The Mean Streets of Modern Magic: Membership Drive Update

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Re: The Mean Streets of Modern Magic: The Great Old Ones

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Not to mention the ultimate Cranky Old Ones - they don't even GRUMBLE they just push you straight into horrendous oblivion!
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Re: The DF/G/SS/TMNT-verse: Superheroes, Strength Levels

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Minor update to the old Membership Drive story, which sets things up for the next set of inclusions to the setting.
Ares wrote:Membership Drive

In the wake of the Triceraton Invasion, the new wave of supervillains emerging in the world, most notably New York, and some of the supernatural phenomena that had been troubling them behind the scenes, the Justice Force decided to expand it's roster, accepting applications from any hero who wished to apply.

Spider-Man decided to pass on this opportunity, as he'd already teamed up with the Silver Sentry before, and had been told he'd be a welcome member once he graduated high-school. The Green Mantle had yet to be re-discovered, so Flash couldn't attend either. And though tempted to join, young Billy Batson wondered whether or not he had the right to join, being only a teenager himself, albeit one with a couple of years of experience under his belt as Captain Marvel. Still, he followed the televised broadcast with interest.

Several heroes did show up, however, including a trio of friends who had wanted to be superheroes for a while. The first was Bowmaster, an archer equipped with a specially designed crossbow and quiver of trick arrows, confident in his abilities and skills. The second was Gauntlet, a former UFC fighter with the special power gloves that increased his strength and striking power. The last was Moleculo, the genius who had designed the trio's gear, and who had a belt that generated a personal force field. All three wanted to be superheroes for different reasons. Moleculo wanted the respect and admiration that heroes had, Gauntlet wanted to take on the most powerful opponents out there, and Bowmaster wanted to fight alongside his idols.

Along with the trio was Irish hero Cu Chulainn, who had come in the hopes that the Justice Force could help train him in his re-discovered abilities, as well as put his powers to good use.

The applicants were soon joined by Leonardo, Michelangelo, King Arthur, Griff (who was wearing a recently discovered 5th Pendant linked to the Mayan Sun Amulet, which allowed him walk about in the daytime), and the supernatural monster hunter, King Tiger. Arthur and Griff had encountered King Tiger in their wanderings, and the demon slayer had decided to accompany the duo on their quest. The trio had sought out the Turtles on the advice from the Manhattan Clan, as the Turtle's mystical connections might help the three wanderers find the missing Merlin (the original, not the current Merlin of the White Council). While the Turtles had little they could offer, they were about to go visit the Justice Force to let them know about the Demon Shredder's return, and thought that perhaps the superheroes could aid the trio in finding the missing magician. A short fight broke out between Gauntlet and the arrivals, but Cu Chulainn helped to break it up. After which, the Turtles, Arthur, Griff and Tiger were allowed to see the Justice Force.

At the same time this was happening, Agent Bishop and Baxter Stockman discovered the remnants of the Nano robot, collecting the nanobots and attempting to use a control chip to use the robot for their own goals. Instead, the control chip caused the robot to go on a rampage, assimilating captured Triceraton technology from Agent Bishop's secret base and marching throughout the city.

In Australia, Dingo and the Matrix robot that he wore for armor were patrolling the city when the Matrix became aware of Nano's activation. The two were apparently based on similar technology, with Matrix being a more advanced version of the Nano prototype. Indeed, Nano's emotions and the Matrix's lack of emotions were all due to changes in the various testing and refinement of the program and technology. Feeling that it needed to aid it's "older brother", Matrix convinced Dingo to travel to New York, flying into low orbit and using the planet's own rotation to make the trip in less than an hour.

Meanwhile, Nano saw a television program about the Justice Force. Feeling that the team might be able to help him, he made his way to the team's base on Justice Island, just off the coast of Manhattan. However, the control chip caused Nano to alternate back and forth between an aggressive assault program and trying to control himself, resulting in a march to the island that resulted in him attacking the heroes applying for Justice Force membership.

Inside the Justice Force HQ, the Turtles, Arthur, Griff and Tiger were introduced to the team, and made each of their respective causes known. While the Justice Force didn't know off hand where to find Merlin, they pledged themselves to helping the heroes out. It was at this time that Nano's assault caught their attention, and they rushed outside.

Gauntlet was the first hero to oppose Nano, but was quickly defeated with a single attack. Bowmaster put up a more valiant struggle, declaring that the robot would have to go through him if he wanted to get to the Justice Force. However, his arrows proved unable to damage Nano, who likewise took the archer out with a single attack. Moleculo, seeing his friends easily defeated, activated his force field and began to run away, only for Nano to assimilate the hero's force field belt into his systems, leaving Moleculo defenseless. Cu Chulainn intervened however, giving Silver Sentry enough time to save Moleculo, who promptly fainted.

The Sentry and Cu Chulainn were swiftly joined by Leo, Mikey, Arthur, Griff and Tiger, as well as Justice Force members Metalhead, Ananda, Chrysalis, Tsunami and Nobody. The Sentry's initial attack shredded Nano, but the robot simply assimilated surrounding matter and technology, spawning half a dozen Nano-robot clones that engaged the heroes. A fierce battle broke out between the heroes and Nano, who alternated between aggressively attacking the Justice Force to pleading for their help.

Seeing the battle broadcast to the world, Billy Batson decided that, ready or not, the Justice Force was going to get his help. One magic word later, Captain Marvel was flying to New York at supersonic speeds, making the time in mere minutes. As the Captain approached New York, Spider-Man, who had also seen the news broadcast, managed to get Cap's attention, asking Cap for a lift to Justice Island. With a smile, Cap happily flew the webslinger to the battle, where they lent their power and skill to the fight.

Despite the power of the heroes, Nano proved to be a formidable opponent. Anytime one robot was destroyed, it would assimilate nearby matter to repair itself. It quickly incorporated Gauntlet's power glove technology into one robot, which then had sufficient might to engage even Captain Marvel and the Silver Sentry. The heroes might have been overwhelmed, save that King Arthur provided exceptional battlefield tactics, organizing them into a defense that kept the battle contained to the island. Still, the heroes could make nothing more than a stalemate, until Dingo and Matrix arrived.

The Matrix could sense the control chip that was possessing Nano, and theorized that it could perhaps free the other robot from it, but that it ran the risk of being controlled itself. The only way to increase the possibility of success was to make physical contact with Nano quickly, which was a dangerous proposition. Dingo, however, heroically flew the pair into the lead Nano robot, tackling it into the Justice Force HQ and telling the Matrix to do whatever it had to, even knowing that he could die from this. The Matrix agreed, thanking his friend for this chance, and telling him 'Goodbye'.

Outside, the battle abruptly ended as the Nano-clones suddenly broke down into their basic core components and flowed back into the building, repairing the Justice HQ. On running inside they saw Dingo, now clad in a suit of armor whose coloration and design was more of a streamlined version of his original armor, while Nano and the Matrix were gone. The Justice Force computer then activated, revealing an entity that was a combination of both Matrix and Nano, the former's logic balancing the latter's emotion. This new being, the Master Matrix, apologized for its actions, and offered to serve as the Justice Force's computer system from this point onward, being the most advanced CPU on the planet. After Leo, Mikey and Dingo spoke on the behalf of the system, the Justice Force agreed.

In the aftermath of the battle, the Justice Force decided that this had served as a good impromptu test of all the applicants, and not only accepted Cu Chulainn into the team, but also offered membership to King Arthur, Griff, King Tiger, Dingo and Captain Marvel as well. Arthur and Griff were a bit taken aback by this, but felt that the Justice Force were, in effect, the modern day Knights of the Round Table, so the two both accepted. King Tiger, still a bit exhilarated from his first giant robot fight, readily agreed. Captain Marvel was flattered by the offer, and humbly accepted. Dingo accepted as well, but also stated that first he'd have to face the penalty for the crimes he'd committed while part of the Pack, but if the Force still wanted him after, he'd be honored. The JF's lawyers were able to work out a deal for Dingo with the Justice Department, given that Dingo's crimes were relatively minor. He would essentially stay under house arrest at the Justice Force HQ unless out on a mission or patrolling for a short period of time, with his superhero work acting as community service to clean the slate. After a month's time, during which he helped King Arthur get use to the modern time and train with King Tiger and Nobody, Dingo was a free man.

Of Moleculo, Gauntlet and Bowmaster, only Bowmaster decided to stay with being a hero. Moleculo decided to go back to pure science work, getting a job with Xanatos Enterprises as a researcher. Gauntlet decided that superhero fights weren't "any fun" and went back to the UFC. Bowmaster, however, was humbled by the fight, yet still wanted to fight alongside the Justice Force. While it was decided that he wasn't yet ready to join the Justice Force, Captain Marvel felt it unwise to let potential but untrained heroes like Bowmaster slip through the cracks. Marvel went on to suggest a kind of trainee program that would mentor inexperienced heroes, and help place them in super groups that could use them. The rest of the Justice Force agreed, and Bowmaster became their first official inductee to the Justice Academy training program. He was given a composite bow and more advanced trick arrows by Ananda, and received additional training in archery and general combat from King Tiger, Nobody and Master Splinter (who helped with the training as a favor to the Justice Force). While they believe Bowmaster has potential, he presently considered a reserve member to be called on in times of need.

Mikey, likewise, was only allowed reserve membership as a favor to both Leo and Master Splinter, given they both felt that Mikey lacked the maturity to join a super team at the moment. However, Silver Sentry promised that there would be a permanent spot on the team waiting for him one day.

Thus, the world's greatest superteam formed its most powerful, and some would say, greatest roster to date. The Justice Force at present includes:

The Silver Sentry
Captain Marvel
King Arthur
Cu Chulainn
King Tiger

Dingo's armor now incorporates Triceraton technology, and is more powerful than ever. It can't shapechange to the effect that Matrix could, being more 'solid', but it is capable of restructuring itself to a degree, to the point that Dingo can carry the armor around while its shaped like a briefcase.

King Arthur has also received a minor tech upgrade, with a suit of armor designed to resemble his classic look, but composed of modern alloys that are far more resistant to damage. His left gauntlet could also expand into a shield for additional protection, similar to what the Silver Sentry's armbands did in the original episode. This version of the Sentry doesn't use the shield or the 'baton' however, as that was toy-tie-in stuff that never really made any sense. The Sentry relies solely on his powers and experience.

In this combo-verse, there is no Raptarr or Avian society, with Griff taking his position on the Justice Force.

Contrary to a previous post, I've decided that MacBeth is actually the current financial backer of the Justice Force, his encounter with Arthur during Pendragon having made him realize that he can do more to help the world, to become the man he once was again. As such, he's supplied them with money, and outfitted them with the latest technology, including a supersonic team jet and hoverbikes for members like Nobody and King Arthur that lack travel powers. MacBeth also works with Arthur to see to the team's combat training, making them a more effective fighting unit.

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Re: The Mean Streets of Modern Magic: Membership Drive Updat

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Just a little update before I get back into the swing of things. During the Christmas season, the Gargoyles and Ninja Turtles have recently started celebrating it together, along with their various allies.

During a team up following the Lightning Strikes case, Harry realized that Captain Marvel doesn't have any family to spend Christmas with. As such, Harry talked with Michael Carpenter, and now Billy goes with Harry to spend Christmas with the Carpenters.