World of Freedom: FC Setting Builds....

Please, tell us about your character! This section is custom-made just for your heroes (or villains) to hang out in and strut their stuff.
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World of Freedom: FC Setting Builds....

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World of Freedom Setting:
This is the setting used for the PbP games I run here in the Game Room, it's mostly straight from the 3E book with some minor House Rules I’ve come up with. I'm using characters from several different sources (different games like Heroes Unlimited, different versions of the Champions games, CROOKS!, as well as ideas from posters here on the ATT), so it's a bit of a mish-mash and hopefully an interesting read for all.

Any comments and critiques from people would be more than welcomed and appreciated.

Original Builds
WOF Criminals
WOF Heroes
Races of the WOF
Artifacts, Items of Interest & Organizations
Time Line

House Rules:
-Skill points are 3/pp rather then 2/pp except for Close Combat and Ranged Combat, those two skills will remain 2/pp.

-Expertise [Criminal]: You know the local gangs, symbols, slang, and the various bosses, and possibly ones in other cities (it wouldn't take you too long to find out). You know where drugs are made, distributed and sold. You know how to disable an alarm system, break into a car, hotwire something (normally a Tech-skill), and probably how to recognize the signs of an easy "mark". Most super-villains with this Skill are the thuggish types who know where the money is in the bank, and knows how to safe-crack a little bit.

-Expertise [Streetwise]: You know crime from an outsider's point of view, which lets you step back and view things as a whole better than someone "in the mix". You know most of the above stuff (recognizing gangs, their symbols mostly but perhaps their slang as well), or at least the signs of it. Criminologists and the like are up here.

-Vehicles is divided into four sub-skills; Air, Exotic, Land, and Sea. As each set requires a different understanding of the basic operation of the various vehicles.
-Air: This sub-skill applies to planes, jets and helicopters.

-Exotic: This sub-skill applies to vehicles like tanks, space ships, hovercrafts, and APCs (Assault Personnel Carriers). Unique crafts that call for specialized training to operate, it also applies to any on-board weapon systems the vehicle might be equipped with as well.

-Land: Most people can operate cars without need of this skill. It mostly applies only when under a stressful or dramatic situation like taking part in a chase, being attacked while operating or trying to reach a destination at higher than normal speeds. This sub-skill also applies to most other vehicles similar to cars in operation as well as motorcycles and 18-wheeler trucks.

-Sea: This sub-skill applies to any motorized water craft like speed boats, yachts, subs, and jet-skis.

Clean (ranked): Checks to connect you with a crime increase by DC5 per rank.

Conceal Efforts: Anyone who inspects your bindings during a Sleight of Hand escape check must make a Perception check with a DC equal to your Sleight of Hand result to notice your escape attempt.

Cunning Fighter: Use Attack instead of Deception to feint an opponent.

Damaging Escape: Do damage when breaking a grapple.

Defensive Strike: Get a +2 to hit enemy that misses you in melee.

Durable Lie: The target believes your Deception for an additional round.

Follow-Up Strike: Additional melee attack after Critical Hit is scored.

Hide Tampering: You can conceal any tampering done to a device. Anyone who inspects the device must make a Technology check against your Sleight of Hand check to notice your tampering.

Improved Demoralize: Allows a character to make a demoralize attempt as a move action.

Improved Feint: Allows a character to make a feint attempt as a move action.

Improved Taunt: Allows a character to make a taunt attempt as a move action.

Improved Trick: Allows a character to make a trick attempt as a move action.

Last Stand: Spend an HP to ignore all Damage Conditions for one round.

Lionheart: Grants a +5 to saves against fear that is not limited to PL caps.

Multilingual: By spending an HP a character can speak a certain language for the remainder of a scene.

Online Research: Allows a character to use the Expertise [Computers] skill instead of the Gather Information sub-skill of Investigation when looking for anything that would normally be acquired by talking to people and buy them drinks and such. This feat can be used with the Well-Informed advantage also.

Speed of Thought: Allows a character to use their Intellect modifier for Initiative.

Task Focus (Ranked): Choose a specific task or situation that can be performed with a skill check, such as keeping watch at night for Notice. When making checks that involve your chosen specialization, you gain a bonus +2 bonus that can exceed PL caps. You can buy additional ranks, these can either increase the bonus to +5 or apply to a new task.

Withstand Damage: Trade-Off Defense for Toughness- I would allow this for either Parry or Dodge.

The Luck Advantage:
The maximum amount rank of this feat is half the Power Level of the game; a PL 8 can only have 4 total ranks of the Luck feat, while a PL 10 can have a total of 5 ranks. Purchasing the Luck feat allows one of the following:

-Determination: Lets the character re-roll any die roll made and take the better of the two rolls.

-Edit Scene: You can “edit” a scene to grant your hero an advantage by adding or changing certain details.

-Inspired: Lets the character gain the benefits of one advantage the character doesn’t already possess.

-Inspiration: You can spend a hero point to get sudden inspiration in the form of a hint, clue, or bit of help from the GM.

-Instant Counter: You can spend a hero point to attempt to counter an effect used against you as a reaction.

-Recovery: You can spend a hero point to recover faster; immediately remove a dazed, fatigued, or stunned condition, without taking an action (this option allows you to use Extra Effort without suffering from fatigue). Instead you can convert an exhausted condition into a fatigued condition.

-Skillful: Lets the character use the Beginner's Luck feat.

-All "Flat +1 Extras" are called "Feats" because it's ridiculous to change it to something more confusing.

-Impervious works just as it did in 2nd Edition.

-Penetrating works just as it did in 2nd Edition.

Dimensional Pocket:
Feature - extradimensional storage of mass rank in material. (1 pt per rank)

You can access an extradimensional “pocket” or storage space where you can place things and retrieve them later.
Items placed in your dimensional pocket remain in the same state until you withdraw them. You cannot place living or unwilling beings into your pocket, only nonliving objects. The object you wish to retrieve from the pocket is always “on top” when you reach into it, coming immediately into your hand. The power’s rank determines the mass you can store at once. Once the pocket is “full” nothing else will fit into it without first removing something.

~Air Walking: You can “walk” on air at half your normal ground movement speed as if it were solid ground and move up or down at a 45 degree angle at half speed (one-quarter your ground movement speed). For two ranks, you move at your normal ground movement speed (half speed when ascending or descending).

~Multiple Minion (Feat: 1 pt flat): You can summon more than one minion. Each application of this extra doubles your total number of minions. So, for example, with Summon 6, you summon a single 90-point minion. With Multiple Minions 1 you can summon two 90-point minions, four at 2 ranks, eight at 3 ranks and so on. It requires a standard action to summon each minion unless you also have the Horde extra. +1 flat point.

~Slow Fade (Feat: 1 pt flat): Weaken with this modifier reduces the recovery time of Lost Points on the target’s turn. Each application moves the time interval one step down the following table;
  • • 1 rank: 5 rounds
    • 2 ranks: 10 rounds
    • 3 ranks: 1 minute
    • 4 ranks: 4 minutes
    • 5 ranks: 15 minutes
    • 6 ranks: 30 minutes
    • 7 ranks: 1 hour
    • 8 ranks: 4 hours
    • 9 ranks: 16 hours
    • 10 ranks: 1 day

With all that said, on with the build lists and holding spaces.....
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World of Freedom Setting 3E

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Re: World of Freedom 3rd Edition: Starting up

Post by Tattooedman »

World of Freedom Criminals:

Ace of Spades [the Royals]
Afterburn [Syndicate of 7]
Aftershock [the Leader's Minions]
Alchemist [Brimstone House]
Amend [the Psions]
Amneisa [the Cirque Sinister]
Angela Fong [Foxbat’s Crew]
Ankylosaur [Sinister Syndicate]
Arclight [VIPER]
Argent [the Psions]
Arsenal Robot
Atomic Brain
Aura [the Psions]
Axis [Shadow Academy]
Azure [Shadow Academy]
Baron Twilight [Brimstone House]
Barricuda [Naguar]
Big Zero [Shadow Academy]
Binder [Sinister Syndicate]
Black Anubis
Blackbird II
Blackfire [the Order of Chaos]
Blackheath [Brimstone House]
Blackout [Shadow Academy]
Blackstar [Crime League]
Black Bow [Black Guard]
Black Claw
Black Diamond
Black Dragon
Black Lotus
Black Mist
Black Paladin
Black Scorpion
Black Steel
Black Vulture
Bloodaxe [Sinister Syndicate]
Bloodmoon [Brimstone House]
Bloodstone [Crowns of Krim]
Bloodtide [Naguar]
Bloody Mary [the Furies]
Blur [Masters of Speed]
Bolchock [the Body Shots]
Bobby Holmes [the Cirque Sinister]
Bombard [Weapon PRIME]
Boomslang [VIPER]
Bonechill [Sinister Syndicate]
Brains & Brawn
Braincase [Black Guard]
Brainstorm [Death’s Head]
Brass Knight [Brimstone House]
Brother Blood [Shadow Academy]
Bora [Eurostar]
Burner & Dusty
the Cahokian
Captain Boomerang II
Captain Kraken
Carom [the Elite]
Cascade [Force of Nature]
Cateran [the Masters of Fortune]
Cauldron [the Cirque Sinister]
Chaos [Cadre]
Cheetah [the Masters of Speed]
Cheshire Cat
Chimera [Beastiary]
Clutch [the Order of Chaos]
Conjurer [Brimstone House]
Constrictor [VIPER]
Corvis [Brimstone House]
Count Reich
Count Zero [Shadow Academy]
Crescent Lady [Brimstone House]
Crimson Katana III
Crimson & Clover
Crimson the Archer [the Masters of Fortune]
Crux [Cadre]
Cult of the Red Banner
Cyclone I
Cyclone II
the Czar
D6 [Shadow Academy]
Damselfly [Sinistry]
Darkbolt [Shadow Academy]
Dark Seraph [Crowns of Krim]
David Fraley
David Rhodes
Daybreaker [Shadow Academy]
Death Mask II
Deathstroke, the Terminator
December [Shadow Academy]
Demolisa [Shadow Academy]
Deuce [the Psions]
Devil Ray [Crime League]
Diablo [Brimstone House]
Diamondback [VIPER]
Disruptor [the Elite]
Doc Otaku
Doctor Animo
Doctor Breakdown [Sinister Syndicate]
Doctor Hyper [the Hypernauts]
Doctor Mayhem
Doctor Necros
Doctor Rune [Brimstone House]
Doctor Simian [Crime League]
Doctor Stratos [Crime League]
Doctor Wattage
Doctor Yin Wu
Dragoness [Cadre]
Drake [Death’s Head]
Dreadbolt [the Elite]
Dreadnaught [the Black Guard]
Durak [Eurostar]
Eclipse I
Eclipse II [Crowns of Krim]
Eel I
Eel II
Ember [the Psions]
Empath [the Psions]
Empress [Brimstone House]
Esper [Shadow Academy]
Evil Eye
Executioner [Shadow Academy]
Exodus [Foxbat's Crew]
Faction [the Horde]
Fear-Master II
Fiacho [Eurostar]
Fiend [Psions]
Firefly I
Firefly II
Flay [Brimstone House]
Flora [the Brides of the Green]
Flow [the Cirque Sinister]
Force [Crowns of Krim]
Fullbore [the Masters of Speed]
Gauss [the Leader's Minions]
Goldfire [Force of Nature]
Golden Sorcerer
Gorgon [Brimstone House]
Granite [Factor Four]
Green Dragon
Grey Gargoyle
Hailey Hyper [the Hypernauts]
Halloween Jack
Halfjack [VIPER]
Halogen [Death’s Head]
Hammerstein [Knights of the New Confederacy]
Harpoon [Cadre]
the Harvester
Headknocker [Syndicate of 7]
Heatwave [Weapon PRIME]
Hellbent [the Masters of Speed]
Hellfire [Brimstone House]
Hellhound [Brimstone House]
Hemogoblin [Brimstone House]
Hiroshima Shadow [Crime League]
Hummingbird [the Masters of Fortune]
Hypnos [PSI]
Hypno Hustler
Impact [Weapon PRIME]
Isis [the Seraphim]
Jack of Blades
Jack of Diamonds [the Royals]
Jade Phoenix
Jin Toju [Brimstone House]
Johnny Reb
Johnny Sixx
Jump [the Psions]
Kelvin [the Black Knights]
Khan [Shadow Academy]
King of Hearts [the Royals]
Knockout [the Body Shots]
Knuckleduster [the Body Shots]
Krait [VIPER]
Kroenen [Death’s Head]
Kryogen [VIPER]
Lady Hive
Lady Lunar
Lady Mamba
Laeral [Brimstone House]
Lashina [the Furies]
Legion [the Horde]
Lethal Lolita [Shadow Academy]
Living Dead Girl (& Gravestone)
Locus [Weapon PRIME]
Longclaw [Brimstone House]
Luna Moth II
Mac Magma
Mad Harriet [the Furies]
Madame Hyper [the Hypernauts]
Magician II
Magma [Force of Nature]
Magmus [the Leader's Minions]
Manowar [Naguar]
Manticore [Beastiary]
Marine Marauder
Maxima [the Brides of the Green]
Medea [Crime League]
Medusa [PSI]
Megalith [the Black Knights]
Meltdown [the Order of Chaos]
Melter [Shadow Academy]
Mentalla [Eurostar]
Merciless Ming
Mercury [Cadre]
Mind Slayer [PSI]
Minion [the Horde]
Minimax [the Cirque Sinister]
Mister Mist
Mister Plague
Mithra [the Seraphim]
Modulus [Sinistry]
Morgaine the Mystic [the Black Guard]
Mortar [the Leader's Minions]
Narwhale [Naguar]
Nemean [Beastiary]
Night Archer
Nightstrike [Shadow Academy]
Nightwrath [the Order of Chaos]
Ninjas of Sin
Nocturne [Shadow Academy]
Obelisk [Sinistry]
Oculon [VIPER]
Orion the Hunter [Crime League]
Override [Weapon PRIME]
Overrun [the Order of Chaos]
Outburst [the Psions]
Overdrive [Syndicate of 7]
the Pack
Paragon [Syndicate of 7]
Persuader [the Elite]
Phantazia [Cadre]
Phantom Eagle
Phaze [Sinistry]
Phoenix [Crowns of Krim]
Phosphorus [Sinister Syndicate]
Piper [Crime League]
Plastic Man
Po Xu
Poundcakes [the Furies]
Power Corps
Professor Fathom [Factor Four]
Proton [Sinistry]
Prodigal [the Black Knights]
Psikosis [Syndicate of 7]
Psi-Fire [Weapon PRIME]
Psimon [PSI]
Psycho Skull
Pyre [Factor Four]
Queen of Clubs [the Royals]
Ramona Cortez
Rampart [the Psions]
Rant & Rave
Rapture [Cadre]
Razorfane [Brimstone House]
Recurve [Weapon PRIME]
Red Death II
Red King [Gene Nation]
Requiem & Frost
Rikus [Brimstone House]
Rose Monk
Roundhouse [the Body Shots]
Salvo [the Black Knights]
Samuel Hyper [the Hypernauts]
Scarlet Knight
Scorpia [Eurostar]
Scream Queen [Sinistry]
Screaming Mimi [the Furies]
Screwface [Syndicate of 7]
Sea Devil [Naguar]
Senyaka [Cadre]
Sepulchre [Brimstone House]
Seventh Son [Brimstone House]
Shadow Bandit
Shingle [MEDUSA]
Sidewinder [VIPER]
Silhouette [the Leader's Minions]
Silver Hyena
Sister Blister
Skybreaker [Force of Nature]
Slick [Sinister Syndicate]
Slo-Mo [the Masters of Speed]
Slyph [Factor Four]
Smoke & Mirror
Solomon Goldberg [Foxbat’s Crew]
Soulfire [PSI]
Spiral [Cadre]
Starflare [the Black Guard]
Steel Commando
Stickerburr [MEDUSA]
Stompa [Shadow Academy]
Strongarm [the Black Knights]
Stunner [the Elite]
Sunburst [the Elite]
Target [Shadow Academy]
Tectonic [Death’s Head]
Temblor [Crowns of Krim]
Tempo [Cadre]
Terraformer [Force of Nature]
Thieves‘ Guild
Thumb Drive
Thunderhead [the Order of Chaos]
Tiger Lily [the Black Guard]
Titania [the Furies]
Touch N' Go [Shadow Academy]
Tom Cyprus
Tracker [the Psions]
Tundra [Force of Nature]
Tundra II
Tungarak [the Masters of Fortune]
Ultrasonique [Eurostar]
Unani [the Psions]
Undine [Beastiary]
Unicorn I
Unicorn II
Unuscione [Cadre]
Uppercut [the Body Shots]
Vamp [the Psions]
Venus [the Brides of the Green]
Vertigo [Cadre]
Vibron [Shadow Academy]
VIPER Agents
Vipress [Syndicate of 7]
Warblade [Weapon PRIME]
Warhead [the Black Guard]
Warhead II [the Leader's Minions]
Whiplash [Eurostar]
Whiplash [the Masters of Speed]
Whirligig [the Masters of Speed]
White Flame [Eurostar]
White Knight
White Rabbit
Whitestar [Masters of Fortune]
Wildcard [Crime League]
Wreckin' Bill
Yautja Alien
Zankou [Death’s Head]
Zoo Keeper [the Elite]
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World of Freedom Setting 3E

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Re: World of Freedom 3rd Edition: Starting up

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World of Freedom Heroes [by team]:

-The Freedom League:
Bowman III
Captain Thunder
Doctor Metropolis
Johnny Rocket
Lady Liberty
Raven II
Siren II [Reserve Member]
Star Knight III
Vega [Reserve Member]

-The Atom Family:
Chase Atom [with Cosmo]
Jack Wolf
Maximus Atom
Tesla Atom
Victoria Atom

-The Champions:

-The Sentinels:
Hex [with Nightshade]
Iron Angel
Speed Demon
Think Tank


-Project: Freedom:
La Pyra
Red Phoenix

-The Reserve:
Lady Hex

-Tomorrow Society:
Black Wing
Crimson Tarantula
Madame Tomorrow

-The Power Company:
Josiah Power
Iron Fist
Luke Cage
Loose Cannon
Striker Z

-Solo Heroes:
Black Hood
Blacktion Man
Bomb Girl
Blue Streak
Doc Fin
El Muerto
Flex, the Foldable Man
Hammer Maiden
Human Shield
Jack Giant
Kid Comet
Lady of the Lantern
Mister Modify
Patrol Man
Red Rover
Running Girl
Vendetta & Veil

-International Heroes:
Miako Niota
White Lion
Zandar, Lord of the Lost World

La Montre Du Nord (The North Watch):

Зимой охранник (The Winter Guard):
Red Dawn

-Crown Guard:
Big Ben

Tiger Squad:
Accomplished Perfect Physician
August General in Iron
Best Tiger
Celestial Archer
Gossamer Storm
Red Bullet
Seven Deadly Brothers
Shaolin Robot
Summer Cloud
Winter Dragon

In Memorial:
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World of Freedom Setting 3E

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Re: World of Freedom 3rd Edition: Starting up

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World of Freedom NPCS
Alea Reed
Alex Vezini [AEGIS]
Angaza [Claremont Academy]
Ashmoore [Claremont Academy]
Battlecry [Claremont Academy]
Beast Boy [Arcadian Academy]
Black Orchid
Bling [Claremont Academy]
Brother X [Arcadian Academy]
Caryatid [Claremont Academy]
Challenger [Claremont Academy]
Cloudburst [Claremont Academy]
Cordon [Claremont Academy]
Counterweight [Arcadian Academy]
Crimson [Arcadian Academy]
Crush [Claremont Academy]
Desert Wasp [Claremont Academy]
Deucalion [Claremont Academy]
Doctor Daphne Halperstein [Albright Institute]
Doctor Leslie Reece [Albright Institute]
Doctor Noah Spence [Albright Institute]
Donnie Benis
Energizer [Arcadian Academy]
Ethan Keller [FORCE Ops]
the Fall Guy
Feline [Claremont Academy]
Gizmo [Arcadian Academy]
Gwen Tenny [Arcadian Academy]
Hazmat [Arcadian Academy]
Iceflame [Claremont Academy]
Jawbreaker [Claremont Academy]
Jinx [Arcadian Academy]
Joto [Arcadian Academy]
Kid Colt [Claremont Academy]
Killowat [Arcadian Academy]
Lash [Arcadian Academy]
Layla Merchant [Arcadian Academy]
Lieutenant Martin Taylor
Mammoth [Arcadian Academy]
Mass Master [Arcadian Academy]
Mettle [Arcadian Academy]
Mister Mold
Penny Lent [Arcadian Academy]
Phantom [Arcadian Academy]
Pixie [Claremont Academy]
Rachel Carson
Redwing [Arcadian Academy]
Risk [Arcadian Academy]
Scaleface [Claremont Academy]
Shimmer [Claremont Academy]
Shimmer [Arcadian Academy]
Sloth [Claremont Academy]
Speed [Arcadian Academy]
Starstreak [Arcadian Academy]
Sticker [Claremont Academy]
Student Body [Claremont Academy]
Tag [Claremont Academy]
Tempest [Arcadian Academy]
Topspin [Arcadian Academy]
Trance [Claremont Academy]
Veil [Arcadian Academy]
Vince Richards
Violet Parr [Arcadian Academy]
Vivian Marcos [FORCE Ops]
Vulcan [Albright Institute]
Wallflower [Claremont Academy]
Warren Peace [Arcadian Academy]
Wildebeest [Arcadian Academy]
Will Stronghold [Arcadian Academy]
Young Avengers [Claremont Academy]
Zarana [Claremont Academy]
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World of Freedom Setting 3E

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Artifacts, Items of Interest & Organizations

Post by Tattooedman »

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World of Freedom Setting 3E

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Re: World of Freedom 3rd Edition: Starting up

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World of Freedom Setting 3E

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Re: World of Freedom 3rd Edition: Starting up

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World of Freedom Timeline:

-February 1st, 2007: Project: Freedom, a program created by Harriet Wainwright that allows super-powered criminals to performed work for the Department of Public Works, makes it's public debut. It's members include Donnie 'Curve' Bennis, Henry 'Heavyweight' O‘Hara, Mai 'Quick Kick' Jun, Cliff 'Psynapse' Williams, Max ‘Marathon’ Willaims, and the mage Zalman. The ex-cons intervened in a bank robbery being done by Rant and Rave that was nearby the site they’d originally been assigned to work that day, they managed to stop the sibling criminals following a small altercation, but Rant and Rave managed to escape thanks to the project members inexperience at working together.

-March , 2007: Doctor Metropolis is attacked by Hiroshima Shadow and is helped by members of Project: Freedom to repel the villain, saving many bystanders from the very public event.

-April 1st, 2007: Wildcard goes on a crime spree in competition with fellow criminal the Jester, both men using the theme of the day to influence their crimes. The Raven became involved and managed to stop both men, sending Jester to Providence Asylum while Wildcard was later broken out of jail by members of the Crime League.

-April , 2007: Project: Freedom is brought in to act as bodyguards for a former hireling of Fear-Master who had been arrested and turned informant against the super villain and was making his appearance before the grand jury. Fear-Master managed to activate several pre-set fear inducing devices he’d planted throughout the building. The members of Project: Freedom did manage to protect their charge and capture several other members of Fear-Master’s gang but the Fear-Master himself managed to escape.

-May 30th, 2007: Project: Freedom was tapped by AEGIS to help in dealing with a suspected VIPER cell in Freedom City. The base was hidden beneath a building in the Fens and due to events that have been classified, the base and the building above it were destroyed.

-June 5th, 2007: Talos sends out drones that capture the members of Project: Freedom and replaces them with almost perfect robotic replacements made of proto-matter (similar to what was used during the creation of Argo) in a plan to have the dopplegangers commit crimes for him that won't be tracked back to him, trusting in fact that public opinion will turn against the Project if the identities of the thieves are revealed and if not he has a good set of sleeper agents for future uses. The duplicates perform several robberies before authorities start to suspect the members of Project: Freedom. However the ex-cons manage to escape from Talos' confinement and are able to (publicly) battle against their duplicates and prove their innocence to authorities.

-June 23rd, 2007: The members of Project: Freedom were in the spotlight as they dealt with the events known as the Time of Vengeance. Several things went wrong for them however fighting against the Dark Angel and the rest of the G'Tach; they broke into smaller groups to deal with the separate threats of the various plague avatars and in some cases were hard pressed to win. Several times they missed certain clues as to what was the real cause behind the attacks and there was much property damage as well with almost every fight. During the final showdown between the members of Project: Freedom and the G'Tach, Heavyweight betrayed the team and killed Quick Kick and Marathon himself before being dealt with by Zalman in a permanent manner while Psynapse was left alone against Dam who induced such a powerful seizure in the mentalist’s brain that he is still in a coma to this day. Curve suffered serious injury one of his arms thanks to Arov’s acidic saliva (afterwards it was amputated). In the end however they did manage to stop the Dark Angel but it was thanks to Zalman's use of magic to send her to another realm to fully end her threat. Many of the G’Tach managed to escape in the aftermath of this final showdown as well. As a result of their actions against the G’Tach both Curve and Zalman were given full pardons. Curve makes use of Wainwright’s connections to start up his own security service that takes on any legal customers while Zalman disappears from the public eye.

-May 25th, 2008: Maximus Atom has his first date with Vanessa Hudson.

-June 1st, 1008: Victoria Atom starts he personal blog, “Transformations”. It quickly becomes very popular, and soon begins to have millions of hits within a very short amount of time.

-August 18th, 2008: Dovetail, Abaddon, K-9, Silverstreak, Magnus, La Rana, Livewire and Utu all arrive at the Anders Building to meet with Ethan Keller and finalize his offer for them to band together as a team, to be called FORCE Ops, to protect Freedom City. Sivlerstreak quits the team during the very first mission briefing due to personality conflicts with other members, following his departure the remaining members depart to investigate a section of old underground tunnels thought to be where super-thieves, the Horde, have a hidden base. The group discovers said base but upon entry find that all members of the Horde have been savagely beaten, but upon examining evidence they are able to determine that super-criminals for hire known as the Order of Chaos were the responsible party. FORCE Ops then chases down an obscure line of information that leads them to where the Order of Chaos had hidden themselves and after an intense battle, FORCE Ops emerges the victor and they call AEGIS to pick up the defeated members of the Order

-August 30th, 2008: H4ck is brought in as a replacement member for Silverstreak.

>FORCE Ops is asked by Mayor O'Conner to act as a protective guard for Marko Worth, a semi-well known man with extreme views on civil liberties and a large following of racists that is having a public gathering in Freedom City as part of a country wide tour. The White Knight shows his support of Worth's cause and faces off against the majority of the team and is defeated while H4ck deals with the discovery that Worth is a powerful psionic in his own right and has been using his powers to on those who come to his public gatherings to cause violence and draw media attention to him and his cause. H4ck uses his own impressive mental might to disable Worth's psionic talents but pushes himself too far and his body (which is actually comprised of his own psionic energies) comes undone, forcing the psychic to fracture his mind between his new teammates to survive unbeknownst to them. That action results in each experiencing select parts of H4ck's life in vivid dreams.

-August 31st, 2008: AEGIS agent Ryan Lin is brought in to help determine what had happened to H4ck the previous day. After hearing that all of them suffered from unique dreams the previous night, Agent Lin is able to determine what had happened to H4ck and uses his own psionic abilities to help the younger psychic re-form his body. However despite Agent Lin's efforts, Magnus continues to suffer from the memory/dream affliction.

-September 13th, 2008: Magnus, still suffering from the same reoccurring memory/dream problem brought on by H4ck forcing part of his mental being into Magnus' psyche, takes a medical leave from the team to seek treatment at the Albright Institute.

September 14th, 2008: Warshade joins FORCE Ops.

-September 15th, 2008: Freedom City PD calls upon FORCE Ops to help them locate kidnapped celebrity Christina Spears, a world famous pop star, by the Thieves' Guild. They were able to locate and rescue the singing sensation without too much trouble from the Thieves' Guild, resulting in the arrest of Firebug, the Bolo, and Looking Glass.

-September 21st, 2008: FORCE Ops became involved in a fight between the salvaging villain known as Scrounge and the Power Corps. It seems that Scrounge had discovered the recently stored old armor the Power Corps had just had replaced and was using various parts of it all in own personal crime spree and the Power Corps were not happy about it. FORCE Ops was able to defeat the Power Corps but Scrounge and his men were able to escape capture.

-September 25th, 2008: The Freebooter, in cyber-disguise of an older man, is on the run from the ninja agents of Doctor Sin in Liberty Park. There H4ck and Warshade call for backup and intervene, forcing the ninjas to abandon their efforts to capture their target. The call is made to take the older man, who said his name was Chuck Idle, back to the Anders Building until the group can figure out why the ninjas were after him (which is because Freebooter had stolen information from Doctor Sin's hidden computer network concerning how his money was laundered in the United States). Crimson Katana and Black Lotus were sent with a larger force of ninjas and they invade the Anders Building (disabling the power to the building). Despite their greater numbers Crimson Katana, Black Lotus and their men were defeated and driven out of the Anders Building, but Livewire suffered problems with her powers as a result of pushing herself to deal with Black Lotus (Livewire was taken to the Albright Institute for treatment and relearning how to control her now increased electrical abilities), though Crimson Katana managed to elude capture. Freebooter was eventually revealed as well though he too made a getaway of his own.

-October 2nd, 2008: Victoria Atom electronically publishes her first collection of stories, travelogues and essays about her family’s adventures in various locations across the globe (and sometimes off it). Within a couple of weeks “V-spotting” becomes a popular game for her fans who know (or think) that Ms. Atom might be in their area, perhaps in disguise.

-October 10th, 2008: The Albright Institute is attacked by the Psions (Empath, Jump, Aura, Argent, Ember, and new members Amend, Rampart, and Unani) as Professor Psion wants the research the Albright scientists have managed to gather so far about the effects of Terminus radiation on psychic abilities. During the attack Richard Dunn, Keisha Nelson, Sean O'Toole, Jenna , and Adam Maday all do what they can to prevent injury to the rest of the people present at the Institute and prevent the Psions from getting the personal information on the patients of the Institute. And while they manage to protect the electronic information the physical fight between them could be better summed up as a draw. Langston Albright later meets with all five teens to personally thank them for their actions and to offer them all the chance to be part of a new project he is funding to help gain understanding for children affected by the radiation of the Terminus Invasion that happened in the early 1990s, all five agree to be part of despite some initial misgivings.

-October 13th, 2008: AEGIS calls upon FORCE Ops to help them deal with the growing war between SHADOW and VIPER (which has been going on across the country for several days prior at this point). Together with normal AEGIS agents and their own team of superhumans, the Reserve, FORCE Ops invades one of several VIPER bases (also known as Nests) in Freedom City. FORCE Ops discovers that SHADOW is employing a powerful new superhuman, an alien being who calls itself Martyr, to lead the attacks against VIPER, though it is Agent Alex Venizi who is able to convince Martyr that he has been lied to by Overshadow and the alien joins forces with FORCE Ops to stop both SHADOW and VIPER. A massive fight breaks out between members of VIPER's Dragon Branch and SHADOW's 'super agents' (who have minor super abilities of their own) with FORCE Ops in the middle along with regular agents of VIPER, SHADOW and AEGIS. Once all of the fighting was said and done, all members of Dragon Branch that were present were arrested and just over a hundred members of VIPER and SHADOW as well. Martyr accepts an offer from Ethan Keller to be a part of FORCE Ops until a way to return him to space can be found.

-October 30th, 2008: La Rana returns following her recovery of injuries she suffered on the first mission.

>Dovetail, K-9 and Warshade are sent to AEGIS headquarters to accompany Martyr as he is debriefed concerning his experiences with SHADOW. Star Knight recruits Martyr for service for a mission against his people who had exiled him in the first place.

>La Rana, H4ck, and Argus (who was put in charge) go with Abaddon as he has a 'training session' with Troll of the Sentinels, a team of heroes that operate in New York. Originally it had been intended for only Abaddon to spar against Troll, but after a small discussion all of Abaddon's teammates square off against a quickly put together team of Sentinels. FORCE Ops performs moderately well against the more powerful and experienced Sentinels (though Abaddon does get knocked out could by Troll). During their return back to Freedom City, via the teleportal system the Freedom League shares with the Sentinels, the Assembly downloads it's artificial intelligence into Freedom Hall's computer systems without anyone realizing it. Once both parts of the team have returned to the Anders Building, they are told about a diplomatic mission underway at Atlantis that has been attacked and some of aides are killed, along with several of their AEGIS guards, FORCE Ops is tasked by AEGIS to go in undercover and find out who in Atlantis is responsible and stop them. During a small stop for specialized equipment that Ethan Keller had made by the mage Zalman, La Rana wonders her way into one of the many portals the mage made use of in his place of business and becomes separated from the team and lost. Zalman promises to do everything he can to locate the lost heroine. After arriving in Atlantis, FORCE Ops is almost immediately set upon by those seeking to sabotage the talks and soon begin their own investigation into the matter which revealed members of a rogue faction of Atlanteans, called the Naguar, that push for the undersea city to return to their older ways of living and a more militant stance on their relations with the surface world. Before FORCE Ops was able to locate any members of the Naguar within the castle Sea Devil, the leader of the Naguar attacks Warshade, Argus and H4ck then makes her escape with Princess Thetis as her hostage. Argus makes use of his hidden abilities to follow after Sea Devil and once FORCE Ops locates where the Naguar have hidden the princess, they move to free her and return her to her family. After which FORCE Ops returns back to the surface world only to find someone from the area K-9 patrolled waiting for them.

>Zalman, former member of Project: Freedom, gathers together several lesser known members of the mystical community (Samantha Vega, Aasif and his Golem, Clay Jackson, Angie and Babs Partans, Charles Kilroy, and the guardian angel Anteriael) to form a group that will deal with various mystical threats before they become a real problem. Their first objective is to clear out the site of where a cult in Canada had been dealt with by Zalman’s apprentice, Aurora. All that remained to do was to make sure that none of the cult members had left behind any kind of artifact or trinket that could possibly fall into the wrong hands.

-October 31st, 2008: FORCE Ops returns to the Anders Building to find that people close to K-9’s activities in the Theater District have been taken by something. Ethan Keller brings in two temporary members, Aurora and Vinidicator, to bulk up the team following the loss of Abaddon and Utu due to injuries they suffered while in Atlantis. What they learn is that the creature that has been targeting people of the Fens is a creation of none other than Doctor Shock and that he sent some of his other creations to collect it.

In the ensuing fight FORCE Ops is captured and studied (briefly) by the mad doctor and it is discovered that he is the Ben-e-fac-tor who created K-9, though they manage to break free of the restraints they'd been placed in and following a second fight with beings that either are more experiements of Doctor Shock or are prisoners of his that are being controlled. Eventually the team manages to break out of the hidden labortory in Wharton State Forest where they face off a third time with the loyal creations of Doctor Shock, and after a short fight FORCE Ops manages to keep their freedom but suffer the loss of one of their own; K-9, who is killed by Doctor Shock so that he can escape.

-November 1st, 2008: New members of the Freedom League; Avatar, the Witness, Inductor, Otakumon, Perun, and Sea-King II all arrive at Freedom Hall for their first day as part of the League that is based in Freedom City. During a teamwork exercise being run by the Bowman, the Assembly makes it's presence in the Hall's computer system known by taking over the Wreck Room's weapons systems as well as the combat droid building array and sets some of the deadliest criminals loose upon them. The new League members manage to fight their way free from the Wreck Room to the part of the sub-basement where the combat droids are assembled and fight against the Assembly's latest creations. Before they can finish off these latest threats the Assembly, sensing it's minion's defeat looming, made use of it's new body's ability to teleport (it had constructed a duplicate of the criminal known as X-8) to escape before any member of the League could fully attack it. After everything is said and done, Inductor feels that he needs more experience before venturing out as part of the League and returns to working as a solo hero with reserve status in the League.

-November 2nd, 2008: Curt Mardis and twin sisters Lyn and Liz join the other teens that Langston Albright recruited into his program for children of the Terminus in moving into the new building that the Albright Institute had furnished where they meet the staff (Doctor Leslie Reece, Doctor Spence, and Doctor Halperstein) who has been assigned to watch over them as well as help them deal with the problems their powers currently give them. The three doctors take all of the teens to local restaurant, Champion's, as a way for all of them to get to know one another a bit better seeing as how the majority of them will now be living together as well as working together. During their meal an incident at the nearby Supers Museum catches their attention and all nine of the super powered teens move to find out what the source of the problem is. What they find is a massive colony of what seems to be intelligent insects working on consuming one of the displays that is related to the Terminus Invasion of the 1990s. Through a combination of smart teamwork and cunning planning (done by the collective seat of their pants) the teens manage to figure out that the colony wants nothing more than to feed itself (but it can only eat certain forms of energy) and they also discover that it is as smart as a human. So they broker a deal with it to come to the Institute where the scientists there will help it to feed and make sure that it is safe as well as make sure it was no longer a threat to the public.

-November 4th, 2008: Foreshadow gathers together five strangers - Panda, Pinnacle, Raptor, Stryke and Blindsight, to form a team that would focus most of it's collective attention on the growing mob war (between the Olverti Mob and two newly established mobs) that was happening in the streets of Freedom City. Choosing the Russian mob, known as the Red Shadows, Foreshadow sends the five heroes to various different locations where the Red Shadows operated their gun running with the intent of shutting them down to weaken the newly arrived mob's ability to finance themselves. And despite a few hiccups in it the execution of said plan it was considered a success by all those involved as they managed to either destroy millions worth of dollars of illegal firearms and/or cause the arrests of several dozen members of the Red Shadows.

-November 8th, 2008: The Witness is called out of country for a work assignment (he is a reporter for a local paper) and White Lantern joins the League to replace him. The League is at City Hall, to receive an award from the mayor when giant vines break through the concrete and begin to attack the people who had gathered for the event. Upon further investigation the League discovers that many buildings in the downtown area have become overrun with plant life and the people who worked in the buildings were trapped despite the efforts of the STAR Squad, so the group moved to helped as many as they could and were joined by Joan Arcanum, a French mage in Freedom City to deliver a message to a former teammate, before they were directed towards Liberty Park, which had been transformed into a strange, alien-like jungle. The League made their way through the dense flora only to discover that the Green Man and his Brides were responsible for the plant attacks on Freedom City by use of an item he called the Meta-Seed that he'd inflicted upon Doctor Metropolis and was siphoning the Spirit of the City's energies to boost his own. A long, involved battle followed but the Freedom League managed to overcome the enhanced powers of the Green Man as well as the threat of his Brides and free Doctor Metropolis from the Meta-Seed.

-November 10th, 2008: Hearing that the operations of the 99 Dragons, another new mob moving into Freedom City, had expanded from Emerald City Foreshadow sent Pinnacle there to investigate just how strong their operations were. Meanwhile the Dragons' Freedom City operations were being disrupted by another masked vigilante, which was allowing the Red Shadows to expand their areas of control despite the Knight's efforts against them, Foreshadow dispatches them to find out the identity of this person and try to reason with them to at least coordinate their efforts with the Knight's so that both gangs would suffer equal losses. Soon enough they learn that the newest vigilante is called Caliber and that she doesn’t play nice; blowing up Stryke’s motorcycle with him and Panda on it simply to relay a message to them and then tricking Foreshadow and the rest of his group into dealing with the 99 Dragons and forcing them to fight super powered agents of Doctor Sin (Green Dragon, Jade Phoenix & Black Lotus) who were meeting with the gang. Black Lotus, Green Dragon and Jade Phoenix are defeated, though they make their escape, and Raptor, Stryke and Panda manage to track Mister Hurang down to one of his several safe houses in Freedom City only to find he had been killed for his failures by the Crimson Katana, another agent of Doctor Sin.

-November 15th, 2008: FORCE Ops returns to work following the loss of K-9; Lt. Taylor has requested that they work with the S.T.A.R. Squad in capturing the criminal group known as the Royals, who have been on a crime spree across the country robbing banks. Things take a turn for the worst when the Thieves' Guild show up to rob the Southside Palace as well which turns the entire event into a three-way fight.

-November 16th, 2008: Graham Clark and Melissa Graves joins the rest of the teens living in the Albright house that are part of Langston Albright's children of the Terminus project. After a week of normal classes at Claremont, the Albright kids are introduced to the Doom Room and have their first simulation within it. That evening after returning from school, the teens are offered the chance to go the the Boudrie Opera House and watch a performance of the rock opera Rock Of Ages. Graham, Keisha, Curt, Lyn and Liz, Melissa and Jeanie (Richard Dunn's little sister, who lives at the Institute House) all take up the offer while Sean and Jenna manage to convince Doctor Noah Spence to call in a favor of an old friend and secure them entry to a local art show going on at Liberty Park instead. Richard instead decides to stay at the Institute House and enjoy the peace and quiet of a night spent watching television, and Adam on the other hand never shared his plans for the night and wasn't heard from the rest of that night. After the intermission of the show at the Opera House the musical-themed criminal known as the Piper appears on stage while his men cover the floor and commence to robbing all of the people in attendence. It's through a combination of good luck, determination and strong intestinal fortitude that Graham, Keisha manage to stall Piper long enough so that Melissa and Curt can enact their own seperate efforts to interfere with Piper and his men's efforts. In the end however the Piper manages to get away, along with all of his minions and a decent amount of ill gotten gains.

>Sean and Jenna's enjoyment of the art show is cut short by the appearance of a wildly colored madman, named Paintball, that had managed to rob the artists of the money they'd made so far that night by selling their art. While taking a moment to cause more panic and fear Paintball began a fight with Sean and Jenna which lead to the black clad girl to be laid out helpless by Paintball's odd set of powers which drives Sean to finally take out the crazy-colored criminal.

>Richard on the other hand claims to have been assaulted by 'ninjas' and left hanging from a rope suspended from the ceiling with all of the furniture of the room mirror-placed onto the ceiling.

-November 17th, 2008: Devil Ray manages to gain control over Gigantosaur and has sent the beast on a destructive rampage in Freedom City, demanding a payoff of 100 billion dollars to call off the creature. The new Freedom League responds and manages to repel the creature and after a short fight at the drop site for the money they manage to chase Devil Ray to his latest base on Kiju Island where the League learns how Devil Ray managed to capture not only Gigantosaur but several other giant creatures with the forced help of Doctor Solomon Saturday and his wife, Drew.

>Lyn and Liz suffer some kind of mental breakdown that causes Lyn to think that Liz is some kind of hallucination. Following a high speed chase both girls passed out and were taken to the Albright Institute's main labs for monitoring as the doctors there try to figure out what happened.

-November 19th, 2008: Miku joins the Albright program, quietly moving into the group home.

-November 21st, 2008: The teens of the Albright program find themselves with a night left to their own devices and for the first time nothing really goes wrong.

-November 23rd -25th, 2008: A pair of psychopathic superhumans, David Fraley and Ramona Cortez, have been on a killing spree across the U.S. and recently arrived in Freedom City.

One of them, Ramona Cortez, is able to detect superhumans and she is the one that lures the target into the pair’s trap while the other, David Fraley, is the one that gets his hands dirty, thanks to his superhuman strength and durability. They share a delusion that there is a coming war between all of the superhumans of America and they seek to eliminate their future competition now before the War of Powers begins.

At first the pair targeted select members of the local homeless (there were a few who had minor powers). After that they move on to those who are unconsciously using their minor abilities; a lawyer with enhanced charisma and a dancer who possessed increased dexterity and endurance. Blindsight became aware of the duo after their attacks on the homeless and began tracking them down but she fell victim to a ruse by the two and became their latest victim.

Foreshadow was able to make the connection between all of the victims thanks to Ramona’s belief that she needed the use of a ritual to steal her victim’s powers, which left the bodies covered in various rune-like markings and killed by a specific tool of her choice (a double edged knife with an ivory handle). He then alerted Raptor, Panda and Stryke to Ramona and David’s activities and the group tracked the pair down to a warehouse on the docks the mentally unstable couple was living in.

But once inside it became clear that David and Ramona were ready for anyone who might come looking for them, having created home-made traps and hazards within the warehouse. Between the traps and mind games the pair played Panda and Stryke found their powers severely reduced in potency thanks to Ramona’s ability to nullify superhuman abilities and both ended up captured and taken by David and Ramona to a secondary location they had in case their first was discovered.

Raptor and Foreshadow were able to find this location and save Stryke and Panda before Ramona could perform their ‘last rites’ and following a heated battle where Raptor played on David’s need to follow the ‘rules of the game’ to defeat him while Foreshadow dealt with Ramona as his superhuman senses didn’t directly affect his ability to fight.

In the end both David and Ramona were taken to Providence Asylum as neither was able to stand trial due to their mental deficiencies.

-November 25th, 2008: The normal day at Claremont gets disrupted when the Psions show up looking for newly arrived Moodswing, a psychic whose body houses seven other psionic personalities.

-November 27th, 2008: Sea-King, Otakumon and Avatar bring in new members Harlequin, Sally Salvage and Stars Fire to boost their ranks after the depature of Perun, White Lantern and Joan Arcanum. They're contacted by members of Freedom's Hall staff that the Lighthouse has went offline for over two hours and they are sent to investigate, but what they find instead of signs of a massive battle is that everyone who was on the space station has been turned into an eight-year old version of themselves. In the collective cases of the senior members of the Freedom League still possess their powers at their adult levels.

-December 7th, 2008: The criminal Cortex started experimenting with the street drug Zoom, getting pregnant women addicted to it so he can learn how they’re bodies would react to the drug as well as the effects it might have on their unborn children from being exposed to Zoom so early in their physical development.

What ended up happening is all four of the women develop hyper metabolisms and as a result have their children be born premature. The stress of child birth combined with the effects of Zoom on their bodies ends up killing the mothers, while the children quickly begin to show signs of that they are physically maturing at a highly advanced rate, looking like young twenty-somethings after only three months. The kids even developed minor speed powers of their own like most Zoom addicts but their powers are permanent but with their minds being so underdeveloped, they’re barely equal to a 3 year old mentally, they are a threat to those around them.

Another problem is the kids metabolisms need a higher than normal intake of proteins in their diet, somewhere around almost 4 times the usual amounts, and Cortex learned quickly that the kids would eat any kind of meat to get the proteins they craved, even going as far as to eat other people.

Seeing a chance to cause more chaos and test these unique beings, Cortex released the kids into the city to see how they’d react to the new environment and how their altered metabolisms would adapt to life ‘in the wild‘. What happened was that the kids started operating like a pack of animals, stalking people and eating them like lions in the wild.

The sudden rash of cannibalistic killings drew in Foreshadow and his allies, Panda, Raptor and Stryke. After examining the bodies left behind as well as the areas where the attacks happened the group is attacked by the Zoom Babies and are just barely able to fight them off, though they do manage to capture one of them that is left behind. After tending to their injuries and regrouping the four heroes are able to use clue from the Zoom Baby’s clothing to determine where the others might be hiding at when not out hunting.

After combing the area the group, thanks to Stryke, is able to track the Zoom Baby’s back to their ‘den’ where they are confronted by Cortex and a stable of his own chemically altered minions. It then devolves into a massive brawl between the four heroes, Cortex and his men and the Zoom Babys. During the fight Zoom Babys begin to become weaker as their accelerated metabolisms work against them which allows the group to defeat them but Cortex manages to escape.

Realizing that the altered children can’t be held accountable for their actions but are too dangerous to be left alone Foreshadow reaches out to ASTRO Labs to take charge of the Zoom Babys as they attempt to help them by reversing the effects of their abilities on their bodies as doctors from the Albright Institute and Providence Asylum are brought in to treat their minds.

-December 15th -18th, 2008: A new lottery craze called Black Cat Fever has hit Freedom City. People are winning millions only to show up dead a few days later. Red Death is behind the lottery, believing the lure of money will draw the wicked to her so she can murder them before they can use their newfound wealth for evil. The group must uncover the mystery and stop Red Death before she kills again.

Not all of those who win Black Cat are killed; only those that have spent their winnings wastefully (fancy cars, extravagant houses, out there jewellery, and so on). Those are the ones that are hunted down by Red Death. Those that use the money well (helping family & friends, giving to charities) are left alone (there’s only been one or two).

Foreshadow sets up a sting to catch the apparent killer, he suspects who is responsible but has no hard proof, having Stryke purchase several tickets (and thanks to Foreshadow’s ability to see the future one of them is a winner).

After going on a massive spending spree undercover Stryke is confronted by Red Death who attempts to kill him. Following an intense, hit-and-run styled fight that goes from one end of the mansion used for the sting to the other. Red Death is finally captured and turned over to Providence Asylum for care given her mental instability.

-December 21st – 24th, 2008: Stryke, Raptor and Panda all find themselves hunted by Coda, Reflex and Orion the Hunter. After a series of attacks, eventually the hero-hunters decide to switch up targets which leads to their learning of the other two hunters targeting the same people they are after. This kicks off a kind of gorilla war in the streets of Freedom City as the three mercenaries realize that they have competition for their targets and the group, along with Foreshadow, are forced into trying to hunt down the hunters now to prevent further injuries to the public as all three men could care less about the collateral damages they are causing in their fights with one another.

The group is able to learn that Reflex, Coda and Orion the Hunter were each hired by the Red Shadows to get rid of the group for interfering in the Red Shadows’ attempts to establish themselves in the underworld of Freedom City.

Foreshadow then hunts down Reflex alone and following an intense fight, takes his identity then together with Raptor, Stryke and Panda manages to spring a trap on Orion and Coda, though both men manage to escape they both promise to make Sergei Romanov pay for deceiving them.

-January 2nd-7th, 2009: New versions of Zoom & Max have been hitting the streets and they are deadlier variants that have double the mortality rate of the usual versions. With some looking into the new drugs and who is making it will reveal a new drug cartel.

A few days later after the first deaths come reports that Neanderthal-like beings are appearing all around the city. Most of them have died, mostly due to the strain their bodies undergo in the transformation & resulting rampages they go on that called for the response by the S.T.A.R. Squad (who was forced to use lethal force to end the threat to public safety).

What’s happening is that Cortex is using a low-level drug dealer as a puppet for dealing with people & has been establishing a client base. Now secure, he’s started to add a drug of his own creation, that he calls NdT, to his versions of Zoom & Max. Cortex plans on creating enough of his NdT mutates to cause a city-wide panic while his agents dump a more powerful version of NdT into Freedom City’s water supply. Thus exposing every man, woman & child to it & giving the Cortex a small army under his control for his plans to destroy humanity.

When Foreshadow alerts the group to this new problem they quickly realize that Cortex is involved and manage to track him down to his new lab but to their surprise they find VIPER agents there as well. It seems that VIPER has hired Cortex to develop a new kind of drug to increase the psionics potential of a person for their latest project, creating a psionically based hive mind that they want to use to control various heads of local government to unknowingly work for VIPER.

Following a short fight, where again Cortex manages to escape, the group is able to find where VIPER has set up they’re newest base in Freedom City only to discover that Stryke’s missing fiancée, Julia, is among the captured psychics. A plan is made to free everyone but Julia’s powers react to the drug VIPER scientists inject her with; she drains the minds of several of her captors before releasing the other captured psychics, who are all hyper aggressive towards VIPER and start to attack them. This combined with the efforts of the group leads to a break out of prisoners VIPER has taken over the course of several weeks and in the confusion Stryke is captured by VIPER and the others don’t realize it until after they regroup at the brownstone hours later.

Returning to VIPER’s base, the group finds that it has been sanitized and there is no sign of Stryke or Julia, as well as any clues as to where he’s been taken or gone. Foreshadow, feeling responsible for the loss of Stryke and what happened to Blindsight, disbands the remaining members of the group and returns to his loner ways.

- January 5th, 2009: After seeing a television interview featuring Keisha Nelson of the Albright Project, Foxbat and his crew decide to cheer up as many of those poor, infected T-Cell kids as they can and what sick kid doesn’t like ice cream? That’s right, Foxbat and company stole a corner vendor’s ice cream cart and simply walked into the Albright Institute’s main building where they proceeded to pass out the stolen frosty treats under the watchful eyes of the members of the Albright Project. Despite Foxbat’s reputation he and his crew are on their best behaviour, unfortunately Mister Mist isn’t as accommodating as he breaks into the labs looking for a device that’s been developed to help a T-Cell victim, who has powers similar to the criminals as well as the same cohesion issues as Mister Mist. A short fight ensues between Mister Mist and the Albright kids until Bugsy, the evolved colony of insects the Albright kids had helped a few months earlier sees them in trouble and decides to lend a hand. Eventually the Albright kids defeat Mr. Mist by giving him what he wants - the power regulating device, and once he uses it to become solid for the first time in years Melissa uses her powers to subdue him.
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DC Builds:
Freedom Beast
Starman [Will Payton]

Ready To Play Builds:
[PL 10/150 pp]
Doctor Spectrum
Dr. Strange
Etrigan, the Demon
Iron Man
Karate Kid
Martian Manhunter
the Ray
Red Tornado
Saturn Girl
Wonder Man
Yellowjacket [w/ Wasp]

[PL 8/120 pp]
Brainiac 5
Iron Lad
Kid Flash
Lagoon Boy
Miss Martian
Vision 2.0

Icons Builds:
Captain America
Iron Man
Scarlet Witch
Mr. Fantastic
Invisible Woman
Human Torch
Jean Grey

Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Green Arrow
Black Canary
Lex Luthor

M² Universe:
American Dream [A-Next]
Angry Eagle [X-People]
Argo [A-Next]
Big Man [Revengers]
Bitter Frost
Blacklight [A-Next]
Bluestreak [A-Next]
Buzz [New Warriors]
Coal Tiger [A-Next]
Crazy Eight
Crimson Curse [A-Next]
Darkdevil [New Warriors]
Doc Magus
Dragon King
Dr. Jade
Earth Sentry [A-Next]
Freebooter [A-Next]
Ion Man [Revengers]
J2 [A-Next]
Killerwatt [Revengers]
Ladyhawk [New Warriors]
Lady Octopus
Mainframe [A-Next]
Mr. Abnormal
Raptor [New Warriors]
Red Queen [Revengers]
Sabreclaw [A-Next]
Simian [X-People]
Spanner [X-People]
Stinger [A-Next]
Thena [A-Next]
Thunderstrike [A-Next]
Torque [X-People]
Wild Thing

Amalgam/What If? Builds:
Armageddon (Amalgam [Hulk/Evil Ernie])
Blade Runner (Amalgam (Wolverine/Flash)
Dark Sentinel (Amalgam [Captain America/Batman])
Green Lantern (What If…?)
Spider-Mite (Amalgam [Spider-Man/Atom])

Earth-75 Builds:
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Lady Liberty

Post by Tattooedman »

Lady Liberty:
PL: 11
Strength 8
Stamina 2
Agility 3
Dexterity 3
Fighting 8
Intellect 2
Awareness 4
Presence 4

Skills: Expertise [History] 9 (+11), Expertise [Law] 12 (+14), Insight 12 (+16), Intimidation 6 (+10), Perception 9 (+13), Persuasion 9 (+13)

Advantages: Close Attack 2, Diehard, Great Endurance, Improved Initiative, Luck, Quick Change, Ranged Attack 8, Teamwork, Ultimate Effort [Ultimate Will Save]

Powers: Patriotic Physiology:
Flight 7
Protection 9

Guardian of the Huddled Masses: Comprehend 2 [speak & understand all Earth languages]

Light of Liberty:
Liberty‘s Blessing: Healing 11 (Extras: Energizing, Restorative)
-Bomb’s Busting in the Air: Blast 11 (Extra: Penetrating)
-Rocket‘s Red Glare: Ranged Visual Affliction 11 [Impaired, Disabled; resisted by Dodge/Fortitude] (Extra: Cumulative); (Flaw: Limited Degree)
-Freedom from Oppression: Nullify 11 (Extra: Area [Burst]); (Flaw: Limited [Binding and Imprisonment Effects only])
-Liberty‘s Might: Strength-Based Damage 3 (Feat: Improved Critical 2)

Offense: Initiative +7
Melee Attack +10
Ranged Attack +11

Defense: Dodge +11
Parry +11
Toughness +11
Fortitude +8
Will +10

Equipment: Freedom League Communicator

Costs: Abilities 68+ Skills 19+ Advantages 17+ Powers 64+ Defense 24= 192 pts.

Power Loss: Lady Liberty loses all her powers when she is bound or imprisoned.

Relationship: Trevor Wright (husband).

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Post by Tattooedman »

PL: 12
Strength 12 (2)
Stamina 3
Agility 2
Dexterity 2
Fighting 6
Intellect 10
Awareness 4
Presence 1

Skills: Expertise [Computers] 12 (+22), Expertise [Chemistry] 12 (+22), Expertise [Electronics] 12 (+22), Expertise [Mechanical] 12 (+22), Expertise [Physical Sciences] 12 (+22), Insight 12 (+14), Perception 12 (+14), Technology 12 (+22)

Advantages: Beginner’s Luck, Close Attack 2, Eidetic Memory, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Jack of All Trades, Luck, Ranged Attack 10, Skill Mastery 4 [Expertise (Electronics), Expertise (Mechanical), Expertise (Physical Sciences), Technology], Second Chance [Technology Checks], Speed of Thought

Powers: Gifted Immortality:
Immortality 5 [once a day]
Immunity 1 [Aging]

Battlesuit: (Removable -19 pts) [77 pp]
Gravitonic Beam: Blast 12 (Extra: Penetrating)
-Tractor Beam: Move Object 12 (Flaw: Limited [Away/Towards only])
-Gravity Trap: Ranged Affliction 12 [Hindered & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Immobilized; resisted by Dodge] (Extras: Cumulative, Extra Condition); (Flaw: Limited Degree)
-Exoskeleton Enhancer:
Enhanced Strength 10
Enhanced Strength 4 (Flaw: Limited [Lifting Only])
Built-In Jets: Flight 8
Environmental Seals: Immunity 10 [Life Support]
Super-Alloy Construction: Protection 10 (Extra: Impervious 12)
Sensors: Senses 9 [Microscopic Vision (atomic size), Radio, Vision Penetrates Concealment]

Offense: Initiative +10
Melee Attack +8 // Unarmed Damage +10
Ranged Attack +12 // Gravitonic Beam Damage +11

Defense: Dodge +9
Parry +9
Toughness +13*/+3 [*Armor (Impervious 12)]
Fortitude +12
Will +8

Equipment: Freedom League Communicator

Costs: Abilities 60+ Skills 32+ Advantages 24+ Powers 88+ Defense 23= 227 pts.

Enemy: Talos; the leader of the Foundry has a long standing hatred for the immortal inventor.

Fame: All of the members of the Freedom League are very well-known.

Guilt: Daedalus is driven by two major personal pains: the loss of his son (Icarus), and how several of his inventions have been taken and twisted towards misuse over the centuries of his life.

Identity: Daedalus’ true identity is a secret, most people believe he is simply an American born Greek inventor using the name of someone from history.

Reputation ~Closed-Mouthed: Daedalus is known for not talking shop with other super-inventors. He doesn’t want his advancements being misused by anyone if he can help it.
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Raven II

Post by Tattooedman »

Raven II:
Strength 2
Stamina 4
Agility 6
Dexterity 6
Fighting 8
Intellect 5
Awareness 4
Presence 6

Skills: Acrobatics 9 (+15), Athletics 12 (+14), Deception 8 (+14), Expertise [Computers] 9 (+14), Expertise [Criminal] 13 (+18.), Insight 12 (+17), Intimidation 12 (+18.), Investigation 15 (+20), Perception 14 (+18.), Persuasion 6 (+12), Ranged Combat [Thrown Objects] 4 (+14), Sleight of Hand 8 (+14), Stealth 12 (+18), Technology 9 (+14), Treatment 6 (+13), Vehicles [Air] 8 (+14), Vehicles [Exotic] 6 (+12),Vehicles [Land] 8 (+14),Vehicles [Sea] 6 (+12)

Advantages: Agile Feint, Assessment, Benefit 3 [Wealth 3 (Millionaire)], Close Attack 6, Connected, Contacts, Daze [Intimidation], Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Defensive Strike, Equipment 17, Evasion 2, Follow-Up Strike, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Critical [Collapsible Staves] 2, Improved Critical [Unarmed] 2, Improved Initiative 2, Improvised Tools, Instant Up, Inventor, Jack-of-all-Trades, Languages 4 [Base: English; French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Swahili (one of choice)], Move-by Action, Power Attack, Precise Attack [ranged; concealment], Quick Draw, Ranged Attack 4, Redirect, Seize Initiative, Set-up, Skill Mastery 3 [Intimidation, Investigation, Perception], Startle, Takedown 2, Trance, Tracking, Uncanny Dodge, Well-Informed

Powers: Combat Mastery: (Innate)
Stunning Attack: Affliction 8 [Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; resisted by Fortitude]
-Martial Strike: Strength-Based Damage 2

Offense: Initiative +14
Melee Attack +14 Unarmed Damage +4; critical 18-20 // Collapsible Staves Damage +4; 18-20
Ranged Attack +10 // Thrown Objects Attack +16

Defense: Dodge +16
Parry +16
Toughness +8*/+6**/+4 [*Armored Costume & Defensive Roll/**Armored Costume]
Fortitude +9
Will +14

Equipment: Armored Costume [Protection 2; Subtle]
Binoculars, Mini-tracers, Night Vision Goggles, Restraints, Flashlight, Grapnel Gun (Movement 1 [Swinging]), Multi-tool, Rebreather

Freedom League Communicator [Commlink, GPS]

Utility Belt: Array: (23 ep)
Tear Gas Pellets: Ranged Cloud Area Affliction 4 [Dazed and Vision Impaired, Stunned and Vision Disabled, Incapacitated; resisted by Fortitude]
-Bolos: Snare 3 [Hindered and Vulnerable, Defenseless and Immobilized; resisted by Dodge]
-Boomerangs: Ranged Strength-based Damage 1
-Explosives: Ranged Burst Area Damage 5 •
-Collapsible Staves: Strength-Based Damage 2 (Extra: Multiattack 4; Feature [Collapsible for easy storage])
-Cutting Torch: Damage 1 Linked to Weaken Toughness 1.
-Flash-Bangs: Burst Area Dazzle 4 [Vision Impaired, Vision Disabled, Vision Unaware; resisted by Fortitude])
-Smoke Pellets: Cloud Area Visual Concealment Attack

Headquarters [The Rookery (18 ep)]: Size: Small; Toughness: 10; Features: Communications, Computer, Concealed, Defense System, Fire Prevention System, Gym, Hangar, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System, Security System 3 [DC 30], Workshop
-30 points worth of vehicles and smaller headquarters hidden around Freedom City

Costs: Abilities 82+ Skills 59+ Advantages 74+ Powers 10+ Defenses 33= 258 pts.

Fame: All of the members of the Freedom League are very well-known.

Identity: Raven’s true identity as Callie Summers is a zealously hidden secret.

Motivation ~Justice: Raven is driven to fight the evil that took her mother’s life.

Obsession: Fighting crime is the center of Raven’s life and she spares only enough time from it to protect her secret identity.

Background: In the works....
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Johnny Rocket

Post by Tattooedman »

Johnny Rocket II:
PL: 12
Strength 2
Stamina 4
Agility 5
Dexterity 5
Fighting 6
Intellect 0
Awareness 2
Presence 3

Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+11), Close Combat [Unarmed] 2 (+12), Deception 9 (+12), Expertise [Current Events] 6 (+6), Expertise [Pop Culture] 6 (+6), Insight 9 (+11), Perception 9 (+11), Stealth 3 (+8.)

Advantages: Close Attack 4, Daze [Deception], Improved Trick, Luck [Determination], Luck [Inspiration], Ranged Attack, Taunt

Powers: Highspeed Physiology:
Enhanced Dodge 8
Enhanced Parry 8
Enhanced Advantages 21 [Agile Feint, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 3, Evasion 2, Great Endurance, Improved Defense, Improved Initiative 6, Move-By Action, Quick Change, Redirect, Takedown 2, Uncanny Dodge]

Fastest Man In Freedom City:
Quickness 12
Speed 12
Highspeed Moves: Movement 4 [Wall Crawling 2, Water Walking] (Flaw: Limited [Only when running])

Highspeed Tricks:
Tornado Blast: Move Object 11 (Extra: Area [Cone] 2); (Flaw: Close Range)
-Air Cushion: Burst Area Movement 1 [Safe Fall] (Extra: Affects Others, Area [Burst])
-Cyclone: Move Object 11 (Extra: Area Burst [30 ft], Duration [Concentration]); (Flaw: Side-Effect [limited fine movement and powerful winds])
-Lightning Disarm: Enhanced Advantage 1 [Improved Disarm] (Extras: Area [Burst] 2, Selective)
-Rapid Attack: Strength-Based Damage 8 (Extras: Area Burst [30 ft.], Selective)
-Rapid Fire Punches: Strength-Based Damage 8 (Extra: Multiattack)
-Wrap 'Em Up: Affliction 10 [Hindered & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Immobilized; resisted by Dodge] (Extras: Area [Burst], Selective); (Flaws: Quirk [requires material])
-Vacuum: Affliction 8 [Fatigued, Exhausted, Incapacitated ; resisted by Fortitude] (Extra: Area Burst [30ft], Cumulative, Duration [Concentration])

Offense: Initiative +29
Melee Attack +10 // Unarmed Attack +12 // Unarmed Damage +2 // Rapid Attack Damage +10 // Rapid Fire Punches Damage +10
Ranged Attack +6

Defense: Dodge +15
Parry +15
Toughness +7*/+4 [*Defensive Roll]
Fortitude +10
Will +10

Equipment: Freedom League Communicator

Costs: Abilities 54+ Skills 17+ Advantages 10+ Powers 104+ Defense 18= 203 pts.

Enemies: Johnny’s got a few; the Thieves’ Guild, Doctor Simian, Downtime just to name some of them.

Family: A few years ago Johnny gained custody of a baby cloned from his DNA he named Jenni.

Responsibility: Johnny is a member of the Freedom League.

Background: The fast life of Johnny Rocket has changed a fair amount in the last few years, he’s become a single father following a plot by Doctor Simian to create a speedster that would be under his control. When everything was said and done the clone girl (because for some reason Simian thought a woman would be easier to manipulate….) had been de-aged to an infant, about four years old from what the Atom Family could tell from tests they ran, and Johnny dropped the child off to children’s services. Two days later they contacted him to see if he’d care to adopt Jenni (as Johnny had named her), as she still possessed her superspeed powers and the caretakers in children’s services were hard pressed to deal with such a child.

After much thought and a long talk with Lady Liberty, Johnny agreed to adopt Jenni. There was some public outcry, similar to when Johnny had been outed as a gay man, but the League issued a public statement supporting him as did the Sentinels and the Champions. With that kind of public support, along with the support of his family, Johnny had a special interview with Channel 5’s Charles Maxfield to talk about his new-found parenthood along with his worries, concerns and hopes for his new daughter. Between Johnny’s open and friendly manner along with a few segments of him playing with Jenni (granted they were slowed down so that the naked eye could follow them) public opinion quickly swung in his favor. Johnny has lessened some of his duties as a hero so that he can spend time with Jenni and he has the best possible baby sitters in the current generation of Danger family when Bolt and Relentless are unable to watch Jenni.

Johnny has gotten serious about settling down now that he‘s got a family, not wanting to raise a child on his own and perhaps due to the influence of his married teammates showing what a solid relationship can do for a person in his line of work. So far he’s been traveling all around the country for dates set up online or through friends and while he’s met some nice people he’s still looking.

During all this Johnny organized the first ever Dash for Charity; bringing together Rush from Bay City, Speed Demon from New York and local speedsters Relentless and Bolt to compete in a race across the country, with stopping points in New York, Chicago, Arcadia, and Bay City with the end point being in Freedom City the winner would be able to donate the proceeds raised by the race to the charity of their choice.

Of course with such highly publicized event problems were going to happen; Downtime, Trailblaze, Overrun from the Order of Chaos, and Fullbore of the Masters of Speed all crashed the event. Rather than start a fight and ruin the event entirely, it was decided to allow them to compete, despite the fast moving criminals statements that they would keep the money for themselves. Ultimately, the villains proved to be more of hassle to one another as Fullbore and Trailblaze’s efforts to eliminate Johnny, Speed Demon and Rush were countered or redirected and eventually ended up keeping them both and Overrun from finishing the race. Downtime on the other hand ran a fair race for the most part, even going as far as to give Johnny a one-time bit of assistance in dealing with Fullbore, for which Johnny invited him to the victory party that followed the race (they might be long-time enemies but Johnny was willing to reward the one bit of good behavior Downtime had done, and Downtime isn’t one to turn away free alcohol). Unfortunately Fullbore, Trailblaze, and Overrun got away before AEGIS could catch up to them none the worse for wear aside from a few bruises and in some cases minor burns.

So even though things have changed in Johnny’s life some things haven’t changed that much at all.
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Captain Thunder

Post by Tattooedman »

Captain Thunder:
PL: 13
Strength 15 (2)
Stamina 5
Agility 3
Dexterity 3
Fighting 8
Intellect 1
Awareness 3
Presence 3

Skills: Expertise [Current Events] 8 (+9), Expertise [Electronics] 6 (+7), Insight 9 (+12), Intimidation 12 (+15), Perception 9 (+12), Persuasion 8 (+11), Ranged Combat [Lightning Bolt] 5 (+13), Vehicles [Air] 9 (+12), Vehicles [Land] 4 (+7)

Advantages: Close Attack 3, Improved Initiative, Inspire 2, Leadership, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 5

Powers: Electrified Physiology:
Flight 10
Protection 10 (Extra: Impervious 12)
Super Charged Strength:
Enhanced Strength 13
Enhanced Strength 5 (Flaw: Limited [Lifting Only])
Electrical Sense: Senses 6 [Detect (Electricity: Accurate, Acute, Radius, Ranged)]

Electrical Control:
Lightning Bolt: Ranged Electrical Damage 13 (Extra: Penetrating)
-Absorption Healing: Healing 12 (Extras: Energizing, Restorative); (Flaws: Limited [Self Only], Limited [Source – Electricity])
-Cloud Burst: Ranged Electrical Damage 13 (Extra: Area [Burst])
-Thunderstruck: Affliction 13 [Impaired, Disabled, Unaware; resisted by Fortitude] ] (Extras: Area [Burst]); (Flaw: Limited [1 Sense only [audio])

Offense: Initiative +7
Melee Attack +12
Ranged Attack +8 // Lightning Bolt Attack +13

Defense: Dodge +10
Parry +10
Toughness +15* [*Impervious 12]
Fortitude +12
Will +11

Equipment: Freedom League Communicator

Costs: Abilities 56+ Skills 24+ Advantages 13+ Powers 121+ Defenses 24= 238 pts.

Real Name: Ray Gardner
Hair: Silvery-White
Eye Color: Electric Blue

Enemy: Dr. Stratos and enemies of the Freedom League.

Famous: Leader of the Freedom League.

Public Identity: Everyone knows that Captain Thunder is actually Ray Gardner.

Relationships: His wife, Nancy, his son, Ray Jr. (aka Bolt), and his friends in the Freedom League.

Vulnerablity: Power Drains; the effect rank is increased by 50% for the purpose of determining DC.
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Post by Tattooedman »

PL: 12
Strength 2
Stamina 5
Agility 3
Dexterity 3
Fighting 8
Intellect 3
Awareness 3
Presence 3

Skills: Deception 9 (+12), Expertise [Computers] 9 (+12), Insight 9 (+12), Investigation 6 (+9), Perception 9 (+12), Persuasion 9 (+12), Stealth 6 (+9), Vehicles [Air] 3 (+6), Vehicles [Exotic] 6 (+9)

Advantages: Eidetic Memory, Improved Feint, Ranged Attack 5, Set-Up, Teamwork

Powers: Metamorph Physiology: Variable 12 (Extras: Increased Duration [Continuous], Move Action)
Metamorph Psionics: Communication 3 [mental] (Extras: Area, Selective)
Comprehend 2 [speak & understand all languages]
Mind Reading 11

Offense: Initiative +3
Melee Attack +8
Ranged Attack +8

Defense: Dodge +11
Parry +11
Toughness +5
Fortitude +9
Will +11

Equipment: Freedom League Communicator

Costs: Abilities 60+ Skills 22+ Advantages 8+ Powers 152+ Defenses 23= 265 pts.

Real Name: R’ik F’aux
Aliases: Rick Foxx
Height: 6’3” (varies)
Weight: Varies
Hair: None (varies)
Eye Color: Yellow (varies)

Clone Blues: Is actually the ‘cloned son’ of the original Pseudo, a secret he is adamant about keeping.

Enemies: Captain Kraken, Meta-Grue, Crucible, Modulus (and the rest of Sinistry), Masquerade, Morph and anti-metahuman group, S.H.O.C.K..

Famous: Member of the Freedom League.

Secret Identity: The public doesn’t know that he uses the human identity of Rick Foxx.

Secret: Few know that he uses multiple human identities around the United States (it’s in an effort to better understand the human condition for Pseudo).

Background: Since the reformation of the Freedom League following the last Terminus Invasion Pseudo has been keeping a secret from his team-mates: he's not the Grue scout who was a member of the Freedom League from 1969 to 1975. But in another way, he is. When Pseudo returned to space with Daedalus, he began working as a rogue within the factions of the Grue Unity the pair encountered. His intention was to find a way to end the Meta-Mind's domination over the species and give his fellow Grue the opportunity to develop unique personalities of their own. Pseudo was not idealistic enough to believe that he could accomplish those monumental tasks all by himself and so sought allies with the few other rogue Grue who were living in hiding as well as among the Unity's many subject species. Unfortunately, a few of his potential allies were as nobly-intentioned as Pseudo; most of the other rogues just wanted to replace the dictatorship of the Meta-Mind with their own rule, even as quite a few species dominated by the Grue wanted to reverse that relationship.

In such an atmosphere of mistrust and paranoia, it's remarkable that Pseudo survived as long as he did. In fact, he would ironically become the Unity's greatest defender even as its forces sought his destruction. He foiled many schemes directed against the Grue by agents of the Lor Republic and the Star Khan, as well as others within and without the Unity. It was during this time, for example, that he first crossed paths with the notorious space pirate Kra'ken, earning the eternal enmity of the Illithusian. He may also have battled the legendary Arcane Grue, though the records of these events is confused.

As a result of these accomplishments, the Meta-Mind became fascinated (though others would say obsessed) with the idea of capturing Pseudo and incorporating his unique mentality into it‘s brain-cluster. More and more forces were sent against Pseudo as his boltholes and hideaways were discovered and exposed one after another. By the Earth year 1999 Pseudo had been separated from Daedalus for over a decade in an effort to protect the immortal inventor from his foes, and was hiding in the last of his retreats listening to the sounds of the Grue assault drones battering through its outer defenses. Pseudo realized that he only had one option left.

Grue Metamorphs can reproduce through self-cloning, though it is a painful and difficult process to perform. Under the Meta-Mind's rule, a Grue will normally only do so immediately before it is scheduled to be ... repurposed, to use the Meta-Mind’s euphemism. Pseudo used this capability to create a "son" who would be able to continue his struggle after he was gone, entrusting the clone with a psychic recording of Pseudo's own consciousness. In the mad dash escape that followed, in which the original Pseudo was apparently killed, the recording device was damaged; the emotional content of the information was degraded and was unable to be transferred, leaving the new Pseudo with only the factual data of his progenitor's life.

Only a few weeks later, one of Pseudo's intelligence sources inside the Grue military, apparently unaware of his demise, sent him a message concerning a renewed campaign against Earth. The clone decided that he would honor his progenitor best by coming to the aid of the world where he had learned what it meant to be a hero and traveled to Earth in a stolen star-fighter, joining forces with officer Maria Montoya a few months later. The rest is history.

Pseudo is terrified that his allies in the Freedom League will discover that he's not really their old comrade (even though only one of them actually knew the original) and question why he didn’t try to help the original Psuedo, basically blaming the clone for the original’s demise (And why shouldn't they? He blames himself). This has resulted in a deliberate attempt by Pseudo to keep an emotional distance between himself and the other members of the League, which is mistaken by them as the original Pseudo's emotional reserved mannerism. The only one who suspects something's not right is Star Knight, Maria Montoya, who noticed a strange oddity during the first few years of the new League when she considered the familiar way Pseudo behaved towards her and the distant way he acted towards people he was supposed to have known for much longer. What she didn’t, and still doesn’t to this day, realize is that the real reason for Pseudo’s behavior is that he finds himself strongly attracted to her, but feels that she could never love something as disgusting as himself (at that point in time Pseudo was basically an adolescent. He still harbors his romantic feelings towards Maria but will not pursue a relationship with her unless he can be totally honest with her, a trait many telepathic beings have due to their power).

Over the years Pseudo has accumulated something of a rogue's gallery; his conflict with Captain Kraken his time in space has been renewed after he stopped the pirate from kidnapping and selling into gene-slavery the three stars of a popular series of pirate films. Kraken lost a leg in the melee that followed, and has sworn vengeance as a result. Pseudo has also teamed up with Iron Angel of the Sentinels in a fight against her nemesis, Crucible. Then there is Modulus, a replicant from the Lor Republic who came to Earth to set up a criminal empire, and his team - Sinistry (Damselfly, Obelisk, Proton, Phaze & Scream Queen); often times Pseudo manages to recognize Modulus’ subtle plans in action and has been able to intervene before they can come to fruition. Then there is the criminals Masquerade and Morph, whose interest in profit by crime maybe a bit easier to understand but their shapeshifting powers (which are just as powerful as Pseudo’s) make them challenging. Then of course there’s the Meta-Grue, whenever he shows his shifting face Pseudo is always quick to respond to.

Recently Pseudo has learned of the Meta-Mind’s plot to create hybrid Grue-Human agents to act as spies and infiltrators that could be activated at a later point to help spearhead a future invasion of Earth. He now is monitoring events around the world in an ever vigilant watch for the tell-tale signs that those hybrids have been activated, knowing that this could be the way that the Unity might manage to succeed where they’ve failed in the past.

Another newer problem for Pseudo is the anti-metahuman group, S.H.O.C.K. has taken a public stance against Pseudo due to his obvious alien heritage and have begun keeping eyes on him as much as possible (a job made difficult given how Pseudo will often leave the Lighthouse in disguise), but they have managed to learn of some of the other identities he uses to interact with humanity with. Also Kevin Masters has put Jacob Castle, S.H.O.C.K.’s resident computer and social media expert, on ‘Pseudo detail’ which has lead to a back and forth blogging war between Castle and Pseudo (who uses his Rick Fox identity often times as well as a few of his other identities to bolster his efforts). This has lead to a bit of bad press for the Freedom League but nothing beyond Pseudo’s ability to mitigate as of yet.

Partly inspired by Davies & Crinos' working in the Settings Thread
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Doctor Metropolis

Post by Tattooedman »

Doctor Metropolis:
Strength 8
Stamina 10
Agility 1
Dexterity 1
Fighting 6
Intellect 4
Awareness 4
Presence 0

Skills: Expertise [Current Events] 9 (+13), Expertise [Structural Engineering] 15 (+19), Insight 9 (+13), Intimidation 12 (+12), Perception 6 (+10), Stealth 6 (+7), Technology 6 (+10)

Advantages: Close Attack 4, Diehard, Fearless, Improved Initiative

Powers: Carried by the City: Flight 3 (Flaw: Limited [Urban Areas Only])

Constructed Body:
Feature 1 [Increased Mass 1 (400 lbs)}
Immunity 16 (Aging, Fatigue Effects, Life Support)
Impervious Toughness 8
Impervious Will 10
Regeneration 5 (Flaw: Source [Urban Materials])

One with the City:
Movement 3 [Permeate 2] (Flaw: Limited [Urban Construction Materials Only])
Senses 6 [Acute and Analytical Detect City Details and Layout (Extended 2), Radio]

Urban Elemental Array:
The City Comes Alive!: Move Object 12 (Extras: Area [Shapeable] 2, Damaging, Perception, Selective); (Feat: Precise); (Flaw: Limited [Material (Cityscape Components)]) [Dynamic]
-Caught In The Urban Jungle: Ranged Affliction 12 [Hindered & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Immobilized, Paralyzed; resisted by Dodge/Strength] (Extras: Area [Shapeable] 2, Cumulative, Extra Condition) [Dynamic]
-City Sculpting: Transform 10, (Extras: Broad [any cityscape component into any other cityscape component], Continuous Duration) [Dynamic]
-City Sense: Remote Sensing 14 [all senses] (Feat: Subtle); (Flaw: Limited [Urban Areas Only]) [Dynamic]
-City Travel: Teleport 14 (Extras: Accurate, Easy, Extended); (Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Turnabout); (Flaw: Medium [Urban Areas]) [Dynamic]

Offense: Initiative +5
Melee Attack +10 // Unarmed Damage +6
Ranged Attack +1

Defense: Dodge +10
Parry +10
Toughness +14
Fortitude +10
Will +10* [*Impervious]

Costs: Abilities 68+ Skills 18+ Advantages 7+ Powers 133+ Defenses 19= 245 pts.

Fame: All of the members of the Freedom League are very well-known.

Motivation ~Responsibility: Metropolis is keenly aware of his role as protector and is tireless in the performance of his duties.

Power Loss: When outside of a city, Metropolis loses all of his powers and his stats drop to Strength 2, Stamina 2, and Fighting 3

Quirk ~Inhuman: Metropolis isn’t human and doesn’t interact with humanity following expected social mores.

Weakness: Metropolis weakens if he is removed from urban areas for long periods of time, eventually sickening and potentially even “dying” (whatever that may mean for such a lifeform).

Background: In the works....
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