THE GAME (40 Char PVP) (Thanks to Jabroniville)

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THE GAME (40 Char PVP) (Thanks to Jabroniville)

Post by Tevourious » Fri Feb 14, 2014 11:19 pm

Notes: This massive random PL10 free for all is a promotion event that I and my friends are hosting at my local comic shop in hopes of getting new groups to play DCA and MM. The battle has been raging on for a couple of nights now with multiple players manning 1 or 2 characters at a time.

I decided to document the rolls and basic "plot" and weave them into a tale of sorts. The actions, and dice rolls are made by the character's respective players. While I've taken it upon myself to add some flavor text to spice it up for those interested in that sort of thing. Players were told the basic plot and were instructed to TRY and play their characters true to form more or less. The important thing was to have fun with it.

I'll be posting the events as fast as I can, understandably this is going to take longer to write out than the fight itself. I'll be breaking the Rounds into 10 Char chunks at time until the end of the battle.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!!



40 bewildered being from across the multi-verse have found themselves transported to ruined landscape to do battle by a powerful and unknown assailant. With what is most precious to them at risk, they are given one goal. Be the last one standing...

This is their story...



Kori awakens in a ruined apartment. Confused, she immediately grows angry, that bastard got the drop on her somehow. She quickly scans her surroundings. The place is old and decrepit with moldering walls and scattered furniture. Rancid water drips from the ceiling coating the debris in a thin film.

Jumping to her feet, she turns her head and rises into the air before floating cautiously out the door and up the hall. She hears someone stirring in a nearby room and moves to attack by bursting through the wall. Shielding himself from the shower of rotten wood and bricks, her foe spins to face her.

“Gotcha!” She smiles as she unleashes a ramped up star bolt.

Sub-Zero winces under the blinding light of the blast as he narrowly spins away and crouches into a battle stance.

“Hardly...” He chuckles, knowing the fight will be a good one.

Starfire (Mechanics)
(Move Action: to fly through the wall. DM rules it effortless considering her strength vs the rotten nature of the Building)

(Attack Action: Power Attack with Starbolts Roll 15 + 5 = (20) vs Sub Zeros Dodge of (22)

Danny's eyes bolt open as the sound of a blast startles him awake. He recalls vividly the task set before him. He tries not to think about it as he springs to his feet and looks about. The battered office building has seen better days as the windows are shattered and the walls crumbling from exposure to the elements. Moving in silence, he makes his way to the nearest window and peers through the tattered blinds. A darkened, desolate cityscape lays before him. Grim faced, he takes it all and thinks about what is ahead.

“It's started...” He mumbled quietly before setting off to face his fate.

Iron Fist (Mechanics)
(Move Action: Stealth will searching for the source of the blast. Roll14 + 10 (24)

Locking his gaze upon the fiery maiden before him. Sub-Zero's thoughts touched briefly upon the other victims. It didn't matter, he'd seen this sort of death-match countless times. It was kill or be killed and he would not hesitate. The girl used fire, in fact she seemed aglow with an inner heat. He'd kill her with his bare hands he decided and moves to attack.

Starfire's eyes narrow at his advance as she continues her rain of starbolts. Barely keeping ahead of the barrage, Sub-Zero fires a sheet of ice across the ground and hits it at a run. Skidding forward beneath her, leaps into the air and slams her with a vicious hay-maker to the face.

Sub-Zeros (Mechanics)
(Move action: Moves to attack) (Flavor Text for fun and playing off her missed attack earlier)
(Attack Action: Power Attack Melee) Roll 18 + 11 = (29) CRITICAL vs Star Fires Parry of (22)
(Damage 3+5=8 (23) vs Toughness Roll 9+7=16 (-1 Dazed) Ouch

Avatar Kyoshi grew impatient, the boy would have to make sacrifices in order to survive this. It was time she noted, it had already started. With that in mind she gave a shout while kicking him in the ribs.


Aang burst to his feet with an explosion of air. “I'm up! I'm up! What did I miss!?” He yelped then sank back to the ground. Was it a dream? Sometimes past Avatars would visit him while he slept, offering insight or visions. Glumly he recalled the earlier encounter in the chamber. So many strange people, Iroh was there though, for that he was thankful. He could only wonder where the old man was now.

Groggy, he looked about the dilapidated structure. Strange devices lay scattered about, but he recognized enough to realize it was some manner of hospital. His thoughts strayed to his friends, they needed him. Steeling his nerve he, sensed someone nearby. He could feel the vibrations of their movements through his feet and prepared for what was to come.

He could simply incapacitate his foes he reasoned, surely that would be enough. He had to hope so, he couldn't bring himself to kill someone. With that mind he moved quickly to try and take them down without to much of a fuss. It was better for both of them. Rounding a corner, he came face to face with his foe.

“Oh boy...” Aang frowned as the man moved to draw an arrow for the large compound bow he carried. “Oh no you don't!” He chirped as he brought both arms down in a slashing motion. The soggy structure had plenty of ambient of water and for that he was thankful as he summoned icy tendrils to snare his foe. Exploding from the very walls the tendrils coalesced in the air around their target.

Hawkeye's eyes widened, he'd underestimated the kid and it cost him as ice began to solidify around him. Realizing the kid had him dead to rights if he didn't break free, he burst forward in a surge of strength. He was only partially successful in escaping the slurry before it hardened and now found himself coated in a thick layer of hoarfrost that hampered his movements. He had to put the kid down, preferably without hurting him. With that in mind, he notched special arrow.

Aang (Mechanics)

Move action: Aang moves out into the hall to face Hawkeye
Attack Action: Ice Bonds Roll 2+12 = 15 Hero Point to Reroll
Attack Action Reroll Ice Bonds 19+12= 31 Crit Hit vs Clints Dodge (23)
Ice Bonds: DC(22) vs Clints Strength (Roll 3+15=19) Clint is Hindered & Vulnerable

Rain fell upon her face the chill causing her to stir. Rising to her feet she took in her surroundings. She was in a half collapsed garage of some sorts perhaps a gas station. A ruin of a car sat on it's rims nearby. Covered in debris and muck from the roof that had collapsed long ago it was of a make she did not recognize. She felt dread, something sinister was afoot. She recalled the gathering before being brought here. The old television with the bizarre puppet on the monitor

As she quietly made her way from the garage she recalled seeing Ryu. Would he be an ally or a foe in this, she could only wonder. Stepping into the open air she breathed deep then gasped in shock. A towering robot stood before her, as tall as a building the behemoth was making it's way towards a structure south of her location. As it turned it's head to regard her with soulless eyes she quickly moved into action.

At a glance she summed up her foe. It seemed battered and slow so she was confident she could hurt it. Still, she knew she couldn't close the distance before it could react and she had little doubt it wouldn’t hesitate to attack if given a chance. With that in mind she thrust her hands forward, leveling her palms in the direction of the thing's head.

“Kikoken!” She shouted, channeling her ki into swirling blue fireball. Screaming through the air, the blast quickly began to loose steam. The distance was bit farther than she thought and at first she fretted she'd missed until the thing turned her way and inadvertently stepped into the path of the comparatively tiny fireball.

“Stupid robot” She mused inwardly, then frowned as the blast exploded brightly against the thing's chest to no effect.

Fully facing her, the Sentinel bellowed loudly, it's machine voice echoing loudly through the area. As spotlights on it's shoulders zeroed in on her location.
“Mutant energy signature observed, unable to scan. Error, adjusting attack parameters.”

“Stupid me...” Chun Li smirked grimly. It was gallows humor.

Chun Li (Mechanics)
Move action: Moves into doorway of the garage.
Free Action: Attempts assessment on the sentinel. Roll 2+8=10 vs Roll 18+null=18 LOL
Attack Action: Kikoken Roll 5+12=17 vs 16 Barely hit.
Sentinel's Toughness Roll 8+13=21 vs 19 oh oh...

While he could be a bastard, Clint wasn't a cruel man. He knew the stakes however and he'd fought monsters in the guise of children before. Either way, he didn't want to take a chance.

“Okay kid, sorry but I gotta take you down. I'll make it as painless as possible.”
Taking aim, he notices Aang already moving to dodge his shot, with lighting reflexes he readjusts his shot to intercept him as he moves, just barely though as it catches him in the heel of his bare foot.

“Take that Achilles!” Clint laughs at the irony.

With a shout of surprise Aang spasms wildly then flails about on one foot in a twitching daze. Eying his attacker with annoyance he chatters awkwardly while trying to regain his senses.

“Hey! You shot me in the foot with an arrow, who does that?”

“I guess I do...” Clint laughs while struggling in vain to rid himself of the thick layer of frost hampering his movements. Flustered, he narrows his eyes at Aang. “Kid, you're getting on my nerves.”

Hawkeye (Mechanics)
Attack Action: Taser Arrow Roll 4+12=16 vs DC(25) Clint Blows a Hero Point
Attack Action: Hero Point: Roll 4+10+12=26 vs DC(25) Hit barely...
Aang Fort Save: Roll 4+7=11 vs (DC17) Aang is Dazed
Hawkeye attempts to free himself from the ice: Roll 3+3=6 Fail.

Snake Eyes rises to his feet, sharp and alert he scans his environment. Urban location, ruins, an office complex by the looks of it. He knew he had multiple foes in the area so stealth was paramount. Quick and quiet, hit and run, that was method of the day. Moving silently he slips into a paper strewn hall, a quick glance at the fallen ceiling tiles revealed no foes. However, movement at the end of the hall catches his eye.

A tall young woman stands in confusion as she peers cautiously into darkened room. Dressed in a school girl's sailors outfit, she is leggy and unassuming outside of statue. Snake-Eyes can only wonder at the reason for the strange attire. It doesn't matter he realizes and rushes forward. Thrusting his sword at her shoulder blades he aims to collapse a lung. The wound shouldn't be fatal with care, but should take her out of the fight.

A piece of debris falls from the ceiling as he closes the distance. Jupiter turns at the last second unwitting allowing the blade to scratch across her ribs with barely a scratch. Startled, she jumps back and takes a defensive pose.

“Assassin!” She shouts in outrage as lightning erupts around her. “You blew your chance and now I'm taking you down!!”

Snake Eyes sighs under his mask, thankful that none of his allies saw that.

Snake-Eyes (Mechanics)
Move Action: Full Movement Stealth Roll 10+14-5=(19) vs Jupiter's Perception: Roll 6+4=(10) Fail...
Attack Action: Sword Suprise Attack Roll 3+14=17 vs (16) (Vulnerable) Hit
Jupiters Defense: Toughness Check Roll 18+5(23) vs (21) Close call for Jupiter.

Jessica Drew had seen some things and even she was surprised at her present situation. She'd awakened in the dusty ruins of a old strip club. Standing on the stage, the irony wasn't lost upon her. Frowning she looked about as she recalled the cryptic message the strange doll had said on television.

“I'd like to play game..” It'd said, it's voice was old and scratchy.

Damn tricksters... Perhaps it was Arcade she reasoned. This had his MO all over it. Either way, she had loved ones to protect which meant she had to play along until she could find a way out of here. It was then that she noticed him.

Captain Britain, she'd seen him a few times. Strong, tough, and a moody drunk the last she'd heard. He was sprawled atop the bar and slowly rising to his feet. Looking her way their eyes met.

“Hey stranger...” She purrs hoping that her pheromones had already taken affect.
“Yeah.. no.” Brian responds with a snort as hops off the bar and readies himself.
“Yeah well. Can't blame a girl for trying.” She smirked before promptly blasting him in the face with her venom blasts.

Caught off guard by the speed of her attack. Captain Britain staggers back against the bar as the blast sears his face. Jessica smiles, she has him she thinks then gapes in shock as he lumbers forward unfazed, smoking and enraged.

Spider-Woman (Mechanics)

Automatic: Pheromones DC (12) vs Captain's Fort: Roll 9+12=(21)
Attack Action: Venom Blasts: Roll 13+10 (23) vs (DC 19)
Britain's Toughness Roll 2+11=14 vs (25) Brian uses a Hero Point
Britain's Toughness Reroll 19+11=30 vs (25)


Cyborg made his way out of the crumbling public restroom. He didn't appreciate waking up on a toilet in the stall. Annoyed he stepped out into the dark streets. Turning his head he heard a robot voice booming nearby. As good a place to start as any he reasons as he fires the rockets in his boots to propel him over the twisted landscape and into a debris strewn parking lot. What greets him doesn't even give him pause as the towering Sentinel looms over head.

“Giant robot, got it, nothing new here, Booyah! He snorts and unloads with his white sound cannon.

The beam strikes the Sentinel in the back of the head causing it to stagger forward several booming steps. Chun Li in the distance gawks in awe and is thankful for the distraction.

The Sentinel meanwhile turns to face it's attack and bellows loudly.

“Omega level threat detected. Non Mutant signature. Cybernetic humanoid, hostile. Adjusting defense parameters.

Cyborg (Mechanics)

Move Action: Rocket Jets over the building.
Attack Action: White Sound Cannon Roll 18+10=(28) Critical vs Sentinel's Dodge (16)
Sentinel's Toughness Roll 11+13 = (24) vs (30)
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Re: THE GAME (40 Char PVP) (Thanks to Jabroniville)

Post by Jabroniville » Sat Feb 15, 2014 12:21 am

Cool beans! Can't wait to see the rest of it!

It'll be interesting to see if the guys who use Area Attacks (Aang, Sentinels, anyone with explosives, Elsa) will go on a tear, as they don't have to worry about hurting their allies (since it's a free-for-all). A lot of the names here are very low-Toughness, which could be nasty if they're double-teamed or get too many attacks directed against them (especially someone like Queen Elsa).

The Sentinel, Capt. Britain, Clayface & the Allosaurus will be the toughest ones to bring down, while Anaconda & Bane are no slouches, either (and are the nastiest Grapplers of the lot). Clayface might be the overall most-versatile guy there. Anyone with Snares is going to cause trouble as well, because their Vulnerable targets are now going to face a dozen shots from opportunistic rivals.

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Re: THE GAME (40 Char PVP) (Thanks to Jabroniville)

Post by Tevourious » Sat Feb 15, 2014 12:17 pm


The creature sniffs the air. So much flesh nearby meant for it a hearty meal. Some of the things would be inedible. Things of the earth, things of metal or unnatural, those it would kill, maim and toy with as was it's nature. It cared little nor understood the glowing box and the rapid chirping of the meat nearby. All it desired was flesh.

A scent drifted to it, something close, something meat. Barreling through the muck it knocked aside burned out cars and crude barricades. It was close now, crouching outside the ruins of a fast food restaurant. Peering through the windows it saw it's quarry.

Bullseye, checked his guns, there was a lot of killing to be done today. Happy work, if he were lucky perhaps he'd find a pretty girl to play with as well. If not, there was always more killing. Scooping up a pile of hot sauce packets. He opened them one by one and began slurping them down. Noticing the thundering noise of something's approach he idly turned his head to look out the window.
His eyes met madness, a thing that should not be. Arching a brow he gave a snort of derision.

“Okay, yeah, I wasn't expecting that...” He mumbled then began to move.

The Chimera was faster. If it could smile, it would have, the first meal of the day. With that in mind it, launched forward and exploded through the window.

Nimbly, Bullseye leaps onto the counter top as the cheap Mexican restaurant explodes around him. Kicking a rotting pinata at his foe out of spite he raises his gun and laughs.

“Hell yeah, bring it, three trophy heads for the price of one! Daddy loves a bargain!”

Chimera (Mechanics)

Move Action: Leaping through the window. (No roll needed)
Attack Action: Mauling Bullseye. Roll8+10(18) vs (DC25) Miss


“Go to the bar in Gaelta Station he said... They have the best drinks in the quadrant he said...” Rocket mumbled under his breath. He barely recalled strange girl smiling over him before waking up with a hangover in room full of freaks watching an old television.

“I'm lucky I didn't wake up in a tub of ice missing a kidney I guess.”

Hissing and spitting he threw a holy fit a moment, something he'd taken to doing every few seconds since he'd awoken in the rusty hell hole of a liquor store. Vodka lasts forever fortunately and he'd scored a bottle. Stepping outside he'd just begun to take swig when movement in his peripheral caught his eye.

“You've got to be F@*&!! kidding me...” He groaned.

Several yards away a large dinosaur stood in the street. Rooting through debris with it's snout, it snorted hungrily. Rocket stood a moment entranced, then took a swig from the bottle. He spoke quietly at first but grew louder as he proudly strode up the street with his weapon in hand.

“This is destiny...This is fate... this is the stuff of legends!! An epic as old as time.” He proclaimed loudly.

“My forefathers fought your kind for millions of years!” He said, gesturing to the confused Allosaurus as it tried to decide if tiny screaming mammal was even worth trying to chase down.

Undeterred. Rocket continued his tirade.

“Finally, they said together! We have had enough!! And they rose up and threw down your ageless tyranny once and for all!”

The Allosaur snorted and took a step forward. Perhaps the noisy animal was worth eating after all.

Rocket paused and shrugged. “Okay... fine...with the help of a really big F*(@!! asteroid...” He admitted before shooting the dinosaur in the face then running back inside as fast as his tiny legs could carry him.

Startled by the blast of energy exploded harmless against it's armored snout, the Allosaur roared in rage before charging up the street in pursuit.

Rocket Racoon (Mechanics)
Attack Action: Throw Down ageless tyranny with a big ass gun. Roll:12+11=(23) vs (16)
Allosaur Toughness Check Roll 15+9=24 vs (DC23)
Move Action: Running back inside.

Ryu adjusted his gi as he brushed the muck off his chest. He'd awoken in what appeared to be a pawn shop. The wares were caked in dust and cobwebs. It was dark, save for what moonlight glimmered through the scum covered windows.

He'd been searching to better himself in combat and wondered perhaps if he may have asked for more than he could handle. He was certain he'd seen a monster of legend a giant robot and what appeared to be a dinosaur.Shaking it off, he rolled his shoulders. He would survive this madness, and he'd do it with the power of his fists and chi alone.

Stepping through the cramped shelves and piles of boxes he saw a figure rise from the shadows. It was massive, and wielded a great club.

“Oni?” He mouthed silently, thinking the thing a demon of sorts. Eyedol turned one his massive cyclopean heads his way and snarled. Ryu didn't even think, rushing forward he charged the thing meaning to hit it fast and hard. By the looks of it, he didn't have the luxury to swap blows to test it's capabilities.

Eyedol takes the blow hard, rocking the towering twin-headed cyclops back and crashing through several rows of old televisions before regaining his balance. Ryu studied his handy work and nodded the monster didn't seem as tough as it looked.

Enraged, Eyedol smashed the shelves of televisions with his club and proclaimed loudly.

“Mortal!” He roared, his twin heads speaking in bizarre unison. “I am wrathful god and you have committed a most grievous blasphemy and for you that! You will die screaming!”

Ryu (Mechanics)
Move Action: Close the Distance
Attack Action: Power Attack Sho-Ryu Ken Roll 18+9(27) BOOM vs (21)
Eyedol Toughness Save Roll 8+9 (21) vs (26) Fail Ryu, rocked him like a hurricane.


Peter was offended, waking up in a dumpster was humiliating, though in a way he saw the humor in it. Whoever had captured him at least had a sense for comedy. Hopping to the rain soaked pavement he looked about. He was in the back lot of a garage by the looks of it. Hulks of cars and engine parts lay scattered about. The booming voice of a robot caught his attention. One he recognized instantly.

“Sentinels seriously... man that's X-men territory.” He complained bitterly. “Give me a jackass in animal suit any day...”

Pausing he frowned.

“Oh yeah... okay whatever... Okay Pete let's see what stupid thing we can do today.”

Leaping atop the garage he arrived to see the Sentinel-it's head smoldering-whirling around to face what appeared to be some manner of cyborg in the distance.

“Oh the big guy has partner already.”

Leaping into the air he snared a nearby building and swung far into the air, using momentum to propel himself towards the Sentinel. Vaulting his legs forward he aimed his heels towards the damaged plating on the back of the massive robot's head.

“Excuse me cyborg dude, mind if I cut in!” Peter shouts to Cyborg as he rebounds off the hull and lands affixed to the side of the nearby building.

Caught off guard, the lumbering machine staggers a step but quickly recovers. It's mechanical gaze still focused on Cyborg, it makes note of Spider-Man's presence.

“Signature Identified. Subject, Spider-Man, scanning... not mutant. Illegal Operative. Cleared for secondary termination. Engaging primary.”

“Don't think he cared for your moves.” Cyborg mused aloud as the Sentinel raised a glowing palm.

Spider-Man (Mechanics)
Move Action: Web Swing to engage the Sentinel.
Attack Action: Melee: Roll 15+12 (27) vs Sentinel's Parry (16) Pete hits solid.
Sentinel's Toughness Check -1:Roll 1+12=13 Critical Failure = Vs DC(23) Hero Point Time!!
Sentinel's Toughness Re-roll 8+10+13=(31) VS (23) Saves

Gambit scrambled quietly atop a pile of junked cars to get a better view of his surroundings. The junkyard, while small was a maze of twisted metal and rusting garbage. He had awakened in backseat of a thrashed chevy nova that smelled suspiciously like a rotting animal. The scent clung to him now much to his chagrin.

Trying his best to ignore it, could see a Sentinel being attacked in the distance and what looked like a tank sized cat like creature across the street trying it's best to level an old Taco Bell. Neither foe seemed like something he was terribly eager to start the evening with. However, he was certain that such foes would motive easier prey to reveal themselves. If he was lucky, he could catch one unaware or better yet, find Rogue. He was fully confident she'd back him up during this battle.

How he'd deal with her afterward however was something he wasn't looking forward to. If fates were kind she'd be too banged up to offer much resistance and he could put her down as easily as possible. Bad business all around he supposed but as they said; All is fair in love and war... Dropping into shadows he slipped north across the street to get a better view of the events in the Taco Bell. Ducking behind a car he charged a playing card and waited for favorable target.

Gambit (Mechanics)
Move Action: Leaving the Junkyard under stealth (Roll 15+14=29)
Ready Action: To fling an exploding card at the first non giant monster he sees.

Frank Castle awoke atop a rotting mattress in a moldering hotel room. It took him a moment to recall if he'd chosen this place on his own. Then it all came flooding back to him, some super-powered punk had snagged him, along with a whole gaggle of misfits and monsters.

Swinging his feet out of the bed he took in his surroundings. This place was cheap even when it was new. A seedy joint, the kind of place working girls took their johns. His weapons lay nearby, and plenty of ammo. Nice enough of whatever sick bastard set this up to at least give him a chance. Stocking up as quietly as possible he eyed the rotting bible atop the nightstand.

“Time to go to work...” He mumbled before taking a standard clearing posture. Urban warfare time, a soldiers worst nightmare or friend depending on who has the advantage. Slipping quietly out the door, he immediately spied a youthful runt of a teen in a tacky looking costume. Some punk kid superhero he reasoned, no one he recognized.

He had no real beef with the kid, but had no desire to die this day. Besides, you know the risks when you put on the suit and in the end, it's kill or be killed.

Raising his rifle and having the element of surprise he fired... and missed...

“F$^%&!” Frank cursed aloud as the punk ducked his head wildly at the gunshot.

“Whoa!” Colossal Boy blurted whirling around. Seeing Punisher across the hall in the other room he shouted in a rage. “Buddy you made a big mistake but I'm bigger!”

“Seriously kid?” Punisher snorted then slumped visibly as the young man began to grow.

Punisher (Mechanics)
Move Action: Stealth Roll 8+8=(16) vs Colossal Boy's perception Roll 8+6(14)
Attack Action: Rifle Power Attack Roll 8+6=14 vs DC(15) ….nuts...


He walks purposely through the junkyard. Since awakening he determined to find her. So young, so beautiful, so similar to his darling Nora... He could feel the kindred spirit within her, her innocence, even in those fleeting moments of the gathering. She could have been his daughter in another life. He would protect her... no matter the cost...

Trudging forward he casually noted a costumed figure entering a clearing. Agile and strong by the looks of him, the stranger wore the national colors. Victor had little interest in wasting time fighting him but knew it couldn't be avoided. The man was already reading a brightly colored shield. Freeze got the drop on him and leveled his cryogenics gun.

“You can walk away... I've no desire to fight you at this moment...”

Captain American shook his head grimly. “No can do... there are...” He began, only to be interrupted by blast of pure cold. Reacting instantly, Steve hunkered down and raised his shield. Icy fluid blasted against the shield and froze immediately. Steve peered around the block of ice now standing before him. Mr Freeze regarded him expectantly.

“You were warned...”

Mr Freeze (Mechanics)
“Move Action: Moving north where all the commotion is.
“Attack Action: Cryogenics Gun: Roll 7+10(17) vs (23)


Harry was many things, and a brave man was not at the top of the list. He was not a fighter... in any way shape or form. The last thing he recalled was bedding down with his favorite ladies and basket of decedent chocolates for an evening of quiet entertainment. Now he found himself drawn into some manner of bloodsport with a wide assortment of lunatics and monsters.

For a moment he thought perhaps it was some amusing prank pulled by Mastermind and his illusions. However, after waking up next to the rotting husk of a dead dog in the burned out remains of a trailer and wandering aimlessly up a darkened street, he began to slowly realize that this was no mere prank.

He could hear blasts and yelling in the distance and what appeared to be a Sentinel. Having little desire to face one, he crept quietly in search for a way out, but not before grabbing a crowbar, just in case...

Harry Leland (Mechanics)
Move action: Stealth Roll (17-1=16) Not bad for a fat guy with no martial training.


The Prince of the Shokan considered few his rivals, and none of the beings he recalled from the gathering looked up to snuff. Enraged, he would kill every man, woman, and monster in this so called arena battle and tear whatever fool dared imprison him in half. Venting his rage as soon as he awoke in collapsing remains of a convince store. He rampaged through the building briefly sending decrepit cans, supplies and long rotted foodstuffs flying through the air about him.

His anger slightly sated he paused as a massive figure muscled his way out of the backrooms and into the lobby. Bane looked at the mess in amusement, then eyed his strange four armed foe.

“You throw a tantrum like a child... do you fight as one as well?” He said with dripping contempt.

Goro roared and cleared the distance between them in an instant.


Startled at speed in which the massive creature moved, Bane narrowly avoids the initial blow as creature's double fists grazed his skull. It's Goro's lower set of arms however that finally catch him off guard. Viciously, they pound the burly fighter with sickening thuds before locking themselves around him.

Gritting his teeth, Bane slips free of the assault and back steps. Wiping a trickle of blood from his lips with the back of hand he smiles.

“Very good! I'll enjoy breaking you.”

Goro (Mechanics)
Move Action: Moving to engage
Attack action: Power Attack Melee: Roll 16+8=24 vs (22) Normally (24) but Bane is under Venom
Bane Toughness Check: Roll 1+8=(9) BOTCH Yup Hero Point.
Bane Toughness Reroll: 3+10+9=(22) vs (27) Hit
Bane Grab Resistance Check: Dodge Roll 20+12=32 vs (DC 17) Success

Goliath watches as the strange cyborg land across the street. From his vantage point in the ruins of a clothing store he can make out the towering robot nearby as well. His thoughts went to Angela and Elisa, they were in trouble and he desperately needed to rescue them. Time was not on his side, if this battle still raged come morning, he'd be killed as soon as the sun crested the horizon.

The puppet on the television desired a bloodsport and while Goliath was no stranger to killing. His time in the modern era had eased his hands over the years. This wasn't his city, these people were not his clan, his family. He'd avoid killing them if he could, but he had little time to pull his punches. With that in mind, his eyes flared white as leaped into action.

Bursting out the window, he took a running leap off an overturned car and flew straight at Cyborg. Hearing the crash, Cyborg spun around and sees the attack coming. Ducking wildly he narrowly avoids the enraged Gargoyle as it flies overhead and circles.

“Whoa?” He blurts, unsure what it is he's facing.

“Human, I apologize but I have little time. I shall make this as painless as possible!” Goliath explains gravely.

“You called me human...” Victor smirks. “I'm going to ignore the fact that you tried to sucker punch me. Tell you what gruesome, you seem to be a personable guy. You help me take that big robot down, then you and I can go at it like real men, how about that?”

Suspicious, Goliath glances at the Sentinel bearing down upon them. The human spoke true, the towering machine would be a problem if left running rampant. Lowering his head, he readied himself for what was to come.


Goliath (Mechanics)

Favored Environment (Defenses)
Move Action: Charge
Attack Action: Charging Power Attack: Roll 11+8 (19) vs (21) Miss
Player vs Player agreement.

End Round One
Group Two

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Re: THE GAME (40 Char PVP) (Thanks to Jabroniville)

Post by Tevourious » Tue Apr 01, 2014 9:32 pm

I've continued posting this in Jab's thread for now. :) We're up to Round 4 There

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Re: THE GAME (40 Char PVP) (Thanks to Jabroniville)

Post by Spectrum » Sat Apr 05, 2014 7:43 am

I've been really enjoying the series. Can you please collect the links together so that I can find them more easily as I go rather than constantly getting distracted by Jab-awesomeness? :)