Psistrike's 3rd Edition creations

Please, tell us about your character! This section is custom-made just for your heroes (or villains) to hang out in and strut their stuff.
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Re: Psistrike's 3rd Edition creations

Post by Thorpacolypse » Sun Jan 06, 2013 10:14 am

Psistrike wrote:
Super Nova wrote:Good stuff Psistrike you have came up with some good ways to use the powers and I love the Transformation devices... takes me back to some of my old school Mad Doctor's that used to be fun to throw out for the heroes to heve to deal with, who knows I might have to try bringing some of them out of exile. lol :)
Thanks, got inspired by seeing the artwork those devices on deviantart by 3 different artists. Just had to stat up what I thought their descriptions would be in game stats and put them in the Freedomverse. :D And thanks for the comment, I get them about once in a blue moon around here.
I thought those devices were cool, too. I always say I am going to take time and stat more stuff like that out, but I never do. I may have to steal one of those.
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Re: Psistrike's 3rd Edition creations

Post by Super Nova » Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:14 pm

Psistrike wrote:Thanks, got inspired by seeing the artwork those devices on deviantart by 3 different artists. Just had to stat up what I thought their descriptions would be in game stats and put them in the Freedomverse. :D And thanks for the comment, I get them about once in a blue moon around here.
Yeah I know what you mean by that even when I did spend a lot of time posting only a hand full of people ever commented, your one I always watch when I'm on Roll Call so keep up the good work and just know I dig what you do.
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The Realm Introduction

Post by Psistrike » Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:18 pm

The Realm introduction
In another dimension, a vast world of nature, something out of a fantasy story, existed. A world filled with creatures considered myth and legends on other worlds. For the Realm was home of creatures both great and small and the lords of all they surveyed were the dragons; the most powerful and only sapient beings within the Realm for centuries, shaping the land and creatures around them to their will.

But after a couple centuries even this seemed dull to the titans, with no one but their own kind to converse with. Thus they combined their magic and created the Dragonkin, a species which mixed both human and dragon traits to varying degrees. It seemed no two individuals were alike, with some being merely humanoid small dragons, while others were humans with some scales and a short tail. With their new allies and servants to keep them company, the dragons once more took to shaping the world around them.

But less than 300 years passed and something new appeared within the Realm. The faerie, a group of diverse beings all with a shared heritage and gifted with magic, in some cases strong enough to rival the dragons. Coming through a portal in a mass migration, they fled their world to escape the Jotun; a race of giants with great physical power and near immunity to all magics. And with the faeries’ arrival, the Realm began to change. Their people settled into the forests, the mountains, the caves and fields of the Realm.

The arrival of the faerie was seen as an omen by the dragons, especially when the next immigrants began to show up. Not even a century passed this time, when the greenskins arrived, a group of related species, with most relying on physical power and their shamans to lead them. A magical plague had begun to spread across their world and decimate all there, forcing escaping or extinction. One group simply appeared one day, the winged ones, the only survivors of a dimension lost to the Terminus. Humans came next; with each from different worlds and cultures, each fleeing destruction and death in their home worlds.

Showing up rarely but never in small numbers, angels and demons of various cultures came to the Realm, each with their own reason and goals. But those angels who strayed from their mission resulted in a new species coming into being within the last 400 years. The Gigas, the children of angels and humans, are powerful giants and skilled craftsmen and healers.

The Realm is ever changing, as there are always individuals who show up within the Realm, from different times and worlds. All the previous travelers into the Realm have weakened the barriers between the Realm and other dimensions; this has even resulted in random portals opening in the Realm, bringing travelers from outside or even sending beings from the Realm to other worlds and times.

Ages have passed since humans arrived within the Realm, leaving it a much different from the time when dragons were lords of all. Villages, towns and cities of various cultures and species have sprung up, the art of business and trade has grown alongside the people and more advanced technology than medieval level has begun to appear, made by Realm natives. Despite all this, the Realm is a vast world and still barely explored; vast swaths of nature still exist, wild and untamed. And the dragons have sworn to make sure they remain that way, no matter what the cost.

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Character Creation guidelines

Post by Psistrike » Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:20 pm

Character Creation
The Realm is a world of civilization and savage wilds, of culture and brutality. Due to the dragons’ manipulations of plants, animals and other creatures within the Realm for ages, it takes a lot to survive within its borders. The people have been forced to adapt, working together and becoming stronger, faster, tougher, or more cunning to make it. As such those born or raised within the Realm are PL 5 minimum by adulthood, with 20 pp/PL. Note this is just a guideline, as experienced individuals and NPCs tend to vary in PP total more than this, higher and lower.

Wealth and Items
Although it is a fantasy setting, standard currency is unknown by the natives of the Realm. The art of barter and trade, for goods or services, are the standard in most villages and towns. And barter and trade is only used when the individual can’t build or acquire what they need themselves.

All normal gear and minor enchanted items, those with no more than 3-5 EP worth of additional traits, are considered Equipment. All magical items more powerful than this are either Removable or Easily Removable powers, always a lot tougher and more difficult to craft than standard fare. Note that while the Benefit [Wealth] Advantage is almost unknown in the Realm, it can be used to represent someone with lots of goods and wares for trade or whose services are highly valued.

Social Class
Due to the average distance between villages, towns and even the few cities within the Realm, social class between people in one city and the next may be a big deal or mean nothing at all. Most villages, towns and cities are ruled by councils, with one mayor having the deciding vote. For within the Realm, it is actions and deeds that will earn someone respect most places, not social standing. Note though that some of the more savage tribes of humanoids have a might-makes-right kind of rule, their leader being the one who proves themselves the strongest.

In such a vast and unusual place as the Realm, powers of various sorts exist in one form or another. Those based upon species or training is most common, including magic. While natural magical talents are less common, but far from unheard of even in the smallest of villages. There are some species that have even taken to building technological items, most working and appearing to be something out of a steampunk setting or magi-tech items that blend science and magic in ways never seen before.

Truly powerful magical items are rare, both due to the difficulty of crafting them and the personal energy placed into each one. The most common way to gain one is inheritance, either from a relative or mentor. But many adventurous sorts do seem to stumble upon old or abandoned ones in the wilds or the lairs of monstrous creatures. Truly “divine” magic is almost unknown within the Realm, with the exception being among angels, demons and those who listen to them. A close analog is the shamanistic worship of spirits and nature.

Psychic powers are a rarity in natives of the Realm, few born with them and most tend to proven as just natural magical abilities. Another rarity is the spontaneous manifestation of powers, ones who are not magical or psychic in nature. There are those who fear such individuals, calling them Abominations and seeking to drive them from the community out of ignorant fear of what they can do.

Realm Travelers
Due to the unstable barrier between dimensions, even time, has allowed those of the Realm to sometimes travel to other worlds and places, though most never return. Such portals have brought outsiders to the Realm, from even the past and future of others worlds. Those come from outside the Realm can have any sort of power or technology, but don’t get the 20 pp/PL that Realm natives do. But rarest of all are those visitors to the Realm who arrive under their own power, with rumors leading natives to believe this happens more often than it does.

Racial Templates
Templates for the various species aka “races” of the Realm and their sub-races will be detailed in individual post for each.

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Dragon race template

Post by Psistrike » Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:22 pm

They were the sapient beings to exist within the Realm, living alone as the lords of all for centuries. Shaping the land and creatures around them to their desires, but even this pastime dulled over time. Thus they created the Dragonkin to keep them company and act as their servants. They were shocked when the faerie people showed up just a short time later and settled there.

But with more and more sapient beings fleeing to the Realm or sent there through a portal, the wilds the dragons called home and hunting grounds began to shrink. They will allow existing villages and cities to continue, but will defend any remaining wild areas to their last breath if need be.

Dragon Race template
The dragons of the Realm tend to appear like a classic medieval European dragon, having giant reptilian bodies, scaled hides, and wings. The color of a dragon has no direct connection to which element they wield or if they are good or evil. Although rare colored ones, like purple and steel, tend to have exotic powers beyond even other dragons.

The average fully grown dragon ranges from 16-30 feet in length and half that in height, weighing tons and having great power. Although a secret from others in the Realm is that older dragons can will themselves to grow to even greater size, upward of 250 feet in length and 125 feet in height; they do so only when expecting combat or to protect nature, conserving energy by staying at smaller size most of the time.

Average stats and common abilities for all adult dragons are included in the below template, with additional powers and abilities varying by dragon.

Abilities: Strength +2, Stamina +2, Presence +2

Skills: Close Combat: Natural Weapons 4, Expertise: Survival 4, Intimidation 4, Perception 4

Advantages: Benefit [Ambidexterity], Languages [Base: Draconic; Common Tongue], Startle, Uncanny Dodge

Dragonoid Form: Multiple Powers as One [Innate]
Draconic Sense: Senses 10 [Acute Olfactory, Darkvision, Low-Light Vision, Tracking [olfactory], Ultra-Hearing; Accurate, Radius, Ranged Mental Sense] • 10 points
Huge Claws and Fangs: Strength-Based Damage 4, Extended Reach • 5 points
Leathery Wings: Flight 6, Wings • 6 points
Massive Creature: Growth 8 [+8 Strength and Stamina, +4 to Intimidation, +1 Speed, -8 Stealth, -4 Dodge and Parry], Permanent • 16 points
Near Immortal: Immunity 8 [aging, disease, poison; 1 Damage descriptor [same as breath weapon descriptor] • 8 points
Scaled Hide: Protection 3, Impervious, Noticeable [dragon scales, -1 point] • 5 points

Powerful Breath Weapon: Damage 10, Cone or Line Area [any 1 descriptor] • 20 points

Cost: 95 points

Some additional abilities common to dragons of the Realm include:
Aquatic: Enhanced Advantage [Favored Environment [aquatic], Immunity 1 [Breathe normally underwater], Movement 1 [Environmental Adaptation [underwater], Swimming 5 [16 mph] • 9 points
Beast Tongue: Comprehend 2 [speak to, understand animals] • 4 points
Skilled Mimicry: Feature 1 [Mimicry] • 1 point
Purple Dragon: Mind Reading 6 • 12 points
Steel Dragon; Impervious Toughness 7, Penetrating 4 on Huge Claws and Fangs • 11 points
Ancient Dragon: Growth 4, stacks with Innate Growth • 8 points
Elder Dragon: Growth 8, stacks with Innate Growth • 16 points
Legendary Dragon:Growth 12, stacks with Innate growth • 24 points

Note this doesn’t include any magic skills the dragon has developed, with Move Object, Affliction with Transformed, and Transform being common Effects used for spells.

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Dragonkin race template

Post by Psistrike » Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:23 pm

Born from the boredom of dragons, the Dragonkin of the Realm were created to mix the powers of their creators with those of humans, something the dragons subconsciously knew about. They became their advisors and servants, even in some cases their friends. But they were always underneath their creators and some began to resent it.

When the faerie people appeared and upset the balance of power within the Realm, the Dragonkin wondered if their thoughts had drawn them there. And it continued with each free being that appeared in the Realm, the Dragonkin weakening their servitude to the dragons til they became free, serving the dragons only by choice.

They live in villages with others species, preferring humans and the Gigas to others. They are hunters and smiths, skilled at using every part of their kills and immune to the flames’ heat of the forge. Simple, durable clothes of leather are preferred and most Dragonkin don’t get involved in politics or care for “stylish” clothing.

Dragonkin race template
The Dragonkin are the most diverse in terms of appearance and ability, each having a different mix of human and dragon traits, both physical and otherwise. From those who look like humanoid dragons with nothing beyond their humanoid hands and feet, to those with just some scales or dragon-like eyes. Their scales tend to be red, green, gold and silver, although other colors are not completely uncommon.

But no matter what degree of draconic traits they possess, all are strong, tough and immune to heat. They may or may not have talent for magic but all have natural combat skills and sharp senses.

Abilities: Strength +2, Stamina +2, Fighting +4 Awareness +2

Skills: Athletics 4, Close Combat: Either Unarmed or one other 4, Perception 2

Advantages: Uncanny Dodge

Dragon scales: Protection 1, Impervious, Noticeable [dragon scales] • 1 point
Forged In Fire: Immunity 10 [Heat Effects] • 10 points
Long-lived: Feature 1 [Longevity] • 1 point

Cost: 38 points
Additional abilities common to Dragonkin include:
Dragon Eyes: Senses 3 [Darkvision, Low-light Vision] • 3 points
Claws and/or Fangs: Strength-based Damage 1 • 1 point
Dragon Wings: Flight 3, Wings [16 mph] • 3 points
Large Body: Growth 2, Permanent • 4 points
Dragon’s Breath Weapon: Ranged Damage 6 [any 1 descriptor] • 12 points
Other abilities which dragons possess can be gained by Dragonkin, but are rare at best.

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Faerie races various templates

Post by Psistrike » Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:25 pm

A diverse group of beings, all gifted with magic, the faerie came into the Realm just 300 years after the Dragonkin first came to be. Forced to flee for their lives, tyrant known as the Jotun ruled all under their iron fist; giants with superhuman physical power and near immunity to magic, taking away the only means the faerie had to face them. Faced with enslavement or death, one clever faerie came up with another solution. Pooling their magic, they tore a rip through the dimensions, fleeing through it into the Realm and away from the Jotuns.

They spread out all through the Realm, settling in the forest and mountains, the caves and fields, as they began to rebuild their very lives and cultures. There are the Aelf, those high born with great magical talent, who resemble the elves in other worlds; the adamah, the stout and stubborn people with a strong connection to earth and skilled blacksmiths, who resemble the dwarves in other worlds and those among them called basteln, adamah born with a gift for tinkering and invention; the amharach, nomadic people gifted with great luck, living in caravans of wagons, with tan skin, pure green eyes and green hair; and the tiny pixies, small winged beings who appear to be tiny Aelf and live in various environments in their tiny cities.

Faerie races various templates
With such a diverse group of beings, their appearance and cultures are highly diverse. But all have some form of magic which is innate to their very being; all faerie have an unfortunate weakness to iron [Weakness to Cold Iron, add 1 degree of failure to saves, contact acts as Power Loss complication as long as in contact and does Damage 2 each round], with the exception of the adamah who are weak to aerithium, an ore infused with elemental air [same as Weakness to Cold Iron but to aerithium instead].

Aelf race template
Tall and majestic, the aelf are considered royalty by other faerie, their very beings infused with powerful magics and near immortal in nature. All Aelf possess slender figures with angular features, fair skin and all possessing a pair of large, pointed ears. Their eyes and hair can be virtually any color known, though violet, blue and silver eyes, with red, pale blonde and brown hair being the most common. They are 6” shorter than humans on average, ranging between 4’6” and 5’6” in height.

They have a culture based on the study of nature and magic, trying to live in harmony with the world around them and shaping it to suit them. Cities made out of trees are their most common homes, shaped by magic and skilled gardeners over centuries. Their warriors are skilled swordsmen and archers, such training being common and beginning in childhood. They are known for their artistic and beautiful creations, with even the simplest of clothes and items crafted with an eye to ascetics.

Abilities: -1 Strength, +2 Agility, Intellect +2, Presence +2

Skills: Expertise: Magic 4, Expertise: Nature 4, Perception 4

Advantages: Attractive, Languages [Base: Faerie; Common Tongue], Ritualist

Aelf: Multiple Powers As One [Innate]
Unaging: Immunity 1 [aging] • 1 point
Near Immortal: Regeneration 1 • 1 point
Aelf Senses: Senses 4 [Magical Awareness, Extended Hearing, Low-Light Vision, Ultra-Hearing] • 4 points
Honed Magic: Any 2 pp/rank power as base, rank 6. 3 alternate effects. • 15 points

Defenses: Will +2

Cost: 43 points
Note: This is the base aelf template, the likes of princesses, kings and queens will be much more powerful.
Adamah race template
Born from the very earth on their home world, they are a hardy and stout race, possessing skin tones like the earth. Durable and possessing a strong connection to earth, they can live as long as the mountains themselves. Hair and eye color tends to be dark shades, mostly brown, black and gray. They are shorter than humans, between 4’ to 4’6” tall on average, but have wide builds and dense forms that make them much heavier than expected.

Living within the earth, they are famed for their mining communities and skilled blacksmiths, known as some of the best weapon and armor forgers in the Realm. Their cities exist within vast caves carved out over centuries, allowing them to remain close to the mines where they get the ore and minerals for their crafts. Trade in goods and services for food is common, although underground farms of mushrooms and other lichen help them to subsist without full dependence on others.

All things crafted, from clothing to tools, are made with an eye towards durability and usefulness, using angular geometric shapes in most everything. Their warriors are renowned for their stubborn drive to keep fighting when others would surrender. Skilled in the tools of their people, the most common weapons are hammers and pickaxes. Unlike other faerie races, their magic infuses their very being, making them stronger and tougher than their size would suggest, as well as granting them a powerful connection to the earth and rock around them.

Abilities: Strength +1, Stamina +3, Presence -1

Skills: Athletics 4, Close Combat: One category of weapon 4, Expertise: One of choice 4

Advantages: Diehard, Favored Environment [underground]

Earth Children: Multiple Powers as One [Innate]
Body Like Stone: Growth 1, Does Not Change Size, Permanent; Immunity 2 [disease, poison; Limited to Half Effect], Power-Lifting 1 [Lifting Strength: 3] • 4 points
Live as Long as the Mountains: Feature 1 [Longevity] • 1 point
Cave Dweller’s Sight: Senses 2 [Infravision, Low-Light Vision] • 2 points
One with the Earth: Features 3 [Can determine the type of stone you encounter by touching it; Can tell if a stone surface is natural or worked with tools [or even shaped by earth powers] simply by touching or looking at it; Automatically sense when you are underground, as well as the approximate depth] • 3 points
Stand Their Ground: Feature 4 [Resistance to being moved], Limited to While Touching the Ground • 2 points
Defenses: Fortitude +2

Cost: 29 points
Common additional abilities are innate magic or trained magic with a focus on earth powers.
Basteln sub-race
Sometimes members of the adamah are born with greater intellect, alongside a natural gift for tinkering and invention. They are called basteln, meaning tinkerer, and show a love of technology and gift in creation rare in the natives of the Realm.

Abilities: Intellect +1

Skills: Additional Expertise of choice 4, Technology 4

Advantages: Inventor

Cost: +7 points
Amharach race template
Seeming to be luck incarnate, the amharach are nomadic and gypsy-like in nature, moving from one place to another. Their appearance is like that of humans, varying in build and height, but always possessing a natural tan and all having eyes that are pure green with no irises and green hair, but of varying shades. They tend to be 3” taller than humans on average.

Due to their natural luck, they are sought out by those who seek to use them, either as pawns for plans or even their very body and blood as ingredients in luck-granting potions and magical items. Thus they are forced to live a nomadic lifestyle, constantly moving and living in caravans of wagons and generations of families all living together. They are skilled at the creation of artwork, in the art of alchemy and in fortune telling. All are taught how to defend themselves from an early age, fighting unarmed or using anything available to fight back with.

Abilities: Agility +2, Awareness +1, Presence +2

Skills: Close Combat: Unarmed 4, Deception 4, Expertise: One of Art, Alchemy or Fortune Telling 4, Insight 2

Advantages: Equipment [various items], Improvised Weapon 3, Jack-Of-All-Trades, Luck 3

Legendary Luck of the Amharach:Concealment 10 [All Senses], Passive]; Enhanced Advantages 6 [Beginner’s Luck, Inspire 2, Leadership, Seize Initiative, Uncanny Dodge]; Enhanced Defenses 16 [+4 each in Dodge, Fortitude, Parry and Will]; Feature 1 [Charmed Life], Movement 1 [Safe Fall], Reaction; Protection 4, Sustained • 40 points

Cost: 65 points
Note: For ideas on further powers which individuals may possess, check out the Power Profile Luck Powers.
Pixie race template
Small but powerful, the pixies should never be underestimated. Their magical powers tend to be only second to the Aelf, having natural talent and training from an early age in all aspects of it. They all possess slender figures with angular features, fair skin and a pair of large, pointed ears, like the Aelf whom they tend to serve. Hair and eye color can be virtually any known, with those connected to an element having hair and eyes in shades that reflect it [water-shades of blue and blue-green, etc.]. They are tiny, standing between 5” to 7” tall and weigh less than a pound. Each has a pair of gossamer wings in various shapes and shades which along with their magic allow them to fly.

Trained in magic from an early age, those who show a talent for wielding or manipulating a particular element tend to focus their studies mainly on it. Magic can manifest in various forms, from actual spells and power over an element, to innate skills with animals or even tinkering. All weapons are scaled to their size and always enchanted to allow them to harm larger beings when needed.

Abilities: +2 Strength [-1 Total with Shrinking], Agility +2, Awareness +2

Skills: Expertise: Magic 4, Expertise: One of choice 4, Stealth 2

Pixie: Multiple Powers As One [Innate]
Tiny Faerie: Shrinking 12 [+6 Dodge and Parry, +12 Stealth, -3 Strength, -1 land speed, -6 Intimidation], Permanent • 24 points
Unaging: Immunity 1 [aging] • 1 point
Pixie Senses: Senses 4 [Magical Awareness, Extended Hearing, Low-Light Vision, Ultra-Hearing] • 4 points
Wings: Flight 3, Wings • 3 points

Pixie Magic: 12 points worth of Effects as magic. • 12 points

Cost: 62 points
Note: Pixie weapons tend to be Damage 2 at most, as their largest swords are like large needles to humans. Also they tend to focus on their area of expertise, improving it with time and practice; as well as developing relationships with others.

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Greenskin races various templates

Post by Psistrike » Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:27 pm

The greenskin races fled for their lives, not caring which dimension they ended up in as long as they could survive. For their home world was plagued by a virus, one which was lethal to all it infected and no means of slowing it spread or halting it were found. They arrived to find the Realm a vast and lush world with room for all, despite some harboring resent towards the Aelf who resembled their old foes.

Mostly living in plains, mountains and caves, they sometimes clashed with the faerie people over land but with uninhabited lands nearby they’ve never fought for them. There are the small and clever goblins, which rely on their size and skills to overpower larger beings; the hobgoblins, larger cousins of the goblins who rely on power and combat skill drilled into them from an early age to overcome their foes; the orcs, large brutes up to 10’ tall who rely on their size and power to carve out their own kingdom and the ogres, mutant orcs with superhuman strength and toughness who can grow up to 15’ tall; and the trolls, large, warty skinned beings up to 10’ tall who are near immortal and skilled craftsmen.

Goblin race template
Small and wiry, goblins are considered the weakest of the greenskins, but that is only by those who underestimate their cunning and skill. Goblins have flat faces, broad noses, pointed ears, wide mouths, and small, sharp fangs. Their foreheads slope back, and their eyes are usually dull and glazed, varying in color from red to yellow. Their long arms hang down almost to their knees; their skin color ranges in various shades of green and greenish-yellow. They stand between 3’ and 3’6” tall.

They tend to live in caves and mountains, exploiting the tunnels and natural environments to work with their traps. Skilled craftsmen, they tend to specialize in tools and traps, using them to defend their homes from those larger races. They are led by a chief who proves himself by trial by combat, while their councilors are shamans, skilled in communicating with spirits and in the art of potion making.

Abilities: Dexterity +2, Intellect +2, -1 Presence

Skills: Expertise: Carpentry or Cooking 4, Stealth 4, Technology 4

Advantages: Benefit [Use Technology for Search checks to find traps], Equipment [various tools and items]

Goblin: Multiple Powers as One [Innate]
Adapted Digestion: Feature 1 [Iron Stomach] • 1 point
Tunnel Adapted: Movement 1 [Slithering] • 2 points
Goblin Eyes and Nose: Senses 3 [Acute Smell, Darkvision] • 3 points
Small Stature: Shrinking 4 [+2 Dodge and Parry, +4 Stealth, -2 Intimidation], Permanent • 8 points

Cost: 29 points
Hobgoblin race template
Large, muscular cousins to the goblins, they are disciplined warriors trained almost from birth. Burly and standing 6’6” on average, their hairy hides range in color from reddish-green to yellowish-green. Males tend to have blue or red noses. Their eyes are yellowish or dark brown, while their teeth are yellow.

Living in mountainous areas, they have fortified villages defended by trained warriors. From the time they can walk they are taught to fight, both unarmed and with various weapons. Discipline is drilled into them and they follow a chain of command when in the field, with group tactics being their main focus. Their shamans are used for blessings upon warriors, healthy children and to call for the favor of the spirits.

Abilities: +1 Strength, +1 Stamina, -1 Presence

Skills: Athletics 4, Close Combat: Unarmed 4, Close Combat: One other of choice 4, Intimidation 2

Advantages: Any three Combat advantages, Equipment 1 [weapon and armor], Startle, Teamwork

Hobgoblin: Multiple Powers as One [Innate]
Adapted Digestion: Feature 1 [Iron Stomach] • 1 point
Hobgoblin Eyes and Nose: Senses 3 [Acute Smell, Darkvision] • 3 points
Tough Hide: Impervious Protection 1 • 2 points

Cost: 22 points[/i]
Orc race template
Large brutes that rely on power over skill or true tactics, they are among the most savage of the greenskin races. Standing up to 10’ tall, they are muscular, their hides vary in shades from dark green to blackish-green. They have coarse hair, stooped postures, low foreheads, and porcine faces with prominent lower canines that resemble a boar’s tusks. They have lupine ears, reddish eyes, and their clothes tend to be in vivid colors like blood red, mustard yellow, yellow-green and deep purple.

They live for battle and raid others to get resources and slaves. Huts and shacks made of simple wood and clay are their homes, while their clothes tend to be crude and poorly kempt. Their weapons tend to be equally crude, either simple clubs and spears or weapons scavenged from defeated foes. Their shamans tend to invoke bloody spirits and savage animals to imbue their warriors with power.

Abilities: +2 Strength, +2 Stamina, -1 Intellect, -2 Presence

Skills: Athletics 2, Close Combat: One of choice 2, Expertise: Survival 2, Intimidation 4

Advantages: All-Out Attack, Equipment [Weapons], Power Attack

Orc: Multiple Powers as One [Innate]
Adapted Digestion: Feature 1 [Iron Stomach] • 1 point
Orc Eyes and Nose: Senses 3 [Acute Smell, Darkvision] • 3 points
Large Brute: Growth 2 [+2 Strength and Stamina, +1 Intimidation, -2 Stealth, -1 Dodge and Parry], Permanent • 4 points
Tough Hide: Impervious Protection 2 • 4 points
Cost: 22 points

Ogre template
A mutant orc, they grow to be up to 15’ tall with massive muscles and long limbs. They are rare but coveted by any clan which has one. When directed in battle, they are a match for most armies.

Abilities: +2 Strength [+4 total], +2 Stamina [+4 total], -1 Intellect [-2 total]

Powers: Growth +2 [4 total; +4 Strength and Stamina. +2 Intimidation, -4 Stealth, -2 Dodge and Parry], Permanent • +4 points

Cost: +10 points
Troll race template
Despite their appearance, trolls are the most civilized of the greenskin races. Their warty skinned hides are rubbery, being moss green or mottled green. A hairlike mass grows out of their skull and is usually greenish black. Their arms and legs appear to be long and ungainly; their legs end in 3-toed feet, their arms in wide, powerful hands with sharpened claws. They grow from 8-10’ tall and weigh around 500-600 lbs.

Trolls live in villages and towns, typical built near water or in swamps, where they practice their crafts. Skilled builders and engineers, some of the best stonework and statues in the Realm are made by trolls. They are known for their work on some of the most powerful artifacts in the Realm, working alongside the Aelf and adamah. They are near immortal and tend to only have children once every century or so. Polite, despite their size they would rather work things out diplomatically than with brute force.

Abilities: +2 Strength, +4 Stamina

Skills: Expertise: Structural engineering or Art 4, Persuasion 4

Advantages: Diehard, Great Endurance, Improvised Tools

Troll: Multiple Powers as One [Innate]
Sharp claws: Strength-Based Damage 2 • 2 points
Cast Iron Stomach: Feature 1 [Iron Stomach] • 1 point
Large: Growth 2 [+2 Strength and Stamina, +1 Intimidation, -2 Stealth, -1 Dodge and Parry], Permanent • 4 points
Near Immortal: Immunity 3 [aging, disease, poison], Regeneration 2, Persistent • 7 points
Rubbery Hide: Impervious Protection 2 • 4 points

Cost: 38 points
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Winged One race template

Post by Psistrike » Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:30 pm

The winged ones, as others have dubbed them, are a race of humans from a world where they developed wings due to more mountainous regions existing. Somehow, someway not even known to them, they arrived in the Realm, simply appearing one day. Their home world had been destroyed by the Terminus, yet some force spared them.

And thus they have taken to living in the high mountains of the Realm, interacting with the other races only when needed. They favor the pixies as their closest friends and allies, while the orcs have more than once tried to take them homes from them by force. Skilled hunters and scouts, they prefer loose, light clothing which doesn’t interfere with their wings or weigh them down too much.

Winged Ones race template
Winged Ones appear to be human, including various shades of skin, facial features, etc. with one exception. They each possess a large pair of feathered wings, in nearly any color seen in birds, although white and black are most common. They learn how to fly around 6-7 years of age, normally being pushed from the nest to force them to take flight.

As a culture of hunters and scouts, they are taught how to wield special bows designed to not interfere with their wings and spears. Knives and daggers are about the only other weapon they typically use, others being too unwieldy while in flight or too heavy.

Abilities: +1 Strength, +2 Agility, +1 Stamina

Skills: Acrobatics 4, Athletics 4, Close Combat: Spears 2, Expertise: Hunting 4, Perception 4, Ranged Combat: Bows 2

Advantages: Agile Feint, Equipment 2 [Bow and spear, sometimes armor], Favored Environment [Airborne], Precise Attack [Ranged, Concealment]

Winged One: Multiple Powers as One [Innate]
Wings: Flight 5, Wings • 5 points
High Altitude Adaptation: Immunity 2 [cold, breath normally in thin atmosphere] • 2 points
Eagle Eyes: Senses 1 [Extended Vision] • 1 point

Cost: 34 points

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Human of the Realm race template

Post by Psistrike » Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:32 pm

Humans came to the Realm by various means and from various worlds, each fleeing threats of one sort of another. With various cultures and people, there is no way to clump them all together.

Human of the Realm race template
Humans are diverse in appearance and culture, even more so than on most worlds. From the normal range of human cultures and appearance, there are also those with unusual skin, hair, and/ or eye color, even dark blue skin and one people who all have golden eyes.

Abilities: +2 total to be divide among Abilities of choice

Skills: 12 ranks of skills of choice

Advantages: 2 Advantages of choice

Defenses: +2 to one Defense

Cost: 14 points

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Angel and Demons basic template

Post by Psistrike » Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:33 pm

Although they show up rarely within the Realm, when angels and demons show up it is never in small numbers and always for a reason. Each has their own goals and reasons for coming there, some simply following escaped foes, others on a mission from their deity/devil who commands them. But some angels serve deities who favor bloodshed, war and other dark things, while some demons work for a being who simply wishes to keep the balance. So it is hard to tell who is good and who is evil among them at times.

Angel template
Appearing as inhuman beautiful beings most of the time, such as human with golden skin or angelic wings, they sometimes appear as monstrous as demons. Appearances vary but all are humanoid and within human height ranges for the most part. They all serve a Higher Power, whatever that power commands they will obey, usually.

Abilities: Presence +3

Skills: Insight 4, Intimidation 4

Advantages: Attractive, Daze [Intimidation], Fascinate [Intimidation]

Angel: Multiple Powers as One [Innate]
Universal Tongue: Comprehend 4 [Speak, Understand, Be Understood and Read Languages] • 8 points
Unaging Being: Immunity 3 [aging, disease, poison] • 3 points

Cost: 25 points
Note: This is the basic angel template, with stats all angels would have. Nearly anything else can be an angelic power, from Flight [wings], Immunity to Heat Effects [golden skin], Damage [angelic weapon], etc.

Demon template
Demons can appear as anything, from inhumanly attractive humans, traditional red skin, horns and wings and anything in between. They can be as small as a house cat or a massive brute standing 30’ tall. They are either working on their own or were sent by a demon lord or devil to do their bidding.

Abilities: Presence +3

Skills: Deception 4, Insight 4, Persuasion or Intimidation 4

Advantages: Daze [Deception], Fascinate [Deception]

Demon: Multiple Powers as One [Innate]
Twisted Tongue: Comprehend 4 [Speak, Understand, Be Understood and Read Languages] • 8 points
Unaging Being: Immunity 3 [aging, disease, poison] • 3 points

Cost: 26 points
Note: This is the basic demon template, with stats all demons would have. Nearly anything else can be a demonic power, from Flight [wings or supernatural], Growth [large size], various Immunities, Damage [anything from horns and hell-forged weapons, to hellfire], etc.

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Gigas race template

Post by Psistrike » Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:35 pm

A race of beings unique to the Realm, the Gigas were born from the mating of humans and angels. These children of such unions are born appearing normal, but grow to be giants of great power, all naturally gifted in various crafts and as healers.

They tend to live in villages and towns alongside humans or in their own villages, where everything is designed to deal with their natural height. As a relatively new race within the Realm, only having been around for 400 years or so, they still are trying to find their place among its various people and cultures.

Gigas race template
Born from angel and human parentage, they are looked upon with awe and suspicion by others. Gigas are dark skin giants, standing between 12’ and 15’ tall on average. Their skin is like bronze in color and hardness, able to withstand attacks even dragons might be wounded by. Their eyes range from gold and silver, to blue and green, in various shades; while their hair is kept neat and tends to be white, black or silver in color.

They live in peace with their neighbors, only using their raw physical strength when called upon to defend others. They are skilled craftsmen, each working in their own medium and specialty. And all have a natural gift as healers, each radiating a strong lifeforce which aids others in recovery and even able to stabilize others with a mere touch.

Abilities: +2 Strength, +2 Awareness

Skills: Expertise: One craft related 4, Persuasion 4, Treatment 4

Advantages: Skill Mastery [Expertise skill]

Gigas Multiple Powers as One [Innate]
Radiate Lifeforce: Feature 2 [Anything growing or healing in your presence gains +2 circumstance bonus to any necessary checks; With just a touch and standard action, you can automatically stabilize any dying creature’s condition] • 2 points
Giant: Growth 4 [+4 Strength and Stamina, +2 Intimidation, -4 Stealth, -2 Dodge and Parry], Permanent • 8 points
Bronze Skin: Immunity 1 [environmental heat], Impervious Protection 5 • 11 points

Defense: +2 Will

Cost: 37 points

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Re: Psistrike's 3rd Edition creations

Post by Psistrike » Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:39 pm

And that is all for The Realm, 3rd edition, for now. Mainly did this because some characters for the Freedomverse came from the Realm and wanted to have details on the different races aka species. A lot of Dragonkin characters based on artwork I found on deviantart, among others.

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Wishcrafter [Freedomverse version]

Post by Psistrike » Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:40 pm

Wishcrafter PL X
:arrow: Image used is Jada by meago from deviantart.
Quote: “When will these mortals think before they wish for something.”
Concept: Freed genie forced to grant any wish she hears.
Occupation: Genie [freed]
Base of Operations: Mobile [mainly in Freedom City area]
Real Name: Diana Hart [assumed name]
Legal Status: Legal citizen citizenship unknown, can fake documents for any country
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5’6” [variable]
Weight: 120 lbs. [variable]
Eyes: Purple [variable]
Hair: Black [variable]
Age: 5000+ [appears in 20s]

Wish Granting: Wishcrafter is a freed genie and thus still retains her powers, only at half strength. Yet as a freed genie she is forced to grant the wishes of any mortal who makes one within earshot of her.
Freed Genie: She fears being bound again and forced to serve a master against her will. Thus anyone who knows of her true nature she tends to avoid, especially if they have discovered a means to rebind her to a lamp. She also must obey any commands given by the Lord of Genies.
Secret: Few know she is a freed genie and fewer still know the kind of powers she still possesses. She keeps her interactions with mortals who know of her nature limited to those she truly trust.
Enemies: She has made Mr. Infamy angry with her wish granting, interfering with his plans, to the point he is plotting on how to strip her of her powers, despite the Lord of Genies expressly forbidding it. She has also made enemies of an unknown mystical order who seeks means to bind her to their service for all times.

:arrow: A freed genie, she is more of a plot device character for the setting to explain some of the other characters existing/having the exact powers and form they do.

History: Dia’alza had been bound to that stupid lamp for ages, forced to grant the wishes of her mortal masters, each time seeing them either rush their wishes and have them backfire or foolishly wish for things without thinking of the consequences. But each time she would be sent back into the lamp, trapped in the equivalent of a palace but still imprisoned.

So it was with great joy she found herself in Freedom City and another foolish master came along. For his final wish he actually kept his promise of freeing her, at least in a sense. He wished she was a free genie, thus she was, and still a genie but her powers cut in half; while the mortal became the new genie of the lamp and disappeared with it.

Living free for the first time in ages, she began to live it up, hiding as a mortal woman in her 20s and living a lavish lifestyle. But soon she would find out what being a free genie truly meant. Whenever a mortal said “I wish…” she was compelled to grant their wish, always with a twist no matter what she wanted to do. So she began to limit her time among them, living free and in her huge apartment with soundproofed walls.

Yet time to time she finds a mortal who wish is truly selfless and she is able to grant it with little twisting, depending on how open-ended the wish is. And thus heroes and villains are come into being, their wishes coming true but never as they expect them to.

Description: As a genie, she is able to take on any form or appearance she wishes. But her default form is that of an attractive young woman of Greek decent. Lightly tanned skin with a hint of olive, a curvy figure which stands outs; her eyes are purple and gleam with happiness, while her wavy black hair is shoulder length.

Her outfits vary based on her mood, but always sexy and show off her figure, with at least 2” heels. Her jewelry changes with her mood but she always as a pair of copper bracelets on her wrist, a sign of her past slavery as a bound genie.

Personality: Diana is fun-loving and vivacious, spending all her time living the life she only dreamed of in the past. She pities mortals for their short-sightedness more than anything, hating the fact she has to limit her time among them or risk causing more trouble and granting more wishes. She is a daredevil with no fear of the consequences, as she is immortal and can’t truly be hurt by anything less than a god or the lord of genies.

Powers and Abilities: As a freed genie, Wishcrafter is an immortal being who can take on any shape and form. Her wish granting abilities allow her to grant herself anything she desires, but has its drawback. Mortal wishes made within earshot of her she is forced to grant and always with a twist.

Tactics: With no means to threaten her, Wishcrafter simply stands there as attacks simply slide off her with no effect. If insulted or innocent mortals, especially children, are threatened she will act, normally to transform the offender into a less dangerous form. If faced with capture or enslavement by someone who knows she is a freed genie, she wills teleport away if possible.

Allies: As a freed genie, she still calls the Lord of Genies an ally she can call upon when truly in need.

Enemies: Unfortunately she has made an enemy of Mr. Infamy, for her wish-granting has interfered with his plans.
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Genie Bottles and Lamps

Post by Psistrike » Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:42 pm

Genie Bottles and Lamps
:arrow: Image used is Genie Bottles by CDRudd from deviantart.
Genie bottles and lamps appear in various forms, from the classic oil lamp and stain-glass bottle, to simple clay bottles and modern lamps. But what most people don’t know is not all of them have a genie inside, some are empty due to the genie being freed. When a mortal rubs an empty genie’s lamp, they are sucked inside and become the kind of genie they most associate with genies, from beautiful females like out of “I Dream of Jeanie” to blue genies out of “Aladdin” and more. After that point their mortal lives are over and they are stuck as a genie.

They are various types of genies for their nature, from those who only grant 3 wishes and then the lamp disappears with them, to those bound to their master til they die and can grant them any number of wishes, rarely twisting them unless their master angers them. Humans turned into genies tend to be the latter type, taken to a master genie who trains them in being a genie before they are sent back to their master.

Genies and genie lamps/bottles are plot devices, the wishes they grant and their powers limited only by what the GM will allow. Such wishes can be granted without a twist or twisted as much as possible within the wording of the wish as the GM wants.
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