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Willforce [DC Universe version]

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Willforce PL 14

Quote: “Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.”
Concept: Half-human, half 5th dimensional being
Occupation: Student, adventurer
Base of Operations: Metropolis
Real Name: Jennifer Smith
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Aqua blue
Age: 16 years old

Strength 1, Stamina 3, Agility 4, Dexterity 4, Fighting 4, Intellect 6, Awareness 5, Presence 6

Half 5th Dimensional Being: Enhanced Defense 16 [Dodge +2, Parry +2, Fortitude +6], Immortality 10, Immunity 10 [Life support], Impervious Protection 17, Regeneration 10, Persistent • 94 points
Half 5th Dimensional Mind: Comprehend 4 [Languages: all options], Enhanced Will 6, Impervious Will 12, Quickness 6 [Mental tasks only] • 29 points
Half 5th Dimensional Youngling Powers: Free Action Variable [5th Dimensional “Magic”] 14 • 126 points

Advantages Attractive, Extraordinary Effort, Luck 4, Ultimate Toughness, Ultimate Will

Skills Athletics 4 [+5], Expertise: Research 4 [+10], Expertise: Popular Culture 4 [+10], Insight 4 [+9], Perception 4 [+9], Persuasion 6 [+12], Stealth 4 [+8]

Initiative +4
Various based on Variable power; Common ones include: “Energy Blast” Ranged Damage 18, Accurate 3; “Change!” Perception Affliction 14 [Resisted by Fortitude, Dazed, Stunned, Transformed], Cumulative; “Sleep!” Perception Affliction 14 [Resisted by Fortitude, Fatigued, Exhausted, Asleep], Cumulative

Dodge 8, Parry 8
Toughness 20*, Fortitude 12, Will 16**
*Impervious 17, ** Impervious 12

Power Points
Abilities 66 + Powers 249 + Advantages 8 + Skills 15 [30 ranks] + Defenses 12= 350 Total

Motivation: She feels it is her responsibility to use her powers to aid others and not abuse them. Although she isn’t above a juvenile, yet harmless prank even now and then.
Accident: Her powers are very new to her and extreme in nature, accidents happen from time to time. Which is why she is being trained.
Honor: She knows she has a lot of power, the exact limits of which she hasn’t even begun to suspect. Thus she will always try to fight opponents on their level and never use more force than needed.
Identity: Jennifer Smith, high school student
Relationship: Her father, Andrew, Superman and the JL, her friends from school
Responsibility: She has to juggle time between school, hanging with her friends, spending time with her father and now training by the JL to control her powers and use them for good.
Secret: The fact that her mother, the 5th dimensional being who goes by Carrie, is her mother, nor that her mother still watches over her from a distance.

:arrow: An individual with a lot of power but who tries to use them responsibly, I tried to make her have a human side despite so much power available to her. Her wayward mother is the 5th dimensional imp, Traveller.

:arrow: Some examples of how she uses her half 5th Dimensional Youngling powers include:
Change!: Perception Range Affliction 14 [Resisted by Fortitude, Dazed, Stunned, Transformed], Cumulative • 56 points
Energy Blast: Ranged Damage 18, Accurate 3 • 39 points
Sleep!: Perception Range Affliction 14 [Resisted by Fortitude, Fatigued, Exhausted, Asleep], Cumulative • 56 points
Creation: Create 16, Continuous, Innate, Movable, Precise, Subtle • 67 points
Controlled Environment: Environment 14 [4 points of effect], Variable • 70 points
Fast Flight: Flight 10 [2k mph] • 20 points
Restoration: Healing 10, Affects Objects [+1], Area Burst, Persistent, Restorative, Selective • 61 points
Move by Will Alone: Perception Move Object 23, Precise • 70 points
Take Powers From Unworthy: Perception Continuous Nullify 8, Broad, Simultaneous, Effortless • 64 points

Personality: Jennifer is a highly intelligent, strong-willed and opinionated young woman. She has always worked hard on everything she does, despite her natural gifts from an early age making it easy. With the discovery of her heritage and powers, she more determined than ever to do what is right, even if it means putting herself into danger. She doesn’t know her immortal nature yet, nor has she tested out how tough she is and thus is afraid of what could happen in a fight.

Description of Powers: Willforce is half human, half 5th dimensional being. Thus she is immortal and immune to mundane concerns, able to survive in any environment and without food or drink, although she still enjoys them. Nigh-invulnerable to physical harm and with strong mental defenses, she is extremely tough to put down and heals from injuries in moments. Her mind operates many times faster than a human, she can understand all languages and be understood by anyone, and her natural mental abilities are higher than normal due her nature.

But she only has a fraction of the power of a full 5th dimensional being, both being very young and only half-blood. But even this fraction of power is more than most 3rd dimensional beings can dream of, allowing her to simply will things and have them happen. From flying and energy blast, transforming living beings, healing and moving massive object by will alone, there are no known limits to her powers, only her imagination.

History: Years ago a curious young female from the 5th dimension stumbled upon Earth, following a distant cousin who had been summoned there. Her name, too bizarre for most to remember, she took on a human name, going by Carrie based upon a movie poster she saw. Travelling around and seeing the sights, she became intrigued by how different and fragile these 3rd dimensional beings were. She saw everything on Earth and set out to travel the cosmos, visiting different worlds and learning new things.

But the Earth eventually called to her once again and she returned. While visiting Metropolis, she even got to see her distant cousin again, fighting the famed Superman and being made a fool of once again. When would he learn to stop treating 3rd dimensional beings like toys instead of other lifeforms? But it was an attractive, intelligent young man who nearly got caught in the line of fire which caught her eye. Hooking up with him, she had a one-night stand before her wanderlust hit again. But the lucky young man, Andrew Smith, had left his mark upon her in a way she never thought possible.

6 months later she returned and found Andrew, presenting him with his daughter, Jennifer. As a half-human she would be looked down upon in the 5th dimension, thus she left the girl with her father and stuck around for a month, before the wanderlust became too strong to resist once again.

16 years later and Jennifer has grown up to be an attractive, highly intelligent young woman with an imagination and will far beyond her years. But her half 5th dimensional nature couldn’t be kept dormant forever and soon she began to find whatever she willed came true. A near disaster in downtown Metropolis drew the attention of Superman, who brought her in as a trainee of the JL, her powers too dangerous if left unchecked. Now she has to balance time between school, her dad, friends and training; talk about being pressed for time.

Description: Jennifer is a very attractive young woman with no noticeable flaws and the appearance of a supermodel. Her fair skin never seems to tan or burn, she never has more than 2% body fat no matter what her exercise routine, and her figure makes most other girls her age look on with envy. Her half 5th dimensional being nature stands out with her intense violet eyes that seem to gleam with energy and her aqua blue hair which seems to move like waves.

She likes to be comfortable but fashionable at the same time, wearing attractive outfits from blouses, skirts and high heels, to shirts, slacks and tennis shoes in any number of colors and styles. She has a pair of silver angel earrings and tends to wear at least one bracelet of silver or gold. As Willforce she has a full body costume of silver with gold trim and a mask which hides her face, only having holes for her eyes, nose and mouth.

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Traveller [DC Universe version]

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Traveller PL X

Quote: “What interesting sights you have in this dimension.”
Concept: 5th dimensional being affected by wanderlust
Occupation: Traveller
Base of Operations: Mobile
Real Name: Carrier [assumed human name]
Legal Status: Other-dimensional being, most of humanity is unaware of her existance
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Single, on-again, off-again relationship with Andrew Smith
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Azure blue
Age: Unknown [appears to be in 30s]

Wanderlust: Carrie is driven by a strong wanderlust, never able to stay in one place for too long and loving to see new sights or even revisiting sights years later to see how they’ve changed.
Relationship: Her daughter, Jennifer Smith, on and off love, Andrew Smith, and her annoying distant cousin Mr. Mxyzptlk

:arrow: A 5th dimensional being and distant cousin of Mr. Mxyzptlk, she just loves to travel and see new things, driven by a wanderlust that borders on unhealthy. Mother of Willforce, she uses her powers to keep an eye on her little girl.

Personality: Carrie is driven by a curious nature to see and learn all she can. Whether witnessing the birth of a star, formation of a galaxy, the depths of an ocean or the surface of a gas giant, she just loves to see things and travel. This drive is so strong that she can’t resist the urge for long, even staying in one place for a month can seem like forever when the wanderlust hits.

Description of Powers: Traveller is a 5th dimension being, able to make nearly anything happen with little more than a though, a PL X character that functions more as a plot device and an obstacle to be overcome than someone to be defeated.

Traveller mainly uses her abilities to explore near areas and even dimensions, although she is capable of so much more. If forced to she is capable of taking on even the likes of Mr. Mxyzptlk.

History: It was years ago, as a young and curious female from the 5th dimension, bored out of her mind and wishing to travel, to see the multiverse. When by luck she sensed her annoying distant cousin being pulled to another dimension, the 3rd dimension. Following him she soon stumbled onto Earth and found its people to be both different and a curiosity. With her true name too strange for humans to remember, she took on a human name, seeing an old movie poster for Carrie and thinking she was some nice person. She began to travel and see the sights all over Earth, intrigued by how different humans can be from each other and also how fragile they were.

She went out to see the cosmos, traveling to different worlds and seeing different culture, some very shocking and different from both those of the 5th dimension and those she had seen on Earth. But something about the Earth drew her back, as if calling her name. Thus she ended up in Metropolis only to see her idiot relative, going by Mr. Mxyzptlk now, fighting against the being called Superman. He was making a fool of himself, as she witness him being tricked back to the 5th dimension.

But what drew her attention was an attractive, intelligent young who had nearly gotten caught in the line of fire. They got to talking and ended up back at his place, a simple one-night stand which would have long-term consequences. Andrew Smith had gotten her pregnant, although she didn’t know about this at first and her wanderlust hit again, as she left to see some more of the world and how it had changed.

So it was 6 months later Andrew opened his door to find Carrie there, holding a baby girl, their daughter Jennifer. But their child was a half-human, she would be looked down up in the 5th dimension and Carrie couldn’t bring her back, thus it fell upon Andrew to raise their little girl. Carrie stuck around and helped for a month, even telling him how she might one day develop powers, til the wanderlust overpowered her and she took off once again. But despite all her wandering she still watches over Andrew and Jennifer, even showing up once every couple years to spend time with Andrew. Only to be driven by her wanderlust to set out once again.

Description: Carrie takes on a human form of a tall, very attractive woman in the mid-30s. Her skin is normally lightly tanned but can be any color she chooses at a whim. She keeps her azure blue hair down to the middle of her back, while her intense purple eyes show a playful nature behind them. She tends to change her appearance to try and blend in with local culture and beings, although sometimes she just likes to shock others.

Clothing can be anything from simple leather hide to far future fibers, in any fashion and style she feels like. Keeping up with her whims would be impossible without her powers. Although most shocking is her perchance for nudity, even sometimes just doing so because she likes to feel free.
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Transformer [DC Universe version]

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Transformer PL 10

Quote: “You will be so much more when I’m through with you.”
Concept: Mutative madman
Occupation: Bio-chemist, madman
Base of Operations: New York City
Real Name: Vice Gallo
Legal Status: U.S citizen, criminal record as Transformer
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Widower
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Age: 35 years old

Strength 1, Stamina 1, Agility 0, Dexterity 1, Fighting 2, Intellect 5, Awareness 3, Presence 1

Mutative Transformation: Affliction 12 [Resisted by Fortitude, Impaired, Disabled, Transformed], Continuous, Cumulative, Grab-Based, Variable Descriptor 2 [Any physical, even brain chemistry] • 50 points
Superhuman Grip: Enhanced Strength 11, Limited to Grab attacks • 11 points

Advantages Equipment 3, Improved Hold

Abandoned Warehouse with Infirmary and 4 extra slots of Living Space [15 ep]

Skills Athletics 2 [+3], Close Combat: Grab 6 [+8], Deception 6 [+7], Expertise: Science 8 [+13], Perception 4 [+7], Treatment 2 [+7]

Initiative +0
Grab +8, Close, Strength 12 for Grab check
Mutative Transformation after Grab, Damage Affliction 12

Dodge 5, Parry 5
Toughness 1, Fortitude 4, Will 6

Power Points
Abilities 28 + Powers 61 + Advantages 4 + Skills 14 [28 ranks] + Defenses 14= 121 Total

Motivation: He is driven to get revenge against any corporation who pushes their employees to work unreasonable number of hours and abuse contracts.
Disability: Due the severe burn scars on his hands, he suffers a -2 circumstance penalty for fine work using them.
Reputation: Dangerous madman
Mentally Unhinged: Since his accident and the death of his wife, he has been living in a fantasy world. One in which he is a hero leading an army of loyal troops against the corrupt.

:arrow: A threat only with his mutative transformation power and those affected by it, he is PL 5 Defensively due to Fort/Will and PL 3 Defensively otherwise. A glass cannon of sorts but one with minions to back him.

Personality: A man of learning whose curiosity drove him to try and figure out how life functions, he wished to help humanity to become more than they currently are. But his compassion and caring vanished when his wife perished, now driven by a need to punish those who use and abuse others. The irony of what he does to others has been completely lost on him.

Description of Powers: The accident which burned his hands infused them with a superhuman grip, capable of holding even the strongest of normal humans. They also granted him the power to transform others caught in his grip in various ways, even altering their brain chemistry to make them loyal to him, although his first victims don’t suffer from this.

History: Vice grew up in an old Italian neighborhood in New York, raised by a doctor and nurse couple. His interests grew towards the chemistry of living beings, wishing to understand how life functions. Thus he became a shut-in, making his books his life and not caring for friends. This began to change in high school, when he took an interest in a lovely young woman, Helen Carson.

His strange interest drew her in and they were together through high school and college, even getting married shortly after graduating 4 years later. But his work began to cause troubles for their happy life together, when the lab he was hired at began to keep his after-hours, working on different projects and staying up into the wee hours of the morning. When Helen came to see him one night it all came to a head, so tired from being awake over 40 straight hours with no rest, he made a mistake in his measurements and caused an explosion.

Helen was killed by chemical and fire burns over her whole body, the flames swept through the corridor and forced the guards to flee. Vice had been dosed in the chemicals he was working on and the shock left him in a coma, burns only on his hands despite flames all around him. Waking up 3 months later, he had been fired and was being sued for the damage he caused by his own former employers.

The loss of his beloved Helen, blame for something which never would have happened if they didn’t force him to work without rest for days, it was all too much and Vice snapped. Leaving the hospital, he stormed into the boardroom and grabbed the wrist of the CEO, his former boss suddenly screaming in pain. Vice’s thoughts about this man being nothing more than a snake were coming true, as the CEO’s legs fused together and grew out in a long serpent tail, scales appearing all over his body and face. His skins became yellow and snake-like, while a pair of fang formed among his teeth.

Seeing what he had done, Vice took out the rest of them one by one, turning them into animal-human hybrids, monsters like they had acted. But he was forced to flee, as his power required him to grab his target, something he wouldn’t risk with the police. Using an old warehouse for a hideout, he began to experiment on the homeless and runaways. He could do more than turn others into animal-human hybrids; he could turn them into completely different species and even grant them powers. He would build up an army of brainwashed and loyal transformed, one to punish all those like his former employers.

Description: Vice is an average looking man of Italian descent, with pale skin over most his body but charred red skin on his hands. His black hair is kept short and trim, a holdover from before his transformation, while his blue eyes show a man unhinged, whose mind sees the ends justifying the means.

Vice wears simple cast-off clothing he can find and fix, his old black shoes all that is left of his original clothes. He has a simple black ski mask to hide his face when operating as Transformer and nothing more.

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Zorra [DC Universe version]

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Zorra PL 8

Quote: “Hiss, you will leave master alone.”
Concept: Victim of Transformer
Occupation: Bodyguard, former student
Base of Operations: New York City
Real Name: Catherine Franks
Legal Status: U.S. citizen, wanted by authorities to cure her
Identity: Secret [Former identity is unknown to anyone]
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Reddish-brown [former: Blonde]
Age: 17 years old

Strength 4, Stamina 4, Agility 6, Dexterity 2, Fighting 6, Intellect 0, Awareness 2, Presence 2

Anthropomorphic Fox: [Multiple powers in one]
Enhanced Abilities: Enhanced Abilities 16 [Strength 4, Stamina 4, Agility 4, Fighting 4]
Bite: Strength-based Damage 2, Improved Critical 2
Lupine Senses: Senses 3 [Low-Light Vision, Acute and Tracking Olfactory]
Lupine Movement: Leaping 2 [30 feet]; Speed 4 [30 mph]
Fox’s Cry: Auditory Perception Area Affliction 6 [Resisted by Will, Dazed and Impaired, Disabled and Stunned], Extra Condition, Limited Degree
57 points
Vixen: Enhanced Advantages 2 [Attractive, Taunt], Enhanced Deception 8, Limited to those attracted to her • 4 points

Advantages Attractive, Improved Critical 2 [bite], Taunt

Skills Acrobatics 4 [+10], Athletics 4 [+8], Close Combat: Bite 4 [+10], Deception 4/12* [+6/+14*], Intimidation 4 [+6], Perception 4 [+6], Stealth 4 [+10]
*Versus those attracted to her

Initiative +6
Bite +10, Close, Damage 6, Crit: 18-20

Dodge 12, Parry 12
Toughness 4, Fortitude 6, Will 4

Power Points
Abilities 20 + Powers 61 + Advantages 0 + Skills 14 [28 ranks] + Defenses 16= 11 Total

Motivation: She is driven by two extremes, her new feral nature which compels her to hunt and her brainwashed loyalty to Transformer.
Enemy: The authorities wish to capture her alive, in hopes of finding a way to reverse Transformer’s mutations.
Feral: She is driven by her new animal instincts, hunting for food, preferring to sleep outside and only wearing clothes because Transformer ask her to.
Temper: Seeing Transformer threatened or harmed will send her into a feral fury, attacking the source of her fury til they are dead unless stopped, either by force or ordered to by Transformer.

:arrow: A brainwashed victim, she is nothing more than a servant for Transformer now, whom in his delusion believes her a loyal bodyguard and ally.

Personality: Former: A fun-loving, reckless teenage girl out for a thrill and to defy her parents at every turn. Current: Somewhat feral in nature, she hunts her food in the alleyways and side streets of the city. She sometimes flirts with attractive men, her vixen nature making her a natural vamp. But above all she is loyal to Transformer, willing to do anything, even die, in his service.

Description of Powers: Zorra is an anthropomorphic fox, a vixen whose looks can distract anyone attracted to her. Her physical abilities have all been enhanced to greater than before, just short of superhuman levels. Her bite can tear flesh easily, as she tends to target vulnerable joints and the neck when possible. She can see in low lighting and has an acute sense of smell able to track over great distances. Fast and agile, she is hard to pin down. While her fox’s cry is so unusual and high pitched it can leave foes disoriented and unable to react.

History: Catherine, Cathy to her friends, had a good life for the most part. An only child, her parents spoiled her and she could come and go as she pleased. Which was how she ended up in an alley looking for a rave rumored to be around there, only to end up one of the newest changed by Transformer into a member of his “army”.

Turned into an anthropomorphic fox with a furred human face, her brain chemistry altered to feel complete loyalty to Transformer. She remembers who she once was but goes by Zorra, Spanish for female fox or vixen, a sign of her new identity as a loyal bodyguard to her master. Thus it has been for the past few months; whenever trouble showed up she would prove herself once more, protecting her master from those who would end his plans.

Description: Catherine was once an attractive young blonde whose looks turned heads. Now she is an anthropomorphic fox with reddish-brown fur over most of her body, a bushy tail, a human face covered in reddish-brown fur with a cute black nose, fanged teeth and fox ears on top of her head.

She only wears a simple red tube top and what remains of her old skirt, her fur protecting her from the elements.

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The Order [Organization]

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The Order
Formed by various alien species around 200 years ago [Exact date of formation lost due to gremlin infestation of original headquarters in 1940], they believe that the universe and thus all realities are based on the principles of science and order. Seeing magic begin to have a foothold again among humans and even many other species in numerous realities, they saw it as anathema, a curse and threat to all realities which would bring chaos and disrupt order. Thus they began working together to expand their dimensional viewers into full-blown gates to other realities, to gather technology and spread order throughout all universes.

Advanced technology of numerous sorts, from amalgamated alien tech, lost technology from civilizations long lost or extinct, and advanced technology from human inventors; they began to amass their resources within the first 30 years active and had sealed away magical items or studied, and in some cases proven, them to be just advanced technology. But their plans hit a snag 150 years ago, when rivals from another cross-dimensional organization, the Center, discovered their base and shut it down with extreme prejudice. From all reports and data gather, the Center seeks to gather artifacts of any sort, whether technological, magical or otherwise, and gather them to study or contain.

The council of the Order sees them as a threat to their plans, spreading magic to other realities and their influence throughout the omniverse. But the Center had resources they don’t, centuries of planning and organization ahead of them. So long-term plans were needed, ones to not just disable but crush this newfound foe; incorporation of genetic engineering, cloning, cybernetics and more into growing their army with which to face the Center would be needed.

And thus for the past 150 years they have plotted and laid in wait, hiding from the Center at every turn possible and discovering new creatures and allies with which to crush the Center. The fact they didn’t leave any reality alone, unlike the Center, had given them an edge they would need in the upcoming war.

Leadership: The main leadership of the Order is made of a council of 10 who discuss and vote on everything the Order has planned. Tied votes are decided by the council leader. Each individual base of the Order is run by a general, with all troops there under his direct orders. Only the council can override the orders of a general.
Members and Staff: In addition to the council and generals at each base, all bases are outfitted with various security and staff. 1000 security personnel patrol the city-sized bases; maintenance and engineering personnel number over 500, keeping everything running and upgrading when possible; scientist and research staff number at over 800, almost constantly working on reverse engineering discoveries and developing new technology. Off-site in a dimensional zoo are the creature wranglers whose numbers for each base are unknown, in charge of watching over and studying creatures discovered by field teams. Note that the security personnel, maintenance and engineering staff are all clones based on certain alien species good at each job.
Unique/Custom Equipment Available Alien/advanced technology versions of existing items exist. Unique/custom equipment available to Order personnel are listed below.
Surveillance Gear: Advanced multi-spectrum binoculars: Advanced pair of collapsible binoculars which can see in various spectrums, see through any form of concealment and in any lighting, has built-in range viewer and allows the user to see for miles. [Senses 15 [Counters Concealment 5 [visual], Distance Sense, Extended Vision 2, Infravision, Ultravision] • Cost: 15 ep
Electronics: Advanced Order Commlink: A simple looking white disc placed behind the ear [or equivalent organ], it allows thought project for communication with any other being wearing one. [Communication 5 [telepathic transmission], Area, Selective, Subtle, Limited to Other Advanced Order Commlinks] • Cost: 26 ep
Survival Gear: Life support field generator: A bracelet appearing to be made of solid gold with advanced circuitry hidden inside, it allows the wearer to survive in any environment and even provides for unique lifeform needs. [Immunity 9 [Disease, Poison, all environmental conditions, suffocation[; Feature 1 [Provides for wearer’s lifeform needs] • Cost: 10 ep
Melee Weapons: Impact Staff: A variable length staff, up to 1’ shorter than the wielders height, which generates a powerful kinetic field to enhance impact. [Strength-Based Damage 6, Feature: Variable length] • Cost: 7 ep
Vibro Weapons: Any bladed or edged weapon can be turned into a vibro weapon. Such modifications increase Damage by 1 rank and add Penetrating equal to total Damage. • Cost: Variable
Phase-Shift Weapons: Any weapons can be made a phase-shift weapon. Simply adds Affects Insubstantial 2 • Cost: +2 ep
Beam Sword: An advanced hilt which can generate a sword of solid force contained by a force field. Requires Benefit [Beam Sword Training] or wielder risk injuring self anytime they miss an attack by 5 or more. [Penetrating Damage 8, Quirk: Missing by 5 or more will cause wielder to injure self. -1 point [Overcome by Benefit feat] • Cost: 15 ep
Mage Disabler Cuffs: A pair of oversized gloves with a bar holding them close together, when placed on a magic user it disables their ability to perform magic. [Nullify 8 [magic-descriptor], Broad, Continuous Duration, Simultaneous, Close Range, Grab-Based] •Cost: 32 ep
Ranged Weapons: Variable Stun Blasters: An optional mod for Blaster pistols and rifles, it allows them to switch to non-lethal stun mode. Simple add Ranged Affliction # [Resisted and Overcome by Fortitude, Dazed, Stunned], Cumulative, Limited to 2 Degrees. # means at same rank as blaster’s Damage. • Cost: 1 ep
Laser Weapons: Simple adds Penetrating to Blaster pistols and rifles and change descriptor to laser. • Cost: +5 ep [blaster pistol] or +8 ep [blaster rifle]
Teleportation Rifle: An advanced rifle of alien design which fires a beam of crimson energy which seems to vaporize anything hit. [Ranged Attack Teleport 12, Extended, Limited to Extended, Limited to local Order base in holding cell] • Cost: 24 ep
Grenades and Explosives: Magic Destroyer Grenade: A purple baseball-sized sphere made of an alien metal, when activated it sends out a powerful pulse wave of energy designed to disable and overload magical items. Despites being called a grenade, it can be picked up and reused. [Ranged Area Burst Damage 8 linked to Ranged Area Burst Weaken Toughness 8, Affects Objects only, both Limited to Magical objects only] •Cost: 32 ep
Base Leveler Explosive: A powerful explosive in the form of a Frisbee-sized discus, when placed on a building it can level it through powerful vibrations. These take a lot of resources to create and are only used when other methods have been exhausted. [Area Burst 3 [120 ft. radius] Damage 10, Limited to Inanimate objects linked to Area Burst 3 [120 ft. radius] Weaken Toughness 10, Affects Objects Only, Triggered on both [remote detonator] •Cost: 72 ep
Armor: Basic Order Armor: A black armor of alien materials, designed to adjust to the wearer. It provides powerful protective qualities and even protects the wearer’s senses. [Immunity 5 [sensory Affliction effects], Protection 6, Impervious] •Cost: 17 ep
Advanced Order Armor: Similar in appearance to the basic armor, it includes built-in force field generators for additional protect. These are worn by the personal guard of the Order council. Add Protection 4, Impervious, Sustained to the Basic Order Armor. •Cost: +8 ep
Field Officer Armor: An advanced armor composed of alien materials, black with blue trim on the joints. In addition to powerful protective qualities and shielding the wearer’s senses, it has chameleonic properties both to disguise the wearer using holograms and even providing limited invisibility.
[Morph 3 [humanoids], Alt Effect: Concealment 2 [normal vision], Blending; Immunity 5 [sensory Affliction effects], Protection 6, Impervious, Protection 6, Impervious 4, Sustained] •Cost: 27 ep
Barrier Generator: A toolbox sized device of black metal with various buttons and dials on it, it can generator a powerful force field barrier of any configuration within size parameters. [Create 12, Continuous, Impervious 10, Selective, Stationary, Limited to Barriers] •Cost: 58 ep
Vehicles: The Order Space Fighter: Basic Space Fighter with Speed 15, Toughness 14, and stronger blaster cannons [Ranged Damage 12] •Cost: 63 ep
The Order Space Cruiser: Basic Space Cruiser with Speed 15, Alt Effect: Space Travel 3, Toughness 18, and stronger weapons [beam weapons [Ranged Damage 14], energy torpedoes [Ranged Damage 14, Burst Area 10, Homing 8]. •Cost: 116 ep
The Order Space Battleship: Basic Space Battleship with Speed 17, Alt Effect: Space Travel 3, Toughness 20, Impervious 12, and powerful weapons [blaster cannons [Ranged Damage 17], High-powered energy torpedoes [Ranged Damage 17, Burst Area 12, Homing 8] •Cost: 146 ep
The Order Land Tank: A massive hovercraft twice the size of a semi-truck, it has powerful armor, can move at great speeds and two turret-mounted blaster cannons. Used for Earth-based operations over relatively short distances, such as the same continent. [Vehicle: Size: Colossal, Strength: 17, Speed: 8 [Flight, Quirk: Limited Altitude [10 ft.] [-2 points], Defense: -6, Toughness 15, Impervious 11, Features: Navigation System, Turret-Mounted Blaster Cannons: Ranged Damage 12, Alt Effect: Explosive Blast: Burst Area Ranged Damage 8] •Cost: 60 ep
Note: The Order has counterparts of the advanced gear listed under the Center entry, with the exception of the Containment Unit.

Headquarter(s): Each Order base is built inside an artificial pocket dimension the size of a large city, the only means in and out being teleportation or a teleportation gate leading directly inside. A massive garage structure is connected to the main facility and houses all Order vehicles. When in use they are teleported directly out of the pocket dimension by a dedicated system.

Some of the advanced technology built into each base includes: A teleportation gate which leads out of and into the base’s pocket dimension; tractor beam system with units in every sector of the base for easy transport of large acquisitions or Order creations; and scanning systems capable of detecting anything down to microscopic level.

An advanced forced field shields the base from direct attack, with more limited units having dedicated systems in specific sectors, especially the holding cells. The scanning systems include: DNA and genetic level scans for identification, multi-spectrum scanning, and hidden advanced cameras in all sector. Each base is powered by a plasma energy generator contained in an induridium shell, the design stolen by Order agents from the Center.

One of the most advanced computer arrays in existence controls the base systems and holds data on anything studied by the Order in any reality. It is constantly monitored by a 10 being team at all times for signs of glitches, hacking, etc. Inside the base the com system is routed through a massive server to control all telepathic communications and prevent intruders from infiltrating them.

There are no dorms or living space upon the base, each being in the Order is given their own private living space away from the base to prevent greater losses in the event of a base being attacked. Advanced defense systems and labs take up the majority of the base, one section set aside for security details to relax in when off-duty. And medical bay is available in case of emergency as well. Base PL is 15.

Headquarter Stats: Size: Large; Toughness: 18; Features: Communications, Computer, Concealed 3 [+20 DC], Defense System [advanced alien and technological weapons], Dimensional Portal 2 [all alternate realities], Dual Size: Awesome+2, Environmental Control [Any room can create any environment as needed], Fire Prevention System; Force Field Systems: Impervious Toughness 15; Garage, Hanger, Holding Cells [Toughness 27], Infirmary, Isolated, Laboratory, Library, Personnel [various staff members], Power System, Security System 5 [DC 40], Self-Repairing, Teleportation Gate: Feature: Allows exit and entry into the base’s pocket dimension; Tractor Beam: Move Object 15 [800 tons]; Sensor Systems: Senses 20 [Ranged Acute, Analytical, Detect DNA/Genetics; Counters Concealment 5 [visual]; Infravision, Microscopic Vision 4, Ultravision]; Workshop • Cost: 42 ep
Basic Clone Staff PL:5 Minion Rank: 3
Strength 0, Stamina 1, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 0, Intellect 2, Awareness 1, Presence 0

Alien-Hybrid Mind: Quickness 2, Limited to Mental Tasks; Feature 1 [Telepathic potential] • 2 points
Alien-Hybrid Body: Extra Limbs 2 [arms], Subtle [retractable]; Immunity 2 [aging, sleep; Limited to Half Effect] • 4 points

Equipment: Advanced multi-spectrum binoculars [15 ep], Advanced Order Commlink [26 ep], Life support field generator [10 ep], Basic Order Armor [17 ep], 2 ep in additional gear.

Advantages Benefit [Ambidexterity], Equipment 14, Improvised Tools

Skills Perception 4 [+5], Technology 4 [+6]

Initiative +2
Unarmed +0, Close, Damage 0

Dodge 2, Parry 0
Toughness 7*, Fortitude 2, Will 3
*Impervious 6, 1 without Basic Order Armor

Power Points
Abilities 16 + Powers 6 + Advantages 16 + Skills 4 [8 ranks] + Defenses 3= 45 Total

Clone: Due to being a clone, they have no rights and are seen are property. They are programmed with loyalty to the Order above all else.
Motivation: They are driven by a sense of duty to the Order, programmed into them. Nothing else matters but serving the Order, not even their lives.
Description:The basic clone used as a template for security, maintenance and engineering staff, they are all based upon human-Grey hybrids with strength greater than their alien part but lesser intellect. They are programmed with common knowledge, basic social skills, and whatever else is need for their job. All have certain equipment in common to all staff of the Order. Add templates [below] for each job type.
Maintenance crew: Going into the depths of the Order base to fix and repair things, they are programmed with more advanced technological knowledge than other clones. Add 8 ranks to Technology skill and spent their 2 ep in additional gear on Advanced toolkit [+5 to Technology checks, 2ep]. Increase minion rank by 1. The engineering crew is the same but with a different focus for their technology skills, helping build the creations of the Order. +4 points.
Basic security: The security crews keep order with the other clone staff, preventing riots and monitoring for enemy infiltrators and facing attackers. They are programmed with more advanced combat skills and given advanced weapons and armor. Increase Strength, Stamina, Agility and Dexterity all by 1, Fighting by 4, Insight 4 [+5], 2 more ranks of Perception, +1 rank of Equipment, Teamwork 1, and have an Impact Staff. Increase PL to 6, Minion rank to 5. +21 points.
Personal council security: Those security members who have proven themselves time and again get advanced to personal security for the Order council. 3 guards per council member at all times is the minimum. Increase Strength and Stamina 1 each, Agility and Dexterity 2 each, Fighting by 6, Close Combat: Beam Sword 4 [+10], Insight 6 [+7], Ranged Combat: Energy pistols 8 [+12], 4 more ranks of Perception, +8 ranks of Equipment, Benefit [Beam Sword Training], Improved Critical [Beam sword] 1, Improved Initiative, Interpose, Precise Attack 4 [Close and Ranged, Cover and Concealment], Quick Draw, Teamwork 2, wield a Beam sword [15 ep], laser pistol [15 ep], and wear Advanced Order Armor. Increase PL to 9, Minion rank to 7. +54 points
Field agent: Taken from basic security stock clones and programmed with greater skills, interpersonal skills and stealth. They seek out things in the outside world away from the Order base to bring back for study, whether technology or creatures. Increase Strength and Stamina by 1 each, Agility and Dexterity by 3 each, Fighting by 8, Acrobatics 6 [+11], Athletics 4 [+5], Deception 6 [+6], Insight 8 [+9], Stealth 6 [+11], 4 more ranks of Perception, 4 more ranks of Technology, +16 ranks of Equipment, Improved Disarm, Precise Attack [Ranged, Cover], Ranged Attack 5, Teamwork 1, equipped with Impact Staff with Subtle [8 ep], Field Officer Armor [27 ep, replaces basic armor], Teleportation Rifle [24 ep] and up to 38 ep of additional gear as needed per mission. Increase PL to 11, Minion rank to 8. +75 points.
Order Scientist PL: 4 Minion Rank: 4
Strength 0, Stamina 0, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intellect 4, Awareness 2, Presence 0

Energy Dampening Bracelet: Removable [-2 points]
Energy Dampening Field Immunity 20 [Energy descriptor, Limited to Half Effect] • 10 points
Translator Implant: Comprehend 3 [Speak, understand, be understood in all languages] • 6 points

Equipment: Advanced multi-spectrum binoculars [15 ep], Advanced Order Commlink [26 ep], Life support field generator [10 ep], Basic Order Armor [17 ep], 2 ep in additional gear, normally advanced tools which add +2 to checks with Expertise: Science or Technology.

Advantages Equipment 14

Skills Expertise: Science 8 [+12], Expertise: Choose one 6 [+10], Investigation 8 [+12], Technology 8 [+12]

Initiative +0
Unarmed +0, Close, Damage 0

Dodge 1, Parry 0
Toughness 6*, Fortitude 2, Will 4
*Impervious 6, 0 without Basic Order Armor

Power Points
Abilities 12 + Powers 14 + Advantages 14 + Skills 15 [30 ranks] + Defenses 5= 60 Total

Order Scientist: As a scientist of the Order, they must work long hours studying possibly dangerous items and not reveal themselves to the world at large.
Motivation: All Order scientist are driven by a need to understand the universe and everything within it.
Description: The basic template for Order scientist, they come from many different species with varied abilities. Almost anything can be added to them as long as it makes sense for an alien species to possess such ability. Common alien species examples include:
Grey: A typical big-headed, large eyed, grey skinned alien that most humans think of when aliens are mentioned. They are physically under-developed but have great intellect and psychic powers. Abilities: -1 Strength, -1 Stamina, +4 Intellect, +2 Awareness, Advantages: Eidetic Memory, Skill Mastery [Technology], Powers: Grey: Multiple powers as one [Innate] Grey Physiology: Extra Limbs 2 [extra arms, Subtle [retractable]; Immunity 3 [Aging; Disease, Sleep, Limited to Half-Effect]• 5 points, Grey Mind: Quickness 6, Limited to Mental Tasks • 3 points; Telepathic Race: Mental Communication 3, Mind Reading 6 • 24 points Cost: +43 points for Grey. Increase PL to 6 for Mind Reading and skills, Minion rank to 7.
Drowat: A race of large humanoid beings that appear to be apes made of metal around 10’ tall, in truth a race of living machines. They are some of the best builders and engineers in all the known multiverse, having designed and built the Order bases and many of their structures and vehicles. Like the metal they are made out of, they are sturdy and hard to hurt. Abilities: +2 Strength, +2 Stamina, +4 Awareness, Skills: Expertise: Either Engineering or Structural Engineering 8 [+12], other Expertise as Scientist in other Expertise., Advantages: Diehard, Great Endurance, Improvised Weapon, Skill Mastery [One Expertise skill], Powers: Large Living Machine: Multiple powers as one [Innate] Large: Permanent Growth 2 [+2 Str and Sta, +2 mass, +1 Intimidation, -2 Stealth, -1 Dodge/Parry], Power-Lifting 4 [Lift: 6 tons] • 8 points, Living Machine: Immunity 11 [Aging, life support] • 11 points Cost: +44 points for Drowat. Increase PL to 7, Minion rank to 7.
Authorion: A race of golden skinned, tall and lanky humanoids with slender fingers and great manual dexterity allowing them to perform delicate work no other race can. They are immortal by nature, fearless and driven by a need to create order. Abilities: +6 Dexterity, +2 Intellect, +6 Awareness, +2 Presence, Skills: Expertise: Micro-engineering 8 [+14], Insight 8 [+16], Perception 8 [+16], Advantages: Eidetic Memory, Fearless, Skill Mastery [Micro-engineering], Powers: Immortal Authorion:
Multiple powers as one [Innate] Authorion Immortality: Immortality 10 [1 hour], Immunity 3 [Aging, disease, poison] • 23 points, Authorion Mind: Immunity 15 [Interaction skills, Mental-descriptor], Quickness 6, Limited to Mental Tasks • 18 points, Feature 1 [Slender fingers: +2 circumstance bonus to work requiring a delicate touch.] • 1 point Cost: +90 points for Authorion. Increase PL to 6, Minion rank to 10.
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Psistrike's Freedomverse Details

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Psistrike’s Freedomverse details
Unless stated otherwise, things as detailed in the Freedom City 2nd edition book are the same in this setting.
•Law Enforcement: Due to the existence of increasing number of criminals and villains willing to kill; not caring about civilian safety; collateral damage, authorities have authorized the use of lethal force by civilian superheroes against such individuals/groups. Stipulations apply to the use of lethal force: 1. Limited to criminals known to have use lethal force or gone on destructive rampages which cost lives.
2. Confirmation of criminal’s identity; due to disguised hostages, blackmailed and brainwashed victims, this is more difficult than it sounds.
3. Exhaust all other options for capture alive first, unless risk loss of life. Note: Repeat mass killers and psychopaths are exempt from this rule.
4. Criminals in the act of threatening civilian lives, especially children, are exempt from all the other stipulations.
Note that superheroes can choose to capture such criminals alive; many will choose to unless they can’t prevent loss of life in the process.
Known superhuman terrorist or terrorist groups which employ magic, super-science, etc. deal with U.S. [or current country] supersoldiers, trained, ready and willing to take the kill shot when given a chance.
•Science and Technology: Super-genius inventors, superhumans capable of creating things no one else can, and alien intervention, most within the last 60+ years, have required new laws and regulations involving patents and the regulation of such inventions and substances to be created. World governments work together to regulate which new technology/creations can be released to the public and when. Cure to most diseases, notable exceptions including cancer, AIDs and a few other nasty diseases, has been released. New treatments progress all the time, needed in a world with madmen and nihilist supervillains creating new threats.

Space program of most 1st world countries has advanced to the point where exploration of Jupiter is possible by the likes of NASA; probes outside the Milky Way have been sent; in-system space travel has started to become cheap enough for normal citizens to enjoy. Mid-90s saw the discovery of clean burning fusion power, allowing the production of cheap power for most of North America, Europe and Asia.

True flying cars, etc. release for public use has been prevented til 2020, after potential impact on human society has been thoroughly researched. Hover-vehicles able to float up to 3’ off of any surface, even liquids, are becoming commonplace and not just for the wealthy. But only legal channels have been stopped, the ranks of super-genius inventors including its fair share of criminals and super-villains, whom have unleashed more than a few threats which end up countering the effort of others. Though corporations and research labs still exist, more new innovations and breakthroughs come from super-genius individuals and more than a few new technologies firms worldwide, each controlled by a super-genius or superhuman.

With new energy discoveries, zero-gravity research, and unusual energies leaking in from other dimensions, new materials and substances have come into existence. Research into full properties and uses for each are ongoing.
•Power Sources: With new technology, sources of advanced and super tech, discovery of enchanted items and creation of new ones, random events spontaneously creating artifacts, and various and new empowerment methods in the world have all had a slow, but noticeable impact. Superhuman numbers increase each year, outgrowing losses due to accident, super-villains and power overloads or loss.
•Government and Organizations: Technological innovations have helped AEGIS, UNISON and other government agencies throughout the world become better equipped at a lesser cost. Unfortunately this principle applies to various criminal organizations, able to outfit even low-level goons with better gear or enhancements.
Several new organizations exist within the setting, governmental, criminal and independent. These include The Library [detailed in Black Chapter by Vigilance Press] and ARCADE [From Supernatural Handbook]. Each will have their own detailed, separate entry.
• Secrets: Government researchers have discovered the barriers between dimensions on Earth are weaker than in other locations. Kept secret from the public for fear of mass panic, still the discovery means Earth will have more visitors soon. Theories abound as to the causes, including: The Tunguska explosion, interdimensional in nature, first weakened the barriers all over Earth; the entry of Centurion’s lifepod into this universe further weakened the barriers in the Freedom City area; further dimensional breaches in the Freedom City area, including various Terminus invasions, have made the barriers to other dimensions and even alternate universes thinnest there. Studies still can’t predict when random portals will appear, or which dimension and/or time they access. Of note is one stable portal; existing in the Wharton State Forest on the outskirts of Freedom City, it opens to a fantasy world dubbed the Realm, always appearing in the same spot, near the center of the forest in an open field. The mayor and AEGIS, along with several superheroes and villains, know of its existence.
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Psistrike's Freedomverse History

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Note: Unless contradicted by details here, the history is the same as detailed in the Freedom City 2nd edition book. Further additions to history will be added as I come up with them.
• The Age of Heroes: In the Golden Age of ancient Greece, heroes arose to face the monsters and schemes of the gods. An artifact from Lemuria, the Dark Heart, in the form of a giant purple-black crystal, ended up in the underworld somehow. Its energies corrupted the god Hades, turning him power-mad; he became the dark god others had believed he was before. The Dark Heart would end up corrupting other beings over the ages.
• 1979: Project Metamorph, the first program using Metamorphic Grue DNA, finds their knowledge of genetics and interaction between human and Grue DNA limited. Most test subjects are left unchanged, 3 die to full systemic shock. Further Grue DNA experiments are put on hold indefinitely, at least officially.
• 1987: Maximus Atom, the first of the Atom Family siblings is born to Andrea Atom and Prince Mentac.
• 1988: Tesla Atom is born. -The Atom Family begins splitting its time between Freedom City and Farside, allowing Mentac to advise the Farside Council while Dr. Atom and Andrea study Farsider technology.
• 1989: Victoria Atom is born.
• 1991: Chase Atom, the youngest of the Atom siblings, is also the only one to be born on the Moon. (Chase's birthplace, IA p. 91)
• 1992: Night Warrior retires from superhero business, after Franklin Moore is brought down.
• 1998: The next generation of the Atom Family becomes well-known, when the four grandchildren of Professor Atom reveal their mutant super-powers. -The Collective first appears and attempts to create a new nest in downtown Freedom City. The Atom Family are able to break the creature down into its collective parts, but it will return again and again. (FoF p. 54; "six years old" as a collective, from FoF's 2003 date)
• 1999: Police and authorities alongside the Freedom League first face off against human-animal hybrids unleashed on Freedom City. Underworld informants have limited information, linking it to the work of a mad scientist who has been dubbed Splicer. Only his underworld nickname is currently known, the reasons for his actions and true identity remain a secret.
•2001: A metallic sphere of unknown make and origin appeared in Central Park, sending out a burst of energy dubbed “The Gene Pulse”. Many affected gained minor powers, with some becoming powerful superhumans. While changes in some are seen immediately, others see no changes til weeks, months, even years later.
• 2002: Toy Boy inducted as newest member of slowly [currently] expanding Crime League.
• 2003: New superhero group, The Sentinels, formed by Defender in New York City. Members include: Caliburn, Defender, Red Phoenix, Sapphire, Slipstream, and Witchcraft.
• April 12th, 2004: Dragonblade first appears in Freedom City, taking down Rant and Rave as they held a bank hostage.
• June 3rd, 2004: Superhero Jinn first appears in Freedom City, uses djinn under her command to stop interdimensional invaders.
• August 10th, 2004: Dr. Stratos somehow has his powers amplified and soundly defeats all of the Freedom League with only Captain Thunder still standing. With Stratos about to overload and explode, taking out a huge chunk of Freedom City, Captain Thunder saved the day by absorbing the excess electricity into his body, leaving him changed in the process. Dr. Stratos is left in a coma and doesn’t awaken from it for almost a year.
• February 3rd, 2005: Janus Island project is completed, operations begin while hidden from the world.
• March 24th, 2005: The Freedom League builds a satellite headquarters dubbed "the Lighthouse" and greatly expands its ranks to act as guardians of the entire world. Freedom Hall becomes the team's local outpost in Freedom City.
• May 1st, 2005: Within a few months of his fourteenth birthday, Chase Atom is kidnapped and experimented on by Moon-Son. The rest of the Atoms rescue the teen, but at a horrible cost which will not become apparent for some time to come. (WoF p. 75)
• August 28th, 2006[begins]: Mr. Infamy empowers Virginia North (the former Scarlet Spectre) and nine other people as the G'Tach, manifestations of the ten plagues of Egypt, who wreak a Time of Vengeance on Freedom City. They are opposed by a group of heroes who, in the absence of the Freedom League, become the city's new heroes. (ToV)
• September 5th, 2007: Following the arrival of the Alterniteens, a group of timeline-travelling teenagers, Claremont Academy becomes a school openly dedicated to training super-powered youths. (HH p. 95)
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Freedom City secrets

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The secrets from Freedom City 2nd edition which gave a choice on what they mean for your setting and the default assumption for my Freedomverse. Of course you can change any of this if you wish.

Secrets of Psistrike's Freedomverse
• The Preservers: Not responsible for human potential for super-powers, despite any evidence to the contrary. They left lost tech in hidden corners of the world and beneath the polar ice caps. No remaining Preservers in universe.
• Henri "Lupus" LeBlanc was a werewolf, but one who could control his transformations. His descendants live in various locations, with different morals and outlooks on their werewolf nature. Only within the past 10 years has any of his descendants moved back to Freedom City.
• Tunguska: Strange explosion caused by inter-dimensional flux, weakened dimensional barriers.
• Roswell: Crew of Grue ship found dead, ship and remains hidden by government and being studied still. Several secret government super-soldier programs based on Metamorphic Grue DNA done over the years, as well as efforts to replicate salvaged tech from the ship.
• Faded Liberty: Donna Mason willingly gave up powers to live a normal life. Cloning experiment to duplicate her and her powers done by several criminal organizations; none have succeeded so far.
• Terminus Invasion: Unleashed energies of the Terminus lead to numerous origins and new super-humans in the world. Cases of superhuman mutations are on the rise after the event, only in Freedom City area. Hate group called "Terminus Trackers" believe all "terminus mutants" are linked to the invaders and act as Omega's agents on Earth. All government buildings rebuilt with advanced tech and look.
• Decosta Construction: Rumors are attempts by business rivals to ruin DeCosta's reputation.
• New Horizon Media: Hank Allard's aversion to superhumans is due to deep hatred of all superhumans and a desire for vengeance against them for the death of the woman he loved. Works with remnants of CODE to back anti-super organization, buys weapons and gear for such from various groups so as to not rely on one too much.
• Master Lee's School: Master Lee is an immortal from the Shambala Temple who is a skilled kung fu master.
• L'Enfant Terrible: His artwork is a time bomb waiting to go off. Infused with psychic energy, they act as
portals for other-dimensional creatures to emerge onto Earth; but only when triggered by magical energy. All of this Crenaire is unaware of, simply creating artwork.
• Providence Asylum: Dr. Carter's disappearance was due to abduction by other-dimensional beings, which have kept him captive this whole time and stopped his aging.
• Lake MacKenzie: An unstable portal through time, space and dimensions exist near the bottom of the lake. It opens at random to different locations and times, including unleashing aquatic dinosaurs, amphibious reptilemen and more over the years. Most disappear back through the portal after a while, although some have slipped away and are living further within Freedom City.
• The Promenade: The ghosts seen are images "bleeding through" from the past, future and alternate realities, and the barrier between such things being weaker there.
• The Pinnacle Path: This cult is a front for Mr. Infamy, who is using it for his own schemes and granting powers to mentally and emotionally unstable individuals. His long term goals are unknown.
• The Kings in Yellow: They are a group of human musicians who took their name from the character in H.P. Lovecraft stories. They have no idea of the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign and may be taken advantage of by agents in disguise.
• The Cape and Cowl Club: The true owner and purpose of the club is that of an omnipotent being who the living embodiment of Justice is. He wishes to give those who strive for justice a safe place to meet and talk.
• The Midnight Society: Has an inner circle of wealthy and influential super villains operating behind the scenes to achieve their goals. Known criminals can become members of the society, as long they can keep its secrets.
• Weird Maggie: She is a secret immortal with knowledge of the occult and power to see into the future. She lives on the streets of Freedom City because it is a nexus of great potential, both for threats to the future and saviors of it.
• Franklin Moore: He has fallen on hard times, a broken man. But he has recently [as of late 2005] accepted a deal from Mr. Infamy, gaining great supernatural powers to strike out at those who brought about his downfall.
• Director Powers: Gemini was a parasitic psychic entity like Jack-a-Knives, working directly for Hades. Unable to take over Harry Powers, he has taken over a lesser AEGIS agent and is using its telepathic influence to infiltrate and control them.
• Charon Ambulance Services: Is a front for the actual Charon of myth, offering those taken away for medical treatment who won't survive power, in exchange for acting as his agents on Earth. Hades has been kept in the dark about this, as Charon is planning on overthrowing him eventually.
• South River State Penitentiary: The lingering effects of Native American rites make this place a mystic hotspot. Sometimes spirits of drowned convicts linger, although most pass on. The exotic energy which powered “Alien-Gator’s” spaceship has also left a lingering influence behind.
• Magic Mesa: Moves through time and space, always appearing deep in the desert.
• Arcane Grue: Existed but died out long ago, left behind a lot of mysterious and malevolent artifacts and spells behind.
• Blackstar: The shadow bands give Omega the ability to control Blackstar at will, forcing him to do his master’s bidding whether he wishes to or not.
• Hiroshima Shadow: He was created by the lingering psychic energy of everyone killed by the bombing of Hiroshima. Partial memories sometimes slip through and leave him dazed for a time.
• The Foundry: The organization's central base is located deep beneath the Antarctic ice. ENCHIDNA is located in an underground base just outside Detroit.
• Argo: Exile in the Terminus has restarted his power source and capabilities, thus he can copy up to 10 individuals' powers for himself. Note though that once he copies 6 or more individuals’ powers at once, he only has 24 hours before they are locked in and he can't copy anymore powers nor get rid of the ones he has already copied.
• Mr. Infamy: Eldrich is closest to the truth; Mr. Infamy is an infernal being beyond a simple demon lord or minor devil. He seeks a way to take over Hell and all the dark afterlives in existence by fully corrupting those with even a little darkness in their hearts. The more souls who fall while in the thrall of one of his “deals”, the more power he gains and the closer to overthrowing Satan himself.
• Rant and Rave: The experimental drugs which gave them their powers also affected other young people, a few of which are heroes and several villains.

Hero High Freedom City secrets
• The blood dew will bloom before mid-2006, something known to only a few magic users.
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Freedomverse PL & stat breakdown chart

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PL 0-1-
[Barebones NPCs, weakest of creatures, etc.]

PL 2-
[Minor NPCs, pets, etc.]

PL 3-4-
[Stronger NPCs, thugs, henchmen and other minor characters]
Rich “Voyuer” Royer

PL 5-
[Start of true predators and dangerous creatures, Elite thugs, Skilled NPCs, NPCS with good gear, weak superhuman]
AEGIS Field Agent, Hieronymus King, Typical Blackguard

PL 6-
[Major NPCs like named cops, SWAT members, skilled doctors, etc. Civilian who has just gained powers [low accuracy/high damage, low defense/high toughness trade-offs], elite hunters of animal kingdom]
Constantine Urallos, Jonathan Grant

PL 7-
[Elite animals who are the toughest of their animal order, average Claremont freshman, NPCs with advanced/super-tech gear]
C. Horatio “Harry” Powers, Lucious Cabot, Warden Drummer; Bio-Flux, Cheetina

PL 8-
[Average Claremont sophomore and junior, teen hero with strong powers or some training, dangerous creatures]
Commander Floppy

PL 9-
[Average Claremont senior, Experienced hero, most elite of animal kingdom, National Guard level threat creature]

PL 10-
[Experienced hero around for years, rookie hero with powerful powers or a lot of training, Army level threat creature, serious super villain or rival to major heroes]
Langston Albright, The Patriot; Fate, Splicer, Blueprint, Pathfinder, Grunt, Ripper, Snatch

PL 11-
[Elite creatures like older dragons, experienced and skilled heroes with at least 10+ years in the field, weak demi-god]
Armament, Slash

PL 12-
[Legendary creatures like the kraken or roc, average kaiju monster, highly powered and experienced hero with 15+ years of experience]
Brickhouse, Ironheart, Timelock

PL 13-
[Average demi god, Powerhouse hero with experience or beginner sorcerer supreme, near unique creature capable of taking on entire armies]

PL 14-
[Experienced demi god, powerhouse hero with 10+ years of experience, experienced sorcerer supreme, children of celestial beings]
Captain Thunder

PL 15-
[Minor god, Elite hero with 15+ years of experience, sorcerer supreme with 10+ years of experience, minor celestial being]

PL 16-
[Legendary hero with several decades of experience, Legendary kaiju monster, major god, average celestial being]
The Centurion

PL 17-
[Elder god/ruler of pantheon, strong celestial being]

PL 18-
[Powerful celestial being, lesser embodiment of universal concept [Justice, Fate]

PL 19-
[Elder celestial being, average embodiment of universal concept]

PL 20-
[Either individual with one power that makes them PL 20 but low PL otherwise or powerful embodiment of universal concept]

[True manifestation of universal concept]
Strength Level Benchmarks
”Sub-Human Strength”
STRENGTH -5 to -3:

”Normal Human Strength”
STRENGTH -1: Bio-Flux, Commander Floppy
STRENGTH 0: AEGIS Field Agent, Constantine Urallos, Hieronymus King, Jonathan Grant, Langston Albright, Lucious Cabot, Rich “Voyuer” Royer; Fate, Timelock
STRENGTH 1: Typical Blackguard; Splicer

”Stronger Than Normal Human Strength”
STRENGTH 2: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers; Cheetina, Blueprint, Armament, Snatch

”World-Class Humans”
STRENGTH 4: Warden Drummer; Grunt

”Low-Level Metahuman Strength”
STRENGTH 6: Pathfinder, Ripper

”Metahuman Strength”
STRENGTH 10: The Patriot

”Powerhouse Super-Strength”
STRENGTH 15: Ironheart
STRENGTH 16: Brickhouse [At Full Growth]
STRENGTH 18-20: The Centurion, Captain Thunder
Upper limits of guys with Power-Lifting
The Centurion [50k tons], Captain Thunder [100k tons]; Brickhouse [6k tons, at full Growth]
Agility Level Benchmarks
AGILITY -5 to -1:
AGILITY 0: Constantine Urallos, Hieronymus King, Lucious Cabot, Rich “Voyuer” Royer; Ironheart
AGILITY 1-2: AEGIS Field Agent, C. Horatio “Harry” Powers, Jonathan Grant, Langston Albright, Typical Blackguard, Warden Drummer, The Centurion, Captain Thunder; Fate, Bio-Flux, Blueprint, Brickhouse, Grunt, Slash, Timelock
AGILITY 3-4: Splicer, Cheetina, Commander Floppy, Armament, Pathfinder, Ripper
AGILITY 6-7: The Patriot; Snatch
AGILITY 11-14:
AGILITY 15-18:
AGILITY 19-20:
Toughness Level Benchmarks
TOUGHNESS -5 to -1 :
TOUGHNESS 0-1: Hieronymus King, Rich “Voyuer” Royer; Bio-Flux
TOUGHNESS 2-3: Constantine Urallos, Jonathan Grant, Lucious Cabot; Blueprint
TOUGHNESS 4-5: Typical Blackguard; Cheetina, Commander Floppy, Timelock [with Accelerated Time]
TOUGHNESS 6-7: AEGIS Field Agent, C. Horatio “Harry” Powers, Warden Drummer; Fate, Splicer, Snatch
TOUGHNESS 8-9: Armament
TOUGHNESS 10-11: Langston Albright, The Patriot; Pathfinder, Grunt, Ripper
TOUGHNESS 12-13: Slash
TOUGHNESS 16+: The Centurion, Captain Thunder; Brickhouse [at full Growth], Ironheart
Intellect Level Benchmarks
INTELLECT -5 to -4:
INTELLECT 0-1: Langston Albright, Rich “Voyuer” Royer, Typical Blackguard, The Centurion, The Patriot, Captain Thunder; Cheetina, Brickhouse, Grunt, Ripper, Slash
INTELLECT 2: AEGIS Field Agent, Lucious Cabot, Warden Drummer; Pathfinder
INTELLECT 3: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers, Hieronymus King; Commander Floppy, Ironheart, Snatch
INTELLECT 4-5: Constantine Urallos, Jonathan Grant; Bio-Flux
INTELLECT 6-7: Armament, Timelock
INTELLECT 8-9: Splicer, Blueprint
Awareness Level Benchmarks
AWARENESS 1-2: AEGIS Field Agent, C. Horatio “Harry” Powers, Hieronymus King, Langston Albright, Rich “Voyuer” Royer, Typical Blackguard, Warden Drummer, The Centurion, The Patriot, Captain Thunder; Bio-Flux, Brickhouse, Ripper, Slash, Snatch
AWARENESS 3-4: Constantine Urallos, Jonathan Grant, Lucious Cabot; Splicer, Cheetina, Blueprint, Armament, Pathfinder, Grunt
AWARENESS 5-6: Commander Floppy, Ironheart
AWARENESS 7-8: Timelock
AWARENESS 9-12: Fate
Presence Level Benchmarks
PRESENCE 0: AEGIS Field Agent, Typical Blackguard; Blueprint
PRESENCE 1-2: Hieronymus King, Langston Albright, Rich “Voyuer” Royer, The Centurion, The Patriot; Cheetina, Pathfinder, Grunt, Ripper, Slash, Snatch
PRESENCE 3-4: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers, Constantine Urallos, Jonathan Grant, Lucious Cabot, Warden Drummer, Captain Thunder; Bio-Flux, Commander Floppy, Ironheart, Timelock
PRESENCE 5-6: Splicer, Brickhouse
PRESENCE 7-10: Fate, Armament
Fighting Level Benchmarks
FIGHTING 0: Hieronymus King, Rich “Voyuer” Royer; Bio-Flux
FIGHTING 1-2: Lucious Cabot
FIGHTING 3-4: AEGIS Field Agent, Constantine Urallos, Jonathan Grant, Typical Blackguard; Cheetina, Blueprint, Timelock
FIGHTING 5-6: Langston Albright; Splicer, Pathfinder
FIGHTING 7-8: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers, Warden Drummer; Commander Floppy, Armament, Brickhouse, Grunt, Ironheart, Snatch
FIGHTING 9-10: The Centurion, The Patriot, Captain Thunder; Ripper, Slash
FIGHTING 11+: Fate
Dexterity Level Benchmarks
DEXTERITY 0: Constantine Urallos, Hieronymus King, Lucious Cabot, Rich “Voyuer” Royer
DEXTERITY 1-2: AEGIS Field Agent, C. Horatio “Harry” Powers, Jonathan Grant, Langston Albright, Typical Blackguard, The Centurion, Captain Thunder; Fate, Bio-Flux, Cheetina, Commander Floppy, Pathfinder, Brickhouse, Ironheart, Ripper, Slash
DEXTERITY 3-4: Warden Drummer; Splicer, Blueprint, Grunt, Timelock
DEXTERITY 5-6: Snatch
DEXTERITY 7+: The Patriot; Armament
Skill Benchmarks [Includes total modifier, include size modifiers where they apply]
Acrobatics: +1-+3: Bio-Flux
+4-+6: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers; Splicer
+7-+8: Cheetina, Pathfinder, Ripper
+9-+10: Commander Floppy
+15-+16: The Patriot
+17+: Snatch
Athletics: +1-+3:
+4-+6: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers; Fate, Splicer, Commander Floppy
+7-+8: Cheetina, Snatch
+9-+10: Pathfinder, Grunt, Ripper
+11-+12: Slash
+13-+14: The Patriot
+17+: Brickhouse [at full Growth]
+4-+6: Bio-Flux, Grunt
+7-+8: Snatch
+9-+10: The Patriot; Commander Floppy
+11-+12: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers, Hieronymus King, Lucious Cabot, Warden Drummer; Brickhouse
+13-+14: Constantine Urallos
+15-+16: Splicer, Timelock
+17+: Fate, Ripper [With Morph]
Expertise: ]+1-+3: Cheetina [Popular culture]
+4-+6: AEGIS Field Agent [AEGIS Field Agent], Rich “Voyuer” Royer [Cameraman, Popular Culture], Typical Blackguard [Guard]; Ripper [Current Events, Soldier], Slash [Survival]
+7-+8: Warden Drummer [Civics, Currents Events, Streetwise], The Patriot [Streetwise, Tactics]; Bio-Flux [Popular culture], Grunt [Military], Ironheart [Magic]
+9-+10: Langston Albright [Current Events], The Centurion [History], Captain Thunder [Test Pilot]; Commander Floppy [Tactics], Brickhouse [Modeling]
+11-+12: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers [Current Events, Streetwise], Constantine Urallos [Business]; Pathfinder [Survival], Snatch [Criminal]
+13-+14: Hieronymus King [Business], Lucious Cabot [Magic, Oratory]; Splicer [Science], Armament [Magic]
+15-+16: Jonathan Grant [Sciences]; Blueprint [Engineering]
+17+: Fate [Expertise: Precognitive Interpretation], Timelock [History]
Insight: ]+1-+3: Rich “Voyuer” Royer
+4-+6: Cheetina, Snatch
+7-+8: The Patriot, Captain Thunder; Pathfinder
+9-+10: Langston Albright, Warden Drummer; Commander Floppy
+11-+12: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers, Constantine Urallos, Hieronymus King, Lucious Cabot
+13-+14: The Centurion
+15-+16: Fate, Timelock
Intimidation: ]+1-+3:
+4-+6: AEGIS Field Agent, Typical Blackguard; Grunt
+7-+8: The Patriot
+9-+10: Constantine Urallos, The Centurion; Commander Floppy
+11-+12: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers, Warden Drummer, Captain Thunder; Splicer, Ripper, Slash
+13-+14: Brickhouse [at full Growth], Ironheart
+15-+16: Fate, Armament
Investigation: ]+1-+3:
+4-+6: Typical Blackguard
+7-+8: AEGIS Field Agent, Warden Drummer, The Patriot
+11-+12: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers; Splicer, Snatch
+13-+14: Constantine Urallos [Limited to Gather Information checks], Hieronymus King [Limited to Gather Information checks]; Fate, Timelock
Perception: ]+1-+3:
+4-+6: AEGIS Field Agent, Rich “Voyuer” Royer, Typical Blackguard; Brickhouse, Ripper
+7-+8: Constantine Urallos Hieronymus King, Captain Thunder; Splicer, Cheetina, Blueprint, Ironheart
+9-+10: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers, Jonathan Grant, Langston Albright, Warden Drummer, The Centurion, The Patriot; Commander Floppy, Slash, Snatch
+11-+12: Grunt
+13-+14: Pathfinder
+15-+16: Fate, Timelock
+17+: Armament [Perception, visual]
Persuasion: ]+1-+3: AEGIS Field Agent; Cheetina
+4-+6: Snatch
+7-+8: The Centurion, Captain Thunder; Commander Floppy
+9-+10: Bio-Flux, Brickhouse
+11-+12: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers, Constantine Urallos, Hieronymus King, Lucious Cabot, Warden Drummer
+15-+16: Fate
Sleight of Hand:+1-+3:
+9-+10: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers
+13-+14: Snatch
Stealth: ]+1-+3: Bio-Flux
+4-+6: Armament
+7-+8: Pathfinder, Grunt
+9-+10: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers; Splicer, Blueprint, Ripper
+11-+12: Cheetina [In tall grass and undergrowth]
+15-+16: The Patriot; Commander Floppy [with Shrinking], Snatch
Technology: ]+1-+3: Rich “Voyuer” Royer
+4-+6: AEGIS Field Agent, The Patriot
+11-+12: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers; Snatch, Timelock
+13-+14: Splicer
+15-+16: Fate
+17+: Blueprint
Treatment: ]+1-+3:
+4-+6: Pathfinder, Grunt
+9-+10: Timelock
+11-+12: Splicer
Vehicles: ]+1-+3:
+4-+6: AEGIS Field Agent, Typical Blackguard
+9-+10: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers
+11-+12: Captain Thunder
+15-+16: The Patriot
Defenses Benchmarks
Fortitude -: Ironheart
Fortitude 0-1:
Fortitude 2-3: Hieronymus King, Rich “Voyuer” Royer; Bio-Flux
Fortitude 4-5: AEGIS Field Agent, C. Horatio “Harry” Powers, Constantine Urallos, Typical Blackguard; Fate, Commander Floppy, Blueprint, Timelock
Fortitude 6-8: Jonathan Grant, Langston Albright, Lucious Cabot, Warden Drummer; Armament, Pathfinder, Snatch
Fortitude 9-10: The Patriot
Fortitude 11-12: Splicer, Grunt, Ripper
Fortitude 13-14: Slash
Fortitude 15-16: Brickhouse [at full Growth]
Fortitude 17+: The Centurion, Captain Thunder

Will Below 0:
Will 0:
Will 1-2:
Will 3-4: Rich “Voyuer” Royer; Bio-Flux
Will 5-6: AEGIS Field Agent, C. Horatio “Harry” Powers, Hieronymus King, Jonathan Grant, Typical Blackguard
Will 7-8: Constantine Urallos, Langston Albright, Lucious Cabot, Warden Drummer, The Patriot, Captain Thunder; Splicer, Blueprint, Pathfinder, Brickhouse, Grunt, Ripper, Slash
Will 9-12: The Centurion; Commander Floppy, Armament, Ironheart, Snatch
Will 13-16: Fate, Timelock
Will 17+:
Attack and Damage Benchmarks
Attack Bonus +0-+4: AEGIS Field Agent [Ranged Attacks], Constantine Urallos [Close Attacks], Hieronymus King [All Attacks], Jonathan Grant [Close Attacks], Lucious Cabot [Close Attacks], Typical Blackguard [Guns]
Attack Bonus +5-+6:, Rich “Voyuer” Royer [All Attacks]; Bio-Flux [Transformation Ray]
Attack Bonus +7-+8: Langston Albright [Ranged Attacks]
Attack Bonus +9-+10: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers [Ranged Attacks], Warden Drummer [Guns], The Patriot [Close Attacks], Captain Thunder [Close Attacks]; Ironheart [Unarmed], Slash [Close Attacks]
Attack Bonus +11-+12: The Centurion [Close Attacks]; Splicer [Swords], Blueprint [Wrench], Armament [Ranged Attacks]
Attack Bonus +13-+15: Commander Floppy [Close Attacks], Pathfinder [Unarmed], Brickhouse [Unarmed at normal size], Grunt [Guns], Ripper [Close Attacks], Snatch [Unarmed]
Attack Bonus +16-+18: Fate [Unarmed], Timelock [Swords with Accelerate Time]
Attack Bonus +19+:

Damage Below 0:
Damage 0: Constantine Urallos [Unarmed], Hieronymus King [Unarmed], Jonathan Grant [Unarmed], Lucious Cabot [Unarmed], Rich “Voyuer” Royer [Unarmed]; Fate [Unarmed]
Damage 1:
Damage 2-3:
Damage 4-6: C. Horatio “Harry” Powers [Blaster pistol], Typical Blackguard [Blaster pistol], Warden Drummer [Blaster pistol]; Splicer [Rapier], Commander Floppy [Custom Heavy Pistol], Blueprint [Wrench], Grunt [Sniper Rifle], Ripper [Unarmed]
Damage 7-8: AEGIS Field Agent [AEGIS Blaster pistol], Langston Albright [Laser/Photon Blast]; Bio-Flux [Transformation Ray]
Damage 9-10: The Patriot [Unarmed]; Armament [Cybernetic Weapons Array], Pathfinder [Grabbing Strength], Snatch [Sonar Attacks]
Damage 11-12: Slash [Huge Axe], Timelock [Time Freeze, Temporal Ambush]
Damage 13-14:
Damage 15-18: Captain Thunder [Unarmed]; Brickhouse [Unarmed at full Growth], Ironheart [Unarmed]
Damage 19-20: The Centurion [Unarmed]
Damage 20+:
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AEGIS Field Agent

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Aegis Field Agent PL 5

Occupation: Field Agent
Base of Operations: Varies
Real Name: Varies
Identity: Secret [Although most agents don’t keep their identities a secret, records are sealed from public view.]
Affiliation: AEGIS
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Eyes: Varies
Hair: Varies

Strength 0, Stamina 1, Agility 1, Dexterity 1, Fighting 3, Intellect 2, Awareness 2, Presence 0

Defensive Roll, Equipment 5, Ranged Attack 2; 4 pp more worth of Combat Advantages

AEGIS Blaster pistol [Ranged Damage 5, Penetrating 4; 14 ep], AEGIS Armored Uniform [Protection 4; 4 ep], Handcuffs [1 ep], Commlink [1 ep]

Expertise: Behavior sciences 3[+5], Expertise: Civics 2 [+4], Expertise: Current events 2 [+4], Expertise: Streetwise 2 [+4], Expertise: AEGIS Field Agent 4 [+6], Intimidation 4 [+4], Investigation 6 [+8], Perception 4 [+6], Persuasion 3 [+3], Technology 2 [+4], Vehicles 4 [+5]

Initiative +1
Blaster Pistol +3, Ranged, Damage 5, Penetrating 4

Dodge 4, Parry 4
Toughness 6/5*, Fortitude 4, Will 6
*Without Defensive Roll

Power Points
Abilities 20 + Powers 0 + Advantages 8 + Skills 18 [36 ranks] + Defenses 14= 60 Total

Motivation: These vary between Justice, Patriotism and Responsibility, with the rare Greed motive.
Government Agent: As agents of AEGIS, they have to follow orders and go on missions. Plus their gear isn’t their own, issued to them by AEGIS.
Additional Complications vary by individuals

:arrow: A typical AEGIS agent, adjusted to be capped in all defenses, still PL 4 offensively. More advanced and powerful gear and additional training in different combat styles for each agent.
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AEGIS gear

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MAX Armor: Removable [-13 points]
Armor Suit: Immunity 10 [Life Support], Protection 8, Impervious • 26 points
Strength Augmenting Exoskeleton: Enhanced Strength 6 • 12 points
Communication and Sensors: Communication [radio] 2, Senses 1 [Low-light vision] • 9 points
Weapons Systems: Array [16 points]
Gauntlet Blaster: Ranged Damage 8 • 16 points
Blinding Flash: Dazzle [visual] 8 • 1 point[/b]
Tangler Load: Snare 5 • 1 point
Total: 52 points
A more advanced version of the original MAX armor, with greater armored plating, strength augmentation and stronger weapons systems.

Super-MAX Armor: Removable [-15 points]
Armor Suit: Immunity 10 [Life Support], Protection 10, Impervious • 30 points
Strength Augmenting Exoskeleton: Enhanced Strength 6, Power-Lifting 4 • 16 points
Communication and Sensors: Communication [radio] 2, Senses 1 [Low-light vision] • 9 points
Weapons Systems: Array [18 points]
Gauntlet Blaster: Ranged Damage 10 • 20 points
Blinding Flash: Dazzle [visual] 10 • 1 point[/b]
Tangler Load: Snare 6 • 1 point
Total: 60 points
An even more advanced version of the original Super-Max armor, it allows the wearer to go toe to toe with even powerful super-villains.

Nullifying Manacles: Removable [-10 points]
Nullifying Manacles: Nullify [mutant or magical descriptor] 10, Broad, Simultaneous, Continuous Duration, Touch Range • 50 points
Notes: Toughness of heavy cable connecting them is 12. Locked onto and over forearms, requires outside help to remove normally.
Total: 40 points

Scanner: Easily Removable [-2 points]
Scanner: Senses 5 [Detect Energy, Acute, Ranged, Radius, Extended] • 5 points
Total: 3 points

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C. Horatio "Harry" Powers

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C. Horatio “Harry” Powers PL 7

Occupation: AEGIS Director
Base of Operations: Washington, D.C.
Real Name: C. Horatio Powers
Identity: Public
Affiliation: AEGIS
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Grey

Strength 2, Stamina 1, Agility 1, Dexterity 1, Fighting 8, Intellect 3, Awareness 2, Presence 4

Powerless: Concealment 2 [Detect Powers and Power Awareness], Permanent • 4 points
Sense Powers: Senses 3 [Detect Powers, Ranged, Radius] • 3 points

Assessment, Close Attack, Connected, Contacts, Defensive Roll 2, Equipment 3, Evasion,, Improved Initiative, Languages 2 [French, Russian; Base: English], Leadership, Precise Attack [Ranged, Cover], Quick Draw, Ranged Attack 8, Tracking

Blaster Pistol [Ranged Damage 5; 10 ep], Armored Jumpsuit [Protection 3; 3 ep], Commlink [1 ep], 1ep of additional gear as needed

Acrobatics 4 [+5], Athletics 4 [+6], Deception 8 [+12], Expertise: Behavioral sciences 4 [+7], Expertise: Civics 6 [+9], Expertise: Current events 8 [+11], Expertise: Streetwise 8 [+11], Insight 10 [+12], Intimidation 8 [+12], Investigation 8 [+11], Perception 8 [+10], Persuasion 8 [+12], Sleight of Hand 8 [+9], Stealth 8 [+9], Technology 8 [+11], Vehicles 8 [+9]

Initiative +4
Blaster Pistol +9, Ranged, Damage 5
Unarmed +9, Close, Damage 2

Dodge 8, Parry 8
Toughness 6/4*, Fortitude 5, Will 6

Power Points
Abilities 44 + Powers 7 + Advantages 25 + Skills 58 [116 ranks] + Defenses 15= 149 Total

Doing Good: Director Powers truly believes that AEGIS is needed and wishes to do everything in his power to improve the agency. He tries to keep the agency on the right path, no matter what politics are involved.
Enemy: As director of AEGIS, he has made more than his fair share of enemies, including politicians who don’t agree with how the agency is run.
Relationship: Linda, wife and daughter, Alice.
Responsibility: He feels responsible both for his family and for AEGIS, having to split his time between those he loves and his responsibility of running the agency.

:arrow: A straight conversion, he is fairly straight forward and easy stat wise. His history makes him stand out. He is a stubborn old cuss who sticks with his old gear instead of the new advanced stuff, otherwise I would have to bump him up a PL. :lol:

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Constantine Urallos

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Constantine Urallos PL 6

Occupation: Businessman
Base of Operations: Freedom City
Real Name: Constantine Urallos
Identity: Public/Secret [That he is a crime lord]
Affiliation: None
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eyes: Gray
Hair: White

Strength 0, Stamina 3, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 3, Intellect 4, Awareness 4, Presence 4

Advantages Connected, Contacts, Well-Informed

Skills Deception 10 [+14], Expertise: CEO 10 [+14], Expertise: Business 8 [+12], Expertise: Current events 6 [+10], Expertise: Streetwise 7 [+11], Insight 8 [+12], Intimidation 6 [+10], Investigation [Limited to Gather Information checks] 10 [+14], Perception 4 [+8], Persuasion 8 [+12]

Initiative +0
Unarmed +3, Close, Damage 0

Dodge 3, Parry 3
Toughness 3, Fortitude 4, Will 8

Power Points
Abilities 36 + Powers 0 + Advantages 3 + Skills 36 [77 ranks] + Defenses 8= 83 Total

Motivation: He is driven by greed and will do anything to acquire more wealth.
Enemy: He has various foes, both superheroes and rivals in the underworld.
Secret: He works for Taurus and the Labyrinth, in charge of Labyrinth’s finances, using Delphic Industries to launder money and conceal a vast network of resources for them. He has sacrificed his previous wives to Hades for his continued health and longevity.

:arrow: A mostly straight conversion of the criminal tycoon from Freedom City, his Investigation skill represents his high Gather Information skill from 2nd edition. His PL gets bumped up from 3 to 6, due to his combined Fortitude and Will Defenses. Note: Due to his business connections and alliance with the Labyrinth, the above PL and lack of powers are just his base form. You can increase his PL as much as you like, by simply giving him the right technology or gear. But he is mostly a behind the scenes kind of villain, best when not seen.

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Hieronymus King

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Hieronymus King PL 5

Occupation: CEO of Majestic Industries
Base of Operations: Freedom League
Real Name: Hieronymus King
Identity: Public/Secret [criminal activities and connections unknown to most]
Affiliation: None
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: White

Strength 0, Stamina 0, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intellect 3, Awareness 2, Presence 1

Connected, Equipment 20, Minion 12, Well-Informed

Deception 10 [+11], Expertise: CEO 8 [+11], Expertise: Business 10 [+13], Expertise: Current events 6 [+9], Expertise: Streetwise 8 [+11], Insight 10 [+12], Investigation [Limited to Gather Information checks] 10 [+13],
Perception 5 [+7], Persuasion 10 [+11]

Initiative +0
Unarmed +0, Close, Damage 0

Dodge 2, Parry 1
Toughness 0, Fortitude 2, Will 6

Power Points
Abilities 20 + Powers 0 + Advantages 34 + Skills 36 [77 ranks] + Defenses 9= 99 Total

Fortune: He will do anything to increase profits, including breaking the law.
Secret: He is a secret backer for criminal operations, bankrolling super-criminals and providing for the needs of criminal organizations. He works through intermediaries and front companies to provide deniability.

:arrow: Another businessman/criminal mastermind, he will do anything to make a profit as long as he thinks he can get away with it. Distribute his equipment and minion ranks as need for your campaign. He doesn’t meet any of his caps, unless expecting trouble and outfitted with equipment to do so.

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Jonathan Grant

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Jonathan Grant PL 6

Occupation: CEO of Grant Conglomerate
Base of Operations: Freedom City
Real Name: Jonathan Grant
Identity: Public/Secret [Few know of his criminal connections and activities]
Affiliation: None
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

Strength 0, Stamina 2, Agility 1, Dexterity 1, Fighting 3, Intellect 4, Awareness 3, Presence 3

Natural Antitoxins Immunity 1 [poison] 1 point
Psychic Defenses: Enhanced Advantages [Second Chance [Save vs. Mental powers], Impervious Will 6, Limited to against Mental powers • 4 points

Advantages Connected, Languages 3 [German, Greek, Russian], Well-Informed

Skills Expertise: CEO 8 [+12], Expertise: Sciences 12 [+16], Perception 6 [+9]

Initiative +1
Unarmed +3, Close, Damage 0

Dodge 3, Parry 3
Toughness 2, Fortitude 6, Will 6

Power Points
Abilities 34 + Powers 5 + Advantages 5 + Skills 13 [26 ranks] + Defenses 9=66 Total

Fortune: Driven by greed, he unleashes newer and more dangerous illegal drugs onto the streets to feed his coffer.
Secret: Grant Conglomerates is a front for the Labyrinth, provided backing and influence in exchange for services and the use of artificial superhumans as agents. Nothing more than a pawn to Taurus, he is loyal to no one but himself in the end.
Relationships: Wife and children, eldest is daughter Sarah. Taurus and the Labyrinth, tries to keep all connections between them hidden.

:arrow: A PL 3 bumped up to PL 6 in 3rd edition. Increased Perception by 1 rank, Will by 1 and gave him Expertise: Sciences due to his Craft and Knowledge: Life Sciences skills in 2nd edition. Switched Mind Shield to Impervious Will and Second chance against mental powers to keep within PL. A straight conversion besides those changes.