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The Frontliners #1!

Post by The Last Architect » Sun Dec 06, 2009 11:13 am

The group I've been running recently just played their first ever game, for most of them anyway, of mutants and masterminds and there were some awesome moments. We were playing on Msn so all of these are totally accurate because my girlfriend asked me to save the conversation so she could read it when we were done :lol:
The Frontliners:
  • :arrow: Phantom: Can fuse with any matter, including air, with limited energy control.
    :arrow: Foreshadow: As Freedom City source book with *odd* personality.(GM PC)
    :arrow: Isiah Washington: Genius dimension jumping tech man.
    :arrow: Laughing Man: Crazy ex Golden age hero, only surviver of last Omniverse, Omega(Terminus) energy control powers.
    :arrow: Aryan: Incredible healing factor, Immortality and Death and stun gas that he can expell from his mouth; Nazi.
    :arrow: Super(Super-Steve technically but we never call him his proper name): Super-Strong and Super-fast.
The end of Doctor Tomorrow's encounter with Laughing Man:

Laughing Man:".... god do you know how petty you just sounded there man... your a f***in tool, get the hell away from me"
Dr Tomorrow:"You were about to kill a man and you're trying to take the moral highground with me?"
Laughing Man:"... like i said I'm a masked lunatic..."

When Isiah accidentally asks the Centurian Sanctums computer to list ways to kill humans:
Isiah Washington: inputs to the computer to register any possible weaknesses the subjects may have and the last time the centaurian fought them if any and if so how did he beat them?
Centurian Sanctum's CCC:"Human, Earth 919, mutants minority, decapitation effective 100%, incineration effective 100%, space effective 100%," the voice from the crystal trails on and on listing ways to kill humans.
Laughing Man: "well now I'm startin to like this place"

When Isiah asked the CCC to find the Aryan who was wandering around the Centurian Sanctum, even those the Aryan's player had already left:
CCC:"Unable to comply, for privacy, non threats can not be traced within the Sanctum. Code=>Lady Liberty Epsilon Captain Thunder Pervert."

Foreshadow when he realises how ridiculous the plan seems:
Foreshadow: "You done with the omega energy monkey army for the trap of a mutant mind controller... ever get half way through a sentence and you cant believe ur saying it?"

Laughing man: "go forth my army of evil monkeys and feast on their suple flesh!!!!!"
Omega Energy Nazi Monkey Army: "FLESH FOR OUR FLESH GOD!!! FLESH!!!
Laughing man: "maybe I shouldn't have allowed them to talk...."

The Monarch(13 year old extremely powerful mind controller super villian):"Forcefield you senile f***! IM THE F***ING MONARCH YOU B******! IM TOUGH! LIKE EDWARD FROM TWILIGHT!!!"
Laughing Man: "kid... I'm goin to beat you now... I don't know when i'll stop..."

GM: throwing a minor into the sun is frowned upon in most civilised societies.
Laughing Man(OOC): we're in the U.S.

A few more good ones but no time to put them up :P About to play our second Game, they're going to get sent back to either the time or Christ or Nazi Germany by a PL20 pp371 Villian Called the Time Master. It's going to be fun :mrgreen:

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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by Ionwind » Tue Dec 22, 2009 9:55 am

Bergenord (OOC): Oh my, we seem to have Belkar Bitterleaf on board.
GM: Honestly? Belkar looks like a saint next to your average Kuramen halfling.

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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by Smiler » Fri Jan 01, 2010 11:07 am

Several zombies crawl out of the ground with inhuman strength, an alien intelligence behind their eyes...

Motorise (a grim-n-gritty, American, 90's anti-hero): Any idea pops? What did they do in the old day?
Doktor Durchschlag (Golden Age, German Jewish hero): We would mainly be carpet bombing them until there was nothing left.
Motorise: I love old people.

Later, when interogating a criminal with links to the zombies...

Criminal: I'm saying nothing! When The Big Man (the zombie-maker) gets to you you'll know what real horror is! You can't scare me!
Doktor D.: You do not know terror, as I know it, child.

The good doctor then proceeds to remove his mask, showing his face, which looks a little like Two-Face, but without the good side.

Doktor D: This is now the part where I torture you, and you should be believing me, I am well versed in it.

(I'd like to note he didn't and wouldn't, he is from the Golden Age after all. :D )


Much later, sat on a hillside, as the death-cult's shrine continues to blow up with a few ton of explosives and a influx of magic.

Motorise: I kinda get why you wear such a stupid costume now.
Doktor D.: Ja?
Motorise: Because people like you, you're all we've got like it...I mean, if you weren't wearing a stupid white and blue spandex suit, who would? Or...something like that. You're like the line we draw, or um, a bar we raise..."Oh look at that guy in a cape and helmet, to think we have things like that in the world..." I dunno man, I don't do speaches.


Doktor D.: Ja.

Then they hoisted each other up and hobble to a bar.
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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by Michuru81 » Sun Jan 03, 2010 1:47 am

EDWIN: You're a person of interest…
DAVID: I'm always interesting…

MATT: Well, his last name IS "Dornberger" and that sounds like a super-villain…
MAX (OOC): You'll rue the day you crossed the Dornberger!

EDWIN: Never trust a man who's name won't fit on a jersey...

GM: She tells you those three small words…
EDWIN: "Go to Hell"?

MATT: I've got "Contacts"; I can CALL Chuck Norris…

MATT: Two people have died so far. We estimate that somewhere between six and eighteen more will die.
EDWIN: Thanks for narrowing that down.

EDWIN: You're telling me my son-in-law is a mass murderer?
MATT: No, no! He just catalogues them.

EDWIN: So you came to warn me and my daughter that my son-in-law is going to write a book about murder?
MATT: Yes.

CHARLIE: Actually, I have something of a reputation in Chicago...
EDWIN: Oh, the great state of Chicago. How's our lottery money?

(Matt makes his living by convincing people that the chemical plant is safe and not polluting the environment in anyway)
MATT (talking about his boss): I just wish he lived a few miles south of where he does…

CHARLIE: I found out that Dr. Zosimos didn't have a first name.
DAVID: Okay?
CHARLIE: I checked bills, bank accounts… even the deed to his house just says "Zosimos."
MATT: Maybe "Doctor" was his first name?
DAVID: Who sold him the house?
GM: Century21?
MATT: So whoever sold him the house is long gone?

EDWIN: Janey! Who was at the door!?!
JANEY: Telemarketers!
JANEY: I mean… UPS!

(Edwin's wife, Maude, has just left him and has settled in at their daughter's house. After hanging up on him once, Jeanette and Maude are content to let the second call go to the answering machine.)
EDWIN: Maddie? Maddie… Maddie, if you're there pick up the phone. Maddie? Maddie, please, baby? Maddie… Maddie… Maddie… Maddie… Maddie… Maddie… Maddie… Maddie… Call me, please? … It's Edwin.

(Edwin is crying the shoulders of Max, the most reclusive, anti-social of the PCs)
EDWIN: I have a boogie...

DAVID (OOC): One of the deputies is dead? Uh-oh, I think I know which one…
GM: Maybe it's not Robert Schabatka; maybe it's Michuru Gensai?
EDWIN (OOC): You wouldn't kill Michuru! It's your screen name!
DAVID (OOC): He's done it before… And Michuru has been useful so we've been relying on him… And I don't like Robert… And the GM's evil… It all fits.

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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by ShatteredFaith » Sun Jan 10, 2010 6:35 pm

DM: You approach the door to your home, roll notice- You see that it is slightly ajar.

Invisible Man: I step to the side of the door and strip naked.

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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by x-humed » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:57 pm

Captain colt: Inside wheehouse! Boating situation!
(Lieutenant Balfour enters the stricken wheelhouse, sees the bear fighting a Nazi and comes back out)
LB: This is not a Boating situation! This is a Get-off-the-boating situation!

Picture the scene: A train whistles through the french countryside, and the camera pans across it depicing the jewish prisoners. We follow the hero Doctor Slide (Currently in the form of a hawk) as he chases the train, looking into windows, looking for Doc Templar, the man they've come to rescue, his vision pans across the plain and he sees his allies approaching: On a half-track, LB is driving towards the train, to flank it from behind, The Ghost riding on the weapons platform, his machine guns just waiting to come into range. And riding to the head of the train on a horse is Captain Colt, ageless cowboy hero. He pulls up with the train guns ready to fire and I expect some immortal phrase that will echo down the ages.

CC: (Tipping his hat to the train driver) Howdy.
That was it. Then he started firing.

DS: How are we gonna stop the train?
CC: I figured my put-a-bullet-in-it strategy has worked so far.

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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by Michuru81 » Sun Mar 07, 2010 12:41 am

(ZATANNA, DR. MID-NITE, BLUE DEVIL and JOHN CONSTANTINE have been beating on BATMAN for several rounds with no sign of him slowing down. Finally, MR. FREEZE comes along and drops the Bat with one blast.)
JOHN CONSTANTINE (OOC): With his freeze ray he will stop… the fight...
DR. MID-NITE: Thank you for your help.
MR. FREEZE: You're welcome.
DR. MID-NITE: Now, kindly get back in your cell. Oh, and give me your gun?


GM: The Question makes his way through the streets of Gotham…
THE QUESTION: Why am I in Gotham?
JOHN CONSTANTINE (OOC): You're here because someone in Gotham City wrote something bad about Ayn Rand on the internet: Objectivism sucks!


DR. MID-NITE (in Swedish Chef accent): Bork bork bork! I throw some black-out bombs...


THE QUESTION: Jim Henson was a communist who funded the campaign to bring resurrect Adolf Hitler...


DR. FATE (OOC): I'm sorry, why don't we go back to your secret headquarters. We can just hop in the Blue Devil mobile and head over to the Dr. Mid-Nite cave. Oh, that's right: we can't! 'Cause you don't have any of that! Now, are we going to the Tower of Fate or not?
CONSTANTINE (OOC): I have a secret base. It's called 'the bar'...


THE QUESTION: Where did you take the Batman?
THE QUESTION: There ARE multiple...


DR. FATE: Can I get you something to drink?
THE QUESTION: Do you have Dr. Pepper? Coke and Pepsi are working together in a conspiracy to get the world addicted to carbonation because our burps will collectively emit enough gas to deplete the ozone. I can't, in good conscience, contribute to that.


THE QUESTION: The FBI created PBS to help spread STD's.
BLUE DEVIL: … I'm not even going to ask.


THE QUESTION: Eh, I'm not gonna question it...


GM: Etrigan's turn. What do you do?
ETRIGAN (OOC): I rape his face.


GM: You still need to make your way through the other forty of Ra's Al Ghul's assassins.
MR. FREEZE (OOC): That's cool. I apparently still have 45 of my minions. They can all duke it out.
GM: … Okay so, your minions kill each other and Ubu steps out…
JOHN CONSTANTINE (OOC): Etrigran? May we borrow a cup of rape?

RA'S AL GHUL: I had trusted you would eventually realize I was behind the Stygian Virus and-
ETRIGAN (OOC): I leap up to where he is and rape his face.

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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by SandersonCooper » Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:28 am

I should point out that pretty much every statement from the Question ended with the GM handing him a hero point. :)

I also likened my playing of Constantine to Jefferson Twilight.

"Are there any demons (besides Etrigan and the Blue Devil), no? Okay. *leans against wall and smokes*" Yes, DC based Constantine is so fun to play.
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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by Bodzilla » Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:52 pm

A few from my Saturday Night DnD game:

"Ok, so don't swallow the Defender, gotcha."

"Do not use a Close Blast 5 on a sandwich."

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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by Ionwind » Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:29 am

GM: Okay, so we have the Invisible Singing Dinosaur and the Limb-Stealing Ghost... Spying on two guys who apparently got kicked out of an audition for a superpowered rendition of Macbeth.

Collateral Damage Dinosaur (CDD): They're not paleontologists, are they? (CDD has Concealment to visual and auditory senses - except in the presence of a paleontologist - because they Find Dinosaurs.)

Spook (Ghost with Anatomic Separation and control, dealing with the two reject actors who were brawling in a subway station): "WHO DARES DISTURB THE SLUMBERS OF THE TERRIBLE YONGHY-BONGHY-BO?"

Spook (talking to CDD, about going to raid some ice cream shops, realizes there is a visibility problem): "Great. Follow--err--follow the humming!"

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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by Lord Fell » Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:03 pm

Ages ago, using the old (?) DC Hero system, I ran a version of Dr. Wonderful. My character, along with several other heroes had been recruited by a reclusive industrialist (and Power Suit, another player) to be a hero team. As he was taking us on a tour of his brand-new luxurious, hi-tech sky-rise, I was still reading up on the rules of how my powers worked. One of Dr. W's big powers is Teleportation, and in DC Hero, total Teleport power dictates how far you can travel, and how much weight you can take with you. So, carrying nothing Dr. W could travel quite far... or...

Me (OOC): Apparently, I have enough Teleport power to make the building bunny-hop.
Building Owner's Player: <A terrified shriek that could best be appreciated by dogs or bats>

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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by kipling » Thu Apr 29, 2010 7:13 am

After a long time away, I ran the Occult Investigations Agency. (At http://www.atomicthinktank.com/viewtopi ... =7&t=16614 ) First, Cabot can't hotwire cars but I'd let him do it for a Hero Point and amusement value. Second, Lamb has been transformed into a Bacchant. Third, the men have finally found each other and discovered that Pan has returned to Earth and is causing the transformation--and they can't reach any superheroes to help them. (This is PL 7, in Freedom City.)

TOOMEY: You can hotwire cars?
CABOT: Yeah, I can hotwire cars if they're GM vehicles built before 2000.
LACROIX: No need. New plan: we find Lamb, we turn her back to normal, and she takes care of the goat-man by burying him in dirt.
CABOT: Sure you don't want me to check the parking lot?
Stories: Occult Investigation, Freedom City, Listening to the Universe
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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by Lord Fell » Tue May 18, 2010 9:25 am

A long time ago, in a Marvel Universe campaign centered around the various X-groups... some incident at Xavier's mansion brought the attention of the police. The door was answered by Wolverine, out of costume.

GM (playing as a cop): No, you listen, "bub." I don't know who you are, or how you got your hair to look like that... but we're the police, and we've got a job to do. So take your little stoagie, and let us do it.

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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by Sn4tcH » Sun May 23, 2010 1:18 am

Thorn: Plant Controlling entity of nature.
Israfil: Angel. Strong. Angry. Jerk. Smoker. Call him Dave.
RJ BOB: Scientist who stuck his brain in a malfunctioning android. Can mimic powers of those he touches.
Warhawk: Ex-Air Force given a battle suit and sky bike by the Freedom League to join as a "Junior Member"


*Thorn, Israfil, and BOB are in a lab that is about to explode. As a destruction timer rapidly reaches zero Thorn is using his strength and nature abilities to hold open a hangar door. Warhawk flies outside surveying the area on his sky bike.*

Thorn: I could REALLY use some help over here!
Warhawk: *flies by* Gentlemen! It appears that our enemy is on the roof!
Israfil: *looks over at the struggling Thorn then looks at Warhawk* Right. *Lights a cigarette and Teleports to the roof*
RJ BOB: *Looks at Thorn and waves as he also Teleports to the roof*
Thorn (OOC): *looks at everyone at the table as if we just signed his death warrant. Then looks at the GM* Are there any plants around that I can use Transmit on to get out of here?

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Re: Quotes of the Week

Post by Israfil » Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:41 pm

From an Evil Campaign from D&D:

We had just entered the city after fighting a genie

Tor (a gnoll)- Let's find some prostitutes!
Me- I roll a Streetwise check! (total of 17)
DM- Ummm, okay you find a couple of hookers
Me- So now what? Do I like, roll an endurance check?

After D&D, talking with one of my friends who was making fun of me for playing it:

Friend- So, after you found the prostitutes, did you roll a 20?
Me- No, but she did. (which actually did happen)