(OOC) Crinoverse: Warehouse 23

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Re: (Interest check) Crinoverse: Warehouse 23

Postby Bending Equalist » Sat Jun 29, 2013 11:09 am

Would a Water/Blood Bender be something you'd allow?
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Re: (Interest check) Crinoverse: Warehouse 23

Postby EnigmaticOne » Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:02 pm

Benny "New Yorky" Tyler

STR 0, STA 2, AGL 1, DEX 1, FGT 1, INT 3, AWE 3, PRE 1

Unknowing Immortal: Immunity 11 (Aging, Life Support); Protection 12; Immortality 1

Blaster Pistol (Array -- Removable -3 pts)
- Blast Setting: Ranged Damage 7
- Stun Setting: Ranged Affliction 7 (Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated)

God of Roads and Paths: Variable 3
Sample Powers:
- Roads Speed The Master's Travels: Speed 15 (Affects Others, Limited to while on Roads)
- Paths Bending Into Circles: Ranged Affliction 10 (Resisted by Will; Dazed, Compelled - Keep Wandering Around; Limited to Two Degrees, Accurate 5)

Beginner's Luck, Luck 5, Taunt, All-Out Attack, Quick Draw, Power Attack, Takedown, Tracking, Teamwork, Improved Initiative

Deception 7 (+8)
Expertise: Current Events 5 (+8)
Expertise: History 5 (+8)
Expertise: Science 5 (+8)
Insight 5 (+8)
Investigation 5 (+8)
Perception 5 (+8)
Persuasion 7 (+8)
Ranged Combat: Blaster Pistol 12 (+13)
Stealth 5 (+6)
Technology 5 (+8)
Treatment 4 (+7)
Vehicles 3 (+4)

Initiative +5
Blaster Pistol +13, DC 22 Toughness
Stun Setting +13, DC 17 Fortitude

Dodge 6, Fortitude 10, Parry 6, Toughness 14, Will 10

Diehard Atheist: Benny ultimately is an atheist. That means gods aren't really gods, and magic, well, he's willing to acknowledge it seems to break most of the scientific (even super-scientific) laws and understandings - but it's more of a when in Rome thing for him than outright acceptance.
Fledgling Deity: Complicating matters is, like it or not, Bennie is a newborn Cosmic Eternal developing, for whatever reason, and there are many, peers, ill-inclined or just some persnickety Seven Thunders, who might want to specifically target or capture him for study.
Inexperienced: Benny is kinda in over his head, though he doesn't want to admit it, so far. He needs some experience to toughen him up to what's at stake.

Benny was once just a normal college student at NYU, when something happened out of the blue. Not even certain when, he developed strange powers. Nothing that made sense, they always seemed now and then to link to roads, but none of it made sense. He tried to get checked to see if he was a Gestalt at Omnitech, but nothing of the scientific sort showed up.

That was when Dr. Steele (quietly, you understand) took notice, and with a little observation soon realized that he was dealing, remarkably, somehow with a newborn god. The essence of a Cosmic Eternal somehow had begun fusing into Benny Tyler's body, and slowly but surely, like a Scion, he would eventually rise to their level.

But Benny had thoroughly expressed himself to be an atheist, a dangerous combination with his potential for any ner'do-wells to take interest in him. On a gut decision, Steele made arrangements with the Warehouse 23 staff, who pulled him in intellectually, got his curiosity worked up to be joined, and kept an eye on their new god.

[Abilities 24 + Powers 58 + Advantages 14 + Skills 36 + Defenses 25 = 157]

:arrow: Update One: Got 2 PP, spent them on Immortality 1.
:arrow: Update 2: Got 3 pp, spent them on 1 rank each of Technology, Insight, Stealth, Perception, Deception and Investigation.
:arrow: Update Three: Got 2 PP, spent on 2 ranks each of Deception and Persuasion
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Re: (Interest check) Crinoverse: Warehouse 23

Postby Plan B » Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:09 pm

Posting an interest.

Got a couple of ideas:

A gadgeteer with mix of alien tech and low end magic items.


A standard powersuit with a bit of a twist.
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Re: (Interest check) Crinoverse: Warehouse 23

Postby Crinos » Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:30 pm

Bending Equalist wrote:Would a Water/Blood Bender be something you'd allow?


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Re: (Interest check) Crinoverse: Warehouse 23

Postby Arthur Eld » Sat Jun 29, 2013 1:04 pm

So I've hashed out how I want my quickilver golem to be. He was a creation by the Serpent People, millenia ago, to infiltrate other communities (Atlantis, human settlements, even Utopia Isle) and gather info. So to that end he'll have high level Morph, some Regen, Elongation, maybe a rank or two of Variable, and that's it.

Should have a build up later today.

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The Black Blade

Postby badpenny » Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:04 pm

- withdrawn -
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Re: (Interest check) Crinoverse: Warehouse 23

Postby Bending Equalist » Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:28 pm


Picture by Tasastock

Age: 21
Height: 1.53m
Weight: 59kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red

History: Yaryon was into a family of travelers. The reason they traveled was because the bloodline on her father's side held the power of manipulating water and more potently, the power of manipulating blood. Due to the stigma of said blood bending they were not welcome in most places. Growing up hated was not fun. Being an only child, Yaryon had to make her own little games. Despite being an agile bundle of energy, she was quite the bookworm, soaking up every bit of knowledge she could.

Yaryon did not understand the reason why blood benders were so hated. She saw practical uses in her powers. Sure healing was technically a water power, but the application of her blood bending could enhance it. She could be a super doctor if she wanted. When she was in her early teen years she got the chance to do just that. One of the super battles left several critically injured. She could not sit around and watch people suffer. Against her parents wishes she snuck out and went to the hurting people and used her powers in full view of everyone there. The crowd was shocked. Unfortunately she was "rewarded" for her service by getting mobbed and by the locals. She didn't fight back as she thought they would stop. They didn't They knocked her out and threw her in a river to die. Her water bending powers reflexively saved her as she floated down stream, but ever since the incident she's been a little hard of hearing; something she can't seemingly fix.

After that Yaryon took a dark view of humanity for a while. She sunk deep into depression for a few years and didn't practice any kind of bending, blood or water. Her family comforted her as they traveled, but nothing helped. Until one day she found other kids her age with her plight. Metamen. The metamen she ran into told her of Xavier's dream of equality and the Tomorrow Society's help in realizing that goal. Seeing that there were humans that didn't hate or fear her dark powers lightened her up a bit. She enrolled in Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Her parents left her there as they thought she would be safe. She hasn't seen or heard from her parents since then. She fears they may have been unlucky in their travels, but keeps a silent vigil for them.

A few years later, Yaryon left Xavier's Institute of her own volition after bit off falling out. It seemed to her that the school had ulterior motives. Training kids to handle their powers was one thing, but it got deeper than that she found out. Classes turned into group. Groups went on missions. Her heart sank into her stomach that while they were teaching a righteous message, that they were making students into militant soldiers. She didn't want to be a pawn in a war. So she left. The split was amicable on both parts, even if Yaryon was disheartened.

Professor Xavier knew Yaryon's heart was in the right place and her knowledge of the obscure and the arcane could be useful in another field of work. It didn't take him long to talk her into going on a magical scavenger hunt. He pulled a few strings with the Tomorrow Society and got her shipped up to Warehouse 23. She was out of his hair for now.

Strength 10/0, Stamina 10, Agility 5, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intellect 5, Awareness 5, Presence 0

Agile Feint, Assessment, Eidetic Memory, Favored Environment: Full Moon, Precise Attack (Ranged, Concealment), Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover), Ranged Attack 6, Takedown 2, Uncanny Dodge

Enhanced Advantages
Benefit (Ambidexterity), Close Attack 10, Diehard, Fast Grab, Great Endurance, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Trip, Precise Attack (Close, Concealment), Precise Attack (Close, Cover)

Acrobatics 5 (+10), Insight 5 (+10), Investigation 5 (+10), Perception 5 (+10), Stealth 5 (+10), Treatment 5 (+10)

Water/Blood Bending
. . Blood Drain: Broad Concentration Weaken 10 (Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 20; Accurate 2: +4, Broad: Abilities, Concentration, Increased Range: ranged, Precise)
. . Blood Puppets: Concentration Cumulative Affliction 10 (1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Stunned, 3rd degree: Controlled, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 20; Accurate 2: +4, Concentration, Cumulative, Increased Range: ranged)
. . Blood Strengthen: Enhanced Trait 41 (Traits: Strength +10 (+10), Advantages: Benefit, Ambidexterity, Close Attack 10, Diehard, Fast Grab, Great Endurance, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Smash, Improved Trip, Precise Attack (Close, Concealment), Precise Attack (Close, Cover))
. . Dehydrate: Concentration Cumulative Affliction 10 (1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Stunned, 3rd degree: Paralyzed, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 20; Accurate 2: +4, Concentration, Cumulative, Increased Range: ranged)
. . Douse: Nullify 10 (Counters: Fire Effects, DC 20; Accurate 2: +4, Effortless, Increased Duration: concentration, Precise, Simultaneous)
. . Drown: Concentration Cumulative Affliction 10 (1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Stunned, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 20; Accurate 2: +4, Concentration, Cumulative, Increased Range: ranged)
. . Healing: Healing 10 (Increased Range: ranged, Persistent, Restorative, Stabilize)
. . Water Tendrils: Burst Area Move Object 10 (25 tons, DC 25; Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, Damaging, Precise, Selective; Distracting)

Initiative +5
Blood Drain: Broad Concentration Weaken 10, +10 (DC Fort 20)
Blood Puppets: Concentration Cumulative Affliction 10, +10 (DC Fort 20)
Dehydrate: Concentration Cumulative Affliction 10, +10 (DC Fort 20)
Douse: Nullify 10, +10 (DC Will 20)
Drown: Concentration Cumulative Affliction 10, +10 (DC Fort 20)
Grab, +10 (DC Spec 20)
Throw, +6 (DC 25)
Unarmed, +10 (DC 25)
Water Tendrils: Burst Area Move Object 10 (DC 25)

Disability: Yaryon is partially deaf.
Motivation: Acceptance: Yaryon is looking to clean up the reputation blood benders have earned. Failing that, just making sure that people don't freak out when SHE'S around.
Obsession: Yaryon is a trivia nerd.
Power Loss: Yaryon carries around a giant jug of water on her back. Without it some of her powers won't work.
Reputation: Blood Benders are mistrusted at best and outright hated at worst.


Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 10, Toughness 10, Will 10

Power Points
Abilities 50 + Powers 50 + Advantages 15 + Skills 15 (30 ranks) + Defenses 20 = 150
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Re: (Interest check) Crinoverse: Warehouse 23

Postby Crinos » Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:35 pm

Its fine except one thing: In this setting Mutants (Or Metamen, which is the crinoverse term for mutants) Are led by Madame Tomorrow and the Tomorrow society, which is our X men Expy. Otherwise it looks good.

Also, in this setting water benders are the descendants of this worlds dragon blooded exalted.

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Re: (Interest check) Crinoverse: Warehouse 23

Postby SilvercatMoonpaw » Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:38 pm

Crinos wrote:Its fine except one thing: In this setting Mutants (Or Metamen, which is the crinoverse term for mutants) Are led by Madame Tomorrow and the Tomorrow society, which is our X men Expy.

Who are currently persona non grata in the US. Which would be good for explaining why she's joining a secret organization.

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Re: (Interest check) Crinoverse: Warehouse 23

Postby ecar369 » Sat Jun 29, 2013 6:11 pm

Posting interest with my Greek mythology guy.
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Re: (Interest check) Crinoverse: Warehouse 23

Postby Arthur Eld » Sat Jun 29, 2013 6:26 pm


PL 10 150

Strength 1, Stamina 7, Agility 1, Dexterity 1, Fighting 6, Intellect 5, Awareness 4, Presence 1

Plansewalking Movement 2 (Dimensional-mystic dimensions, Unreliable) 2
Etherium Arm Strength-based Damage 3, Enhanced Advantage-Second Chance, against magic Damage 4

Mystically Attuned Senses 4 (Detect Magic, Acute Radius, Ranged) 4
Mystic Shields Sustained Protection 4, Enhanced Active Defenses 3 10

Manaslice Damage 12, Resisted by Will, Improved Critical 25
Metal Shaping Perception Range Move Object 10 (limited to metals), Precise 1
Animation Summon 8 (Active, Mental Link, General type-artifacts, Limited-requires objects to animate) 1
Scrying Remote Senses 19 (Visual & Auditory, Subtle, Feedback, Medium-Metal) 1

Manawings Flight 3 6
Genius Mental Quickness 2 1

Advantages: Artificer, Diehard, Eidetic Memory, Jack of All Trades, Luck, Ranged Attack 3, Startle, Ultimate Expertise (magic)

Skills: Close Combat (unarmed) 2 (+8), Deception 4 (+5), Expertise (magic) 11 (+16), Insight 5 (+9), Intimidation 10 (+11), Perception 4 (+8), Sleight of Hand 2 (+3), Stealth 2 (+3)

Initiative +1
Manaslice +8 Damage 12

Dodge 9 /6 (5), Parry 9/6
Toughness 11/7, Fortitude 7, Will 13 (9)

Abilities 52+Powers 55+Advantages 10+Skills 18+Defenses 14=149

Obsession With understanding and finding magical artifacts, especially those that can be integrated into biological life.
Enemy Zorran the Artificer.
Mana drawing Jazal's magic relies on manipulating the ambient magic, or mana, in an area. This normally works fine, but fluctuations in local mana can interfere with his spells. He also channels magic through his etherium arm, and if it is damaged, this can have unpredictable consequences.
Not from around here Jazal is from a different dimension, one with very different levels of technology and magic, and a different culture, and this can cause him all sorts of problems.

•Jazal does not speak much of himself, or at least he hasn't since joining the Warehouse. He claims to be a planeswalker-a person who can travel between dimensions from parallel earths to the Imageria and realms beyond through mental power, will and an innate kind of magic. However, Jazal has only been on Earth for a few months, following a battle with a fellow Planeswalker that weakened him and left his magic somewhat burnt out.

Since then, he quickly came to the Warehouse's attention when he arrived on their doorstep, having senses some of the magical artifacts within. His offer was simple, he would work for the Warehouse, help them study and find more artifacts, just so long as he was allowed to study them himself. Jazal has made enemies since coming to Earth as well-his obsession with artifice has caused conflicts with many other mystics from harsh words with the Covenant, a brief magical duel with Black Hands warlocks, and a protracted hatred between Zorran the Artificer and himself. Jazal is not a 'bad' man by most standards, nor is he a very 'good' man. He's obsessed with knowledge and magic, but would rather experiment on himself or a willing subject than abduct someone and change them against their will.

So far he has improved on several of the Warehouse's magical containment fields, and has also helped gain a greater understanding of artifacts by instilling a certain amount of life within artifacts, allowing them to communicate. This can be advance understanding by decades, but it can also cause huge problems-which sums up Jazal very well.

•So yeah, one slightly weakened planeswalker and artificer who specializes in magical items and is basically a mad magical scientist.

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Re: (Interest check) Crinoverse: Warehouse 23

Postby Yeoman » Sat Jun 29, 2013 6:42 pm

Sir Lyra VonSchwert


Lyra comes from a distant world. She does not know if it is another dimension, some world in another system, perhaps even something from the Imageria. There she grew up, a member of lesser nobility in a rural province, the youngest of five children.

At an early age she realized she was likely to inherit little, and thus her prospects were largely marriage, or finding a real job. So, with a little help from her parents and siblings, she set out to become a knight, believing that she could stay on with her family, protecting their holdings , and, maybe if she was lucky, see a little adventure.

Finding she had some talent for sword, and leading others, Lyra soon fond her hopes fulfilled. In the local guard she mostly spent several years taking care of local bandits, the odd wild animal that got to close to civilization. Hoever, investigating several disappearances led Lyra to a cave near one of the towns, and, in it she found a strange silvery lake. Touching the water she and her mount vanished, finding themselves near a mirror in The Warehouse.

With little else to go to, Lyra works for the Warehouse as an agent in exchange for room, board, and a way to contact her home.

Appearance: Lyra is a light haired woman of average height wearing plate mail, wielding a sword and a shield bearing her family's crest of a black bird on a green field. She rides a large flightless yellow bird wearing heavy barding. Out of armor she wears archaic clothing that looks mostly like a Victorian gentleman's suit.

Strength 4, Stamina 5, Agility 2, Dexterity 3, Fighting 7, Intellect 2, Awareness 3, Presence 5

All-out Attack, Animal Empathy, Close Attack 3, Defensive Attack, Equipment 3, Evasion 2, Fascinate (Persuasion), Fearless, Great Endurance, Improved Critical 4: Strike: Strength-based Strike 6, Improved Initiative 3, Inspire 5, Luck 3, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Sidekick 11, Takedown 2, Ultimate Effort: Will

Athletics 4 (+8), Insight 5 (+8), Intimidation 2 (+7), Investigation 2 (+4), Perception 7 (+10), Persuasion 7 (+12), Technology 1 (+3), Treatment 2 (+4)

The Sword (Easily Removable)
Strike: Strength-based Strike 6 (DC 25; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Dimensional 3: any dimension, Penetrating 6)

Large Wooden Shield, Plate-mail

Initiative +14
Grab, +10 (DC Spec 14)
Strike: Strength-based Strike 6, +10 (DC 25)
Throw, +3 (DC 19)
Unarmed, +10 (DC 19)

Native Language

Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 8, Toughness 10, Will 12

Power Points
Abilities 62 + Powers 11 + Advantages 45 + Skills 15 (30 ranks) + Defenses 17 = 150


Message in a bottle: Lyra very much enjoys exploring Earth, but will take risks when it comes to finding a way to contact her family.

Code of Honor: Lyra will do her best to abide the terms of any oaths she makes, will not strike a defenseless or unarmed opponent, or attempt to sneak attack one.

The Sword: Lyra knows her sword is magic, it was a gift from her older sister the day she took her knightly orders. She is, however, unaware that is is far older and more magical than she thinks, and that it can cut nearly anything, even opponents in other planes of existence, and there may be those looking for it.


Richard - PL 10

Strength 7, Stamina 5, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intellect 0, Awareness 3, Presence 0

Equipment 1, Evasion 2

Close Combat: Unarmed 5 (+5), Perception 4 (+7)

Speed: Speed 5 (Speed: 60 miles/hour, 900 feet/round)


Initiative +0
Grab, +0 (DC Spec 17)
Throw, +0 (DC 22)
Unarmed, +5 (DC 22)

Native Language

Dodge 5, Parry 5, Fortitude 7, Toughness 10, Will 3

Power Points
Abilities 30 + Powers 5 + Advantages 3 + Skills 5 (9 ranks) + Defenses 12 = 55

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Re: (Interest check) Crinoverse: Warehouse 23

Postby Bending Equalist » Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:00 am

Yaryon is finished. Please feel free to comment on the story. I can change it if it doesn't fit.
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Re: (Interest check) Crinoverse: Warehouse 23

Postby Tattooedman » Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:09 am

Rick Helms:
Strength 8
Stamina 6
Agility 4
Dexterity 4
Fighting 4
Intellect 1
Awareness 3
Presence 2

Skills: Deception 6 (+8.), Insight 6 (+9/+15), Intimidation 6 (+8.), Investigation 6 (+7/+13 [search only]), Perception 6 (+9/+15), Persuasion 4 (+6), Stealth 4 (+8.), Vehicles 4 (+8.)

Advantages: All-Out Attack, Close Attack 4, Equipment 2, Improved Feint, Quick Draw, Ranged Attack 4, Takedown

Powers: Hypervigilance:
Enhanced Skills 9 [Insight +6, Investigation +6 (Limited [Search only]), Perception +6]
Enhanced Advantage 1 [Uncanny Dodge]
Enhanced Dodge 6
Enhanced Parry 6
Senses 12 [Auditory (Accurate, Counters Concealment, Extended), Ultra-Hearing, Visual (Counters Concealment, Counters Illusion, Extended), Darkvision, Danger Sense]

Scion Physiology:
Immortality 5 [1 day]
Protection 4
Æsir Weapon: Strength-Based Slashing Mystical Damage 2 (Extras: Accurate, Variable Descriptor [Bludgeoning Mystical])

Offense: Initiative +4
Melee Attack +8 // Blade of the Æsir Attack +10
Ranged Attack +8

Defense: Dodge +10
Parry +10
Toughness +10
Fortitude +8
Will +9

Equipment: Blaster Pistol [Ranged Damage 5]

Costs: Abilities 64+ Skills 19+ Advantages 14+ Powers 52+ Defenses 8= 157 pts.

Real Name: Rick Helms
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 207 lbs
Hair: Black
Eye Color: Brown

Distracted: Rick is still adjusting to his expanded senses and can sometimes lose his focus because of things he can see and hear that others can't.

Dying SUCKS!!!: Just because Rick can come back from certain death doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt like hell.

Learning As He Goes: As a Scion, Rick is still developing his Æsir-based abilities.

Skewed Memories: Death takes a toll on you, even when you recover from it. Rick loses all his memories of the of the day he dies on and when he comes back to life he is confused about what has happened to him.

Unknown Heritage: Rick is a Scion of Heimdall, not that he knows that. There are certain people who would like to take advantage of the son of the guardian of Asgard.

Background: Rick Helms was a member of WITSEC (otherwise known as the Witness Protection Agency) and even though he was still considered a newbie after a couple of years he was showing some decent promise as a Marshal who had an eye for details that most others somehow missed. While on a protection detail for one of his witnesses, who was making a trial appearance, Rick died taking a bullet that was meant for his charge and died while in route to the hospital.

He woke up the following night at the medical examiner’s office, confused as to exactly how he‘d gotten there and unable to recall anything from the previous day. So after ‘borrowing’ some clothes he returned home then reported in at his job the following morning. Needless to say he caused a bit of scene and soon he found himself getting orders to report to a place he learned was called Warehouse 23.

Rick is unaware that he is a Scion of Heimdall or that his death triggered the manifestation of his divine abilities that are just now beginning to show themselves. He just thinks that the is some kind of metaman whose powers manifested because of his death.

XP & Upgrades wrote: :arrow: 2 pp banked.

:arrow: had some errors in the building of Rick's enhanced senses which once corrected gave me 7 pp to redistribute.
- Added Protection 4, which means I took out Defensive Roll from his Hypervigilance since that put him at +10 Toughness and got back 2 more pp to redistribute.
- Upped Strength from 6 to 8
-Upped Will Save from 8 to 9.
-Dropped the Enhanced Strength 2 (Flaw: Limited [Lifting & Grappling Only]) which leaves me 2 pp.

Which now gives me 7 pp to use (2 I'd banked from the first adventure, the 3 just earned & the left over 2 from refiguring the build), which were spent as follows.

-Added Darkvision & Ultra-Hearing to Hypervigilance. (3 pp)
-Added Æsir Weapon (4 pp)

:arrow: Added Vision Counters Illusion to Hypervigilance (2 pp)
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Re: (Interest check) Crinoverse: Warehouse 23

Postby Corebrute23 » Sun Jun 30, 2013 4:13 am

Here we go, my Earth bender character.
Benedict "Ben" Zabo
Pl 10


Skills: 48 ranks (24 pp)
Acrobatics 8 (+12)
Athletics 5 (+8)
Deception 5 (+5)
Expertise (Supervillains) 6 (+7)
Expertise (Martial Arts) 2 (+3)
Insight 4 (+6)
Investigation 4 (+6)
Close Combat (Unarmed) 2 (+10)
Perception 5 (+7)
Ranged combat (Bending) 1 (+6)[+10 with Ranged attack] -- Ranged Attacks based on Dex
Stealth 2 (+6)

Advantages: (17)
All-out Attack, Beginner’s luck Daze (Deception), Diehard, Evasion, Great Endurance, Improved Critical (Bending) 2, Improved Disarm, Improved Smash, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 4, Tracking

Powers: (51)
“Earth Shields” Sustained Protection 8 [8]
"One With the Earth" Movement 1 (Sure-Footed) [2]
“Metal Swinglines” Movement 1 (Swinging) [2]
"Earth Running" Speed 3 (16 mph) [3]

“Wrist Whips” Damage 10 (Extras: Perception +2) Feats: Split [31]...(38)
AE: "Bonds of Stone" : Snare 10 (Extras: Ranged) (Flaws: Medium- Metals or Earth -0) (31)
AE: “Gauntlets of Ore”: Strength-based Damage, (Extras: Variable (Metal/Stone weapons),Extended Reach, Penetrating) +7 [Feats: Accurate 1] [25]
AE: "Rock Flurry" Blast 10 (Extras: Multiattack) Feats: Precise (31)
AE: "Earth Objects" Create 10 (Extras: Continuous) (30)
AE: "Ground Pound" Damage 10 (DC 25; Shapeable Area: 30 feet radius sphere; Limited: Shakes and Targets on Same Surface) (30)
AE: "Earthbending" Earth Control 10 Extras: Damaging (Feats: Precise) (31)
AE: "Metalbending" Move Object 10 Extras: Damaging (Feats: Precise)(Flaws: Limited to Metals) (31)

Defense: Dodge 4, Fortitude 4, Parry 8, Will 2 (4), Toughness 4 (12)


Relationships (Daisy Johnson) His half sister, and a UNISON agent, she’s the only one who he remotely listens to. He loves her dearly, and will quickly rise to defend her, even if it means assaulting a superior officer who insults her. Not that that happened, or is the reason he’s been reassigned or anything.

Relationships (Calvin Zabo aka Mr Hyde) evil supervillain and father to Benedict, the man has actually given up on his son. He believes he’s more trouble than he’s worth, and had cast him aside. This actually hurts Ben more than he lets on, even though he hates his father, giving him a low opinion of himself. However, there is someone keeping an eye on him.

Relationships (Chase Young)- When Hyde didn’t know how to deal with his son’s powers he asked for some help from the Black Hand. They sent Chase Young who is very interested in him, and wants to bring him back into the Black Hand, where he can improve his power. He’s also the closest thing to a father figure Rolland has ever had, and the temptation is always there.

Reputation (Reckless): He’s well known around UNISON for being a hot head, and getting into dangerous situations while disobeying orders.

Power Loss (Bending)- When he was young, his powers were out of control, so he was assigned to a tutor, who channeled his powers into martial arts movements. He is now unable to use his powers unless he’s able to follow through with martial arts. It’s uncertain if this is a mental limitation or an actual requirement of his powers, which may be an extension of chi manipulation similar to Victor Alvarez. Regardless if he is restrained or unable to move his body, he cannot use his powers.

History: Second child to the supervillain Mister Hyde and an unknown prostitute, unlike his older sister who was put up for adoption, Benedict was kept by his father for experimentation when the baby showed signs of metahuman powers soon after birth. And by signs, I mean creating earthquakes in the hospital when he cried.

Hyde, when his attempts at controlling his child's powers with drugs and hypnosis proved ineffectual, essentially sold the child to service to the Black Hand, where he became a somewhat rebellious protege to Chase Young, who focused his abilities into martial arts, and helped him learn he could control the earth in metal as well. He was even assigned to fight against Claremont Academy with Shadow Academy from time to time, where he developed a rivalry with Toph Beifong, a student with similar powers to himself.

When he was 17, his sister discovered him, and helped him break away from the Black Hand. She tried to get him to join UNISON, but after a classified incident where he struck a superior officer, he was kicked out of UNISON.

Then he got a letter, telling him about a new job opportunity, at a place called Warehouse 23...

EDIT: Note, replaced Improved Trip with Tracking, as it was for a power that is no longer there.

EDIT 2: Added Accurate to Gauntlets of Ore, as close combat unarmed skill didn't apply to it.
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