Albright Institute [IC: 9]: Blast From The Past

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Re: Albright Institute: [IC: 7]: Bay City Rolling

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Keisha looked at Richard's injuries and sighed. "Doc's, think I should heal Richard. At least I'm easier to operate on than he is," she offered. "Nothing I can't handle." she said reassuringly.

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Re: Albright Institute: [IC: 7]: Bay City Rolling

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Melissa Graves : Epitaph
HP: 4

Melissa sighed quietly. She was tired too but sleep wasn't an option for her. Earlier she'd been unconscious for the first time in years and she wasn't ready to repeat the experience. "I could try but it will hurt." She rose to stand by Richard. She'd healed him before so she was fairly sure it would work again.

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Re: Albright Institute: [IC: 7]: Bay City Rolling

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Richard Dunn: Diamond
HP: 2 LP: 0 Condition: Injured 3

Richard shrugs with a smile, pulling his mask off, "Hey, it can't hurt any worse than what's already been done, right?"

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Re: Albright Institute: [IC: 7]: Bay City Rolling

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"Lucky for us you did," Richard says, "As for where to stay?"

Melissa nodded slowly, satisfied with the Chelsea's answer. "We'll help you any way that we can."

Richard pauses, "Well, I don't have much pull, but I do know of three different places we can go to and two of them owe you a favor after today. And until then I'm sure we can find a spare room."

Keisha nodded in agreement. "Richard, don't sell yourself short, you have more 'pull' than you realize." she smiled warmly at Chelsea. "If nothing else, the Albright institute can find you a safe place, schooling and a job as well."

“I’m pretty sure that something can be worked out at Claremont, if .you’re interested that is Chelsea.” Dr. Spence says as he looks over some of the results of the nurse’s results.

Richard looks over to the other three escapees, "How about you guys?"

"That goes for you guys too. We're big on second chances, you know." Keisha smirked at their fellow escapes, but underneath the easy exterior, you can tell she's deadly serious too. "And if you want to take potshots and that skank Roulette, I'll cheer you on."

Richard lets out a long suffering sigh, "We just escaped Roulette. Please don't egg people on to chase her down by themselves."

“No worries about that.” Vulcan says. “I don’t care to ever see her fake smiling face anytime soon.”

“Yeah.” Kyle chimes in. “I’ve got enough troubles once I get home. Which is Arcadia by the way so if you guys could hook me up with some kind of ride there, that’d be great.”

“Hey, I’ve gotta go to New York.” Vulcan says.

“That’s like a three hour drive tops from Freedom City.”


“Arcadia is in Louisiana.”


“It’s way farther away.”

“Not to you dude.”

“I can’t run that far in a one-way trip.”


Both Kyle and Vulcan pause at this point and look at the third escapee, Cougar, who has been quiet during their whole discussion. “What? I live in Freedom.”

"Who said they'd be by themselves?" Keisha grinned unrepentedly at her dour friend. "I rock at distractions." she patted his arm, letting him know she wasn't really serious.

"Relax. I'm just joking."

Sean clambored to his feet and shook his head. "Your streak of good luck in combat is going to fail you at some point Keisha and you won't be so anxious to antagonize people who want to hurt you."

Then after making sure his containment suit wasn't damaged too badly, Sean moved gingerly toward the exit. "I'm gonna take a nap before miss I've never taken a scratch in ten fights, therefore I feel invincible gets us all in trouble somehow. I've already taken my butt whipping for the day."

Keisha shook her head. "Yeah, I think we should probably get some sleep. It's been rough. For everyone." she conceded.

“That does sound like a good idea.” Dr. Spence added. “Given what went on today, sleep would probably do all of us some good. We already had rooms set aside for us since we’re here for a few more days, and I’ve been told it’ll be no problem doing the same for you four.” He said glancing over at Cougar, Vulcan, Kyle and Chelsea.

Richard looks down at the hole in his chest, "Just so you guys know, the kid in the leather jacket is pretty deadly."

He pokes at it, noting a distinct lack of pain, "I think."

"I don't think I'm going to like having the doctors poke at me. Sitting really still on a slab for a few hours while they try to figure out if I have any internal bleeding."

“I didn’t see anything when I looked you over.” Nurse Specs says, tapping a finger on her temple right next to one of her eyes. “X-ray vision and such.”

Richard pauses as he considers what it meant to have the older woman literally looking through him then decides it’s a subject best left alone, "Oh, right, Sean, you ever get the chance to burn somebody named Daybreaker? Don't hold back. The guy's a serious dick."

He rubs his jaw, "On second thought, wait for some serious backup, then burn his ass. He hits real hard."

Keisha looked at Richard's injuries and sighed. "Doc's, think I should heal Richard. At least I'm easier to operate on than he is," she offered. "Nothing I can't handle." she said reassuringly.

Melissa sighed quietly. "I could try but it will hurt." She rose to stand by Richard.

Richard shrugs with a smile, pulling his mask off, "Hey, it can't hurt any worse than what's already been done, right?"

“True enough but lets see how you’re feeling tomorrow before taking the ladies up on their offers, though I do appreciate the help.” Nurse Specs says with a warm smile.

And with that all of you, plus Vulcan, Cougar, Chelsea and Kyle, all retire for the night. The following morning comes much sooner than any of you are expecting and after his follow up, Richard is declared to be none the worse for wear and should be able to heal what bruises and scraps he has all naturally.

The next few days are much more enjoyable, especially since Dr. Spence lightened the load of everyone’s personal appearances given the event you’d all been through, and did a good deal of sight seeing around Bay City with some of the students from the Arcadian Academy acting as tour guides.

OOC wrote:~End of Adventure~
Everyone gets 1 xp.
So make any adjustments and such to your builds and feel free to do an interlude.

I’m not going to start the next adventure until early next week.
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Re: Albright Institute: [IC: 7]: Bay City Rolling

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A Chess Game Like No Other

Since the Arcadia Academy and being turned into a forced combatant by Roulette, Keisha has been uncharacteristically well-behaved to the relief of others. Secretly many thought she took Sean's ranting to heart. She had begun easing up on her antics, pulling only the occasional mild prank on her favorite targets at the school, just to let them know she's still watching them.

The real reason why she had been 'quiet' was unsurprising to say the least. She and Chelsea oddly enough formed something of a friendship, the street-smart kid taking Keisha under her wings and refining some of her more 'estoric' skills. In return Keisha cheerfully let her have access to any number of technologies and they began to delve into the inner workings of the teleport-device Chelsea had liberated from Roulette. (How they got a copy of the device from the authorities is something best left unsaid.)

Keisha leaned back, rubbing the bridge of her nose as she stared at the screen in front of her. The teleport-sphere operated off of a wireless system, one of the weirdest she had ever seen and considering the kind of technology she had personal access to, that was saying alot.

It had taken the better part of a month of solid collaberative work between her and Chelsea (with Chelsea using her probability control to stack the deck in their favor) to use it to hack into Roulette's computer system, the security was beyond excellent, better than even the Albright Institute's security, which was pretty spectacular in of itself. To top it all off, once they got in, there was an additional layer of security. Most of the information was in some sort of code and deciphering it was very slow going.

In the end, they had less five minutes of real access where they retrieved at the most twenty or so encrypted names before Roulette's over the top security system locked them out and fried the computer they were working off of. Thankfully, Keisha had the forethought to secure the names on a zip drive and remove it before total system failure occurred. Keisha still inwardly seethed at the message Roulette sent before the computer completely died.

"Dear child, really you shouldn't take things so personally. It's incredibly unhealthy for you and for those around you. Intelligence and technical aptitudes are no substitutes for restraint and good judgment. Let this be a warning to you to not delve into things that might badly disagree with you later."

The rest of the time was spent decrypting the names they had retrieved. Even with a custom decryption program, it was slow going and the few names they had uncovered were surprising at least. It was clear Roulette had powerful customers and even more powerful backers, just from the little they had gleaned from their hacking spree.

Keisha looked at what they had gathered over the past month or so. “This is going to be harder than I thought.” she considered her options. None of them looked good, she couldn't exactly teleport in and pant the woman on national TV, like she had with that child abusing senator.

Once she and Chelsea had deciphered what they had gathered, she decided, they'd take the information to Dr. Albright or maybe Mr. Summers. They'd know what to do. She might get reamed out about it, but it was better than trying to tackle this alone. Hey, nobody said Keisha didn't learn from her mistakes.

She grinned she heard a 'ding' from her newly refurbished and remade computer (the entire thing had to be basically rebuilt from motherboard to computer monitor) and a small virtual chessboard she had saved on her computer updated with a new move. She considered and made a choice.

“You are improving satisfactorily Keisha Nelson. Though you should have used this move instead to counter mine.” Count Zero's voice crackled over her computer monitor's speakers and the chess pieces moved to demonstrate the counter.

“Thanks. I'll remember. Now, how about this one?” she asked.

On the other side of town Count Zero nodded in satisfaction. Though he despised all organics, Nelson was proving to be somewhat entertaining. At least she treated him with the respect.

He wondered if she knew he was also monitoring her other activities concerning Roulette. He personally disliked the woman on general principles, she dared make him leave his assigned quarters to interact physically with organics, which was galling. But as long as he was assigned to the Shadow Academy, he had to follow their orders.

He calculated that as long as they did not give him orders regarding Albright and his people, he could continue to do as he pleased in that regard. It would be amusing to watch how the little human handled the situation with Roulette, so he continued to monitor those developments. As long as she continued to focus her attentions on Roulette, she would not bother the Academy or the Foundry. So he subtly encouraged Keisha, easing her way in a certain direction that he desired without her knowing and keeping her well away from anything that would compromise his personal interests. Humans were so easy to manipulate that way.

In his office Brother Blood chuckled as he monitored the children playing their games, dipping their toes into the deep end of the pool, unaware of the dozing crocodile at the bottom of its murky depths. He had honestly thought Keisha would not have been able to hack Roulette's system, even with Chelsea and Count Zero aiding her. He considered his next move and chuckled softly. For now he decided to let the children play. They learned best from practical experience after all.
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Re: Albright Institute: [IC: 7]: Bay City Rolling

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Claude Pedrovski was a busy man. He was a meticulous man. He did not care for disruptions, or distractions. He was a powerful man, rich and well connected. But he had one weakness.

Lilly Maxwell.

His friend and bodyguard's six year old daughter was one of the few things in the world that filled him with regrets. He'd never had the time, nor the inclination for a family of his own. But every time he looked upon the gleaming smile and bouncing blond hair of his godchild he felt regret.

Regret that maybe he'd missed out on something important.

He dealt with it in the time honored fashion of doting extravagantly on the little girl every opportunity he had. And so while her Mother was in surgery, and her father was standing vigil, he had taken the young girl out to distract her.

There was little to worry about, he'd seen to it that his friend's wife had the best that money could buy, but there was no reason to let a child fret over such a thing when they could be having fun instead.

So he offered to take her anywhere and do anything they wanted.

He offered horseback riding, plane rides, and shopping for dresses so she could look like a princess. All she'd wanted was to go to the park to introduce Grampy Claude to her friends.

After ice cream, of course.

And so he found himself feeling extremely out of place standing in an out of the way park while Lilly played in the jungle gym with her friends. Amongst all of the nannies, housewives and baby sitters he stuck out like a sore thumb. One of the very few men, and the only one wearing a business suit.

"Grampy Claude!" Lilly called at him from the monkey bars, "Look far I can go!"

He smiled and gave her a loud, impressed, "Oooh" and was rewarded with a burst of delighted laughter from the little girl.

Maybe it was that he felt so out of place that gave him the uncomfortable feeling in the pit of his stomach. He looked around, as though taking in the park, but all the while looking for what was bothering him.

And there sitting hunched over on a bench watching the children play was a man in a black hoodie, with the hood pulled up over his head.

"It's alright, he's not a pervert."

Claude started, glancing to his side where a plump woman with a round face smiled up at him. He hadn't noticed her approach. Another quick glance located his security guard who seemed unworried about the woman.

"I beg your pardon?" He asked the woman as he gathered himself.

"The boy over there. I saw you watching him. It's okay, he's harmless," She laughed, "He almost locks up in terror if the kids get too close to him."

"Is that so?" Claude said offering the woman a smile.

"Oh yes. He used to come here all the time with his little sister, oh but that was years back," She sighed, wistfully, "Back when I was younger and had less children to wrangle."

Claude considered the man again, "What happened?"

"The same terrible fate that awaits all children," She said ominously.

Claude looked at her blankly until she laughed and said, "They grow up.

Claude made a polite noise to cover his discomfort. He was far more ready to discuss engineering problems than the logistics of children.

"Still, he shows up once in awhile. I think he misses the old days," She smiled picking up a dirty toddler and hugging him to her chest, "But I've got a while to go before then. Don't I sweetie? Don't I? How'd you get so dirty?"

The little boy pointed into the sky, "Look Mommy, flying man."

Claude's head shot up instantly. His security should have notified him before anybody with noticeable powers had gotten within two miles of his location. And yet the child was right flying above them was a suit of power armor.

He cursed his luck. Had Garth been around he'd never have been caught unaware like this. He raised his wrist to his mouth, "Secur-"

Explosions suddenly ripped through the air. Outside the park something that looked much like his car flipped into the air before falling back down out of sight behind the park walls. His hands went to his belt. With a flick of a hidden button on his belt he could teleport himself to

"Grampy!" Came a terrified shriek behind him.

He turned and bent down to pick up his terrified goddaughter. His teleporter couldn't take both of them, there wasn't enough power. He reached to take the device off and place it on the little girl, but an explosion of gunfire ripped down from above.
He ducked down, trying to cover the little girl as he heard impacts rain down around him.

He heard his bodyguard scream and fall to the ground.

Then the scream of a jetpack and a loud heavy thud as the suit landed only a few feet away.

He looked up to see the eight foot tall suit aiming what appeared to be an arm mounted Gatling gun at him, "Sorry old man, just business."

"The girl-"

"Not my problem," The man in the suit sneered as the gun started to spin.

A hand reached out and grabbed the spinning barrels, stopping them dead with a loud grinding metal noise.

"The hell?" The armored man yelled.

"There are children in this park."

Claude watched in shock as the man in the hoodie stood before the towering suit of armor, and held off death and destruction with one hand.

"Screw 'em!" The response came as the power armor punched the man in the head with a heavy sudden blow.

The man in the hoodie's head turned slightly as the blow caught him unprepared, but snapped back as though nothing had happened.

"You're going to shut that thing off, climb out, and leave or I swear I will-"

"Tough guy, huh? I got something for you," The suit roared, popping a glowing blade from its free arm and punching into the man's chest twice, then backhanding him with the blade across the face, "Monoblade'll cut though anything you stupid f-"

The man in the hoodie reached out with his other hand, grabbed hold of the armored man's other hand and crushed it. The glowing blade hit the ground.

"Language," Hoodie yelled and then head butted the armored man in the chest knocking him back. There was an indent in the chest piece.

"Get off me! Get off me!" The armored man yelled frantically, struggling wildly to pull either of his arms free.

"There are children in this park," The hooded man growled, "I don't care who you are, I don't care what you are, you don't mess with children-"

"You can die with them, freak!"

The suit snapped open at the chest revealing a skinny little man in a high tech body suit and a jetpack. He paused long enough to give the hooded man the finger before blasting off straight up and out of view.

The hooded man looked up at him going, confused by the sudden departure.

Claude wasn't paying attention. The instant the man had left the suit his glasses had started sending him information on the power armor. It was as though it had suddenly appeared out of nowhere as far as his electronics were concerned, though it never showed the man in the jetpack for an instant.

That was something that would bother him later, what bothered him now was the rising energy signal coming from the suit.

"It's going to self destruct!" Claude yelled, as he finished strapping the belt onto Lilly, "Everybody run."

The hooded man just slumped a little where he stood, sighed and said, "Ah, crap."

Then he jumped. Much like the man wearing the rocket pack, one moment he was there, and the next he was gone. And with him the suit.

Claude looked skyward and watched as the figure faded into a spot in the sky. Then the explosion lit the sky, and he watched as a dark figure was flung violently towards the outside of the city.

"Sir, are you okay?" A voice crackled in his ear.

"I am uninjured but I require emergency response unit for my security," He paused, "And scramble a team. Team three. Somebody just tried to assassinate me."

Damon, his second in command sounded startled, something Claude very rarely heard, "Understood, sir. I'll send Team three out hot-"

"Negative, situation has been momentarily resolved," Claude mumbled into his microphone, "Please send them in the armored limo."

"Understood sir."

"And find out who did this. I want their hide," Claude said firmly.

"Of course, sir."

He nodded and gave Lilly a hug.

"You okay sweetheart?"

The little girl nodded to him. He gave her another squeeze, "That's my girl. We'll have you back at my place real quick and then we can watch cartoons, okay?"

She nodded again, obviously fighting back tears.

He stood, carrying the girl in his arms and moved to head for the exit to the park when a thought occurred to him. He looked back at the round faced woman, who was still clutching her child with a shell shocked expression. The little boy seemed to have found the whole situation quite entertaining and was clapping delightedly.

"You said you knew the man in the hoodie?" Claude asked her.

"Huh?" She looked away from the sky her eyes locked on Claude.

"The man who saved us, what's his name?"

He watched as the woman's eyes twitched, moving as she came out of shock and thought about the question. Then her jaw set hard and she squeezed her little boy harder.

"I never seen him before in my life," She said, as if defying him to say otherwise.

The young man had just risked his life to save them all, and she'd decided to protect him right back. Claude smiled. He could respect that. After all these super types seemed to like their secret identities.

"Ah, a shame," He said with a knowing smile, "I would have liked to have said thank you. Probably for the best, you can imagine how this kind of a thing would have the media hounding him."

She looked at him for a moment before nodding in agreement.

"You have yourself a nice day, I must get Lilly home."

One his way out of the park he spoke into his hidden microphone again, "The young man, the one caught in the explosion?"

"That target appears to have landed outside of the city. It appears to be mobile, sir."

"Incredible," Claude mumbled to himself. He'd seen many people with powers like this, but it was always astounding to think of the punishment a body would have to go through and still somehow survive. Especially since Claude knew the physics of it inside and out.

"I have a team scrambling to eliminate him in ten minutes," Damon declared clinically.

"Please cancel that order."


"The person in question is a good Samaritan, not the assassin," Claude smiled, "But I appreciate your efficiency as always Damon."

"Do you want us to pick him up?"

Claude thought about it for a long moment. He wanted to meet the man who had just saved his and Lilly's life, but approaching a superhuman capable of ripping apart a suit of power armor so soon after being attacked? There was wisdom in waiting until a super powered being was calm before approaching them.

Besides, he frequented the park by the woman's admission. It was enough to work with.

"No. Not unless you think he need medical attention."


Damon looked at his screens, "I do not think that'll be necessary, sir."

"Very well, I leave things in your capable hands," Claude said then paused, "Damon, somebody sent this man after me, on a day when I didn't have my bodyguard. I need you to check into this personally, we might have a traitor in our midst."

"If we have one I will find him," Damon promised him.

And he meant it too. Whoever had instigated this attack had put all of his plans in jeopardy. He'd always wanted to take Fabricators Incorporated from the old man, but he'd never had everything ready for such an action. He could make a grab for power, but at the moment he was as likely to fail as to succeed, and any success would come at great cost.

No, he'd been content to bide his time until the situation was more advantageous.

But this assassin had just put all of his plans in peril. Now the old man would be looking around for traitors, and if he looked too hard he might just find it.

No, Damon needed to find this assassin and he needed to do it quick. He needed to find the assassin, and the man who hired him and make it very clear that nobody messed with them. He folded his hands together and promised himself that he would make sure their deaths were as unpleasant as possible.


Richard groaned as he pulled himself out of the crater he'd found himself in. He slapped aside a tree a few hundred times his own weight, and pulled himself to his feet, dusting off his charred pants.

The groan hadn't been in pain, though he was still seeing stars, and he could tell he was bleeding from a couple shallow cuts on his chest and another on his face. No he was groaning because he knew it was going to take him all day just to get back home.

He sighed, "Lovely."

A crazed madman in power armor attacked a park full of kids. Only in Freedom City.

He quirked a little smile. Of course only in Freedom City did that kind of a story end with a "happily ever after."

He had to look at the bright side. While he was slogging his way back those kids would be eating ice cream.

"Aw well. Fair trade," He said with a smile as he started walking home.

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Re: Albright Institute: [IC: 7]: Bay City Rolling

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Graham Clark - Rebound

“HI I’m Graham Clark, sometimes I go by Rebound, and if you’re wondering if you should believe the hype. Yeah you should. I’m every bit as good as they say I am. Everything you’ve heard is true. And more.”

Graham took the sledgehammer shaped fist square in the chest and was sent flying into and then threw the brick interior wall of the bank before crashing to a stop against the side of a police cruiser. He slid down the side of the cruiser as if he was boneless as he let out a quiet groan of pain before stretching himself back to feet while the giant hammer fisted man walked out of the newly created bank exit with all the confidence of Hercules.

With no hesitation Graham broke into a run directly at his opponent. Before hitting the giant Graham dropped down into a baseball slide between the man’s legs.

“I’m One in a million.”

He caught the man’s ankle with a hand and used that as leverage to send himself flying up into the air behind him. It appeared almost graceful as he flipped and rotated through the air. His legs coiled together as his feet appeared to almost merge into one blunt drill tip and just as soon as the arch of his leap sent him over the man both of his feet exploded from his body to slam dead center into the top of the man’s chest sending him down to the ground with a deafening thud.

Graham landed on both feet, his hands already swollen into their own hammers, looking down on the now fallen man who looked back up to him in disbelief.

“Best in the world is just a gimmick.” He continued to speak the intensity in his voice rising, “I’m better than the best. I actually am as good as everybody else pretends to be. It’s scary. Just ask Mufasa back in that pit. Drop a quarter and call the Psions. Oh they know all about it.”

His fists rose into the air so that he could gain the momentum to bring them back down like hammers onto the fallen man when all of a sudden a voice spoke and the entire world changed.

“End Simulation.”

Elite appeared as if from nowhere but Graham new that he had been there the entire time, controlling the simulation while the room itself hid him from view and danger. Graham realized that he was breathing heavily and kind of sweaty as Elite was approaching him. It was an odd thing to think about. He placed his hands on his hips and bit his lip, “Not too bad. It was quicker than Battlecry’s last attempt at it.”

Elite nodded as his eyes scanned the tablet that he held in his hand. “You downed Hammer-Fist nearly a full minute quicker than Battlecry. Caused more property damage though.”

Graham raised an eyebrow. “Is that taken into account?”

“To a degree.” The teenage hero said before he typed something into the tablet and then turned it to show Graham. His name was highlighted on a ranked list where Rebound held the twenty-third spot and then the list recalculated right in front of him and he moved up. Rebound was now eighteenth in his class in the Doom Room rankings. Two spots beneath Battlecry.

“Yes!” Graham hopped with joy for a brief second before he realized that he was in the presence of someone whom he found incredibly attractive before he stopped and composed himself. “Awesome, great, fantastic…”

Elite almost smiled at that before he also found his composure. “The ranking will be updated accordingly on the public boards by the end of the day.” The tablet was powered off and the two teenagers began to remove themselves from the Doom Room as another pair entered behind them. One of whom, Jake Alexander, was about to get a surprise since his ranking had been lowered by Graham’s own shift.

“I remember that there was a time that you almost seemed hesitant about your combat training. You made jokes about the ranking system.” Elite said as they headed towards the locker room. “You’ve changed since you got back from your trip overseas.”

Graham shrugged as they made it to the changing room and he approached his assigned locker. “I think I changed before I left.” He answered. “When the Psion’s attacked and I was forced to fight.”

“I’ve seen the video.” Elite interrupted. “You were… impressive.”

Graham smiled at that just a little as he started changing. “I surprised myself. You and half the city have seen that video and the Roulette video that came later.” He shook his head. “The… hero that was in them, Rebound, was something that I never thought I could be. It was me though. Jumping into the fight like I was… more than I am.”

He slipped on his Atom Family shirt and looked over his shoulder at Elite. “I didn’t mean too but I told the world that I was as good as everyone else pretended to be. That I was better than the best.” A smile started to spread across his face. “In that moment I believed it. I want to believe it.”
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Re: Albright Institute: [IC: 7]: Bay City Rolling

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“Stop doing that or your face will stay that way!” the wizened old man barked from the other end of the bench seat.

“Yes dit!” Jamie replied back quickly, trying to hide a blush as shi was broken out of self obsessed funk. It was an old joke, and one of Master Lee’s favorites. It was also one of the most accurate. Jamie, often wished that hir face would stick that way, any way. It would help avoid moments like right now. While most teens could spend hours making sure that their hair and clothing was just right, being able to easily change any feature made for so many more options. This nose or that way, blond or ginger.. or on an even deeper level, boy or girl.

Shi realized that shi was trying to distract hirself from something even deeper. Shi was terrified to the very core by what shi was about to do. The last year had been about learning discipline and self control, trying to find that inner balance that shi so desperately needed. Every teenager has issues with identity- who am I and what do I want to do with my life? Jamie had those questions and a deeper one- how do I avoid turning into a puddle of goo the next time shi got nervous or excited or aroused or even slept. Hir efforts were paying off, it had been a while since shi had last lost control.

Master Lee had done so much for hir. He was so much more of a parent to hir than hir own were. He had taken hir in when no one else would. ‘You monster! You’ll infect my children!’ The words hurt, but shi wasn’t sure if they weren’t true. Shi really wasn’t sure what drove Mother into such a conservative form of Christianity, that shi was a Terminus baby or about hir sexuality- either were blasphemous and offended the narrow eyes of their vision of God. Master Lee had done more than that. He had provided hir with a structure to live by and drove hir every day to exhaustion to stop thinking about things. He had helped hir blood sing in ways that shi would never have imagined, pushing hir to develop hir body in ways that few could accomplish.

The school was a safe place. Yes, there had been a few problems at the beginning, but what mattered to the students was that Master Lee approved of hir. Those that had problems weren’t students for very long and found themselves outside the door. Shi loved teaching, spending time with the littles and helping them grow into decent human beings rather than monsters that just wanted to punch and kick each other. Shi had even helped with classes at the shelter and the Y, working with adults that were terrified of things that had happened to them and helping to find that steady confidence again. As shi helped them, they helped hir in turn, they Needed her.

All that was changing and that scared hir. Master Lee had told her that he was sending hir to live with the Albright students and going back to school, the Claremont Academy. The thought terrified hir. Shi couldn’t stop hirself from looking at them like looking into a mirror and seeing the monster that shi had become. They were so much more powerful than shi was- an indestructible man, a girl that could be anywhere she wanted, a kinda goofy (and cute!) stretchy boy and a living sun. What could shi do? Turn into a puddle? How was that going to be useful? Deeper down was the thought of what shi had become- could shi ever be normal? Could shi have kids? There were so many medical questions that shi hadn’t considered but were so important now. How could shi possibly hope to keep up with heir new peers?

Master Lee stopped the old truck in front of the house. “We are here Jamie.” He paused, “I wish you good luck. You are strong and I am proud.” He leaned over to give hir one of those very rare personal touches. So shi set hir jaw, and overall appearance, and began walking towards the House. Shi didn’t carry much with hir, a gym bag over one arm and an old mop bucket on the other side. With a grin, shi reached out, very gently tapping the doorbell with hir toe. “Oh well, here goes nothing.”

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Re: Albright Institute: [IC: 7]: Bay City Rolling

Post by Shock »

Melissa Graves : Epitaph

"Well, Melissa, we've spoken about your reluctance to use your powers in the Doom Room before. Maybe this is a sign that you're starting to get past that." Doctor Reece looked across her office to Melissa Graves, who sat on the couch, hugging her knees. It showed a vulnerability that Albright's resident psychologist rarely saw from the teen. The girl hadn't gone to school today because she was still nervous about what had happened during the last training session. It was Monday and the session had been on Friday.


It had started normally enough. Mister Ross was running a scenario involving a robot attack with lots of collateral damage. The group was stretched thin between fighting off the attacks and trying to rescue bystanders. Melissa had teamed up with Keisha to locate and evacuate people in danger of being crushed inside a crumbling building. Search and rescue didn't sit with her while her teammates were fighting but since many of her powers wouldn't work on robots she acknowledged the logic behind the plan. The trouble came when one of the robots came too close and she pulled off the search to deal with it.

As the robot flew past the window of the apartment she was in, Melissa teleported to the shadow underneath the window sill to take a shot at it. But, at the same time, Sean was in pursuit. Not expecting Melissa to appear, he threw a ball of fire that impacted the side of the building just as she arrived. The explosion blew the goth off the building and sent her plummeting toward the street a half dozen stories below. Sean veered off to catch her but was intercepted by a pair of robots. He called for Keisha to help but she was in the middle of evacuating a small family.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Melissa knew that, in the Doom Room, such a fall wasn't the death sentence it would normally be out in the real world. But, at the speed she was falling, that thought didn't have time to register and survival instinct took over. Twenty feet above the ground, small, black wings of shadow sprung from her back and stretched out just past her shoulders. This easily slowed her fall enough to let her land lightly on her feet a couple of yards in front of Richard, who was running to catch her. His face darkened slightly as his eyes locked onto the shadows that made up her wings. He turned away with an uneasy expression, not even noticing when a robot slammed into his back.

A moment later, Keisha called for help but Melissa didn't hear. She stared at her hands, afraid of what this new development might mean. With two students clearly not participating, Coach Ross pressed a button, bringing the exercise to and end. He called out to the two, "Diamond! Epitaph! What is the problem!?"

With a flash, Keisha appeared next to Melissa. Sean and Graham caught up a few seconds later. Melissa looked at them fearfully. "Stay away! I don't want to hurt you."

"What's wrong?" Keisha stepped forward. She was always the first one to speak up with concern.

"I... just, stay back. I didn't want to do that and I don't know what else might happen."

"It's all right, Mel. We know you won't hurt us."

"Please, just stay away." With that, Melissa swiftly walked off and didn't stop until she got back to her room.


Three days later, Melissa sat in Doctor Reece's office, afraid of what the new manifestation of her powers might mean. She held her face in her hands. "You don't understand. I don't want to get past it."

Doctor Reece frowned. "We've spoken before about your resistance to change. Your powers evolving doesn't have to be a bad thing."

"No!" Melissa yelled. Tears ran down her face. "You don't understand!"

Doctor Reece leaned across her desk. "Why Melissa? What don't I understand?"

Melissa looked up and wiped her face. "I care about the others. I... I like them. I don't want them to end up like my parents."

Reece stood up and walked around her desk. "You weren't responsible for their deaths."

"You don't know that. You weren't there." Melissa looked up at Doctor Reece. "What if it was me?"

"It wasn't you, Melissa. Even if it was your powers, it wasn't you."

"Thank you, Doctor Reece." Melissa rose to leave, her normal composure had returned. "I wish I shared your confidence."

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Re: Albright Institute: [IC: 7]: Bay City Rolling

Post by Tattooedman »

Somewhere Underground, near Bay City:

“And you’re positive that’s all the Nelson girl got using that worm program?” Roulette asked as she peered over the top of her darkened glasses at the screen of the handheld device she’d been given by one of the many hackers she employed to maintain the House’s cyber-security.

“Yeah, she didn’t get much but I gotta give the girl credit – I’d not seen a worm program like that before.”

Roulette chuckled. “Keisha Nelson is one person that shouldn’t be underestimated. Especially when she’s mad and has help.”

“Help?” The nameless hacker said with a questioningly raised eyebrow.

“I’m willing to bet half the House that Spoilsport gave some tips about how our operating systems worked.”

“I’ll pass on that action if you don’t mind.”

Roulette said nothing back, instead returning the device then waving off the hacker with a simple gesture before turning her attention to the computer that was sitting on her desk. She quickly typed on a few choice keys and dove into the House’s firewalls that she’d personally did the upkeep of. After a few minutes the woman was now positive that Keisha would be unable to get nowhere near as far into the House’s system as she had this time.

Of course the fact that all the Nelson girl had managed to get was nothing more than an elaborate data trap that feed her faked information on supposed clients of the House had Roulette wondered how long it would take the teenager to figure that out. The idea that she’d managed to frustrate someone so self assured of themselves, like the Nelson girl was, actually managed to bring a short laugh from Roulette.

But the fact that she’d lost Chelsea and her gift was enough to remind Roulette that there had been some loss as well; both future fiscal as well as personal. She’d actually cared about the orphaned girl in her own way and to lose her was a pain that Roulette wasn’t used to feeling.

Thus why she’d buried herself in her work – the weeks following the Albright fights had been filled with many super villains being offered large amounts of money to go after a select few heroes that were always fan favorites and that was in addition to the more traditional wagering that went on in the House. From Bay City all the way to Freedom City and all the places in between that hosted high profile heroes found themselves set upon by the likes of the Aggressor and Onslaught, Black Claw, the current Eel, Icepick, and the Jack of Blades.

While she watched all the fights remotely Roulette couldn’t help but grin just a bit as new ideas for future fights filled her mind.
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Re: Albright Institute: [IC: 7]: Bay City Rolling

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Somewhere Just Outside Of Freedom City:

Brother Blood watched as Big Zero and Melter fought against the horde of Foundry robots. The scattered remains of dozens of them littered the floor of the training room, proof that they’d been doing this for over fifteen minutes.

Now fatigue was starting to set in. He could see it in the sloppiness of Big Zero’s sweeping arm motion that only disable half of her intended targets while the Melter’s aim was starting to drift as he now was basically cutting off arms instead of dropping his targets with a center mass shot like he’d been doing.

The older man smirked as he pushed the button on the control panel in front of him that caused a hidden door to now reveal itself by swinging open and letting his surprise sparring partner out. The blonde haired teen hovered out onto the floor and wasted no time in unleashing his eye beams on Melter (the only one that really stood a chance of injuring him or setting it up so that Big Zero might actually stand a chance against him in a fight) and the dark haired teen was sent flying back into the wall with enough force that his unconscious body was left wedged where he’d hit.

Daybreaker was still angry over his defeat by Diamond, still citing Demolisa’s giving up her mace as the main reason he’d lost as he’d not prepared for that. Brother Blood had been forced to keep the amnesiac teen separated from the other students (except for Nightstrike that is) and especially Demolisa until his temper had vented enough on the practice drones (it had helped that their disguise program had been set to make them look like Diamond). This was the first time since the fight at the House that Daybreaker had been allowed any contact with his other classmates and he was making sure that they understood he was still the Alpha of their class as he ruthlessly flew upwards into Big Zero’s chin with both of his hand balled up into tight fists.

The resulting impact stunned the giant girl but Daybreaker didn’t give her a chance to recover her wits, instead he pressed his advantage – flying around behind his opponent and delivering a skull thudding blow that was followed up by a sickening cracking noise that left little doubt in Brother Blood’s mind that Big Zero would need time in the infirmary for a few weeks now.

Before the girl’s body had even hit the floor Brother Blood ended the simulation. “Nicely done Daybreaker, you’ve won.” He said to drive the point home to the boy.

Daybreaker didn’t respond at first, instead he hovered in the air staring at Big Zero’s massive, unmoving body.

“Stand down.” Brother Blood said in a firmer tone. This wasn’t good; the boy was becoming more and more defiant to all of the teachers. It was taking more effort on Brother Blood’s part to psionically manipulate him as well since his loss and the older villain did not like what those two facts revealed to him.

Daybreaker never did verbally respond to Brother Blood, but he did finally lower himself back down to the ground and returned to the hidden door that let him leave the training room.

Brother Blood wondered just what the old Bull would say when he learned of his little project’s growing free will.
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Re: Albright Institute: [IC: 7]: Bay City Rolling

Post by Horsenhero »

Sean O'Toole

Sean O'Toole sat on the edge of his bed and stared at his hands. At least what passed for his hands. To the uninformed they would simply appear to be part of a super-hero costume, but they were so much more. They were actually part of an elaborate, articulated housing...a mannequin that he inhabited which allowed him to safely interact with the world at large. Without it he was a destructive mass of nuclear plasma, self-aware, but with no more control over his actions than a wildfire.

Absentmindedly he flexed the hand, then balled it into a fist. It felt almost normal, like a hand should. He couldn't feel the artificial musculature, the webbing of porcelain plates and conductive conduits that ran beneath the surface, the nanotech that allowed it to translate his thoughts into action. He could see the various ports and emitters that enabled him to unleash his powers in a controlled manner and he could feel the glassine shield that now passed for his face. He had been handsome not long ago. Now he was a billion dollar action figure.

Honestly he should have been grateful to Dr. Halperstein and Kumiko and Earl. He should have felt especially grateful to Langston Albright for footing the bill for his treatment. He should have been grateful, but he wasn't. For it seemed with every attempt to help him, his situation just got worse. A vast chasm of despair yawned open within him. What he wouldn't give to just...end. He couldn't though. He couldn't slit his wrists or hang himself or stick his head in an oven or jump off a bridge. Those things would only rupture the suit, unleashing devastation on the innocent. Again.

Walking over to the window he looked up at the night sky and in a futile gesture, flipped the universe the bird. Then it struck him. The answer to his problems...Sean O'Toole's problems anyway. As quietly as he could, he made his way up to the rooftop. Taking a moment, he gazed out over the darkened skyline of Freedom City. A jungle of glass, concrete and steel, he'd always found it ugly, but now with this final survey, he could see a sort of unnatural beauty.

Without so much as a look back, he launched himself into the air. Upward he climbed, his fiery trail carving a comet-like path through the gloom of the night. Below him Freedom City shrank away. Above him were the clouds and beyond that his ultimate goal, space. Steadily, he rocketed higher and higher into the atmosphere. Ten thousand feet. Twenty thousand feet. Below him he could see the clouds and contrails.

As the air thinned he noted with grim satisfaction, his power output did not diminish. Truly he'd moved beyond simple fire. Then he began to feel dizzy. His vision started to waver and his concetration wandered. Sean fought to keep his flight path steady. A gray fog began creeping in at the borders of his sight. Maybe his faceplate was icing up. Lifting his hand to wipe it off, the young mutant was confused at his clumsiness.

Then the world went dark.

"Oh my god!" His mother gasped. "I can't...I can't." Then she disappeared from the screen.

Sean had been uneasy about how to reveal the most recent mutation to his parents and had settled on a video chat using skype. He hadn't even finished explaining what happened before his mother bailed. His father looked away, somewhere beyond the reach of the webcam, a pained expression on his face.

"I should go to her."

"Yeah. Go make sure she's okay." The teen hero had responded, even as he felt his world slip away. His parents couldn't even look at him now.

Shutting off his computer he walked over to his bed and slumped down. There was nothing left of Sean O'Toole's world now.

He jerked awake, the wind buffeting him. He was spinning as plummeted from the sky. With a burst of power, he pulled himself out of the dive. Rage and despair fought for dominance in him and he could only scream. He wanted to hurt someone. He wanted to run away. He settled for firing blast after blast of nuclear fire into the clouds.

An hour later he landed back on the roof of the Albright Institute. He'd had an epiphany up there in sky, slaying imagined dragons. Sean O'Toole had died today at the hands of his parents. Sundial had died when his powers grew beyond what the dial harness could contain. Axis had shown him the foolishness of trying to hold onto his humanity. Her powers revealed the insecurities and weakness of false hope. In the end, his entire past had simply burned away, leaving nothing but his power. The solar fury was all that remained.

The Sunstorm.

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Re: Albright Institute: [IC: 7]: Bay City Rolling

Post by kirinke »

Keisha Interlude 2
A hack may be considered successful only when you get the information you're after.

The girl's expression was a mixture of frustration and resignation as Mr. Summers went over the information she had given him.

“Keisha... I'm sorry, but the information you gathered isn't something that can be used. It's not real.” he told her pointing out several flaws that she had missed. “You do realize that this course of action is very dangerous. Roulette has powerful people behind her, even Raven and Foreshadow have not managed to shut her down after years of trying.” he said gently. “I know you are angry at being humiliated, but this...”

“It's not that Headmaster. Hell I've been schooled before, that's nothing. There's always going to be someone stronger, meaner or smarter than you out there. Eventually you're going to run up against that sort of thing.” she leaned forward, dropping her usual mask of 'happy go lucky girl'.

“It's not being humiliated that gets me angry. It's the fact that she's screwing with kids. Making them fight and hurt each other like something out of the Hunger Games for her patrons amusement. Eventually, someone's gonna get killed Mr. Summers, then what? She continues unchecked, unstopped?!” her voice didn't so much as raise as get colder as she got more angry, just thinking about it. She breathed out, controlling herself with some effort, letting the rage go.

“That was the worst part of it. Not loosing, but being forced to hurt somebody that's never done me harm, nor had anything intricately against me and would have left me alone given the choice. Sure he's a villain, but still.” she rubbed her eyes in frustration as Mr. Summers nodded in understanding. “There's a difference between fighting to defend yourself and others and being forced into it just so others can get their jollies from you and your opponent's pain. That's all that game was Mr. Summers a thinly veiled torture session where the first person who broke first lost. That's why I'm angry. ”

“So you aren't going to stop, are you?” Mr. Summers looked at her intently.

“Not a chance in hell. I swore she was going down. I keep my promises.” Keisha growled. “I can't attack her head on, I'll never be strong enough for that. So it's gonna have to be very, very sneaky. Any ideas on that?”

Mr. Summers nodded again in understanding and looked thoughtfully at her. “Well my dear, if you care for some extra homework. I might have a few ideas on that.”

“Oh joy....” she said snarkily. “More bruises?”

Mr. Summers chuckled. “Give me a day or two to set some things up in the Wreck Room. Just don't go to war on Roulette yet, you are not ready for that.”

“Tell me about it.” Keisha said glumly, but underneath that, the wheels were turning. This wasn't the end of it. Not by a long shot. Nobody ever said Keisha wasn't a persistent nuisance when she put her mind to it. “Alright. I know what I did was patently stupid. How about if I get any more bright ideas on this, I'll bring them to you before I go in head first and get myself splatted.”

“Fair enough.” Mr. Summers leaned back as Keisha left and he shook his head.

“Well at least she's learning something,” he muttered as he began to go through possible scenarios he could throw at her in the hopes of keeping her so busy she couldn't get up to mischief. One can only hope. Duncan Summers thought to himself.

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Re: Albright Institute [IC: 8]: Any Which Way You Can

Post by Tattooedman »

Freedom City: Febuary 16th, 2009:

The last month has been fairly quiet for all of you, well not counting some of Keisha’s pranks on Clay and Daisy as well as their crews or that incident where Curt had finally had enough of Sloth’s trying to push him around in front of Shayla and he laid the larger boy out flat after hitting him with an ultrasonic whistle that left everyone in the lunch room hearing a low ringing for several days.

But anyways you’ve all been settling into your own routines here lately since it seems the powers that be had decided, for some reason, to give you all a break. As crazy as things have been since signing onto the Albright program this last month has been almost normal in all honesty.

Curt and the twins, Lyn & Liz, are currently off doing a test of one of Langston Albright’s newer ideas – touring. Earlier this week they were in Ohio…and according to them it’s almost as boring as it sounds. Seriously – if you’re into things made the Amish way or have a passing interest in some of the history of the nation go to Ohio, otherwise don’t go.

Keisha has gotten a request to come down to police headquarters (located in Federal Plaza) by Captain Maddicks of all people. There’s no telling what he’s got in store for her.

But for Richard the day he’s been both looking forward to and somewhat dreading has come – today is the day he’s going with Tess Atom to do ‘Sanctum Duty’.

Melissa, Sean, Graham and newcomer Jamie, who joined the group about a week ago and is just starting to get the feel of how things work in the program, are otherwise engaged in the usual work of the Albright program – personal appearances in the media. This time around it’s the Barry Ringer show, which might not be a good thing as it is a syndicated television tabloid talk show.

Guess you’ll find out.

OOC wrote:Alright gang, here we go with the new adventure, something a little different as I’m breaking the group up so much right off the bat but there are things that I want to cover for certain characters that have kind of forced me to go this route.

Here’s hoping my plan works. ;~)

So feel free to talk about what your character has been up to the last couple weeks, interact with one another, or whatever floats your boat.

Any way you want to put it, have at it.
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Re: Albright Institute: [IC: 7]: Bay City Rolling

Post by Arkrite »

Richard Dunn: Diamond
HP: 1 LP: 2 Condition: Normal

Richard was terrified.

He faced down giant insect hive minds, teams of psychics, super villains, and his even own sister on occasion. Those things could inspire fear.

But this? This was terrifying.

He wanted to run away, call in sick, or simply pretend he'd forgot and just wasn't around to do it.

And at the same time? He'd have rather faced a terminus invasion then miss it. His stomach was butterflies, and his hands were shaking. He swear he felt like his palms were sweaty, which they weren't, and had to remind himself not to wipe them off on his own pants lest he ruin the day before it began with a wardrobe malfunction.

His clothing might be borrowing from his own indestructibility thanks to the Atoms technology, and was likely a non-issue. But he wasn't going to risk it!

"Uptown girl. She's been living in her uptown world," Richard sang quietly to himself as he pulled on his shirt and fidgeted.

Black seemed wrong. Maybe red? Red and blue would be a good colour combo. No, just stick with the black shirt. His stomach was a jumble again as he started second guessing even the simplest things.

"I bet she never had a backstreet guy. I bet her Mama never told her why," he murmured as he pulled on a belt and dusted himself off.

What else would he need?

He glanced over to the wall where Demolisa's mace was hanging above his bed. He'd convinced Sean to help him with a little custom work on his walls so that he could keep it out of the way without somebody tripping over it. Namely Richard himself.

He'd asked that all of the Albright Institute buildings inform the reception staff that a young lady with scars and an eye patch asking about Diamond was to be forwarded to him as soon as possible. He'd hoped he could give her back her Mace, but unless she approached him there wasn't much he could do to return it.

His mind flickered back to the present. No, the mace needed to stay where it was. He was going to see Centurion's Sanctum, the last thing he needed to do was break anything. Besides, the mace would be useless against the butterflies in his stomach.

"I gonna try for a uptown girl," He sang softly as he pulled on his boots and tied them a little more forcefully than he should have, "She's been living in her white bread world as long as anyone with hot blood can."

He stood and looked in the mirror once again, just to make sure he hadn't grown a second nose since he last looked three seconds ago.

"And now she's looking for a downtown man," He said, "That's what I am."

He paused as he realized what he was singing. He hadn't even been paying attention. His face burned bright red and he prayed that nobody had been listening.

Of course nobody but Graham really knew what he had planned today, unless the staff had been informed... Secrets didn't last long in the Albright crew, chances were that everybody now. But either way they'd kept it from Jeanie so far or she'd never have let him out of her sight.

He let out a long nervous sigh, then a little laugh.

He was going to spend the day with Tesla Atom.

Tesla Atom!

Even if she wasn't drop dead gorgeous she was his own personal hero, standing only behind Centurion himself. And he was going with her to see Centurion's private sanctum.

With Tesla Atom!

He checked the mirror again. Hair was good. Face was... his. No extra limbs, auras, or extra dimension imps to speak of. No, he was good. But if he didn't get moving he was going to be late.

He started for the door when he smacked himself in the head.
Shoes, he's forgotten his shoes. He'd look like a complete idiot wandering around barefoot and... No, wait, he'd just finished tying his shoes.

He glanced at the mirror again, then cursed himself for being so completely scatterbrained.

He couldn't help it. He was terrified and nervous. He was as far into fight or flight mode as he could be without somebody swinging something at his skull. And he had no idea how to deal with it.

He muttered a silent curse at the butterflies in his stomach. But they didn't care.

"Okay, lets go before we're late," He told himself in a voice that lacked it's usual low confident tone.

He straightened his shoulders and stepped towards the door.


He stopped dead and looked down.

Yes, he was wearing pants. It wasn't that nightmare again.

"Thank god," he mumbled and made for the door. If he hurried he'd still be, well, very early, but at least he wouldn't be late!

God, he didn't want to be late to see Centurion's sanctum.

With Tesla Atom!