Albright Institute: Memini (Chapter 27, 28, Epilogue)

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Albright Institute: Memini (Chapter 27, 28, Epilogue)

Post by Arkrite » Sat May 04, 2013 7:38 pm

Hi guys.
Been working on this for some time now, trying to get it done by the end of this month of May. Fingers crossed.
I would like to apologise to new readers, this is based off a game currently in progress so it assumes you know some details.
I would also like to apologise to the players, as I have used some characters without permission. I hope they will forgive me. Or at least give as bad as they got in their own stories ;~)

Some placeholders will be placed between certain chapters, I hope to have some additional material to add, but nothing ground breaking to the story being told.
I hope you enjoy this.
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Re: Albright Institute: Memini

Post by Arkrite » Sat May 04, 2013 7:38 pm

Our Story Thus Far...

Fifteen years ago an interdimensional invader known as Omega led a nearly unstoppable attack on Earth. Only the sacrifice of the world's most powerful superhero, the Centurion, was enough to send Omega and his forces into retreat.

But the fallout from this attack would be felt for years afterwards. The radiation that had escaped from the Terminus dimension that Omega called home had changed some people on a base level and years after the event these people found themselves with superpowers. Some good, some bad, many uncontrollable.

The public outcry against these Terminus Mutants came as people started to question if they weren't, in fact, working for Omega themselves.

Langstone Albright, philanthroper and millionaire, took it upon himself to build the Albright Institute to look after these poor souls and do what they could to help them control their powers and live normal lives.

After an unexpected attack on the Institute a number of these patients fought back to protect the innocents inside. These patients were brought before Langstone Albright who shared with them a vision of a team of Terminus Mutants who could show the world that they were human, that they were trying to help people, and that they were nothing to be afraid of.

Those who agreed moved into a special housing facility where their special needs could be accomidated while they worked to improve their view in the public eyes.

Members of the Albright Institute

Richard Dunn: Eldest of the members of the Albright crew. When he was fifteen his powers first appeared giving him a small amount of super strength, and invulnerability. Over the next five years these powers grew to extremes, but with them came an inability to feel physical sensations. He soon found if he wasn't extremely careful he'd break anything he touched without even noticing. Barely able to take care of himself, let alone his sister, he jumped at the opportunity to move into the Institute.

Jeanie Dunn: Richard Dunn's younger sister and only known relative. After her parents died Richard took care of Jeanie the best he could. She puts up a strong face, often being the cheerful upbeat member of the two due to Richard's deep seated depression. Jeanie lives in the Institute in spite of having no known super abilities as a concession by Lanstone Albright to keep the Dunn family together.

(More to come)
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Albright Institute: Memini (Prologue)

Post by Arkrite » Sat May 04, 2013 7:44 pm


Inky darkness shimmered and wavered, and through the fog a woman's face appeared. The sunlight behind her obscured her face in a halo as she almost came into focus before fading back into darkness once more.

"Richard, you have to remember."

And then the darkness flooded in once more.

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Albright Institute: Memini (Chapter 1)

Post by Arkrite » Sat May 04, 2013 7:45 pm


"Richard! Come on, you have get up," an unfamiliar voice pleaded, "We need you."

His eyes felt like they were made of lead, and his head ached and his ears rang. He coughed hard as he pushed himself up off the ground. He tasted blood.

What had happened.

"Oh thank god, Richard. I thought we'd lost you too."

Richard blinked hard trying to focus on the green figure in front of him, "Vicky? Vicky Atom?"

"You sound surprised," She said with false bravado before concern overtook her face, "Are you okay?"

"Where... What happened?" He reached up and touched his face, and looked in amazement as his hand came away with blood, "Am I bleeding?"

"Yeah, bloody nose, split lip, black eye, it's amazing you're not hurt worse," Vicky noted as she moved to help him to his feet.

"I-agh!" Richard nearly curled up into a ball as his ribs shifted. It was like somebody had replaced his bones with broken glass, "I didn't know I could get hurt."

Vicky gave him a flat look, "Yeah, I remember you selling that line of baloney to Tes when Adamant put you in the hospital."

Richard scowled. His head felt like it was filled with cotton. He couldn't think, couldn't focus, and the pain was eating at his attention, but he knew something was wrong, "What are you talking about? I've never even seen Adamant, I've never been in a hospital and... agh, what happened to me?"

Vicky's face fell, "Rich? This isn't the time to joke-"

Richard held up his hand spattered with his own blood, "Does it look like I'm joking?" he looked down at his arm for the first time noticing the torn sleeves of the costume he was wearing. It wasn't the black with blue striping full body uniform he wore when at the Albright group for interviews, or even the jumpsuit that the Claremont academy used.

It was a dark blue bodysuit under a dark grey suit of roman styled armor.

"What in the hell is going on?"

"Okay, Richard, Richie? I need you stay with me here," Vicky said as she moved in closer. Her arm stretched out like rubber, much like Graham's did, and pressed a finger against one of the metal bracers he was wearing. An image of a human body appeared suddenly in mid-air. He imagined the red zones were a bad sign. They seemed to cover a good deal of the body.

"Okay, you have a concussion, that might explain the memory loss," Then less confidently she added, "I think."

Another wave of nausea rolled over him.

"Vicky!" he snapped in the same tone he used on his little sister. He regretted it instantly. Yelling at one of the Atoms when they were trying to help wasn-

"Sorry, sorry," She apologized quickly, "Okay, what do you remember last?"

Richard, surprised by the reaction. He'd expected her to yell back not apologise. Confused, he tried to focus on his memories, "I... I donno, I think it was a couple days after your Mom gave me a checkup."

Vicky looked a little more optimistic, "Okay, that's good, but you get those on a regular basis, anything specific your remember about the checkup?"

"Regular..." Richard bit back frustration, "It was the first one I'd ever gotten from her."

Vicky's jaw dropped, "But, Rich, that... that was five years ago."

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Albright Institute: Memini (Chapter 2)

Post by Arkrite » Sat May 04, 2013 7:47 pm


"Five years ago?!"

"Rich, calm down, please."

"Five yea-" Richard bent over and retched as another wave of nausea ravaged him.

"Oh," Vicky concern was unmistakable, "I did ask you to calm down."

"I'm okay," Richard wheezed, "I just need a minute..."

Vicky nodded, "Okay, I have to get on the phone, you just... just don't go to sleep, okay?"

Richard nodded and leaned against a building. His mind warned him against it, but he didn't care. He hurt. He hadn't hurt this bad in his entire life. It was like somebody had taken a tire iron to every inch of his body.

He took a deep breath, winced as his ribs protested, then breathed out.

His vision started to clear and what he was horrible. The buildings had been badly damaged, with holes and entire sections missing. A fire hydrant nearby fired a geyser of water into the air onto a few badly damaged cars.

In the middle of the street was a huge crater. The whole street had been collapsed down into the sewers where a figure in what appeared to be badly torn red tights was half buried, unmoving. Richard leaned away from the wall and started walking towards it, unsteadily.

"... need a healer, he's- Richard wait!" Vicky yelled rushing over to his side.

"Somebody down there," Richard grunted.

"Richard, no," Vicky stepped in front of him and held out her arms.

"But he could be hurt."

"He's dead."

"What? Who killed him?" Richard looked around the street, his groggy mind still expecting to see somebody standing over the wreckage.

Vicky's voice was strained, "It doesn't matter. He was a monster and-"

His head ached as though his skull had just split, but with the pain came a bit of recognition. Vicky, the way she was talking she was hiding something. She only sounded like that when she was trying to protect somebody.

How did he know that?

"I did it, didn't I?"

Vicky winced, "It was the Alpha Centurion, you didn't have a choice!"

Richard felt sick to his stomach. He'd killed a man. A man he didn't even know, "But why would I have killed him? Who is he?"

Vicky's eyes darted to the side for a second before latching back onto Richard's. She was white as a ghost. The sick feeling grew as he turned to look at what had caught her eye. A broken form of what was a beautiful young woman, with olive skin and midnight black hair.

"Toni?" Richard croaked, staggering over to the body with a speed driven by sudden fear.

"Richard, no, don't," Vicky pleaded, her arms stretching to wrap around him to hold him back.

He didn't notice as her arms spun around him, nor as she slid along behind him helpless to slow his pace. All he noticed, to his horror, was Toni's lifeless eyes staring into the sky.

He dropped to his knees next to the body. He hadn't known her well enough for tears, but she'd been a kindred spirit, and she'd been as close to being a friend as he'd had in years. He fought with the feelings of loss, and the dull horror of seeing her laying there like that until finally he looked to the sky as if to ask god how he could have let it happen.

And that's when he noticed the black sky, burning orange with unearthly energy. The Freedom City skyline burned, and tiny figures filled the skies, blasts firing back and forth amidst the towers of smoke.

"Oh god," Richard fought the urge to vomit again, "It can't be happening again."

Vicky knelt down beside Richard, closing Toni's eyes with a gentle hand, "He's back, Richard. Omega is back."

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Re: Albright Institute: Memini

Post by Horsenhero » Sat May 04, 2013 11:11 pm

Very nice start. I can hardly wait to see what comes next.

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Re: Albright Institute: Memini

Post by Tattooedman » Sun May 05, 2013 1:25 am

Even though I already know what happens next (and a few chapters past that) I am looking forward to seeing all of this story finally posted. It's pretty fricking awesome. Plus I've added reference links for this in my Story Hour thread (as I've been doing for all the other writing efforts folks in my games have shared about their characters).
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Albright Institute: Memini (Chapter 3)

Post by Arkrite » Tue May 07, 2013 7:02 pm


Richard felt something on either side of his head then sheer agony blotted out the world around him. Sharp stabbing, tearing pain radiated from his neck blocking even his ability to scream.

And then the world spun, the pain faded, and he found himself falling towards the ground head first. Amidst the headache, the pain, and the concussion a small part of him wondered how he'd managed to fall head first towards the ground when he'd been kneeling only moments before.

Then he hit the ground and the point seemed moot. It didn't hurt as much as he expected, he hardly felt it at all. The shifting of his ribs as he fell prone, on the other hand brought an agonized gasp to his lips.


He felt something bounce off his back, and heard what he could only assume to be Vicky off to his side.

"What the hell happened?" Richard asked as he slowly tried to push himself back up to a kneeling position.

"Jump!" Vicky all but shrieked, "What the hell are you doing!?"


Richard winced as the ache in his head stabbed suddenly, but forced himself to his feet anyways. He was almost a block away from where he'd been only a moment before, but the confusion he had as to what had happened was cleared up the instant he saw who Vicky was yelling at.

Kneeling at Toni's side was the psionic super villain known as Jump. A member of the Psions, a family who believed that psychics were the future of the human race.

Richard hadn't known much about them as a whole, but he knew a few things. Ember was a pyrokenetic psychopath, Toni was a star eyed follower, and Jump... Jump always struck him as a boy who never really believed the lines he was told, but followed along because of his family. He was the one member who never seemed like they wanted a confrontation.

His head throbbed and he felt ill again.

"Jump! " Vicky's frustration grew as the man ignored her, " Damn it, Joshua! Where were you? We could have used your help."

"My help?" The man barked bitterly, "Like you needed her help?"

"Hey, she showed upon her own, I didn't even want-"

Jump ignored Vicky, looking up from Toni with tears in his eyes to glare accusingly at Richard, "She believed in you!"

Richard winced. He knew the man had just accused him of getting Toni killed, and he couldn't even defend himself.

"Joshua, I'm sorr-"

"Sorry?! She's dead! She's dead and you're sorry!" His eyes burned with rage, "I should kill you!"

Richard winced again. He suddenly knew what the pain his neck had been. Joshua had just tried to teleport his head off his own body. But it wasn't the action he'd expected from this quiet man, almost a pacifist in nature. It was rage, anger and pain.

He glanced down at Jump's hand, the one clutching at Toni's. Both wore a simple gold band. And then it seemed so obvious.

Jump's wife had just died.

"Yeah, maybe you should," Richard ignored Vicky's shocked exclamation and pressed on, "But she wouldn't have wanted that."

"Because she loved you," Joshua spat.

"No, because she loved you," Richard said, suppressing his shock as best he could, "And she wouldn't want you to be that would she?"

"Does it matter?! She's dead," he screamed, then choked on a sob as tears rolled down his face, "Oh god, she's dead... what... what am I going to do."

Vicky opened her mouth but Richard put up a palm to silence her. He watched as the man cried over the body of his dead wife.

"Take her somewhere, then help-"

"Help you?" he spat.

"Help them," Richard said, his voice taking a hard tone as he waved at the devistated city, "Your family rescued Toni. You can rescue them. Make sure that they don't have to feel... this."

Vicky tried to interject again, but Richard just met her with a cold look. She closed her mouth and crossed her arms, returning his look right back at him. He'd be paying for that later.

Jump remained where he was, kneeling over Toni's body. He looked back down at his wife and finally managed to croak out one last thing to Richard.

"I hate you."

Richard nodded and started walking into the city as fast as his battered body would allow.

"That's fair," He whispered as he walked, "I hate me too."

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Albright Institute: Memini (Chapter 4)

Post by Arkrite » Wed May 08, 2013 5:11 pm


"What was that?!"

Richard grimaced. His head was pounding harder than ever, and his ribs ached with every step, not to mention the muscles which had locked up and the bruises which were covering his body. The adrenaline had faded and the pain had rushed in to replace it.

And with it the angry recriminations of Vicky Atom.

"What do you mean, what was that?" Richard asked with patience he wasn't really feeling.

"He could have teleported us-"

"Into a volcano."

"He wouldn't do that."

"Normally I'd agree. Not now though."

"And what's so special about now."

"Toni's dead."

"I hate to say it, but maybe you forgot that they usually don't care much about the deaths of somebody outside the family," Vicky said with a frown.

"She was family."

"Richard, what in the blue blazes are you talking about? She wasn't family, she was hired muscle."

"She was married to Jump."

Vicky snorted, "Yeah, right."

Richard gave her a unamused look then kept walking.

"Wait, hold on, you're serious?"

Richard waved an arm at the city, "You think I'd joke at a time like this?"

"No, I just..." She gave Richard a sideways look, "She was married to Jump? Your memories are coming back?"

Richard grunted a negative, "They had rings. How he was acting. They were married."

Vicky muttered under her breath, but to Richard's amazement he heard the words fine, "You just think that because you never saw how she acted around you."

"Jump wasn't going to help us. Just, please, trust me on this one."

Vicky groaned and shook her head, "Fine, doesn't matter now anyways. You have a plan or are we wandering blind?"

Richard raised an eyebrow, "Memory loss, remember? Weren't you trying to find a healer?"

"Right," Vicky smacked herself in the forehead, "Yeah, well, all the radios are down for the most part. Any one that gets used is traced back to the originating point and attacked on mass by Omega Drones."

"So, we're cut off."

"Well, not exactly," Vicky pursed her lips and brought up a holographic display in front of her by tapping on her forearm, "You see they attack any transmitter that is military, or police. Well, anything that isn't media. Seems like they don't want us coordinating our efforts but they do want us spreading panic around."

"So the news is still running then," Richard said dryly.

"Yeah. And the internet. I've been putting up posts as regular as I can. Fact that you're still alive is raising morale pretty good. Can't just ask if anybody's got a healer, though, that'd undo any benefits. But," she raced her hand across the holographic image in front of her, "There are a lot of people tweeting that Champion is in the area helping people. If there is a healer around he will know about it."



"Sounds impressive."

"Power wise? Not so much. But you'd be amazed at what the man's done for the communities in this city."

"So, where is he?"

"Not sure exactly but last tweet says a few blocks south, so we hang a right here."

Richard nodded.

"Hate to say it but, why aren't there more Omega Drones in the air?"

"Don't know," Vicky admitted with a worried glance at the sky, "Best guess? They're preparing for the next wave of the invasion."

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Re: Albright Institute: Memini (Chapter 4)

Post by McGuffin » Thu May 09, 2013 12:33 pm

I'm really enjoying this little time-travel jaunt, looking forward to see where you go next with it. :)
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Albright Institute: Memini (Chapter 5)

Post by Arkrite » Fri May 10, 2013 8:08 pm


They walked along in silence for a little while.

Even in his dazed state the city made him feel completely uneasy. It was too quiet.
No, he decided, that wasn't the right word for it. There was plenty of noise. Energy weapons, guns, various powers and explosions could all be heard in the background amidst a veritable symphony of sirens of every emergency response vehicle in the city.

No it was the lack of people that was really scaring him.

He hadn't seen any when he'd woke up, and in the blocks that they'd gone so far they hadn't seen any yet.

It was starting to make him feel very uneasy, and starting to bring forth a few questions he wasn't sure he wanted answered.

"How are we doing?"

"Well, I'm still a little pissed at you, but we're okay," Vicky said with a bit of a pout.

Richard looked over at her and raised an eyebrow. She cringed.

"That wasn't what you were talking about."

"No, not really."

Vicky bit her bottom lip as she considered what to say.

"Don't sugar coat it."

"You lost your memory, and got beat half to hell, and the scariest thing that could possibly happen is happening," Vicky shook her head, "What more appropriate time is there for sugar coating."

Richard sighed, "It's an interesting point, but..."

Vicky blew out a long hiss of air, closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead with one hand, "It's bad. Real bad."

"We're losing?"

"We're not winning, that much I can tell you," Vicky looked to the sky at the giant portal that burned above the city, "Things went wrong from the start, they've been planning this for years."

"Since before you were born," Richard said nodding. The first invasion happened before either of them was born.

"No, not that, I mean..." She closed her eyes again as she tried to sort her thoughts, "Just the last few years. This time they had people in place on this side."


"Saboteurs! Spies," She waved her arms in frustration, "They've been whittling away at our defenses for years now and we had no idea. We still have no idea!"

"They spent years infiltrating our governments, putting themselves into positions where they could hobble our attempts to respond once the attack happened, built up forces of their own to fight against us."

"Then they started picking away at the people with super powers. They went after the super villains first, because they're easier to figure out. Most of them just want money or power, and Omega's goons offered both," her face went dark, "And if they didn't agree? Just... wipe them off the planet. Nobody really looks too hard when a super villain disappears, and nobody really thinks to hard when one dies. Obviously they crossed the wrong guy."

"They kept the other bad guys equipped with advanced tech and funding so that even the ones who weren't working for them were working against us. They worked the media to make sure that the villains who were too big of a threat for their invasion were people we couldn't afford to ignore."

"We lost a lot of good people trying to put people like Menton in jail in a rush because the world was railing against us. And every bad guy we put away and every friend we lost... just another victory for them."

"So the portals open up, suddenly the military and police are getting conflicting orders, attacks are happening all over the world, super villains band together, super teams are turning on each other..." Richard wasn't sure if the nausea was from the concussion or just from the revelation he was offered.

Vicky managed a small smile, "Not as many as you'd think. Everybody on earth knows what Omega wants is for all of us to die. It's a hard sell."

"I just can't believe- Why didn't one of those super genius detectives find this out?"

"Hindsight is twenty-twenty," Vicky shook her head, "Raven's doing her super sleuth thing trying to figure things out, but with the attack, it's hard to get details. Lots of people think the first volley was the terrorist attacks Carter Jacobs lead against Freedom City but..."


Vicky didn't look very confident but she continued, "Maybe it's nothing, but Chase found Foreshadow's hideout. He kept a journal of everything he did and investigated. I guess he expected on day it'd be all that was left to explain what had happened to him."

Richard cast his eyes to the pavement, "Something happened."

Vicky nodded, "But the weird part was that he almost ignored the Carter Jacobs incident. His journal during those days is frantic, but always talking about something else and somewhere else. His actual investigation on what happened listed it as a self contained incident."

"So it wasn't Omega pulling the strings on that?"

Vicky bit her lip again, "I don't think so. Everything seemed mostly fine after that for almost a year and then... just one last entry. July 8, 2012, 1313 Pandora 6:00 PM."

"And you think that was it?"

Vicky nodded, but she didn't look confident, "I can't prove it, but that's the last anybody ever heard of him. And with his powers he'd have been the first to know..."

Richard nodded, "Makes sense, but kind of a moot point. Unless you have a time machine?"

"Broken, and no not a moot point. If we can figure when it started it'll help us figure out what happened and where it happened. We'll be able to cut away at a lot more of Omegas saboteurs."

There was a brief pause.

"But Raven doesn't buy it," Richard guessed.

"Raven doesn't buy it!" Vicky said with an frustrated growl, throwing her arms up in frustration, "I'm over twenty years old! I've been at this since I was eight, but somehow I'm always treated like a five year old."

"You're preaching to the choir on that," Richard noted dryly. His last memories, before the five gap, involved him being forced back into high school to finish his education in spite of his being close to four years older than the oldest student there.

Or the fact that his life was, on a regular basis, decided by either the doctors running the Albright Institute or by his own sister. And that he was unable to interact with the world without assistance due to his superhuman strength and inability to feel...

Richard stood up straight in shock, then wheezed out a curse as his ribs shifted.

"What? What's wrong?"

"I can feel stuff."

"Like broken ribs?"

"Like everything. I can feel stuff again?"

"Oh, yeah, that," Vicky gave a little wave as if the concept was really worth talking about, "Forgot about that problem. Yeah, you got full tactile back."

Richard looked at his hands, "But how? I mean... was I just not trying hard enough?"

Vicky snorted, and then covered her mouth, "Not trying hard enough?! Oh, that's rich, Rich."

She snorted again, trying to stifle laugher. Richard ignored her. He wasn't sure what was funny, but he was pretty sure it was at his expense.

"Wait, are we heading into the Fens?"

"Yeah, last location Champion was seen."

"Why? looting and rioting?" Richard asked. The Fens was a beat up old neighborhood better known for the drugs, prostitution and gang violence that came out of it. Hard to believe that it would be a target for Omega's forces.

"You know; good people still live here. You'd do well to remember that," Came an eerily familiar voice from behind them.

Richard spun around to face the newcomer, and the world continued to spin for a good thirty seconds afterwards due to his concussion. The effect made the man's full body red, white, and blue flag costume seem to dance around like a flag in the wind.

"Wow, you look like hell," The man said finally, "You okay?"

"Champion, you won't believe how happy I am to see you."


The man turned to Richard expectantly.

"Wait... Graham, is that you?"

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Re: Albright Institute: Memini (Chapter 5)

Post by Horsenhero » Fri May 10, 2013 9:21 pm

Jenga!! :mrgreen:

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Re: Albright Institute: Memini (Chapter 5)

Post by kirinke » Sat May 11, 2013 4:23 pm

First plot twist! Me likes!

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Re: Albright Institute: Memini (Chapter 5)

Post by Arkrite » Sat May 18, 2013 7:30 pm