinese food (no offense, Chun), but Primanti Bros. does sound good."

ALBERT" "Yeah, that does. I heard from the doctor that I should be out by tomorrow. Maybe we can celebrate there?"

RUPERT: "That sounds like a good idea. Alright, we will meet there tomorrow. Here's my store's phone number, and Zambo will be staying with me for the time being. You call me and I can arrange something. This cool?"

ALBERT: "I've got not problem with that."

CHUN: "Neither do I."

ALICE: "Me either."


Vazb and four others (One looks like a crocodile, another an elephant, another an Owl, and the last one was a Leopard) seem to be hiding out in what looks like a run down building. Vazb seems to return to an empty room where the other four are, seeming more ticked off than usual.

VAZB: "We zould be out zere and finding zat zuit! Our contractz ztate zat-"

The Croc-man: "We know that already, Vazb. We need to find it and deliver it to our client withing thirty days or so."

The Owl-woman: "Or else."

The Croc-man: "Yeah, or else. You said you had it, Vazb, but he fought back with ease and sent you running back here like a wimp."

VAZB: "He almozt broke my back. I am not az phyzically ztrong az you, Glaag, zo get off my back!"

Glaag: "Heh, whatever you say, wasp-boy."

Elephant-man: "In any case, we need to keep an eye on the owner of the suit. Vazb, you were already spotted, so sending you would be a bad idea. Rabalt should be the one to do it, after all, she is the more stealthy of us. Any objections?"

There seems to be no objection.

RABALT: "Alright, I'll keep an eye on them. I will notify you lot when I have a specific location as to where the suit may be."

Elephant-man: "Good. Soon, we will get that suit and it will be delivered without any other problems, and this world will also be under his rule."
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Steel City Heroes- Issue #3: "Rise of Mokerkialf, part 1"

Post by XeroKhan » Mon Sep 23, 2013 7:04 pm

Issue #3: "Rise of Mokerkialf, part 1"

It was the day after Albert entered the hospital. With the news of our heroes fighting off their first villain together, it seems that everybody in Pittsburgh has been calling them the "Steel City Heroes." The PPD (Pittsburgh Police Department), as well as many underworld criminals, have their eyes set on these heroes in case they turn rogue. Will they be able to keep up this face of heroics?

Albert, Alice, and Chun

That day, Alice and Chun had arrived to visit Albert, who was about to leave the hospital that day. When the two girls arrived, Albert was finishing getting his shirt on, for he was to check out of the hospital. Seeing the girls, Albert smiled and approached them.

ALBERT: "Ah, Alice, Chun, good to see you here. I was just about to leave."

CHUN: "That's good to hear. I see that Rupert and... What was his name again?"

ALBERT: "Do you mean Zambo?"

CHUN: "That's right. I see those two are not here."

ALBERT: "It seems that they did not arrive to see me off. They must be doing some more investigating on who Zambo is."

ALICE: "Yeah, I think I heard that they were meeting somebody at the police department today for something."

ALBERT: "Well, why don't we meet up with them? We can head out to the Primanti Bros. from there."

CHUN: "That sounds good. I always wanted to try their famed burgers."

And with that, the three of them left the room and entered the elevator. As the elevator descended, there was a sudden black-out, leaving the three trapped in the elevator, in pure darkness....

Rupert and Zambo

After a good night's sleep, the duo departed for the PPD. As they walked, they began experiencing what felt like... Earthquakes? In Pittsburgh!? This did not sound right. The two began hearing the screeching sirens of many police vehicles all around the area. This did not sound good.

It was then that the two saw the reason for these "earthquakes". Around the block's corner, there were police officers firing at a massive tan humanoid with black eyes and red pupils! It seemed that the officers could do nothing against this monstrous golem.

ZAMBO: "What is that thing?"

RUPERT: "I do not know, but we need to stop it!"

Thus, Rupert began to focus his a magical spell, creating a runic symbol that spawned a magical blue fire in the palm of his hand. Rupert then shot his spell at the golem, who had fallen backward unto the tarred ground. The police had looked behind them to see Rupert and Zambo standing behind them. It was right then that the golem stood and charged at our heroes, tackling Zambo in the process. Rupert, who was able to sidestep away from the golem's enraged charge, began preparing his next spell.

Zambo was knocked back by the charge, was able to get back up like the charge did not hit him. Then, Zambo went for a punch at the open golem, but the golem seemed to absorb the thrown punch. It was at that moment that Rupert had finished his next spell and shot it at the golem once more, but the shot was misaimed somehow and hit Zambo instead! Zambo had fallen unto the ground from the spell's momentum, but it seemed the spell did not affect the zombie at all. The golem then swung its leg at Zambo, smashing Zambo's head into many pieces in the process.

Now all alone, Rupert needed to flee from this thing. Rushing toward Zambo's corpse, Rupert cast a spell and created a second "Rupert and Zambo" just beside them to distract the golem. The golem had seen through Rupert's trick and swung it's arm at Rupert, landing without fail! Rupert was sent flying at a nearby transformer, destroying it and causing the area to loose power in the process. Rupert, who was able to cast a magic shield in time, knew that this golem was too dangerous.

Rupert then began casting another spell at the golem. A magic rune appeared in front of Rupert and began moving toward this golem, growing larger as it homed in on the golem. This golem seemed to not be fast enough, for the spell entangled the golem in a magical wrapping, making the golem unable to move at all!

With a sigh of relief, Rupert's shoulders dropped into a relaxed position. Then, remembering about Zambo, Rupert rushed to the body, and saw the decapitated body lying there on the ground. Rupert had no idea what to do right now, for Rupert was not able to help Zambo find out who he really was. He punched the ground in anger, and then turned to the golem, who was still struggling to free itself from Rupert's spell.

RUPERT: "Who are you, and why did you kill my friend!?"

???: "Heh, even that Drauger was no match for the great Mokerkialf."

It was then that Rupert remembered this being from his studies into Norse Myth. This golem of clay was created by a giant and given a heart of a horse to destroy the Norse god of Thunder, Thor, and his squire, Thialfi.

RUPERT: "How are you still alive?"

MOKERKIALF: "Wouldn't you like to know. Why don't you ask Hel herself."

It was then that shock instilled Rupert. Hel, the Norse goddess of Death and one of Loki's own children! It was then that Rupert knew what he needed to do. Rupert then began casting a sealing spell to keep Mokerkialfi from destroying the city once more. After about an hour of casting, Rupert was able to seal the clay giant under the city. Rupert then rushed back to the hospital to warn his allies.

Back to Albert, Alice, and Chun

The three sat in the darkness, their eyes adjusting to the darkness. The three needed to get out of there as soon as possible. After about thirty minutes of waiting, Albert stood up and began to fiddle with the elevator button panel.

CHUN: "What are you doing?"

ALBERT: "Trying to fix this elevator. Crap, the power is out entirely. We need to escape another way."

With that, Chun had jumped up and grabbed a panel on the elevator's roof and pulled it out. With that out of the way, Chun climbed out and found out that they were just at one of the elevator doors. She then called to her friends and helped them out of the elevator. Then, using her strength, Chun opened the elevator door to a darkened hospital hallway. The three were able to climb out and found out that they were on the second floor.

ALBERT: "Heh. Wow, so close, huh?"

ALICE: "I wonder what caused the power to go out?"

ALBERT: "I do not know, but let me call Rupert to see if he knows anything.

Albert then pulled out his cell phone and called Rupert's number. As the phone rang, Rupert had found the trio and approached them. Albert, putting his cell phone away, wondered why Zambo was not with him.

ALBERT: "Hey, where's Zambo?"

RUPERT: "He's dead... again."

CHUN: "How?"

RUPERT: "His head was smashed like one of Gallager's watermelons."

ALICE: "By who?"

It was at that moment that Rupert explained everything to his friends.

ALBERT: "Wow, what a way to go."

RUPERT: "There is still a way to get them back. And that is to, ironically, 'go to Hel'."

CHUN: "Pardon?"

RUPERT: "I need to go to Hel herself. Maybe I can convince her to free Zambo. Any of you wish to come along?"

Albert, Alice, and Chun thought for a moment. It was then that they had decided. All three of them were to save their zombie friend from Hel's clutch.


There was a terrible tremor, and Mokerkialf rose from the ground with a menacing look in his eyes. Clenching his fist, Mokerkialf began his hunt for Rupert, swearing revenge. Mokerkialf then spotted Zambo's body and absorbed it into his own.
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