Meetings in the Black, From the catsi563 Star Wars Universe

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Meetings in the Black, From the catsi563 Star Wars Universe

Post by kirinke » Thu May 30, 2013 7:48 pm

In Which Senya Quillian, Former Jedi Sentinal steals a ship and meets Azdaon Kienaan for the first time.
Author Note: Thanks to kenmadragon for his contribution to Azdaon's dialog and plot refinement and thanks to catsi563 for letting me play and for his contributions to story refinement....

She hated the Hutts. It was official. Blast it to the seven Correllian hells, she had made a life for herself on Makeb, setting herself up as a private investigator chasing down cheating wives, welching business partners and philandering husbands. She kept her head down, didn't draw attention to herself by flashy force use and generally would have been happy in her retirement.

Sure, it was easy work for a former Jedi Sentinel, but hells bells on a Verpine antenna, nothing lasts forever. And sure enough, somehow or another some sithspit spy probably recognized her and sold her out to the Hutts and the greedy slugs thought they could capitalize on selling a live Jedi to the highest bidder.

Not hardly. She snorted. Damned idiots.

Jedi were notoriously hard to kill and harder enough to capture by non-force users. Still, she didn't fancy a potential fire-fight in the middle of everything and possibly getting herself captured or killed, which would be very unpleasant indeed. Especially if the highest bidders were Sith or Emperial personel. So she had to make a very quick getaway.

Luckily enough, she had gotten wind of the capture attempt at a cantina, where she spotted a passed out smuggler known for working for both the Sith and the Hutts. So with a song in her heart and a smile on her face, she stole the pass codes to his ship and slipped off the planet before anyone knew she was gone. Fancy that now. She sighed as she looked at her new surroundings.

"What a farking piece of bantha poodoo this ship is." she muttered as she leaned back, after the ship jumped to hyperspace, making it's way to more civilized (and less Hutt controlled) worlds. "Well, let's make the best of it and figure out what I have to work with," she said out loud to no one in particular (since there wasn't anyone around to talk to in any case).

She unbuckled the restraints to her chair and leaned back, letting go of tension as she tried to figure out what she was going to do next.

Senya frowned as she felt it. A flicker, a disturbance in the otherwise smooth flow of the force around her. The former Jedi got up, switching on her light saber, years of war honing a survival instinct that few could match, unless of course you had gone through some of the same things. The yellow blade hissed to life as she scanned the cock-pit, but finding nothing, she got up and cautiously explored the rat-trap ship.

"Okay...." she said out loud. "Whoever you are, whatever you are, show yourself. I know you are there. Come out, come out..." she called out. "I won't hurt you if you won't hurt me." she said, poking her head into the cargo-hold. The flicker grew stronger as she entered the cargo hold, it looked empty, oh yes indeed. But looks could be very deceiving. She suddenly swung her blade towards a seemingly empty bit of space and another blade met hers, the air shimmering, revealing a young man with yellow eyes.

"Sith-spit bastard!" Senya snarled, immediately recognizing the outward mark of one steeped in the dark-side.

"Aaggh!" Azdaon cried out as the lightsaber flashed by him. The Force quickly rushed to his fingertips, and managed to draw and ignite his own lightsaber to catch Senya's lightsaber before it took his head off.

Though it was dark, the light of the saber's was enough to allow the former Jedi to notice the glow of Azdaon's eyes. At her retort, Azdaon internally swore, and ducked away, moving the lightsaber away in a noncombative manner."Wait!" he called out. "I'm not a Sith! Please, listen to me!"

The woman caught herself before launching another swipe with her saber at the dirty son of a mangy murglak. "You have one minute to talk before I take your head and dump it and the rest of your remains out of the air-lock," she said dryly. "And it better not include, join me, serve the dark side and all of that bantha poo-doo garbage you lot favor." she smirked. "It's been done before. It didn't work then, it won't work now."

"What?" Azdaon stammered out, a bit bewildered by the hostility from the Jedi. He had certainly not expected her on this ship. He thought it was some smuggler about to go off world. Azdaon could easily overpower a smuggler, but a Jedi?!? What was going on?

"I'm just a stowaway! I'm not a Sith! My ship was destroyed when Hutts were looking for a Jedi, and I was stowing away so I could get off Makeb! I am not a Sith, and I have no idea whose 'lot' I belong to and what they would favor, and it would certainly not be pleasant to be dumped out an air lock!" he said quickly, a little excitable and on edge from the hostility of the woman towards him.

The woman studied him for a long moment, peering at him through the darkness, the force flowing freely from her and reaching out towards him, touching and testing him. "You were once," she said, relaxing a little and moving to a less hostile stance as images flicked past her, a bloody battle between two sith lords, Azdoan killing one, running, casting off his Sith heritage, helping the jedi and doing his best to atone for his horrid past.

"You're eyes betray you as being heavily touched by the dark-side, it corrupts a practioner physically, depending on how deeply steeped you are in it and you well know that." she cocked her head, looking at him and for one long moment, the man's life hung in the balance of what she saw.

"You've come along way since then. Your aura should be black given how badly you've been marked physically. It's gray now. I'm impressed." there was a hint of genuine wonder in her voice as she studied the young man's presence in the force.

She couldn't honestly condemn him for his past actions at least, what little she saw from the imprints left in the force. He had been trained to react that way, but what was truly amazing, was that he realized it was wrong. He cast it off, and was honestly repulsed by it. With one smooth movement her saber was deactivated at her belt once more and she rocked back on her feet, looking at him in puzzlement.

"I'm the Jedi they were looking for." she shook her head. "Well former Jedi at any rate. I left the order five years ago." she held out her hand and with a negligent wave of her other hand, activated the lights in the hold, illuminating it so they could both see clearly.

The woman, was on the early stages of middle age, around forty years old if he judged correctly with flaming red hair and hazel eyes. She was attractive, dressed in brown and black leathers and sporting two sabers instead of the usual one. She felt him testing her own relative strength and smirked a little as he paled slightly.

She might not be a Jedi anymore, but she figured she was around master-rank. Just not lily-white anymore. Senya thought a little regretfully. Her own aura was light gray, shot through with old pain from witnessing too many horrors and going through as much. The young man was fairly handsome in his own right, with dark brown, nearly black hair, aristocratic features and those startling gold eyes. If she was any younger and fresh out of the Enclave, he'd probably be able to charm her pants off. Literally. She snorted to herself. Good thing that was a hell of a long time ago.

"Name's Senya Quillian, sorry for the hostility. I've not exactly had good experiences with the Sith." she said dryly. "I hope you can forgive my reaction." She leaned against the door as the boy, no young man snuffed his own light-saber and hooked it on his belt.

"So, looks like we're stuck with each other for the time being, at least until we can get to someplace more civilized. Want to help me look through this pile of poo-doo and see what we have to work with?" Senya looked at him quizzically. "By the way, what's your name?"

"Azdaon Kienaan," he looked perplexed at her. "So you're not going to take my head?"

"Nope." Senya grumbled something to herself, something about hating farking destiny. "So. You don't have a ship, I can't run this hunk of junk by myself. Whaddya say?"

"Partners?" he asked as they moved through the ship to the dining area.

"Yeah. I like the irony, don't you? Former Jedi and former Sith..."

"Hey, I left!" Azdaon protested.

"So you did," she grinned a little, but it was lopsided. "And now we're not. Opens up a whole new world, doesn't it?"

"I guess so," Azdaon answered her grin with one of his own.

"Let's discuss the particulars over lunch, shall we?" Senya offered, wincing a little as she took in the mess of the dining area. Obviously, the previous owner had little cleaning skills. "Right after we fumigate," she amended....

And from there, a rather odd partnership was formed, one bound by a complete disregard of authority and the ability to overcome the most insane odds, in the most unusual of ways... And above all, profit from them.
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Re: Meetings in the Black, From the catsi563 Star Wars Unive

Post by Horsenhero » Fri May 31, 2013 7:47 pm

This is a pretty nice beginning kirinke. An odd couple partnership is always nice if it's handled well.

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Re: Meetings in the Black, From the catsi563 Star Wars Unive

Post by kirinke » Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:51 am

Horsenhero wrote:This is a pretty nice beginning kirinke. An odd couple partnership is always nice if it's handled well.
The game itself is part A-team, part Firefly set in the Star Wars universe. Next chapter is how they meet their pilot! kenmadragon helped alot, let me tell ya. Well, the next, next chapter. Chapter two.... Well read it! :)
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Chapter Two: The Fire and Frying Pan are equally hot

Post by kirinke » Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:37 am

Darth Atrenus: Image

The Fire and Frying Pan Are Equally Hot
In Which Senya meets Darth Atrenus face to face for the first time. The relationship goes downhill from there.

It had been a year since Azdoan and Senya became partners, a year that saw the complete refurbishing and outfitting of the newly christened Crescent Moon, the ship that would usher in a new chapter of their lives as mercenaries and independent traders (a pretty way of saying smuggler). So far, they had been quite successful, taking on jobs ranging from secret missions via the republic and jedi order and more profitable ventures with the Hutts and other cartels. They were quickly making a good name for themselves and that meant being able to be more choosy on what jobs they took.

The last thing Senya remembered was exiting the cantina, having concluded her business with the Hutt Lord Miku, delivering the last load of spice and securing the pay owed to her and Azdaon. All and all, profitable, if slightly shady. Then an explosion of pain and nothing.

She groaned. Damn... What hit me. She thought trying to get her bearings, to move. Senya nearly panicked as she felt the restraints on her wrists and ankles and opened her eyes. She fervently wished she hadn't.

She was in a sterile room surrounded by items she readily recognized and inwardly cursed six ways to to Corellia. An Imperial interrogation room. She tried reaching for the force only to hiss away from the darkside energies surrounding her, old instincts kicking in. Senya felt it then. Sith torture mask.

Double-damn.... I hate sith torture masks. Imbued with darkside energies, they made it difficult if not impossible to concentrate on the force. This was going to be tricky.

"So my dear, you are awake." A smoothly cultured voice remarked and she looked in the direction of the voice. She knew that voice... Spoken through holos, and through the mouths of apprentices and foot-soldiers, a voice she heard laughing as her old master had been torn apart in front of her. A voice she heard as she killed the traitorous sith mole, right before he would have killed Grand Master Shan. Senya had stopped that. But it cost her... She winced away from that memory.

A handsome man in his late sixties was sitting in a straight-backed throne-like chair. Slender, deceptively muscular and dressed in dark green, he had dark salt and pepper hair, a trim goatee and mustache and looked like nothing like you would assume a dark-lord should look. She wasn't fooled. She had dealt with this man on several different occasions, usually through his minions or apprentices in some plan or another, all of which she had managed to foil or defeat through the skin of her teeth. Most of the plans involved massive deaths and the sowing of confusion and despair, the usual plans the sith indulged in these days.

"Darth Atrenus. I can't say I'm pleased to meet you at last," Senya remarked dryly. "The answer is still no. Always no." Through his apprentices and mooks, he had made the offer for her to join him. She had always declined the honor. It looked like he had gotten tired of being 'polite'. It really wasn't good when a Sith Lord took a shine to you. They so disliked being scorned.

"We'll see. No one knows where you are my dear, no one can find you and no one is going to rescue you." he smiled at her. "You'll break and you will join the Empire." his smile turned predatory. "And you will be my apprentice."

"Never," she ground out and shrank back into the wall she was suspended from as Darth Atrenus motioned for something.

She inwardly cursed again as the torture-droid floated towards her, syringe filling with a vicious looking fluid. Senya really hated hallucinogens and she really hated Skirtopanol, a nasty drug that heightened pain sensitivity...

Azdaon... HELP ME! she screamed through the force, through the odd connection she shared with her best friend and first mate. A connection that not even the dark-side could interrupt. So she hoped. Senya sent through that scream everything she knew about Darth Atrenus, before Atrenus could block it.

He scowled at her and glared back at him defiantly, though her mind was chattering. Not good... Not good...

"That will cost you," he said mildly. "Your little first mate won't be able to help you." he grinned maliciously as the interrogation droid expertly injected the foul liquid into her system.

Senya hissed, biting back a curse as the liquid ran like fire through her bloodstream, the cocktail of drugs beginning it's work.

"I'll never break," she swore to him.

"They all say that," Atrenus remarked, settling back to watch the show with a slight satisfied smirk on his face.

She never had good experiences with Sith.

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A Late Captain Makes The First Mate A Bit Tetchy.

Post by kirinke » Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:49 pm

Chapter 3:
A Late Captain Makes The First Mate A Bit Tetchy.
In which Azdaon finds that dark pasts aren't a sole proprietary of ex-Sith.

Azdaon was getting annoyed. Specifically annoyed with his erstwhile captain. She was supposed to have been back over two hours ago. It's a simple drop and pick up the pay. Damn it. Even a silly padawan could have completed that task in a shorter period of time, he thought to himself as he put away his scrolls and pulled out a holo-projector.

"Senya?" he said, trying to reach her.

Now this wasn't like her. Not like her at all. Getting up, he grabbed his saber and left the ship, setting the passcodes on it before leaving. He began to worry as he approached the cantina. Something felt off, wrong. He paused as he saw a disreputable looking human leaning against the wall. He walked over.

"Hey, you see anything interesting happening around here lately, say within the last couple of hours?" Azdaon asked lightly, flashing a couple of credits at the fellow, who snatched them up greedily.

"Big too-doo buddy. Some Sith soldiers and a nasty lookin Sith warrior arrested a freighter captain a coupla hours ago, said she was a smuggler and a spy or something stupid like that. Everyone's on edge." the guy laughed. "Pretty thing, red-head." he grinned. "I hear tell she has a mouth like you wouldn't believe and sabers to match." he shrugged. "Don't do much good against a stun-grenade you ain't expectin though I guess."

Bile rose in Azdaon's gut. Oh no...

"Did they say who they were working for?" He asked evenly.

Oh maker no.
He could see it in his mind, the force showing the abduction, under the guise of the arrest. The Sith warrior obscuring their presence in the force, hitting Senya with a combination of stun grenade and dark-side energies, a sith torture mask yanked over her head as they injected her with a sedative before making their getaway. It all happened so quickly, even somebody like Senya, a woman with abnormally quick reaction times (something he learned the hard way) and paranoia to match, couldn't have possibly reacted in time to stop it.

"Darth Atrenus, nasty fellah. I'm glad he's not mad at me, let me tell ya."

"Thank you," Azdaon turned around and left the area, feeling sick with worry. This wasn't good at all. On his way back, he nearly doubled over as he felt a mental scream of absolute desperation resound through him, something he had never heard before. The voice he knew....

Azdaon... HELP ME!
He reached for the voice, Senya's voice, only to be flooded with information, images from Senya's past, detailing Darth Atrenus, where she was likely to be found and what strengths and weaknesses he had. He stumbled, falling to one knee as he felt a wave of controlled rage and mavolent power block the sending. And cold laughter followed in the wake of that rage.

You'll be too late whelp. The voice told him before completely blocking him from his captain.

"We'll see," Azdaon quietly told that voice, controlling the hot rage simmering in his gut with sheer willpower alone and got up, shaking the dust out of his pant leg and got back to the ship. He had some serious planning and plotting to do. Taking his captain without permission just wasn't done. At least not without some heavy reprecussions in return. It was just insulting. He shook his head. He was definitely hanging around Senya too much.

His hand clenched. Right. To business. He had a captain to rescue and a Darth to kill. That meant supplies and a pilot who was crazy enough to fly into Imperial space and help bust out a Darth's prisoner. So naturally, his first stop would be to the seediest bar on the planet.

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Re: Meetings in the Black, From the catsi563 Star Wars Unive

Post by kirinke » Sat Jun 08, 2013 7:07 am

Chapter Four:
Sith Prisons Are Not An Improvement Over Sith Torture Masks.
In which Senya makes a friend.

Groggy, Senya barely felt them yanking the sith torture mask off before throwing her in a cell. Before she fell, arms caught her, gently lowering her to the ground.

"What happened to you?" a young, scared voice asked her.

She looked up blearily. An out of focus humanish form leaned over her, though it kept doubling. Ooo... Whatever that torture droid put in me sucks. Everything hurt, everything felt sore, her muscles refused to do what she wanted. No wonder they didn't have any problem removing the sith mask. She wasn't a threat at all anymore. At least physically.

"Sith idea of a meet and greet." Senya quipped. "Ow." she shut her eyes as the room began to spin. "I hate chemi-torture." she grumbled. "Senya Quillian. I'd say pleasure to meet you, but not here, not like this." she said.

The girl giggled a little, nervousness lifting a little as she recognized an attempt to calm her for what it was. "Ana Tathis." she smoothed the older woman's hair away from her face. "How are we going get out of her Master Senya?"

"Not a Jedi kid, left the order..." she felt the kid's aura, bright, clean, shiny. Too shiny, like a water-fall of power and just as wild, unfocused. At a guess, she figured the kid was an apprentice of some sort, no one with a presence in the force like that could have possibly been missed by the order or the sith. Case in point. And the kid was scared, so no doubt she was a prisoner too. So. two and two make a padawan in her book. The kid's aura gave her a head-ache on top of whatever the Sith had pumped into her. No wonder Atrenus captured the girl. She would have been irresistible. . "Bright..." she muttered.

Ana gulped at that. "Then why did Darth Atrenus capture you?"

"Old issues, unresolved." Senya muttered. "He hated my master, seems to think that by corrupting me, he'll gain a final victory over his memory." she shivered. "Not gonna happen." she opened an eye and looked up, the girl momentarily coming into focus. Lucky her.

The girl was young, around fourteen or so with long brown hair pulled into a messy pony-tail and expressive sapphire blue eyes. Senya grimaced a little. Definitely a padawan learner, judging by the brown robes she was wearing. Poor kid. Probably got separated from her master somehow and seeing a farking opportunity, Atrenus' people captured her. Senya thought disjointedly.

Ana chuckled. "Well, since you told them to have intercourse with themselves that kinda leads some credence to their notion of you being a Jedi, wouldn't you say?"

"Shut it kid," Senya grumbled. "Can't even get respect from silly padawan learners. We'll figure a way out of this.... Got a winning sabacc card up my sleave... I hope,"

Ana's face brightened at that whispered sentence "How did you know I was force sensitive?" she asked curiously.

"Aura's brighter than Tantooine sand on a summer day. Gives me a migraine just looking at it and your connection to the force.... Let's just say you'd have to be blind and dumb not to see it." she said bluntly. "Atrenus has always been a bit like a jawa with bright things, then he likes the kick the shiny out of them. Lucky you." she scowled.

"Lemme sleep." she said, her body finally poking some sense into her and she slid off into a healing trance. Probably the Sith's idea all along. Less expense on their part anyway. Why waste valuable meds, when the prisoner can heal herself? Sith-spit arse-holes. She thought grouchily to herself. Then for at least a few hours, she felt nothing.

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Re: Meetings in the Black, From the catsi563 Star Wars Unive

Post by kirinke » Fri Jun 14, 2013 11:12 am

Chapter 5:
Black Holes Are Not Always A Bad Thing
In which Azdaon acquires a pilot and starts to cement his plans of rescue and bloody revenge.

Azdaon strode into the dim cantina, ignoring the band on stage blaring out their music to mostly drunk and or dangerous individuals who were too wrapped up in their own misery or shady deals to care about one more cloaked and obviously pissed off individual. In the Black Hole, Nar Shadda's seediest bar that was normal. You didn't come there looking for a good time.

Azdaon gazed at the crowd as he let the force flow, hoping it'd lead him to something of interest. The force began to whisper to him, leading him past individuals with black presences in the force or too weak for him to be bothered with. He needed somebody daring and just a bit insane for this particular job and if they didn't care if they pissed off a Darth or the Empire in general, well Azdaon would count his lucky sabbac cards for that little bonus. His eyes eventually settled on a young man with a ready smile and an itchy trigger finger if the former sith apprentice was any judge.

He walked up to the young man's table and sat down. "I need a pilot." he said by way of opening up the conversation. "A good one. You interested?"

"Who's asking?" the man returned, leaning back casually, though his hand was hovering over the butt of his blaster.

"Azdaon Keinaan. First mate of the Crescent Moon, fastest freighter this side of the rim." Azdaon returned. "My captain's been kidnapped by an old enemy of hers and I need somebody good enough to get me through Imperial space to rescue her before he tortures her to death." he said, explaining the situation as best as he could with the information he had.

"Crescent Moon huh?" he looks at Azdaon. "Heard she was captained by an ex-jedi." he snorted. "I don't care much for saber-swingers."

Azdaon laughed. "Truth be told, neither do we. So, you in, ready to prove to everyone how good you are?" he challenged.

The man laughed. "Pfft. I am that good. I don't need to prove it to anyone. Now anyone can do the Kessel run. Me, I once had to pilot an old rattle-trap shuttle with nothing but my feet while trying to repair the life support on her and at the same time dodging asteroids while being persued by pissed off Hutts." he grinned cheekily. "I'm still here, so that tells you something. So what's the pay?"

Azdaon would have scoffed at that, but with the force whispering in his ear and his own instincts telling him the guy was being utterly truthful made the decision for him. Perfect...

"Two thousand credits and all the loot we can get our hands on as well as..." Azdaon's eyes twinkled merrily. "The chance of future employment. We do pretty well now, with you on board, we'll be even better. Nobody will be able to hold a glow-rod to us, especially once word gets out that we lifted a prize from a Darth and got away clean. Think of it."

"Sounds interesting. I'm in, especially if it means screwing over the Empire." he held out his hand for the other man to shake. "Dean Nightstar. I'm the best pilot you'll ever see."

"I know." Azdaon replied shaking it. "I don't hire anyone but the best at what they do."

"Good. So what's the plan and where's this ship of yours at?" Dean asked.

"This way," he nodded towards the door. "Hanger fifteen." Azdaon added helpfully. "The sooner we get going, the happier I'll be,"

"You're the boss," Dean quipped.

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Re: Meetings in the Black, From the catsi563 Star Wars Unive

Post by kirinke » Thu Jun 27, 2013 7:30 pm

Chapter 6
Sith Don't Host Tea Parties
In which Senya does not enjoy her surroundings and begins hatching an escape plan with her cellmate.

Senya's screams could be heard throughout the cell-block. It had been going on for quite awhile, an hour or two at least. Ana shuddered, huddling in a corner, trying to block out the sound. She tried reaching out to the force adept, but darkness blocked her, shoving her back with vicious glee. In all her young life, she had never experienced such a degree of evil. Yes Ana had studied the sith, knew that their capacity for atrocity had few limits, but to witness it first hand? Now that was a totally different matter all together.

To make matters worse, they really weren't even interested in whatever information or intelligence Senya had. They just wanted to break the former jedi and turn her to darkness. If they were doing that to somebody that wasn't even apart of the order anymore, what where they going to do to her? A Jedi padawan? Ana hugged herself, drawing her cloak tighter around her in a futile attempt to ward off the chill of the cell and give some comfort to herself. She breathed out, trying to dispel the dank fear that surrounded her.

The cell door opened and guards flung the unconscious woman in. "She's not lasting as long as she has been." they chuckled. "Two hours this time. Last time it was it was longer. She's weakening every single session." he grinned at the girl. "Don't know what Lord Atrenus has in store for you kid, but it's bound to be entertaining."

Then they were gone.

Ana dragged Senya towards her hand hovering over the seemingly unconscious woman and tried to focus on the force, trying to impart some strength into the older woman. "Why are they doing this.... You don't know anything of value..." she whispered. "We have..."

"To get out of here." Senya croaked, eyes creaking open, startling the heck out of the girl, who snatched her hand back, the force trickling away. "Not as weak as I'm acting here." she levered herself up, looking ragged nonetheless. She grinned lopsidedly. "Old trick. Let em beat on you enough to where they think you're too weak to bother with, then make a break for it." she coughed. "Hurts like hell though..."

"Kid... It's gonna be alright." Senya told her.

"They're torturing you... What are they going to...." Ana said haltingly.

"No fear kid." Senya looked up at her. "No hate," she said. "This is part of what torture does. Makes you afraid. Makes you hate. That's Atrenus' plan. Once you let that start to worm it's way in, Atrenus can get his hooks into you and start to twist your brain inside out. Two womp rats with one blaster blast." she chuckled dryly. "Too bad we're gonna blow this poo-doo stand before that happens." she began whispering to the girl, outlaying a basic plan.
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Re: Meetings in the Black, From the catsi563 Star Wars Unive

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Chapter 7
Jail Break
In Which Senya Teaches Ana The Time-Honored Game of Playing Possum

“Hey, hey! Help me please!” Ana cried out banging on the cell door. “She's having some sort of seisure, I can't...”

The door opened, revealing two very pissed off guards. “What's going on?”

“You hurt her too much, she... Look!” Ana pointed to Senya, lying comatose on the ground, looking like she was half dead, turning blue around the lips.

“Shavit, if she dies...” the guard whispered, taking off his helmet and bending down to give Senya basic CPR.

To his surprise, the woman's eyes snapped open, color returning to her cheeks and lashed out with both hands, striking him solidly on his ears. He screamed, causing the other guard to reflexively shoot at the source of the screaming. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't a sniper and caught his partner squarely in the back of the head, he slumped over the former Jedi, quite dead. She heaved forward with all her strength, sending the body crashing into his shocked partner. The guard stumbled back, giving Ana time to wrench the rifle out of his hands and slam it on the back of his head, sending him tumbling down unconscious over his partner's body.

Out of habit, Senya rapidly looted the bodies of any valuables, coming up with a couple of credit sticks and medpacks. She then grabbed the dead guard's rifle and grinned at Ana.

“I told you Imperial guards were dumb.” She chuckled and gasped a little as a rib painfully reminded her that she wasn't at one hundred percent.

“You know how to use that thing?” She asked gesturing towards the rifle.

“Sure, my sister is a trooper trainee, she showed me a few things.” Ana replied.

“Fair enough.” she snorted. “Point the barrel at the bad guy, squeeze the trigger. Remember, if they're in range, you're in range. Cover is your friend. Let's blow this joint. Atrenus' hospitality lacks. I might lodge a complaint....”

Ana shook her head. “You're insane...”

“You can go back in the cell you know.”

“Right. Well then, after you.” Ana replied smartly, following the older woman out into enemy territory. "We can always have the healers look at you on Tython when we get out of here..." she muttered to herself.