Defenders Six in Time of Crisis

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Defenders Six in Time of Crisis

Postby FuzzyBoots » Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:12 pm

I'm really digging the Defenders Six, but because I set them in the Golden Age, I'm having trouble adapting most of the adventures to fit the right time period. Time of Crisis was one which fit if one squinted a bit at it, so here it is.

I'm trying to intersperse dice rolls and narrative. As usual, the result's a bit mixed.

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Defenders Six in Time of Crisis: Part 1

Postby FuzzyBoots » Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:20 pm

The wiring was delicate, but nothing he was unfamiliar with. Radar Doc carefully soldered the last connection into place and gingerly set the device onto the workshop table. His audience held their breath, uncertain as to whether there would be pyrotechnics or strange noises this time when the device came to life. After making sure nothing flammable was in the immediate area, Radar Doc backed up to behind a convenient shield and extended a long antenna, reaching around the shield to gingerly poke the on-button. With a hum, the device activated.
"Very good... very good... no explosions yet," Radar Doc said, nodding to the other figure in the room, who breathed a sigh of relief. This other figure then marched up to the device, ignoring Radar Doc's protestations that it was too dangerous, and stabbed a button on the side with one finger. The lab was soon filled with the sound of Ted Weem's "Egyptian Ella". Radar Doc let out a sigh of relief and stepped out from behind the shield.
"You know, Timmy, we would avoid a lot more trouble if you did not insist on leaving your radio on the kitchen counter. You know that jam's not good for its innards and your little sister has sticky fingers at breakfast time." He finished the last few screws to close up the casing, then picked up the radio to hand it back. The music was suddenly interrupted by a voice on the radio.

"This just in... costumed villains are holding up the Paradise casino in Southside! The Mayor says that he has his best men working on it. Further details as we learn them." The announcer's voice yielded once more to Ted Weem, this time crooning the opening notes of "Hello Ma Baby". Radar Doc absently switched off the radio and handed it to Timmy.
"Are you gonna go fight them?" Timmy asked breathlessly. Radar Doc smiled fondly at him. Timmy had figured out his secret identity weeks ago, but had promised to keep it secret for free repairs to his prized transistor radio and the occasional tale of derring-do from the team's adventures.
"Well, the Mayor hasn't called us in yet, but we might still find a way to get involved," said Radar Doc, and made a shooing motion, "Now get along. The team doesn't know that I've taken you into my confidence on this, so I can't risk them hearing you in the background." Timmy exited, albeit with several hopeful glances directed backwards before finally he was out the door. Radar Doc fired up the communications transmitted he'd rigged for his teammates.

"This is Radar Doc. Defenders Six, there is an altercation going on at Paradise. Costumed no-gooders are rumored to be present. I plan to attend the situation. Please respond back in the next fifteen minutes if you plan to join me." He was about to switch off the transmitter when he remembered an addendum. "Oh, Plastic Hunchback, long, short, two longs for yes and one long and one short for no." After a brief silence, he heard the former signal. He nodded and started pulling his adventuring equipment out, shimmying into the harness and checking its readouts as a chorus of team members started sounding off.
"Lady TNT here. Ready to blow the popsicle stand?"
"Michael Hangman. I will be there."
"I's here to cook faces and cook food and I's short on food."
"Yeah, yeah, Flaming Dwarf. I'll be right there."

It took another twenty minutes for everyone to show up, but soon, they were bundled into the autogyro and flying off to Paradise. Upon arrival, Bulldog Maddicks, the police officer on scene, stumped up to them.
"Defenders Six, huh? Well, the Freedom Brigade is still off on their mission, so I guess we're stuck with you." He gestured at the building, indicating darkened windows and glistening doors. "It's like a winter wonderland on the outside. Heaven only knows what's on the inside. But the word is, we're not supposed to mess with it if there's any help for it. This is super-hero work, not for us ordinary heroes." His voice is bitter and cutting, but Radar Doc could tell that Maddicks was glad to have someone to foist the situation off on.
"Not a problem, captain. Just let me adjust my device..." He fiddled with his harness and fairly readily brought up readings on the inside. "The signal is... odd... there must be a lot of movement going on in there. Multiple signatures... looks like they have plenty of hostages. My readings seem to indicate a man skating about with a staff, some woman floating in the air, someone emitting clouds of heated gas, some fellow with a widebrimmed hat like a Mexican cowboy, and two others who look to be sporting some strange equipment."
"The Thieves' Guild, someone heard them say," added Maddicks, "That mean anything to you?"
OOC: Well-Informed plus her 6+9 Gather Information check gives her a basic background on who they're up against.

"The Thieves' Guild," Lady TNT said, "That'd be The Bola, The Mad Maple, The Huckster, The Firebug, Looking Glass, and The Weather Mistress. Weapon-user, Ice guy, Gadget guy, Fire guy, Gadget girl, and a Weather Controller," she rattled off, "Weird gimmicks, but they're all pretty brilliant inventors, just not too bright. Don't under-estimate them. Well, our first problem is getting through the doors." Radar Doc did some quick scans and frowned.

"It looks like the doors and windows have been reinforced with ice according to the radar readings. Hunchback, can you break through?" he said. Their resident golem shrugged his melted shoulders and briskly walked over to the door where he started pounding on the ice. "Flaming Dwarf, if you could help him, I think your flames will help with the melting." The two started pounding away at the door.
Their combined Damage scores are enough to automatically break through the Toughness 11 ice wall. The team gets 1 HP for volunteering themselves and for their speedy entry.

Within the space of seconds, the wall had holes knocked in it large enough for the team to get through.
"Alright, team," said Lady TNT, "Stay frosty, huh?" Her small joke elicited a groan from The Flaming Dwarf as he hopped through the hole, followed by the rest of the team. They were immediately met by a torrential downpour on the inside. The water hissed against The Flaming Dwarf's suit, causing it to fizzle and die down.

Complication for The Flaming Dwarf, granting him an extra HP but depriving him of his Aura while the rain continues.

"Shit! Just my luck," The Flaming Dwarf said, diving behind a table and fiddling with the suit controls, "Guys, I don't think I'm going to be able to start this up without this water letting up."
Meanwhile, in the nearby office, The Weather Mistress has spotted them easily on the surveillance cameras and has notified the rest of her team, who'll be up there in a round or so.

As he fiddled with his suit, The Plastic Hunchback's eyes started glowing and he stepped forward to start scanning the area. After a few seconds, he shrugged his melted shoulders and indicated that there were no threats in the room that he could see with his magically enhanced sight. The team spread out a bit while Radar Doc fiddled more with his Radar Harness. Finally, he said,
"Looks mostly like panicked people moving around out there... but there's so much noise between the rain and the people milling about... why don't we start getting people out of here? That will simplify the situation, right?" He looked over the assembled team and said, "Michal Hangman, Face Cook, you're probably the two most likely to be able to get people to proceed in a calm and orderly manner. I'll continue taking readings. Lady TNT, keep an eye out for trouble, but stay out of immediate sight. Plastic Hunchback, the same. Keep your eyes open for the villains. Your sight seem to be doing a better job with the rain than my equipment."
"And of course, I'll just sit here twiddling my thumbs, right?" The Flaming Dwarf asked acerbically.
"Just see if you can get your suit up and functioning. And we probably should look at waterproofing for next time... I'm just glad the coating on my equipment is holding up." Radar Doc was facing away from The Flaming Dwarf, but caught the flipped bird on his radar perfectly. He frowned at his partner's lack of professionalism and kept scanning.

The crowd starts out as Indifferent on account of their recent bad experience with costumed characters. Face Cook rolls to aid Michael's Diplomacy check. 7+7 means she succeeds, adding a +2. His roll of 15+7+2 is enough to make them friendly (and just a point shy of making them Helpful). Lady TNT rolls a 17+15 and is practically a ghost. Radar Doc's Search check of 20+6 gets him the basic layout of the place such that he has a mental map of where everything is. It also reveals The Weather Mistress... time for rolling of Initiative with a Surprise Round for Radar Doc
Initiative rolls:
The Mad Maple 16+4
Radar Doc 18+2
The Flaming Dwarf 15+4
Face Cook 17+2
Looking Glass 16+2
The Bolo 9+5
The Plastic Hunchback 13+1
The Huckster 11+2
Lady TNT 7+5
The Firebug 7+4
The Weather Mistress 4+2
Michael Hangman 1+3


Michael stepped forward and spoke in his mellifluous baritone, "People, we have made a hole in the ice outside. Please proceed in an orderly manner." Face Cook backed him up, calling out to the people present, "Face Cook says to scram, but careful-like. Wouldn't want youse banging your shins on the tables. Front door, form a line, no pushing, no shoving, or I's gonna start makin' order" Buoyed by the voice of a familiar (if somewhat odd) character, people start moving toward the door. Their movement still somewhat hampered by the poor visibility from the rain, they shuffled toward the door in a solid mass. As they neared the door, a series of pings sounded on Radar Doc's console and he wheeled toward the office, raising his gun.
"We have a flier in the office! And it looks like we're getting company up from the basement over to the South-West, probably where the vault is." One eye on the readout, he adjusted the modulation on his gun to bypass the door and strike the flier behind it.

Surprise Round: Normal ranged indirect blast attack by Radar Doc. 10+10 will hit Weather Mistress's flatfooted defense. She rolls a 2 on toughness! We'll give Radar Doc an HP and fiat for a reroll. A Modified 20 leaves her only Bruised despite her lack of Defensive Roll. The rest of the Thieves' Guild are at the top of the stairs and are free to move out. Mad Maple is up first in initiative.

Through the rain, the team sees a door burst open and a shadowy figure glide out. "Ice to meet you, heroes!" he quipped, waving his staff and causing a huge chunk of ice to fly toward those in front. Face Cook snorted and took a step forward to make it miss. The ice floe hit The Plastic Hunchback and he did a credible impression of an icebreaker as floe shattered and broke on either side of him as he stood resolute, spraying Michael Hangman with shards. The Mad Maple laughed madly as he skating back off and among the crowd, barely distinguishable among them.

Mad Maple uses Create Object to do an Area attack on the team. DC 20 Reflex save for no damage. Reflex saves of FC: 20+6 TPH: 10+5 MH: 3+5. The only people hit are The Plastic Hunchback and Michael Hangman. Toughness saves of TPH: 13+15 and MH: 14+9 means one Bruised for Michael Hangman.

Radar Doc was torn between the targets, but decided that it was more important to take down the man threatening the civilians. Making another adjustment to his gun, and carefully tracking the fleeing figure, he started firing alternate pulses at different frequencies, harmless by themselves, but combining at the point of impact to raise the kinetic energy in the target. Unfortunately, the fleeing foe was too hard to track properly and there was little more than a wisp of smoke from his costume. While he's aiming, The Flaming Dwarf abandons trying to adjust his suit and runs straight for the door, shoulder-ramming it and knocking the top half down, leaving The Weather Mistress within exposed. He himself agilely bounces off with the impact, leaving him crouched by the frame.

He's using the Perception-range Ignite power of his gun. He has a clear shot due to the sensors on his harness. Toughness save of 13+9 means The Mad Maple is unharmed. The Flaming Dwarf is charging the door to the office to open it up (it's unlocked, but he doesn't know that) and he strikes it with his considerable strength, a PA 5 unarmed attack. 16+8-5 for the almost token attack roll will hit. Toughness save of 3 for the door. 10+3 versus DC 26 means the door is Disabled with a hole in it.

Face Cook turns and sees the hovering form within the office dimly through the rain. She pulls a wok out and wings it at the figure, striking it upside the head and sending her reeling into a wall, off of which she fell into a heap on the floor. The rain suddenly ceased, leaving less than an inch of water heading down the gurgling drains. Better able to see the exit, the crowds redouble their efforts to escape the casino, starting to push and shove at each other.
"Ha! Fall, varmint!" cried Face Cook. As she yells, Looking Glass creeps out of the vault and levels her Laser-Mirror gun at the cartoon character's unprotected back. The blast brings the smell of burnt ink as Face Cook falls prone, but is clearly working to stand again. The Bola quickly follows her out. He sees several of the heroes clustered together, but eschews the explosive bolas due to the crowd rushing around them. With a smirk, he makes an adjustment to one of his Oil Bolas and hurls it at the group. It bursts upon impact with The Plastic Hunchback, sending oil flying in all directions. The Flaming Dwarf avoids the worst of it while the Lady TNT avoids it entirely without revealing herself from her cover. Only The Plastic Hunchback stays upright among the rest of the team while the rest of them immediately founder in the oil, as do most of the bystanders rushing for the door. The Bola placed his hands on his hips and reared back with a mighty laugh. "You heroes aren't so swift on your feet now, are you?"

The Weather Mistress has Partial concealment due to the rain but is still flat-footed. 15+8 will tag her and 9 means it didn't miss due to concealment. DC 23 Damage save. 17+2-1 and she's Bruised and Stunned. Concentration check of 19+2 will leave all of her effects up. Knockback would put her 100 feet over, but she hits the wall instead for a Toughness save of DC 22. 9+2-2 means she's Staggered/Stunned/Bruised. Her second Concentration check of 5+2 means her Flight and the rain stops. She wasn't high enough up to roll for damage from falling.
Looking Glass has a Stealth roll of 6+7. Face Cook's Notice of 4+2 misses the target! Looking Glass fires on her flatfooted target with a roll of 6+10. That will hit Face Cook's flatfooted defense. Damage Save of 5+10 versus DC 23 and Face Cook is Bruised/Injured and Stunned. The knockback takes her five over and onto the floor at DC 18. Her damage save of 9+10-1 prevents further damage from the impact. The Bola will power stunt a Burst area Trip 9 attack on The Plastic Hunchback, who will get an HP for the fiat. That is enough to catch all of the heroes with a layer of oil. Those who make the DC 19 Reflex save will get half effect and won't risk the secondary effect of increased damage versus fire. Reflex saves of FD: 5+10 (Evasion for half effect), PH: 9+5 (full effect), LT: 17+9 (Evasion for none), MH: 12+5 (full effect), RD: 10+5 (full effect), FC: 7+6 (full effect). The trip results, The Bola rolls 6+9 (6+4 for TFD). Stability checks: FD: 6+6 (no sell), PH: 11+8+1 (smeared), MH: 6+2 (prone/smeared), RD: 3+0 (Prone/Smeared), and Face Cook is already prone, but rolls 14+1 to also get coated with oil. ^_^ Wow... that was effective.

The glow of The Plastic Hunchback's eyes faded until he appeared to once more be an inert mass of melted metal. Then, he took one ponderous step forward and then another, the pace quickening until he was charging at a rapid pace to The Bola's position, arms pistoning until he swung with a wide ponderous strike, that left him wholly exposed to attack. The Bola agilely ducked under it and made a show of fanning myself.
"Thank you, amigo. I needed that breeze," he said, laughing again as he straightened his hat. Meanwhile The Huckster had reached the door of the vault and peered out at the assembled heroes.
"Not my fight," he muttered, and hurled one of his new soon-to-be-patented Napalm-Cream pies at the stunned form of Face Cook, squarely hitting her face as she raised it, leaving her looking like she was wearing a cold-cream pack. "Hah! Take that, you overgrown caricature!" he cried. As he yelled, Lady TNT slid a stick of her dynamite partially through the door, carefully aiming it so as to create the maximum effect but to not spread too far. As the explosive lands, the criminals freeze and Lady TNT is certain she's going to get the entire lot of them, including their friend behind the door, but a moment later, the explosion shatters an over-sized mirror, revealing the villains entirely unhurt on the other side. Looking Glass smiled as her preliminary measures paid off, and started to level her gun at the Dame of Demolition who leapt forward, shots cracking the floor where she'd stood as she ducks around the corner and tries to flatten herself in the shadows, but finds that The Bola hasn't let his gaze deviate from her for a moment.

The Plastic Hunchback takes a move action to move within 10 feet (Growth gives him the extra reach) and attack with AoA 5. 2+7+5 is insufficient. The Huckster's ranged Dazzle versus Face Cook of 13+8 is more than sufficient against her prone form. Since this is a slapstick attack, it works as a Rank 9 Dazzle on her. Her Reflex save of 8+6 won't protect her from the pie. She's blinded and tagged for Firebug's attacks.
Firebug gets partial cover from Lady TNT's blast which is dialed down to a radius of 20 feet but rank 8, so he gets a +2 to the DC 18 Reflex save. Reflex saves of Firebug: 6+5+2 (Full effect), The Huckster: 7+4 (Full effect), The Bolas: 14+6 (Half effect), and Looking Glass 17+4 (Half effect). Damage saves versus DC 23 (DC 19 for The Bolas and Looking Glass) are FB: 6+5, TH: 10+6, TB: 1+7, and LG: 3+7. Ouch! That's Staggered/Stunned/Bruised/Injured, Stunned/Bruised/Injured, Staggered/Stunned/Bruised/Injured, and Stunned/Bruised/Injured. And then there's knock-back... we're going to Fiat for the four. Lady TNT gets one HP for the lot. 14+5, 16+6, 20+7, and 19+7 mean none of them are even bruised. Lady TNT makes a Stealth roll of 2+15 the moment she's out of the sight line, although she's not hidden at all to The Bola.

The Firebug bursts out of the door, sailing above the head of The Huckster, who absently pats out a melting segment of polyester suit from the flames. Sighting two targets covered in oil, one still sporting a napalm facial, he grins and lines then up for a shot with his flamethrower, somehow finding an angle where he can blast them without causing extensive damage to the crowd. Michael Hangman manages to partially dodge the effects of the flame, patting out embers on his cloak as he rolled and beginning to fade from view. Face Cook took the full blast, and soon, her entire head was wreathed in flames, causing her to ineffectively bat at it with her handy frying pan.
"Ah yes... an old flame from my childhood. Mmmm... can you smell the burning ink? Smells nice, yes?" The Firebug said, hovering in the air adjacent to the fallen heroes. As he flew past, Michael Hangman, now invisible and on his feet, began creeping toward the vault.

Line Attack versus Michael Hangman and Face Cook. Reflex saves of MH: 18+5 and FC: 10+6 means that MH is only saving against DC 22 while Face Cook is facing DC 27. Toughness saves of 2+9-1 (HP reroll for 17+9-1, down to 1 HP) and 16+10 respectively mean no damage for Michael Hangman and Face Cook is on fire, but only picks up an Injured/Bruised this round. The Weather Mistress is still stunned. Michael Hangman rolls 20+9 to stand as Free action, turns on his Concealment, and moves toward the vault, using his Standard action to maintain the Concealment.


Round 2
The Mad Maple starts off by using his Environmental Control to freeze the ground below our heroes. The effect catches all of them but Lady TNT. As per the rules in the scenario, this is a Lasting sort of effect.
Radar Doc uses a Move action to stand and again tries to ignite The Mad Maple. The Mad Maple's Toughness save of 20 readily resists the effect.
The Flaming Dwarf ignites his flame suit and is going to hop into the office to make sure that The Weather Mistress stays down. Due to the ice and his leaping prowess, he's going to literally hop over with a standing jump. His standing long jump is 8 feet, and his Acrobatics roll of 2(!)+14 gains him another foot which will basically get him there. PA 5 Attack roll of 15+8-5 will easily hit The Weather Mistresses stunned/prone form and she faces a DC 32 Damage Save. 3+2... That's a failure by 27. She drops to Dying. Her Fortitude save of 8+4 is enough to keep her from dying immediately, but she's circling the drain...
Face Cook is still stunned, but regenerates an Injured state, bringing her to 1 Injured and 2 Bruised.

"Freeze, coppers!" growled The Mad Maple as he again waved his staff, this time at the floor beneath the heroes feet. Ice suddenly started spreading along the thin layer of water on the floor until it was covered in a thin sheen that was devilishly slippery. Several of the escaping bystanders immediately went into an undignified sprawl before resuming their escape via crawling. Radar Doc struggled to his feat and focused his Radar Gun on the suddenly revealed Mad Maple, again attempting to excite the molecules of his costume, but to little avail.
"Rats!" he cried, "I just can't seem to lock on... Flaming Dwarf can you —"
"Busy," The Flaming Dwarf said, igniting his suit and leaping through the shattered door-frame to land upon the fallen Weather Mistress with a mighty blow. "Hah! That'll teach... you..." He trailed off as he saw the pool of blood rapidly spreading from her head where it had struck the ground. "Aw shit..." he said before turning off his suit and beginning to attempt CPR.

Looking Glass laughed at the still twitching form of Face Cook and pulled a small mechanical device from one of her pouches. "Here, catch!" she called to The Plastic Hunchback and threw it at him. He caught it, and it exploded in a shower of light which settled and formed multiple simulacra of The Bola, all swinging their bolas above their head, ready to strike. The Plastic Hunchback swiveled his head and spun slightly on the ice, trying to decide which one to attack first. While he was thus distracted, The Bola turned to Lady TNT and said, "Hey, mamacita how would you like to go south of the border, eh?" As Lady TNT fumed and spluttered at him, he winged one of his Steel Bolas at her, trying to restrain her non-violently. In her fury, she fails to duck the bolas, but moves her hands to catch the swinging weights and quickly shrugs off the cords.
"You won't be the first man to try to tie me down," she said, "but if you're not careful buddy, I could be the last one you try this one. Ever." As she spoke, she pulled a stick of explosives out of her outfit and waved it threateningly.
"Hey, big guy, you want to hit him first?" she asked The Plastic Hunchback, but he stands stock still, completely unmoving except for a slow steady flexing of his hands.
"Hah! Look at Mr. Statue... can't even move to help his friends. What's that you say, 'oil can?'" The Huckster's shrill voice sounded as he taunted The Plastic Hunchback who continued to be oblivious to the world. "Huh... try ignore me, huh?" The Huckster stood and pulled a plastic bottle out of his pocket. "Try my weight-loss tonic! It'll melt away the pounds." The liquid splashed against The Plastic Hunchback's skin and hissed and bubbled, but other than removing some of the long-standing rust and verdigris, it had no effect.
"Hah! Nice cleaning product, Huckster. We might have to buy a sample off of you, Lady TNT quipped before turning back to The Plastic Hunchback and speaking. "Big guy? Well, brace yourself, OK?" The explosive slid between The Bola's legs and he turned to watch it as he instinctively crouched and hid his face. With a muffle crack, the explosive went off and Bella used the distraction to dart past everyone and slid under the opposite table and up in a crouch on the other side. Judging by the way their heads swiveled... I've been made she thought.

Confusion/Illusion effect. Attack roll of 11+6 will hit easily. DC 20 Will save versus confusion. He rolls 12+4 and is affected. Also, a quick visual illusion pops up around him of multiple copies of The Bola who are all swinging at him.
The Bola, for his part, attempts to feint Lady TNT as a Move action. 17+11+4-5 versus her Sense Motive of 5+13 and she's flat-footed. He follows up with his Steel Bolas, attempt to remove her without violence. His attack roll of 9+11 will hit. Her Reflex save of 14+9 is sufficient to avoid them trapping her though.
The Plastic Hunchback rolls a 6 on the Confusion power and does nothing this turn.
Face Cook rolls 9+8 to shake off the Dazzle and is unsuccessful.
The Huckster leans out of the door frame and Taunts The Plastic Hunchback as a move action. It's utterly useless due to The Plastic Hunchback's immunity to emotion effects. He then directs his "Johnny Supermodel" weight-loss tonic at the same. 15+8 will hit. TPH's Fortitude save of 8+12 resists the drain entirely, and the damage is below his impervious.
Lady TNT decides that The Plastic Hunchback can probably survive the explosion without harm, so she hurls the dynamite right behind The Bolas, restricting the radius to 15 feet. Unawares to her, Michael Hangman is just outside the radius, but The Huckster, The Bolas, Looking Glass, and The Plastic Hunchback all face a DC 18 Reflex save followed by a DC 23 (19 if half) Damage save. This is indeed below TPH's Impervious (He's at 9 currently), so he won't bother rolling. As for the other 3, TH: 5+4, TB: 12+6 (half), LG: 9+4 and 17+6, 17+7, 17+7 respectively (yeah... sometimes you get weird random results like that) which means none of them are hurt. It's enough to make another Stealth check for Lady TNT as she runs past them in the confusion and slides underneath the table on the other side. 5+15 is a relatively lousy Stealth check for her, though. The Will save of 4+8 means she doesn't see through the illusion either.
Notice saves: TH: 19+3, TB: 20+2, LG: 8+9... And two of the three see exactly where she goes. At least her teammates don't see her with rolls of 5+3 and 4+9.

The Firebug glides over the scene, his eyes exultant in the mass chaos. "Burn baby... burn," he murmured as he lined up the still-burning Face Cook and Radar Doc and again squeezed the trigger of his flamethrower. Again, the flames washed over them, but when they ceased, Radar Doc stood entirely unharmed other than a thing layer of soot along his force field, and Face Cook was struggling to her feet. Meanwhile, The Flaming Dwarf urgently pounded on The Weather Mistress's chest, chanting "Live, damn you... live!" And in the background of this, Michael Hangman carefully picked his way across the ice, his unseen face glistening in sweat as he crept up on the cluster of villains while the few remaining bystanders continued to crawl across the frozen floor. Just a little bit closer... he thought to himself.

Face Cook rolls a second toughness roll at 18+10-1 and doesn't suffer further damage from the fire. The Firebug misses Lady TNT's presence with his Notice check of 7+3. He moves further up and targets Face Cook and Radar Doc with his flamethrower. Reflex saves of 12+6 and 16+5 means Face Cook takes full damage and Radar Doc half. Her Toughness save of 2+10-1 would leave her very bad off, so she uses a Hero Point for a reroll of 15+10-1 for just another Bruised/Injured status, bringing her up to 3/2. Radar Doc's roll of 14+12 readily weathers the flamethrower's heat.
The Weather Mistress is still Dying.
Michael Hangman fails his reflex save with 3+5 and can only move a quarter move. He maintains his concealment with a standard action.


Round 3
The Mad Maple easily skates his way through his created ice field and moves in to check on The Weather Mistress, who has been remarkably quiet. Seeing The Flaming Dwarf seemingly pummeling the inert body, the uses his Fatigue power to try to suck the life out of him. A natural 1 will miss. He chooses to remain where he is.
Radar Doc has no problem with taking advantage of a sitting duck like this. He attempts a feint as Move action for a total of 14+1-5. Mad Maple resists with 19+7 and succeeds readily. Radar Doc levels his Radar Gun at The Mad Maple and uses Extra Effort to boost his Blast by 2. And a 20 will crit! Toughness Save of DC 32. And... The Mad Maple rolls 7+9 which is enough to leave him unconscious and flying across the floor. The ice floor has no ontological inertia and melts away.
The Flaming Dwarf will attempt the untrained Medical check to stabilize The Weather Mistress. 18+1 is sufficient. He gets an HP for his heroic actions with an enemy. He then uses his move action to bound across and out of the room. 15+10 is easily sufficient to navigate the ice.

The Mad Maple suddenly realized that The Weather Mistress had failed to leave the office since the dwarf inferno had jumped into the room. He easily skated through his ice field, agilely avoiding the heroes before skidding to a halt by the half-door to the office. There, he saw The Flaming Dwarf apparently still attacking the unconscious form of The Weather Mistress.
"Vile... evil... suffocate and die!" The Mad Maple whipped his staff forward, directing a deadly burst of freezing air at The Flaming Dwarf. Fortunately for the pint-sized powerhouse, The Mad Maple's aim is wild and completely misses him. Radar Doc, seeing his opportunity, fires several in rapid succession, shooting around The Mad Maple in an attempt to herd him into a felling blow. His bluff is called when The Mad Maple stands in calm fury among the array of blasts. Thinking quickly, Radar Doc makes a series of rapid adjustments to the gun before leveling it for one final shot which hits dead on, sending The Mad Maple flying back, costume smoking and the sheet of ice suddenly starts shrinking, returning to water which quickly gurgles down the drain.
"That will teach you to underestimate our team," said Radar Doc before turning to the remaining hostages, "Quick, get out of here while we keep them busy." When he thought no one was watching, he slumped slightly, taking deep breaths as the shock of the rapid adjustments caught up with him. Meanwhile, The Flaming Dwarf continued his resuscitation efforts and was rewarded with The Weather Mistress suddenly gasping and drawing breath. He quickly wrapped up the wound in her head and then leapt out the door to take down the rest of the criminals, noting with some surprise the lack of ice, but glad for the respite.

Face Cook recovers from another Injured status, putting her to 3/1. Still blinded, she gets up with a Move action and fires off her Blast at the last known location of The Huckster (which happens to be the same location he's in now). She rolls 7+12 (interestingly enough, there's no attack penalty for being Blinded other than the miss chance) which will just miss (the miss chance roll of 10 means she would not have missed due to concealment). But, with Homing, there's another 5 chances to hit him. For now, she ignores the face that her head is on fire.
The Plastic Hunchback rolls 1+4 versus DC 19 and is still Confused.
Looking Glass, seeing that Face Cook is still up, backs up and fires on her again. 2+10 will hit the blinded Face Cook. It qualifies as a Sneak Attack too, I believe, meaning the Damage save is DC 25. Face Cook's roll of 2+10-1 is bad, but she's out of Hero Points, so she's Staggered, Stunned, and Bruised/Injured, bringing her up to 4/2. Knockback takes her five feet and prone, but her Toughness save of 13+10-4 is sufficient to prevent further damage. Her Concentration check of 6+2 means the Blast ceases to home as well. The Illusion fades without Looking Glass concentrating to maintain it.
The Bola decides that The Plastic Hunchback is safely incapacitated for now and tries to Taunt Lady TNT as a move action. 11+11-5 versus Lady TNT's Sense Motive roll of 3+13 and she's Demoralized. He then again attempts to snare her. 14+11 will hit her. Her reflex save of 13+9-2 is just sufficient to avoid being affected at all.

Struggling past the burning pain and still blinded, Face Cook wrestled herself to her feet. "I. Is. Not. Done. Yet," she snarled as she hurled a coffee urn in the direction of where she last saw The Huckster. Amazingly, it strikes the doorway only inches away from his ducking form before ricocheting off to boomerang back toward him.
"Not done, perhaps, but definitely overdone," retorted Looking Glass as she fired again at the blinded form of Face Cook, again laying her out on the ground, smoking from the repeated hits.
"Much thanks, valued companion," called out The Huckster.
"Stuff it, Shyster," said Looking Glass back. Meanwhile, The Bola turned to where Lady TNT was crouching by a table and he spoke slowly, tauntingly, "Your team is being taken down, slowly, but surely. Are you certain you're cut out for this? Chica?" His words stung Lady TNT enough that she failed to duck away from his thrown bola and she only barely managed to peel it off before it completely encircled her.
"I... I..." she stuttered, her overactive brain assaulting her with images of being a housewife, of churning out kids, of domestic servitude. The moment was shattered briefly when The Plastic Hunchback lumbered up to The Bola and swung mightily but futilely at him.
"Hey, Looking Glass, I thought you had the metal man here pacified," he yelled out as he dodged.
"Not exactly. He's just not dangerous to me," Looking Glass said smugly. While the two bantered, The Huckster turned to Lady TNT and spun his sword cane.
"Did you know, little lady, that 90% of American ladies lack proper diet and exercise? We are of a generation that eats more and works less than any other generation. Let me ask you, do you think anyone would call us the greatest generation? No, of course not, but this can be changed. Just ask me how!" he said with a wide grin.
"What the hell does this have to do with anything?" Lady TNT said, hands on her hips, vaguely aware that there was something fishy about all of this.
"Glad you asked! I have a revolutionary new beauty treatment... here, try a free sample!" And with that, he palmed a sample of his weight-loss tonic and quickly squirted it on the stock-still Lady TNT. The effect was immediate as the acid splashed across her features and hissed as it burned away. Lady TNT clawed at her face, trying to scrape off the acid, her eyes quickly rolled up in her head and she collapsed in blissful unconsciousness. There was a brief silence punctuated only by the roar of The Firebug deploying his flamethrowers with little effect.
"Oooh... bad skin reaction. Bad luck there," The Huckster said, a wide grin on his face. The grin was erased when moments later, a hooded figure appeared beside the fallen Dame of Demolition, cradling her limp body. Michael Hangman straightened and stared at the assembled criminals, causing them all to freeze in place.
"One does not treat a lady like this," he said coolly, his lip curling. "May the wrath of Kali descend upon alll of you." With those words, a visible ring flash of darkness radiated from him, causing those within its radius to suddenly feel the full weight of their crimes. Most of them shook it off quickly, but The Huckster felt Michael's glare dig deep into his soul, marking him personally and causing his knees to go weak, while The Firebug felt the darkness as a suffocating extinguishing of all flames including the spark of life, and started jetting for the door. In the midst of the confusion, Michael Hangman again faded from view and started walking implacably toward The Huckster, brandishing his Punjab lasso in one hand, ready to exact deadly justice.

The Plastic Hunchback's roll of 16 on Confuse leads him to attack the nearest creature. Which happens to be The Bola. We'll rule he's still using AoA 5 in his confusion. A natural 1 misses.
Face Cook rolls 5+8 and again fails to shake off the Dazzle.
The Huckster takes the moment of confusion to attempt to feint Lady TNT. His Bluff roll of 13+15-5 is opposed by her Sense Motive roll of 9+13-2 (she uses an HP for a reroll for 11+13-2 and still fails) and she's flatfooted. He uses the moment of distraction to try to hit her with the weight-loss tonic. 13+8 will hit her flat-footed defense. Sneak Attack damage too. Her Fortitude save versus the Drain is 9+6 and she's already used her heroic reroll, so she loses 5 points of toughness. Her subsequent damage save is 3+1-5... she's down and out and Dying. Her first fortitude save of 17+6 is sufficient to just make her Unconscious and Disabled. Ouch. Lady TNT is out of the battle.
Face Cook rolls a 20 on her Toughness save and continues to avoid damage from her burning head. The Firebug again moves himself, this time to take a shot at Radar Doc and The Flaming Dwarf. Reflex saves of 7+5 (Full) and 12+10 (No damage due to evasion) and Radar Doc's Toughness save is 19+12 for no damage.
Michael Hangman explodes in his area Fear attack. Looking Glass, The Huckster, The Firebug, The Bola, and The Plastic Hunchback are caught in it. TPH is immune to emotional effects, so there's just the Reflex and Will save for the other four. LG: 16+4 (half), TH: 7+4 (full), FB: 20 (half), TB: 17+6 (half) and LG: 15+5, TH: 15+4, FB: 3+4, TB: 12+4 means that the only effects are that The Huckster is Shaken and Firebug is Frightened and will flee on his turn. Michael Hangman appears in full view of everyone, but immediately re-engages his concealment and moves. For the sake of form, Notice checks were rolled, but none of them made it, so none of them know for certain where he is.

Round 4
Radar Doc spends an HP to shake off fatigue, then runs to the wall and grabs a fire-extinguisher and hoses down Face Cook (Full Action for all of that).
The Flaming Dwarf moves 22.5 feet as a Move Action, then does a long jump (Acrobatics of 10+11 for an extra 6 feet for another 16+6 feet). He Extra-Efforts an AA 2 charging attack on The Firebug. 11+8+2+2 will hit for a DC 19 damage save (no fire damage). The Firebug rolls 10+8 and is only Bruised, but The Flaming Dwarf uses his Improved Grab to try to grapple. TFD's check is 20+7 versus The Firebug's 5+4. TFD chooses to Pin for his grappling action.
With a roll of 5+4, Face Cook fails to heal her Staggered condition.
The Plastic Hunchback rolls 8+4 versus DC 18 and is still confused.
Looking Glass realizes that half of their number is gone and the remaining heroes are looking pretty mad. She makes a dash for the door (All-Out Movement). She makes it out the door, but the police have a readied action to fire upon any exiting villains with an experimental glob gun (Snare 10, Attack Bonus of 4). 7+4 will miss her flat-footed defense, so the 5 remaining police officers offload their ammo on her. We'll rule two shotguns and three pistols, +3 attack bonus. The pistol-firers will do a Combined Attack. The shotgun-wielders get 1+3+2 and 17+3+2, the latter of which will hit for DC 20. The pistol wielders get 15+3, 15+3, and 5+3, which makes for one hit at DC 20. Toughness saves of 3+2 and 14+2-1 mean she's staggered, stunned, and Bruised/Injured twice over. She surrenders.

Realizing that Face Cook has been on fire for almost half of a minute, Radar Doc runs up to one of the walls and grabs a fire-extinguisher. That acquired, he ran to her fallen body and hosed down her face. "It's alright... you'll be fine now," he said, desperately hoping it would be true. He reached down and grabbed her hand with the frying pan, keeping her from continuing to swat herself in the head. "It's alright... just relax and let yourself heal." With a long sigh, Face Cook slumped over and seemed to do just that although her pupils looked even more blank than usual.
"That bastard..." Radar Doc looked up to see The Flaming Dwarf hunker down in a 3 point stance. "He'll pay for that...". With those words, The Flaming Dwarf sprinted forward, leaping up onto the slots machines and leaping from one to the other, ending with a spectacular flying tackle on the fleeing Firebug, bearing him to the ground and expertly pinning his limbs to prevent use of the flamethrower.
"Hah! Now that's fighting fire with fire!" crowed The Flaming Dwarf, despite noting that The Firebug's armor seemed to be protecting him both from the flame suit and from the arm wrapped around his neck. Meanwhile, Looking Glass had done the math and realized that half of her compatriots were down, and it was looking like The Huckster would soon be felled. "This isn't worth what we're getting paid," she muttered and she sprinted for the door, blowing by the startled heroes. As she cleared the door, she dodged the incoming glue glob, but was knocked prone by the shotgun blast and pistol fusillade.
"Good work, men. Now restrain her, get her medical attention, and let's see who else runs through the door," Maddicks said, smiling despite himself. "Proof that them superheroes aren't the only ones who can fight costumed crime, am I right?" he said to them.

The Bola has no idea where Michael Hangman is and the numbers are starting to look bad, so he tosses his Smoke Bolas at his feet, creating a massive cloud of smoke (5000 foot radius for Obscure 10!) under which he moves toward the door.
The Plastic Hunchback rolls a 10 for Confuse and stands there doing nothing.
Face Cook rolls 11+8 and shakes off the Dazzle, but is still at -1.
The Huckster realizes that escape is the better part of valor. He uses his pogo stick and leaps to the opposite side of the building. We're going to give him a DC 15 Acrobatics check to manage to avoid the various obstacles in his mad blind leap. 16+2-2 will succeed, putting him by the ice wall. He starts chipping away at it with his sword stick. The ice wall rolls 15+11 and is completely unscratched.
The Firebug rolls to try to escape the pin. 10+4 versus The Flaming Dwarf's 8+7+4 means the pin stays. He will try flying despite being pinned. That's a DC 20 Concentration check. 11+3 isn't going to cut it.
The Huckster rolls 12+4 versus the Fear attack and remains Shaken.
Michael Hangman drops a noose on where The Huckster used to be and gets nothing. He growls and begins moving toward the main door, assuming that The Huckster will escape from there. Effectively blinded, he'll be moving at half speed. He activates his Concealment just in case.


Round 5

My God... this is not looking good. I think it is time for a tactful retreat, thought The Bola. He threw one of his smoke bolas to the floor, creating an impenetrable cloud of smoke entirely out of scale from the small weapon, and started edging his way toward the door, edging his way around the wrestling pair of The Flaming Dwarf and The Firebug who were dimly visible through the smoke with the random gouts of fire. The Huckster was not long in realizing the same as his teammates, that retreat might be the better part of valor, but decided to head for the other exit. He pulled his trusty "Johnny Spaceman" rocket pogo stick out of a sheath on his back, mounted it, and launched himself across the room, praying that he remembered the room's layout correctly and that he would be able to stop himself before he hit the wall. Much to his surprise, he managed both feats. He quickly stowed the pogo stick, and started trying to chip away at the ice wall, but to little avail. Right after he'd leapt, a noose flew through the air to where his neck once had been. Michael Hangman reeled the noose back in, reactivated his Concealment, and started heading for the front door.

Radar Doc checks his readouts (Search 4+6) and notices that there's a signature by the guest door, although he can't tell which. The signatures of The Bola and The Firebug are muddled due to the excess of motion from The Flaming Dwarf's wrestling. Radar Doc extra-efforts a power stunt to clear the smoke, attempting to use his radio waves in a massive Telekinesis effect. Air Control 10 versus Obscure 10. 3+10 (HPed to 15+10) versus 5+10 and the smoke is banished, leaving an abashed The Bola out in the open and The Huckster on the other side of the stage, out of line of sight. Radar Doc is down to 4 HP...
The Flaming Dwarf directs his unarmed damage toward The Firebug's costume which is effectively a Rank 1 Device and therefore has a toughness of 11. We'll rule that it's immune to fire as well. 11+11 versus DC 21 means it's unharmed.
Face Cook rolls 14+4 and recovers from her Staggered result. She stands as a Move action and throws a mixing bowl at The Bola withholding knockback. 13+12 will hit for DC 23 Damage. He rolls 5+7, leaving him Staggered, Stunned, and Bruised, although due to Insidious, he still thinks he's perfectly fine.
The Bola will attempt to run for the door, but will fail on account of being stunned.

Radar Doc held his harness immediately in front of his face and managed to partially discern the screen.
"There is someone by the Tour Entrance... I cannot tell which one it is," he yells out to the team. The Huckster stiffens, but redoubles his efforts on the ice, figuring that the smoke will cover him long enough. "One moment, I'm going to try something," hollered Radar Doc, and he quickly made several adjustments on his console. Suddenly a palpable wave of radar waves pinged out in all directions, causing the smoke to fly straight up and hover against the ceiling. "Much better," said Radar Doc. Shit, thought The Huckster and The Bola in unison. The Huckster started hacking faster and The Bola tried to look as innocent as he could. Meanwhile, The Flaming Dwarf got the upper hand on The Firebug and was able to start bear-hugging the armor, trying to crack it, but to no avail.

Face Cook struggled to her feet, still trailing smoke and smelling of burnt paint. She slowly scraped the bits of pie off of her face, pulling off sections of ink with it, leaving strange blank spots on her face which slowly started filling in again. She mutely winged a mixing bowl off of the side of The Bola's head, leaving him standing there, swaying. That... that didn't hurt at all, The Bola thought to himself, his eyes rotating in opposite directions. He turned toward the door and tried to start running toward it, but found that no matter how hard he tried, he stayed in one place. He stared blearily at his feet. Why... why am I not moving? Did The Huckster decide to use his Johnny "Sole Saver" shoe glue on me again? All I did was tell him his costume wouldn't get him the ladies...

The Plastic Hunchback rolls 3 on the Confuse chart, meaning he acts normally. He walks over to where The Flaming Dwarf is bearhugging The Firebug and he does an AoA 5 unarmed strike. 5+7+5 will hit him for a DC 32 save. 12+5-1 and he's Unconscious.
The Huckster pulls his Weight Loss cream out and uses it on the ice wall. The wall loses 5 points of toughness and then rolls 3+11-5 for its toughness versus DC 21, meaning it's Disabled. The Huckster moves out of the wall and escapes, giving the heroes all an HP to spend.
Michael Hangman walks toward The Bola and tosses a noose over his head. Natural 20! That's a DC 24 Fortitude save. The Bola rolls 15+4 and is choking. His first Constitution roll is 11+3, which means he maintains consciousness.

Round 6
Radar Doc walks towards the door, announces that the villains have been neutralized, and steps out of the door, holding his hands up to show he's unarmed in case of trigger-happy policemen.
The Flaming Dwarf grapples The Bola and manhandles him toward the door. Due to stun, it's an unopposed grapple check. For all practical purposes, they have the situation under control.

The Plastic Hunchback, experiencing a sudden moment of lucidity, walked up to where The Firebug and The Flaming Dwarf were grappling and applied one metal fist to the top of The Firebug's helmet, knocking him out entirely as Michael Hangman places a noose over The Bola's head and The Flaming Dwarf started wrestling him toward the front door. Radar Doc announced that they were exiting with villains in custody and stepped out with his hands raised.
"About time," growled Maddicks, "We got the stray one you missed here," indicating the sullen Looking Glass who sat in cuffs, divested of her devices. The Flaming Dwarf and Michael Hangman exited with the stunned The Bola next, with The Plastic Hunchback following with the unconscious Lady TNT even as Face Cook applied bandages to every exposed surface of the fallen demolitionist.
"Thank you, Captain," Radar Doc said with no trace of irony in his voice, "We're proud to have been able to help... the..." his voice trailed off before he turned to the rest of the team, scratching his head. "We're... we're missing one of the Thieves' Guild. Looking Glass is out here. You have The Bola. The Firebug, The Mad Maple, and The Weather Mistress are unconscious..." At that moment, a man ran up and yelled that some nut in a purple suit and a mask had just yanked him out of his car and driven off. "Oh right... The Huckster," said Radar Doc softly. Maddicks had just opened his mouth for a blistering rant when the world went and then completely dark. They all found themselves floating in the blankness of space. All of the team members save The Plastic Hunchback and Radar Doc began choking for air and even Radar Doc started to feel the icy chill of the air. Just as the newly revived Lady TNT was about to draw her last breath, the group found themselves on the surface of an asteroid, surrounded by the inky blankness of space, but under an atmosphere.
"Where the hell are we?" choked Lady TNT as she slowly recovered, realizing just how sweet air could be.
"We... we are nowhere in our galaxy," Radar Doc said softly, "There are no stars, there is no hum of background radiation, and the surface of this asteroid is nothing like anything we have seen. It is a complete void." He closes his eyes and sighs before adding, "This fits the description of an obscure Greek philosopher's experience of the Afterlife right down to the shape of the asteroid." He looks up at the team. "There... there is a distinct possibility that we did not survive that time out in space."
"You are wrong, Michael Young," said a bell-like voice behind him. The team spin to see a literal angel, radiating beauty and goodness. "You are at the Terminus. Your reality is in grave danger and I have chosen you among Earth's heroes to save it."
"Great," grumbled The Flaming Dwarf, "Why do we get stuck with all of the scut work?"

Knowledge Check (Physical Sciences) result of 20+16. Shame that there's no way he could know what The Terminus really is... A subsequent roll of 10+6 on his Knowledge (History) due to his Conspiracy Theorist feat nets him a little bit more possible background information.

I think they made a pretty good showing of themselves. Poor Lady TNT always seems to get pasted on account of so much of her defense and toughness being dependent on her dodge bonus. ^_^ Face Cook got unlucky early on, but it's one of those Good Thing You Can Heal comic book trope where the regenerator always gets hit hard. I felt a little bad about them leaving Lady TNT out on the floor unconscious, but they were in the middle of a desperate fight for the most part and they were pretty sure she'd recovered enough to remain stable (which she did).

The Hamper Movement worked better than I expected. Same with the area trip. Lady TNT's explosives were about to eliminate four of the enemy team at once until I Fiated it away and all four made their saves on the reroll.

As for points rewarded... I don't really know. They deserve at least 1 point for winning, but they let one villain go, had two team members taken down, and they weren't exactly sparing on the property damage (Lady TNT threw around two +8 sticks of dynamite and The Flaming Dwarf battered down a door). On the other hand, they did escort out the civilians and continued to try to make a path for them. Eh, 1 pp seems fair enough. Radar Doc gets 2 for coordinating most of the action and not contributing to the property damage. Plus, he's the one who acted the most heroically overall.
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Defenders Six in Time of Crisis: Norn Interlude

Postby FuzzyBoots » Mon Aug 23, 2010 2:53 pm

The angelic figure paused for a moment and stared at The Flaming Dwarf with a look of mild disbelief. Under her stare, he shrugged and said, "Hey, all I'm saying is that we keep pitching in to save the world and what does it get us? Someone else always takes the credit." He turned and looked to the other members of the team. "You guys know what I'm saying, right?" A succession of rueful nods met him. "So whaddya think we owe you?"
"Nothing," said the figure after a brief pause, "except your life and your existence. The universe you came from no longer exists. Four cosmic-energy bombs were set off, causing a cataclysmic chain reaction that ended with the end of all things save this small asteroid." Her words were met by a stunned silence before The Flaming Dwarf spoke again.
"That's lovely, honey, except what reason do we have to believe you? All we know is that there was that bright white light and then you stranded us in the middle of space before yanking us here." He turned to Radar Doc and said, "Tell 'er, Doc, that that's not the way physics works, huh?"
"It does," Radar Doc's voice said quietly. He raised his head and looked upon the angelic figure. "What he experienced is consonant with the effects of a massive disruption in space-time. I... I would not have been able to describe it were I asked before, but having experienced it... that is the way world ends, not with a bang but a whimper." He trailed off for a few seconds, then Lady TNT stepped up and placed a hand on his shoulder.
"She's telling the truth," she said without preamble, "Or at least believes every word she's said. So, what's the deal, Toots? Why us? We're street-level, barely scratching the big guys. What can we do against cosmic bombs? Especially ones that have already gone off..." she shivered as it hit her how little was left. "I mean, us as Earth's last hope?" She felt the frigid weight of The Plastic Hunchback's hand on her shoulder and she gently brushed it off, murmurring, "Thanks for the show of support, big guy, but your hand's still really cold from our jaunt into space".
"I am the Norn," said the angelic figure as if that answered their questions. There was a brief period of silence before Michael Hangman angled an eyebrow and said, "And what relevance does that have?"
Slightly nonplussed, the Norn continues, "I am... empowered by something higher, far greater than myself, doomed to never take action directly for all that I may help others. Alas, I am not all-powerful and your team will be marked with transdimensional energies, so you were appropriate to remove from the time-line to aid me in this."
"Marked with what?" The Flaming Dwarf asked, his face growing more red under the hood of his suit, "Will you start making sense, woman?" The Norn smiled beatifically and spoke.
"It would make no sense to you, I am afraid. Suffice to say that your future is very interesting and there are forces that keep one of their eyes on you."
"How many eyes could one being have?" Lady TNT said in a rhetorical fashion.
"Many," said the Norn without elaboration, "But what is relevant is that you have been given a chance to arrive days before the bombs go off and to defuse them. I ask you, are you willing to embark upon this task?"
"What is our options elsewise?" said Face Cook.
"None," the Norn said sadly, "You and I and this asteroid are all that remains of the multiverse and soon, even that shall fade. You can choose to help or you can choose to have the world end entirely."
"Not much of a choice," said Radar Doc, "and I would help regardless, as I am sure the rest of my team will." He turned to them and smiled as he saw the grumbling agreement on their faces. "As the people in our time are fond of saying about us, we're better than nothing."
"That is well," said the Norn, "for ultimately you will face Nothing, Omega, Lord of the Terminus. But, until then, I can only wish you well on your voyage." As she spoke, the Defenders Six began to fade from view.
"Pro bono work, my sweet fu—" The Flaming Dwarf's words faded away as he did, leaving the Norn alone on the asteroid.
"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?" she asked the uncaring void.

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Re: Defenders Six in Time of Crisis

Postby FuzzyBoots » Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:50 am

Revisions using Power Points:

The Flaming Dwarf
Added Leaping 1 which means that with a routine Acrobatics check, he can move 50 feet with a running jump and 25 with a standing one.

The Plastic Hunchback
Added another Point to Craft (Mechanical), removed 1 each from Drive and Pilot, and added these to his Sense Motive.

Lady TNT
Removed a point of Dodge Focus and added a point of Base Defense.

Michael Hangman
Made his Punjab lasso Subtle.
Changed his Concealment flaw from Duration to Save Permitted (Will)

Radar Doc
Removed one point of Luck and added another rank to his Radar Gun with the following APs off of his Blast:
. . EMP Cone (Nullify All Powers with Technological Descriptor) 7 [Range: Touch, Area: Cone, Duration: Concentration, Progression (Increase Area)]
. . Sonic Shatter (Corrosion) 7 [Area: Cone, Extra: Affects worn/wielded objects, Flaw: Drain only affects Objects, Flaw: Full Action]
. . Hell is That Noise (Drain Wisdom) 10 [Area: Cone, Slow Fade, Accurate, Alternate Save (Reflex)]
. . Subsonic Distortion (Confuse) 7 [Area: Cone, Range: Touch, Duration: Sustained, Reversible]
He then applies Subtle to each of them, making his Ignite extra-Subtle.

Face Cook
Added +1 to her Protection
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Defenders Six in Time of Crisis: Part 2

Postby FuzzyBoots » Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:34 pm

And... there's a mistake in the battle. Constructs are Disabled upon failing by 10 and can't perform additional actions. That means that The Flaming Dwarf's assault on the two Valkyries is ultimately a bit pointless, but it also sets up one of his other acts of awesome, so we'll leave it as is and give him a Hero Point for the setback.

Defenders Six in "Hell on Erde"

When the light faded once more, the team found themselves in an almost entirely dark area. Immediately, Radar Doc started tapping at his console and The Plastic Hunchback's eyes eerily glowed red.
"You know, I hate it when you do that in the darkness," Lady TNT said, almost offhand, "Always gives me a start, thinking that there's something... else there." After a few more moments of silence, Radar Doc spoke.
"We are in a basement of a very dilapidated house. In a very worn down, I would almost say war torn, neighborhood. Plastic Hunchback, you can no doubt see that set of boards up ahead, yes? I believe it used to be some sort of storm door to the basement, you will see the steps... Yes, if you could just give it a lift... Hah! There, moonlight and... firelight. Oh goodness, this may not be good."
The team rapidly piled out of the basement, stumbling through the rubble.
"Oh God... this must be a world where the war started much sooner," murmured Lady TNT as she stared at the bizarre skyline, all tall buildings including a set of triple skyscrapers bearing the Nazi flag, "Or maybe one where it never happened at all, where we never had a problem with the Nazi philosophy." She looked to Radar Doc. "What's up, Doc? Do you know where we are?" Radar Doc made a few more adjustments to his Radar Harness and frowned.
"The layout of the city is all wrong," he said, looking up at the buildings and then back down in his readings. And the materials are strange too, like..." he trailed off as he heard a loud rumbling. He quickly checked his readings and shouted, "Heads up and scatter folks, we have airplanes incoming and... way too fast! They must be crashing! Get close to a building if you can in case they hit the ground and explode." The team had just started scattering, with Lady TNT disappearing among the debris and Michael Hangman vanishing from sight, when he saw three... rockets... they have to be with the profile they have and the speed they were going... fly past them and improbably slow and turn in mid-air. Quickly scanning the readings on his Harness, Radar Doc's eyes bulged.
"Impossible..." he breathed, "It's like something from a completely different era... or outer space." He quickly noted the multiple rotor systems and realized that they must be what accounted for the bizarre agility of the rockets... autogyros... whatever they were. "Heads up, team, they're not out-of-control at all. Maybe this Earth was conquered by Flying Saucers?" Radar Doc trained his Radar Gun on the machines and waited for them to make a move. The first lowered all-too-familiar machine guns from the bottom and unloaded on four in the front, firing small bullets of rubber in attempt to drive them back, but the aim was bad and the bullets spattered off of the pavement.
"Why... they're firing on us!" Radar Doc sputtered before leveling his Radar Gun at them. "You know, I always wanted to find out what would happen if I tried this setting..." he thumbed a switch on his gun and braced himself as the air distorted in front of the gun in a massive Electro-Magnetic pulse that washed over the hover aircraft. Relays fused and computer systems crashed despite electronics hardening and all three aircraft fell like bricks, smashing into the rubble below. "Hah! Experimental proof," Radar Doc crowed. Even as he spoke, lights flickered on the aircraft furthest in the back and it suddenly blazed back to life, rapidly rising and backing up before dropping a missile at Radar Doc's feet! Concussion and flames washed over the heroes and the two other fallen aircraft, but when it cleared, Radar Doc stood safe in his soot-covered force bubble even as the other members of the team patted themselves, finding themselves oddly unharmed, unlike the grounded aircraft whose armor had visibly warped under the heat. His hair standing on end slightly, Radar Doc chuckled nervously and said, "Guess that one wasn't completely down. Fortunately, the deformed shape of the street caused an interfering frequency wave and...
"Hush, chile!" Face Cook cried as she ran forward and hurled a small china cabinet at the hovering aircraft. It reached its apogee too soon and fell below the aircraft to the streets below, creating a loud crash as it fell.

Routine rolls for Strength and Knowledge (Technology) for The Plastic Hunchback and Radar Doc respectively.

The team hears the Valkyrie far in advance and, thanks to Radar Doc's Radar, know which way they're coming from, so there is no surprise round. Lady TNT makes a routine Stealth check of 10+15, Michael vanishes from all senses, and they scatter.

Initiative rolls:
Valkyrie 1: 16+6
Radar Doc: 19+2
Valkyrie 3: 11+6
Face Cook: 10+2
Michael Hangman: 8+3
The Plastic Hunchback: 11+1
Lady TNT: 5+5
Valkyrie 2: 3+6
The Flaming Dwarf: 3+4

Round 1

The Valkyrie starts out, and strafes the four in the front with an Autofire of rubber bullets, trying to herd them toward the tanks behind them. That's four attack rolls at -4 each, 18-4, 13-4, 3-4, and 1-4. None of them hit (The Flaming Dwarf has Uncanny Dodge, so he has his full dodge bonus). In retrospect, I should have shifted some points from Favored Environment into the attack.
Radar Doc tries his new EMP Pulse attack. He moves forward 25 feet and unleashes the cone effect. That will catch all of them. Reflex save for Half effect: 3+5, 7+5, 2+5, not even close. His Power check is 19+7 with their resistance rolls being 19, 5, and 7. The first only loses his Auto-cannon, Flight, and Radio. The latter two also lose their Super-Senses and their Missiles (which I assume includes regular senses given they're disembodied brains). So they're all three Helpless, with two Blinded as well. They also suffer a DC 22 Damage save for falling 70 feet. 4+11, 6+11, and 20+11 means the first two would be stunned were they not Constructs. As it is, they're Injured from the fall. The third lands well.

The third Valkyrie can't do much of anything, but will try to power its way through the Nullify with Extra Effort. Rolls of 7+7 and 16 means it regains control over all of its systems. It rises back into the air and hurls a missile at Radar Doc, also catching the other 5 team members for decreased damage and its two compatriots. The two Valkyries on the ground are Helpless and therefore don't get a Reflex save. Reflex saves for the team: RD (DC 22): 14+5, FC (DC 19): 14+6, FD (DC 18): 7+10, PH (DC 18): 1+5, MH (DC 17): 3+5, LT (DC 16): 12+9. Lady TNT avoids damage entirely. Face Cook and The Flaming Dwarf suffer half damage. The rest are suffering their respective full damage saves. RD: 14+12, FC: 18+11, FD: 19+8, PH (Below Impervious), MH: 19+9. And 9+11-1 and 12+11-1 for the two fallen aircraft against DC 24. The heroes do fine with the blast, but the machines pick up more Injured results!

Face Cook's attack is at the aircraft, which is hovering 140 feet back and 70 feet up, or about 150 feet away. That's one range increment. Her attack of 11+8-2 just misses.

Michael Hangman begins moving forward through the rubble, concentrating on reaching the fallen aircraft without being spotted or tagged. Once he was within spitting distance of one of them, he paused and thought to himself, And what can I do versus these machines? Hit them with my sickle? Try to lodge my Punjab lasso in their air intake? While he was pondering this, the Defenders Six struck in rapid successing with The Plastic Hunchback and The Flaming Dwarf closing in, Lady TNT briefly breaking from cover to hurl a stick of dynamite at the fallen helicopters. The Plastic Hunchback landed a tremendous two-handed hammer blow onto the front of the helicopter, collapsing the nose and causing creaks of protest throughout the machine and then stood there as the dynamite went off almost adjacent to him, further denting and disabling the machines. Meanwhile, The Flaming Dwarf, not to outdone, quickly skipped up a ramp of debris and launched himself to a protuding flagpole, swinging around it several times to gain momentum before launching himself down like a fiery meteor to smash through the cockpit of the fallen helicopter, coming out on the other side and repeating his daring dive on the other side, leaving both machines completely disabled.
"Hah! That's two for me, huh?" he shouted, his face flush with excitement. Further back in the debris Lillith's mouth dropped open as she saw the feared Walküre aircraft fall at the hands of the heroes. "Himmel, Arsch und Zwirn..." she muttered. So much for jumping in with a daring rescue effort. Although... Her head darted up as he heard the sound of oncoming Löwen. She leaned out of her door and shouted, "Take out the other aircraft quickly. There are tanks coming!"[/color]

None of the aircraft can make the Will save to perceive Michael. He moves forward a double move of 60 feet although he's unsure what, if anything, he could do versus aircraft.
The Plastic Hunchback will double-move and extra-effort to attack the helpless helicopter. 7+7 will hit for a DC 28 Damage Save. 6+11-2 leaves it Staggered/Disabled/Injured.
Lady TNT moves up 30 feet and throws an explosive charge on the 1st helicopter, which will also catch the second one. Helpless, so no reflex saves. Damage saves versus DC 23 of 2+11-2 and 6+11-3, which leaves the 1st Staggered/Stunned/Disabled/Injured and the second sporting another Injury. She rolls 13+15-10 for her Stealth check to re-hide.
Valkyrie 2 tries to Extra Effort its systems back up. 8+7 for Radar Doc versus 4+Rank for the helicopter means it only gets its senses back up.
The Flaming Dwarf does a running long-jump, rolling 19+14 on his Acrobatics, meaning he goes a stunning 58 feet! Which... puts him just shy of the Helicopter, but he'll use a second move action to move up and then Surge for a PA 5 attack. 11+8-5 will hit the Helpless helicopter. It rolls 7+11-4 versus DC 27 and suffers its second Staggered, knocking it out, meaning The Flaming Dwarf gets a second attack. 5+8-5 will also hit with a resulting toughness save of 9+11-3 which also results in a second Staggered. ... The Dwarf who is on fire has KOed two helicopters. Editor: Rather than Staggered, the helicopters would have been Disabled, and with no way to recover, there was no reason for The Flaming Dwarf to attack them and his Takedown attack is a bit iffy... he'll get a Hero Point for his troubles.

The tanks will enter on the next turn with their respective Initiative count. No surprise though, as it's obvious that they're on their way in. (Side Note: The Toughness on the tanks in the adventure is horribly low. Worlds of Freedom has it ten points higher. I'll be using that version.)

Round 2
Lowe 2: 17+6
Lowe 3: 20+6
Lowe 1: 8+6

The first two tanks make it in first. They're a good 500 feet west of the heroes. They can see four of the team members, so Lowe 2 will drop an explosive round into the center of them. That makes it an Area 8 for The Flaming Dwarf, Face Cook, and Radar Doc, an Area 9 for Michael Hangman, an Area 10 for The Plastic Hunchback, and an Area 5 for Lady TNT. The Flaming Dwarf also has partial cover for a +2 bonus, being between the two Helicopter hulks. The shells also face a -8 penalty on the Reflex DC for distance. Reflex saves of TFD: 12+10+2 (None), FC: 6+6 (Full), RD: 6+5 (Full), MH: 2+5 (Full), TPH: 17+5 (Half, below Impervious), LT: 10+9 (none). Damage saves of FC: 16+11, RD: 9+12, MH: 12+9 lead to Bruised results for Radar Doc and Michael Hangman. Lowe 3 follows suit and drops his explosive in about the same place. Reflex saves of TFD: 20+10+2 (None), FC: 2+6 (Full), RD: 18+5 (Half), MH: 20+5 (Half), TPH: 6+5 (Full), LT: 14+9 (None). Damage saves of FC: 8+11 (Bruised), RD: 4+12-1 (Bruised 2), MH: 1 (HP rerolled to 13)+5-1 (Stunned / Bruised. He spends another HP (down to 2) to avoid Stun), TPH: 15+15 (None).
The two tanks move in to within 100 feet of the team and train their machine guns on them in an obvious threat.

As warned by the shadowy figure in the burnt-out building who quickly ducks back out of sight, the tanks are indeed here. The two in the lead start off with a bombardment of explosive shells which leave several members of the team battered and bruised. Michael Hangman took the worst of it, with shrapnel lacerated him badly, although he remained standing from sheer force of will. The tanks then rolled into within 100 feet of the heroes and ominiously leveled machine guns.
In the stunned silence that followed, Radar Doc cooly walked toward the tanks, gun slowly lowering as he adjusted the settings for a sonic pulse which would have a severe discombobulating effect. He fired and one of the tanks halted in its tracks while the second started moving more erratically as the pulse rattled around in it's metal shell, leaving the disembodied brain reeling from the random sensory input. In retaliation, both the remaining Valkyrie and the Lowe who had not yet advanced shelled Radar Doc's position, covering the field with roiling flames and smoke. When the smoke cleared, most of the team stood battered, but still resolute. Michael Hangman was knocked to his back, but looked onyl dazed, although he was once more plainly in sight.
"Is that all you got, you ninnies?" yelled The Flaming Dwarf. Radar Doc half turned toward the voice and his eyes widened as a potential solution raised itself in the shadow of the two fallen helicopters.
"Use the aircraft as cover against the other aircraft!" he yelled, even as he turned back to the remaining tanks, "I can handle these guys, I think." In the shadows, Lillith blinked and thought to herself, Either he's a hell of a lot more powerful than he looks, or he's crazy. Probably crazy. Then again, he's taken 3 of those mechanical monstrosities with that gun of his...
"Nuts!" was the battle cry of Face Cook as she ran toward Radar Doc's position, holding high above her head a custard pie larger than herself balanced precariously. As she neared his position, she hurled it with all of her might. The massive pastry wobbled through the air until it landed dead center on the faraway tank, covering the entirety of it with opaque yellow custard. Lillith found herself involuntarily smiling, Yes... crazy it is.
Meanwhile, by the aircraft, The Plastic Hunchback was considering the dot of the helicopter in the sky versus the far-off dot of the tank in the distance. He motioned to The Flaming Dwarf and pointed at the tank in the distance before making a throwing gesture with one hand. The Flaming Dwarf's face screwed up in confusion.
"You... wanna play baseball? Need to relieve a kink in your shoulder? Someone's fallen down the well?" The last cause The Plastic Hunchback to slap his own head with a resounding clang of metal before point toward The Flaming Dwarf, then to the far-off tank, and then making a throwing motion.
"You... you want to throw me. At a tank. A quarter mile away. Are you crazy?" There was a brief silence before Flaming Dwarf started cackling and hopped onto The Plastic Hunchback's outstretched hand, "'Course I'll do it. Heh... they're never gonna believe this one back home, are they?". He lowered goggles over his eyes and said, "Ready for liftoff, captain!" The Plastic Hunchback pulled back and hurled the Flaming Dwarf like a fiery comet.
"WAHOOOOOOOOO!" came the resounding cry as he arced through the air. As he neared the tank, he braced himself for impact, bouncing off of the surface of the tank, leaving a huge dent, and rolling up beside the main turret. "Hah... that was fun," he said, a bit woozy, and proceeded to whale on any exposed surface he could find, leaving a trail of smashed sensors in his wake before he finally settled back on his heels, panting from the effort.
"Hah... take... that... you," he wheezed. "Damn... they're really never going to believe this back home."

Radar Doc walks forward 30 feet and uses his Drain Wisdom cone attack. Reflex saves of 12+5 and 9+5 for the tanks means the first only takes half effect. Will Saves of 11-2 and 1-2 means they're both affected. The first loses 4 points of Wisdom and the second loses 10! The second tank is debilitated/unconscious and the first is close to.
Valkyrie 3 notes Radar Doc as the main threat. It flies to a height of 120 feet right above him and fires a missile straight down. That's an Area 12 for Radar Doc, an Area 9 for Lady TNT, an Area 7 for Face Cook, Area 6 for Michael Hangman (+2 for Partial Cover) and The Plastic Hunchback, and an Area 4 (With PC) for The Flaming Dwarf as well as an Area 5 for the two tanks. Reflex saves of RD: 6+5 (Full), LT: 16+9 (None), FC: 19+6 (Half), MH: 8+5+2 (Full), TPH: (Under Impervious), TFD: 1+10+2 (None), and 4+6 (Full) for Tank 1 (Tank 2 is helpless, so no Reflex save. Damage Saves of RD: 12+12-2 (Bruised/Stunned, spending an HP to avoid stun), FC: 13+11-1 (None), MH: 17+5-1 (No damage), Tank 1: 4+16 (None), Tank 2: 14+16 (None). It then moves straight up 1000 feet to try to avoid return fire. Its Notice versus Lady TNT's stealth is 11+14, so it knows where she is.
Lowe 1 decides shelling from range is safer. Like Valkyrie 3, it focuses on Radar Doc. And, as before, there's a -4 to the Reflex DC for distance. Reflex saves of RD: 19+5 (Half), LT: 6+9 (None), FC: 7+6 (Half), MH: 18+5+2 (Half), TPH: (Under Impervious), TFD: 16+10+2 (None). Toughness saves of RD: 18+12-3 (None), FC: 14+11-1 (None), MH: 7+5-1 (Stunned and Bruised again) with knockback knocking him prone and making him save versus DC 17 with 11+5-2. His Concentration check of 11+3 meaning his Concealment flickers out.
Face Cook regenerates a Bruised condition. Her Dazzle attack is 13+12-12 (long range) which still hits the tank's defense of -2. Its Reflex save of 6-2 is insuffucient, although its lack of Fortitude save will clear the Dazzle next turn.
Michael Hangman is Stunned.
The Plastic Hunchback will hold his action until before The Flaming Dwarf's.
Lady TNT begins to sneak toward the two tanks. 16+15 makes her pretty hard to see. The Valkyrie's Notice check is 5+14 and it fails to see where she goes. Similarly, the tanks fail with 12+14 and 10+14. She readies an action to attack the Valkyrie if it comes within range.
The Plastic Hunchback will launch The Flaming Dwarf at the tank. The distance is roughly 600 feet. He can throw a 120 lb weight 2,500 feet, so he's at -2 to hit the Tank, but he's essentially giving The Flaming Dwarf a Slam attack at a speed of 6, giving him a Rank 14 Damage attack while taking a rank 4 Damage. The Plastic Hunchback's attack roll of 5+4-2 hits due to the tank's Blinded status, provoking the two damage saves. 12+8 for The Flaming Dwarf against DC 17 saves readily. The tank rolls 5+16 versus DC 29 and is merely Injured. The Flaming Dwarf Extra Efforts and also PA 5 attacks. 11+8-1-5 will hit for a DC 31 Damage save. The tank rolls 4+16-1 and is Disabled. >_< The Flaming Dwarf disables yet another machine... and gets an HP because that was just an awesome maneuver to pull off. He'll be Exhausted next round unless he uses a Hero Point.

Unperturbed from the carnage behind it, the Löwen only partially affected by Radar Doc's brain scrambling ray fired its main gun, aiming for the antagonist with the gun that had disabled so many of them, Radar Doc. Radar Doc quickly adjusted his forcefield, diverting the force of the explosion into the ground, causing him to be standing in a small crater when the smoke cleared. The reduced force of the explosion bowled over Face Cook and Michael Hangman (again), but left no serious injuries in its wake. Lady TNT, hurriedly crouched behind a wall as the shockwave approached, quickly patted herself down, but found she'd suffered no damage at all. The luck of the... generally mixed European race, I guess, she thought to herself as she eyed the helicopter in the sky and hefted a stick of TNT, gauging distance. If it gets just a little bit closer... her musing was interrupted by the Valkyrie arcing down for another bombing run. She leaned back and heaved the explosive with her best baseball throw. God bless my brother Barry for forcing me to play catch with him as a kid, she thought as she saw the explosive reach the top of its arc when the proximity sensor went off and exploded next to the helicopter. As her eyes cleared from the bright flash of light, Lady TNT saw that the rotors on one side had been blown away. The remaining rotors continued to auto-rotate, but lacked enough force to hold the aircraft up and it ponderously sideslipped and fell to the ground, crushing more buildings, causing Lady TNT to wince as she pictured survivors in the burnt-out hulks having to deal with the destruction.

The Plastic Hunchback, eyeing the tank, grabbed the edge of one of the fallen helicopters and hefted it to heave it at the remaining tank, but as he lifted it, he realized it was heavier than it looked, although still manageable. He started toward the remaining tank, jogging as fast as he could with the tank on his back. Meanwhile, Lady TNT ghosted her way through the ruins and was soon within throwing distance of the two remaining tanks. She heaved a packet of explosives their direction, but it did little more than scratch their armor up a bit, and she saw the guns starting to turn her direction. Damn, she thought, I think I've been spotted! Far on the other side of the combat, The Flaming Dwarf shook off his fatigue, stamped one foot on the surface of the tank as if to ensure it was dead, and began running full-speed toward the rest of the fray, using the broken terrain to his advantage in ground-eating leaps and swings that propelled him at high speed back to the fray.

Round 3
Lowe 2 drops another shell on Radar Doc. Area 10 for him, Area 9 for Face Cook, Area 7 for Lady TNT, Area 4 for Michael Hangman (An additional -2 to the damage for being partly shielded by the wall) for him and The Plastic Hunchback (below his Impervious). Reflex saves of RD: 19+5 (Half), FC: 17+6 (Half), LT: 11+9 (None), MH: 15+5+2 (Half) Damage saves of RD: 19+12-3 (None), FC: 3+11 (Stunned/Bruised with the follow-up damage save versus knockback DC 19 of 9+11-1 just squeaking by, leaving her not further hurt, but prone 10 feet away), MH: 11+5-2 (Bruised/Stunned again).
Lowe 3 is still debilitated.
Radar Doc decides that the remaining Valkyrie is the worse threat. He runs off behind partial cover on the street and readies an action to fire his default Blast at the Valkyrie if it descends again to attack.
Valkyrie 3 obligingly drops to a hovering height of 120 feet and starts opening its missile bays when Lady TNT and Radar Doc fire on it. Reflex save versus DC 16 (-2 for range) on Lady TNT's explosives yields 7+5 for full damage and a Toughness save of 2+11 for a Disabled result. It drops out of the sky. Radar Doc's readied action has no effect.
Face Cook is stunned, but regenerates her Bruised condition.
Michael Hangman is stunned.
The Plastic Hunchback hefts one of the helicopters. The Internet says most combat helicopters weigh about 5 tons. His Heavy load is approximately 14.7 tons, so he has a maximum range of 25 feet when throwing. ^_^ That's going to be inadequate, but he makes a good show of lifting it before he realizes he doesn't have the range (Extra Effort would allow for 50 feet, but that's still not enough to do much with it) and starts running toward the remaining tank.
Lady TNT stealths toward the remaining tanks and throws another explosive at Lowe 2, catching 3 as well. Lowe 3 is debilitated/unconscious, but Lowe 2 rolls a Reflex save against DC 18 of 20+5 for half damage. Toughness saves of 3+16 (No damage) and 9+16 (No damage). They're very well-armored tanks after all. Lady TNT's re-stealth roll is 4+15-10. Lowe 2 can see her even if it rolled a 1.
The Flaming Dwarf spends an HP to recover a level of Fatigue and starts parkouring his way back. 11+14 means he moves (10+6+10)*2 feet as a Move action. His second running jump gets him (10+6+9)*2 feet for a total of 102 feet covered, not bad for a short guy, but still a good 300 feet from the remaining tank.

Even as The Flaming Dwarf makes a long vault from one flagpole to the next, he sees the remaining mobile tank deploy some kind of smoke cloud and start driving toward him in apparenty retreat. "Not gettin' away from me that easily," he growled as he agilely reversed his direction and started toward the onrushing tank. "He's getting away!" yelled Radar Doc as he focused his gun and fired off a concentrated pulse of radar waves to induce harmful vibrations with his Radar Gun as Face Cook lobbed a small table at the tank. Their attacks hit, but the tank easily shed the damage. Shortly after 10-foot long concrete pillar struck a glancing blow on the tank courtesy of The Plastic Hunchback, but to no avail. The Flaming Dwarf was pushing himself to the limit of his endurance, vaulting from handhold to handhold, but finally had to admit defeat. He landed on the surface of the road, rolling with the impact and arose with both hands extended with rude gestures.
"Yeah! Run, you mechanical milquetoast," he yelled. When the turret on the tank swiveled and fired a shell, he didn't even bother dodging, but stood there staring down the fleeing tank even as another ruined building to his side exploded in a gout of flame. The final piece of masonry hurled by The Plastic Hunchback failed to connect, landing well in the wake of the retreating armor.
"And don't come back!" yelled The Flaming Dwarf before turning to jog back toward the team. Meanwhile, back in the buildings, the team had located and flushed out Lillith who walked out of a ruined building, waving away the cloying smoke and laughing as she spoke, "Most people worry more about the tanks coming at them than running away. Still, you folks never cease to amaze. How would you like to help save the free world? Hell, I'm never going to forgive myself if I don't use the line. Come with me if you want to live." She said the last in a horrible approximation of an Austrian accent. When the four visible heroes stared at her mutely, she added sheepishly, "Guess you folk aren't exactly German movie afficiandos. Still... there's something oddly familiar about you." A rumbling sound made her lift her head sharply. "Shit... there's more of them coming. Your group is prety amazing, but you're already pretty knocked up and I think they might be sending a whole column of armor now." She eyed the buildings before apparently spotting something in a ruined house between them and the oncoming Flaming Dwarf. "Quick, follow me," she said as she ran for the spotted building. Lady TNT and Radar Doc shared a glance before he shrugged and gestured toward the running Lillith.
"Ladies first?" he said. Lady TNT barked a laugh and started running after Lillith, followed by The Plastic Hunchback, Face Cook, and Michael Hangman, the last only a slight distortion in the air.
"What the Hell is —" said The Flaming Dwarf before Lady TNT cut him off, saying "She's a local, one of the ones who isn't shooting at us and there's more tanks coming. Come one!" They piled into the basement that Lillith had revealed and into what appeared to be an old furnace, but led to a series of tunnels. Lillith closed the doors even as they heard the whine of incoming aircraft and the crash of repeated explosions as incoming aircraft bombed the area.
"Lucky folks showed up in one of the unoccupied No Mans Land neighborhoods," said their erstwhile rescuer. "Welcome to the Resistance," she said, extendeding a grimy hand to each of them in succession. "I hope your invisible man made it through?" Michael Hangman materialized behind her and she wheeled about with machine gun raised before noting his presence and lowering her gun with a chuckle. "Hah... you and the Invisible Agent will get along just fine," she said.
"The Invisible Agent..." Radar Doc said, "You mean that the Freedom Brigade exist here too?"
"Great," said Lady TNT, "We travel across the universe to save the world and they're here to steal our thunder too."
"Figures," said The Flaming Dwarf, "They'd find a way..." He was cut off by Lillith suddenly stopping in front of them and turning slowly.
"You know them?" Lillith said, her voice quizzical, "You know them personally? But that's impossible... Dr. Tomorrow took them out of the timestream in... wait, what year do you think it is?" The team shared glances before Lady TNT spoke.
"It's 1938, of course."
"Ah, of course," Lillith said with a faint smile on her face, "I would like to be the first to welcome you to 2002 on this Hell we call Erde."

Round 4
Lowe 3 is still debilitated.
Lowe 2 deploys its smoke modules at rank 4, giving itself a 250-foot radius of concealment, and moves back 500 feet, moving past The Flaming Dwarf.
Radar Doc is unaffected by the smoke. He moves forward 30 feet and fires. He's about 550 out, so he's at -10 to hit, but it's better than nothing. 9+10-10 will hit! DC 25 Toughness save for the tank. It rolls a 17+16 and is entirely unharmed.
Face Cook similarly tries for the long shot. Her roll of 4+12-14 fails pretty miserably, although it will get a second shot next turn if it doesn't move outside of max range.
Michael Hangman reactivates his Concealment and steps from cover, calling out to let the tank go.
The Plastic Hunchback drops the helicopter and picks up a nearby bit of debris and hurls it at the retreating tank. The chunk of concrete is maybe 500 pounds maximum. The maximum distance he can throw it is about 1000 feet, which puts him at 3 range increments out. 11+4-6 will just barely hit. According to the book, he does strength damage, so that's a DC 28 Toughness save. The tank rolls 14+16 and is again completely unharmed.
Lady TNT follows Michael Hangman's example and starts retreating into the builds, searching for the mysterious woman who'd hailed them. 17+11 versus 8+4 means she finds Lillith's hiding place.
The Flaming Dwarf isn't quite ready to give up on the tank yet. 19+14 yields a jumping distance of (18+6)*2 or 48 feet, which will isn't quite good enough for him to reach the fleeing tank. He takes another move action and rolls 5+14. At this point, he knows he's not going to catch up (he's at least 30+ feet away from the tank) so he shakes his fists at it and yells insults.

Round 5
Lowe 3 is still debilitated.
Lowe 2 attempts to plant a round on The Flaming Dwarf using its armor-piercing rounds. 4+10 fails. It continues to retreat and is soon lost on the horizon.
Combat is essentially over although The Plastic Hunchback heaves one more rock at it as a parting shot. 1+4-10 will miss.
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Re: Defenders Six in Time of Crisis

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Thanks for sharing this!

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Re: Defenders Six in Time of Crisis

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Defenders Six in "Hell on Erde" - Interlude

To cover the awkward silence that followed her pronouncement, Lillith began leading them through the tunnels explaining how America had delayed entrance into the war, ultimately resulting in an unwinnable war and the dropping of the atomic bomb on Washington, and now the scattered resistance. She also briefly explained how Tomas Morgan had attempted to change the past but had seemingly failed and had since disappeared.
"2002... damn. We're in the future." Lady TNT said in a dazed voice when Lillith had finished.
"It does explain the difference in architecture and technology," said Radar Doc in his best encouraging voice. "And, from what the young lady is telling us, this is only a possible future, one which might yet be changed for the better." He frowned as he contemplated the subject. "This Morgan fellow... I should like to ask him a few questions if we could find him."
The comically bandaged hooded figure of Michael Hangman ghosted into view next to Radar Doc and said gloomily, "It seems unlikely that we will have the chance. We are only in this world for a brief amount of time, and that only to disable the cosmic energy device." Lillith suddenly stopped and turned to them, gun lowered.
"And how did you... never mind. I should have known," she sputtered before lowering her gun once more and starting to walk, speaking over her shoulder. "People torn from their timeline, thrust to here... you're here for a purpose. What is it? Maybe our goals coincide and we can work together." Radar Doc and Lady TNT shared significant glances before Face Cook suddenly spoke.
"We's here to defuse the cosmic energy bomb," she said enthusiastically as Radar Doc tried to shush her.

Lillith's eyebrows raised. "It's a bomb?" she said, her face blank. "And they... oh, that's precious." She starts giggling, which soon turns into full-fledged guffaws of laughter until tears are running down her face. "And they... and they have it at their science complex right now. Heh... tell me it's enough to blow that island right out of the water."
"It's enough to blow this world out of existence," Radar Doc said plainly. Lillith suddenly stopped laughing and stared incredulously at Radar Doc, who continued, "We have been tasked to help defuse it so that this world, and the rest of the multiverse, may not be destroyed." Lillith continued to stare for several seconds before speaking.
"It's... it's enough to wipe us all out?" she asked quietly, her face suddenly solemn once more.
"You got it, toots," said The Flaming Dwarf, giving Lillith a tender pat on her rear as he passed by, "And we're your only hope for disarming it. Or at least so the Norn says."
Lillith looked like she was contemplating killing him for the ass-pat, but settled for turning to Lady TNT and weakly quipping, "I take it you were a little short on help when you hired him on for a wee bit?" Lady TNT snorted in an unladylike manner and stepped forward to her the sputtering Flaming Dwarf further up the corridor. "More or less. He's good in a fight despite all of his shortcomings, though."
"Oh, I'll show you shortcomings, doll," said The Flaming Dwarf, turning and standing in the center of corridor, hands akimbo on his hips. Lady TNT held her face straight for several seconds before bursting out in laughter.
"You mean... you mean the rumors are true that jumping from a two-story building isn't the only way you're a bit quick on the mark?" The Flaming Dwarf quickly turned to his other compatriots for backup, but the only one among them who wasn't snickering along with the joke was The Plastic Hunchback, who merely stood impassively.
"Great, just great," said The Flaming Dwarf as he stared up at the ceiling, trying to keep his temper from swelling, "The end of the world and they want to spend it standing here and insulting my manhood." He shook his head and pointed at Lillith. "All joking aside, what do you know of this complex and how can we get there?" Lillith immediately quelled her laughter and drew herself up straight, all business once more.

"It's the Von Braun Island Space Control Center and it's located on what you might have known as Star Island." Seeing the lack of recognition in their eyes, she continues, "Maybe it's a different name in your time. It's an island to the south-east. The security is... formidable, but lately there's been a sharp increase in supplies, resulting in security holes. A friend of the resistance has agreed to smuggle myself and a few brave rebels in to destroy the device." Her face loses all expression as she quietly adds, "The trip will be one-way, I fear. In your case, you may be spirited out by your Norn but I regret having but one life for my country, and we cannot afford to lose more fighters. Nevertheless, were you to replace them... it would only be my sacrifice rather than that of many." She looked up at the team and said, "We depart in a matter of hours. Unless you have a better plan?" Most of the team turns to look at Radar Doc and Lady TNT, both of whom shrug sheepishly.
"Very well then," Lillith said, "Lo, though I walk through the valley of death —"
"I shall fear no evil," completed The Flaming Dwarf, "for I am the meanest son of a bitch in this land." Lillith smiled briefly before clapping him on the shoulder. "Maybe you are not so bad after all. Come, let us go to face our wyrd."

It is assumed that Face Cook has healed everyone's wounds through her cartoon bandaging power and that The Flaming Dwarf will recover his fatigue.

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Defenders Six in Time of Crisis: Part 2

Postby FuzzyBoots » Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:52 pm

Defenders Six in "Hell on Erde" - Finale

The crates were small, airless, and dark. The resistance members had nearly scrubbed the mission when they saw the hulk that was The Plastic Hunchback, but eventually found a crate of earth-moving equipment that had been earmarked for the island into which they had him crouch. The rest were set into individual crates which were nailed shut and stamped "Fragile" and "This Way Up" before being carefully loaded onto a truck (The Plastic Hunchback's crate requiring a forklift) for shipment. Once the team left rebel hands and was set among the cargo, they found that the teamsters and stevedores conveying them were far less than careful with their ministrations, roughly hauling the crates about and tossing them from vehicle to vehicle. It was only through careful bracing and not a little subtle use of powers that the team passed through without bruises. Their view was limited to the occasional peek through cracks in the crates, but the Defenders Six quickly found just how hopeless the world they were in seemed. Everywhere around them were starving people, and soldiers abusing their power. Each, in their own way, made resolutions to help to end this menace in their own ways. After hours of transport, they were finally set down and they engaged the cunningly hidden latches on the side of the crates to open them.

Blinking at the bright light, the team surveyed the area and found themselves inside a gray circular structure about the size of a large warehouse filled with computers and scientific equipment. The roof was a dome and looked to be retractable, possibly for space launches. Below the roof was a circle of catwalks that seemed to sport even more equipment while on the ground level, there were two metal doors, currently closed. Lady TNT stretched, popping her vertebrae.
"Well," she said, "at least it's not going to be hard to find our target." In the center of the building was a large red-and-black sphere that pulsed ominously with crimson energy and emitted a constant stink of ozone. "Doc, you think you can disable it before anyone finds us?"
"It is a little too late for zhat, meine Frau." A bald, middle-aged man in a white lab coat stepped out from behind the sphere and continued to address them in a severe German accent. "Güten tag, herr Amerikaners. I am Doktor Vilhelm Rolf, und ve have been expectink you. Ve antizipated ze terrorizts in ze reziztance vould strike againzt our Cozmick Enerchy Generator, zo ve had you delivered here, to give you von look at it, before der Übermenschen kill you!" Fanning out to either side of them are a collection of motley villains. A hooded man in a wide circular cape hovered several feet above the ground, gloves glowing with a strange energy while beside him, a dazzling woman in a skin-tight white bodysuit began fading from view. Immediately between them stood a man in what appeared to be a hazardous chemicals suit who was removing the gloves, revealing hands that glowed a sickly green. On the other side of the sphere stood a man dressed in black pajamas giggling in a less-than-sane pitch, a massively built man in what appeared to be an S.S. uniform who simply smiled at them with gleaming white teeth and painfully blue eyes, and a man wearing a capirote and a tabard with the swastika on it who suddenly burst into flames that didn't seem to touch him.
"Übermenschen, attack!" screeched the scientist, and immediately ran toward the back of the room, away from the fray.

The heroes get an HP each for the encounter.
Initiative rolls:
Übermensch: 14+13
Der Eule: 9+10
Die Geist: 14+5
Der Hands des Todes: 13+5
Lady TNT: 12+5
The Plastic Hunchback: 15+1
Face Cook: 8+2
The Flaming Dwarf: 5+4
Götterdämmerung: 3+5
Michael Hangman: 4+3
Der Weißer Ritter: 5+1
Lillith: 5+1
Radar Doc: 2+2


Doesn't look altogether good for the heroes... the bad guys are higher in PL overall and are going to get some free shots in while the heroes are flat-footed.

Round 1

Übermensch moves forward and attacks Face Cook with a bare-handed attack. 16+12 will definitely hit. But her Toughness save of 20+11 means she suffers no damage.
Der Eule moves forward and charges Lady TNT, attacking with a PA 5 strike 14+10+2-5 will hit her for DC 30. Her initial roll of 5 would doom her, so she uses an HP to reroll for 13+6 which means she's "just" Staggered/Stunned. Her knockback damage save is 17+3 which is enough to only rack up a Bruised. Der Eule continues his movement to the opposite side of the chamber, hovering by the catwalk.
Die Geist finishes phasing out and moves beside The Flaming Dwarf before attacking. His uncanny dodge prevents it from being a surprise attack but her roll of 16+8 hits him anyway. His Toughness save of 14+8 means he takes a Bruised/Injured status.
Der Hands des Todes charges up to beside Michael Hangman, shrinks to Diminutive, and PA 5 strikes with his wrist-blades. 3+10-5 will miss. He is now at Defense 10+4-2 due his size and having charged.
Lady TNT is stunned.
The Plastic Hunchback activates his eyes and sights Die Geist. He runs over and swings at her with AoA 5. 17+7+5-8 will hit! Just shy of a crit too... Die Geist rolls 14+7 which means she's Bruised/Stunned. Her Concentration check to maintain her abilities is 4+4, insufficient for either her Invisibility or her Insubstantial. Knockback results in a Toughness save versus DC 26. 10+4-1 and she's Staggered and the wall develops a substantial dent where she struck it.
Face Cook decides to cook Übermensch's face to make him look like her. 19+8 will hit. His Fortitude save of 15+11, alas, easily throws off the effect. She Extra-Efforts to strike again. 3 (HP rerolled to 16)+8 will hit. His second Fortitude save is 3+11 and he now is the spitting image of Face Cook. Face Cook will then move slightly behind him to break the line of sight and confuse people as to who is who.
The Flaming Dwarf activates his flame suit and leaps onto Die Geist with a mighty two-handed PA 5 blow. 1 (HP rerolled to 18)+8+2-5 will hit her. Her Toughness save of 4+4-1 means she's out of this fight and Unconscious/Dying (what is it with The Flaming Dwarf and accidental homicide?)
Götterdämmerung runs forward and strikes The Plastic Hunchback. Er... Explosion Aura strike... how exactly does that work? For now, we'll assume that he does his Unarmed+Aura damage to his primary target as a regular attack, which then triggers a Rank 9 Explosion effect (which will hit everyone in this room to some degree...). He rolls 5+8 and misses!
Michael Hangman fades from view and walks toward Der Weißer Ritter and tosses a noose over his neck. 1 (HP rerolled to 18)+9 will hit, provoking a DC 21 Fortitude save. 19+7 succeeds.
Der Weißer Ritter will fly up toward the ceiling and over the cosmic bomb. He will then throw a blast of fire at The Plastic Hunchback. 4+10-4 will miss.
Lillith quickly runs for the door, unshouldering her submachine gun and spraying Der Eule with automatic fire. 12+3 will miss.
Radar Doc moves down and uses his Subsonic Distortion effect in a cone which will catch Übermensch, Der Hands des Todes, and Der Weißer Ritter in the Confusion effect. Reflex saves of Üb: 7+9 (full), DH: 5+6 (full), WR: 14+4 (half) Will saves of Üb: 8+7, DH: 5+9, WR: 10+8 which means all of them but Der Weißer Ritter are affected.


Before the startled Defenders Six can react, Übermensch dashed forward at Face Cook, yelling something about the impurity of dark skin. His blow struck true, seemingly knocking her to the floor but she bounced up like a child's punching bag, frying pan brandished, yelling "Smile when you say that, varmint!" Her first strike just caused him to blink, but she bounced down and back again and this time the frying pan made a complete seal around his face and his form dissolved into that of Face Cook. She smiled and posed beside him, saying, "We is like sistas now, yeah?" Meanwhile, Lady TNT failed to dodge Der Eule's stooping strike and was knocked across the floor to smash into the consoles on that side, seeing stars and gasping for breath.
The Flaming Dwarf braced himself, staring in all directions as he saw Die Geist fade from view. A sudden whiff of perfume was enough to allow him to only take a glancing blow, but he quickly lost track of her location again. Meanwhile, Der Hands des Tode lunged for Michael Hangman, shrinking at the moment of impact, but sailed through the space where Michael Hangman once had been. The Plastic Hunchback, eyes glowing, ran unerringly to the spot where Die Geist was standing, and pasted her with a straight punch, causing her to fly back into the equipment with a resounding crash, phasing back into visibility and tangibility in her shock. The Flaming Dwarf quickly followed up by leaping forward and landing a mighty two-handed blow on her chest, causing her to spray bright red blood across the front of her white uniform.
"Goddammit! Why does this always happen to me?" The Flaming Dwarf shouted to the heavens as he frantically started rescue breathing, wincing at the bloody sputum which quickly stained his face. The Plastic Hunchback, distracted by the sight, only barely stepped back from the glowing fist of Götterdämmerung which left a slight trail of ionized particles in its wake.
"You do not understand," said Götterdämmerung in muffled tones behind his faceplate, "it is all hopeless. Succumb, damn you...". He made several more abortive swings, but quickly tired within his suit.
Der Weißer Ritter felt the brief touch of the Punjab lasso against his throat, but was able to use his fire to burn it away as he rose and majestically soared above the egg, throwing a jet of fire in the direction of The Plastic Hunchback but splashed just shy of him. Lillith dashed toward the door but found it locked. A quick burst of automatic fire caused Der Eule to dip slightly to evade it, but had little other effect. Meanwhile, Radar Doc, finding himself relatively unmolested, make several adjustments to his gun before firing a brief pulse which sent distortions in the air which erupted as a subsonic pulse in the brains of Übermensch and Der Hands des Todes, causing their eyes to suddenly cross as synapses in their brains misfired. However, the energy of the pistol caused the bomb in the center to briefly glow blindingly and Radar Doc held his breath until the glow faded. Well, he thought, I guess I'm going to have to be a bit more careful about collateral damage.

Round 2

Übermensch doesn't realize his changed identity. He rolls a 1 on the Confusion table and attacks the user of the Confusion attack. He charges at Radar Doc and tries to strike him. 4+12 would miss. He'll fiat to reroll. 19+12 will hit handily. Radar Doc's roll of 13+12 results in just a Bruised result.
Der Eule suddenly realizes there are two Face Cooks, one of which seems to be attacking one of the intruders. The other seems to have no one attacking her, so he makes another stooping attack. 4+10+2 will miss. He continues on to hover close to the other side of the cosmic bomb.
Die Geist rolls 11+4 and doesn't die this turn.
Der Hands des Todes rolls a 17 on the Confusion Table and will attack the nearest creature. That would be Face Cook. He enlarges to Tiny size (otherwise he wouldn't be able to reach her) and swings. 12+6+2 will hit. She's immune to poisons and her toughness save is 12+11 which means she's not even scratched.
Lady TNT uses her standard action to throw an explosive in the midst of Götterdämmerung and Übermensch, using her Decreased area to be able to tag the two enemies without tagging her allies. That's a DC 18 Reflex save for them. Gö: 6+6 (Full), Üb: 8+9 (Full). Toughness saves of Gö: 12+9 and Üb: 14+11 means the only effect is that Götterdämmerung is bruised. And Lady TNT is a target.
The Plastic Hunchback moves to one side of Götterdämmerung, and then attempts an AoA 5 strike. 18+7+5! That's a crit for a DC 33 Damage save. Götterdämmerung's save is 5+9! He'll fiat for a reroll and rolls a 5 again, but it upgrades to a 15 for 15+9, just enough to only be stunned and Bruised. We'll settle his knockback of 9 first. He hits the wall with a Toughness DC of 24. His roll of 11+8-1 means he picks up another Bruised. Now to resolve the two Aura effects... when struck the first time, it provoked a Rank 9 explosion. The Plastic Hunchback will take 9 ranks of it which is under his Impervious, Die Geist (No reflex, unconscious), The Flaming Dwarf, Radar Doc, Übermensch, and Lillith take 7 ranks. Der Weißer Ritter takes 6 ranks. Face Cook and Der Hands des Todes take 5 ranks. Lady TNT takes 4 ranks. Der Eule and Michael Hangman take 2 ranks. Phew... Reflex saves all around: TFD: 6+10 (Half), RD: 20+5 (Half), Üb: 6+9 (Full), Li: 15+3 (Half), WR: 18+4 (Half), FC: 12+6 (Half), DH: 12+6 (Half), LT: 12+9 (None), DE: 1+7 (Full), MH: 7+5 (Half). Toughness saves: DG: 10+4-2 (Picks up Disabled/Staggered and has to make another save versus Dying on her turn), TFD: 14+8-1 (No damage), RD: 16+12-1 (No Damage), Üb: 4+11 (Bruised/Injured/Stunned, Knockback will only knock him prone. His save versus DC 17 is 16+11-1 for no damage), Li: 19+2 (No damage), WR: 4+12 (Bruised/Injured), FC: 18+11 (No Damage), DH: 9+3 (Bruised/Injured/Stunned. Concentration roll for maintaining his Shrinking is 1+7 and he's full size once more. Knockback damage save of 11+4-1 versus DC 19 [Knockback comes out to 2-1+3 due to size] means he's Bruised 2), DE: 18+8 (No Damage), MH: 19+9 (No Damage). Wow. And now we resolve the second aura effect as he hits the wall.
That's a Rank 7 effect for Michael Hangman, a Rank 5 for Der Hands des Todes, Rank 4 for Face Cook and Der Eule, Rank 2 for Lady TNT and Der Weißer Ritter, and Rank 1 for Radar Doc and Übermensch. Reflex saves: MH: 17+5 (Half), DH: 16+6 (Half), FC: 4+6 (Full), DE: 20+7 (None), LT: 6+9 (None), WR: 1+4 (Full), RD: 11+5 (Half), Üb: 2+9 (Half). Toughness saves: MH: 9+9 (Bruised/Injured), DH: 6+4-1 (Bruised 3/Injured 2, Knockback will be DC 18. His roll of 5+4-3 puts him at Staggered/Disabled and knocks him another 5 feet across the floor in the other direction), FC: 5+11 (Bruised/Injured), WR: 4+12-1 (Bruised 2/Injured 2), RD: 6+12-1 (No damage), Üb: 7+11-1 (No damage). Whew...
Face Cook heals an Injured status and will attempt her thrown object blast on Der Weißer Ritter. 8+12 will hit. His toughness save of 8+12-2 means he's Stunned/Bruised. His Concentration check of 18+1 means his Aura is down. He still manages to remain airborne. Knockback will take him back a few feet and spin him around a bit (equivalent of midair prone).
The Flaming Dwarf attempts an untrained Medicine check on Die Geist. 3+2 will fail. He also gets an HP for being heroic under pressure. He delegates the task and moves toward Der Weißer Ritter, ready to attack.
Götterdämmerung is stunned.
Michael Hangman moves closer to Götterdämmerung and throws a noose at him. 18+9 will hit. Götterdämmerung's Fortitude save is 15+8 which defeats the noose, though.
Der Weißer Ritter is stunned.
Lillith moves in by the door and finds that it's locked. She'll crouch by the doorframe for partial cover and fire a quick burst at Der Weißer Ritter. 5+3 won't hit him even when he's stunned.
Übermensch and Der Hands des Todes roll Will saves versus Confusion and get 16+ and 9+9 respectively, breaking them both out of the Confusion effect. Radar Doc scans the battlefield and realizes that he can catch Übermensch and Der Weißer Ritter in one of his cone effects without harming the bomb as long as he backs up a bit (Distance Sense does have its uses!). Rank 10 Cone effect catches both of them. DC 20 Reflex saves of Üb: 4+9 (Full), WR: 10+4 (Full) and DC 20 Will saves of 6+7 and 1(!)+8 means Übermensch loses 7 points of Wisdom and Der Weißer Ritter loses 10.


Still reeling from the brain-scrambling waves, Übermensch tottered for a moment before orienting on Radar Doc, who was still brandishing his gun. "Sterben Sie!" snarled soldier and charged, his fist ringing Radar Doc's force field like a bell.
"Ow... that hurt my ears!" yelled Radar Doc, rubbing the ears in question while making adjustments to his gun. I'm pretty sure that's not Face Cook, not unless she picked up German in her spare time... he thought. Meanwhile, the actual Face Cook easily ducked under Der stooping Eule and blew a raspberry at him while winging a suddenly appeared mixing bowl at Der Weißer Ritter, knocking him senseless for a moment, spinning in place with his flame out. Der Hand des Todes sprung for her, but found himself lost in her billowy apron and failed to cause any damage. Lady TNT threw one of her explosives in between Übermensch and Götterdämmerung, but only succeeded in slightly shaking up Götterdämmerung. Übermensch turned and smiled menacingly at her, all the more frightening for the fact that his eyes were still trying to roll up into his skull. Then, the big explosion happened.

The Plastic Hunchback lunged to one side of of Götterdämmerung and slammed him with a piledriver blow. Simultaneous with the strike, a tremendous explosion of energy rippled off of the suited figure. Accustomed to the occasional collateral damage encountered around Lady TNT, all of the Defenders Six braced themselves and were left unharmed, but Übermensch and Der Hands de Todes were was knocked off of his feet, the latter suddenly reverting to full size as his concentration slipped, and impacting heavily against the floor. Götterdämmerung went flying across the room and impacted against the wall, triggering another explosion. Der Hands de Todes was blown back the other direction, his limp body scraping across the floor leaving a trail of blood, but otherwise, the second explosion was weathered with little more than new bruises for the other combatants.

Meanwhile, The Flaming Dwarf worked frantically at Die fallen Geist, but to little avail. Her pulse remained thready and her breathing shallow, and the wave of energy that picked The Flaming Dwarf up and threw him into her hadn't done her any good. "Aw Hell... this isn't doing any good," The Flaming Dwarf said to himself before lifting his head. "Face Cook, we got another casualty here! I swear it's not entirely my fault!" He then started jogging toward the stunned but floating form of Der Weißer Ritter. On one side of the room, a barely visible distortion marked Michael Hangman trying to slip the noose around Götterdämmerung but being stymied by the helmet while Lillith crouched by the door and tried the locked handle of it with one hand while wild spraying bullets in the direction of Der Weißer Ritter to little avail. Within the chaos, Radar Doc looked up from his fiddling to see Übermensch shaking his head as he started to tough out the vibrations in his skull.
"Now that won't do," said Radar Doc, backing carefully adjusting his gun to cancel out the waves at a specific distance. "That won't do at all..." He pulled the trigger of his gun, creating an interference wave which rattled the skulls of Übermensch and Der Weißer Ritter, causing them to clutch their heads in agony uttering whimpers of pain. When the waves were spent, their eyes were noticeably blank as they stared around them.

Round 3
Übermensch stands as a Move action, uses Extra Effort to attempt to Startle as a Standard Action and fiats Power Attack. 20+13 easily beats Radar Doc's 13+9 Will save and he's flat-footed. Übermensch's attack of 13+12-5 breaks through Radar Doc's defenses and provokes a DC 32 Damage save. 6 (HP rerolled to 19)+12-1 results in just another Bruised status. Radar Doc gains back his HP for the fiat.
Der Eule tries to spot where Michael Hangman's spectral rope came from (DC 20 Notice) but rolls 2+11 and fails. He swoops down to attack the Face Cook that's attacking his side. 13+8 will hit. Face Cook's Toughness save of 15+11-1 leaves her unhurt again. Der Eule continues his motion to crouch by the catwalk.
Die Geist makes another Recovery check. 6+4 means she's dead.
Der Hands des Todes is stunned.
Lady TNT is going to plant an explosive on the edge of the catwalk so that it will go off the next time Der Eule moves, dialing down the intensity such that it shouldn't hit her when it goes off.
The Plastic Hunchback will run down and charge/strike Übermensch with an AoA 5 strike. A natural 1 will miss.
Face Cook heals a Bruised condition and conjures up a lemon meringue pie and hurls it at the face of Der Weißer Ritter. 16+12 will hit. His Reflex save is 12+4, insufficient against the pie. All of his senses are down and out.
The Flaming Dwarf will attempt to use his Acrobatics to do a prodigious leap. Unfortunately, he only rolls a 7, so his running leap is only 44 feet (only...) as a Move action. He'll then Extra Effort a second move action to leap/charge Der Weißer Ritter. 12+8+2 will hit for a DC 27 damage save. Der Weißer Ritter's toughness save of 3+12-3 leaves him Unconscious. The subsequent damage from the landing is just additional insult.
Götterdämmerung stands as a move Action and starts walking toward Face Cook.
Michael Hangman will again try to slip the noose onto Götterdämmerung. 5+9 will hit. Fortitude save of 6+8 means Götterdämmerung is suffocating.
Lillith attempts to unlock the door using her Beginner's Luck. 11+5+1 is just enough and she slips out the door, away from the fray.
Radar Doc targets Der Eule with his Irradiate power. 15+10 will hit. Der Eule's toughness save of 11+8 means he's Stunned/Bruised/Injured. The knockback doesn't take him far, but does hit for a DC of 23. 12+5-1 means he's Bruised again. The movement is probably sufficient for the explosive, forcing another DC 23 save... but 17+5-2 is sufficient to only account for another Bruised.


Übermensch easily lifted himself to his feat and walked slowly toward Radar Doc, cracking his knuckles. "Rest im Frieden," he growled as he wound up for the punch. Radar Doc found himself frozen in place as repeated blows struck the force field, again rattling Radar Doc, but leaving Übermensch looking visibly weary.
"Hah!" said Radar Doc, "Good old American engineering triumphs, huh?". He shook his head to clear it as Der Eule buzzed Face Cook to little effect and took a quick potshot at the flying Nazi even as the dazed Lady TNT tossed a motion-activated sticky bomb onto the catwalk. The combination of the the shot and the explosive left Der Eule reeling and nearly knocked him off the edge before he caught himself on the railing.
After dodging Der Eule's attack, Face Cook looked to Die Geist and realized it was too late to try to save her. She looks at the remaining foes. Hovering above the bomb to her left and apparently regaining most of his wits was Der Weißer Ritter. Slowly approaching from the right was Götterdämmerung. Behind her was Übermensch. Face Cook made a snap decision and conjured up a lemon meringue pie.
"Delivery for ya, suh!" she yelled as she threw it at Der Weißer Ritter. Startled by her cry, he took it full in the face and the creamy filling wrapped around his head, cutting off his senses. He cried and clawed at it for a few seconds before the fiery comet of The Flaming Dwarf dashed forward and hopped off of the frame of the bomb to deliver a flying headbutt into Der Weißer Ritter's stomach before he could summon his defensive flame. The Flaming Dwarf wrestled his way on top and surfed the unconscious body down to the floor, only leaping clear after impact. Glancing behind her, Face Cook saw Götterdämmerung reach for his neck where a transparent noose could barely be seen. Face Cook flashed a thumbs up to where she suspected Michael Hangman to be and turned her attention towards the remaining standing super-villain, Übermensch. Meanwhile, Lillith, seeing that the battle was beginning to be over, fished a set of lockpicks out of her pocket and unlocked the door, sneaking out while everyone was occupied.

Round 4

Übermensch attempts to use Fearsome Presence on the team. Will saves from The Flaming Dwarf, Face Cook, Lady TNT, and Radar Doc (Der Hands des Todes and The Plastic Hunchback are immune). FD: 7+6, FC: 8+8, LT: 14+8+4, RD: 18+9. The Flaming Dwarf and Face Cook are Shaken and Lady TNT and Radar Doc suffer no effect.
Der Eule is stunned.
Der Hand des Todes stands as a move action.
Lady TNT tosses an explosive gauged to catch Übermensch, Götterdämmerung, and Der Hand des Todes. DC 18 Reflex save. Üb: 10+9 (Half), Gö: 20+6-1 (Half), DH: 16+6 (Half). Damage saves, all versus DC 19, Üb: 16+11-1 (No damage), Gö: 12+9-2 (Bruised 3), DH: 13+6-3 (Bruised 4)
The Plastic Hunchback moves up to Übermensch and AoA 5 attacks him. 2+7+5 is sufficient. His toughness save of 11+11-1 results in him being Bruised/Stunned.
Face Cook retreats from Götterdämmerung and throws one of her pies at Übermensch. 18+12-2 will hit. His Reflex save of 8+9 is insufficient and he is without his senses.
The Flaming Dwarf charges into the fray and PA 5 attacks Übermensch. 7+8+2-5-2-1 will miss (barely...).
Götterdämmerung moves at half speed toward the rest of the fray.
Götterdämmerung rolls 5+8 for his Constitution check versus Suffocation. Michael Hangman maintains the noose.
Radar Doc realizes that he has a clear shot on Übermensch, Götterdämmerung, and Der Hand des Todes with his cone. He trains his Subsonic Distortion attack on them again. Reflex saves of Üb: 18+9 (Half), Gö: 4+6-1 (Full), DH: 6+6 (Full). Will saves of Üb: 15+3, Gö: 16+5, DH: 20+9 means no effect though.


Übermensch retreated slightly from the assault before stopping tearing open his uniform to show an impressive musculature whereupon he flexed. The Flaming Dwarf turned to Face Cook and said in a flat tone of voice, "There are things I wish I could forget in my life. That... that is definitely one of them." Face Cook nodded mutely, although a small puddle of drool started to form in front of her. As Der Hand des Todes slowly raised himself to his feet, he saw a small package slide by him to the center of the triangle that that he, Götterdämmerung, and Übermensch had formed. "Scheiße," he muttered, as the explosives went off.

When the smoke cleared he was only slightly more battered and bruised, but it was still not fun. The Plastic Hunchback and The Flaming Dwarf both charged in against Übermensch. The Plastic Hunchback managed to tag Übermensch hard enough to leave him reeling, but The Flaming Dwarf missed badly as Übermensch swayed around his blows. Face Cook hefted a chocolate cream pie and yelled out, "Here's mud in your eye, cutie-pie." Almost against his will, Übermensch raised his head with an utterance of, "Was ist —" before he was cut off by the pie striking him in the face and cutting his senses off from the world. Meanwhile, Götterdämmerung pushed forward, muttering something about life being worthless and how he was better off dead while Michael Hangman did his best to hold onto the other end of the lasso and provide pressure. Seeing that the foes were still grouped together, Radar Doc tried to confuse them again with subsonics, but found that they shook off the effect easily.

Round 5

The Flaming Dwarf and Face Cook roll breakout Will rolls of 7+6 and 19+8 respectively which means Face Cook is no longer shaken. Übermensch decides to try to remove a petty annoyance. He moves down to strike Lady TNT, who is currently prone, having never bothered to stand back up. He fails the miss chance.
Der Eule attempts to Acrobatic Bluff The Flaming Dwarf as a Move Action. His Acrobatics roll of 13+9-5 is trumped by The Flaming Dwarf's 18+14 Acrobatics counter. Der Eule shrugs and grasps The Flaming Dwarf with his telekinesis. 19+20 versus The Flaming Dwarf's 4+7 is no contest and The Flaming Dwarf is pinned against the ground.
Der Hands des Todes starts making a run for the door. Well, as much of a run as someone who's Disabled can do...
Lady TNT know she's in trouble, but, starts crawling away off to one side. She can only make 5 feet while crawling.
The Plastic Hunchback steps in and attacks Übermensch with AoA 5 again. 5+7+5 will hit. Übermensch's Toughness save of 8+11-2 will leave him Staggered/Stunned.
Übermensch rolls 3+11 for his Fortitude save and is still Dazzled. Face Cook heals a Bruised condition and will throw a pan at Der Hands des Todes. 7+12 will miss this turn. She then moves a little further away from the approaching Götterdämmerung.
The Flaming Dwarf is pinned. He tries to break Der Eule's grapple. Der Eule's 5+20 beats The Flaming Dwarf's 16+7.
Götterdämmerung moves a little closer. He's now adjacent to Radar Doc and The Flaming Dwarf.
Götterdämmerung's Constitution check of 6+8 again passes the Consitution check to stay conscious. Michael Hangman continues to hang on.
Radar Doc steps backwards and hits Götterdämmerung and Der Hand des Todes with his Concussion Blast. Reflex saves of Gö: 11+6-1 (Full) and DH: 13+6 (Full). Damage saves of 13+9-3 (Bruised 4/Stunned, Knockback takes him into the wall for DC 23 for which he rolls 15+9-4 which leads to Bruised 5) and 10+6-4 (Staggered second time, unconscious). Upon impact with the wall, Götterdämmerung explodes again. Lasy TNT suffers a Rank 6 effect. The Plastic Hunchback, Übermensch, and Der Eule suffer a Rank 5 effect. The Flaming Dwarf undergoes a Rank 4 effect. Michael Hangman suffers a Rank 3 effect and Radar Doc suffers a Rank 1 effect. It dissapates before reaching Face Cook. The Plastic Hunchback has Impervious, as does Radar Doc. Remaining reflex saves of LT: 15+9 (None), Üb: 8+8 (Half), DE: 6+7 (Full), FD: 6+10 (None), MH: 19+5 (Half). Damage saves of Üb: 11+11-1 (No damage), DE: 6+8 (Bruised 4/Injured 2/Stunned with knockback causing a DC 18 save to which he rolls 2+5-4 which leaves him unconscious), MH: 16+9-1 (No damage)


Übermensch, despite lacking any input on the world, staggers over to where he last saw Lady TNT and swings his fist, smashing into the equipment behind her as she tried her best to quietly crawl away from the scene. Der Eule pops up from the catwalk and attempts to fool The Flaming Dwarf into a bad position with a series of telekinesis-aided flips, but to little avail. With a positively Gallic shrug, Der Eule extends one hand and flattens The Flaming Dwarf to the ground with his telekinesis. Not as much fun as flying, but hey, we're getting our asses kicked here, he thought to himself.

Meanwhile, Der Hands des Todes tried to creep away from the fray, hoping to be able to summon help. At first, he thought that the slowly approaching (and purpling) Götterdämmerung had distracted them, but first a thrown set of forks just barely missed him and started arcing back around for a second attempt, then he was hit by a solid cone of force and felt no more as he and Götterdämmerung were slammed against the wall and the searing flash of flash heralded Götterdämmerung exploding again and Der hands des Todes lost consciousness. Everyone managed to brace themselves against the wave of energy except for Der Eule who was once more introduced to the wall, this time removing consciousness entirely.

Round 6
The Flaming Dwarf again fails his breakout roll with 4+6. Unaware that almost all of his companions have fallen, Übermensch tries to strike The Plastic Hunchback. He makes the miss chance and actually hits with 14+12-1, provoking a DC 27 damage save. The Plastic Hunchback rolls 17+15 and succeeds easily.
Lady TNT stands.
The Plastic Hunchback returns the favor with interest, rolling 17+7 versus the flatfooted Übermensch, provoking a DC 28 damage save. Übermensch rolls 8+11-1 and is Staggered a second time and therefore rendered unconscious.
Face Cook delays initiative until after Michael Hangman as does The Flaming Dwarf.
Götterdämmerung stands.
Götterdämmerung rolls 8+8 on his Consitution check, but it's only a matter of time before he goes down and stays down, and all of the team can keep their distance from him until it happens. Combat is essentially over.

Übermensch, unaware that he'd lost the battle already, turned and slammed his fist into The Plastic Hunchback's gut, crumpling the metal further, but having no apparent effect on The Plastic Hunchback's livelihood. The Plastic Hunchback returned the favor with a double-handed blow to the crown of Übermensch's head, causing him to stumble back, fighting to stay on his feet, before suddenly crumbling into a prone position, fortunately still breathing.
"What - what do we do with our suited friend?" rasped Lady TNT, still trying to catch her breath.
"Leave him be... he moves too slowly to harm us and eventually, he will lose his battle for oxygen," said Radar Doc, "For now, I am more concerned with figuring out how to disarm this bomb..."

The best chance is The Plastic Hunchback with his Craft (Mechanical). He rolls 4 (20 on the HP reroll) and not only disarms the bomb, but locates the cosmic detonator rod and holds it up in triumph. Meanwhile, Lillith returns with Dr. Tomorrow.

Radar Doc eyed the device and started circling it. "Odd... Plastic Hunchback, can you help me with this?" When The Plastic Hunchback joins him, Radar Doc starts pointing out various fiddly bits on the bomb. "See those gears and cams? It can only mean one thing." Radar Doc gave a long sigh. "It's a purely mechanical device, not my forte at all. Can you see what you can do?" The Plastic Hunchback nodded with the sound of scraping metal and started probing the surface with his fingers, occasionally twisting the metal of his hand into a particular shape to get at the bits further in. Lillith appeared shortly in with a fellow dressed in prison garb who, despite obvious bruising and extensive stubble, showed a great inner strength and wisdom.
"Guys, I want you to meet Dr. Tomas Morgan. When he came back from his last time travel trip, they took him prisoner. He's been here for weeks. He's brilliant should be able to help you out with —" The Plastic Hunchback deftly plucked a small plastic bar off of the assembly and tossed it to Dr. Morgan. The bomb quickly faded to a dormant state behind him. Dr. Morgan raised his eyebrows.
"I take it that this is the part of the device that made it work," his voice is rusty, but cultured. He tosses the piece back to The Plastic Hunchback, whose features warped in what would probably be a smile if he had more of a face. "Very good. Now, we must escape this island..." He walked over to the hanger door and punched a button beside it.
"Um... Doctor, are you sure you don't want to wait a bit before inviting all of the reinforcements in?" Bella said acerbically as Face Cook bandaged her wounds.
"It is not a problem, my dear girl," said Dr. Morgan as the door finished raising, showing a clear view to a beach ahead. Off in the distance, the Defenders Six could hear the shouts of German soldiers. A loud rumble sounded just off the horizon which they recognized as the aircraft they'd fought before.
"Doctor, I think you should have another think about this," started The Flaming Dwarf before he was waved back into silence.
"Everything is provided for," said Dr. Morgan as he smiled widely at the approaching dots which quickly resolved into the oncoming aircraft. He then narrowed his eyes and drew his hands to his head and squinted at them. The approaching aircraft started waver, and then to crash into each other and into the sea.
"Hah!" cried Dr. Morgan, "It works. Mein Gott, it works! My noburpolene formula works!" He turns and smiles at the Defenders Six. "The Nazi vehicles are powered by disembodied brains. Noburpolene lets me exert psychic control on them. Once I make more noburpolene for the resistance, we’ll turn the
Reich’s own weapons against it and set this world free, and we have you heroes to thank for it. Even with the noburpolene, we could use heroes of your caliber. Will you stay and join the fight for freedom?" He extends his hand to the team. Radar Doc practically has tears in his eyes, and reaches for the hand, but finds that his passes through that of Dr. Morgan's.
"I see you are being drawn to help another world," said Dr. Morgan, "God speed." As the Defenders Six faded away, Lillith looked up as the sounds of approaching German soldiers pierced the air. "How good is your formula against non-disembodied brains?" she asked. Dr. Morgan paused and reddened.
"Perhaps we should have asked them to stay longer... did you happen to find my jetpack?"
"Parts of it," Lillith said, dropping a number of pieces in front of Dr. Morgan, "They had already disassembled it for testing. How good are you at putting things back together in a hurry?"
"Hopefully, very good," said Dr. Morgan, rapidly fitting one piece to another as Lillith fired warning shots above the heads of incoming soldiers. "You'd better hope you're good at it," she murmured.

I didn't realize until the playthrough that Der Übermenschen are Nazi homages of the Freedom Fighters. Der Eule is Black Condor, Die Geist is The Phantom Lady, Der Hands des Todes is Doll Man, Götterdämmerung is The Human Bomb (that one I spotted early on but thought it was an isolated incident), Übermensch is Uncle Sam, and Der Weißer Ritter is The Ray. Huh... go figure.

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Re: Defenders Six in Time of Crisis

Postby FuzzyBoots » Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:47 pm

After five rounds of combat, the Defenders Six were left with:
Lady TNT: Bruised 1/Staggered. 3 HP
The Plastic Hunchback: No Damage, 5 HP, down 2 points of Impervious.
Face Cook: No Damage, 1 HP.
The Flaming Dwarf: Bruised 1/Injured 1/Fatigued/Shaken, 5 HP
Michael Hangman: Bruised 1/Injured 1, 2 HP
Radar Doc: Bruised 2, 6 HP

Die Übermenschen:
Übermensch: All Senses Dazzled/Bruised 2/Fatigued/Injured 1/Staggered/Unconscious
Der Eule: Bruised 4/Injured 2/Unconscious
Der Hands des Todes: Bruised 4/Injured 2/Staggered/Disabled/Unconscious
Götterdämmerung: Bruised 5/Unconscious
Die Geist: Bruised 1/Dead/Disabled/Staggered/Stunned
Der Weißer Ritter: All Senses Dazzled/Bruised 3/Injured 2/Unconscious

As usual, Lady TNT falls to a few bad toughness rolls, and The Plastic Hunchback and Radar Doc rack up HP due to their high toughness and high damage.

Everybody did well and heroically, probably to be expected against Nazis, and gain 2 pp. Most of them will spend it.

The Flaming Dwarf buys another rank of Leaping, and converts one rank to Bouncing, giving him a x5 leaping distance. Since we're getting into superhuman territory, he gains the Terminus descriptor as the energies of transport between worlds starts to affect him.
The Plastic Hunchback buys Improved Initiative and Improvised Weapons 1, and changed Chokehold to Improved Grab.
Lady TNT needs some upgrades. I'll settle for now for a Partial Visual Concealment effect (again, Terminus fueled) and moving one rank of Sneak Attack into Second Chance (Stealth).
Michael Hangman takes Second Chance (Reflex saves versus area effects) and an AP on his Suffocate power for Drain 11 (Any one ability) [Accurate].
Radar Doc is going to drop Lightning Calculator (never really used it) and a rank of Luck (taking him down to 5 HP) and he's going to buy another rank on his Radar Harness, using those extra 5 points to buy three ranks of Rapid on his Super-Senses, 1 rank of Range and an AP of Immunity (Non-Lethal Energy Damage, Lethal Energy Damage, Heat, Radiation, gravitic) [Flaw: Half-effect on damages]
Face Cook buys Speed 2 (Wheel O' Feet).

I started the battle before realizing that I'd forgotten to apply these pp, but for the most part, it won't make much difference, so I'll assume they're present if not yet noticed.
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Defenders Six in Time of Crisis: Part 3

Postby FuzzyBoots » Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:54 pm

The Defenders Six found themselves once more on the desolate planetoid. The Norn floated on the horizon, still glowing, but slightly dimmed.
"You have done wonderfully, Defenders. Erde is saved from annhilation by Omega, although its eventual future is still indeterminate," she says, "Alas, my energy is fading fast, so I must send you on to your next location."
"But wait... was that our future? You must tell us how— " said Lady TNT, lunging forward even as she faded. After they had all disappeared, the Norn quietly whispered, "Not yet, Bella. Not yet."

Defenders Six in "Monkey Business"

The trip through the void was brief, but disorienting. The blank whiteness faded, leaving the Defenders Six in a familiar location.
"I know this alley," said Lady TNT quietly, then more excitedly, "This is just blocks away from the nightclub where I work. Huh... so is this our world? A past version? A present one? It... it sounds normal."
Radar Doc consulted his Radar Harness briefly. "Yes, it would seem much more typical. Normal buildng construction techniques. But the life sign readings on the people out there... they're strange." He frowned and adjusted the settings. "They're... they're oddly dense and it looks like many of them are suffering from back injuries or scoliosis."
"Or they're all giant monkeys," said Michael Hangman quietly. Lady TNT wrinkled her brow and started to turn to ask why the non-sequitor when she caught the flash of blue at the mouth of the alley where Michael Hangman was staring.
"It's... it's a monkey," she said wonderingly, staring at the large primate who was sporting both a police uniform and a gobsmacked expression.
"I am a gorilla, for your information," stated the creature in clipped offended tones as he raised one hand from his side, revealing a futuristic gun almost hidden in his huge palm, "and I would ask that you please keep your hands in the air... aliens are you?" He craned his neck toward his radio and spoke quickly, "Officer Simmons requesting backup. Send the SCPD STARs down, will you? They... they're... I really don't know how to describe them, but you had best hurry over. Lowering the muzzle of the gun slightly so as to not directly threaten them but still keeping it ready, he spoke, "Who are you and where are you from?" The team stood in silence, still getting over the shock of a gorilla in a police uniform. Lady TNT's mouth worked soundlessly before The Flaming Dwarf beat her to the punch.
"We're the Defenders Six, buddy, and we're here to help save the world," he said, moving forward. "We mean no harm, we just —"
"I will not warn you again! Move and I will shoot," said the ape, gun levelled mostly steadily at The approaching Flaming Dwarf who immediately halted and raised his hands in the air. The rest of the team followed suit including, with a screech of rusted metal against metal, The Plastic Hunchback. The policeape's eyes widened and he frantically added into his radio, "They have a robot. I repeat, they have a robot... looks like it might have gotten damage in re-entry. Please notify the Primate Patrol immediately."
Michael Hangman grimaced and spoke, "Look, Mr. Simmons, we're really here to help. There is a bomb that —" As soon as he spoke those last words, Michael knew them to be a mistake. The Police Officer was raising his sidearm when a plate comically smashed itself over Michael Hangman's head.
"You silly little boy, tha's not the right way at all," said Face Cook, the source of the plate. She turned to the policeape and spoke, "We's travellin' heroes from another world. D'y'all have superheroes we's can talk to?" The policeape carefully, moved the sidearm between the two, but finally lowered it. "I should have known," he said ruefully, "Of course, the hideous monsters claim to be super-heroes. No doubt all of you lost your fur in a tragic nuclear accident like Gamma the Radioactive Gibbon, right?" He settled back on his haunches, gun lowered, but ready. "I'll be straight with you. I don't believe your story, but things will get sorted out when the Primate Patrol get here."
"We can lower our arms then?" asked The Flaming Dwarf sardonically.
"Go ahead. But slowly!" the policeape said. Behind him, a crowd was beginning to gather behind him which seemed to be composed of a wide variety of primates. Radar Doc started as he scan the field of elongated faces.
"Good heavens," he said in a whispered tone, "There is almost every species of primate save humans out there. Mandrills, gorillas, gibbons... I think I even see a Lemur perched on that light pole there. I can think of little that might explain this other than this being a world where humanity never existed and somehow, intelligence occured in all other primates simultaneously, possibly as the result of a monolith event... which assuming that there is no prejudice against species, unlikely with the sheer number represented, means that this Primate Patrol is likely composed of examples of each species, exemplars of each, possibly with super-powers, especially given the way that they were mentioned when—"
"Wait, Doc," said Lady TNT, holding one hand up, "Summary for those of us who barely passed high school?"
"The Primate Patrol probably is holding the device," Radar Doc said simply.

Diplomacy roll of 2+7 won't help budge the Hostile attitude. Face Cook will get a chance to try to improve things with a last-second attempt, but otherwise this will lead to fighting. And 15+7 brings the officer up to Unfriendly. Face Cook gets an HP for managing to avert disaster peacefully. And we'll give Michael one for trying his darndest. Coincidentally, that also awards HP to the two people who need them the most.

Radar Doc uses his Eidetic Memory for Knowledge (Life Sciences) and rolls 16+6 which lets him pick out the different species. It also triggers his Conspiracy Theory theory which he'll use for a Knowledge (History) to make an educated guess on how this world works. Another 16+6 means it triggers again which he'll use on Gather Information to infer information on where the Cosmic Bomb would be taken. 12+6 is sufficient for basic info.

"Ah," said Michael Hangman, "So it would be best for us to cooperate and wait for this 'Primate Patrol' to appear."
"Indeed," said Radar Doc. After a moment or two of silence, he said in an excited whisper, "This is truly amazing though... can you imagine what scientists could learn about human development from this?"
The team remained largely quiet as they heard oncoming vehicles and soon saw more policeapes, these in more substantial and futuristic armor, relieve the original policeape and take positions, guns at the ready. The sound of a bit of crumbling masonry caused Lady TNT to glance up, seeing that policeapes bearing more bulky rifles had taken position clinging to the masonry.
"Don't look now, but we have snipers in position," said Lady TNT out of the corner of her mouth.
"Really? Where?" said Radar Doc as he craned his neck and spotted them "Oh, hey," he said, waving at them.
"I said to not look now," said Lady TNT flatly, rolling her eyes.
"Fat chance of that," said The Flaming Dwarf as he walked up to the group, "So, I saw we give this 'Primate Patrol' another minute or so and then we do what needs done to find the Cosmic Bo- er, Device." Fortunately, he was not given time to elaborate on what might "need to be done" for there was a sudden pop of air and a chimpanzee dressed in bright orange Nomex appeared in front of them, giving the group a questioning look with his face at a 90-degree angle. Behind him, one of the policeapes stepped forward and flowed into the form of a mandrill clad in muted green silk robes. He stepped to the side of the chimpanzee, radiating a serenity and wisdom at odds with his garishly colored face. An orangutan clad in a long hooded cloak floated down from the sky as a pair of impossibly long legs arced over the crowd, flowing into the form of a masked gibbon whoses limbs briefly shrank back to normal sizes as he examined the Defenders Six. Finally, a quiet humming was heard as a mechanical chair bearing a silver-backed gorilla appeared around the corner and floated over the crowd to land in front of the assembled primates.
"Greetings," said the figure in the chair, "And welcome, heroes, to Earth. Where might you have come from?"

Good question... does Dr. Simian exist in the Defenders Six's Golden Age timeframe? We'll argue that he's modern, but appeared in a time travel excursion or two, meaning that it's at least a DC 20 to recognize him from the history books. Radar Doc rolls 1+6 and fails. The other five roll untrained checks for 20, 13+1, 14+3, 5+1, and 3+1. That will mean that only The Flaming Dwarf recognizes him for who he is.

The Flaming Dwarf drew in a startled breath and stepped forward. "That's... he's been on our world before. Dr. Simian. Something about making a monkey out of all of humanity. Some mysterious figures drove him off with the help of the Freedom Brigade." After a pause, he turns to his team, "Oh, don't be surprised! They were thinking of optioning it for a movie and I was going to be cast as one of the monkey minions, at least before the State Department came in and suggested they can it for reasons of state security, something about temporal paradox." The Flaming Dwarf shrugged and said, "But, all of that aside, he's a villain on our world... at least some time in the future." He turned to the rest of the Primate Patrol. "How long has he been with you? He didn't suddenly show up and —"
"He was among the first," said the Mandrill quietly, stepping forward, "The first to realize that this world needed defenders. He helped assemble us as a force of good. He has our trust."
"Yeah, what he said," spoke the chimpanzee, who periodically blurred in movement as he got bored with standing still, "Doc Simian is a true hero, through and through."
"Agreed," said the figure in armor, "Without him, I never would have succeeded with my Iron Monkey design." The gibbon and the orangutan nodded their corresponding affirmation.
"Well, this is another world, sounds like a different time too," Lady TNT ventured, "And we only have Flaming Dwarf's secondhand word that he's a villain... maybe he was just misunderstood." A rusty rasping sound indicated The Plastic Hunchback nodding in agreement. Radar Doc stepped forward with one hand extended toward the Primate Patrol.
"Fellow heroes, we are from an Earth unlike yours where we are the dominant primate species. An evil force has planted cosmic energy devices on alternate worlds with the intent of sett them off and destroying the multiverse as we know it. Has a sphere approximately 20 feet in diameter, glowing red and black, appeared on this world?"
"It has indeed," said Dr. Simian, gesturing to the figure in the armor, "It was recovered by the navy after splashing down in the Apelantic Ocean and Iron Monkey and I have been studying it to determine what it means and how to deal with it. I would be very happy for your assistance."

Bluff roll of 6+3 is easily beat by Lady TNT's Sense Motive roll of 4+13 and she knows there's something fishy about Dr. Simian's story.

"That would be lovely," said Lady TNT, beating Radar Doc to the punch, "Please, show us to your lab." Something's fishy about this, she thought, And I think it's best we keep an eye on this supposed non-villain.
"Certainly," said Radar Doc slightly stiffly, "I am certain that we will be able to offer you aid."
*With your permission,* a deeping booming voice in the heads said, *I, Brainiape, will convey all of you within my force bubble* The orangutan waves his hand at the team, revealing himself to be the source of the voice.
"That will be... satisfactory," said Michael Hangman hesitantly. We are placing much trust in this group, but I should follow my team's lead. Brainiape extended his hand and a glowing globe surrounded the team, holding them steady in the center and hidden from public view, as they were carried to Dr. Simian's lab.
"I hope we know what we're doing here," muttered The Flaming Dwarf as he stared at the coruscating energy around him.
"Trust me," said Lady TNT with a wink, "I think this is the best way to gain access to the device."
Radar Doc let out a long sigh, "You're up to something. But, then again, why should I be surprised at that?"

The trip to the labs was not long and soon, the team is gently deposited to a metal floor and the bubble about them disappears, showing them to be in front of a set of massive double doors which opened before them, revealing a lift.
"I am sorry for having escorted you here with such secrecy." The team whirled about to see the Primate Patrol arrayed behind them, the Chimpanzee looking particularly bored. Dr. Simian smiled, having been the one who'd spoken. "There are many evil factors in this world and, with the possible destructive nature of this device, I did not want to reveal the location of our secret lair. Please, enter the lift."
The lift was large enough for all of them and soon it was descending smoothly. As it did so, the rubbery-looking gibbon stretched his head over to Lady TNT and eyed her.
"I've seen ones like you before," he said. After a slight pause, he added, "Of course, this was during fraternity hazing after the freshmen got introduced to shaving razors after they fell asleep." He smiled at her, his face stretching further than the confines of this skull.
"Fair enough," said Lady TNT, "Given the last time I saw someone like you was also at fraternity hazing. Of course, that was Bill 'Gorilla' Hanson. Boy was a starting quarterback and built like someone took a brick outhouse, covered it in glue, and rolled it through some hair. Thick, bit of a hick, built like a brick, but slick with chicks and quick on the field. Bit of a dick off-field though." The rubbery form before her curved his face into more of a smile and laughed in a bubbly tone.
"Ah, a fellow practitioner of comedic time," he said, his body walking up to join his face. "I'm Elastigibbon. I've often wished I could go back to such simple joys."
"Heh, I consider most of this superhero business as a joke," said Lady TNT, "The pay certainly is, one of the reasons I still run my nightclub act. That and it's a good source of information. Amazing how much people will say to a pretty face."
"I know your pain," said Elastigibbon, his face briefly contorting into a parody of fine cheeckbones and over-stuffed lips, "Fortunately, Metamorph is the one with said painful face, eh Metamorph?" The Mandrill turned his head their way and suddenly shifted into the form of an elaborately made up heavyset female gorilla.
"I have no idea what you're talking about," he said, the voice remaining completely the same with very little affect, "Have I not always been the woman of your dreams?" This caused Elastigibbon to explode into another torrent of laughter.
"Heh... sorry, inside joke between the two of us. Hey, looks like we're just about on the bottom floor." Seconds later, the elevator softly chimed and the doors opened, revealing the interior of a large subterranean complex and the ominous form of the cosmic-energy bomb.
"Wow," said The Flaming Dwarf as he stepped forward and stared at the distant ceiling of the underground complex.
"Makes you feel small, huh?" said Lady TNT and extended her hand. Twenty feet away, Elastigibbon gave her a high-five. The Flaming Dwarf turned and scowled amiably at her.
"Yes, the scale of the construction is such that we have to actively monitor the humidity to avoid developing weather systems in the upper rafters," said Dr. Simian as his mechanical chair start slowly hovering toward the bomb. "Now one among you has the skill to disable this, correct?" The Plastic Hunchback lurched forward and raised one hand. "Excellent, now if you step forward and point out the location of the part of device to disable it..." As The Plastic Hunchback starts to step forward again, Lady TNT shouts, "Wait! There's something he's not saying!" Suddenly, she became aware that the lab was oddly silent. Turning, she sees that the Primate Patrol is standing stiffly in place, eyes glazed over.
"You cannot be allowed to interfere," they said in eerie unison and began to step forward...

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Defenders Six in Time of Crisis: Part 3b

Postby FuzzyBoots » Tue Sep 21, 2010 2:08 pm

^_^ Again, I've spotted an error in how I've been handling things. The Flaming Dwarf's Improved Grab shouldn't work on people bigger than him. Since his small size is almost aesthetic, I'm going to ignore that for now.

Dr. Simian's Bluff of 12+3 versus Lady TNT's 9+13 is little contest. The Team will not have to worry about a surprise round. But, Initiative!
Chimpanzoom: 4+47
Elastigibbon: 20+5
Metamorph: 14+10
Michael Hangman: 19+3
Face Cook: 20+2
Brainiape: 14+1
The Plastic Hunchback: 9+5
Lady TNT: 4+5
Radar Doc: 6+2
The Flaming Dwarf: 1+4
Dr. Simian: 2+2
Iron Monkey: 2+1

Looks like part of the Primate Patrol gets an initial jump on the Defenders Six, but will have to hope they can take the team out quickly because they're up right after.

Immediately, Chimpanzoom blurred away, reappearing by a tray of instruments which he flung in rapid succession, most of the shots flying over the ducking Plastic Hunchback or harmlessly bouncing off of him. In what must have been a synchronized team maneuver, Elastigibbon took the opportunity of the Plastic Hunchback's distraction to run up and grab him with one suddenly massive fist, squeezing the rusted golem hard enough that the rest of the team could hear metal crunch. Reacting with his usual aplomb and lack of regard for safety, The Plastic Hunchback began methodically hammering at the enclosing fist, eventually incidentally striking true against the teko pressure point at the base of the thumb. Elastigibbon's face opened in a silent shriek of pain as his fist smote the ground, still holding The Plastic Hunchback, but much more loosely.
"Great Kali, what—" Michael Hangman's imprecation was interrupted by Metamorph's knuckle punch to his floating rib. He doubled over, but forced himself to roll back with the hit, fading from view. Even as Metamorph dove into the crowd of panicking scientists, Michael Hangman felt the rage of Kali swell within him.
"Fear!" The sound of Michael Hangman's voice seared through those by the door, everyone but his teammates, causing the Primate Patrol to shiver as primal fears crawled up their spines. Brainiape and Dr. Simian easily shook off the effect, but Chimpanzoom looked ready to run, Elastigibbon's eyes had rolled up into his head, and the last two found themselves unable to stop shaking. Capitalizing on the distraction, Face Cook wheeled about and threw a custard pie at Dr. Simian who easily ducked the projectile.

Sneaking away from the melee, Brainiape focused on The Flaming Dwarf, who was still darting his head about, trying to size up targets. *You are under my thrall,* said the psychic simian, *relax and let me do the thinking.* The Flaming Dwarf's head dipped down to his breastbone as his psyche gave way.
"Charlie!" Lady TNT yelled, before tossing a smoke bomb to her feet from which it billowed thick black smoke. If they can't see us... She pulled her thermal goggles over her eyes and contemplated her options. Too many civilians around to properly use the bombs... except maybe as a scare tactic? She attached a movement sensor to one of her bombs and gently lobbed it to Dr. Simian's hover-chair where it magnetically attached and activated.
"Move, Dr. Simian, and my bomb will blow you to pieces," she shouted. Still staring straight ahead, Dr. Simian's agile hands combed his chair and deftly plucked off the proximity sensor without disturbing the explosives in the least. Well damn, thought Lady TNT. Meanwhile, Radar Doc circled behind the two simian scientists he'd been discussing theory with, and sent out a brief EMP cone in their direction, hoping to at least slow down their devices. Dr. Simian's hover chair slowly lowered to the ground, but that was the only visible effect, at least until Iron Monkey shot up into the air and started raining repulsor blasts to either side of Radar Doc, bracketing him, but missing him completely.

Round 1

Chimpanzoom can't use his Area Attacks without hitting his teammates, so he starts by The Plastic Hunchback who looks most formidable and has identified himself as the one to defuse the bomb. Rapid Attack for 3+7 and he misses!
Elastigibbon will walk forward, growing in size up to Gargantuan with each step, and try to grab The Plastic Hunchback. 19+10-4 will hit. Grapple checks of Elastigibbon's 11+20+12 versus The Plastic Hunchback's 10+25 means The Plastic Hunchback is grappled. Elastigibbon chooses to inflict unarmed damage for a DC of 30! The Plastic Hunchback rolls 12+15 and is merely Bruised, but it's his first damage in the adventure!
Metamorph will strike Michael Hangman to his side with PA 3. 13+10-3 will hit for a DC of 29. Michael Toughness roll of 13+9 would leave him Stunned/Bruised, but he spends an HP to immediately shake off the stun. Metamorph then melts into the crowd of scientists and changes his form to theirs.
Michael Hangman will fade from view, move behind the rest of the group and then fire off his fear attack, excepting his teammates from the effect. The scientists automatically fail their will saves and continue Panicking. The Primate Patrol's rolls: Br: 20+14 (no effect), CZ: 8+3 (Frightened), DS: 20+10 (no effect), EG: 1+6 (panicked), IM: 13+3 (Shaken), Me: 11+8 (Shaken)
Face Cook moves out into the room and lobs one of her pies at Dr. Simian. 7+12 will hit the flatfooted primate. His Reflex save of 17+8 will avoid the effect though.
Brainiape will run toward the side of the room and use Mind Control on The Flaming Dwarf. 18+10 versus 10+6 isn't much of a contest, but Brainiape does not have actions enough to command The Flaming Dwarf.
The Plastic Hunchback will do his unarmed damage as an AoA 5 attack against Elastigibbon, forgoing his grapple check. 10+7+5 will hit for a DC 28 damage save. 5+11 leaves Elastigibbon staggered/stunned! His Concentration check of 15+5 results in him shrinking back to Growth 10, which puts him at a Toughness of +10. His Knockback modifier is still -13, so there's no Knockback.
Lady TNT drops her smoke bomb. Her regular bombs are currently dangerous to use due to the techs running about, so she throws a sticky proximity mine (Only a 10-foot radius, but rank 8) onto Doc Simian's chair, yelling that the bomb will go off if he moves.
Radar Doc maneuvers to the other side of Doc Simian and Iron Monkey and fires off his EMP Pulse, hoping to disable the two scientists more or less peacefully. Their reflex saves are 8+8 (Half), and 6+3 (Full) Respectively. His Nullify roll is 18+7 and their resistance rolls are 16 and 17 respectively which means that Dr. Simian loses Flight only and Iron Monkey loses his Communication and his Super-Strength.
The Flaming Dwarf does nothing, having not yet received a command.
Dr. Simian attempts to disarm the bomb on the side of his Hover Chair. He first has to notice it and he'll be at -4 for the smoke. 11+13-4 and he can see it! His Craft(Mechanical) is sufficient for anything but a 1. And a 20+20-4 will easily disable the movement sensor.
Dr. Simian rolls a 1+9 on his Concentration check to maintain control over this thralls! He fails by 5, so there's two of them set free. Rolling randomly, we wind up with Brainiape and Metamorph. They're stunned, but they'll roll Will saves on their round to break it. Their Concentration checks are 3+17 and 6+17 respectively which means they keep their effects up.
Iron Monkey rises out of the smoke cloud to a height of 100 feet and blasts Radar Doc with his force beams. 4+11-2 will miss.

With a shriek of alarm, Chimpanzoom is a blur of motion as he runs to the back of the room and back and forth on the walls, finally landing in one corner, cowering in fear.
"Huh," said Lady TNT, "Never had that effect on a monkey before..." Meanwhile, Michael Hangman strode toward Dr. Simian, secure in his psychic invisibility. Much to his chagrin, the ape turned and faced him. In his shock, his attempt to land an open-handed blow on the gorilla caught only air. The Plastic Hunchback slipped free of the slack fingers of Elastigibbon and ran in with a similarly ineffective attack. Michael Hangman found himself wondering if it were a trick of the light, but for a moment, he thought that the otherwise blank face of Dr. Simian curled up in a slight smirk as the attacks missed.
"No good, double-crossing monkey!" cried Face Cook as she winged a wok at Brainiape who didn't move at all as the metal pan caromed off of the side of his head. The damn thing looks even more dazed than before, thought Face Cook as she closed in, frying pan raised for a follow-up strike.

Meanwhile, Lady TNT pushed herself back against the wall and quietly slipped through the shadows. Odd, she thought, glancing down at her arm, The goggles must not be working right... my arm looks all blurry. Shaking her head to clear her mind of such silly notions, she hurled a pipe bomb at Elastigibbon's head where it exploded with a commendable lightshow, but with no apparent damage. She glanced about and noticed that The Flaming Dwarf still hadn't moved from his previous location. Now that's strange... someone must have caught him with some effect. Well, he doesn't look like he's hurting yet, at least. Off to one side, both Dr. Simian and Iron Monkey opened up on Michael Hangman and The Plastic Hunchback. The Plastic Hunchback was able to intercept most the shots and reeled slightly as the blasts pounded him back, but ultimately, both he and Michael Hangman stood, battered and a little bruised but standing.

Round 2
Chimpanzoom flees for the back of the room at top speed, which is pretty darn fast.
Elastigibbon is stunned.
Metamorph rolls 11+8 and remains stunned.
Will saves versus the Fear effect are CZ: 13+3 (merely Shaken now), EG: 5+6 (merely Frightened), IM: 1+3 (still Shaken), Me: 1+8 (still Shaken).
Michael Hangman will draw near to Dr. Simian with his Move Action. Since he's within 5 feet, Dr. Simian gets both a DC 20 Notice check to notice his presence as well as a DC 20 Will Save to negate the Concealment entirely. 15+13 and 13+10 means he can see Michael Hangman just fine. Still Michael Hangman gets to make his touch Drain attack, targeting Wisdom in this case. A natural 1 will miss.
Face Cook attempts to brain Brainiape with a wok. 5+12 will hit the flatfooted orangutan provoking a DC 23 Toughness save. He rolls 9+11 and is Bruised. She then moves into melee range using her Speed.
The Flaming Dwarf rolls 3+6 on his Will save and fails to break free. Brainiape rolls 3+14 and remains stunned.
The Plastic Hunchback moves to beside Dr. Simian and takes a swing using AoA 5. A natural 1 will miss.
The smoke cloud shrinks to 17.5 feet in radius. Lady TNT activates her Partial concealment, throws a bomb at Elastigibbon's head, setting it to go off on impact (restricting the radius enough that it only hits him since he's still quite tall), and tries to re-Stealth with a roll of 20+15-10. Notice rolls from the villains are EG: 10+11, Me: 5+14-3, IM: 8+1, DS: 2+13-5, BA: 2+17-7, CZ: too far away to make the check, FD: 7+8. No one knows where she wound up. Reflex save of 7+6 (full). Toughness save of 16+10 for no damage.
Radar Doc angles his Radar Gun up at Iron Monkey and uses his Sonic Shatter. The armor loses 7 Toughness right away. The damage is soaked due to the armor still having a toughness save of 29 and Iron Monkey having Impervious 10.
The Flaming Dwarf is still enthralled and therefore does nothing.
Dr. Simian will ascend to 100 feet in the air and split attack The Plastic Hunchback and Michael Hangman with his Blast for 6 and 6. 10+11 will hit both of them. It's under The Plastic Hunchback's Impervious (which he loses a point of). Michael Hangman rolls 2(HP rerolled to 13+9) and is unharmed.
Dr. Simian rolls another Concentration check. 16+9 maintains his Mind Control readily enough.
Iron Monkey uses his Repulsor blasts on The Plastic Hunchback. 10+11 hits forcing a Toughness save of DC 26. The Plastic Hunchback rolls 3 (HP rerolled to 12)+15-1 and is undamaged.

By the end of the round, the Defenders Six are definitely taking their lumps, but two of the Primate Patrol have slipped out of Mind Control...

Chimpanzoom shook his head, mostly free of the fear effects but still trembling, and rounded the room, leaping for The Plastic Hunchback in a flying two-fisted strike. At the last moment, his toe caught in a crack on the floor and he flew awry past the melted golem whereupon he continued to the other side of the room in preparation to strike again. Meanwhile, Elastigibbon stumbled to his feet, staring blearily at the room as he struggled to get away from the fearful presence in the room, and Metamorph continued to stand stunned by the Clean Room, attempting to flush the last vestiges of the Mind Control from his head by sheer force of will, and failing. Michael Hangman, realizing his lack of ability to harm the two flying monkeys, quickly rushed into the rapidly dispersing smoke cloud and forced himself to drop his veil of shadows and bring it back up, hoping that it would last this time. Iron Monkey detected a brief blip within the cloud, but lost Michael again as he rushed out of the other side concealed once more.

Face Cook, seeing Brainiape apparently stunned by her prior blow with the Wok, pulls out a frying pan and begins a barrage on the stunned psychic, sending the Orangutan into blissful oblivion punctuated by comely chimps and mounds of bananas.
"Try to shake that one off!" yelled Face Cook, brandishing her frying pan like it was Excalibur, unaware that she'd taken out a potential ally. She then ran back toward the center of the room in a wheel of feet, hoping to possibly catch up to Chimpanzoom the next time he streaked by. Jogging alongside her as she accelerated was The Plastic Hunchback, who started sizing up the computers by the Cosmic Bomb for improvised thrown object potential. The smoke bomb continued to disperse, soon revealing Radar Doc, who ran to position himself under the two floating simians, his approach punctuated by Lady TNT's thrown bomb which did little other than jostle the two. Once beneath them, he adjusted his Radar Gun to fire out a cone of pure force and fired up at them. Iron Monkey remained unswayed, but Dr. Simian's hover-chair suddenly shot up and crashed down with a resounding bang beside Radar Doc, who barely managed to step out of the way. Still strapped to his chair, Dr. Simian, blindly clawed at his restraints and mumbled, "The ray..." Radar Doc turned a concerned eye up at the hovering Iron Monkey, but the iron-clad figure continued to hover in place.

Round 3

Chimpanzoom crosses the room once more and uses his Strike on The Plastic Hunchback (His Will save of 6+3 is insufficient for him to notice Michael Hangman). Attack roll of 1 will miss. He continues on to the corner of the room.
Elastigibbon stands as a Move action.
Metamorph rolls 2+8-2 on his Will save and continues to fail to shake the Stun.
Will saves versus the Fear effects are CZ: 8+3 (still Shaken), EG: 6+6 (still Frightened), IM: 7+3 (still Shaken), Me: 6+8 (still Shaken)
Michael Hangman will move into the smoke cloud, drop his Concealment, restore it, and exit out of the other side.
Face Cook uses her Frying Pan attack on the stunned Brainiape, not realizing that the stunned psychic is actually now on her side. 10+10 beats Brainiape's stunned defense by 7, which is enough for the full +5 damage bonus, bringing it up to DC 30. Brainiape rolls 11+1 and is Unconscious. Face Cook then moves closer to the center of the room in hopes of being able to catch up to Chimpanzoom the next time he goes by.
The Flaming Dwarf rolls 2+6 for his Will Save and still remains enthralled.
The Plastic Hunchback double-moves to the rack of computers by the Cosmic bomb in preparation for grabbing them and using them as projectiles.
The cloud of smoke shrinks to a 10 foot radius, revealing a startled Radar Doc. Lady TNT hurls a bomb between Dr. Simian and Iron Monkey, catching them in its Rank 8 blast. The Reflex DC is only 6 because they're a bit over one range increment away. Reflex saves of IM: 4+3 (Full) and DS: 19+8 (Half). Toughness saves against DC 23 and 19 are IM: 8+11 (Bruised), DS: 8+17 (No damage/Under Impervious). Her restealth attempt is 16+15-10. For now, we'll roll Notice checks for Dr. Simian and Iron Monkey of IM: 7+1 and DS: 18+13-10. Dr. Simian just barely sees her, but he does see her.
Radar Doc will move under the two in the air and use his Concussion Blast on them. Reflex saves of IM: 18+3 (Half) and DS: 8+8 (Full). Toughness saves of 17+11-1 (No Damage) and 2+17 (Bruised / Stunned!). Dr. Simian rolls for Concentration 1+9 and loses all of his Sustained abilities. This Knockback could get painful... technically, it's straight up followed by a drop, which would expose him to huge amounts of falling damage, but we'll limit it to the Knockback value of 12 for a DC of 27. He rolls 16+5-1 and only acquires another Bruised status. His failed Concentration check will also free two more of the Primate Patrol. Randomly rolling yields Chimpanzoom and Iron Monkey who are now stunned.
Iron Monkey rolls 6+3 and fails to shake off his stunned status. His Concentration check of 11+1 shuts down much of his suit's abilities, but keeps him hovering in place at least.

Chimpanzoom suddenly halted in place and pawed at his face as the mind control lost its grip on him, but left him adrift mentally. Further away, Elastigibbon grew, ran, and shrank once more, but his doll-sized form was suddenly encircled by the loop of Michael Hangman's lasso. I feel silly doing this, Michael Hangman thought, but magic makes it work anyhow... Face Cook rapidly approached the fallen form of Dr. SImian and hammered him about the head and shoulders with her frying pan. As he slumped into unconsciousness, Dr. Simian's hand released a deadman's switch and the team saw nothing but a sizzling green light, then all went dark.

Round 4

Chimpanzoom rolls 4+3 and fails to shake off the stun.
Elastigibboon goes back to his full height and travels 45 feet away from the team, and then shrinks to his smallest size so as to present a smaller target.
Metamorph rolls 6+8-2 and remains stunned.
Will saves versus the Fear effects are CZ: 8+3 (still Shaken), EG: 2+6 (still Frightened), IM: 16+3 (free of effect), Me: 3+8 (still Shaken)
Michael Hangman moves toward the shrunk Elastigibbon and throws his punjab lasso. 13+9 will hit since Elastigibbon is unaware of his presence. Elastigibbon's Fortitude check of 7+6 means he's suffocating.
Face Cook closes to where Dr. Simian is and uses her Autofire attack. 10+10 will give her the full +5 Damage bonus, presenting a DC of 30. He rolls 2+5-2 and is Unconscious, triggering the De-volver Ray as he falls, ending combat by Fiat, granting everyone an HP.

At the end of the battle:
Lady TNT: No Damage. 4 HP
The Plastic Hunchback: Bruised 1, 5 HP, down 2 points of Impervious.
Face Cook: No Damage, 2 HP.
The Flaming Dwarf: Enthralled, 6 HP
Michael Hangman: Bruised 1, 1 HP
Radar Doc: Bruised 2, 7 HP

Elastigibbon: Staggered, Frightened
Brainiape: Bruised 1, Unconscious
Iron Monkey: [Armor -7 toughness], Bruised
Doc Simian: Bruised 2, Unconscious
Metamorph: Shaken
Chimpanzoom: Unhurt, Shaken
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Defenders Six in Time of Crisis: Part 3c

Postby FuzzyBoots » Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:22 pm

The Flaming Dwarf groaned and pushed himself to his feet, noting absently that the ground seemed awfully close even when he was back on his feet. He set back on his haunches and peered up at equipment which seemed to have grown immensely.
"Guys, I think something's gone wrong," he said, scrubbing his face with one gloved paw. One... paw? His eyes widened, making the world wash out in a blast of hot light before he narrowed them again to a comfortable level. He stared down at his suddenly tiny body, improbably still dressed in his flame suit despite the change in size.
"I'm... I'm a monkey," he said in a stunned tone.

Yes, I couldn't resist making The Flaming Dwarf even tinier... he's a Tarsier which gives him another 8 ranks of Shrinking, putting him at Diminutive. The others turn into generic apes because I don't really feel like putting more effort in it. That and I'm half worried I'll accidentally do something with Face Cook to have her come off as even more of a caricature.

"Technically speaking, you are a tarsier," said the professorial tones of Radar Doc. The Flaming Dwarf automatically turned his head to look at Radar Doc and simultaneously found that his head could turn almost 180 degrees, but the suit was somewhat less forgiving as he found himself staring into the side of the hood of the suit. Without thinking, he hopped to one side, rotating his body to face the resident scientist of the team, who was now sporting brownish fur under his Radar Harness.
"Yes, I believe that most of the rest of us were turned into apes of various sorts. Goodness only knows what Plastic Hunchback got turned into," Radar Doc said, gesturing toward the rusty form of melted metal who was currently knuckle-walking around the lab, "I think it may be a gorilla... nevertheless, we all seem to have been... transformed. Strangely enough, our costumes seem to have been transformed with us and—"
"Dey're out cold, boss," said Face Cook, looking up from the Primate Patrol, whom she was investigating with an oversized stethoscope, "Ah don't think we's gonna get help from them."
Radar Doc smiled, his mouth stretching in a display of bared teeth. "Thank you, Face Cook, now as I was about to say, this transformation seems to be—"
"The bomb's gone. Dr. Simian's the only one missing and I think he triggered the device. I can tell by the smell of the room that he didn't leave through the door," said Lady TNT, her Bonobo form looking strange under her miniskirt and domino mask, "The trails leads to... here." She palm-walked her way to a section of floor and tapped on it. "Through here."

9+3 for the Intelligence check to do something intelligent, 17+11 for the Notice check to detect Dr. Simian didn't leave through the main door, 20+3 for the Search check nets the secret door.

Radar Doc sighed and rolled his eyes. Obviously, no one is interested in listening, he thought to himself. He awkwardly walked over to the panel in question and scanned the machinery around it.
"This, I think, should do it," he said, punching a series of buttons. The floor began to slide out and soon the team was gathered around it, a motley crew of furry heroes.
"Michael Hangman and Lady TNT, take point, try not to be seen. We'll be not far behind. Come on, team, let's get to the bottom of this." Michael Hangman, still concealed under his robes but standing a good half feet shorter in his bowed form, nodded and vanished. Lady TNT stayed standing there, staring into space, her mouth open.
"Lady TNT? Are you alright?" Radar Doc asked?
"Huh? Fine. I just... I had this sudden urge for a banana smoothie. I'm sure it's nothing." Lady TNT turned and her outline blurred as she moved into the shadows. Radar Doc frowned and waited briefly before following. This... this is unlike her. She's usually the most focused of us, he thought, Perhaps these forms are more worrying than I thought...

17+6 to maintain his wits. Taking 10 on his Craft (Electronics), he easily triggers the exit. The process of doing this has taken about one round. Michael Hangman and Lady TNT roll 12+1 and 5+3. Lady TNT is dazed. Michael activates his Concealment while Lady TNT stands there. Everyone loses a point of intelligence and a point of Charisma. Lady TNT's next intelligence roll is 19+2 and her Stealth roll is 18+15+2 which makes her pretty close to invisible. It will take the team another two rounds to get to the sub-basement, meaning their Intelligence and Charisma goes down again.

Soon, Michael Hangman and Lady TNT reached the end of the corridor. There, before a mess of monitor screens, Dr. Simian is perched on his hover-chair.
"You fools fell for my plan," he gloated, "And now that I control this cosmic energy bomb, you will have no choice but to surrender to me. And don't think I won't detonate this device. Oh no... I have spent far too long on this insipid planet, lulling you into a false sense of security. I would rather die than spend another day pandering to the pedestrian pablum of the general populace. Now, Mr. President, I believe you were the first to want to surrender," he said with an evil grin, gesturing at one monitor. "I assure you that my terms will be—" he cut off his words as he caught an unfamiliar scent and instinctively turned his chair to absorb the force of Lady TNT's blast.
"Now that wasn't nice now, you bi—" his words were cut off by Michael Hangman's invisible hand which struck Dr. Simian's face with the cold of the grave behind it. Dr. Simian powered past the drain, feeling only slightly weak,

Intelligence checks by Michael Hangman and Lady TNT are 20+0 and 9+2. Dr. Simian rolls 4+10 and doesn't beat Michael Hangman's Concealment effect. They get a surprise round. Lady TNT will throw one of her trademark explosives onto him, for which he will not be flatfooted due to her not covering her scent (although he will be surprised), whereupon Michael Hangman will dash forward and try to drain his constitution.
His Reflex save versus the explosive is 17+8, enough for half effect, which brings it under his Impervious.
Michael Hangman's attack roll is 20 for a crit! So that's a DC 28 Fortitude save with Sneak Attack and Critial damage! Dr. Simian rolls 19+8 and only takes one point of Constitution damage!

Initiative rolls:
The Plastic Hunchback: 17+7
Michael Hangman: 19+5
Lady TNT: 14+7
Radar Doc: 12+4
Face Cook: 8+4
Dr. Simian: 8+2
The Flaming Dwarf: 3+6

The Defenders Six other than Lady TNT and Michael Hangman will take another round to get there.

Michael Hangman swung again, Dr. Simian again feeling the chill of the grave stealing his vitality, before backing away, secure in his invisibility. Lady TNT followed up by throwing an explosive behind Dr. Simian, but found that he readily turned his chair to block the brunt of the blast and faced her squarely, teeth baring back in a savage snarl as he opened up upon her. She reflexively ducked as the shots arced through the blur of her prior position.
"You'll have to try harder than that, banana-breath," she taunted him as she ducked and rolled to an opposite side of the room.

Round 1
Intelligence checks of 14+0 and 9+2 mean both Michael Handman and Lady TNT will act.
Michael Hangman attacks with his Drain again for Constitution. 14+5 will hit the flat-footed Dr. Simian for a DC 23 Fortitude save for which he rolls 10+7 and loses another 6 points of Constitution.
Lady TNT tosses her explosive to land behind Dr. Simian and try to avoid catching Michael Hangman in the radius. 18+8 will foil the blast, though. Her re-stealth roll is 4+15+2-10. Her Second Chance is 20(!)+15+2-10 versus Dr. Simian's 20(!)+13. He sees her.
Dr. Simian fires his chair's guns at the revealed Lady TNT. His miss chance roll is 18 and the shot goes wide.

"Alright, frontal assault, everyone!" Radar Doc called and stepped to one side to let The Plastic Hunchback lead the way. No such charge ensued. Hearing the banging of metal behind him, he turned and saw Face Cook had pulled out a set of pots and was banging them against each other while The Plastic Hunchback and The Flaming Dwarf, the latter blazing like a miniature torch, circling each other. As he opened his mouth to speak, The Plastic Hunchback started stomping. For a moment, it looked like The Flaming Dwarf would become a Flaming Pancake, but he scurried out at the last moment and rebounded off of the wall, slamming into The Plastic Hunchback's face and bouncing back into position, chittering loudly.
"For crying out loud, people..." Radar Doc said, palming his face. Behind him Michael Hangman took another swing at Dr. Simian, but missed as the chair-borne gorilla suddenly shot up into the air and fired at Radar Doc and Michael Hangman, the blast being absorbed by Radar Doc's new shielding capabilities on his Radar Harness, but leaving Michael Hangman stumbling backwards, his robe smoking slightly.
"Great, half of my team has gone crazy," mumbled Radar Doc as he squeezed off a shot in Dr. Simian's direction and missed, "And this with The Plastic Hunchback being our best hope for disabling this bomb too."

Round 2
Intelligence checks of PH: 4+0, MH: 20+0, LT: 13+2, RD: 8+5, FC: 5+0, and TFD: 2-1 means only Michael Hangman, Lady TNT, and Radar Doc will be acting this round while Face Cook starts banging pans together and The Flaming Dwarf and The Plastic Hunchback start taking swats at each other in dominance behavior.
The Plastic Hunchback swings for The Flaming Dwarf. 14+7 misses The Dwarf by 4 which is considered an Area Attack. The Flaming Dwarf's reflex save is 12+10+2 versus a DC of 23 and just barely squeaks by for no damage due to Evasion.
Michael Hangman will again step in and try to sap Dr. Simian's constitution. We'll give Dr. Simian a second will save for 19+10 which means Michael Hangman will not be getting a sneak attack. 6+5 will miss.
Lady TNT tries again for an explosive attack. 17+8 for a Reflex save drops it under Impervious.
Radar Doc can't use his Area Attacks for fear of hitting Michael Hangman, so he'll just use his regular Irradiate blast. 8+10-4 will miss. He changes his Radar Harness into his new defensive configuration to ward off strange energies.
Dr. Simian rises to 120 feet up and fires at the newly revealed Michael Hangman and at Radar Doc. 7+11 will hit both of them. The damage DC of 21 is under Radar Doc's Impervious. Michael Hangman rolls 9+9 and only takes a Bruised condition.
The Flaming Dwarf will ignite his flame suit and PA 5 slam into The Plastic Hunchback. 13+8+3-5 will hit for a DC of 31 (-8 strength for size, +4 strength for monkey shape, +1 for Fire descriptor). The Plastic Hunchback rolls 4 (HP rerolled to 20)+15+1-1 and takes no damage, but does lose another point of Impervious.

He's out of my range, thought Michael Hangman, staring up at Dr Simian, even for my fear aura... but maybe if I were to concentrate that fear, focus it all on him? He stared at Dr. Simian intently, gathering his sense of purpose until he finally let loose, feeling the dart of fear shoot from his Ajna chakra and wing into Dr. Simian's alien mind, causing the gorilla to begin to shiver and shake.
"Now, while he fears!" he cried as he backed away. Lady TNT did her level best to tag Dr. Simian with a bomb, but despite his shakes, he again angled his chair to take the brunt of the blast.
"Hah! Hairless primates, you are far outclassed by me, Dr. Simian! Quake before—" *FWUMP* Radar Doc lowered his radar gun, capacitors in it humming as they recharged after the EMP blast he'd put out. Behind Dr. Simian, monitors blew out and died as he frantically tried to reboot his chair before gravity asserted its hold. He failed and fell with a resounding crash and twitched once before succumbing to oblivion.
"Well, so much for that," Radar Doc said cheerfully, "Now Hunchback, how about we see about disarming that bomb?" He turned and, much to his chagrin, The Plastic Hunchback was still circling The Flaming Dwarf with The Plastic Hunchback beating his chest with the sound of a steel drum as The Flaming Dwarf chittered and hopped through the air mid-air acrobatic pyrotechnics as Face Cook beat out a rhythm with crockery against the walls.
"Great," said Radar Doc in a flat tone, "They're challenging each other for dominance." He turned and stared at the bomb. "Well, he's the mechanical expert, but I'm still pretty OK at this, right?" He walked forward to the bomb and peered at it near-sightedly. "Now where did he pull that cosmic detonator rod from last time?"

Round 2
Intelligence checks of PH: 5+0, MH: 19+0, LT: 17+2, RD: 10+5, FC: 5+0, and TFD: 10-1 comes down to the same results as before (I made a mistake first time regarding The Plastic Hunchback's and The Flaming Dwarf's failure. They should only be doing harmless bad behavior for now).
The Plastic Hunchback starts banging his arms against his chest to show his dominance.
Michael Hangman is out of range for his regular attacks, but he's going to try to Extra Effort a Perception Fear attack on Dr. Simian. His Emotion Control effect autohits. The Will save is versus DC 20. 9+10 is close, but bad enough to leave Dr. Simian shaken.
Lady TNT once more hurls her explosive at Dr. Simian. The Reflex save is versus DC 16. 12+8-2 and the damage is under his Impervious.
Radar Doc attempts to use his EMP Cone effect on Dr. Simian. Dr. Simian's reflex save is 8+8-2 (Full). Radar Doc's Nullify roll is 11 (HO rerolled to 18)+7 And Dr. Simian's is 14-2, which will knock out most of Dr. Simian's powers including his flight and force-field. That's a DC 27 Toughness save for which Dr. Simian rolls 4+5 which puts him to unconscious.
Face Cook moves to smashing crockery against the walls.
Dr. Simian is stunned.
The Flaming Dwarf performs acrobatic displays to show his dominance to The Plastic Hunchback.
All of the PCs lose another point of Intelligence and Charisma.

As Radar Doc reached for the device with trembling hands, behind him the noises ceased and he heard the lumbering steps of The Plastic Hunchback. He turned and saw the lumbering mass of metal walk up to him and thump its chest before nodding at the bomb.
"I get it," said Radar Doc, a faint smile on his face, "It's your duty." As The Plastic Hunchback wandered up to the bomb and started twisting his fingers into better tools, Radar Doc asked, "But if we were to offer help, you'd take it, right?" The Plastic Hunchback nodded and Radar Doc, Lady TNT, and Michael Hangman stepped forward. When Lady TNT raised her eyebrows at the last, Michael Hangman stated simply, "Before I was with this team, I had to pick my own locks. I just don't do it now because everyone else is better at it." Many hands made light work, and soon The Plastic Hunchback was easing the cosmic detonator rod out. There was a moment when the team held their breath (and The Flaming Dwarf somehow managed a handful of flaming stool through his suit which struck the monitor wall and began sizzling) as the rod started bending under the strain of removing it, but finally, The Plastic Hunchback had it removed.

Intelligence checks of PH: 9 (HP rerolled to 11)-1, MH: 17-1, LT: 20+1, RD: 13+4, FC: 14-1 and TFD: 2-2 leaves most of the team up for action with The Flaming Dwarf down to bouncing off of the walls and occasionally chucking equipment at the disarmers.
The Plastic Hunchback will be the primary actor using Disable Device with Radar Doc, Lady TNT, and Michael Hangman using Aid actions. 10+10
10+8, 4+5, and 16+6 gives The Plastic Hunchback a final value of 24 which is inadequate, so TPH will spend an HP to reroll for 14+10+2+2 which will just barely coast him through due to prior disarming experience.

"I couldn't have done it better myself," spoke a voice from the doorway. The team spun and saw Iron Monkey holding a chittering tarsis by its tail. "This one is yours too, right?"
"Regrettably," muttered Lady TNT, provoking an undignified snort from Michael Hangman. Still on her guard, she stepped forward. "Are you guys done with fighting us?"
"Of course," said Metamorph as he slipped from the shadows to beside Iron Monkey, speaking serenely, "We were under mind control. I am given to understanding from our comic books that it is the natural result of two teams meeting." After several moments of dead silence, a blur erupted from the tunnel and landed a dope slap on the back of Metamorph's head, barely fazing him.
"Never mind him," said Chimpanzoom with a look of disgust on his face, "Every team has their resident comic book geek, right?"
"Nevertheless," said Iron Monkey, "We should get you back to normal. Fortunately, despite him not being the paragon we thought he was, Dr. Simian was proud enough to keep very detailed notes. We should be able to change you back with minimum fuss."
"Actually, that was something I wanted to ask about," said Radar Doc with a frown, "I'm willing to believe that science can somehow force a total genetic and physical change, but why did our outfits change too?" He waved at his Radar Harness and The Flaming Dwarf's flame suit. "It was incredibly convenient, but why did it work?"
"Magic," said Metamorph simply. When greeted by incredulous looks, he added "Dr. Simian incorporated an ancient Chinese artifact into his 'Devolver Ray'" — Radar Doc and Iron Monkey both shuddered at the incorrect use of 'devolve' as Metamorpph continued — "which led to the transformations being so total. That said, the effects are known to be potentially permanent and, as you may have noticed," he said, pointing to the flaming ball of dung sputtering on the monitor wall, "the targets suffer from a decreased intellectual capacity."
"Funny," muttered Lady TNT, "I didn't even notice the difference in him." Chimpanzoom, overhearing her, chuckled, and added "So, let's get you guys treated. Sorry that Brainiape and Elastigibbon weren't able to meet with you. It would seem that Brainiape is dealing with a severe concussion and Elastigibbon is still experiencing some side effects from that fear thing you guys did, something about unrelenting stage fright, he keeps saying."
"What do we have to do to get fixed?" asked Michael Hangman.
"Hold onto this," said Iron Monkey, tossing The Flaming Dwarf to The Plastic Hunchback who reflexively caught him, "And hold still for a moment." A small tube popped out of the top of his gauntlet and the team blacked out once more.

When they awoke, they were sitting in a set of comfortable chairs and a quick self-examination proved them none the worse for the wear from their adventure.
"Ah, good, you're awake," said a matronly gorilla in hospital scrubs, "I'll call the Patrol in." She hurried out before the team could think to stop her to ask questions.
"Well, it's success, right?" said Lady TNT with a wry smile, "And I'll tell you, I am never gonna complain about having to shave my legs again." Groans accompanied her half-hearted joke as they pushed themselves out of the chairs and peered about at what appeared to be a perfectly normal hospital ward.
"So, when do we get beamed out of here?" said The Flaming Dwarf, "And why do I feel like my legs are so short all of a sudden?" He took a few experimental hops, finding that his legs were... well, more powerful than before they'd started this mission, but no different than when on Erde. "It's just damned weird, you know? Last thing I remember, we're heading down the tunnel, and then... nothing."
Lady TNT and Radar Doc exchanged glances. Radar Doc was the first to speak, "We had an experimental weapon used on us. I assure you that you..." he forced his face to remain blank as he continued, "you proved yourself a real animal in a fight." He lost his fight with the giggles and turned away and snickered.
"Whaddya... huh?" was The Flaming Dwarf's ineloquent response. Before he could say more, a door on one side of the ward slid open, revealing the Primate Patrol, apparently none the worse for the wear.
"We want to thank you for your aid," said Iron Monkey formally, "You have comported yourself like true Primates and we are proud that you came to our world."
"Yeah," said Chimpanzoom, slumped against the wall, "Even if you guys are butt-ugly with your lack of fur, you're good scrappers." He weathered the withering glare from the rest of the team before adding, "I mean, you prove to us how we shouldn't judge by appearances, right?" He pushes himself off of the wall and steps forward, hand extended. "Shake on it, huh?" Radar Doc, tears in his eyes, stepped forward and extended his hand to Chimpanzoom, only to have it pass through.
"Damn it, not again," he said. He shook his head and waved. "Goodbye... friends." And then the Defenders Six were gone.

"Huh," said Chimpanzoom, scratching his head, "Guess they're not big on long farewells. So," he turned to the rest of the Primate Patrol, "Who's up for a good game of charades?"

The final battle ended with one more hero point spent by The Plastic Hunchback and Michael Hangman expending extra effort and gaining another Bruised condition. Pretty short and sweet really.

All of the players get 2 pp
I haven't entirely decided how to spend them, so they'll presumably do so after partway through next adventure.

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Re: Defenders Six in Time of Crisis: Part 4a

Postby FuzzyBoots » Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:14 am

Defenders Six in "Stereotypical Through a Dark Glass Title"

The voyage was much shorter this time. The Defenders Six had a brief impression of confused colors rushing past them as The Norn said, with a tired voice, "Time is running out. I must immediately move you to the next bomb. I pray you be quick." The colors about them sped up and then flashed once in a bright actinic flash before they found themselves once more before the Paradise casino, no longer iced over, but still cordoned by the police.
"Weird," said Lady TNT, "Didn't she say two more bombs? But here we are back home... those look like humans there. Radar Doc?" Radar Doc attended to his Radar Harness and he quickly peered at the readings, wrinkling his brow as he spoke.
"This is, to all appearances, our Earth. Although... the signatures within the casino are different, but in an oddly familiar way... almost like—" his explanation is cut off as something crashed through the side of the casino, causing the police to scatter. As the dust settled, the team spotted six dark forms before them. Most prominent was a huge hulk in front who was just now straightening to its full height after having smashed through the small. By its side, a little imp-like figure hopped onto its shoulder and peered out as a more feminine figure slinked out, followed by a man surrounded by a nimbus of energy, a dark cloaked figure, and a dumpy shuffling figure who looked vaguely feminine, but was hard to focus on.
"I don't understand," sputtered Radar Doc, "According to my reading, they're..." The wind suddenly picked up, blowing away the accumulated dust of the wall, revealing six very familiar forms. "They're... us."

The Offenders Six aren't going to stop for parley, and they're not subtle enough to try to fool the Defenders Six into thinking otherwise, so we'll go straight to initiative. The teams are about 50 feet apart from each other at the moment.

The Imp: 20+6
Radar Doc: 16+4
The Plastic Hunchback: 12+7
Michael Hangman: 14+5
Thuggee: 12+5
Black Betty: 12+4
The Flaming Dwarf: 9+6
The Mad Tinkerer: 11+4
Le Saboteusse: 6+7
Lady TNT: 5+7
Face Cook: 6+4
The Juggernaut: 3+3

Yes, I had fun with finding alternate names. ^_^

"Cheez it! The law!" screeched the midget perched on the metal hulk's shoulder. Aw... Lemme attem!" He hopped off of the shoulder and ran across the distance, bursting into flame partway across as he launched himself at the stunned Lady TNT who easily ducked his clumsy leap.
"And I thought Flaming Dwarf was annoying before, Lady TNT said as she tracked the rapidly moving minute marauder.
"Let's see if I can shed some eletro-magnetic radiation on the subject," Radar Doc said, turning his Radar Gun on the remaining villains, knocking out the cloaked figure and battering the dusky dumpy one, but otherwise showing little effect. Radar Doc noted the shimmer of returning waves from the large figure on the villain's side and called out, "Their version of The Plastic Hunchback reflects kinetic impacts the same way ours does. You will have to attack him indirectly or with energy attacks."
The Plastic Hunchback ignored his words and immediately charged in with a massive roundhouse punch that missed its mark completely. Michael Hangman sighed, seeing his teammate charge in again. He invoked his fear wave, making sure to avoid targeting his teammates and the nearby police, before making himself vanish from sight. As he quietly walked to one side of the fracas, he smiled grimly as he saw the Lady TNT and Flaming Dwarf knockoffs start to dart their heads in every direction, staring at phantasmal fears. It is more effective than what my teammates have been doing, he gloats to himself. His smile dimmed slightly as the twisted version of Face Cook pasted Radar Doc with a cream pie that spread to cover every inch of his force field, locking him into sensory deprivation. Well damn... there goes one of our heavy hitters... He winced again as The Flaming Dwarf successfully tackled his dark counterpart, but recoiled from the attack slapping out flames. One would think that he would have tacked on flame-proofing some time ago... Still skirting the edges of the battle, he's missed entirely by the return blast of the Radar Doc analogue, which catches Radar Doc and Face Cook, the former of which simply bobbles in place, riding the wave of the blast, probably unawares of the attack within the opaqued bubble, the latter knocked across the street and into a wall, where she hangs in the impression for a moment before slowly peeling off the wall, rendered paper thin by the impact, and gently wafting to the ground. Lady TNT steps out from the cover of Radar Doc's shell and lobs a small explosive device into the midst of the remaining misfits even as her counterpart begins fleeing sans money, the blast leaving The Plastic Hunchback and his analogue completely unharmed in its wake, but knocking Radar Doc's dark mirror into the side of the casino wall, his force field winking out moments before impact with the wall, leaving him twitching on the sidewalk, completely defenseless. Michael Hangman continued watching as Face Cook slowly re-inflated as The Plastic Hunchback reeled back from a strike from his counterpart, part of his head mashed in.

The Imp leads off by turning on his flame and running at the Defenders Six. He double moves and is in their midst. He then extra-efforts an attack on Lady TNT, sensing that she might be the most physically vulnerable. 9+8 doesn't hit her with her retained dodge bonus. He will be fatigued next turn.
Radar Doc is shocked, but not enough to keep him from seeing the tactical advantage of blindsiding the villains. He opens up with his Concussive blast. Reflex saves of Th: 13+5 (full), BB: 6+6 (full), MT: 2+5 (full), LS: 15+9 (none), TJ: 20+5 (half, under Impervious). Toughness saves of Th: 1+9 (Unconscious), BB: 14+10 (Bruised), MT: 13+12 (None). Well, one down... The blast does reflect off of The Juggernaut, but is absorbed by Radar Doc's Impervious.
The Plastic Hunchback runs in and attacks his counterpart. A natural 1 will miss.
Michael Hangman employs his fear area effect, excepting his teammates and the police. Thuggee is unconscious and The Juggernaut is immune. Will saves of TI: 4+6 (Panicked), BB: 12+8 (none), MT: 13+9 (none), LS: 1+8 (Panicked). He then vanishes from sight and moves away from the rest of the group.
Black Betty sees the analogues involved, and heaves a custard pie at Radar Doc. 7+12 will hit him. His Reflex save of 4+5 leaves him dazzled of all senses. She then moves away from the rest of her team and toward escape.
The Flaming Dwarf turns his flame on and tackles his analogue. 2+8 will miss. He extra-efforts a second attack for 14+8 which will just hit. The Imp rolls a Toughness save versus DC 21 (Partial Immunity versus Non-lethal damage) of 11+8-2 (Bruised) while The Flaming Dwarf rolls 8+8 versus DC 21 (lethal damage with The Imp's aura) and is Stunned / Injured by the other's aura. No follow-up grapple, although there is knockback to deal with (although only the +6 of the strength damage). Five feet knocks The Imp prone and he rolls 13+8-1-2 to land with a second Bruised condition.
The Mad Tinkerer returns the favor with his own Concussion Blast. Reflex saves of TI: 13+10 (none), RD: 14+5 (Full), TFD: 20+10 (none), LT: 15+9 (none), FC: 1+6 (full). Toughness saves of RD: 2 (HP Rerolled to 15)+12 (none), FC: 3+10-1 (Staggered/Stunned. Knockback of 7. Toughness save of 3(!)+10-2 leaves her Staggered a second time and Unconscious).
Le Saboteusse turns to run, dropping the money bags. Running All-Out, she's 120 feet away.
Lady TNT heaves a bomb among the knot of their doppelgangers, just barely catching all of them, including The Plastic Hunchback, trusting his Impervious to protect him. Reflex saves of BB: 12+6 (half), MT: 6+5 (full), TJ: 16+5 (half, under Impervious), TPH: 19+5 (half, under Impervious). Toughness saves of BB: 10+10-1 (Bruised 2), MT: 5+12 (Bruised / Stunned. Concentration roll to maintain force-field is 13+2 which means it flickers out. Knockback is 8 so he's knocked back into the wall behind him. Knockback damage is DC 23. 11+1 leaves him Staggered/Stunned), Th: 17+9 (unharmed).
Face Cook rolls 1+9 and regenerates the unconscious result this turn.
The Juggernaut AoA 5 attacks The Plastic Hunchback. 11+7+5 will hit for a DC 27 Damage save. 11+15 will leave The Plastic Hunchback Bruised 1.

Easily rolling his feet, the evil flaming midget (well, the evil flaming midget on the other side...) leapt and rolled in the air, cleanly missing with his leaping drop kick as The Flaming Dwarf dipped and swayed trying to catch his equilibrium. Deciding that Le Saboteusse had the right idea but bad execution, The Imp ran for the fallen money bags and started franticly shoving cash back in.
Radar Doc frantically tapped away at his controls, trying to penetrate the amazingly radar-proof custard coating. Can't... see... monologuing... active. Hm... cowards being the cowardly and superstitious lot that they are, I would deduce that many of them are still standing by the edge of the bank, collecting their ill-gotten loot and believing they can still get away. With a prayer on his lips, Radar Doc adjusted his Radar Gun to disrupt the equlibirum of the crooks through subsonics and fired on a b broad band. Unseen by him, several of the villains clapped their hands over their ears and The Plastic Hunchback's counterpart slowly ground to a halt as deep within his skull, his emet vibrated out of position.
Seeing that his counterpart was, at least for now, down and out, The Plastic Hunchback swung one massive metal arm to the side and floored the inky black cartoon villain beside him, knocking her clear across the road to plow into the wall on the opposite side where she hung suspended, embedded in the concrete.
Michael Hangman used the temporary dip in morale from two of the combatants dropping to fire off his fear aura once more, this time causing the fellow in a force bubble and old-fashioned steampunk goggles to start searching for a way out of the situation. Meanwhile, Radar Doc hit upon the right combination of phase variations to cause the coating custard to dissolve and saw that the Defenders Six seemed, at the moment at least, to be on top of things.
With an inarticulate cry of rage, The Flaming Dwarf shook his head and ran forward to headbutt his counterpart, missing entirely as he stumbled, the pain overcoming him for a moment. Behind him, Lady TNT shouts, "Heads up,"[/color] and throws an explosive device into the epicenter of the battle. Both The Imp and The Flaming Dwarf turn and chorus, "Crazy bit—" before ducking away from the explosion and rolling to cover. The Plastic Hunchback stood resolute among the roiling flames even as the steampunk villain on the other side bounced off of the walls once more and then lay motionless on the ground. The Imp immediately scrambled back to his feet dover forward to receive only a glancing blow from the pot that Face Cook hurled after him.

The Imp rolls 20+13-2 on his Acrobatics check to stand as a free action to stand and then a Standard to take a swing at The stunned Flaming Dwarf. 6+8-2-1 will miss The Flaming Dwarf's flat-footed/stunned defense of +2. The Imp choose the better part of valor and starts running in the direction of the bags Le Saboteusse dropped.
Radar Doc is firing blind, but is betting that at least some of the villains won't have moved. He fires off his Drain attack. Reflex saves of BB: 2+6 (Full), MT: 17+5 (Half), TJ: 1+5 (Full), TPH: 18+5 (Half). Thugee auto-fails his Reflex save. Remaining Will saves of BB: 5+8 (7 points of Wisdom lost), MT: 19+9 (no loss), TJ: 7+4 (9 points of Wisdom loss), and TPH: 7+4 (4 points of Wisdom loss). That will grind The Juggernaut to a halt as he goes catatonic.
The Plastic Hunchback switches his target to Black Betty. Another natural 1! He's going to spend a Hero Point for a reroll. 15+7 will hit her. Her Toughness save of 3+10-2 versus DC 28 renders her Unconscious. Knockback kicks in. Her Toughness save versus DC 23 is 7+10-2 which gets treated as lethal damage due to her being unconscious which comes out as Stunned/Bruised/Injured.
Saves versus lasting effects of the fear Aura are LS: 15+8+1-2 (Effect thrown off), TI: 13+6+1-2 (Just Shaken)
Michael Hangman again fires off his fear aura, and moves afterwards. Le Saboteusse is out of range and Thuggee, The Juggernaut, and Black Betty are unconscious, but all of the other bad guys roll reflex saves. TI: 8+9-2 (Half), MT: 8 (Full). Will saves of TI: 16+6-2 (No effect), BB: 12+4 (Shaken), MT: 4+9 (Frightened), Th: 2+9 (Frightened).
Radar Doc rolls 17+5 for his Fortitude save and clears the Dazzle.
Black Betty rolls 8+8 and heals her Injured condition (the most severe condition she has), but is still Stunned/Unconscious.
The Flaming Dwarf recovers from his stun at the beginning of his turn. He's going to chase after The Imp and charge with an attack with AA +3/-3. 4+8-1+2+3 is insufficient, even against The Imp's lowered defense from being Fatigued.
The Mad Tinkerer is still Stunned. Face Cook loses her stun result.
Le Saboteusse keeps running and we'll rule that she's made it far enough away without being intercepted that she's managed to escape the encounter.
Lady TNT steps forward a bit and heaves an explosive which will catch The Imp, The Mad Tinkerer, The Juggernaut (still debilitated), Black Betty, The Flaming Dwarf, The Plastic Hunchback, and Thuggee. Thuggee and The Juggernaut auto-fail their Reflex saves. The rest save at TI: 3+9-2 (Half), MT: 15+5 (Half), BB: 12+4 (Full), TFD: 19+9 (None), TPH: 1+5 (Full). Saving throws versus DC 23 of TI (versus DC 19): 16+8-2 (none), MT: 6+1 (Staggered a second time and unconscious), BB: 7+8 (Stunned / Bruised 4/ Injured 1, Save verus Knockback DC 19 is 5+8-1 results in Bruised 5/Injured 2), TPH: 15+15 (none)
Face Cook rolls 11+9 and regenerates the Staggered condition. She uses a Move Action to stand and then throws a pot at The Imp. 18+12 will hit for DC 19. He rolls 18+8-1 and is completely unharmed.

"Aw man... youse guys is no fun!" yelled The Imp as he scooped up two of the remaining bags of money and starts skipping away from the heroes, hampered by his short stride. "Betcha can't meeeeeARGH!" His taunt ended in an anguished cry as Radar Doc switched settings on his gun once more and excited the molecules of water in The Imp's body. The Plastic Hunchback quickly lumbered to the staggering diminuitive figure and rolled him up into a neat little package, ignoring the way that his metal skin began shimmering and flexing in the heat. Michael Hangman winked back into visibility and strode up, thrusting his hand through The Imp's flamees without fear, his body protected by the unearthly chill as he shunted off the vital force of The Imp, leaving a babbling but still struggling crook in The Plastic Hunchback's hands.
"Lemme at 'im," yelled The Flaming Dwarf as he barreled up and launched himself in a flying headbutt which was just barely foiled as The Imp twisted, forcing The Flaming Dwarf to bounce off of The Plastic Hunchback's metal skin, not heated to a cherry red. Face Cook attempted to help with a frying pan swipe, but again, The Imp twisted out of the way, struggling with the grip of The Plastic Hunchback.
Lady TNT, realizing that this might be a while, and unsure as to what she could do to help her teammates in subduing the last suspect, walked up to the police, hands spread wide to show she was unarmed. "Howdy, folks," she said with a ready smile, "We just flew in from another dimension and boy are my arms tired."[/color] She made a flapping motion with her arms, but her joke was met with stony silence. "Heh... guess that one went over better on Earth-1 or whatever our home dimension's called," she muttered ruefully, "Well, anyhow, my teammates are just wrapping up with the last criminal, so we should be clear to help y'all with your little cosmic problem if—" She was cut off by a thrown bottle just barely missing her head.
"Aw, go make me a sandwich, woman," came the cry from somewhere in the crowd and snickers erupted from the police section. A heavily scarred man who vaguely resembled a more weathered and portly Maddicks, stepped out, riot shotgun trained on her.
"“Don’t even think about the cash. Scram before I blast you straight to Hell. If you and your bunch of costumed loonies are done, we got cleanup to do," he snarled. Keeping the gun trained on her, he motioned the rest of the cops to the crime scene, where they immediately started stuffing cash in their pockets as Lady TNT looked on in disbelief. "But... but..." she stammered. Somewhere off in the crowd, someone yelled out "Hey baby, bet I can do a better motorboat impression than that! Just come on over and let me bury my head between your br-" Lady TNT had had enough and tossed one of her explosives skywards above the crowd, causing them to throw themselves to the ground even as it exploded harmlessly above. Under the cover of the panic, she made her way back to the team.

The Imp grabs the money and starts parkouring his way along the city. His Acrobatics check for Leaping is 10+13, giving him an effective +8 bonus, resulting in 23 feet in a second move action (the first being spent to pick up the money), half a foot faster than his regular movement speed.
Radar Doc tries to Irradiate The fleeing Imp with an attack roll of 16+10 which will hit for a DC of 25. The Imp rolls 2+8 and is Bruised/Stunned/Staggered. Radar Doc forgoes knockback damage for fear of knocking The Imp far away from the team.
The Plastic Hunchback closes in on The Imp and attempts to grab him. Charge plus AoA 5 results in an attack roll of 12+7+2+5 which hits easily. TPH's Grapple roll is 10+25 while TI's is 4+3, no contest. The Plastic Hunchback chooses to Pin him. His impervious soaks up the Aura damage, but loses another tick of Reflective.
Remaining saves for the fear effect are TI: 5+4 and BB: 1+2 to keep them at Shaken and Panicked/Shaken respectively.
Michael Hangman walks up and tries to drain The Imp of his resolve to fight (targeting Wisdom for lack of better choice). 14+9 will easily hit The pinned Imp. The Imp rolls 3+6 on his Fort save and takes all 11 points of drain, dropping him down to a 3 Wisdom. Michael's Save versus Aura is 3 (HP Rerolled to 12)+9 which is enough to escape damage.
Black Betty rolls 8+8 and heals an Injured status, but stays Unconscious.
The Flaming Dwarf hops in and scores a Crit with a 20 on his pinned counterpart, resulting in a DC 23 Toughness save for The Imp which is rolled as 19(!)+6-2 to just barely squeak by with no damage. The Flaming Dwarf weathers the DC 21 Damage save with 7+8, resulting in another Bruised/Injured and a Stunned result.
Lady TNT can't do much with her teammates in the way, so she walks over to the policemen and tries to engage them in conversation to make sure they're on her side. Unbenknownst to her, they're at Unfriendly. Her Diplomacy roll of 11+3 leaves them still at Unfriendly.
Face Cook closes on The Imp and pummels him with her frying pan. 1 will miss!

"Don't think they're going to cooperate," she said dryly, "We might even be better letting the shrimp here go."
"Oh no!" cried The Imp, "'Drather go with the fuzz. If the Tyranny Syndicate caught me on their turf..." He artfully shivered and then swung his hands forward. "So cuff me, beat me, just don't let me fall into der hands." Lady TNT directed a querying eyebrow at Radar Doc. In response to his shrug, she pulled off her belt and quiuckly hogtied The Imp. "To each their own, I guess. So, what now?" she asked, "This place is strange and with the way the police are going about stematically collecting any 'evidence' of monetary value, I don't think they're going to help us. How are we ever going to find that Cosmic Bomb?"
"I believe that that is my cue," said a booming voice behind her. She spun to find that a caped man, tall, with dark skin, intense blue eyes and neatly kept jet-black hair, and in a gleaming full-face helmet now stood behind her. Arms crossed, he surveyed the team and spoke again in a booming voice that rattled their bones. "“I am Mind-Master, and I am glad to be the only hero on this planet no longer. Ignore these so-called 'policemen.' They are the merely the symptoms, Come with me if you wish to cure the disease. I know where the Bomb is. You must come to help me disarm it." With these last words, he extended his arms to them, palms-up in a supplication that somehow conveyed massive arrogance in its feigned humility. The team looks askance at each other before Lady TNT, weighing the sincerity of his words, states "We're in. Lead the way, boss."

The Imp will attempt to escape. 17+8-2 versus The Plastic Hunchback's 16+25 is no contest and he remains pinned, and surrenders, realizing that there's not much he can do from here. Combat is over!
Mind-Master's attempt to recruit him involves a routine check of 10+7 for his bluff which gets contested by Lady TNT's 6+13 Sense Motive with Truth Sense. We need the heroes to play along, so Mind-Master performs a GM Fiat reroll of 13+7 which just squeaks him by and gives Lady TNT a Hero Point.

This battle required a number of rerolls. I kept forgetting about things like The Flaming Dwarf's (and The Imp's) aura and partial immunity to physical non-lethal damage. In retrospect, I probably should have fiated that first bad roll by Thuggee because his fear effect is pretty powerful and could have changed things. Similarly, a fiated roll or two could have probably kept characters like The Mad Tinkerer in place. *shrug* The description of the adventure was that this was supposed to be a bit of a squash match. The astute reader may note that I used the original Defenders Six from before they'd gained experience and some measure of powers from their adventures. It still took longer than expected, partially because I've been majorly distracted by the move and getting a new job, partially because PCs are simply built more tightly than most NPCs.

Results from three rounds of combat:
The Imp (Bruised 2, Fatigued, Pinned, Shaken, Staggered, and Stunned, down 11 points of Wisdom) - Did an amazing amount of damage, but primarily from The Flaming Dwarf continuing to hit him and get burned. The partial immunity to non-lethal physical damage really made a difference too.
Thuggee (Unconscious) - Got knocked out early. If I were masochistic enough to reroll this, I'd probably fiat away his initial knockout. Emotion Control (Fear) can easily put the kibosh on large amounts of the party, especially if people haven't been building up their will saves.
Black Betty (Bruised 5, Injured 2, Prone, Shaken, Stunned, and Unconscious) - Proof that Regeneration does not heal all ills when ruled properly. According to the rules, you have to heal conditions in order, and at most one condition in a round. That means that she couldn't heal the Unconscious when people kept layering Injured results on her (Non-lethal attacks being treated as Lethal against unconscious opponents). Her Dazzle probably would have done a good job of keeping Radar Doc out of the battle were it not for his willingness to endanger his teammates so as to target the bad guys.
The Mad Tinkerer (Bruised 1, Prone, Stunned, Unconscious) - The high Toughness from the force field really kept him in the game, at least up unti an attack slipped through and he loused up his Concentration roll.
Le Saboteusse (Panicked / Shaken, Escaped) - :) Got hit with the Fear effect early on and decided to hoof it while the heroes were busy defending their lives. I thought it worked out rather nicely. After all, a good thief doesn't want to stay and get into a slugging match.
The Juggernaut (Debilitated [Wisdom]) - Och... The Plastic Hunchback is a bear to take down and his counterpart wasn't much better. Between the Impervious and the high Toughness, nothing was having much of an impact on him until Radar Doc pulled his Drain attack, and that only succeeded so well because it happened to impact a weak save.

Radar Doc (unharmed, HP 5) - As usual, Radar Doc does a lot of the damage with his combination of long-range attacks and ranged area attacks. At some point, a villain's going to get the bright idea to disarm him... maybe soon.
The Plastic Hunchback (Bruised 1, down 1 point each of Reflective and Impervious, down 4 points of Wisdom, HP 5) - Huh... first time he's actually gotten hurt in these fights. He was less effective than usual on account of continuing to roll 1s on his attack. That Wisdom damage may come back to bite the team since they have no way of fixing it, although it should fade in about 4 minutes.
Michael Hangman (unharmed, HP 2) - That initial fear effect knocked out at least two combatants and left several others Shaken which gave the team a major advantage.
The Flaming Dwarf (Bruised 1, Fatigued, Injured 1, HP 6) - *snort* The Flaming Dwarf really needs to buy immunity to his own aura... not that it's likely to come up any time soon. He was hampered by the fact that he kept attacking his counterpart, and getting damaged by the Aura.
Lady TNT (unharmed, HP 5) - Like Michael Hangman, she managed a fair amount of damage while being largely untargeted. Heck, she was pretty much single-handedly responsible for taking down The Mad Tinkerer.
Face Cook (ultimately unharmed, HP 2) - Poor Face Cook got pasted early on and then spent most of the fight recovering, much like her counterpart did later on.

Overall, it was a pretty decent showing by the team. We'll go ahead and reward them all with an HP for managing to take the other team down so quickly, and because the upcoming fights get harder.

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Re: Defenders Six in Time of Crisis

Postby CSABadass » Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:30 pm


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Re: Defenders Six in Time of Crisis

Postby FuzzyBoots » Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:54 pm

CSABadass wrote:Wonderful!

:) Thanks. It took me a while to get back to it... I rolled up the fight against the Offenders Six way back in January but just couldn't inspire myself to write the narrative. By the time I'm done, I'll hopefully have all of the ToC material in to submit another Hero Lab portfolio to make it easier for people to run the adventure. ^_^ For the handful of us still using 2E who haven't run it, of course.

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