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Re: NEW VINDICATORS #10: Checkmate (IC)

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Vladislav Radikovich
Condition: waiting
HP 1

Vlad watched Martin absorb his parents with a macabre fascination. "That's...mildly disturbing."

Turning, he waved at Greystone. "Hello Jack."

Then he pounded on the candy wall. "Otso! Are you allright?"

While everyone was distracted, Vlad considered making a run for the vehicle launch bay and once they got close enough to the ground, leaping to safety. He was highly resistant to falls and there was a pretty good chance he'd be thrown into Pandora forever and ever, amen...for his part in this whole affair.

Shifting back to his gummi form from the hard candy form, he sighed and leaned against a wall. He had known what the likely outcome of his infiltration of Laputa would be and there was no sense running from it. From a practical perspective this had been a suicide mission from the start. The very fact he'd survived at all was nearly miraculous, he would be better off not pushing his luck.

With a wry grin, he started to sing, very low. "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen."

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS #10: Checkmate (IC)

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Martin, his arms outstretched and extended to the dwindling forms of his former parents, finishes siphoning the last of their matter into his body. There is a moment or two as the mass of three bodies tries to resolve itself into one. Somehow, impossibly, the large blob-y mass condenses to the form of their classmate once again.

Anyone around him notes that the air feels thicker around Martin, like Summer in Florida or in a rain forest. The excess mass is held airborne around him, tethered in suspension.

As soon as this resolves Martin stumbles to a knee, panting and pained.

"It is done." he says with the voice of three people, closing his eyes to gather his thoughts and sort out his memories.

After a moment's struggle he opens them again.

"We should get out of 'ere." He says, voice normal once again. He gets unsteadily to his feet.

"Ah, 'ello Vladamir, Otso, and everyone." he says casually.

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS #10: Checkmate (IC)

Post by Michuru81 »

VIENNA: NEW VINDICATORS ACADEMY (NPCs: Lacuna-Parabola, Lullaby, Sublime, Tallemaja)
Tallemaja had shifted forms—letting great, leathery wings erupt from her back while increasing her muscle mass to a point where she could carry her compatriot without fear of tiring. Adding on a layer of insulating fur, Erudite’s pawn slipped her arms under Parabola’s and leapt from the edge of the island.

At first, the two girls simply dove. It was only once they were a few hundred feet from hitting the ground that the girl spread her wings and began to glide.

From there, it wasn’t long before the two sailed across the night sky, looming closer and closer to the United Nations all the time.

Once they were low enough, Tallemaja let go of Parabola. The possessed girl tossed the duffle bag she had brought from Laputa aside before tucking in her legs and rolling across the lawn.

Tallemaja immediately shifted forms once more, now taking on the appearance of Mira Linden. She looked to Parabola—slipping the duffle bag over her shoulder once more—and nodded. Together, they ran for the school. The front entrance was flanked by guards supplied by the U.N.—guards who didn’t think twice about two of their students hurrying past them.

They had made it inside unmolested, but they didn’t slow down. Both girls were wearing communicators tuned to the same channel their classmates and the Vindicators were using: they knew that the engines had been sabotaged, and that Laputa’s plans were about to come crashing down.

The pair slipped into the elevator and rode it to the subbasement. The doors opened and it was like a shot being fired: the race was on and both girls bolted for the locker room.

Parabola followed Tallemaja towards a locker in the back. “Here,” she said, glaring at the lock.

Tallemaja looked over her shoulder and Parabola mimicked her in making sure no one was watching them. When she decided that the coast was clear, Tallemaja transformed her hand into a blade and quickly stabbed it through the door of the locker.

The sound of metal tearing filled the locker room as the shapeshifter cut around the lock. When she was finished, her hand reverted back to normal. She opened the door, revealing an unconscious, half-naked Eve Robbins stuffed inside.

Tallemaja pulled the sleeping girl out of the locker and flung her over her shoulder. “I suppose this is where we part ways,” she said, looking to Parabola.

Parabola patted the duffle bag. “I’ll give you a minute or two to get clear,” she said. “In the event that my idiot brother manages to undo all our efforts, he’ll still come home to a smoking crater and a mound of charred corpses.”

Tallemaja hurried back towards the hallway—the unconscious Eve with her. Parabola unzipped the bag and looked inside. She turned and moved to make her way towards the Wreck Room. Unless she missed her guess, that was where the other students would be gathered…

She didn’t count on the effect pregnancy had on Sarah Nelson’s bladder.

The freshman tackled Parabola from behind and knocked her to the floor. “What the hell, Kirstie!” she roared. “You’re supposed to be one of the good guys!”

Given the nature of Parabola’s powers, the only hope Lacuna had was that Parabola and Sarah were evenly matched, physically. Neither girl was exceptionally strong. To make matters worse, there was no planting a seed in Sarah—not so long as she still possessed one from before… That seed shielded Sarah from further mental assault.

Sarah, meanwhile, still had her powers: “Papa, I know you’re going to be upset,” Sarah began to sang, “‘cause I was always your little girl… but you should know by now: I’m not a baby…”

Parabola flailed and brushed the side of Sarah’s face with her elbow. Though it was enough to free herself from the girl, it was not enough to interrupt her song. “You always taught me right from wrong. I need your help, daddy, please be strong. I may be young at heart, but I know what I’m sayin’…”

Lacuna was dangerous, but only because of her ability to multiply infinitely. At her core, she was still a young girl—younger than Sarah, even—who had very little experience in hand-to-hand combat. Even with her mother’s augmented mental faculties, Lacuna lacked a way of physically stopping her. “Your daddy?” Parabola asked. “Who do you mean? Terrance Nelson? Ronald Nelson?” Her eyelids felt so heavy. “Do you mean the man who sired you, or the man who raised you, Sarah… because there’s a difference.”

“The one you warned me all about—the one you said I could do without…” Sarah watched as Parabola tried to fight the urge to sleep; she grinned when she saw her fail. “We’re in an awful mess, and I don’t mean maybe…” Parabola’s eyes closed and she collapsed to the floor, succumbing to a deep sleep. “Please…”

LAPUTA: CURRENT and PRODIGY (NPCs: Charles [KO], Lacuna [BBT])
Prodigy endured his little sister’s feeble punches. She had succumbed to her grief and now pounded on his chest while bawling her eyes out. “It’s too late for our father,” Prodigy lied, “but you can still save our mother. Please, Elizabeth… I know you had hoped to fix what I broke, but things have taken a terrible turn. You need to stop this from getting any worse.”

Sniffling, the girl nodded weakly. “Take me to her,” she said.

Prodigy nodded and looked to Current. He pointed towards the pillow, lying on the cell’s cot. For all he knew, she had seen through the rouse and was shedding crocodile tears. This may have been a rouse to be taken where she could acquire new pawns in her war against him. Regardless, if he assumed correctly, she needed to be able to somewhat perceive her targets—otherwise, why couldn’t she plant her seeds remotely?

Current entered the cell and brought the boy the pillow. Taking the case from it, he slipped it over Lacuna’s head—a makeshift hood. Knowing it wouldn’t be enough, he folded the top down over her face, and prayed that would suffice.

Turning the sheets into strips, the two were able to bind her hands behind her back, and moved to lead her into the hallway. At the sight of them emerging with her, Manticore visibly tensed. Quills began to emerge across his body as thoughts of vengeance no doubt raced through his head. Still, Prodigy held up a hand, silently pleading with him to wait a moment more…

As they made their way up the stairs, the building shook. It felt like the ground had dropped out from under them. Bounced around inside the spiral stairwell, all four of them took a tumble before eventually finding their footing. Prodigy could guess at what had happened: the engines had been killed, and the island started to drop out of the sky. It had to have been Magnitude who stopped their descent: Impasse was too far from the edge to stop it so quickly.

In the hall, they found Larrikin alone. No doubt when the ground shook, Impasse and Sprite had moved to Magnitude. Fortunately, he was conscious. He looked to be in bad shape, but at least he wasn’t helpless against whatever other horrors came at them now.

Despite not knowing what other threats were lurking about the island, they motioned for him to stay put. The last thing either boy needed was for the Australian to be taken over by Lacuna, and to have his powers turned against them.

Leaving Manticore with Larrikin, Prodigy and Current escorted Lacuna up the stairs to where Confectionery and Erudite had been left.

Cornelis Noteboom’s body rested not far off—the fatal wound was plugged with gum. There was no risk in him bleeding out, given that he was already dead, but there was no harm in preserving him.

“Tell her,” Prodigy said, removing the hood from his sister’s head. There was no one here she could turn against them. “Tell her about our father.”

Lacuna began to tear up again. “He’s dead.” He words were soft. Gone was the mocking tone—the arrogance her voice had dripped with.

Erudite glared at him. “You’re lying.”

She may have seen through his bluff, or it may have been pure disbelief. “A functional murmur,” Prodigy said. “There was no reasoning with him, and my friend here had no choice but to defend himself. It would seem that the jolt was more than his heart could take and-”

“You’re lying!” Erudite again insisted.

“I can have him brought up here,” Prodigy said. He looked to Confectionery. “Would you be so kind as to go down to the dungeons? Retrieve my father’s remains and bring them here, so that my sister may examine him-”

“Stop lying!” Erudite roared. “You do that! You lie! You always lie!”

“You can judge for yourself,” Prodigy said. “Unless you think I can just… magically eliminate all signs of life?” It was good. She didn’t know about the abilities he had gained. He had only just revealed them to Current and Manticore.

Erudite screamed in frustration.

“It’s too late for our father, Elizabeth, but it doesn’t have to be for our mother! Please! I’m begging you: release her!”

“No!” Erudite snarled. Tears streamed down her face. She snorted, sucking a bubble of snot back up her right nostril. “You have to pay!”

“I have!” he balked. “I’ve lost my father! My father, my sister…” His mind went to Eve, on the plane ride to the island. “My girlfriend… I’ve lost so much, Liz…

“I’ve suffered enough. Why does our mother have to suffer too?”

Erudite said nothing. She simply continued to cry—occasionally breaking the silence with a sniffle—and consider all that he said.

“You did all this to put your family back together, Liz,” Prodigy said. “You can’t forgive me, and father…” He shook his head. “Don’t deny yourself our mother’s love too. Let her go, Liz. Please.”

Erudite blinked. Tabitha looked around, confusion splashed on her face. “Jason?” she asked. “Liz? What’s going on?” She wiped her face with her hand. “Why was I crying?”

Prodigy turned to his sister then and grinned. “Who else?” he asked. “Who else has a seed?”

“All of the members of Laputa,” she said. “They’ll bloom if they tell anyone about the plan.” She thought for a moment. “Niloticus.”

The name brought a grimace to Prodigy’s face: he had seen the crocodile-man’s name on one of the monitors in the dungeon. According to his vitals, he had survived being dropped out of the island.

“I… I’m not sure about any others.”

“Easy enough,” Prodigy said, throwing the pillow case back over his sister’s head. Ignoring the protestations from his mother, he looked to his classmate and their unlikely ally: “We need some way of keeping her blindfolded,” he told them. “So long as she can’t accurately perceive us, she can’t plant seeds.

‘Jason!’ came the telepathic shout from Catalyst. ‘I need a sit-rep!’

‘Lacuna’s been neutralized,’ he thought, ‘and my mother’s in control of her own faculties.’

‘We have the hostages,’ she told him, ‘most of Laputa’s been defeated, and Kas, Viktor, Mira, and Mister Ander are going to land the island while Mister McClanahan and Jack get everyone home. We’re headed for the center of the island.’

‘We’ll be here,’ he thought.

He looked to Current and smiled. “It’s over.” He allowed himself to breathe a sigh of relief. “It’s finally over.”

With Greystone working on the first step towards their evacuation of the island, Pict turned to their captor. “Ye’ll be powerin’ down now, lass,” he told her.

The girl nodded before reverting back to her flesh and blood shape.

Pict turned to Fluxx. “Any chance of you taking the metal here and fabricating some sort of restraints?” he asked. “Something that she can’t just burn through too easily?”

As Fluxx went to work, Pict put a hand over his ear. “All right, I need a sit-rep on each group. What are we looking at?”

“Randy’s found the remaining hostages,” Kiln said, “but we’re going to need some help getting the explosives out of their bellies.”

“Maze just showed up to take Zehirli,” offered Fey as Fluxx moved from binding Felsic to freeing hostages.

“Juozas here,” came Diamond Dust’s voice. “I’m with Buddy, Gaspar, Tatjana, and… and Dag. Gaspar’s kind of out of it. Tatjana’s not woken up.”

“I have no clue where I am,” Hubris said. “I was following Fluxx and Greystone, but I lost sight of them sometime back.”

“What about Kirstie?” asked Armin. “She was taken over by Lacuna…”

“And Eve,” Maze reminded them.

“Miss Arnett is here,” came Doctor Talley’s reply. “Somehow, the girl got back to the school—tried to blow us all to Kingdom Come, but we’ve got her restrained now.”

Little-by-little, the heroes were able to check each of their own from their list and moved on to Laputa’s agents. Randy continued to locate them and guide Maze to each and every one of their defeated opponents: Rheid, Basilisk, and Tantivy were soon absorbed into Maze’s extra-dimensional labyrinth.

Only one problem remained: landing the island.

“I think I can help with that,” came Quintessence’s voice over the intercoms. “Better late than never, right?”

Everyone soon gathered at the heart of the island: Prodigy was waiting for them, alongside Current, his mother, his father, his sister, Confectionery, Manticore, and Larrikin. Soon, Kiln appeared on the horizon, leading Backlash, Armin, Fiore, the Pachyderm, Mezzanine, Gae’bolg, and Catalyst. Not long after, Hubris arrived, with Pict ushering Candyman, Ursa, Greystone, and Felsic to them. Diamond Dust soon arrived, carrying Warder’s remains with him. In his wake walked Eiron and Lluvia: in Eiron’s arms was Lioness’ body, while Lluvia carried an unconscious Tatjana.

Manticore shed no tears at the sight of his mother’s body: he had cried them all for Cornelis.

Several people tensed when Iconoclast descended, telekinetically towing Therianthrope with him—the man’s head encased in a makeshift mask made from the unlikeliest of ally’s cape.

It was Martin who appeared next, joined by Fey, Maze, and a procession of hostages: Lillian Murphy, Dana O’Laughlin, the Adlers, and Elle Curie were the last to reach the Citadel.

“Okay,” Pict said, once he was sure everyone was present, “it’s time to put this nightmare behind us.” He put his hands on the tattoo Greystone had made and conjured a C-130 in their midst. “Everyone aboard,” he said. “Once we’re clear, Quintessence will begin atomizing the island—you just need to hold it steady until then, Magnitude, Impasse.”

The Vindicators, the New Vindicators, their friends and family, their enemies, and Armin boarded the animated tattoo, and flew back to land.
Michuru81 wrote:I hope no one will mind if I move things along like so? It seemed that all that was left was dealing with Erudite, so I thought I would take the initiative to keep the other players from being bored.

Feel free to interject, correct, or otherwise respond. HH, if you don't see Vlad as going with them, feel free to ignore my having him there at the end.

For the most part, I'm figuring Impasse holds the island back while Magnitude steadies it (to keep him from using extra effort every few seconds).

Let me know if I missed anything. There was kind of a lot to remember there...

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS #10: Checkmate (IC)

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Kasimir Flaegler
Condition: cooperating...of course
HP 3

Kas worked in tandem with Viktor to keep the island steady, both as the plane launched and then as Quintessence atomized the construct. Absently, Kas wondered exactly what form the Vindicator's decomposition would take. Hydrogen? Carbon-Dioxide? he couldn't be sure, but those seemed a far safer bet than simply reducing the thing to a floating mass of charged particles. All he knew for certain was the edifice to familial hatred was slowly becoming a burden easier to bear.
OOC: This wrap up works for me, but just as a point of rule, in 2e once stunted, a power remains stunted for the scene unless the character doing the stunt shifts to a different use of the points available. Kas would pay the fatigue for extra effort once, unless for some reason he had to use his Gravity Array for something else, then went back to his stunted power.

In 3e, you have to stunt every round for a power not in your normal set, but 2e is a lot more forgiving.

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS #10: Checkmate (IC)

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The parenticidal student turns to Felsic. "Now we boz know zat you could just slip out of whatever I could construct, so 'ow about zis?" He produces a bomb extracted from a hostage earlier. "I've constructed a temperature sensitive trigger for zis device and will afix it to a collar around your neck. Simple really, once you've memorized ze melting points of every element on ze periodic table. You will just need to decide if you can transform more quickly zan zis bomb can take your 'ead off. Ze choice is yours." He says snapping the collar into place.

Fluxx was able to perform the bomb extraction by simple expediency of reaching in to people's stomachs and breaking down the bombs.

When he finished the extraction of Elle he reported that their parents did not recover from a fight in the Control Room of the ship. It was the truth. Felsic, called out that it was Martin that absorbed their helpless forms, sucking their mass into his own. He did nothing to deny it or justify his actions. He would save it for the courts to decide as he was planning on turning himself over to the authorities when they were all landed. Elle and the others seemed too numb by the entire ordeal to react.

When he could, Martin healed Tatjana's physical wounds, even replenishing her blood with replicated plasma. He did not offer to take her from Lluvia and the Spaniard didn't offer. They both were content to let the German girl sleep.

When they landed, he made good on his decision to turn himself in for the assimilation of his parents. Though no expert on law, he imagined that it was closest to manslaughter without the claim of self-defense since they were both unconscious at the time.

Only time would tell what was in store for the young Frenchman.

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS #10: Checkmate (IC)

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Vladislav Radikovich
Condition: Outta here
HP 1

When Martin pulled his little stunt with Felsic, Vlad's head snapped around. "What the hell?! I threw away my future to save people from the depredations of your fascist parents for this?"

"This violates every accepted method of treatment of prisoners!"

Snarling, Vlad got up in the Frenchman's face. "You may believe you're invincible, but I doubt that's entirely true. Pull another stunt like that and I'll discover exactly what it takes to destroy an arrogant gallic dirtbag like you!"

Turning, he points at Pict. "If this is what I have sacrificed my freedom for then I reconsider. No wonder the world wants to kill us."

The hypocrisy of Vlad's outburst, given what he himself had done to Basilisk was not lost on him. He recognized with bleak humor that Martin had become him and somewhere along the line he had become Lex.

Not stopping, Vlad entered the aircrafts' rest room and in one of the least dignified escapes in history...flushed himself down the toilet.
OOC: Since Michuru kept asking (okay, he asked twice) if Vlad was going to make a run for it, I decided to use Martin's treatment of Felsic for a bit of self-righteous hypocrisy preceding an escape attempt. With his Insubstantial 1 and Elongation going down the toilet should be easy enough. Hopefully, the flush valve will open and eject him into the atmosphere. If we're too high for Vlad's Bouncing to compensate for [Falling damage is reduced by rank 12, so any damage below +12 is ignored], then Vlad will use extra effort to stunt Flight 4 (Gliding) off his Elongation.

Code: I guess he's a villain now.
Code: I guess he is.

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Alex "Current" Murphy
HP: 16 CND: Normal

It's finally over.

The words filled Lex with disgust. For Jason it was over. His mother had been saved, his father was within reach, his sister was captured and alive.

For Lex it would never be over. His girlfriend had died. His friends had been attacked and their lives destroyed. He had no idea who'd lived this assault against Laputa, in the end as far as he knew it was only a handful of them.

All because Jason's sister was angry at her brother.

She'd destroyed so much.

But it was finally over.

Lex said nothing as they gathered for their escape off the island. He simply put himself between his friends, the wounded and the Laputa prisoners with a look that promised murder. He was ready to put down any of them that so much as twitched threateningly.

When Gaspar arrived he wanted to tell his friend something. That it would be alright. But he couldn't, he just gave his friend a reassuring pat on the shoulder, to let him know he was there. How could he tell Gaspar the same things he didn't believe himself?

Dag was yet another victim of this pointless war. He'd barely known the guy, but he knew how much the older classman would be missed. He'd been a rock that the other students could rely on. And now he was gone.

The arrival of a flying man and his hooded prisoner almost led to a fight. Lex had no idea why, but half the people there looked ready to go for the guy's throat. Nobody did, though. It just increased the tension to the breaking point.

When his Mom arrived he barely acknowledge her arrival. He was happy to see her, but after everything that had happened? He got her over by his friends as quickly as he could and retook his space watching everybody.

He tried to ignore the concerned look in her eyes. There would be time to reconnect when they got home. Now? Now he needed to make sure they made it home.

When the plane was created he listened to Pict's plan with a pang of frustration. Had they even searched the island? Did they know for sure this was everybody?

He looked at the people gathered around and picked out the one he felt most capable of taking care of the situation while he was gone.

"Keep them safe," He said simply to Jack, then giving Pict a hard look said, "I'm doing a last sweep."

And then he was gone. Wind in his face as he raced through the entire island, checking every last spot he could think of for a person to be hiding. It was probably a pointless effort, and he suspected with every turn that he'd set off some kind of a mine or trap.

But it was the right thing to do.

He remembered little after he got back. The trip down, the prisoners being dealt with, his mother being given a room, the wounded being looked after. He didn't remember Vlad's escape, or who it was the consoled Ellen when they found he was gone. He didn't remember when his friends had taken their leave.

He just found himself sitting by Kirstie's bedside. Waiting.

Waiting for it to be over.

But it would never be over. They'd always have to carry these events with them for the rest of their lives.

He reached down and brushed the hair away from Kirstie's face.

"I loved you too, ya know?" He looked at the wall, "I just don't have anything left to give. It's been ripped out. I feel hollow."

"I was looking forward to getting them. I wanted to kill all of them. And what did I do? Didn't even hurt one of them, and they killed two of my friends and... did this to you."

He ran his hand through his hair, then stripped the battered, burned, cut, and shot up jacket that he'd worn since before he'd arrived at the school. It looked like he felt. When he'd arrived he'd been whole, angry and lost, but whole. And as the time passed the damage built up.

His dad's jacket was ruined beyond any normal hope. He only wore it as a symbol of where he was from. Of his parents that loved him. A reminder of better times.

He placed the jacket over Kirstie like a blanket.

"Now they're saying it's over but... what? That's it? They'll be tossed in a jail and that's supposed to make it all better?" He sat back in his chair, "The city is going to turn on us. They'll be happy we stopped that island, but sooner or later somebody's going to remember that the only reason it came was because of us."

"And then some politician will use it to put himself into power and away we go again."

He sighed and buried his face in his hands, "And I don't really care. I hate this place. It's a death trap. I hate the teachers. I hate their lessons. I hate how they can never seem to keep this place safe."

"The only thing I like here are my friends, and... christ, I just want to send them all home. Send you home. Tell you all to take your chances there, pretend to be normal,"
He leaned back in his chair looking at the roof, "Except it doesn't work that way does it? Where would Gaspar go? Where would Doug go? God, where would Tat go?"

"They don't go anywhere to go. And what do they have looking out for them? The teachers? I mean, I like Faye and Anders... but this place could burn down around their ears before they got their acts together."

He rubbed his eyes in exhaustion, "My mom finally arrives, and I finally get a chance to get out of this hole and all I can think of is: If I leave who's going to look out for these guys?"

He laughed bitterly, "Like I'm any god damn help. I'm a $#(@ing wreck."

"I'm tired, Kirstie. I'm tired of the death, I'm tired of the lies, I'm tired of being scared,"
He leaned forward, placed his elbows on his knees and held up his head with his hands, "I'm tired of being angry all the time."

"And now I'm on the other side of the tunnel and there's no happy ending for us, is there?"
He wondered aloud, "Just another day."

He sighed, "I don't know what to do anymore."

He leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms, resting his chin against his chest, "I'm just... tired."

He sighed again and looked at his sleeping friend, "I miss you."

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS #10: Checkmate

Post by McGuffin »

[Otso Karell]

Otso felt numb as he got off the plane, too much had happened in too short a time. So many dead, so many lives destroyed and for what? For the mad machinations of a girl who had been all but driven mad by her lack of control of her own powers. If that wasn't a testament to the importance of what they were being taught at the school, Otso didn't know what was.

He'd promised Felsic, Rheid and the other captured members of Laputa that he'd help them any way he could, even if it might not be much. They and others like them weren't the real problem in this world, at least not yet. There'd always be those who'd misuse personal power but there were also those who were driven to lash out at the people around them by organizations like Black Box and the hateful and fearful masses who supported them, even if indirectly.

Imprisoning them would only harden their beliefs, cement their positions as enemies of humanity. They needed forgiveness, not punishment. Of course, there were those who were beyond forgiveness, at least where Otso was concerned. Therianthrope had not only murdered Alina in cold blood and attempted the killing of further innocents, he'd threatened the life of the girl he loved. Otso couldn't trust the man ever again, let alone forgive him.

Still, foremost on the young Finn's mind was the fact that his best friend had abandoned him, again. The familiar pain of someone important to him leaving his life burned in his chest as Otso found himself wondering who'd leave him next.
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Re: NEW VINDICATORS #10: Checkmate (IC)

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[Jack Rexroth]
HP: 14

"Keep them safe, I’m doing a last sweep." Alex said to Jack as the other American gave an angry glare at Pict, but Jack said nothing. He knew Alex had no love for the teacher and he was pretty sure that Alex wanted to make sure there was nobody else left on the island.

Jack couldn’t blame him. Everyone had family up here, either as jailer or prisoner. Jack wanted to be sure too so he just nodded his head in response and waited while everyone loaded up on the animated tattoo. Once Alex returned alone Jack followed him into the massive plane and the tattooed teen took a seat near Iconoclast and his possessed father, there were plenty of choices as nobody wanted to be near either of them.

The only time he left his spot was when Vlad blew up at Martin. Following after his Romanian pal when locked himself in the plane’s crapper, Jack was the one knocking on the door trying to convince Vlad to come out but eventually he realized that there were no sounds coming from the inside of the small space that would indicate it was still occupied. So Jack forced the door open to confirm his suspicion then returned to his seat with a defeated look on his face, something that was pretty common among the other passengers he noted but given what they’d all went through on the island. They’d won but it had come at a cost to them.

Jack couldn’t help but look at Cornelis’ body, still being held by Manticore as he consoled Ellen. Jack couldn’t help but wonder if it had been one that was to damn high.
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Re: NEW VINDICATORS #10: Checkmate (IC)

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Alano DeGallow was spellbound. For hours, he had been glued to the television, watching as the situation in Vienna unfolded: tonight, an island appeared in the sky above the city; when the air force scrambled to invade it, they inexplicably dove into the ground; two more planes shot up, only to be targeted by missiles.

Now, for a tense hour, the world watched as the island continued to hover. At first, the only movement from the island came when water was jettisoned along with strange aircrafts. Time pressed on, and the news crews picked up what appeared to be two figures jumping from the island, only to disappear into the city.

Alano watched, as all of Europe watched, as the island shuddered. For a moment, it seemed as though it was going to collide with the Austrian gem, but then it stopped so suddenly. The media scrambled for answers as to what had halted the sudden shift, only for a camera to zoom in one a young man, seemingly holding back the entire island...

<<"We're receiving word,">> the local affiliate said, <<"that this young man has been identified as a suspect in several kidnapping cases around Vienna. Weeks ago, this man and an associate...">> The reporter continued as the screen showed images of Viktor and one of his classmates. It showed the footage of Viktor's assault on a cameraman for PULS TV. The reporter talked about the past, but none of that mattered to Alano DeGallow at this moment.

The past was the past, and he was proud of his son.

Jihad narrowed his eyes at the image on the screen. <<"He's one of the children who tore through our operation in Algeria,">> he growled. <<"I want to know who he is, and I want him and his friends to pay.">>

Laputa had been beaten. Vienna had been saved. Now came the hard part: landing the plane.

It wasn't an issue with the controls: Jay proved to have picked up enough from the disgraced Captain Nelson to fly the plane. No, the trouble was in finding a place to put the ship down. It seemed as though everyone who worked at the United Nations--every security officer, dispatcher, janitor... everyone was outside, waiting to greet them.

Lex was the first one to poke his head out of the door of the tattoo they were riding, and the first one to be hit full force by the cheers.

Outside the gates, where the protesters had become such a fixture of the grounds, more people were gathered to drown out the voices of the opposition with sheer accolade.

"Is... this for us?" Fiore asked uneasily as he followed Lex off the plane. "Did we die?"

"Some of us did," growled Juozas, as he carried Dag down.

As they hit the ground, the crowd swarmed them. People fought to pat them on the backs--to shake their hands. "Danke!" the New Vindicators heard over and over. It was the word on everybody's lips. "Danke!"

"Blood and ashes," Mario said. He was blushing as he made his way through the crowd. "It's almost like they know we saved the world."

"What do you mean 'we'?" asked Buddy.

Everything began happening so fast: armed with the news that Lacuna had taken over Kirstie, and the memory of Lexus' overcoming his own possession, Lex had gone to the infirmary, kissed Kirstie, and pulled her consciousness back to the surface; Martin watched as Tatjana found her cousin, simply told her "Life's too short to hate", and pulled Sarah into a hug; Beatrice sprinted towards Otso and pounced on him, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him; Jack was stunned when Iconoclast's bluff worked: the German threatened to slaughter the entire Lamperouge family, if Lacuna didn't vacate Dale's body immediately; police brought a disoriented Eve Robbins back to the school, after finding her near the wreckage of one of Lacuna's shuttles...

Lillian Murphy contacted her husband, and the school offered to fly him and their youngest son in. The Adlers were reunited with their daughter. Fey flew circles around her cousin's head. Elle simply stood back and watched as everyone celebrated the victory over Laputa.

Erudite, Therianthrope, Zehirli, Confectionery, and Basilisk were handed over the authorities. According to Missus Flaegler, special considerations would be made, in light of Lacuna's abilities for them when their cases went to trial. In light of the aid Confectionery provided during the battle, the woman sighed: "I don't expect the woman will get off completely clean," the lawyer said, "given her involvement in the K-Town incident... but I'll do what I can for her."

As minors, Manticore, Tantivy, Rheid, and Felsic would not share in their mentor's fates. Niloticus, Candyman, and Tallemaja were still at large. Disturbingly, the Egyptian's freedom meant that somewhere out there, Lacuna was still continuing the misguided war against her older brother...

As for Lacuna herself... not long after she was handed over, restrained and blinded, a shot rang out and her body crumbled. Screams rose up from the crowd. The well-wishers dispersed as panic ensued and the celebration ended. An unknown assassin had slain Lacuna.

Elizabeth Lamperouge had suffered the same fate as Cornelis Noteboom.

In the sky overhead, Kas remained on the island--keeping it in place while Viktor, Mira, and Mister Ander worked to help put it down safely. Mister Ander pushed his powers to new heights in creating a portal big enough for the island to go through, and Kas pushed it through to a remote region in the Austrian Alps.

Come morning, Laputa was gone from the Vienna skyline.

Come morning, the nightmare was finally over.

The bell affixed to the door rang as the young woman let herself in. Immediately, she collapsed her umbrella and began to wipe her shoes on the rug. Across the sea of book shelves, she spotted the store’s proprietor: Chuck Faust was a middle-aged man with short, dark black hair combed neat over his gaunt skull. He sat perched on a stool, leaning forward with his hands behind his back, scanning the contents of the morning’s newspaper.

“I summoned you last night,” he droned, not bothering to look up from the paper.

“Aye-aye,” the blonde said, cheerily making her way down the three steps to the main floor. “I met this lush boy… A bit of a Mary Jane—just like I like ‘em…”

“I had thought that I made myself abundantly clear, Gwendolyn: when I call, you come.”

“Sorry.” She was practically dancing as she made her way to the counter. “I figured it could wait until-”

Chuck looked up and fixed her with a baleful gaze. “An island—a damned island—appeared over the city last night and within an hour came crashing down! But you thought that it could wait until morning!?!”

Gwen gave him her most innocent of smiles and a half-shrug. “I did mention this boy was lush, right? I was due for a good cwtch ‘neath the covers, anyhow.”

Chuck’s face skewered into one of rage. His hands slowly orbited from behind his back to his sides. His fingers began to contort. He’d had enough of her. Her tardiness, the bubbly air about her, the complete and total lack of responsibility—all of it. The world would not miss Gwendolyn Llewelyn, and neither would he.

“Look at what the cat dragged in.” Both the shopkeeper and his guest turned towards the back room and took in the sight of the man in his early thirties leaning against the threshold. His tall, lean frame was stuffed into a blazer worn over a V-neck shirt, ratty blue jeans, and sandals. His long, blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail, while a Hardee hat capped his head.

Despite his delicate features, the man instilled a sense of fear in Chuck. Of the Faustian Society, Rembrandt van Benthuysen was very likely the only magus who posed a threat to him. Granted, Mikayla didn’t know a spell that wasn’t harmful to someone, and Dante had years of martial arts training under his belt; sure, the Oakfor siblings and the legions of monsters they led could potentially exhaust him, and Nicholas was as unpredictable as anyone else who belonged in a mental institution, but Chuck was confident he could best any one of them.

It was Rembrandt alone that he considered a threat.

Gwen, however, was hardly as shaken by the Dutchman’s appearance. “Rembrandt!” she gleefully cried. Quickly closing the distance between them, she pounced at the man, and threw her arms around his neck. As she moved to steal a kiss, Rembrandt turned back towards the back room.

“Everyone is waiting,” he said as her lips found his cheek. “Let’s not keep them waiting any longer, shall we?”

Neither Rembrandt nor Gwen moved; they watched as Chuck casually folded the paper up, and stuffed it under his arm. With a grunt, the man hopped down from his stool and marched across the shop, past the pair, and into the room.

Rembrandt turned to follow him, only to find Gwen now dangling limply from around his neck. Looking down at her, he endured a cheeky chuckle, rolled his eyes, and continued into the room, towing the girl behind him.

The others were already seated about the room: the Hmong man whom Chuck suspected didn’t own a single shirt with a collar, was Dante Thao; Mikayla Garrison was the flame-headed girl more occupied with her PSP than she was the company of her fellow mages; the anxious looking Nigerians were Luther Oakfor, and his younger sister, Joan; the bearded man leaning back in one of Chuck’s shield-backed, Hepplewhite chairs, was Nicholas.

“The chair has four legs, Nicholas,” Chuck said as he strode into the room.

“Da,” Nicholas said, continuing to precarious balance on the chair’s hind quarters.

Chuck slammed his fists down onto the table, but the Russian hardly even looked up at him. “If you cannot respect my home and its furnishings, you’ll find yourself sitting in the floor.”

“If he breaks anything, I’ll magic it back together,” droned a bored Rembrandt. “Can we just get on with it?”

Chuck’s nostrils flared. “Very well,” he said, careful not to evoke Rembrandt’s ire. He had seen the man snap before, and wasn’t willing to be on the receiving end of such a punishment. “As you all know, a former student of mine had fallen in with a bad crowd. I’ve no idea why he elected to follow that band, but still…” Chuck’s shoulders sagged in defeat. “I’d long ago given up on trying to make sense of Tallemaja’s movements.

“Regardless, last night, Laputa fell. Tallemaja no longer has his allies—his puppets to hide behind. We need to act now. We need to find him, and take back what he stole.”

“And just how the hell are we supposed to find him?” Mikayla asked. “I don’t think I have to remind anyone just what that puissant can do. Finding him is going to be tricky…”

“I don’t think so,” Chuck said. “In fact, I think it will allow us to kill two birds with one stone.

“Tallemaja will no doubt seek to gather allies—allies he can use to shield him from us. After last night, I think it’s obvious where he’ll go: I predict that Tallemaja will try to incorporate himself into the New Vindicators Academy.”

Gwen shook her head. “You ask me, you’d have to be nutters to go to that school, ach-a-fi! It’s like cwtyn a saint there!”

“Regardless,” said Chuck, “if Tallemaja is there, we may also find ourselves with a unique opportunity to bring down Mario and Jonathon Tharivol, Charles Tharivol’s heirs.” Everyone else—Nicholas included—seemed to tense. “Let their deaths be the opening crescendo of the Second Blood War.”
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Re: NEW VINDICATORS #10: Checkmate (IC)

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The sun rose on Vienna the morning after Laputa's attack, and shinned through the window of Jack's room.

NVAE: DORMS (Jason; NPCs: Charles)
Last night, Charles Lamperouge had cried himself to sleep. It had been a rough night for the man: after the consciousness that had been possessing him for several months had been exorcised from his body, he learned that his little girl had not only been responsible for his gap in memory, but the deaths of countless people whose lives had been claimed in the various terrorist attacks orchestrated by her.

Further complicating things, Elizabeth had taken over his ex-wife's body, and committed these atrocities in her name. Now, Tabitha was awaiting trial for the crimes she committed while under their daughter's control--a daughter who had been struck down by an unknown assassin's bullet as she was being led into custody.

It had not been a banner night for their family. Moreover, as Jason now was the only family the elder Lamperouge, the man had used his son as a shoulder to cry on.

Charles didn't blame Jason--or rather, if he did, he did not vocalize it--nor did he applaud his son for resolving such a crisis. The man simply held his son close and cried until sleep took him.

Now, the morning after Laputa's attack, the sun was shinning through Jason's window, and down onto the bed where his father laid.

By the time Kas had gotten back to the school, it had been too late. The others told him about the cheers and applause--the adulation of the crowd and heartfelt thank yous for saving their lives. He knew it was a major blow to the stigma most of the world saw Neo-Sapiens with. Granted, their victory wouldn't end all of the hatred right then and there... but it was progress.

Kas had been too late to experience such gratitude, however: a lone gunshot rang out, claiming the life of Elizabeth Lamperouge, the misguided girl who orchestrated everything. No one knew who had killed her. Few really seemed to care. Fearing that the salvo was a sign that the battle was far from over, many began to flee for their lives, and thus, the crowd had dispersed by the time he had arrived.

It was ironic: it could be argued that out of everyone, he was the most deserving of that reception. Kas had been the one to save Vienna--who had pushed himself and his powers to their limits and prevented the island from crashing down into the city.

Still, if his classmates could be believed, the people had cheered for them. It was the sign of a better tomorrow just over the horizon, and as the sun began to rise, Kas steeled himself for what this new day brought...

NVAE: INFIRMARY (Lex; NPCs: Kirstie)
Lex woke up in the infirmary, in a chair by Kirstie's bedside. She was in no real danger--Martin and his healing powers would have seen to her if she had been. Doctor Talley had simply wanted to keep her overnight for observation.

What she was supposed to be observing was a mystery: was there a single instrument here that could detect one of Lacuna's seeds? The girl had been possessed by Lacuna--by Elizabeth Lamperouge, Jason's kid sister and Cornelis' murderer.

NVAE: COMMON ROOM (Martin; NPCs: Elle, Mary)
Not long after he had returned from Laputa, Mary had sought him out. "My hero," she said, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him. She pulled away then, only to fix him with a worried look. "Is everything all right?" she asked. "Did something happen up there?"

Once she had learned the truth, the woman was relentless compassionate. "I'm so sorry," she told him, "no one should ever have to do that, Martin... but it doesn't sound like you were left with any other alternative. Your mother attacked the planes? She probably knew you could survive such a crash, but she was trying to kill the others.

"You did what you had to do."

Wherever the couple went, Elle remained in sight--quietly watching them. When Mary called to her--invited her over--the girl obliged, but she never said a word. She simply joined them on the couch, holding onto her brother, while Mary clung to his other side.

As the sun began to rise, Mary had drifted off to dream, with her head on Martin's chest. Elle remained awake though...
Michuru81 wrote:Choo-choo! However Martin plays Mary (tells her everything / tells her he needs some time to process / punches her in the gut and walks away), she finds out what happened where his family is concerned. Should he push her away, she'll fight back, arguing that now is when he needs the people who care about him the most.
NVAE: WRECK ROOM (Otso; NPCs: Beatrice)
Beatrice had dragged Otso down to the Wreck Room. The decorations were still up. The band's instruments were still set up. <<"We never got to finish our dance,">> she told him. <<"You always save the last dance for the man who brought you to the dance.">>

That was true: the dance had been interrupted by Jay's war with himself; the New Vindicators had gone into their classmate's mind to help him defeat Eddy, only to learn that Laputa's island fortress had appeared in the skies above Vienna while they were unconscious. Otso had suited up, boarded a plane, and gone on to fight the good fight.

Now, she fiddled with the radio until she found a station that wasn't talking about Laputa. It didn't matter if the song was upbeat or not, they danced slowly to it. When morning came, it found Beatrice asleep on her feet, passed out against Otso's chest.

The night she was supposed to leave her homeland, Violet learned that all planes had been grounded. A giant island had appeared in the sky over Vienna--the very city she was headed for--stopping all flights for the foreseeable future.

Still, Violet's mother's position afforded certain benefits, and while she couldn't land in Vienna, she was able to land in Linz. A car met her at the airport and drove through what remained of the night. Two hours later, she was in Vienna, surveying the damage caused by the last night's attack on the city.

It wasn't long before the car began to slow down. Once it was admitted through the gates, it rolled up to the school, stopping just outside its doors...
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Re: NEW VINDICATORS #10: Checkmate (IC)

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Martin Jeanette Basil

Martin confessed everything to Mary, Elle, the Administration, the courts. He'd insisted he face whatever trials were required. He killed two people, in cold blood. True, they were impossible to contain, not knowing which one possessed which power at any given moment, Any number of which could facilitate escape from a prison not designed against it. But he insisted, no... wanted to be accountable for it. He wanted to be punished. He wanted to show to Lex, show the world that there were consequences. Maybe he just wanted to show himself.

Only, there was none forthcoming. He'd been treated as a greiving son forced into unthinkable acts by circumstances not of his making - his parents for being terrorists and escaping one custody already, the school for taking him up there and putting him in a position of responsibility, the teacher that didn't realize what exactly he was doing quick enough to stop him. Felsic knew, she'd had the decency to be sufficiently horrified.

Martin last saw her when he'd spoken at her deposition. He gave his impressions of her as a victim of circumstance, unsettled by the the violence around her and willing to help a potential target of Laputa's at great cost to herself. He'd argued for leniency for Felsic. He didn't know what happened to the Laputa 'pawns' but hoped he was able to do some good for her. She'd deserved it.

He'd tried to push Mary away. It was one dance For Einstein's sake, one small set of kisses. She was irritatingly persistant though and Martin didn't have the heart to reject her further though.

He waited till she fell asleep then willed the area by her nose to release a small amount of anesthetic gas to deepen her sleep so they wouldn't be disturbed.

"<<*Elle, I'm sorry. I 'ave no excuse for my actions and can only beg forgiveness. I admit to curiosity about what your experience was like up zere, but you do not 'ave to speak of it should you not wish it.>>"
* in French

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS #10: Checkmate (IC)

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Elle didn't move--she merely shifted. Her hair began to part, revealing a canvas of pallid flesh. Faint creases appeared there, only to transform into shallow cuts. Something pushed through two of the slashes, and Martin registered sclera. Another cut below them tore apart to reveal teeth. The middle of the back of her head quivered as a nose began to push forward.

The process took less than a second, and when it was finished, Elle was looking right at him... All without ever turning her head or body.

<<"It was very nice, mommy,">> Elle said. <<"I liked playing with Pirjo.">>

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Alex "Current" Murphy
HP: 1 CND: Normal

If it was possible Lex woke up more tired then he had been when he fell asleep.

He didn't know if it was from the stress of yesterday, or because he'd pushed himself and his powers too hard, or even if it was just because he didn't remember going to sleep. Maybe he'd been up all night, it was hard to tell.

Kirstie had been kept in for observation and Lex couldn't bring himself to move from her side. He felt terrible about it, his Mom had been held captive and he hadn't spent as much time with her. He'd also watched an entire jet be ripped apart and witnessed what he thought was Kirstie's death.

He shifted uncomfortably in the chair. His back was all out of place and his legs had all but locked up during the night. Trying to move them showered him with the sensation of torn and pulled muscles, his knees ached every time he shifted.

He hadn't had a chance to regenerate the damage he'd done to his own body.

It didn't seem like there was enough time for anything.

He needed to check on Sarah, make sure she was okay. Pregancy and her actions making her an outsider couldn't be good for her stress levels. Or the baby.
He needed to check in on Gaspar even more. The guy had been a wreck yesterday and he had nobody to fall back on. No family, and few friends after the Tat fiasco.
Ellen was another one he should look into. With Vlad gone heaven only knew what she was up to. The poor girl had been a wreck when he'd left the first time, but to leave again without warning? Of course she probably wouldn't want anything to do with him. But who else was there? Jack?

He sighed.

He had to check in on his Mom, make sure she was doing alright.
God knew that Jason could use somebody to cheer him up, but Lex knew it wouldn't be him. There wasn't much he could offer Jason, and less that Jason would accept.

And how could you accept the death of your younger sister?

A part of him wanted to find Beatrice and see if she couldn't track the bullet back. Jason's sister was a monster, and a threat to the entire world, but she had also been a little girl who was too stupid to know better. Somebody was going to have to answer for what happened.

If they were lucky Lex would find them before Jason did.

Lex wasn't feeling overly motivated to beat Jason there.

Then there were the others. Juozas was an ass, but he'd just lost his best friend. Most of the school had when Dag died.

He stretched and looked over his shoulder back into the rest of the infirmary. It was hard to believe that somewhere in here was Dag, locked away in cold storage. Or Corny. He shouldn't have let them come along. They weren't like him, they couldn't just put themselves back together.

He ran his hands through his hair. He added a shower to the list of things he needed to do.

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"Hey, Sexy Lexy," said Kirstie quietly. Looking back, Lex was greeted by a nervous smile.

With a sigh, she began to scoot across the hospital bed, then patted the narrow space beside her. "It's gotta be more comfortable than the chair."