Centurions, ATTACK!!! (3rd Edition)

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Centurions, ATTACK!!! (3rd Edition)

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Hello and welcome! to my story hour-thread...thingy... For all you to enjoy, even you!...but not You... your nasty...
Anywho, this will be detail the storys of my characters in My "Centurions" Universe, so sit back and enjoy the ride, hopefully... _____________________________________________________________________________________________
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Twisted tales and Broken Lifes, another one is doomed to die, while the mortals ran for all, there was no gods to stand at all, yet with strange eons, even death may fall...

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Re: Centurions, ATTACK!!! (3rd Edition)

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Intro-Prologue...thingy...! Part 1!

Through Out history, there have been many cases of segregation amongst humanity, by social Status, class, creed or colour, but there has always been something above these, something that disregards any of tehse divides, for anyone can manifest abilitys and become part of the community that have been labeled as the Abromals, or freaks, mutants, monsters.
For someone to manifest there spectacular abilitys, they often have to go through immense stress- a man who has lost his family might find himself surronded by clones, or he might gain the ability to heal people to the point of reviving people from the dead. A child cought in the headlights might gain a armoured hide, or he might teleport out of the way.
Its is because of these Spectacular abilitys that many abnormals find themselves hated and feared, and with good reason. Why would you have to work another day if you could simply become insubstantual and walk into a bank vault?, why would you have to take no for an answer from anybody when you could control them with your mind?

It is for this reason that many abnormals hide there powers, from anyone except other Abnormals, out of fear as to what would happen if one of them went to far, demostrating there powers in anger or out of hate, that the 'Normal' people would strike back at them, starting genocide against somthing they did not understand.

But, at many points through history, that have used there powers for good. the most famous of these Brave souls have been the small Collective of individuals Known as the Centurions-men and woman who have joined togather to fight a common enemy. the First incarnation of this Group was Founded during the Second World War, to fight against the axis and there own Super Group, The Übermensch...


On 16th of March, 1943, Allies had made a daring bomber Run over Berlin, in an attempt to end the war. In Russia, Stalingrad had fallen, and most of russia was now ruled by the Nazi's, and England had recently come under direct attack by axis Forces, and parts of America had fallen to japenese Rule. But Both sides were drained, both phyisicly and mentaly, struggling to continue there efforts only because there enemy was.

But what Made the 16th of March go down in history was that not only had teh bombing all but obliterated Berlin, but the Leader of the Nazis, Adolf Hitler had been killed. This was the straw that broke the camels back, what made the German lines buckle at last, and gave hope to the Allies that they could win the war at last.

But On the 16th of april, as Allies pushed ever closer to the ruins of Berlin, Drivng a wedge in between retreating German Forces, a broadcast ecode out from a hidden strong hold, proclaming that not only had The Übermensch stayed to fight, but that as long as they stood, then the third Riech would last Forever more.

And because of this, they allies own supergroup, the Centurions, had been sent to not only end the broadcast, but to end The Übermensch themsleves, and, by doing so, end the third Riech, at least in the hearts of the germans.

A chill wind and a thick fog provided a haunting backdrop to the Krichnat Mansion, Draped in the Last light from the fading sun, hidden deep in the Prussian woods, it was in there that the Allies, or more accuratly, the English inteligence and radio core, had tracked the signal proclaming the rein of the 'Endless Riech'.
It would be here that the Centurions had been sent, it was here that the war Would be decided, and it would be hear that either the Riech Fell, or the Centurions Fell.

The mansion it self had been renovated, almost turning it into a large bunker, with razor wire, mines and a small army of elite german troops guarding it all, it was all but impetreable by normal means. But then again, the Centurions we not exactly what you could be considerd "Normal".

Leon Fischer was A vetern of four major battles, including the battle of Stalingrad, in his service to Nazi Germany, with almost 6 years of real life experiance under his belt, he was ready for anything as he potrold the outermost perimetre of Krichnat mansion, but, sadly, 6 years real life and experiance, and going through four major battles did nothing to help him as his face was suddenly introduced to the inside of a Brown Bears jaw.

He went down, forced under the wieght of the beast, and was dead before he felt the dead leafs and dirt. The bear Stayed there for a while, nawing on the body, before A woman appered from onongst the trees, Dressed in thick leather and wool, complete with a heavy fur cap, proudly emblazonde with a Russion Hamer and sickle.
She walked towards the bear, though her feet made no sound as she steeped of dried leaves. All of these Proclamned her as Mother Russia, One of the Centurions, and a icon from her Country.
"good Fenrir, good Boy" she said, almost chuckling as the bear reared its head and looked at her with bits of the soldier hanging from its mouth.

"You do have such a good way with animal you know" snickered a voice from behind, she turned pulling into a combat pose, ready for whoever had disturbed her, before she caught sight of the speaker, sneered, and turned back to Fenrir.
"Perhaps Latter we could balance a baby on its nose or something'

"He was an enemy, a murder and a monster just like the rest" she growled "why do you care about what happens to them?" She turned.

What greated her was a tall Man, dressed in what was once a fine black suit, though it was now covered in dirt and mud. wrapped around his face, obscuring it from view, was the English Flag, the only clean thing on his person. "Well" i have been think" the man Said Slowly "If we do this, if we beat them here, the war will be over-"

"i Know that-"

"But if we do beat them, if the war is over, what will happen to the axis' and people under them?"

Mother Russia stood and turned to look at the man "then they will get what they diserve" she Growled, which was ecode be Fenrir as they both turned and continued to sneak towards the Mansion.

The Man Mumbled somthing under his breath before he begain to follow the woman. the Man-Know by many as Big Ben, considerd himself a pacifist, even at the olympics in Berlin, when one of there Teammates before they were team mates- The jewish Hero Know as The Golem- had attacked in an attempt to end the suffering of his people by killing Hitler, Big Ben Had leapt from the Seat and used his powers, powers that he had kept hidden from his friends and Family for years, to save Adolf from death, even recieving the Iron Cross from Hitler himself, as a reward for his bravery.

He Sighed, Before using his powers to easily catch up with Mother Russia, his Body became like liquid as he elongated to catch up with the heroine, Mother Russia was blessed with more than a Link with animals, but she was also super strong and tough, she didnt make a sound when she walked forests and snow, and she could change the weather to a Freazing snowstorm with but a thought.
The Mansion Proper came into View before the two heros, it stood like a crumbling ruin amongst the silent forest, earily quite.

"Are you Guyz Dun yet?" came a voice besides them, Big Ben Raised a hand to his belt and pulled out his hand radio.
"We are At the Edge of the Forest" Whispered Big Ben "Where are you guys?"
"Near the Front Door, Mien Friend, we can zee you from here! It Zeemz That the Entirety of There Troops were used as Guardz" Came the voice of the Centurion Known as the Golem. Born Johan Skricht, His Powers activated when he hit a German Soldier in a fit of rage, Sending the man Back 400 Feet and Through a car and part of a building before he stoped. After that show of inhuman Strength, Johan had Ran through a Hail of bullets sent by the Soldiers Friends without any effect to his person. Soon After he had doned a Crude suit of bent metal and Named himself the Golem.

"Is that So? you think its A trap?" said Mother Russia as she peeked around a tree to get a better look at the Main Entrance.

"Its always a trap," Spoke Big Ben "Should we just go and try to storm the Gates?"
There Was a Pause as static filled tha air Between the two Centurions.
"We Say 'Ja' "
"OK then! on Three?" Smiled Big Ben, he scratched his head, only to find out that he was sweating, and with good reason, if the Broadcast the was being sent form here was to be belived, than every member Of the infamous Übermensch Was here.

He looked up to see Mother Russia Already walking onto the concrete Pavement that surrounded the Mansion, and he also saw the bear walking of away from it- no dout sent away by his Owner, and he hurried after her. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the Golem Stride towards the Mansion, Leaving small dents in the ground under him as he walked. following him was the Remaning two Members of the Centurions, two Americans who bore the Code Names of Mr. Atom and Vigilante.

Mr. Atom was born James Howlet, and had worked at a nuclear power plant and when he had been acidently exposed to a lethal amount of radion, he had not only obsorbed the radiation, but found that he could produce nuclear power with but a thought for a varity of uses.

Robert Baker or Vigilante, Was the unnoficial 5th member of the team, having been drafted after he had gone on a killing spree against hundreds of mobsters and mafia familys, after some of his friends had been killed in a drive by, and when he was finally Arrested, he had generated a large following of people who both loved and feared him for his work. Because of all this, he had been offered a choice between jail or joining the Centurions.
It also didnt hurt that not only did the man have control of teh four elements-earth, air, fire and water- but that he was connected to the earth, meaning that as long as it was around, then he was going to be around.

"So yall, i hate to be da one doin' this, but whats gonna be Our Game plan?' Spoke the Vigilante, his Southern Drall Painfully apperent in his Voice. He wore Nothing More than standered Army fatigues, with aviator googles and a gasmask, causing his voice to have a slight weeze to it.

"We do what we always do, we have faught these guys before and we know there tactics" Stated Mr. Atom, his Attire was a Green and Yellow spandex suit, Coved in armour and Finished with a short cape, leaving his face, short, with brown hare, blue eys and a strong jaw, completly bare.

"And if we meet Molder?" asked Golem, a Small Tange of Fear Present in his voice.

Atom Paused, if only for a second, "than We will beat him to, it will be no Problem at all"

"Aww, iz da great "Mr. Atom" and hiz Centurionz scared?" whined a voice, almost briming with laughter. it seemed to come from everywhere at once, and it held a child like tone to it.

The Centurions paused, Before they move suddenly, knowing the speaker. They stood back-to-back , eyes staying on any shadows around them.
"were Are yall!" yelled Vigilante "Come out so I Can finish of that beating i gave you Paris!"

"oh Zat iz Mean, Mien Frau" Giggled the voice, "but it Iz zo Good To zee you people again!" the voice shifted, and Mother Russia could feel a hand and a warm breath at her neck "Ezzpecily you, Mien Frauline".

Mother Russia turned, and her arm was like a snake as it darted for the space behind her, only for her fist to strike Big Ben In his back, He Gave a yelp, before his body contorted and his chest flew out in front of him before whiping back and striking Mother Russia, sending her Flailing Through the Air.

She hit The Ground, her back hitting up against the Mansion wall, before she felt Several hands move forward and hold her so she didnt bounce, and once she had stoped moving, they begain to roam, groping her body. She Looked down at the hands, which, rather than normal hands of flesh and blood, were black, sickly thin appendages that twisted and contorted as they moved over her body.

"I zee you still as muscled az i remember you were" the Voice laughed, its brath on her neck as she felt a wet kiss place almost lovingly on her skin, before one hand twitched and grabed at the inside of her calve, and with that, Mother Russias spun, hitting the wall behind her and tearing the stone and wood of it. but the shadow-thing had already moved.

"oh Fisty Are we, Mine Fraulin?" laughed the voice, once again from all around them.

"you are a Disgrace as a human being and as a member of the people you call the 'Master Race'!" Yelled Big Ben.

"Oh is The Dog Sad? oh is He angry?' The voice dripped with laughter "Do you want to Hit me Dog?"

"yes" Growled Mother Russia "I want to Break you, Mein Frau"

"Oh i Know you do, Frauline, You alwayz want to whenever i Dream of You" giggled the Voice.

Suddenly One of the shadows, one near the mansions doors, shifted and wriggled, before a figure steped out of its deaps. and within seconds, the Inky Blakness Molded itself in into the the shape of a person.
The Person in question was short, Like a teenager, with a thin body, wrapped in the dress of a Hitler youth, complete With a Small Knife that was attached to his belt. The shadows that made up his body, pulled away, revealing almost glowing white skin and a small, messy bob of blonde hair that almost covered sparkling blue eyes, an a face that drooled with androgynous Beauty.

As the last of the Blackness creeped of his form to return to the shadow, the figure Leaned Forward and Bowed,"Guten Tag" Said the boy, a Cheshire Smill Plastered onto his face.

The Boy In Question was an 'Old Friend' of the Centurions, Adam Girik, Also Known as The Black Fox Amognst the Axis, or The Cat, Cheshire, or a random Expletive amongst the Allies, was the recon' and cloak and dagger Specialist amongst the Übermensch. And a Plague of the Centurions for years. He had been nothing more than another member of the Hitler Youth before his powers had activated-the only reason he was even here was that he had used his 'shadow melding' power to sneak into a house to catch a glimce of HItler, Herman and others, before he was found dumbstruct, half shadow melded infront of Hitler.

"Its good to see you as well, Cheshire" Sighed Mr. Atom, he pulled a hankercheaf out of his pocket and wiped his Brow in frustraion.

"Its good to Zee You to, Heir Atom!" Laughed Cheshire, "and Hello to ze Rezt of you!" he smiled, waved, before walking towards the Centurions, With almost a Spring in his step.

"Yeah, Yeah, Enough with the Hellos" Said Vigilante, raise one of the many guns on his person to aim at Cheshire.

"Oh dont shoot ME, Im just da mezzengir" Cheshire laughed, his smile not even wavering.

"realy?" asked Big Ben.

"well no, Mien Comrades are juzt letting me have mien fun" He giggled "They are acutly waiting for mien signal"

"huh, who else iz in there?" Said the Golem, looking down on the boy, with a mixture of contempt, anger and a smile bit if pitty.
Cheshire Turned, scowled at the Golem in Disgust, "Well, Jew, I will Humor you" he sneered "there is Me, heir Madcap, and Heir Battalion"

"three Onto Five, not fair odds is it?" Smiled Big Ben.

"oh well, Mabye Mien Frauline would like to switch sides for a Moment?, she could help uz drop you, then Mien beautiful Frauline can help drop my-" Cheshire turned, and would of continued, were it not for his face connecting with Mother Russias Gloved fist with a Loud Crunch. He Was sent flying back, falling into a shadow, Before reapearing far behind the Group.

"Sie ist hart genug! Du Hure!" he Screamed inbetween Sobs. He cluched his face, now Covered in blood, he puled his hand away, which was now covered in blood and a small pool of teeth sitting in his palm. One of his eyes was swollen shut, and his hair was matted with blood.

"oh good work Girl!" laughed Vigilante.

Cheshire Looked up, tears in his eyes "I will Kill you!, you dumb Fu-" His face pulled back with a scream as on of Big Bens fingers elongated and flicked his nose.
There was a creak of wood From behind the Group, and they turned to see the mansions Front door begain to open, they all moved, ready for anything that would come as the door was suddenly slamed open and...

And thats it for the first part of this Prologue/intro thing!
Stay tuned for the next part! comments and constructive critisism are always welcome!

("Sie ist hart genug! Du Hure!"= "you bitch!, you whore!")
Twisted tales and Broken Lifes, another one is doomed to die, while the mortals ran for all, there was no gods to stand at all, yet with strange eons, even death may fall...