Capital City Task Force 5

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Capital City Task Force 5

Postby Aventar » Sun Dec 16, 2007 9:17 pm

Soon my M&M game kicks off as I start a game in the homebrewed city I've been working on. To view the background of the city you can look here

This current arc will follow the "adventures" of a motley crew who come together under some "odd" circumstances, typical conspiricies and hijynx ensue.

The Cast

:arrow: Alex Noble; The Spartan (inspired by 300)
Alex Noble never knew his parents but grew up with an endearing foster family in the Nobles. He lead a nondescript existance as "grunt" doing various oddjobs for most of his life. His life took a turn for the strange when he was hired by an artifact preservational group to transport and pack some artifacts discovered in a new dig found in the upper New York area. During the job he fell into a hidden cache of treasure underneath the site. The room was dominated by treasures and riches, but what caught his eye was the intimidating skeletal figure sitting upon a throne. As he felt drawn to the figure it rose up and dematerialized intop dust absorbing into every bit of his body. Suddenly a voice whispered to him "the second coming is nigh, I shall have honour!" and Thus the Spartan was born again.
The spartan was once a famed Spartan Prince and Ancestor to Alex, ruling a spartan city with great success during the height of its existence. He wanted more though, and became honorless and ruthless making dark pacts with ancient evils in a vie to wrest control from his brother the King of all Sparta. In the end his treachery won the day but he was laid low with a wicked curse "May you live forever" spat the angered brother at his death. Hollow in his victory the Spartan made off with his treasures away from the angry mobs and as per the pact with the sorceress Madea was magically wisked away with his treasures and magical artifacts. Unfortanatley she had other plans for him, having sealed him away in the American Continent to die a physical death and await the time she could come for his treasures and very soul for her own dark purposes. The Spartan had other plans however and called forth his own bloodline to persue his fight so that he may reclaim his honor, defeat the evil witch and find his eternal peace.
The mysterious voice of the Spartan soon will lead Alex to Capital City where he hopes to make sense of it all...

:!: When he speaks the command of Glory Alex transforms into the spartan, equipped with ancient training, enhanced abilities and magical artifacts from the days of ancient Sparta.

:arrow: Loueford "Loue" Mannered (Biker, scientist)
Loue was the standard for being a normal person in a strange world, that is until life spat on him. He lost his job at his local metal plant ending a 4 year career that his families had done for generations. Feeling lost he became a wandering traveller looking for odd jobs and surviving day to day on the open road. Hard times came quickly and soon he fell in with the wrong types joing biker gangs, and quickly catching a record. Soon after he joined a gang called the recons (only those ex cons who are trying to be cons allowed). This too wouldn't end well as he found himself on the run from the law. It was during this time he would be found and abducted by a Grue slave ship. The grue slavers captured him and placed with a few other captives and forced them through experiments for over two years. Implanting the ability to understand them aswell as intrinsic schhematics to make him more useful as a lab tech and slave he used their knowledge against them and led the small group of captives to freedom stealing one of their escape pods and crash landing it onto Earth. One of the captives a red skinjned woman identified herself as Lerrania-Kalbay explained to him she was of a group called the Lor Republic and had a brother inviolved in something called the Star Knights which she explained to be galactic police. The group parted ways but Lerrania promised to keep in touch with Loue. He then made a makeshift dagger from a chunk of Glorium, modiefied a Grue blaster to better suit him and jury rigged a Space bike from the crashed escape ship. Now he once again finds himself on the open roads ever watchful of the Grue and their impending invasion. His next stop seems to be the nearest major city, Capital City...

:!: Enhanced intellect, skills, and the ability to understand and speak any sentient language was inprinted in him
:!: He has modified a dagger from the newly found glorium crystal-metal and it has shown to be able to cut almost anything, he has also modified a Grue blaster into a shoptgun of sorts with energy battery grenades, aswell as creating a flying motorbike that can carry him well over 2000 mph and protecting him from vacuum.

:arrow: Keyarea; Lady Tempest (Storm as a mystical legacy)
Keyarea is a middle child of Egyptian decent. Her mother Pehty is an elemental fairy in human form. Her father Hotep is just your run of the mill 9 to 5 human worker in Egypt. Pehty was a protector of the Fairy princess of a magical dimension when a clan of imps known as the Borgdaz attacked her group. They succeeded in killing the princess and Pehty was devastated at being unable to keep her safe. The Fairy royalty then banished her from their land and stripped her powers as punishment. After her banishment she came to find Egypt a nice new place to live. It was here she met and later married Hotep a Nile irregation Supervisor. He later found out Pehty's fairy past and of her abilities to control the four Elements; Water, air, earth, and fire. They went on to have 3 children, two girls and a boy, Sedjet, Keyarea, and Merew who each have powers of their own. Hotep did not realise that his children would recieve the powers from their mother and only later learns Sedjet to have the fire element powers. Merew has earth control, and Keyarea being the middle child has been given the two elements of air and water. She first noticed these powers on her 15th birthday. Her sister and brother had received their powers when they were very young and teased her, using their powers aganist her for fun. When Keyarea finally got her powers, she found that her two she was stronger than both of her siblings. She was finally able to stand up for herself. Her two siblings both turned to evil and malicousness with their powers became an ever growing concern for her mother and in order to please her and keep her sane she has devoted her life to defeating them and sending them to the land of her mothers birth so that they can be stripped of their powers and no longer pose a threat. Being half fairy her hair is a natural white color. Her mother has natural blue hair that she changes with the power she has left, to fit in with Egyptian culture. The three children also have colored hair based on the power they posses. Sedjet's hair is red as her inner fire, and Merew's hair is as green as his greedy nature, and Keyarea hair is as white as pure clouds. She comes to Capital City as it is the last known place she had tracked her siblings to...

:idea: Lady Tempest can manipulate the weather, the culmination of her water and wind abilities. She can use it to lift herself with great winds as well strike down foes with lightning and protect herself from harm. Also as she is half fairy she has alot of budding potential as a possible future sorceress.

:arrow: Huel
A cyborg plague survivor. He has blue skin from the silver used to treat the virus. He has amnesia. (He was a last minute add)

So Far the party is fun in that it has built in enemies. Their rogues will include but not be limited too:
The spartan's ->
:idea: Madea, as a greek she might have something to do with the ancient spartans life and current state.
:idea: Taurus
:idea: A bloodline member who attempts to steal the Spartan spirit.

Loue's ->
:idea: The Grue, nuff said'
:idea: Space bounty hunters, like a lobo character who serves as a foil for Loue and initially will work for the Grue squad but will probably just become a vengeful annoyance after that.

Lady Tempest's ->
:idea: Her Brother and Sister. She has expressed interest in resolving her family squabble.
:idea: Dr. Stratos. Her weather manipulation powers might entice him to try and pull a Magneto rom the first X-men movie.

Soon comes, the first Amazing Issue! Don't miss it!
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