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Fire Tyrant [Freedomverse version]

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Fire Tyrant PL 14
:arrow: Image used is Commission Xiphos by jaxthebat from deviantart.
Quote: “This world is mine, you have just failed to realize it yet.”
Concept: Mutant Kaiju from another dimension
Occupation: Conqueror
Base of Operations: Hidden cave base outside of New York
Real Name: Firtyr
Legal Status: Other dimensional being with criminal record
Identity: Known to authorities and heroes
Marital Status: Single
Height: 120’ [8’ with Growth turned off]
Weight: 5 ktons [400 lbs. with Growth turned off]
Eyes: Molten orange/Red [normal form]
Hair: Mane of flames/none [normal form]
Age: 105 [appears to be in mid-40s]

Strength 20/4*, Stamina 20/4*, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 8, Intellect 4, Awareness 1, Presence 4

Mutant Kaiju: Multiple Powers as One [Innate]
Dragon-Type Kaiju: Immunity 10 [Heat Descriptor], Power-Lifting 4, Senses 5 [Acute Smell, Vision Counters Illusion, Darkvision], Speed 2 [8 mph] • 21 points
Healthy Adult: Enhanced Fortitude 8, Limited: Doesn’t stack with Growth Stamina • 4 points
Massive Kaiju Size: Growth 16 [+16 Strength and Stamina, +8 Intimidation, -16 Stealth, +2 Speed, -8 Dodge and Parry], Continuous Linked to Impervious Toughness 7 ; Features 2 [Retain ability to speak and be heard normally regardless of size rank, up to 50 lbs. of carried items change size along with her] • 57 points
Near-Invulnerable: Impervious Toughness 7, Immunity 9 [Life Support; No environmental cold], Regeneration 5, Persistent • 26 points

Living Magma Form: Activation [Move action; -1 point]
Super-Heated Body: Reaction Damage 10 [When touched] • 40 points
Magma Arm Spikes and Claws Variable Descriptor [slashing, heat] for Unarmed Damage • 1 point

Power Over Lesser Kaiju: Perception Ranged, Cumulative Affliction 8 [Resisted and Overcome by Will; Dazed, Compelled, Controlled], Limited to kaiju • 24 points

Equipment: Hidden cave base off of New York [Size: Large; Toughness: 10; Features: Communications, Computer, Concealed 2, Holding Cells [Toughness 15], Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System [thermal vents], Workshop • Cost: 15 ep; 5 ep of additional gear as needed.

Advantages Benefit 2 [Cipher], Diehard, Equipment 4, Power Attack

Skills Athletics 2 [+22/+6], Deception 6 [+10], Expertise: Current Events 4 [+8], Expertise: Science 8 [+12], Intimidation 8 [+20/+12], Perception 8 [+9], Technology 8 [+12]

Initiative +2
Unarmed +8, Close, Damage 20/4*
Dodge 8/12*, Parry 8/13*
Toughness 20/4*, Fortitude 20/12*, Will 8
*With Growth off

Power Points
Abilities 58 + Powers 173 + Advantages 8 + Skills 22 [44 ranks]+ Defenses 29 = 290 Total

Motivation: Fire Tyrant is driven by a desire to rule the world and all within it, due to his mental instability.
Enemy: Nieces: Anna, Nyuu and Jasmine; Monster Squad; Freedom League; The Sentinels
Prejudice: Even if he weren’t a mentally unstable giant seen as living magma most of the time, he would still be feared for his appearance and as a Kaiju.
Disability: His mutations make him mentally unstable and highly volatile, along with delusions of grandeur.
Power Loss: His Living Magma Form is vulnerable to being shut down by intense cold and large amounts of water will cool him off and force him to revert to normal form.
Temper: While in his Living Magma Form he is prone to temper issues, triggered by any setback or insult thrown at him.
Weakness: While in his Living Magma Form he suffers an additional degree of effect from any cold or water-based effect. Extreme cold will not only turn off his Living Magma Form but act as Fortitude Damage 18 each minute he is exposed to it.

:arrow: Brickhouse’s insane uncle, he believes he shall rule the world with an army of kaiju at his command. With his raw power and abilities he has a chance at succeeding.

History: Firtyr was born an only child and with good reason. His parents feared bringing another like him into this world. For he was the largest Kaiju ever born and his skin would flare up into molten magma without warning. A mutant, the only ever in recorded history of their world, he used his strength and size to bully others and his intelligence to prove his superiority. He developed scientific theories and techniques others couldn’t understand, either because the science was new to them or Firtyr’s increasingly unbalanced mind was the only one capable of.

Yet he was the only one capable of helping his nieces when they came asking for help, one involving a portal and the missing Anna. It was child’s play to detect the lingering energy from the portal and detect a similar energy from a new portal that would soon open. Following the energy signature, they found a new portal and headed through, just less than a year since Anna’s disappearance. Yet what they found on the other side was so much more.

A city of towering skyscrapers and concrete filled with humans, yet no Kaiju in sight. But in the distance he could sense something, a faint tingle of a kaiju mindset different than his own kind. Bestial kaiju existed in this world, some alien creatures, others mutations and monsters created by man. Yet all he could sense to a small degree and knew that he could control them, for they were powerful, yet weak-willed. This world would be his, with an army of kaiju beast at his beck and call. Thus he flew off without a word to his nieces, just as what he could only guess are local authorities showed up. Despite his size and speed, was too fast to catch up to and shrunk down to human size while slipping onto a ship.

Months of travel and he finally arrived near the greatest source of the kaiju minds. A place dubbed Kaiju Island by the humans. Taking over the mind of a massive pterodactyl and riding on its back, he made his way back to New York City, declaring himself the new ruler of this world. But the local heroes, the Sentinels, had a thing to say about this. Knocked off his mount and forced him to fight alone, he took on his full size and magma form, holding off the team of heroes for a long time but slowly being worn down.

The timely arrival of Brickhouse and the Monster Squad turned the tide, his niece proving immune to the heat of his magma form and wearing him down blow after blow. Seeing defeat near, he shrank away from battle, literally, taking on human size to move among the alleyways and sewers too flee capture. Yet this was just his first foray on his quest for world domination, he would have others and next time he would come prepared with his own army to back him up.

Description: Firtyr is a mutant Kaiju of the dragon-type, a massive being larger than any other Kaiju ever born. Standing 120’ at his natural size, he has a strong build with athletic muscle tone over his red scales. With eyes of crimson red that give a glimpse into the insanity beneath, it’s understandable why he was shunned by most other Kaiju. His face is more reptilian than other dragon-type Kaiju, with blunted, short snout and lacking any hair, with a normal tail.

Yet his most dangerous form is part of his mutation, the power to transform into a living being of molten magma. In this form his skin is replaced with blackened magma with lines of molten red and orange on muscle lines and joints; his head gains a fiery mane of hair which flows down from the top of his head to the tip of his tail; and his forearms gain rows of razor-sharp spikes and his natural claws elongate.

Personality: Despite his natural intellect and learning speed, or maybe because of it, Firtyr is cold and distant to most beings, yet highly volatile and mentally unstable. His mutations have slowly driven him insane, with the belief that all other Kaiju should serve him and he should rule the world, by merit of his power and obvious greater intelligence. Even just short encounters with him will show how unhinged he has become, yet those desperate enough may still seek his aid.

Powers and Abilities: Fire Tyrant is a mutant dragon-type Kaiju, the largest ever born [most others cap at 100’ tops] and with superhuman strength and stamina not unlike to a god. At his natural size he is capable of running at up to 60 mph, withstanding any force less than a battleship batteries’ fire without any risk of harm and is a true terror to deal with. As a mutant dragon-type Kaiju he is completely immune to all forms of fire and heat; able to see in any lightning, see through illusions and possesses a sharp sense of smell. He can survive in any environment and heals almost as fast as injuries can be inflicted.

Yet he possesses other mutations granting him even further power. Capable of transforming in a being of living magma, his body becomes superheated where the slightest touch can melt even solid steel and his strikes are backed up by the heat. But this form is vulnerable to intense cold and large amounts of water, able to force him back to his normal state. Any power based on cold or water proves more effective in this state and even when shifted back to normal extreme cold is lethal to him.
He has the power to control the minds of weaker willed and lesser Kaiju/kaiju, yet never used this while on his home Earth, fearing those stronger willed Kaiju would prove too much for his power. But on this Earth, he has a lot of new, bestial kaiju to form an army from; any large version of a natural animal, giant creature created by accident or on purpose, they were kaiju for purposes of controlling them.

Tactics: Fire Tyrant has learned from his early encounters and works smarter instead of relying on brute strength. He normally forms an “army” of kaiju under his control, between 10-20 on average and leads them into attacking a city with the demands the humans surrender and give him control or the attacks will continue. Normally this is in New York, Freedom City and sometimes Japan.

Once his kaiju have softened up any local defenders, he charges in and proceeds to take out the strongest first, leaving the others less capable of dealing with him. He always fights in his Living Magma form and hits with enough force and accuracy to insure great injury if not complete subdual for his foes. If his kaiju have all fallen or only one flyer remains, he will flee either by shrinking and moving through back alleys and sewers to escape or shrinking and ride one of his flying kaiju to safety. He will only do this if the remaining foes appear to have the upper hand against him.

Allies: None except the kaiju he forces to work for him.

Enemies: Nieces, Anna, Nyuu and Jasmine; Monster Squad; Freedom League; The Sentinels.
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Dragonblade [Freedomverse version]

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Dragonblade PL 11
:arrow: Image used is 10$ NeoLucky by FooRay from deviant art.
Quote: “Surrender or face me, varlet!”
Concept: Female Dragonkin swordswoman from the Realm
Occupation: Adventurer
Base of Operations: Freedom City
Real Name: Daar
Legal Status: Other-dimensional being given U.S. citizenship
Identity: Public
Marital Status: Single
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Crimson
Age: 35 years old

Strength 5, Stamina 6, Agility 3, Dexterity 2, Fighting 8, Intellect 1, Awareness 4, Presence 3

Dragonkin: Multiple Powers as One [Innate]
Dragon Eyes: Senses 3 [Darkvision, low-light vision] • 3 points
Dragon scales: Protection 1, Impervious, Noticeable [Dragon scales; -1 point] • 1 point
Forged in Fire: Immunity 10 [Heat Effects] • 10 points
Long-lived: Feature 1 [Longevity] • 1 point
Tail: Strength-Based Damage 1 • 1 point

Dragonblade: Removable [Indestructible; -1 points] Array [6 points]
Massive Blade Slash: Strength-Based Damage 5, Reach • 6 points
Hamstring Strike: Cumulative Affliction 5 [Resisted by Fortitude; Hindered, Immobile], Limited Degree • 1 point
Vital Strike: Affliction 5 [Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated] • 1 point
Spellcutter: Close Nullify [Magic] 5, Broad • 1 point
Debilitating Blow: Weaken Abilities 5, Broad, Unreliable • 1 point

Advantages Accurate Attack, Assessment, Benefit [Ambidexterity], Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 3, Diehard, Great Endurance, Improved Critical: Swords 2, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Instant Up, Interpose, Languages [Base: Draconic; English], Power Attack, Precise Attack 2 [Close, concealment and cover], Quick Draw, Skill Mastery [Close Combat: Swords], Takedown 2, Tracking, Uncanny Dodge, Weapon Bind

Skills Athletics 6 [+11], Close Combat: Swords 4 [+12], Expertise: Magic 4 [+5], Expertise: Sword smith 6 [+7], Insight 6 [+10], Intimidation 6 [+9], Perception 6 [+10], Treatment 4 [+5]

Initiative +7
Massive Blade Slash +12, Close, Damage 10, Crit: 18-20
Hamstring Strike +12, Close, Affliction 5, Crit: 18-20
Vital Strike See Hamstring Strike

Dodge 10, Parry 12
Toughness 10/7*, Fortitude 12, Will 10
*Without Defensive Roll

Power Points
Abilities 68 + Powers 26 + Advantages 27 + Skills 21 [42 ranks] + Defenses 23= 165 Total

Justice: She is driven by a need to see justice done and evil defeated.
Enemy: She has made more than a few, from Rant and Rave, to her most hated of foes, Bloodfire and Dragonsbane.
Fame: Due to her connection to the Freedom League, appearance and otherworldly nature, it is almost impossible for her to stay out of the lime light while in public.
Hatred: Although she has many foes, her true hatred is reserved for Bloodfire and Dragonsbane who she has sworn to slay with her sword.
Otherworldly: Despite having been on Earth for over a year now, she still has a lot to learn about the customs and even laws.

:arrow: One of the most skilled sword fighters of the Realm and a female Dragonkin, she stands out on Earth and is still learning how to get along in this strange place.

History: Born to a family of prominent Dragonkin in the Realm, Daar was expected to do great things. She grew up being taught some magic and first aid skills by her mother, while her father pushed her into being a sword smith. Her interest in swords grew with time and she was off to Loi’vish Swordsmen Academy, one of the most well-known academies in the Realm.

When she graduated 10 years later, she was shocked to learn she had been accepted by a dragon as her master. An old family friend, Ovdin Ozak, crafted a huge bastard sword for her to wield, one which could only be destroyed an equal craftsman to him. Dubbing the sword Dragonblade, she used it time and again to protect her master from threats, feeling indebted as his recommendation had gotten her into the academy.

But one time she was lured away from her master by the Rith, the eldest Dragonkin alive within the Realm. He served an evil human who craved power, using her distraction to slip in and murder her sleeping master. The twisted giant of a man turned the skin and body parts into an enchanted suit for himself, something for which Daar would never forgive him. She has finally caught up to the cowardly Rith and his master, who called himself Bloodfire now, and took chase.

Still adapting to the dragon-suit, he ended up fleeing through a portal which opened in front of him without warning with Rith following behind. Not caring for her own well-being, she dove through the closing portal at the last moment. By the time she exited on the other side, she was shocked to find herself deep within a forest, in an open field just as the portal blinked out.

Wandering around, she ended up in a place like nothing she had ever seen; a city made of metal, glass and stone with buildings rising into the sky. And despite losing the trail on Rith and Bloodfire for now, she heard a strange noise and went to investigate. A building with glass windows, a rarity in the Realm, she saw people on the ground and cowering from a pair of youths. Yet the one youth seemed to be distorting the very fabric of reality within the building, as it twisted in bizarre ways.

Knowing an evil when she saw it, she charged in and struck down Rant with one swift blow of her sword. The girl, Rave, focused her power upon Daar, forcing her to fight with her eyes shut. But her training won out and she subdued the other sibling with ease. As the police showed up and saw her, they sent a female police officer over to explain who they were. Law-enforcement official, this she could understand and it seemed their language was like the Common tongue of the Realm.

Captain Thunder showed up on the scene and after hearing her tale, said the Freedom League would take her in and she would be an honorary member til she had more experience with their world. She proved himself time and again, able to avoid causing serious wounds despite using a massive sword. But the biggest shock would happen just a year after she first arrived, when her little sister and friend showed up…

Description: Daar is an attractive female Dragonkin, with athletic and toned build. Her skin is covered in crimson red scales, a pair of black horns on her head with pointed ears, with a 3’ long dragon tail and reptilian feet. Her eyes are amber and gleam in any light, while she keeps her crimson hair short and out of the way.

She wears a black leather outfit similar to a one-piece swimsuit, a sash belt, partial leggings down to the bottom of her knees, a simple bracelet on her left wrist and a pair of long, black fingerless gloves that go past her elbow. She is rarely seen without “Dragonblade”, a huge bastard sword with long grip created by a family friend.

Personality: Daar is headstrong and stubborn, despite her training at swordsmen academy, and will do things her own way unless a proven better way is provided. She has a wicked sense of humor and loves a good fight, seeing it as practice and a good workout. But deep underneath it all she does care for others, especially children, and will do everything in her power to protect them.

Powers and Abilities: Dragonblade is a Dragonkin from the Realm, a humanoid being formed in the image of dragons. Her red-scaled skin provides a degree of protection and provides her with immunity to all forms of heat and flame. Her natural strength is greater than it appears, having compact yet strong muscle structure and enhanced human stamina.

She is highly resistant to injury, especially when using her training to “roll with the punches” as it were. Her eyes allow her to see in any condition, even pitch-black, while she can strike powerful blows with her tail. As a Dragonkin she can live for centuries with no ill effect on their health or abilities.

Her greatest power comes from her swordsmanship, trading force for accuracy, focusing on defense or attack as needed. She can take down a group of foes with one massive swing of her sword and fight even blindfolded with ease. Her sword from which she takes her codename, Dragonblade, is a huge bastard sword, enchanted to be unbreakable except by highly skilled sword smiths. She can strike at the hamstrings to slow a foe down, aim for vitals to either shock them into unconsciousness or weaken abilities and even was trained to literally cut through spells and disrupt them.

Tactics: Against an unknown foe she normally goes on the defensive and assesses them to size them up. Following this she will shift to the best tactic for her current foe. Against big, slow bruisers she will fight defensively but put more energy behind her strikes. Against fast foe she will shift everything into she has into accuracy; while against a fast, tough foe she will go accurate and hope for the best. Spell casters she will seek to disrupt any spells they have currently active and subdue them quickly.

If protecting others she will go on the defensive and try to keep any threats away from her charges. She will interpose herself between any attacks aimed at one of her “charges”, especially children.

Allies: The Freedom League have helped her as best they can to adjust to Earth; her sister Surina and friend have recently shown up and will do anything to aid Daar in her quest.

Enemies: Rant and Rave have vowed to get back at her for their humiliation; while Bloodfire and Rith, going by Dragonsbane now, are still out there and hiding as they learn about Earth and its people.
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Dragonsbane [Freedomverse version]

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Dragonsbane PL 12
:arrow: Image used is Tichondrus by LucasAckerman from deviantart.
Quote: “Pitiful, the mortals of this realm are so weak.”
Concept: Eldest living Dragonkin from the Realm
Occupation: Bodyguard, criminal
Base of Operations: Modified cave complex outside Freedom City
Real Name: Rith
Legal Status: Other dimensional being with criminal record
Identity: Secret [known to authorities]
Marital Status: Single
Height: 10’
Weight: 800 lbs.
Eyes: Pure Red
Hair: None
Age: 1200 years old

Strength 10, Stamina 10, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 8, Intellect 2, Awareness 4, Presence 4

Eldest Dragonkin: Multiple Powers as One [Innate]
Claws and Fangs: Strength-Based Damage 2, Improved Critical • 3 points
Dragon’s Acid Breath: Line Area Damage 10, Secondary Effect • 30 points
Dragon Eyes: Senses 3 [Darkvision, Low-light vision] • 3 points
Large Body: Growth 2 [+2 Str, +2 Stamina, +1 Intimidation, -2 Stealth, -1 Dodge and Parry], Permanent • 4 points
Powerful Legs: Array [4 points]
Powerful Leap: Leaping 3 [60’ standing long jump] • 4 points
Swift Runner: Speed 3 [16 mph] • 1 point]
Roar of the Dragon: Perception Hearing Area Affliction 12 [Resisted and Overcome by Will; Entranced, Compelled, Controlled], Limited to fleeing or cowering in terror • 12 points
Thick Dragon Scales: Impervious Protection 2, Noticeable [dragon scales; -1 point] • 3 points
Forged in Fire: Immunity 10 [Heat Effects] • 10 points
Long-Lived: Feature 1 [Longevity] • 1 point

Advantages All-Out Attack, Assessment, Benefit 3 [Cipher], Daze [Intimidation], Defensive Attack, Evasion 2, Favored Foe [Dragons], Great Endurance, Improved Critical [Claws and Fangs] 3, Interpose, Jack-of-All-Trades, Power Attack, Precise Attack 2 [Close, concealment and cover], Ritualist, Startle, Takedown 2, Tracking, Uncanny Dodge

Skills Athletics 12 [+22], Close Combat: Natural Weapons 4 [+12], Deception 10 [+14], Expertise: Dragons 10 [+12], Expertise: Magic 8 [+10], Insight 16 [+20], Intimidation 12 [+17], Perception 12 [+16], Stealth 14 [+14], Treatment 8 [+10]

Initiative +2
Claws and Fangs +12, Close, Damage 12

Dodge 10, Parry 12
Toughness 12*, Fortitude 12, Will 12
*Impervious 2

Power Points
Abilities 76 + Powers 72 + Advantages 25 + Skills 53 [106 ranks] + Defenses 24= 250 Total

Motivation: He is driven by a need for revenge against all dragons, seeing servitude of him and his kind in the Realm as nothing less than slavery. He also craves power and works with Bloodfire to gain more.
Enemy: Dragonblade and through her, the Freedom League
Hatred: He hates true dragons so much he will go out of his way to kill one, no matter what the risk or what other opponents are around.
Reputation: Due to various strikes to gain supplies around the U.S., he is considered a dangerous criminal willing to use lethal force.
Responsibility: Despite Bloodfire now possessing more raw power than him, he still feels he must protect him as his bodyguard, if he is ever to gain enough power to wipe out all true dragons.
Otherworldly: Despite having been on Earth for over a year now, he still has a lot to learn about the customs and even laws. Social customs are virtually unknown except those he reads about.

:arrow: The oldest Dragonkin from the Realm, he resents dragons and any Dragonkin who would willingly serve one. He has thrown his lot in with a power mad human, yet one with the skills and power to get Dragonsbane what he wants.

History: Born of the will of the dragons within the Realm, the 1st Dragonkin were nothing more than slaves, bound to the will of their creators and forced to do their bidding. Yet as more beings came from outside the Realm, their hold weakened, Rith was the first of his kind to throw off the shackles of the dragons and set out on his own. But his thoughts always turned back to those who created them to be slaves and seethed.

Travelling the Realm and gaining more and more power with each fight, for others saw him and thought him to be nothing more than a brute. But he was smart, cunning and knew how to gauge his foes’ strength and weaknesses. It would be many centuries but he would become powerful enough to have revenge on all dragons.

He became a specter to the dragons of the Realm and those Dragonkin who willingly served him; a bogyman who would strike without warning and slay them while their guard was down. He soon earned a new title, Dragonsbane, for he was a threat they couldn’t ignore. He was hunted by all who knew of his actions, with a rare few exceptions of fellow dragon haters in the Realm. But less than 100 years ago his luck turned, as he saved a human from an angry mob of Dragonkin, about to lynch him for taking a dragon’s scale without asking.

A curse placed upon the human by a dragon in his youth caused his blood to feel like it was on fire, leaving him in constant pain. He had figured out how to break the curse and gain greater power than virtually any dragon within the Realm, to gain his revenge for a minor slight in his youth. Rith took up with the human, his plans for revenge on the dragons being perfect and a means to gaining power. He was his bodyguard for years til they finally were ready for his ultimate plan. His aging slowed due to draught’s made from dragon’s blood, the human needed to slay a dragon in its sleep and turn the body into a suit of armor, only while it was worn would the curse be abated. But it would also give him power beyond his dreams, that of an elder dragon.

Thus Rith lured the Dragonkin, Daar, away from her “master” while the human slipped in and slew the dragon while it rest, slitting its throat without a care. The twisted giant of a human dragged the body back to his lair, one where time moved differently and began his work. While Rith was chased, days, weeks pasted in the lair; yet only 6 hours after she gave chase did Daar see the human, calling himself Bloodfire now, standing before her wearing an armor made from her master!

Still adapting to the dragon-suit, Rith and Bloodfire ended up fleeing through a portal that opened in their path, the enraged Daar giving chase without a moment’s hesitation. Deep within an unknown forest, they took flight and ended up on the outskirts of a massive city the likes of which were mere legend in the Realm. Seeing humans as the only lifeform, he soon realized they had beings the equal of dragons and greater still among them, as a powerfully built male flew over the skyline.

Knowledge is power and thus Bloodfire decided to bid his time, gathering information about this new world and its people before making his move. Rith, going by his title of Dragonsbane, slunk out into the world, unseen and began to gather sources of information and supplies, while his “master” began to plot and make various plans to deal with the superhumans of this world. Their foe, dubbed Dragonblade by the people of this world, had gained powerful allies and experience, yet they still stood a chance. With the recent arrival of the pest sister and her boyfriend, plans have to be reworked to take them into account.

Description: Rith a large Dragonkin with a powerful barrel chest and bulging muscles. His hide is covered in dark green scales; both his hands and feet have large claws, while his mouth is lined with razor-sharp fangs; his eyes are pure red and project aggression, his head having a small frill running down it. He doesn’t need to wear clothes most of the time but likes to wear a simple trench coat most of the time.

Personality: Rith is a bitter individual, driven by rage and desire for revenge against his own creators. He has self-esteem issues and believes he can never prove his true power until the day the last dragon dies. He keeps himself under control most of the time, acting as a bodyguard for his “master” and errand boy. Yet he has a temper which shows itself, either when harmed in battle or when facing a dragon.

Powers and Abilities: One of the original Dragonkin and oldest living one, Dragonsbane has a lot of raw power which even dragons come to fear. Standing 10’ tall and powerfully built, he has superhuman strength able to throw boulders and rend steel with ease. Tougher than a tank, he can weather blows that would kill lesser beings with nary a scratch. He is over 1 thousand years old and it is unknown what the true lifespan is of a Dragonkin. In this time has experienced a lot, becoming a skilled hunter, tracker and one of the greatest fighters from the Realm, along knowledge related to his hated foes, the dragons and their magic.

His eyes can see in any lightning and easily at night; immune to fire and heat of any sort; possesses powerful legs which allow him to make superhuman leaps and run as fast as a slow car; and wields deadly claws and fang capable of tearing apart even the toughest of foes. A rarity among Dragonkin, he has a powerful acidic breath weapon which burns everything in its path, along with a powerful dragon’s roar which can cause lesser foes to flee in terror or cower in fear before his majesty.

Tactics: While on his own, Dragonsbane will slink about unseen and first gauge his foe’s strength, before determining if he should remain hidden or ambush. First strike is almost always a powerful bite in an attempt to rip his foe asunder; if this fails to drop his foe he will use his breath weapon and hide once again hoping to ambush and finish his foe. If forced to fight in the open he will vary his tactics, more powerful foes he will fight on the defensive, while weaker foes face his full fury.

When faced with a large group of opponents, he unleashes his Roar of the Dragon first, to scare away those too weak-willed and cowardly to be proper foes. He has extensive experience fighting groups, striking and moving on once a foe has dropped, til a foe survives his first strike or he needs to rest for a moment. When with Bloodfire he will fight defensively and remain near him, shielding him with his own body from any strike and lashing out with deadly strikes to fell those who would harm his meal ticket.

Allies: New to Earth, Dragonsbane has only one ally, his “master” Bloodfire who uses him like a pawn.

Enemies: Dragonblade, Freedom League due to association.
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Bloodfire [Freedomverse version]

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Bloodfire PL 15
:arrow: Image used is Angra mainyu by GENZOMAN from deviantart.
Quote: “This world will be mine, I can wait as long as needed.”
Concept: Vengeful human from Realm with armor made from dragon’s body
Occupation: Would-be conqueror
Base of Operations: Modified cave complex outside Freedom City
Real Name: Unknown
Legal Status: Other dimensional being with criminal record
Identity: Secret [known to authorities]
Marital Status: Single
Height: 10’0”
Weight: 600 lbs. [850 lbs. with armor]
Eyes: Pale gray
Hair: Black
Age: Unknown

Strength 20/4*, Stamina 12/4*, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 10/6*, Intellect 8, Awareness 8, Presence 10/8*
*Without Dragon Armor

Dragon’s Blood Draught: Multiple Powers as One
Giant Human: Growth 2, [+2 Str, +2 Sta, +1 Intimidation, -2 Stealth, -1 Dodge and Parry], Permanent • 4 points
Near Immortal: Immunity 3 [aging, disease, poison] • 3 points
Dragon Scaled Skin: Imperious Protection 2, Noticeable [dragon scales; -1 point] • 3 points

Dragon Armor: Removable [-22 points ; Indestructible]
Dragon’s Fire: Cone Area Damage 15 • 30 points
Dragon Senses: Senses 10 [Acute Olfactory, Darkvision, Low-Light Vision, Tracking [olfactory], Ultra-Hearing; Accurate, Radius, Ranged Mental Sense] • 10 points
Leathery Wings: Flight 6 [120 mph], Wings • 6 points
Scaled Armor: Impervious Protection 6 • 12 points
Blade-Whip Tail: Extended Reach 2 on Unarmed Damage, [slashing instead of bludgeoning damage] • 2 points
Power of the Elder Dragon: Enhanced Fighting 4; Enhanced Presence 2; Enhanced Strength 16; Enhanced Stamina 8, Permanent • 60 points

Darkest of Magics: Array [50 point array]
Curses and Dark Spells: Ranged Progressive Affliction 10, Variable Conditions 2, Progressive Limited to once per hour • 50 points
Death Curse: Perception Ranged Weaken Stamina 10, Progressive • 1 point
Mystic Bolt Barrage: Ranged Damage 10, Multiattack, Affects Insubstantial 2, Penetrating 8, Precise, Triggered 3 [When suffers 2 degrees or more of Damage] • 1 point
Gloom: Environment 15 [Visibility -5], Features 2: Act as a true night, Self Immunity • 1 point
Shadow Form: Concealment 2 [Visual, Limited to Darkness and Shadows]; Immunity 10 [Life Support]; Insubstantial 3 [shadow form]; Movement 3 [Slithering, Wall-Crawling 2] • 1 point
Shadow Walk: Accurate, Extended Teleport 10, Increased Mass 10 [25 tons], Medium [shadows] • 1 point

Advantages Artificer, Assessment, Benefit 2 [Cipher 2], Eidetic Memory, Equipment 7, Favored Foe [Dragons], Languages [Base: Realm Common; Draconic], Power Attack, Ritualist, Skill Mastery [Expertise: Magic], Well-Informed

Skills Deception 10 [+20], Expertise: Current Events 4 [+12], Expertise: Magic 12 [+20], Expertise: Superhumans 8 [+16], Insight 8 [+16], Investigation 12 [+20; Limited to Search and Gather Information checks], Perception 8 [+16], Ranged Combat: Darkest of Magics 8 [+10], Sleight of Hand 4 [+6], Stealth 12 [+14]

Initiative +2
Unarmed/Blade-Whip Tail +10, Close, Damage 20
Dragon’s Fire Cone Area, Damage 15
Darkest of Magics +10, Ranged, Damage, Affliction or Weaken 10

Dodge 8, Parry 10
Toughness 20*/6**, Fortitude 12/4**, Will 18
*Impervious 8 **Without Dragon Armor

Power Points
Abilities 76 + Powers 163 + Advantages 18 + Skills 40 [86 ranks] + Defenses 18= 315 Total

Motivation: He is driven by a need for revenge against all dragons, for the cruel curse placed upon him by one for a prank as a child. He also craves power and does anything to gain more.
Cursed: Without the armor on to abate the curse, his blood feels like it is on fire and he is in constant pain. During such times he is impaired on all checks and dazed.
Enemy: Dragonblade and through her, the Freedom League
Megalomaniac: He believes himself to be greater than others and that he should rule over all, constantly plotting and planning means to gain more power to insure his goals come to fruition.
Methodical: Seeing others fail over and over due to poor planning, he plots and plans out every little details, possible complications and studies his foes before making the first move. This includes when just sending out Dragonsbane to acquire something for him.
Otherworldly: Despite having been on Earth for over a year now, he still has a lot to learn about the customs and even laws. Social customs are virtually unknown except those he reads about.

:arrow: Used for character notes of any sort, including on why they have certain powers/advantages,etc.

History: An unnamed youth, simply playing when he stumbled upon a dragon’s lair. Thinking it would be a funny prank to play; he made a water bomb from some leaf fronds and hit the dragon in the face, waking him. Yet the dragon was one of the most elderly in the Realm, remembering the days when it was just dragons and their servants, the Dragonkin. Lashing out at the arrogant youth, he placed a curse upon him that his blood would constantly burn, leaving him in pain for the rest of his days as punishment for daring to mess with a dragon.

The youth grew, studying up on dragons, magic and curses, for a means to take his revenge against the cruel beast and gain power. Darkness filled his heart, with thoughts of revenge and power filling his head. Tapping into the darkest of magics, he soon had his revenge on the dragon who cursed him, killing him slowly with a wasting disease over a month’s time. Yet his own curse remained and he continued his quest. Just short of 100 years ago his luck took a turn for the better, having stolen a dragon’s scale but the locals took offense at this.

Faced with an angry mob including beings resistant to his spells, the end seemed near. Til a huge Dragonkin stepped in and scared them off. This giant was just what he needed, someone to guard him til he could break his curse and complete his ultimate goal of revenge on all dragons. Their shared hatred of dragons helped to begin a friendship or at least alliance which has lasted to this day.

Drinking draughts made from dragon’s blood to impede his aging, it also made him larger, stronger and tougher than before. Soon he found the perfect dragon for his plans, having Rith lure away his Dragonkin servant it was child’s play to sneak in and slit the beast throat. Taking his prize back to his lair, his work began to turn it into armor for himself, one which would not only abate the curse but grant him more power than he ever dreamed.

Months pasted in his lair in the time of a few hours outside and the suit was ready, as the reborn Bloodfire stepped forth from his lair to see the Dragonkin stare in shock. Her master was gone, nothing more than armor for the one slayed him. Enraged, she gave chase and Bloodfire told Rith to flee. He was still getting used to the armor and couldn’t risk a fight at this juncture. Thus it was in a blind run, crashing through the trees, he ran through a portal that opened without warning in his path. Rith followed and found them in a new forest.

Taking flight before the female caught up with them, they discovered a whole new world; a massive city, a legend within the Realm, just standing there with countless humans walking about it. But what stayed his hand was spotting a human of powerful build flying through the air, seemingly without wings or magic. This world was new to them and they needed time to gather knowledge on it. Thus they located a cave complex outside of the massive city and began to gather information and resources, plotting and planning their next step. With Dragonblade having new allies, along with her younger sister and tag-a-long boyfriend showing up recently, he has had to adjust his plans. But soon, very soon he would make his first major move and the world would see the face of their new ruler.

Description: Bloodfire’s original name has been forgotten, even by him thanks to the dragon’s blood draughts side-effects. He has grown into a tall, lanky yet powerful built man thanks to the dragon’s blood draughts; even without his armor he is match for normal humans physically. He wears his black hair long and shaggy, only trimmed in the front to prevent it obscuring his vision. His pale gray eyes show a ruthless nature which will show no mercy.

The only part of his original body which can be seen is his face, for the rest is never seen without his dragon armor on. An armor made of red dragon scales, the breastplate and parts of the legs have turned to a dull gray; three gemstones of varying size are affixed to different parts of the armor: a fist-sized metallic green gem on the upper left of the breastplate, a deep greenish-black as belt buckle and finally a large fiery orange gem on the back of the right gauntlet. Red dragon wings on the back of the armor allow him to fly while a tail like a chain-whip can be willed to strike. Various spikes on the legs lend to overall look designed to inspire fear and awe from the wearer.

Personality: Cold and methodical, Bloodfire always works out all the variables before enacting a plan. He trust in his intellect, magic and armor over any kind of gut instinct and sometimes stands in the midst of battle simply analyzing everything before making a move. He is also a megalomaniac who believes he is better than anyone else, seeking to rule over all beings and prove his superiority whenever given the chance.

Powers and Abilities: A cursed human who sought out dark magic to aid In his quest to lift the curse and gain revenge, he has a lot of power from various sources. He studied and practiced for decades some of the darkest magics ever found within the Realm; capable of casting curses and dark spells able to do anything from cripple some, transform them or leave them cursed; casting a death curse which can slay even the most powerful of beings; fire a barrage of mystic bolts in the form of energy arrows, these can harm nearly anything and he even has programmed them to fire whenever he is struck hard enough, although this use is limited; plunge an area up to 60 miles in radius into deep nightfall yet allow him to see normally; transform into a living shadow and even step into shadows to exit from another set of shadows up to over 300 leagues away. Yet he has been lax in maintaining his study and practice of dark magic, relying on his dragon armor more now.

By drinking draughts brewed from dragon’s blood, he slowed his aging greatly to the point he is near immortal as the dragons themselves now. It caused him to grow in size and bulk til he is as big as Dragonsbane and grew red scales over his skin.

But it is his Dragon’s Armor, crafted from an elder dragon, which is his true source of power and masterpiece. The scaled armor is greater than any other armor he has encountered, boosting his strength to god-like levels, his stamina to superhuman levels and making him as tough to harm as an elder dragon from the Realm. His natural fighting ability and strength of presence are also boosted by the armor.

While wearing the armor he can see and sense like a true dragon, having a sense of smell sharper than a bloodhound’s, able to hear any sound, sense the presence of mind’s near him and his eyesight can see in any lighting. The leathery wings still function thanks to a powerful enchantment, allowing him to fly as swiftly as a dragon, while the blade-whip like tail can strike from 20 feet away, slashing into his prey. He can project a cone of deadly dragon’s fire from the palm of the right gauntlet at will, turning all to ash in its path.

Tactics: Bloodfire will not head into a fight without being informed as much as possible about the location, known and possible opponents for the area and other variables. When he does dedicate to attack, he takes out stronger opponents with punches capable of leveling mountains or lashing out with the blade-whip tail while standing still. Weaker foes and large groups get hit with dragon’s fire, not caring about collateral damage.

Always make an Investigation check before a fight, to see how much he knows about his opponents or famous locations. He is meticulous and will even stand still in a fight, just hovering as he gauges his opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. For opponents who prove unbeatable by his raw power, he will try out very curse and piece of dark magic he knows til he expends all options. If faced with overwhelming force and numbers, he will slip into the nearest shadows with Dragonsbane and escape to strike another day.

Allies: His only ally is his bodyguard and aid, Dragonsbane.

Enemies: Dragonblade wishes to slay him for what he did to her master; the Freedom League will back her up in any way they can.
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Lightning Blade [Freedomverse version]

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Lightning Blade PL 10
:arrow: Image used is RPG-4-Sayda 1 by Robaato from deviantart.
Quote: “Have to be quick to win.”
Concept: Female Dragonkin swashbuckler from the Realm
Occupation: Adventurer
Base of Operations: Freedom City
Real Name: Surina
Legal Status: Other dimensional being given U.S. citizenship
Identity: Public
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn
Age: 33 years old

Strength 3, Stamina 5, Agility 6, Dexterity 2, Fighting 8, Intellect 3, Awareness 5, Presence 5

Dragonkin: Multiple Powers as One [Innate]
Dragon Eyes: Senses 3 [Darkvision, low-light vision] • 3 points
Dragon scales: Protection 1, Impervious, Noticeable [Dragon scales; -1 point] • 1 point
Forged in Fire: Immunity 10 [Heat Effects] • 10 points
Long-lived: Feature 1 [Longevity] • 1 point
Tail: Strength-Based Damage 1 • 1 point

Faerie saber: [Removable -2 points; Indestructible]
Swift Slash: Strength-based Damage 3, Reach, Subtle • 5 points
Blurred Blade: Multiattack Strength-Based Damage 1, Multiattack on Strength 3 • 1 point
Hypnotic Blade Motion: Perception Visual Area Cumulative Affliction 5 [Resisted and Overcome by Will; Entranced, Compelled], Limited Degree, Limited to standing still and staring • 1 point
Spellcutter: Close Nullify [Magic] 5, Broad • 1 point
Swift Feint: Move Action Affliction 6 [Resisted and Overcome by Will; Vulnerable, Defenseless], Conditions Limited to Your Attacks, Instant Recovery, Limited Degree, Insidious, Reach, Subtle • 1 point
Empowered Strike: Enhanced Advantage 1 [Power Attack] • 1 point

Natural Swashbuckler: Movement 5 [Environmental Adaptation [Urban], Safe Fall, Sure Footed 2, Wall-Crawling 1, Limited to Moving in Urban Environments [4 ranks] • 6 points

AdvantagesAccurate Attack, Agile Feint, Benefit [Cipher], Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Evasion, Improved Critical: Swords, Improved Defense, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative 2, Languages [base: Draconic; English], Luck 2, Power Attack, Precise Attack [Close, concealment], Quick Draw, Redirect, Set-Up, Skill Mastery [Acrobatics], Takedown, Uncanny Dodge, Weapon Break

Skills Acrobatics 8 [+14], Athletics 8 [+11], Close Combat: Swords 6 [+14], Deception 4 [+9], Expertise: Magic 6 [+9], Expertise: Sword smith 4 [+7], Insight 6 [+11], Perception 4 [+9], Persuasion 6 [+11], Sleight of Hand 6 [+8], Stealth 8 [+14], Treatment 4 [+7]

Initiative +14
Swift Slash +14, Close, Damage 6
Swift Feint +14, Close, Affliction 6
Faerie Saber +14, Close, See Array

Dodge 10, Parry 12
Toughness 8/7*, Fortitude 8, Will 11
*Without Defensive Roll

Power Points
Abilities 74 + Powers 31 + Advantages 23 + Skills 35 [70 ranks] + Defenses 17= 180 Total

Motivation: She loves an adventure and is in it for the thrills more than anything else. Although she won’t recklessly endanger innocents just to show off.
Enemy: In addition to Dragonsbane and Bloodfire targeting her due to her connection to Dragonblade, she has made an enemy of Kid Crusher. Just couldn’t take no for an answer and then she beat him easily.
Fame: Due to her connection to the Freedom League, appearance and otherworldly nature, it is almost impossible for her to stay out of the lime light while in public.
Otherworldly: She is new to Earth and has a lot to learn about its cultures and customs.
Relationship: She will do anything for her older sister and boyfriend.

:arrow: The younger sister of Dragonblade, she is more focused on speed and accuracy over power, acting like a swashbuckler and striking with blinding speed.

History: The younger sister of Daar aka Dragonblade, Surina was smart and agile from an early age, climbing into tree tops by the age of 3. She was taught some magic and first aid skills by her mother, her father wished for her to follow in his footsteps as a sword smith. Her interest in swords and especially those of Faerie design grew and she went off to the Loi’vish Swordsmen Academy just 2 years after Daar joined.

She proved herself most adapt with the style dubbed swashbuckling by some humans who appeared in the Realm just a few centuries ago. Flipping, jumping, tumbling, using her environment to her advantage and striking swiftly, she proved to be a foe hard to pin down, let alone catch. Buildings, the city, these were her home and she ruled in them, able to move about with such ease others couldn’t keep up. As she learned to channel magic into herself, her natural speed and reflexes became borderline superhuman, as her blade can strike without any movement being seen.

Graduating, she was gifted with a Faerie crafted saber her grandmother once wielded. Tears in her eyes, she went out into the world to find adventure. And find it she did, she couldn’t seem to go into a town without attracting local thugs, stumbling upon villainous plots and beast attacks. Yet this forced her to improve more quickly just to survive, while Daar became bonded to a dragon. Soon word of the “Lightning Blade” had spread far and wide, forcing her into fights with idiots trying to prove themselves.

One day she went to visit with her sister but only found death, the dragon was dead and Daar was nowhere to be seen. She stumbled about in the woods and only by a fluke of luck spotted Daar as she went through a portal just before it shut. With tears in her eyes, she marked the spot with a simple magic ritual and went off to find help. Telling her story, everyone could only wait for another portal to open and hope to find Daar on the other side.

In the meantime Surina went about with her life and even began dating, a genius human who could invent things beyond even the tech of dwarves. She humored him most of the time, listening to him talk about his latest invention and what it could do, but she still enjoyed their time together.

Before she knew it almost a year had pasted and a new portal opened, Surina had wanted to go alone but her boyfriend insisted on coming. Passing through the portal and finding them in an unknown forest, coming out into a city the likes of which they’d never seen. But a girl who looks like her and a guy decked out like him stood out like sore thumbs and drew the attention of the Freedom League, whom Daar had become a full member recently and lived in their Earth-based H.Q. A new world, one with heroes and villains, it was perfect for Surina and her boyfriend went along, both becoming probationary members, facing the like of Crime League members, Factor Four, the Power Corps, etc.

Description: She is an attractive young woman with a curvy, yet toned build. She keeps her auburn hair in a single braided ponytail to keep it out of the way in a fight. Her green eyes show an eagerness and curiosity that never seems to be filled. Her skin is partially covered in emerald green scales with the rest a smooth milky white. She has a pair of black horns on her head and a long tail which reaches her feet.

Her clothes can vary but her preferred outfit in a fight is her original clothes from the Realm. Consisting of a bodice shirt laced in the front, a pair of tight-fitting jerkins that leave enough room to breathe, a pair of tough boots with copper plating on the upper part and straps in the middle, her simple leather belt has a buckle in the shape of a sideways crescent moon, has a cured leather jacket and hanging from her neck is a carved green gemstone. Extra orange cloth on her left glove seems to act as a mystical holder for her Faerie saber when not in use. The Faerie saber’s hilt and guard are and expertly crafted, while the actual blade is made from an unknown silvery metal.

Personality: Surina is fun-loving and thrill seeker, going out of her way to find excitement when she starts to get bored. Yet see seems to be a trouble magnet, drawing them to her or stumbling upon them with regular frequency. This hasn’t dulled her sense of adventure, only reinforced it. She is a kind, caring girl and will go out of her way to help anyway she can, leaving gifts to complete strangers and when not fighting evil volunteering at local hospitals.

Powers and Abilities: Lightning Blade is a Dragonkin from the Realm, a humanoid being formed in the image of dragons. Her green-scaled skin provides a degree of protection and provides her with immunity to all forms of heat and flame. Her natural strength is greater than it appears, having compact yet strong muscle structure and enhanced human stamina.

She is highly resistant to injury, especially when using her training to “roll with the punches” as it were. Her eyes allow her to see in any condition, even pitch-black, while she can strike powerful blows with her tail. As a Dragonkin she can live for centuries with no ill effect on their health or abilities.

Her greatest power comes from her swordsmanship and swashbuckling skills, focusing on accuracy over power and shifting to defense as needed. With swift jabs and slashes she can take down a group of foes in short order, trained to fight blindfolded when need be. Her sword is a gift from her parents, once used by her own grandmother. A saber of Faerie design, it has powerful enchantments which make it indestructible by most means. She can strike with a swift slash so quick she doesn’t even seem to move from where she is standing; unleash a flurry of swift stabs designed to wear a foe down or strike multiple foes at once; has the skill and training to cut through magic and spells; feint and strike in swift motion; empower the blade to strike with more force at the cost of accuracy; and even move the blade in a strange pattern that leaves those who gaze upon it in a light hypnotic trance, just standing and staring as she moves her blade.

Her swashbuckling skills allow him to leap, jump and move about with ease through cities and other urban environments, literally able to run up and bound off walls to quickly climb structures, landing safely from dangerous falls by using the environment and overcoming obstacles with ease. She has learned how to combine this with her fighting skills to leave her foes off balance and confused.

Tactics: Keep moving, never stay still, even if you are just adjusting your stance. Strike swift and without warning, moving so swift your blade is a literal blur. Never get backed up against a wall or other place you can’t get out of easily, lack of maneuverability will be your death. She strikes with feints first to gauge her opponents and set them up for a swift strike. Never use more power than needed. Only use Hypnotic Blade for crowd control and to all angry mobs.

Allies: Her sister, Dragonblade; boyfriend, Sureshot; Freedom League

Enemies: In addition to her sister’s foes, she has ticked off Kid Crusher when she not only rejected him but then beat him embarrassingly with flare.
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Sureshot [Freedomverse version

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Sureshot PL 10
:arrow: Image used is Gunner by DavidRapozaArt from deviantart.
Quote: “Trust me, I never miss.”
Concept: Human inventor from the Realm
Occupation: Adventurer, inventor
Base of Operations: Freedom City
Real Name: Nathan Smith
Legal Status: Other dimensional being given U.S. citizenship
Identity: Public
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 150 lbs. [200 with Armored suit on]
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Age: 26 years old

Strength 2, Stamina 4, Agility 2, Dexterity 4, Fighting 4, Intellect 8, Awareness 0, Presence 1

Armored Suit: [Removable -5 points]
Mithril Armor Plating and Advanced Cloth Weave: Impervious Protection 10 • 20 points
Cooling Unit: Immunity 1 [environmental heat] • 1 point
Jet Boots: Leaping 4 [120 standing long jump] • 4 points

Cap and Goggles: [Removable -3 points]
Multi-Spectrum Goggles: Senses 9 [Vision Counters Illusions, Darkvision, Distance Sense, Extended Vision 2, Infravision, Low-Light Vision] • 9 points
Targeting Sensors: Enhanced Advantage 6 [Improved Aim, Ranged Attack 5] • 6 point]

Energy Rifle: [Easily Removable -10 points]
Electromagnetic Spectrum Blast: Ranged Damage 10, Variable Descriptor [electromagnetic spectrum] • 21 points
Electro-Stunner: Ranged Cumulative Affliction 7 [Resisted and Overcome by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated] • 1 point
Maser Beam: Ranged Penetrating Damage 6, Subtle • 1 point
Molecular Excitation: Ranged Weaken Toughness 10, Affects Objects Only, Subtle • 1 point
Wide Spread Blast: Cone Area Damage 10, Variable Descriptor [electromagnetic spectrum]

Natural Tech Genius: Enhanced Advantage 1 [Inventor], Enhanced Skill 3 [Technology +6], Quickness 6 [Limited to Mental Tasks] • 7 points

Advantages Accurate Attack, Benefit [Cipher], Improved Aim, Interpose, Inventor, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 5, Second Chance [Invention checks], Speed of Thought

Skills Expertise: Science 12 [+20], Perception 8 [+8], Stealth 4 [+6], Technology 6 [+20], Treatment 4 [+12]

Initiative +8
Energy Rifle +9, Ranged, Various [See Array]

Dodge 6, Parry 4
Toughness 14*, Fortitude 8, Will 8
*Impervious 10

Power Points
Abilities 50 + Powers 52 + Advantages 6 + Skills 17 + Defenses 16 = 141 Total

Motivation: He is driven by curiosity and experiencing something new, along with an adventurous streak where he can field test his inventions.
Enemy: In addition to Dragonsbane and Bloodfire targeting him due to his connection to Dragonblade, he has made an enemy of Kid Crusher. The creep is after his girl and more than once has attacked him.
Fame: Due to his connection to the Freedom League and otherworldly nature, it is almost impossible for him to stay out of the lime light while in public.
Otherworldly: He is new to Earth and has a lot to learn about its cultures and customs.
Relationship: He will do anything for his girlfriend, Surina, and her older sister, Daar.

:arrow: A genius inventor from the Realm and boyfriend of Surina aka Lightning Blade, he is tank able to wade into melee range to make point blank shots when needed.

History: Nathan was born into a family of blacksmiths always longed for more, his imagination needed to be unleashed. Thus he took to reading the few books on science and technology within the Realm he could get his hands on. Gifted was an understatement, as he was a natural, the machines seemed to speak to him and ideas and new designs just seem to pop into his head.

Yet more than once unintended side-effect and explosion resulted in him being forced to leave the place he had called home. But this was a blessing in disguise, as he began to field test his inventions and tweak them, making improvements here and there. It was upon finding a new home at last when he met Surina, who was travelling herself while waiting for a means to follow her sister. Although at first she was annoyed at all his talk, soon she began to wear down and listen to what he was saying. His experiments and creations, the risk involved in designing and building them, these were adventures too. It wasn’t long before they were going steady, while she continued to listen and he continued to invent.

But before they knew it almost a year had passed, Surina’s mother sent word that a new portal was opening in the same spot and to rush home. Nathan insisted on coming along and soon they passed through the portal, ending up in an unknown forest. As through, they came upon a city like out of Nathan’s dreams, one built using science and technology before the Realm. People began to stare and a crowd started to form, thankfully Daar and her new friends showed up and prevented the mob from turning violent. Living in the Freedom League’s Earth-base H.Q., they soon became probationary members til they proved themselves. So far it has been a thrill ride for them both, as they faced villains the likes of which he had never seen before and gets to study technology only dreamed off in his home world.

Description: Nathan is an above-average looking guy, having an average build but toned. He keeps his blond hair trim and short, while his blue eyes show an intelligence and curiosity rare to meet. His skin is pale from spending hours indoors working on his inventions, yet has kept himself in good shape.

Most of the time he wears a simple pair of leather overalls with pouches and tool belts, having a pair of protective goggles on while working in the lab. Yet when expecting trouble or being trained to become a full member of the Freedom League he wears the gear he came through to Earth with. A button up red trench coat with big brass buttons and straps on the shoulder area to keep the shoulder armor In place. Armor plating protects his forearms while leather gloves allow him full dexterity, plate armored boots are worn and partially weighted to compensate for the recoil on his energy rifle. He wears what appears to be an old brown aviator’s helmet with built-in goggles which provide him various enhancements to his sight. His greatest invention is a powerful rifle that looks like something out of science fiction, with antennas and a steampunk/space opera look to it.

Personality: Nathan is a genius with a big imagination who loves to talk about science or his newest project with an eager face. He can get lost in his own work and space out, engaged deeply in his work til someone snaps him out of it. Yet he seems like a curious kid when learning about something new, always wishes to take things apart and see how they work.

Powers and Abilities: Nathan is a genius and natural inventor, finding technology to be easy to work with and understand. He is one of the foremost inventors of technological creations back home in the Realm. His mind is constantly coming up with new ideas and designs to work on.

Outfitted with 3 of his best inventions, he is a force to be reckoned with and tougher than a tank in his armored suit. It is a combination of super-tough fabrics in a unique weave, with pieces of mithril plate set throughout the suit at strategic points for extra protection. It has a built-in cooling system and he can survive in the hottest environments while wearing it in comfort. The boots have padding built-in and jump jets allowing him to “leap” great distances.

His cap is designed to be hard for others to take off, his goggles being their true source of power. With them he can see in any lightning with no problem, even into the infrared spectrum; has a built-in distance gauge and advanced telescopic vision; it even allows him to see through illusions.

But his masterpiece is the energy rifle, capable of taping into the electromagnetic spectrum of energy for various effects. From powerful blast of any of the electromagnetic spectrum, weaker but wider blast over a large area, fire a maser beam of deadly energy to cause harm or simply to melt inanimate objects, and even a setting which fires a bolt of electrical energy designed to stun and even knock out targets.

Tactics: Sureshot will seek to shield softer targets from harm, especially innocents in the area, while taking shots at targets as able to. His foes actions determine his: Those who simply try to escape or use non-lethal force will simply be hit with the electro-stunner; those who use lethal force will face either electromagnetic blast; or those who use tools and vehicles as weapons he will target and melt their toys. When fighting alongside Lightning Blade he always keeps her, even moving into melee, so he can shield her from harm as needed.

Allies: His girlfriend, Lightning Blade; her sister, Dragonblade; Freedom League

Enemies: In addition to his girlfriend’s foes, he has ticked off Kid Crusher by telling him to back off and leave his girl alone, only to get into a fight each time.
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Re: Armament [Freedomverse version]

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Psistrike wrote:Armament PL 11
Quote: “Taste hot lead!” or “Eat this!”-said when he fired one of his big missiles down the throat of robotic dragon.
Concept: Cyborg beholder
Occupation: Monster Squad member
Base of Operations: Monster Squad HG, Freedom City
Real Name: Stalker [Used name, real name unpronounceable by humans]
Legal Status: Other-dimensional being given U.S. citizenship
Identity: Public [Hard to hide a beholder with weapons mounted on his body]
Marital Status: Single
Height: 6’ wide orb
Weight: 1400 lbs.
Eyes: Lime green
Hair: None
Age: 200 years old

Strength 2, Stamina 5, Agility 3, Dexterity 7, Fighting 8, Intellect 7, Awareness 4, Presence 8

Beholder: Multiple Powers as One [Innate]
Large Size: Growth 4, Permanent [+4 Strength and Stamina, +2 Intimidation, -4 Stealth, -2 Dodge and Parry] • 8 points
Thick Hide: Protection 4 • 4 points
Innate Magical Flight: Flight 1 [4 mph], Continuous, Subtle 2 • 5 points
Beholder Senses: Enhanced Perception 8 [Limited to Visual], Senses 4 [Darkvision, Radius Vision] • 6 points

Telekinetic Eye Ray: Move Object 7 • 14 points
Cybernetic Commlink: Radio Communication 3, Area, Selective • 18 points
Cybernetic Mental Link: Feature 1 [Mental control of all cybernetics] • 1 points
Targeting Eyestalk: Enhanced Ranged Attack 5 • 5 points
Cybernetic Weapons Array: Array [30 points]
Chin-Mounted Turret: Ranged Multiattack Damage 10 • 30 points
Tank Killer Mini-Missiles: Ranged Area Burst Penetrating Damage 10, Unreliable [5 uses] • 1 point
Micro-Missile Barrage: Ranged Area Burst Damage 10 • 1 point
Laser Array: Line Area Penetrating Damage 10 • 1 point

Advantages Benefit [Security Clearance], Evasion, Improved Aim, Improved Initiative, Languages [Base: Undercommon; English], Ranged Attack 5 Skill Mastery [Perception], Teamwork

Skills Expertise: Magic 6 [+13], Intimidation 6 [+16], Perception 8 [+11, +19 visual], Stealth 6 [+5]

Initiative +7
Chin-Mounted Turret +12, Ranged, Damage 10, Multiattack
Micro-Missile Barrage Ranged Area Burst, Damage 10

Dodge 13, Parry 10
Toughness 9, Fortitude 8, Will 10

Power Points
Abilities 72 + Powers 95 + Advantages 7 + Skills 13 [26 ranks] + Defenses 25= 212 Total

Cybernetics: His cybernetic implants have disabled his main eye’s anti-magic effect and all of his eyestalks’ magic rays except for his telekinetic eye ray. He is vulnerable to electrical and magnetic attacks, suffering an additional degree of failure against them.
Disability: Stalker has no hands and must use his telekinetic eye ray to manipulate things. If his flight is somehow negated, his ground movement is considered impaired.
Enemy: The Labyrinth, Monster Squad enemies
Motivation: He believes he owes AEGIS and it is his responsibility to help them however he can. Along with protecting his new family in Monster Squad.
Prejudice: Due to his monstrous appearance, those who don’t know him tend to react with fear.

:arrow: The team artillery, back-up scout and glass cannon, this cyborg beholder has lost a lot but gained as well. When his teammates are in the area of an attack, he will stick with the turret. He is a bit grim and gruff but more personable than other beholders.
:arrow: Image used is ColBlinky by Storn.

History: Stalker, at least that is the name he used with the humanoids, was an anomaly in beholder society. Personable for the most part, he tried to make friends and allies with members of other races. So it came as no shock when his fellows betrayed him to a bunch of humans from another dimension.

Walking up to pain was new, finding most of his eye rays disable was down heartening, but facing a minotaur who said he worked for him now took the cake. Only to have a raid by AEGIS agents free him and force the minotaur to vanish, for now. Taken care of by these humans, despite some of them calling him “a freaking abomination”, was definitely not what he expected. But having a talking rabbit ask him to join a squad of monster hunters, that made him laugh like never before.

After getting used to his new cybernetics and limitations without his other magic, Stalker was codenamed Armament and inducted into the Monster Squad. Since then he has been able to prove himself wrong about what is truly weird, with the kind of creatures they have faced.

Description: Stalker is a green-skinned beholder, a 6’ wide spherical being with one giant central eye and several eyestalks. His central eye is lime green and tends to show grim determination most of the time in the field. A mouthful of razor-sharp teeth stand out. But his cybernetics is what makes him unique; various implants are placed around his body, mostly weapon systems and a commlink.

Personality: A gruff personality who is like a grouch, he is genuinely caring and kind to others if given a chance for his true self to come out. He actually loves children and will die rather than see one come to harm. Strangely enough he is a vegetarian, preferring mushrooms, moss and fungi to meat. When in the field he shows a grim determination, not caring what happens to him but risking all to protect innocents and his teammates.

Powers and Abilities: Armament is a beholder, large and tough with a hide tougher than rhino skin, his huge central eye and multiple eyestalks give him great vision and the ability to see anything around him, as well as in darkness. He has an innate form of magical levitation that allows him to fly faster than most humans can walk and move in any direction. His only still functional eye stalk allows use of telekinesis to move things around and manipulate things, although crudely.

His cybernetic implants include: Mental control link on top of his body, targeting sight with laser sight on one of his eyestalks, an advanced radio communicator that can pick up any frequency, and his weapons array including: “tank killer” mini-missiles on his left side, micro-missile launcher on his right side, below that a laser array and finally a chin-mounted turret.

Tactics: Armament will seek to sneak up on his targets first if possible, hitting them with an aim barrage from his turret. When allies or friendlies are in the way he will use his turret to target foes. Otherwise when faced with more than one foe he goes with other weapons: micro-missile barrage when they are clustered together, laser array for those in a line and finally his “tank killer” missiles for foes too tough for anything else.

He will always seek to gain as much information as possible about his foe before engaging them, watching their movements from a safe distance. He is the team’s back-up scout and good at it and a glass cannon needed when the bruiser or tank is taken down or busy.

Allies: AEGIS are his only allies beyond his fellow Monster Squad members.

Enemies: The Labyrinth, he wishes to get revenge for what they did to him and they wish to reacquire and brainwash him for their own purposes.
You used my Colonel Blinky ? YAY !
You have him as a hero whereas I have him as a villain. There are of course differences. The main eye works and disables magic. The other eyes still work in the same sort of fashion as they do for the D+D beholder. And he speaks English with a heavy German accent. He also tends to play 'Ride of the Valkyries' as he goes into action. And yes he does love Apocalypse Now.....
Dangerous when cute

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The Strange and Cursed [Freedomverse items]

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The Strange and Cursed
Out in the universe there are strange forces at work, ones which can cause even ordinary objects to spontaneously be imbued with power or inflict a curse upon the holder, as well as aliens of godlike power who create technology that defies all logic and other dimensional beings. Varied in appearance and origin, they always stand out due to the energies and myths surrounding them. Here are some examples.

Deepspace Dagger
The creation of a space-faring race centuries ago, only about a dozen or so remain intact. Appearing to be a simple dagger with normal hilt, the blade is made an unknown bluish-black metal and super dense. The blade is capable of piercing through some of the toughest substances known but only in strong hands.

Deepspace Dagger: Easily Removable [-8 points] [10 point cost]
Dagger Stab: Strength-based Damage 3, Penetrating, Penetrating 12 for up to 12 Strength • 18 points

Cold Fusion Pick
One of only a few remaining in the universe, a cold fusion pick is the creation of the Preservers eons ago. Designed and built to help them with mining rare elements and even stars, it allowed them to gain elements and materials others only dream of obtaining. It appears to be an old fashioned pickaxe made of an unknown golden metal, the head constantly surrounded by a nimbus of blue energy.

Cold Fusion Pick: Easily Removable [-23 points; Indestructible] [37 point cost]
Cold Fusion Strike: Penetrating Damage 15 linked to Close Broad Effortless Nullify 15 [defensive powers] • 60 points

Destiny Torc
Ancient Vikings believed to wear a torc with the image of one of their greatest foes, dragons, on it would insure they could not die in outside of battle, thus insuring a noble death and place in Valhalla. It seems their belief empowered more than a few such torcs, unable to die except in battle. These torcs are made of bronze and have the head of a dragon on each end. Less than half a dozen have been discovered so far.

Destiny Torc: Removable [-4 points] [18 point cost]
Unable to Die Outside of Battle: Immortality 20, Subtle 2, Limited: Not if slain in battle • 22 points

Entropic Gun
Created by a race of paranoid nihilist who saw all things beyond themselves and their creations as a threat to reality, this sleek gun are one of the only remaining examples of their technology. Pure black and streamlined with an oval-shaped form with a simple handle, it is thought activated by the wielder. Firing a beam of pure entropic energy, it causes anything struck to break down on the atomic level til they fly apart into nothingness.

Entropic Gun: Easily Removable [-12 points] [18 point cost]
Entropic Beam: Ranged Damage 6 linked to Ranged Affects Objects Weaken Toughness 6 • 30 points

Haunted Cannon
Many died in the Civil War, someone was bound to become a ghost sooner or later. Thus it was a general, his name lost to history, who died while on the front lines protecting one of his soldiers from being shot in the back. Yet his spirit would not rest and possessed the cannon his crew operated, taking control and firing cannon balls of supernatural energy to aid them in the fight. Note: He is a construct and stated as such.
Haunted Cannon PL 8

Quote: … [Unable to speak]
Concept: Spirit possessing Civil War cannon
Occupation: Soldier
Base of Operations: Unknown
Real Name: Unknown
Legal Status: Ghost with legal status in question
Identity: Secret [known only to a few]
Marital Status: Single
Height: 8’
Weight: 1.5 tons
Eyes: None
Hair: None
Age: Unknown

Strength 6, Stamina -, Agility 0, Dexterity 4, Fighting 4, Intellect 1, Awareness 3, Presence 0

Haunted Cannon: Multiple Powers as One
Large Cannon: Growth 4, [+4 Strength, +4 Toughness, +2 Intimidation, -4 Stealth, -2 Dodge and Parry], Permanent; Immunity 30 [Fortitude Effects] • 42 points
Supernatural Cannon Blast: Ranged Burst Area Damage 7, Ranged Damage 3 [direct hit] • 27 points
Tough Iron: Protection 10, Impervious 6 • 16 points

Advantages Fearless, Precise Attack 2 [Ranged, cover and concealment]

Skills Expertise: Army General 6 [+7], Insight 6 [+9], Perception 6 [+9], Ranged Combat: Supernatural Cannon Blast 2 [+6]

Initiative +0
Cannon Ram +4, Close, Damage 6
Supernatural Cannon Blast +6, Ranged, Area Burst Damage 7 and Ranged Damage 3 [direct hit]

Dodge 1, Parry 2
Toughness 14*, Fortitude Immune , Will 8
*Impervious 6

Power Points
Abilities 26 + Powers 85 + Advantages 3 + Skills 10 [20 ranks] + Defenses 6= 130 Total

Motivation: The Haunted Cannon is motivated by a need to see justice and equality for all.
Disability: The cannon is his body and without it he can’t interact with the world. He is limited as to where he can go by the large wheels the cannon rolls on, has no means of manipulating anything and is unable to speak.

:arrow: A Civil War general who died a heroic death, he is still around haunting the cannon his original troops used. His current location is unknown.
Higher Dimensional Strider
Another creation of the Preservers, their curiosity could not be bound to one universe or dimension for long. Thus they created means to traverse the dimensions and leave this reality altogether. Silver vest with various dials and energy readout meters, by adjusting them appropriately they can literally walk between dimensions, walking 30 feet as they slowly fade out of one reality or dimension and into another.

Higher Dimensional Strider: Removable [-1 point] [4 point cost]
Movement 6 [Dimension Travel 3], Check Required [Expertise: Science] 5 [DC 14], Transit Time -2 [6 seconds] • 5 points

Monstrous Paw
The only remains of a creature from prehistory, appearing to be a hybrid of bear and lizard, the paw is cursed. Any living being struck by the paw transforms into an animalistic monster, only reverting to normal when subdued or the wielder of the paw is subdued or has the paw taken from them.

Monstrous Paw: Easily Removable [-8 points] [12 point cost]
Summon Animalistic Monster 10, General Type, Limited to Available Subjects • 20 points

Planetary Shifter
Used by various alien races and space-faring people, this device was created for legal operations but used by criminals as well. Huge energy cannon normally mounted on massive starships or mobile space stations, they have the power to move planets to new locations, literally teleporting them and everything on them to a new location.

Planetary Shifter: This is a plot device, an Perception Ranged Attack Teleport X, Increased DC X and Increased Mass X; capable of moving anything with no chance of resisting, it is normally seen in the hands of criminal organizations or supervillains using the power or threat of using it as blackmail.

Precognitive Multitool
Only a few examples of this device have been discovered, created by a race of now extinct psychic aliens ages ago. Appearing to a simple cube made of blue metal, it reacts to the thoughts of sapient beings. Before even being touched, it morphs into the tool needed for the task by the being about to pick it up. Advanced to humans, it seems to have been a common house tool for the species.

Precognitive Multitool: Features 2 [Act as any tool] • 2 points

Quantum Matrix
It is unknown if this artifact was formed by the universe or created ages past by an unknown species to contain the threat inside. Appearing to a solid block of ice blue metal, it is constantly cold to the touch and stands 8’ tall, 10’ wide and 10’ long. The material seems immune to anything less than god-like force, requiring another cosmic level or god artifact to even damage it.

But what it contains is the true danger, for it is the creation of a cosmic nihilist, one who wished to see all reality fall. The Paradox Engine: To simply utter its name brings fear, as many space-faring races have an ancestral memory that only hints at this vile machine. A pocket dimension contained within the Quantum Matrix houses the Paradox Engine and hopefully its energies. For those energies literally trigger paradoxes on a cosmic scale; histories changed yet beings still existing who shouldn’t, whole galaxies gone in the blink of an eye with nothing but a void in their place, etc.

Quantum Matrix Both the Quantum Matrix and Paradox Engine within are plot devices, ones best only introduced as part of an adventure simply to stop the Paradox Engine from being unleashed. Only PL X and plot device characters and items can even damage the Quantum Matrix, which takes 10 blows from such force to break.

Shadow Shifter
An assassin in 1754 tricked and learned the art of enchantment from a true mystic, before slaying his teacher and using his newfound skill for evil. The only remaining piece of his creations, the rest destroyed by an angry mob upon his execution when captured, its ring band is made of blackened steel and has a black opal set in it. The wearer gains the power to move through shadows, disappearing in and reappearing through another.

Shadow Shifter: Removable [-4 points] [18 point cost]
Shadow Walk: Accurate, Extended Teleport 7, Easy, Medium [shadows] • 22 points

Ultimate Wormhole Generator
Another creation of the Preservers, it allowed near instant transportation to any location within the universe. Appearing to a simple black box with led screen and keypad, it can be programed to open a portal to any location within the universe. Note it is limited to long distances and not for personal teleportation needs on a smaller scale.

Ultimate Wormhole Generator: Easily Removable [-4 points] [8 point cost]
Wormhole Generation: Portal Movement 3 [Space Travel] • 12 points

Vortex Lantern
An old English lantern, it was simply that til some strange force imbued it with the power to draw tornados to its location from even hundred miles away. Those who come into ownership of this cursed item tend to have their lives destroyed by it.

Vortex Lantern: Removable [-2 points] [14 point cost]
Draw Tornados to It: Cylinder Area Move Object 8, Damaging, Limited to requiring existing tornados within 100 miles of lantern, Uncontrollable • 16 points

Warp Counter
No one knows how a simple counter in an abandoned bar in New Jersey became source of urban myth, nor how it was empowered in the first place but there are many theories. Some believe the devil himself came to the bar and was disappointed in its wares, cursing the place. Some say it is on the exact spot of a huge spatial weakness, opening to any location and even other realities. The weirdest theory of all is that it was once the favorite bar of cosmic entities and god from all around til a paradox happened and they were forced to contain it within the counter.

No matter what the true source is, the counter is to be avoided at all cost. For anyone, anything, which comes into contact with is sent hurtling through time and space to a random location, dimension or even another reality. Note it can’t send someone to a place they can’t survive, a failsafe placed by another unknown source.

Warp Counter: Reaction Attack Movement 6 [Dimension Travel 3, Space Travel 3], Increased DC 14 [DC 20 Dodge], Uncontrolled linked to Reaction Accurate Extended Teleport 20, Increased Mass 20, Uncontrolled; Feature 10 [Fixed location, counter can’t be moved by any force or power short of PL X.] • 170 points

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Cosmic Artifacts and products of science

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Cosmic Artifacts and products of science
In the universe there are artifacts, products of cosmic beings and forces, which contain powers beyond imagining and forces which only the foolish or brave would tamper with. And then there are the creations of science, from advanced and super science beyond current conventions, to those made with weird and mad science that seem to defy all known scientific principle. Here are but a few of them.

Bane of Widgets
The creation of an unknown mad scientist, he faded away but his creation lives on. Appearing to be a large, black boom box straight out of the 80s, disrupts all other super, mad and weird science devices brought within 60’ of it, causing them to go erratic. Currently in storage in an AEGIS vault in New York, it is isolated for the safety of everyone due to all the other devices stored there.

Bane of Widgets: Easily Removable [-38 points] [58 point cost]
Scramble Widgets: Close Area Burst 2 [60’ radius] Nullify [technological effects] 12, Broad, Simultaneous, Sustained, Effortless, Randomize, Feature [Power active constantly around Bane of Widgets, wears off instantly once out of area], Quirk [Only Removable or Easily Removable powers with super, mad or weird science descriptor; -1 point] • 96 points

Black Hole Modifier
A cosmic artifact created by a race of alien caretakers of the universe, it was designed to shrink black holes to the point of ceasing to exist, repairing what they saw as damage to the universe. Yet they ceased using it after a while, as it seems black holes are a natural part of the universe and removing too many of them could disrupt its natural flow.

Black Hole Modifier: A plot device, its current location is unknown. Good as an option for heroes who need it to repair damage caused by someone creating new black holes.

Chronomantic Nullifier
Discovered on an alien world, thousands were discovered, each placed ½ mile from each other, standing 20’ tall and 8’ wide each, made of pure white stone. It seems the planet suffered from temporal instability and the strange stones were created by the natives as a survival measure. Removing even one would subject an area ½ mile in radius to temporal instability so they were left there, though less scrupulous individuals may take them for their own use.

Chronomantic Nullifier: Area Burst 8 [1/2 mile radius] Close Nullify [time manipulation effects] 15, Effortless, Simultaneous, Sustained, Feature [Power constantly active, wears off instantly once out of area] • 182 points

Computerized Jet
A think tank of geniuses worked for years to come up with this wonder of science, one of the most powerful weapons in the American military arsenal. A supersonic jet made of a top secret alloy; it protects its pilot from the effects of high speed and outer space environment. A creation of super science, this jet is capable of speeds up to Mach 10, using dedicated inertial dampeners to shield both jet and pilot from the extreme GeForce. The jets super alloy frame and armored plating make it tougher than any other jet known.

It can be piloted in person or remote controlled at an unknown range limit through an advanced V.R. unit. Linked to another piece of super tech, a 3” cube with a button on the side allows it to be released from storage or digitized for easy transportation. Outfitted with advanced laser cannons and capable of fire a sphere of plasma which detonates on impact, it outclasses any normal jet by a far margin. While in space it is even capable of speeds faster than light and able to reach other star systems. Once digitized for storage it is repaired of any damage, reappearing in perfect condition each time. The cockpit is large and comfortable for extended periods of time.

Computerized Jet: Size: Gargantuan; Strength: 12; Speed: 12 [space], Defense: 6; Toughness: 14; Powers: Laser Cannons [Ranged Damage 12], Plasma Sphere [AE: Ranged Burst Area Damage 10, Direct Hit Damage +2], Armor Plating [Impervious Toughness 10], Movement 2 [Space Flight 2]; Features: Alarm 4 [DC 35], Autopilot +8, Communications, Computer, Navigation System, Rooms [Living Space], Remote Control 2 [advanced V.R. system] • Cost: 115 ep; 23 ranks of Equipment with Extras [Durable, Summonable 2 for +3 to Equipment rank cost], 92 point cost

Dimensional Engine
The creation of an unnamed super-villain [whoever he is doesn’t wish to take credit], this clunky engine is 5’ tall, 10’ wide and 4’ long and pure white with a smooth metal exterior. It is capable of creating pocket dimensions up to the size of a massive planet and linking them to either locations or objects for means of entering and exiting them.

Dimensional Engine: A plot device, it can be used to explain headquarters with the Dual Size feature and those built in other dimensions. The super-villain who built it always works through intermediaries and is never seen in person.

Dreaded Scanner
A creation of weird science, the person who created it was killed by his own opposite copy and it disappeared. Its current location is unknown but it could fall into the wrong hands easily. Appearing to be a portable price scanner from a store, it can scan anything and create its opposite copy, even living beings. Such copies remain as long as possible, copies of living beings can be killed or cease to exist if nullified, just like copies of objects.

Dreaded Scanner: Easily Removable [-32 points] [49 point cost]
Flawed Scan and Copy: Permanent Ranged Summon Opposite Copy 20, Heroic, Variable Type [Opposite Copies of existing beings built on same point value as original], Attitude [indifferent], Limited: Summoner has no control over copy and can have any number created, copy is hostile to original [-1]; AE: Create 20, Permanent, Precise, Limited to Creating Opposite Copies of Existing Objects • 81 points

Evolutionary Gem
How and why someone created this is beyond most people, the mad scientist who created it fell victim to its effects, transformed into a Frankenstein’s Monster like brute and losing his mind in the process. The fist-sized gemstone appears to be perfectly craved and a brilliant purple in hue, emitting a soft glow constantly. Those exposed to its energy will be mutated in unpredictable ways, sometimes to their overall benefit but most of the time to their detriment.

Evolutionary Gem: A plot device, those who get within 30’ feet of the gemstone are exposed to energy which rapidly mutates them in any number of ways. Longer exposure than 1 full round [6 seconds] will result in changes being triggered that can’t be stopped.
Gabriel’s Engine
Only fools try to mess with God’s domain and shape reality to their will. At least that was true of the madman who created Gabriel’s Engine, his first name all that remained of him after he fired it up. Appearing to be a giant engine right of a steampunk nightmare, vales, tubes and wires going all over the place and steam venting out, the engine is a threat to reality while active. For reality itself is warped, twisted and bent like silly putty within ½ mile of it. Anything can happen, from the ground melting, sky raining fire, beings and objects transformed in anyway while inside or even just being erased from existence.

Gabriel’s Engine: A plot device, it is a high level threat and those who must deal with it best come prepared. Only those with Immunity 5 [reality manipulation effects] are immune to directly being affected by it, yet things it does the environment and other beings can still affect them.

Healing tank
A common feature in more advanced superhero headquarters, as well as in some military installations and private hideaways in dangerous locations, healing tanks come in various sizes. Appearing to be a large, cylindrical tank filled with liquid that is greenish, blue or even appearing to be ordinary water, those placed in the tank stabilize and begin to rapidly recover from any form of injury, even capable of regrowing limbs. A breathing mask is placed onto any patient placed within to prevent problems. Most are sized to fit the largest individual in a superhero H.Q. or the average range for a species at other installations.

Healing Tank: Restorative Healing 5, Persistent, Stabilize, Limited to once per Minute, Quirk [First Healing check can only Stabilize subject; -3 points] • 9 points Almost always a Feature for a Headquarter. It can also be used as an excuse to remove an injury complication sooner. Note: In campaigns which using the Lethal Damage option from the Gamemaster’s Guide, it is Limited to once per hour for Lethal Injuries.

Negative Belt
All attempts to analyze this cosmic artifact have resulted in the analyzing device overloading. Appearing to be a pure black metallic belt faded around the edges like a negative of a picture, what is known about this artifact is that it taps into an anti-matter universe. The wearer can tap into the same energy, granting them incredible destructive power. But each time they do so they take their own life in their hands, as the belt can atomize the wearer.

Negative Belt: Removable [-11 points; Indestructible] [51 point cost]
Antimatter Matter Channeling: Array [60 points]
Antimatter Matter Blast: Ranged Penetrating Damage 15, Side-Effect [If target successfully resist, power rebounds on wearer] linked to Ranged Affect Objects Weaken Toughness 15, Side-Effect [if target successfully resist, power rebounds on wearer] • 60 points
Antimatter Burst: Penetrating Damage 15, Side-Effect [see above] linked to Affects Objects Weaken Toughness 15, Side-Effect [see above] • 1 point
Antimatter Bomb: Ranged Area Burst Penetrating Damage 15, Distracting, Side-Effect [see above] linked to Ranged Area Burst Affects Objects Weaken Toughness 15, Distracting, Side-Effect [see above] • 1 point

Neutralization Tank
Used in super-prisons for those too dangerous to contain by other means and by super-villains to deal with superhuman foes, the large, tube-shaped holding cells are similar to healing tanks. Filled with green fluid when active, it places those inside into a state of suspended animation til they are removed from it, as well as suppressing their superhuman abilities and powers, even up to 24 hours after being released from the tank.

Neutralization Tank: Attack Immunity 5 [aging, starvation and dehydration, suffocation, ongoing biological effects], Limited (subject is incapacitated), Resisted by Dodge, linked to Close Continuous Nullify [all superhuman powers except technological] 12, Broad 2, Simultaneous, Quirk [Wears off 24 hours after being removed from tank; -1 point] • 74 points Normally bought as a Headquarters power.

Power Amplification Analyzer
Created just a year ago by Astro Labs in Freedom City, it is a new means of understanding superpowers and their sources, along with figuring out means to more effectively increase them. The 60’ tall by 30’ wide by 30’ long chamber is covered in white tiles that when activated bath anyone inside with green energy. A full readout is shown on a supercomputer housed just outside the chamber room.

Power Amplification Analyzer: Senses 3 [Detect Superhumans [Acute, Analytical] • 3 points A feature for Astro Labs H.Q. currently, they are working on a portable unit version with ranged capabilities.

Power Amplification Cape
Back in the Golden Age of Freedom City, a scientist whose name has been lost came up with a means to increase the powers of superhumans. Capes! Of various design, color and length, they are designed to boost the powers of any wearer to a fair degree. Thus, despite the proven safety hazards of capes catching on things, is why some still wear capes to this day.

Power Amplification Cape: Removable [-3 points] [13 point cost]
Power Boost: Continuous Variable [Enhanced Power Ranks and Modifiers] 2, Affects Others, Limited to Cape Wearer • 16 points

Postcognitive Storm Projector
A creation of Silver Age mad science, this large energy projector can pluck a storm from the past and bring it to the present day and location, even just months after the original storm happened. It is stored away in a top secret AEGIS vault while scientists attempt to reverse engineer it to create a weather controller of their own.

Postcognitive Storm Projector: Variable [past storms into present] 12, Technology Check Required [DC 13] 4 • 80 points

Reality Amulet
Believed to have been left behind by an interdimensional traveler, the reality amulet is simple, golden and covered in archaic symbols. Responding to the wearer’s thoughts, it can open a portal to any alternate or parallel universe.

Reality Amulet: Removable [-2 points] [6 point cost]
Gateway: Movement 2 [Dimension travel 2 [alternate/parallel universes], Portal • 8 points
Stellar Hammer
Created by cosmic beings far beyond humans, the stellar hammer was forged in the heart of a star. Golden in color with ancient runes of unknown origin covering it, the handle is pure silver. Indestructible by any known means, it can channel the very power of a star into every blow. It was used to forge the Wishing Staff and is the only thing which can break it as well.

Stellar Hammer: Easily Removable [-7 points; Indestructible] [15 point cost]
Star Strike: Precise Damage 20 [bludgeoning, plasma], Feature [Perfect forge hammer] • 22 points

Supersonic Spear
The creation of Silver Age super science by a scientist obsessed with Greek myth, this 6’ long spear is made of an unknown silver alloy and very tough. When thrown it is surrounded by a frictionless field and propelled by jet boosters which send it streaking towards its target at just over Mach 1 speed. Once it has struck or missed the target, a built-in mini-computer directs it safely back to the thrower’s hands.

Supersonic Spear: Easily Removable [-10 points] [14 point cost]
Supersonic Strike: Ranged Damage 12 • 24 points

Terrible Generator
The creation of weird science which ended up destroying its creator when turned on [seeing a pattern yet], this machine is the size of minivan and seems to shift and flow into different shapes and colors almost constantly. When activated it causes bizarre and dangerous things to happen over a large area, approximately a 5 mile radius. But things manifested in the area may not remain within it, escaping to cause trouble until captured or destroyed. Currently it is kept in a vault miles below the surface by an unknown agency.

Terrible Generator: Whatever you want to unleash, do so in the area of the active Terrible Generator. Monsters from horror movies, creatures from prehistory, fantasy and myth, storms that transform those struck by lightning in random ways, portals to other dimensions, etc. All of it can happen and more due to this plot device.

Time-Flux Amulet
AEGIS wishes that time travelers would learn to pick up after themselves. For this amulet which looks like something out of steampunk can be adjusted to send the wearer anywhere in time. More than one has been located so far and AEGIS has a specialized vault set aside just for them.

Time-Flux Amulet: Easily Removable [-2 points] [4 point cost]
Time Travel: Movement 3 [Time Travel 3] • 6 points

The Monkey’s Engine
When will scientist learn not to mess with the fabric of reality; AEGIS wishes they could hit the idiot who created this machine over the head with a mallet repeatedly. The size of a car engine block, appearing to be a large, chrome steel cased computer tower, this device contains a threat few know exist. Designed to warp reality and grant the wishes of its creator, it backfired and big time. It drew in a malevolent entity which grants wishes, but always twists them as much as possible. The creator was greedy and wished that anything he said would become true, the perfect opening for the entity who granted him the power with no control over its results. [See Somatic]
The Monkey’s Engine: Contained within the machine is an entity of unknown nature, always granting the wishes of those who control the machine currently but always twisting them as much as possible, normally in dangerous or cruel ways.

Wishing Staff
Forged using the Stellar Hammer, it was created to imprison a cosmic imp who was making a lot of trouble in the past. Forged from meteoric iron, the staff can’t be broken by anything except for the Stellar Hammer. Only by breaking the staff can the cosmic imp be freed. Upon release the cosmic imp will grant its releaser one wish, then leave to seek revenge on those who imprisoned it and ruined its’ fun.

Wishing Staff: Only fools would seek this out to free the cosmic imp for a wish, yet there is always those with more ambition than common sense. The cosmic imp can be any new PL X being you wish to come up with, although for purposes of my Freedomverse it is Quirk’s insane uncle.

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Re: Psistrike's 3rd Edition creations

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Psistrike wrote:Nyuu PL 10
Hey, hate to bother you, but I used to hang around here a lot and I was just informed that you're using the art and character of a friend of mine, Nyuu, without her consent. If you could, I'd really appreciate it if you could remove her from here, since she was pretty upset when she found out.
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Re: Psistrike's 3rd Edition creations

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Heckfire wrote:
Psistrike wrote:Nyuu PL 10
Hey, hate to bother you, but I used to hang around here a lot and I was just informed that you're using the art and character of a friend of mine, Nyuu, without her consent. If you could, I'd really appreciate it if you could remove her from here, since she was pretty upset when she found out.
Matter resolved over PM system, new image used with Heckfire's permission and new physical description for Nyuu. And the Nyuu here is named after the female main character of Elfin Lied, fyi.

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Defender [Freedomverse version]

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Defender PL 10
:arrow: Image used is Def Force by johnbecaro from deviantart.
Quote: “All right, team, let’s hit ‘em hard!”
Concept: “Gene Pulse” technopath and powered armor wearer
Occupation: Superhero, CEO of Harmon Industries
Base of Operations: New York City
Real Name: James Harmon IV
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 160 lbs. [190 lbs. in Defender armor]
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Age: 26 years old

Strength 12/2*, Stamina 2, Agility 5/2*, Dexterity 2, Fighting 8/6*, Intellect 5, Awareness 2, Presence 2

Computer Mind: Enhanced Advantages [Eidetic Memory], Quickness 10, Limited to Mental Tasks • 6 points
Interface: Communication [Radio] 4, Comprehend Machines 2 • 20 points
Technopathic Control: Features 2 [Remote, Machine Like Me], Perception Ranged Cumulative Affliction 10 [Controlled; Resisted by Fortitude, Overcome by skill or Fortitude], Limited to third degree only, Affects Objects Only, Limited to Technology • 22 points
Tech Genius: Enhanced Skill 4 [Technology +8], Enhanced Advantage [Inventor] 5 points

Defender Armor: Removable [-19 points] [75 point cost]
Armor: Impervious Protection 10 • 20 points
Jet-Boots: Flight 7 [250 mph] • 14 points
Life Support System: Immunity 10 [life support] • 10 points
Sensors: Senses 6 [Accurate Radio Extended 3 [radar], Infravision] • 6 points
Reflex Amplifier: Enhanced Advantages 1 [Improved Initiative], Enhanced Agility 3 • 7 points
Tactical Computer: Enhanced Fighting 2, Enhanced Ranged Attack 4 • 8 points
Weapon Systems: Array [24 points]
Force Beams: Ranged Damage 12 • 24 points
Exo-Frame: Enhanced Strength 10, Power-Lifting 4 [Lifting Strength: 16] • 1 point
Force Bands: Ranged, Cumulative Affliction 8 [Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Damage or Sleight of Hand; Hindered and Vulnerable, Defenseless and Immobilized], Extra Condition, Resisted by Dodge, Limited Degree • 1 point
Mega Beam: Line Area Damage 10, Penetrating 4 • 1 point
Shoulder-Mounted Auto-cannon: Ranged, Multiattack Damage 8 • 1 point
Stun Beams: Ranged, Cumulative Affliction 8 [Resisted and Overcome by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated] • 1 point

Equipment: The Sentinels Tower [Size: Large; Toughness: 16, Features: Combat Simulator 2, Communications, Computer, Defense System, Fire Prevention System, Garage, Gym, Hanger, Holding Cells, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Personnel [service robots], Power System, Security System, Workshop; Cost: 25 ep

Advantages Accurate Attack, Benefit 5 [CEO of Harmon Industries, Wealth 4], Connected, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 5, Improved Aim, Improved Initiative, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Ranged Attack 4, Ranged Attack 2, Skill Mastery [Technology], Teamwork, Well-Informed

Skills Athletics 4 [+6], Deception 4 [+6], Expertise: Business 6 [+11], Expertise: Current Events 4 [+9], Expertise: Science 10 [+15], Insight 4 [+6], Investigation 4 [+9], Perception 4 [+6], Persuasion 6 [+8], Technology 6 [+11/+19]

Initiative +9/+2*
Force Bands/Stun Beams +8, Ranged, Affliction 8 [see text]
Force Beams +8, Ranged, Damage 12
Shoulder-Mounted Auto-cannon +8, Ranged, Multiattack Damage 8
Mega Beam Line Area, Damage 10, Penetrating 4
Unarmed +8, Close, Damage 12

Dodge 8/5*, Parry 8/6*
Toughness 12/2*, Fortitude 6, Will 10
*Without Defender Armor

Power Points
Abilities 42 + Powers 128 + Advantages 19 + Skills 26 [52 ranks] + Defenses 15= 230 Total

Motivation: Coming from a long line of heroic individuals, he feels it is his responsibility to use his gifts to live up to their legacy.
Disability: A side-effect of his powers is he occasionally suffers from debilitating migraines, leaving him Impaired as long as they last.
Enemy: Detonator is contracted to kill him and refuses to give up til he succeeds; his family’s history of fighting a secret conspiracy has gained him another foe, the Labyrinth.
Fame: As Defender and leader of the Sentinels he is internationally famous.
Identity: James Harmon IV, CEO of Harmon Industries and rich playboy
Relationship: He and Witchcraft have been dating for a while now.

:arrow: A hero from a long line of heroic individuals, he seeks to live up their legacy while at the same time feeling he is letting his parents down by not letting them know he is Defender.
:note: He is the most expensive of the Sentinels due to both his Technopath powers and Defender Armor, which he is constantly tinkering with and improving.

History: James Harmon IV, scion of the wealthy Harmon family of New York City, grew up surrounded by the portraits and memoirs of his famous ancestors. From his great-grandfather, James Harmon, who explored the wilds of Africa and began the family fortune in the mid-nineteenth century and help fight against a secret conspiracy hidden from the world. James II, the fearless member of Eliot Ness’ “Untouchables” during Prohibition, who became a solo crimefighter in the 30s and continued the fight against the secret conspiracy. James III, his father, whom earned the Congressional Medal of Honor for service in WW 2 and later increased the family fortune by turning Harmon Industries into a top-notch defense contractor. Great things were expect of James IV from an early age-“to give back to others of what you’ve so richly received-intelligence, money, and strength.”

But James didn’t feel he could live up to the family legacy. All he really liked to do was putter around with electronics and computers. Having built his first computer when just 13, and for a time he thought he could satisfy his father with some sort of astounding technological breakthrough, one which would make the world a better place. But a creative block kept him from finding that breakthrough, learning in college while trying to come up with something innovative.

Thus it was during his 3rd year at college he took a break and headed to Central Park, hoping the walk would clear his head. He never expected to suffer temporary blindness for the next week after the “Gene Pulse” hit. Yet while his eyes were out of commission, his mind seemed to expand in ways he never dreamed up before. He could remember things with ease and his mind operated like a computer, faster than he even dreamed before. But the biggest change came from the discovery his knowledge and skill with technology was far greater than before, he could even understand computers and control machines with his mind!

Thus he set out working on creations that before had been just out of reach, starting with greatly improving and miniaturizing upon the fusion reactor design. But his greatest creation is the Defender Armor, an advanced suit of powered armor with miniaturized technology, the world’s smallest fusion reactor powering it, and weapon systems that outclassed anything the military currently had. He remembered one thing from his early teens, how helpless he felt when the Terminus Invasion of 1993 happened and how local heroes protected everyone, even some at the cost of their lives.

He began testing the Defender Armor out in the field, taking down criminals and gang members, even facing off against some local supervillains and a local COBRA nest. After almost 2 years of testing, he sent the call out that he was forming a new team of superheroes for New York City, the Sentinels. He was shocked that 5 experienced heroes, each with more time in the field than him, answered the calls. Thus the Sentinels were born and since then they have faced some deadly foes, including Grond and Fire Tyrant. Defender and she have even started dating recently.

Description: James IV is an attractive man in his mid-20s, in great physical condition. He keeps his black hair short, while his blue eyes show an intelligence and curiosity that seeks to understand everything. He has some minor burn scars on his arms from his work in the lab.

James IV prefers “dressy casual” clothes most of the time, only wearing fancy clothes for special events. The Defender Armor has a blue framework with gold lines, plus blue and yellow boots, blue gauntlets each with a large spike to focus strikes, and shoulder-pads. The lower torso has some black, the helmet has a tinted blue visor, and mounted above the left shoulder is an auto-cannon.

Personality: A true hero, he gives of himself unstintingly, taking on any mission to combat evil or save the helpless. Fearless, he cares nothing for how dangerous a situation is, if only he can do something helpful. Considering himself a role model, he conducts himself accordingly. Due to his attitude and achievements, he inspires respect and admiration among millions of people, and he takes advantage of that to lead charity drives and help other causes...when not saving the world from alien invaders or the likes of Splicer or Fire Tyrant.

Despite all this, he continues to feel the burden of living up to his famous ancestors. The fact he feels he must maintain a secret identity [to protect his family] doesn’t help, as it prevents him from claiming credit for what he has done. Thus, his father and mother think of him as a playboy and disappointment. And despite the fact he is dating Witchcraft, he is skeptical about the existence of magic, believing there is a rational, scientific explanation for such abilities.

Powers and Abilities: The “Gene Pulse” unlocked his true potential with technology, as he is one of the most powerful technopaths even seen. His trained skills and knowledge of technology have been enhanced, an intuitive understanding of the most advanced principals and inventive genius are just the tip of the iceberg. His mind operates like a computer now, many times faster than any human is capable of and recalling things with ease. He has the power to understand any machine and computer, along with a natural Wi-Fi connection where he can access any unshielded computer in the world. This power also allows him to take control of any technology, causing it activate or shut-off any systems he desires.

But beyond this, he has developed the Defender Armor, a suit of powered armor incorporating miniaturized technology, advanced armor plating reinforced by a force field, full life support systems, jet-boots that allow him to fly with good maneuverability, heat sensors and advanced radar, a tactical computer that aids him in combat, reflex amplifiers that boost his agility and response time, an exo-frame that boost his strength enough to lift a tanker, and various weapon systems. Force energy based technology allowing him to project beams of concentrated force, modulated beams which can stun, project bands of force which can restrain targets, and focus the power of both gauntlet force beams into one mega beam that can tear through any target in its path. Miniature auto-cannon mounted just behind his left shoulder fires a rapid-fire barrage of steel-jacketed bullets.

Tactics: In combat he first seeks out any technology his foe[s] are using and takes control, using their own tech to disable such threats. After this he moves to non-lethal tactics against unknown foes or ones not capable of taking greater force, using force bands and stun beams to take them out. Against foes capable of taking it, he switches to force beams and the auto-cannon.

When working with the other Sentinels, he attempts to shield the less durable teammates and aid them with any attacks possible. When facing a foe that none of them seem able to harm, they combine their attacks to greater effect or use creative tactics and non-conventional attacks. In such cases, Defender seeks to use his force bands to disable them or stun beams if the foe seems affected by them. Otherwise he falls back on his force beams for combo hits.

Allies: The Sentinels

Enemies: Various foes of the Sentinels, Detonator [who has more than once tried to take him out in his civilian identity, hired by unknown employers.
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Caliburn [Freedomverse version]

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Caliburn PL 10
Quote: “Surrender, you’ll suffer less.”
Concept: “Gene Pulse” empowered archaeologist
Occupation: Crime-fighter, archaeologist
Base of Operations: New York City
Real Name: Adam Sinclair
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Identity: [Secret]
Marital Status: Single
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 250 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Age: 35 years old

Strength 5, Stamina 6, Agility 7, Dexterity 7, Fighting 12, Intellect 4, Awareness 5, Presence 3

Enhanced Leaping: Leaping 1 [15’ standing long jump] • 1 point
True Stealth: Concealment 3 [normal visual, normal auditory], Passive, Limited [Visual concealment only in shadows] • 3 points
Strange Dreams: Senses 4 [Precognition], Limited to Dreaming, Uncontrolled • 2 points
Strength of Will: Impervious Will 6 • 6 points

Equipment: Costume's Reinforced Fists [Strength-based Damage 2; 2 ep], Costume’s Metal Face Plate [Act as night vision goggles without circumstance penalty to Perception checks and flash goggles; 3 ep], B&E Tools [1 ep], police kit [1 ep]
Portable Armoury: Array [16 points]
Flash-bang grenades: Ranged Burst Area Dazzle 4 •16 ep
Fragmentation grenades: Ranged Burst Area Damage 5 • 1 ep
Sleep gas grenades: Ranged Cloud Area Sleep 4 • 1 ep
Smoke grenades: Visual Obscure Cloud Area [15’ radius] 1 • 1 ep
Tear gas grenades: Ranged Cloud Area Affliction 4 [Resisted and Overcome by Fortitude; Dazed and Visually Impaired, Stunned and Visually Disabled, Incapacitated] • 1 ep
Escrima Sticks: Strength-based Damage 3 • 1 ep
Throwing Disks: Strength-based Ranged Damage 2 • 1 ep
Motorcycle [Size: M; Strength 2; Speed: 6, Defense: 10, Toughness: 10; Features: Alarm 2 [DC 25]; Cost: 11 ep; 15 ep of additional gear as needed.

Advantages Accurate Attack, Assessment, Benefit [Concealed Weapons [Searches to find weapons on his person require physical search at -5 circumstance penalty], Connected, Contacts, Defensive Attack, Equipment 11, Improved Defense, Improved Grab, Languages 3 (French, Gaelic, Latin, Welsh, Base: English] Luck 2, Power Attack, Precise Attack [Close, concealment], Takedown, Tracking, Uncanny Dodge

Skills Acrobatics 8 [+15], Athletics 6 [+11], Expertise: Archaeology 8 [+12], Expertise: Law 3 [+7], Expertise: Streetwise 8 [+12], Insight 7 [+12], Intimidation 6 [+9], Investigation 6 [+10], Perception 7 [+12], Ranged Combat: Thrown 5 [+12], Sleight of Hand 4 [+7], Stealth 8 [+15], Technology 6 [+10], Vehicles 4 [+11]

Initiative +7
Unarmed +12, Close, Damage 7
Escrima Sticks +12, Close, Damage 8
Throwing Disks +12, Ranged, Damage 7
Fragmentation Grenades Ranged Burst Area, Damage 5
Other Grenades, Ranged Cloud Area, Affliction 4 [see grenades]

Dodge 14, Parry 14
Toughness 6, Fortitude 8, Will 12

Power Points
Abilities 98 + Powers 12 + Advantages 29 + Skills 43 [86 ranks] + Defenses 18= 200 Total

Motivation: Caliburn is driven by a need to see justice done, no matter what he must do.
Enemy: Killer Avatar
Scarred: His facial scars can be off-putting to most people and leave them uncomfortable around him.
Identity: Adam Sinclair, archaeologist
Haunted by his Past: He is haunted by his past failures, sometimes kept awake by nightmares. He is also afraid to commit emotionally to anyone new and takes time to get past his barriers.

:arrow: A version of Caliburn modified both in stats and history to fit into the Freedomverse, he is a skill monkey with power to back it up.

History: Born the child of an upper, middle-class family, Adam Sinclair endured a rough childhood. First his father passed away when he was 10, leaving him and his younger brother, Sam, to care for their bedridden mother. Even with the help of Sam, between school and caring for her, he had little time for himself; his only solace was in the heroic figures of myth, especially the Arthurian knights.

Their mother’s death, though heartbreaking, had liberated the brothers. Due to his high grades he was admitted to Oxford, studying archaeology and medieval history, even getting involved in rugby and joining the fencing team. Meanwhile his brother moved to the U.S., settling down in New York and even meeting a girl and starting a family. But Adam continued to focus on his studies, being serious and quiet, but extremely smart. Earning his doctorate at Oxford, he began to investigate archaeological sites for evidence of King Arthur, wishing to prove the legends real. During this time he met Jennifer Randall, a young detective with Scotland Yard, at a fencing match. Sharing a similar lifestyle of hard work and long days, they soon found themselves engaged.

Often out in the field, Adam was away when Jennifer was appointed a junior detective to a case where the Ripper murders were being repeated. Adam was away when the case broke, the detectives learned the killer’s identity: Sandra White, a mentally unhinged young woman.

Nightmarish visions haunted Adam’s dreams while out in the countryside, in which he saw White ambush the detectives and hurt Jennifer badly. Rushing to London to see his beloved, he found Jennifer had been stabbed in the stomach and slashed across her face. Resolving to help her, Adam became focused on the heroes from his stories and becoming one himself. Dressed as a modern, masked knight and calling himself Caliburn, he began the hunt for White.

Despite his lack of formal training, Caliburn helped solve crimes Jennifer couldn’t because of due process, while Jennifer taught him to be an excellent detective. White meanwhile had continued her killings and dubbed her the Killer Avatar, bringing killers from stories to life. Caliburn eventually tracked Killer Avatar down after the murder of a high ranking official, delivering Killer Avatar to the Metropolitan Police. Caliburn soon became a staunch ally of Britain’s police, and a role model for younger heroes.

Unfortunately, White used her psychotically enhanced abilities to escape and saw the hero an avatar of the heroes who took the killers down in her stories, wishing to kill him and prevent this from happening to her. Clashing many times, until finally White broke from her current role and stalked him til she discovered his true identity. She captured Jennifer and lure Caliburn through London, the trail finally ending in Whitechapel, Jennifer’s corpse taunting him.

The ensuing battle saw Killer Avatar tap into new levels of psychotic strength, beating Caliburn badly and scaring his face with a large kitchen knife. Caliburn, forced to flee and bind his wounds, vowed she would pay and face true justice. Acquiring a new, metal mask, Caliburn was able to best Killer Avatar in their rematch, but would not kill her. Scotland Yard had enough evidence, she would be placed in a prison for the criminally insane and never see the light of day again.

Yet the memories of London were too painful, forcing Adam to look deep inside and question if he could still be a defender of justice. Knowing of costumed allies in America, he gave a final farewell to Jennifer’s memory and flew to New York City. Visiting with his brother, Sam, after all these years helped to clear his head and seeing his 6 year old nephew, Clark, brought a smile to his face, thinking of how Jennifer would have loved the little scamp.

Heading out to Central Park one day on his lonesome, he soon noticed Danielle and Jeremy had followed him, along with his most hated sister-in-law, Karen Luthor and her son and overall brat, Clark. Soon a bright flash of white light hit them and all passed out, only to awake in the hospital. Something which had been dubbed the “Gene Pulse” had been unleashed in Central Park; most people seemed to have only been affected in minor ways and they were released within hours.

Continuing his work as an archaeologist for the Museum of Natural History, he used the nights to fight crime as Caliburn. But soon he discovered the gangs in America were more ruthless, the criminals more arrogant and super-villains existing in greater numbers. Beginning to feel overwhelmed by it all, one night he went to sleep only to wake up 3 days later, buffer, healthier and overall physically superior. 6 months since the “Gene Pulse” and he found it had indeed changed him, for the better. Soon Caliburn was taking on criminals previously out of is league and winning, while the number of crimes began to decrease with word of him out.

Life was never better for him and his family, so of course something threw a monkey wrench in the works. Killer Avatar escaped and tracked Caliburn down to New York, using her knowledge of his identity to once again strike at those he loved. Sam was working late night security for a local business when he was strangled from behind by Killer Avatar with her bare hands. This made Caliburn snap and for once in life decided those who used lethal force would be meet with it; he would have his revenge on her for ruining his life and taking away a brother, husband and father from those who cared for him.

Continuing his work alone, it wasn’t until Defender sent out a call for heroes to join his newly forming team, the Sentinels, which Caliburn saw a means to an end. With allies he could stamp out crime in New York faster and even track down Killer Avatar, who disappeared 6 months ago after duplicating the Murder’s in the Rue Morgue wearing a gorilla costume. And despite his original plans, he has grown to care for his teammates as family and would defend them with him life if needed.

Description: Adam is very fit man, with a strong, athletic build and muscle tone. He keeps his black hair short and trimmed, while his brown eyes can show an intensity which scares some people. He has numerous scars across his body from past fights, while a large scar goes from the top right of his face down to the left side of his check.

In casual clothes, he will be seen in blue jeans, tee-shirts and basic tennis shoes. While at his job at the museum he wears a simple dress suit. As Caliburn he wears a full body costume, mostly blue-black with deep red for the arms and shoulder areas. His gloves has specialized armored plates to increase his striking force, armored knee pads, pouches strapped around his forearm including a pair of escrima sticks, and more pouches around his ankles. His boots have soles designed to maintain a grip even on slippery surface. His face his hidden by metal face place which somehow he face see through.

Personality: Adam is a determined individual, driven to push himself to his limits and beyond in any pursuit, from archaeology to crime fighting. Highly intelligent and a quick study, he somewhat lacking in social skills, mostly keeping to himself when not visiting with his sister-in-law and nephew. He keeps a calm, stoic face most of the time, but in the heat of battle against a known killer he will fly into a fury few can match.

Powers and Abilities: Caliburn was an athletic man in good shape, who had his physical abilities increased to peak human levels by the “Gene Pulse”. He can move with perfect stealth, blend into shadows, make incredible leaps and unknown to him has precognitive dreams.

He has extensive training in various forms of self-defense, acrobatics and is a trained athlete. He has extensive knowledge and skill in archaeology, along with experience in dealing with gangs and issues of street life. He is a trained detective with knowledge of the law and skill with building and maintaining technology. He is multi-lingual and has extensive connections and contacts, including within the New York PD and Scotland Yard.

Tactics: If no immediate threat of harm to himself or others is present, he will first take time assessing his opponents strengths and weaknesses. After doing so he will fight based upon his opponent’s threat level and skill; from wading into a group of goons and subduing them all in seconds, to fighting defensively til he can get an opening to strike hard and fast. Although he carries grenades, they tend to be a last resort unless facing a large crowd and threat of immediate harm to innocents.

Allies: The Sentinels; Infinity and Kid Sentinel; New York PD; Scotland Yard

Enemies: Various foes through Sentinels membership; Killer Avatar who slew his fiancé and brother.
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Slipstream [Freedomverse version]

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Slipstream PL 10
:arrow: Image used is Slipstream by johnbecaro from deviantart.
Quote: “Time is definitely not on your side.”
Concept: Time-based speedster
Occupation: Scientist, superhero
Base of Operations: New York City
Real Name: Iris Wells
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Age: 34 years old

Strength 2, Stamina 4, Agility 6, Dexterity 3, Fighting 5, Intellect 3, Awareness 3, Presence 3

Personal Accelerated Time: Enhanced Defense 17 [Dodge 8, Parry 9], Enhanced Advantages 23 [Agile Feint, Close Attack 5 [Quirk-Only versus opponents that have lower initiative totals than Slipstream], Defensive Roll 2, Evasion, Improved Initiative 12, Instant Up, Move-By Action], Quickness 15, Speed 15 [64,000 mph] • 69 points
Run Up Walls: Movement 2 [Wall-Crawling 2], Limited to while moving • 2 points
Run on Water: Movement 1 [Water Walking], Limited to while moving • 1 point
Temporal Immunity: Immunity 5 [temporal effects; Quick [ages normally] -1 point] • 4 points
Fast Time Combat: Array [24 points]
Quick Attack: Strength-based Damage 6, Burst Area and Selective on 8 • 24 points
Blur of Blows: Strength-based Damage 6, Multiattack on 8 • 1 point
Disarmed Before They Can Blink: Burst Area 3 [120’ radius] on Strength 2 for Disarming, Selective • 1 points

Advantages Agile Feint, Close Attack 2, Close Attack 5, Defensive Roll 2, Equipment, Evasion, Grabbing Finesse, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative 12, Instant Up, Move-By Action, Redirect, Skill Mastery [Expertise: Science], Teamwork

Skills Acrobatics 4 [+10], Athletics 8 [+10], Deception 4 [+7], Expertise: Current Events 4 [+7], Expertise: Popular Culture 4 [+7], Expertise: Science 8 [+11], Insight 4 [+7], Perception 4 [+7], Persuasion 6 [+9], Stealth 4 [+10], Technology 6 [+9]

Initiative +54
Quick Attack, Burst Area, Damage 8
Blur of Blows +12/+7*, Close, Multiattack Damage 8
Unarmed +12/+7*, Close, Damage 2
*Only if she has a lower initiative than her opponent

Dodge 14, Parry 14
Toughness 6/4*, Fortitude 8, Will 8
*Without Defensive Roll

Power Points
Abilities 58 + Powers 102 + Advantages 8 + Skills 28 [56 ranks] + Defenses 9= 205 Total

Motivation: When she first gained her powers, she was driven by a need for thrills and excitement. Now grown up she sees them as her responsibility to use to help out any way she can.
Enemy: Timelock
Fame: She is famous as Slipstream and a member of the Sentinels.
Identity: Iris Wells, scientist and mother
Responsibility: She has to split her time between work, personal time, patrol with the Sentinels and visiting her daughter on a regular basis.

:arrow: A time-based speedster with scientific skills and keeps up on the world around her to stay informed.

History: Iris youth was haunted by strange dreams, humanoid figures standing over here and performing experiments, seeming to last days, even weeks, yet she would always wake up in the morning with only vague feelings of something being wrong. Her parents sent her to see many councilors for help, but nothing seemed to work. Til she was subjected to hypnotic regression to work through the nightmares, which turned out to be repressed memories!

From the age 4 to 16 she had been taken by beings from outside of normal time and subjected to experiments, trying to see how beings from within time functioned when subjected to different time rates. The shock of this revelation was too much and triggered something in her mind, as she got up and ran out of the office and towards home, only to find herself on the other side of the city within seconds! The experiments had altered her permanently, allowing her to exist at an accelerated time rate and move at superhuman speeds, yet age no faster than normal.

Despite promising her parents she wouldn’t use her powers to be a superhero, she snuck out each night to help out anyway she could, saving people endangered due to accidents and gang violence. But at the age of 18 she went off to college and eased back on her superhero activities, time for studying and fun! But near the middle of her 3rd year in college, at age 20, she would be shocked to discover one night of fun left her with a new responsibility. Finishing her third year of college, she went to work as research scientist for a local firm, while taking care of her precocious daughter as she grew up.

Slipstream was seen less around New York, til a more flexible work schedule opened up at work, and she heard the call from Defender when he was forming the Sentinels. She was able to afford a babysitter for young Wendy, until she turned 10 and was able to spend time on her own or at a friend’s house more often. Play dates with Wendy’s best friend, George Wright, were common when Iris got some time off at their place and she loved to see the kids hanging out.

She has proven herself more powerful than expected time and again, even taking on the likes of Ogre singlehanded. Recent events in her life have given her even more time, as Wendy and George were exposed to a freak temporal storm, triggering Wendy’s own latent time-based powers and severing George from this timeline, his body being replaced with that of an alternate reality version, that of a busty blonde girl. Both having powers, the best thing for them was going to Claremont Academy to adjust to all their changes. But that is their story and for another time.

Description: Iris an attractive woman with a curvy, yet toned body that draws attention. She keeps her hair shoulder length to avoid problems when moving at superspeed, while her green eyes show a stubborn streak a mile long. Due to the experiments, she is in incredible physical condition with need for only moderate exercise.

She loves to wear flowery blouses and knee-length skirts most of the time, with a pair of 1” heels her most common footwear. Jewelry is limited to a pair of stud earrings as she to avoid risk at high speeds. As Slipstream she wears a skin-tight costume of emerald green, only her boots, gloves and a lightning bolt pattern on the torso being yellow. She wears a pair of green wraparound shades both to shield her eyes and hide her identity.

Personality: Iris is an upbeat woman, always on the move and never seeming to slow down. She loves chatting with friends and family as much as she does working in the lab to figure out a problem. She has a bit of prankster in her, as she loves to pull prank using her superspeed to get others to lighten up and just laugh. Yet when children are threatened she turns into a mama bear, tearing into threats with a fury rarely seen from the young woman.

Powers and Abilities: Slipstream has time-based superspeed, capable of moving and reaching speeds so fast the world looks like it is in slow motion. Able to do over 2 years’ work in under an hour, moving so fast that even supersonic jets are snails in comparison. She has learned how to use her speed in combat, striking faster than most opponents can react and performing hit and runs before an opponent can even blink. She can move so fast that inertia can’t catch up, allowing her to run up walls and on the surface of liquids as they were solid.

Using her speed and temporal field she can strike multiple opponents in a fraction of a second or one over a hundred times. She has even learned how to disarm opponents using her speed to her advantage. Due to the temporal source of her powers, she is immune to any form of temporal effect, short of natural aging.

Tactics: Hit them hard and hit them fast. She first takes away any weapons from opponents to reduce the risk to her and bystanders. Then in a blur of motion too fast for the normal eye to see she strikes hard and fast til all foes are subdued. Facing opponents too tough for her to deal with, she will set them up for her teammates and try to get them to hit each other. Disassembling getaway vehicles and machines is her preferred method of dealing with such problems.

Allies: The Sentinels; New York PD; Haste and Glimpse

Enemies: Various foes of the Sentinels; Timelock, as she has thwarted him more than once.
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Red Phoenix [Freedomverse version]

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Red Phoenix PL 11
:arrow: Image used is Miracle by Storn.
Quote: “Please let me help you.”
Concept: Cosmic-empowered paragon
Occupation: Social worker, superhero
Base of Operations: New York
Real Name: Laura Parker
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Age: 28 years old

Strength 14, Stamina 10, Agility 8, Dexterity 4, Fighting 8, Intellect 2, Awareness 2, Presence 3

Cosmic Flight: Flight 10 [2k mph] • 20 points
Cosmic Strength: Power-Lifting 3[Lifting Str: 17] • 6 points

Attractive, Connected, Defensive Roll 2, Fascinate [Persuasion], Inspire 2, Leadership, Teamwork

Skills Athletics 2 [+16], Expertise: Social Worker 8 [+10], Insight 6 [+8], Perception 6 [+8], Persuasion 6 [+9]

Initiative +8
Unarmed +8, Close, Damage 14

Dodge 10, Parry 10
Toughness 12/10*, Fortitude 12, Will 10
*Without Defensive Roll

Power Points
Abilities 102 + Powers 26 + Advantages 9 + Skills 14 [28 ranks] + Defenses 14 = 165 Total

Motivation: She is driven by a desire to do good and help out any way she can; even risking her life if it means someone else is safe.
Enemy: Thanks to the true origin of her powers, both Anti-Goddess and Adamant are after her.
Fame: Red Phoenix is famous as a member of the Sentinels.
Identity: Laura Parker, social worker
Responsibility: She has to split time between her job as a social worker and as a member of the Sentinels.
Secret: The truth of her powers’ origin is unknown to her and it is going to be source of trouble until discovered and afterwards.

:arrow: An excuse to add Wonder Girl into Freedomverse later on, this is her half-sister who still thinks that energy from the meteorite which struck her gave her powers.

History: Growing up an orphan, stuck within the system for years and never being adopted, she vowed to make sure no other child would be simply be made a part of the system again. Thus she worked hard and earned a scholarship to collage, earning various degrees which propelled her on the fast track as a social worker. She is known for working within the system and finding loopholes to help out those in trouble, always friendly and helpful to everyone around her.

Thus it was a shock to her system when, in the winter just a few months after her 20th birthday, she was walking home when an unreported meteor shower started. She stood and watched it, a thing of beauty, til she saw one falling towards her and unable to avoid it feared these were last moments on Earth. But when it struck she found herself unharmed, only singe marks on her flesh and most of her clothes burned away. Rushing home, she took off like a bullet before she even realized what was happening.

At home she began to test her limits, finding fire could still induce pain but couldn’t harm her. Dropping her purse, it slid under the sofa and she went to lift it to retrieve the item. Only to find the sofa felt like it was a feather as she lifted it one handed. She could only think of one explanation, the meteorite that hit her gave her cosmic powers! She was a superhuman now and could help others in ways she never dreamed off before. She began to go out and test her limits, helping out at accidents and fighting crime, even helping to deal with Miss Disaster and her son, Kid Crusher, once.

But she could only do so much on her own, thus she immediately heeded the call when Defender announced the formation of the Sentinels. She has been a loyal and steadfast member since then, always having a word of encouragement for her teammates and trying to talk down her foes before resorting to physical force. And yet there is more to her than she could ever dream….

Description: Laura is a high attractive young woman with an athletic build and tone. She keeps her red hair long and in a straight style most of the time, but put up in a ponytail as Red Phoenix; while her blue eyes show compassion and understanding even in the most heated of battles.

She tends to wear simple, conservative clothing most of the time, especially while on the job as a social worker. As Red Phoenix she wears a black shirt with no sleeves, a pair of skin-tight black jeans, dark black ankle-length boots and a pair of fingerless black gloves. Somehow just putting her hair up into a ponytail is enough of a disguise most people don’t notice they are the same person.

Personality: Kind, caring and compassionate, Laura will do anything she can to help out others or ease their pain. Even her most persistent of foes have a hard time hating her; she will talk first to try and defuse a situation, resorting to violence only when all else fails.

Powers and Abilities: Red Phoenix is gifted with superhuman strength and stamina, able to whether blows that would kill a lesser being. She has an intuitive fighting skill but no training to harness it, beyond some basic martial arts for defensive training. She can fly at supersonic speeds and seems to spark with electricity while doing so. She sometimes taps into something deeper when desperate, even firing blast of electrical energy or channeling it into her fists.

Tactics: Red Phoenix is a social worker first, superhero and fighter second. She will always try to talk down any foes, even weathering blows while doing so, before resorting to violence. She is straightforward on the attack, striking with everything she has and seeking to subdue a foe without causing permanent or long-term injury. She will work with teammates to aid them and speaks words of encouragement to drive them on.

Allies: The Sentinels; Infinity; Kid Sentinel

Enemies: Anti-Goddess has sensed her and is coming to destroy her; Adamant is after her for the same reason. Detonator is after her for thwarting him on more than one occasion.
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