OUBLIETTE (Original 2E Builds)

Please, tell us about your character! This section is custom-made just for your heroes (or villains) to hang out in and strut their stuff.
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#38: Jaundice

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JAUNDICE (Power Level 10)

Real Name: Huang Li
Height / Weight: 5' / 110 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Black (bald) / Black
Place of Birth: Guangxi (February 1, 1876 - December 21, 1947)
First Appearance: Vindicators #1

Biography: Born in Guangxi in 1876, Huang Li was the son of an apothecary’s son. It had been the family business since the Ming dynasty fell in 1644. The Li family prided themselves on having served as the personal doctors and soothsayers to Murhaci, the man who birthed the Manchu state. Huang had grown old serving as a simple man of medicine- grinding herbs into whatever panacea his people’s maladies evoked.

Huang kept the old ways- that he dabbled in the mystic arts was no secret. Many believed that to be how he knew as much as he did. No matter their tongue, Huang was always able to communicate perfectly with foreign visitors- despite having never left Guangxi himself. He knew when people were lying to him and few could deny him anything. Huang Li could have had it all- he very likely could have ruled all of China… yet he chose to remain the simple healer.

As the Second World War came to an end, the world collectively released the deep breath they had been holding in. Hot on the heels of the Japanese surrender aboard the USS Missouri came news that a German soldier was continuing the war… and that he had abilities unlike any mortal men could imagine. Johann Meinstein, a remnant of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, declared himself the Fuhrer of the Fourth Reich and used his psionic abilities to gather new forces from those of the allies. Normal men could not hope to stand before him… and Huang knew what must be done. Though so aged himself, Huang Li volunteered to represent his nation in the effort to take down this new tyrant. Sixty-nine-years-old, he became a Vindicator- codenamed Jaundice by the Americans. His abilities allowed him to sense the insult behind the name- but he overlooked it for the good of the world. Going into battle, his abilities allowed him to protect his companions from the Fuhrer’s psionic assaults- but only one-at-a-time. Masking the Frenchman known as the Frog, the pair were able to skirt around the edge of the battlefield and sabotage the Fuhrer’s plans for global devastation.

The Vindicators continued after the Fuhrer’s defeat- fighting against other Neo-Sapiens who would seek to misuse their genetic gifts. Continuing on as Jaundice, Huang Li fought proudly until the day he died- two years after becoming a Vindicator, the man passed of natural causes- leaving not only a legacy as the family who had served Murhaci and as a Vindicator… but as a Li, a Neo-Sapien dynasty with strong psionic gifts.
  • STR 6 (-2), DEX 8 (-1), CON 6 (-2), INT 16 (+3), WIS 20 (+5), CHA 14 (+2)

    SKILLS: Concentration 4 (+9), Craft (chemical) 6 (+9), Knowledge (arcane lore) 3 (+6), Knowledge (history) 4 (+7), Knowledge (life sciences) 6 (+9), Language 0 (Mandarin [base]), Medicine 10 (+15), Notice 4 (+9), Profession (apothecary) 7 (+12), Sense Motive 4 (+9)

    FEATS: Artificer, Benefit (Status [Vindicator]), Fearless, Master Plan, Ritualist, Skill Mastery (Craft [chemical], Knowledge [life sciences], Medicine, Profession [apothecary]), Speed of Thought, Teamwork

    POWERS: Comprehend 2 (speak and understand languages; Extras: Linked [Telepathy, +0]), Enhanced Defense 10 (Extras: Linked [Telepathy, +0], Mental Duplication 3 (Extras: Linked [Telepathy, +0], Range [Perception, +2]), Mind Shield 5 (Extras: Affects Others [+1]), Telepathy 12 (Alternate Powers: Emotion Control 12, Illusion 8 [all senses; Power Feats: Progression 3 {50 ft.}; Flaws: Phantasms {-1}], Mental Blast 6, Mind Control 7 (Power Feats: Mental Link, Subtle 2; Extras: Conscious [+1]), Mind Switch 12, Stun 6 [Extras: Range {Perception, +2}])

    COMBAT: Attack +2, Grapple +0, Damage -2, Defense +10 (+5 flat-footed), Knockback -0, Initiative +3

    SAVES: Toughness -2, Fortitude +2, Reflex +3, Will +10

    Abilities 10 + Skills 10 (40 ranks) + Feats 8 + Powers 85 + Combat 4 + Saves 13 = 130 points
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#39: Mara

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MARA (Power Level 8 / Minion Rank 8)

Real Name: Sarah Cohen
Height / Weight: 5'4" / 92 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Black / Hazel
Place of Birth: Beersheba, Israel (September 21, 1988)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #2

Physical Description: Sarah is a thin, pale young woman with long, bushy, black hair and a bold nose.

Relationships: Father (deceased), Mother

Biography: In November of 2000, Sarah Cohen’s father was killed in a suicide bombing. The kind and loving man was riding the bus home from work one night when a Palestinian child stepped on, the byproduct of anti-Israeli propaganda most children are raised with, and detonated the explosives he was carrying with him.

Given the number of casualties in their family to the recent attacks on Israeli Jews (following the Camp David talks) Sarah’s mother decided to leave her adopted homeland and take her Israeli-born daughter to her mother’s motherland.

America proved to be no different. While in Israel, Sarah had to deal with anti-Semitism, in America she was ridiculed for her faith and more. She was mocked for her physical appearance: her tall and gangly frame or bold nose were frequent targets of her peers’ taunts for years as was her bushy hair and teeth.

For years, she silently endured their torturous words until she discovered her abilities… Knowing how those born with powers were treated, she decided to keep them secret from everyone but God and herself. Still, the taunting continued and one day Sarah had had enough. She unleashed her nightmarish powers on her fellow students—crippling them with the fear she had come to live with all her life and trapping them within her illusions. Sarah had become the mara, the demons long believed to sit on the chests of sleepers and the cause of nightmares. Sarah saw herself as being something more, however…

…she was an avenger…

NEW VINDICATORS: radix malorum est cupiditas—Tired of their abuse, Sarah arrived at the homecoming dance and unleashed her powers on her tormentors. The New Vindicators were able to contain the chaos but they failed to find the source. As Sarah fled the dance, she was met by Blitzkrieg who offered her a place amongst others who knew persecution: the Affiliation.

Sarah went off the grid for several months and eventually resurfaced at what would have been her high school graduation. Once more she unleashed her phobia-evoking abilities on Eleanor Roosevelt High School but this time the New Vindicators were able to stop her.

NEW VINDICATORS: contraria contrariis curantur—When the Affiliation detected the Vindicators entering their airspace, Lurker moved to separate Hourglass from the group while simultaneously leaving Mara to take care of the remaining heroes. She used her fear-inducing powers on Lodestone, causing him to experience a vivid hallucination where Adonis proclaimed himself to be the one who engineered the plague taking down the heroes. It was thanks to Prompt that Lodestone was able to defeat the young woman…
  • STR 10, DEX 10, CON 10, INT 18 (+4), WIS 16 (+3), CHA 10

    SKILLS: Concentration 4 (+8), Knowledge (history) 3 (+7), Knowledge (life sciences) 4 (+8), Knowledge (theology and philosophy) 3 (+7), Language 2 (Arabic, English, Hebrew), Medicine 4 (+8), Notice 4 (+8), Sense Motive 4 (+8)

    FEATS: Equipment 1, Fearless, Teamwork 1

    POWERS: Emotion Control 8 (Extras: Area [Perception, +1]; Flaws: Limited-one emotion [fear, -1]), Illusion 8 (all sense types; Power Feats: Progression 8; Extras: Fear Projection [+1]; Flaws: Phantasms [-1]), Mind Shield 8 (Extras: Impervious [+1]), Super Senses 2 (Additional Senses: Awareness [Fear], Detect [Fear])

    Equipment: cell phone; 4 free equipment points

    COMBAT: Attack +0, Grapple +0, Damage +0, Defense +0, Knockback -0, Initiative +0

    SAVES: Toughness +0, Fortitude +2, Reflex +2, Will +9 (+13 mental)

    COMPLICATIONS: Prejudice (Jew, Neo-Sapien)

    Abilities 14 + Skills 7 (28 ranks) + Feats 3 + Powers 74 + Combat 0 + Saves 10 = 108 points
Michuru81 wrote:Someone double-check my work for me and let me know if I totally screwed this up: I'm thinking that with that set up on the Emotion Control, Mara's able to designate a target and make those who perceive it afraid of it. You know, so a dying hero suddenly becomes so terrifying that the group's healer can't bring themselves to get too close because they're crawling with imaginary spiders... That's what I'm going for at least; I think that's right but... eh, you never know...
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#40: Forecast

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FORECAST (Power Level 5)

Real Name: Gale Weathers
Height / Weight: 5'10" / 130 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Black / Hazel
Place of Birth: Bismark, North Dakota (July 29, 1989)
First Appearance: Vindicators #701

Biography: When Gale Weathers’ powers manifested for the first time, saving her step-brother Alden Michaels from a rabid dog, she didn’t realize what had happened… but Alden had. Gale’s mother had married Alden’s father after her first husband left his family to start a new one. Of course it had been he who has passed on his genetic marker to Gale, bestowing his manipulation over the forces of nature on her…

…and it had been Alden who reaped the rewards.

For months he helped her hone her abilities in secret, convincing the sixteen-year-old that her mother would hate her if she discovered her baby girl was a Neo-Sapien. Once he was confident enough in her abilities, he began to utilize her as a deterrent against the police- allowing him to competently and confidently commit crimes across the city.

Ultimately, police realized that the serendipitous weather changes were undoubtedly the byproduct of a Neo-Sapien’s abilities and the New Vindicators arrived to investigate. A small team of instructors including Halogen, Michuru, Pandora and Rift were able to break through Gale’s powers, stop Alden, and spare Gale from the repercussions from her involvement- provided she attended school at the New Vindicators Academy.

Under their tutelage, Gale grew in leaps and bounds and became more than confident- she became conceited. A string of victories in simulated battles left her believing herself the best of her class- a title she rubbed into the faces of her peers. It helped to alienate her more and more than her boastful attitude had- and perhaps that’s what made her such a prime candidate for the Affiliation… she had nothing to lose by betraying the school.
  • STR 12 (+1), DEX 14 (+2), CON 12 (+1), INT 10, WIS 12 (+1), CHA 10

    SKILLS: Bluff 2 (+6 attraction), Diplomacy 2 (+4 attraction), Knowledge (popular culture) 4

    FEATS: Attractive, Endurance

    POWERS: Immunity 2 (cold and heat), Weather Control 5 (distraction [precipitation]; Dynamic Alternate Powers: Air Control, Blast [lightning; Power Feats: Accurate, Indirect 2], Dazzle [auditory and visual, thunder and lightning], Environmental Control [cold, hamper movement {icy and wet surfaces}, heat, reduced visibility {rain}], Fatigue [humidity], Obscure [visual, fog], Snow; Extras: Wide [+1])

    COMBAT: Attack +3 (+5 lightning blast), Grapple +4, Damage +1, Defense +4 (+2 flat-footed), Knockback -0, Initiative +2

    SAVES: Toughness +1, Fortitude +1, Reflex +6, Will +2

    Abilities 10 + Skills 2 (8 ranks) + Feats 2 + Powers 41 + Combat 14 + Saves 6 = 75 points
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#41: Tusk

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TUSK (Power Level 5)

Real Name: Maximilian Fitzpatrick
Height / Weight: 7'10" / 1,370 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Black (bald) / Hazel
Place of Birth: Little Compton, Rhode Island (November 2, 1986)
First Appearance: Vindicators #674

Biography: For years, Maximilian Fitzpatrick bounced from foster home to foster home. At only eighteen months he had been taken from his mother for her addiction to crack cocaine- a dependency she had passed to Max in the womb. He had never known the woman- nor any of her family. Likewise, his father’s identity was kept from him just as he was kept from his mother. As such, he never knew who had inherited his Neo-Sapien powers from. If he had, he might have been able to learn how to control them.

At the tender age of twelve, Max’s molars were developing strangely fast. In normal humans, the third and rearmost molar breaks through the surface of the gum near the age of twenty. Max’s had broken through and were elongating themselves towards the front of his mouth. As his foster parents discussed the possibility of extracting the teeth, Max’s size slowly increased, his skin turned grey and more durable, his strength increased… Little did they suspect that the manifestation of Max’s Neo-Sapien abilities was his body’s way of fighting off the spread of Reed-Sternberg cells- distinctive giant cells found in victims of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

As Max grew, his constitution improved, providing him more of a fighting chance against the coming disease. Biopsies revealed that his powers had saved his life- though permanently disfigured him. His only remaining chance for a normal existence was found at the New Vindicators Academy of America.

There he was codenamed Tusk and spent many years detached and withdrawn from the rest of the young community there. It wasn’t until his senior year that he allowed himself to become involved with any of the others, when sophomore Donna-Anne Manther began showing a romantic interest in the gentle giant. The two began a serious relationship- one Max felt had to be hidden due to her age and that the pair were engaged sexually. Donna-Anne simply wanted it secret to avoid the social backlash she figured would come from being openly involved with such a monster. At the realization of her true feelings, Max broke things off just prior to his graduation.

He declined to remain at the school- not wanting to be around his former lover any longer. He instead withdrew from society once more, hiding himself in the wilderness for two years before he was recruited into the Affiliation by Chimera.
  • STR 18 [24] (+7), DEX 8 (-1), CON 16 [20] (+5), INT 14 (+2), WIS 10, CHA 8 (-1)

    SKILLS: Climb 2 (+6), Intimidate 4 (+5), Knowledge (physical sciences) 2 (+4), Stealth 0 (-5), Survival 2, Swim 2 (+6)

    FEATS: All-out Attack, Endurance, Improved Sunder, Power Attack, Rage 5, Takedown Attack

    POWERS: Growth 4 (Flaws: Permanent [-1]), Protection 3, Strike 1 (Power Feats: Innate, Mighty; Drawbacks: Noticeable), Super-Strength 5 (MAX: 24 tons; Power Feats: Bracing, Groundstrike)

    COMBAT: Attack +2 (includes -1 due to size), Grapple +18, Damage +7 (+8 strike), Defense +2 (+1 flat-footed; includes -1 due to size), Knockback -3, Initiative -1

    SAVES: Toughness +8, Fortitude +10, Reflex +1, Will +1

    Abilities 12 + Skills 3 (12 ranks) + Feats 10 + Powers 25 + Combat 12 + Saves 8 = 70 points
Michuru81 wrote:Is there a point to Rage 5? Nope. Tusk’s strength puts his damage beyond his cap- courtesy of a trade off, and his Fortitude is already at the ceiling. Rage provides little benefit for this Brobdinagian behemoth and exists solely for RP purposes. It lets Tusk slip into “Hulk smash!” mode and at the same time pays homage to musth- a state of rage that elephants are known to enter.
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#42: Okami

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OKAMI (Power Level 5)

Real Name: Reon Okami
Height / Weight: 5'5" / 90 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Black / Hazel (one eye)
Place of Birth: Osaka, Japan (February 19, 1986)
First Appearance: Vindicators #674

Biography: Long before the Japanese wolf went extinct in 1905, a family of Japanese Neo-Sapiens ran with them in the wilds of Hokkaido. The Okami clan were Neo-Sapien warriors, blessed with the power to transform into a wolf, who were said to have descended from a great warrior of the Sengoku. Though history books don’t tell of the great samurai Okami Toshimaru- his legend is kept by his family, passed down from generation to generation.

Elders have told of the clan’s glory days during the Bakumatsu, serving the Ishin Shishi with their uncanny gift. The shogunate was said to employ shinobi throughout the war- the most skilled shinobi had nothing on the Okami’s abilities. Still, like the wolves they ran with, the Okami clan’s numbers have begun to thin and now… the fate of the clan rested on the heads of a fiery young woman- Okami Reon.

Reon was accepted to the New Vindicators Academy. At the time, only one school existed- potential students for the European and Asian Academies sojourned overseas to America instead. Still, when many migrated to the completed institutes, Okami chose to stay- opting to be near the object of her infatuation, J.J. Manther.

The modest and naïve Caliber was put off by Okami’s boldness- hindering her hopes to develop a relationship with the young man. As the two graduated, he accepted a position with the Guardians, while she returned to her homeland.

While there she met and enchanted Hanyou Hajime- the now-default leader of Kurenai Kage. Though Okami wanted nothing to do with the man, her grandfather urged her to marry the shinobi leader. Hajime’s clan was fading just as the Okami were. Reon’s family suggested a marriage of convenience- helping to resuscitate both groups for a new era.

Though she grudgingly accepted, their involvement with the New Vindicators of America over the theft of the Imperial Regalia sparked her sense of adventure. Using it as an excuse to traverse back to America, Okami joined up with her old teammates Tide and Tusk- joining the Affiliation under Chimera’s request.
  • STR 12 (+1), DEX 16 (+3), CON 12 (+1), INT 10, WIS 16 (+3), CHA 8 (-1)

    SKILLS: Acrobatics 3 (+6), Bluff 0 (-1/+3 attraction), Diplomacy 0 (-1/+3 attraction), Intimidate 3 (+2), Language 1 (English, Japanese [base]), Notice 2 (+5), Sense Motive 2 (+5), Stealth 3 (+6), Survival 2 (+5)

    FEATS: Accurate Attack, Attack Focus [melee] 3, Attractive, Defensive Attack, Equipment, Improved Block, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Martial Artist [Kenjutsu], Power Attack, Taunt

    POWERS: Container 5 (Enhanced Constitution 4, Enhanced Dexterity 2, Enhanced Feats 5 [Dodge Focus 3, Improved Trip, Sweeping Strike], Enhanced Skills 2 [Intimidate 4, Notice 2, Stealth 2], Enhanced Strength 2, Immunity 1 [cold], Leaping 2 [x5], Speed 3 [50 MPH], Super-Senses 4 [Additional Senses: Low-Light Vision, Scent, Tracking, Ultra-Hearing])

    Equipment: katana (+3 damage)

    COMBAT: Attack +2 (+5 melee), Grapple +6, Damage +1 (+4 katana), Defense +4 (+2 flat-footed), Knockback -0, Initiative +7

    SAVES: Toughness +1, Fortitude +2, Reflex +7, Will +4

    DRAWBACKS: Disability (one eye, 4 points)

    Abilities 14 + Skills 4 (16 ranks) + Feats 13 + Powers 25 + Combat 12 + Saves 6 – Drawbacks 4 = 70 points
Michuru81 wrote:Okami is one of the better fighters the Affiliation had during its first run, which isn't saying a lot given that bunch. Unfortunately, her best purpose is as a lackey- Okami makes a decent opponent and a horrible villain. She can't hold the story together on her own, but she can be a stumbling block someone else puts in the hero's path.

Speed 3 may seem a little too much, but wolves can actually reach 40 MPH chasing prey. I had debated leaving it as Speed 2 (25 MPH + Extra Effort...) but opted instead to let her easily reach high speeds.
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#43: Bogart

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BOGART (Power Level 8)

Real Name: Brian Hart
Height / Weight: 5’10” / 178 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Blonde / Brown
Place of Birth: Phoenix Arizona (July 1, 1979)
First Appearance: Vindicators #601

Biography: Brian and Bridget Hart always dreamed of following in their parents’ footsteps. Bridget wanted to be an attorney like their father, while Brian yearned to become a surgeon like their mother. Life had other plans for the twins though and Bridget soon manifested their mother’s Neo-Sapien abilities. Brian found himself imbued with their father’s genetic talent for draining Neo-Sapiens of their energies and using them for his own purpose.

It was this talent that made Brian so vital to the Vindicators VII. His sister’s powers were crucial to their cause, but her own fears and psychological handicaps prevented her from utilizing them. Brian’s role became draining his sister’s healing powers and applying them along with his medical knowledge to keep their team patched up. Still, as the default healer of the group, he could not monitor the team and protect his sister at the same time.

That responsibility was handed to Michuru Bradshaw and Brian watched as his twin sister began to grow closer and closer to the Nephilim.

Despite witnessing Atlas end her life, Brian placed all the blame for his sister’s death at Michuru’s feet and the swordsman was eager to shoulder it. Their lives forked then, with Michuru taking to wandering the world while Brian continued to defend it- taking a job as the warden of Alcatraz Island.

He watched then as Michuru found some level of happiness- becoming a teacher at the New Vindicators Academy and marrying Doctor Natalie Styles, a colleague at the school. Brian’s rage began to bubble up, hating that Michuru had found happiness in the aftermath of Bridget’s death. The hero began to plan his revenge only to have it claimed during Apocatastasis’ rise to power. Michuru lost his life fighting the villain and Brian Hart watched his sole ambition slip away…

It was then that he heard the heroes plan- David Meinstein gathered Firn, Suicide King and Joseph to discuss the possibility to time travel. Firn began modifying David’s Portal armor to allow for temporal movement rather than spatial. Seeing his chance for revenge, Brian transferred some of Antiquity’s power to him, de-aging himself to a teenager and then using Suicide King’s dimensional control to shoot himself into the past.

Fearing what havoc Brian could bring on the time stream, David and Hikari both followed after him and proceeded to fight him in the nexus of reality. There, they managed to steer him away from their past and instead into the past of an alternate dimension. However, the melee separated them- causing each to appear in a different time. David appeared in 1979, while Hikari finally landing in this dimension in 2007. Brian Hart appeared in 2001, on the very day his sister died.

Brian used his knowledge of the future to seek out the New Vindicators Academy. His intent had been to become a student at the school during Michuru’s first year as a teacher. Without access to Suicide King’s temporal abilities, he was trapped in this time though and opted instead to join the school under the identity of Bogart.

As Bogart, Brian Hart became one of the first five students at the New Vindicators Academy- along with Rift, Ambrosia, Blitzkrieg and Nor’easter. Bogart dodged every question about his past- never refusing to offer information, just… stepping around such inquires. Still, he found other challenges to keeping his secret…

Project: PRIME was an organization run by an Esper, one who used his telepathic powers to garnish the psychological weaknesses of his young opponents. He told his minions how best to get into the heads of the New Vindicators and while this often meant playing on the unrequited love of his teammates, Bogart found the Primes hinting at his true motives and caused him to take lethal measures to ensure their silence. To this day, Scorch, one such young Neo-Sapien, is still in a coma after being shot in the neck, shoulder and knee by Bogart. While Bogart’s claim of self-defense is justified by his teammates, there has always been the question of just what he didn’t want revealed…

After graduation, he served a stint in Riker’s, only to disappear upon release. His parole was largely due in part to the legal defense of Bo Vidae, the upstart crime lord who conceived the Bisons. The man began supplying the seven young SPBs with a drug that enhanced their abilities and allowed them to force all criminals in New York City to submit before them. Together with Deimos and Enyo, the Reptile, Light-man, Lazarus and Singe, Bogart ruled the criminal world on behalf of the Wisent.

Under the administration of Coach Crag and Miss Mist, the New Vindicators declared war on crime- attacking known criminals in their lairs, rather than waiting for them to act upon them. Ultimately, this resulted in the defeat of the Wisent. Bo Vidae’s removal from his throne caused a power vacuum. His empire crumbled and his pawns began their own individual bids for power.

Ultimately, two forces seized control- one led by Bogart and the other by Deimos. Though Deimos seems to be keeping his syndicate in check and from taking any action, Bogart’s group still steps carefully as the temporally-stranded former hero attempts to figure out what his old friend is up to.
  • STR 10, DEX 12 (+1), CON 10, INT 18 (+4), WIS 14 (+2), CHA 12 (+1)

    SKILLS: Bluff 4 (+5), Diplomacy 2 (+3), Drive 2 (+3), Gather Information 4 (+5), Intimidate 4 (+5), Knowledge (civics) 1 (+5), Knowledge (life sciences) 5 (+8), Knowledge (streetwise) 4 (+7), Medicine 5 (+7), Notice 4 (+6), Profession (warden) 3 (+5), Sense Motive 4 (+6), Sleight of Hand 2 (+3)

    FEATS: Assessment, Attack Focus (ranged) 2, Connected, Contacts, Defensive Roll 2, Dodge Focus 2, Equipment 2, Speed of Thought

    POWERS: Transfer 8 (Drain Powers, Boost Powers; Power Feats: Slow Fade; Extras: Range [Perception, +2]; Flaws: Limited [Neo-Sapiens, -1], Tainted [-1])

    COMBAT: Attack +2 (+4 ranged), Grapple +2, Damage +0, Defense +4 (+1 flat-footed), Knockback -0, Initiative +4

    SAVES: Toughness, Fortitude +2, Reflex +3, Will +8

    Abilities 12 + Skills 11 (44 ranks) + Feats 11 + Powers 65 + Combat 8 + Saves 10 = 120 points
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#44: Doctor Splash

Post by Michuru81 »

DOCTOR SPLASH (Power Level 10)

Real Name: Doctor Kenneth Bradley
Height / Weight: 6' / 150 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Brown / Green
Place of Birth: Aurora, Illinois (March 3, 1950)
First Appearance: Vindicators #350

Biography: Life sometimes has a way of manipulating events- forcing them to take an ironic twist. For four high school kids at John Adams High School were Neo-Sapiens was not ironic. That those four would return to their Alma Mata as teachers was no small stretch. That each one’s abilities represented a different element however… that was certainly something.

Doctor Kenneth Bradley had spent much of his high school years at JAHS infatuated with the lovely Victoria Richmond. He had watched as she went from jock to jock to jock, at one time even dating Patrick Goodman- the bully who tormented the geeky captain of the chess team throughout their careers as students. Things had been better after Kenneth accepted an invitation to return to his old high school to teach history while he wrote his second book. Victoria and Patrick too were teaching there- Victoria teaching literature and Patrick coaching football while teaching driver’s education and health.

Things were good and life felt normal- like it should have been. Life has a way of changing things when everything is feeling good too…

The school was attacked by Miss Multiple, who was seeking out a student whose powers she believed could one day lead her to world conquest. The woman was a radical who wanted lash out at the anti-Neo-Sapien community and strike a blow for the race she saw as being so obviously superior. Miss Multiple sought out a shapeshifter- one who could alter their appearance to look like anyone. Not surprisingly, the young man did not wish to be stolen away in the attack and used his powers to hide from the woman- only serving to infuriate her and leave her ready to slaughter the student body, alumni, and staff.

Doctor Kenneth Bradley quietly slipped away to transform into his aquatic form- intent on defending not only his students… but the object of his eternal affections, Victoria Richmond.

Unbeknownst to him, Victoria had also evoked her own abilities with similar intents- protecting the children. Despite having known of her abilities for years- Victoria was not as experienced with her abilities as Kenneth was. Lacking control, she unintentionally reverted to her actual form during the fight. Her identity and vulnerability exposed, Patrick revealed his own ability to defend his former girlfriend whilst Kenneth continued to work in the shadows.

He was aided by the quiet, reserved chemistry teacher Professor Philip Alston- who revealed his control over flames to Kenneth (and that he had known of the other teacher’s dual identities for some time). The two brilliant minds quickly concocted a plan that saved the school, their students and their two companions.

Kenneth revealed his identity after the school board terminated Victoria and Patrick for fear of public backlash and how their abilities could endanger their students. He kept Professor Alston’s secret and Alston continued teaching. The trio instead took to the hero business, deciding to continue the fight against Miss Multiple and those like her.

It didn’t take long for Victoria to realize what Kenneth’s motives were in the melee. She approached the shy man, hammering through his timid exterior and eventually asking him out. The two began a relationship that little appeared able to faze.

Eventually Professor Alston would join their adventures- aiding the trio in their battles against Miss Multiple, the mad scientist Mister Mayhem, the fiendish Cockatrice, Marionette the puppet master, telekinetic Hyperion, Hippocrates (Doctor Thaddeus Bradley, Doctor Splash’s time-traveling father), the Fowl Four (Wing, Beak, Talon, and Down), and the teleporting Sift. Though some were handled easily and others posed major threats to the team, Miss Multiple would be undisputed as the Vindicators IV’s greatest foe. She was the first villain they ever fought, as well as the last.

Abducting Doctor Splash from a date with Victoria, one where he was planning on proposing, Miss Multiple and Hippocrates began to test a machine on him. Hippocrates was obsessed with the idea that the Vindicators IV were mankind’s only hope against a coming threat and believed the procedure would amplify his son’s powers. Miss Multiple however believed the machine could alter the DNA of humans- turning them into Neo-Sapiens and forcing the world into equal status. As such, she was curious of the effects it would have on a natural Neo-Sapien.

The other three heroes arrived to battle their old foes, but they had arrived too late. The machine had permanently imprisoned Doctor Splash in his watery guise. He could never again take a human form- only a shape.

Fearing the life he would be subjecting the woman he now loved to by continuing their relationship- he withdrew from her- going so far as to disband the group after years of missions on behalf of the United States government. Though he claimed it was due to him not wanting to risk them ending up in a similar condition, it was to spare Victoria from a continued romance with a man incapable of loving her physically. Not understanding this, Victoria sought comfort from her only other friend… her ex-boyfriend Patrick.

As the 1970s closed, Kenneth found himself attending the wedding of two teammates. He had driven Victoria away and back to the arms of her former boyfriend. Doctor Splash had only one companion now… Jack Daniels- poured over him and absorbed right into his liquid form.

The last few decades he’s been known publicly to have wasted most of what he made as the leader of the Vindicators IV on booze- living perpetually in a drunken haze (his powers apparently make him immune to alcohol poisoning). Many speculate that the well must have run dry, as Doctor Splash has lent himself to the New Vindicators Academy. Others suspect it is because his former love is also a teacher here…

NEW VINDICATORS: Radix Malorum Est Cupiditas
His critiques proved right, when Doctor Splash revealed his involvement with the Affiliation. In exchange for his servitude, he was ensured Patrick’s death and Victoria’s love.

Doctor Splash was defeated during the White War and imprisoned in Alcatraz Island.
  • STR 10, DEX 14 (+2), CON 10, INT 20 (+5), WIS 14 (+2), CHA 16 (+3)

    SKILLS: Bluff 4 (+7), Computers 4 (+9), Diplomacy 4 (+7), Knowledge (current events) 5 (+10), Knowledge (history) 8 (+13), Knowledge (theology) 5 (+10), Medicine 4, Notice 4 (+6), Profession (history teacher) 6 (+8 )

    FEATS: Attack Specialization (unarmed) 2, Benefit 1 (Status [Vindicator]), Eidetic Memory, Inspire 2, Leadership, Master Plan, Sneak Attack 4, Teamwork 2

    POWERS: Liquid Form 12 (Concealment 2 [visual; Power Feats: Close Range; Flaws: Limited {underwater, -1}], Elongation 10, Immunity 21 (suffocation, water effects, life support), Insubstantial 1, Protection 5, Suffocate 10 [Alternate Power: Strike 10], Swimming 5; Power Feats: Dodge Focus 15; Flaws: Permanent [-1]; Drawbacks: Vulnerable [electricity {uncommon, major; 3 points}])

    COMBAT: Attack +0 (+4 unarmed), Grapple +10, Damage +0, Defense +15 (+0 flat-footed), Knockback -0, Initiative +1

    SAVES: Toughness +5, Fortitude +3, Reflex +8, Will +5

    Abilities 24 + Skills 11 (44 ranks) + Feats 14 + Powers 60 + Combat 0 + Saves 13 = 130 points
Michuru81 wrote:I'm weird about benchmarks and don't allow the PCs or NPCs in our campaign world to buy an ability past 18 (pleading with the PCs to use their best judgment on even buying a 16). The core book describes an ability score of 20 as being the "best in a nation" and as such... credibility is lost when you have six guys sitting in New York with a 20 INT. Doctor Kenneth Bradley really is a rare breed of genius though- a man not used to being surprised and who uses the lessons history has given us to dictate what the future undoubtedly holds. As such, he is considered to be a genius- out matched only by James Howell (Silverback).
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#45: Professor Incendiary

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Real Name: Professor Philip Alston
Height / Weight: 5'8" / 168 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Grey / Green
Place of Birth: Rutland, Vermont (May 1, 1948)
First Appearance: Vindicators #350

Biography: Professor Philip Alston loved his students… literally.

In the wake of Miss Multuple’s attack on John Adams High School in Chicago, Illinois- three teachers were terminated for their status as Neo-Sapiens. Doctor Bradley, Miss Richmond and Mister Crag had saved one of their students from the Neo-Sapien terrorist and had their careers destroyed as a result. Professor Alston had moved amongst the shadows though- his involvement went unnoticed by all save Doctor Bradley and the fourth Neo-Sapien was allowed to continue teaching.

It was several months later that Alston’s other actions garnished media attention. The world’s eye had been on JAHS; it was no wonder it caught Alston’s deeds. Alston was not exposed as a Neo-Sapien, but as a homosexual and pedophile. The chemistry teacher had been carrying on an affair with one of his students.

Rather than see Alston punished, Doctor Bradley intervened. In the months since their suspension, the trio of teachers had formed the new generation of Vindicators. As Doctor Splash, the group’s leader suggested releasing Alston to his watch. The government ordered the professor to join the team and any jail time was avoided as Professor Incendiary was born.

For years the heroes fought against foe after foe- but none as deadly as Chimera. The morphing man spent weeks committing crimes under the guise of Professor Alston before the Vindicators IV finally stopped him. He revealed himself to be Richard Jorgenson- the student they had lost their jobs protecting and the student Alston had molested.

Alston revealed that he truly had feelings for Jorgenson and apologized for taking advantage of the youth years earlier. He claimed he truly did love the young man and asked him to be his partner. Chimera refused flatly, claiming he was not a homosexual but had only been seduced during his mourning period (his mother having been killed by his father after the revelation of her powers). Chimera not only broadcasted his status as a heterosexual but went on record as a homophobe and adamant gay-hater.

In the years that followed, Doctor Splash disbanded the Vindicators IV. Professor Incendiary took to freelance writing and attempted several times to sell a book (no publisher believed the public would pay for a book written by the man American so hated) and he spent many years in relative obscurity until the formation of the New Vindicators Academy. Acting as co-headmaster for many years he left to join the Affiliation- promised Richard Jorgenson for his involvement. Though the Affiliation’s ambitions were squashed by the New Vindicators- Alston himself suffered the worst embarrassment- defeated in battle by a mere human teenager.
  • STR 10, DEX 12 (+1), CON 10, INT 18 (+4), WIS 12 (+1), CHA 10

    SKILLS: Computers 3 (+7), Craft (chemical) 8 (+12), Disable Device 3 (+7), Knowledge (life sciences) 4 (+7) Knowledge (physical sciences) 8 (+12), Knowledge (technology) 2 (+5), Medicine 6 (+7), Notice 2 (+3), Profession (chemistry teacher) 6 (+7), Sense Motive 2 (+3), Survival 4 (+5)

    FEATS: Attractive, Benefit (Status [Vindicator]), Equipment, Master Plan, Skill Mastery (Craft [chemical], Knowledge [physical sciences], Medicine, Profession [chemistry teacher])

    POWERS: Energy Form 20 (Blast 15, Energy Aura 5 [fire], Flight 5 [250 MPH], Immunity 20 [heat effects, metal effects])

    Equipment: comm. link, Vindicators Uniform (+2 Toughness, Immunity 2 [cold and heat])

    COMBAT: Attack +4, Grapple +4, Damage +0, Defense +4 (+2 flat-footed), Knockback -0, Initiative +1

    SAVES: Toughness +2, Fortitude +3, Reflex +4, Will +8

    Abilities 12 + Skills 12 (48 ranks) + Feats 5 + Powers 100 + Combat 8 + Saves 13 = 150 points
[quote="Michuru81"]More a teacher than a superhero, Professor Alston has quite a few glass jaws. He's easy to hit, goes down in a punch, and is pretty much a one trick pony.
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#46: Kelvin

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KELVIN (Power Level 1)

Real Name: Malachi "Kai" Brown
Height / Weight: 5'10" / 230 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Brown / Hazel
Place of Birth: Waterloo, Iowa (August 30, 1989 - November 14, 2006)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #1

Biography: Malachi Brown’s father pushed him to follow in his footsteps and be active in the Boy Scouts. His mother pushed him to grow in his Jewish heritage. “Kai” wanted to please them both- so be did both. Still, they weren’t the only people to have an impact on Kai’s upbringing; the Browns’ next-door neighbors, the Toshirou family, was from Japan. While the Browns obsessed over their careers in real estate, Kai was watched by Missus Toshirou and her son Yusuke.

Little by little, Kai absorbed their culture- particularly delving into the world of Japanese animation- becoming a rabid otaku. He idolized the heroes of the Dragonball and Gundam universes and was ecstatic when he discovered his inherent ability to explode with energy. To him, it was like being one of his favorite characters. In fact, upon noting how his radiation aura appeared, he dubbed it “powering up.”

For years Kai was able to keep his abilities a secret until the night his mother and father took him out for his 17th birthday. A drunk driver slammed into them, killing Kai’s mother and incapacitating his father. Trapped inside the flaming wreckage, Kai used his powers to burn his way to freedom and save his father. Unable to hide what he truly was now, the duo was contacted by the New Vindicators Academy and Kai opted to finish his schooling there.

Despite the transition to New York, Kai intended to continue with the Boy Scouts and make Eagle Scout. He was also adamant that he continue his education after high school- dreaming of one day teaching math. As he experienced life at the New Vindicators Academy, he began to share his dreams with his teachers- including his new found ambition of returning their to teach and help kids like him.

Unfortunately, Kai never got such a chance. Alienated by most of the student body because of his weight, one of his few friends, Atlanta White, had gone out alone in the midst of the Affiliation’s attacks. Intent on defending her, Kai hurried to the retirement home she volunteered at and stumbled into something his imagination could never have concocted. Learning the identity of the Affiliation’s leader, Kai contacted Deimos, uttering “don’t trust Mi-” before his untimely death.
  • STR 12 (+1), DEX 8 (-1), CON 10, INT 12 (+1), WIS 10, CHA 8 (-1)

    SKILLS: Knowledge (earth sciences) 1 (+2), Knowledge (life sciences) 1 (+2), Knowledge (physical sciences) 3 (+4), Knowledge (popular culture) 4 (+5), Knowledge (theology and philosophy) 1 (+2), Languages 2 (English [base], Hebrew, Japanese) Survival 4

    FEATS: Equipment, Track

    POWERS: Energy Aura 1 (Radiation; Alternate Powers: Energy Aura 1 [fire], Energy Aura 1 [ice]), Force Field 1

    Equipment: comm. link, Vindicators Uniform (+2 Toughness, Immunity 2 [cold and heat])

    COMBAT: Attack +0, Grapple +1, Damage +1, Defense +0, Knockback -1, Initiative -2

    SAVES: Toughness +2, Fortitude +2, Reflex -1, Will +0

    Abilities 0 + Skills 4 (16 ranks) + Feats 2 + Powers 7 + Combat 0 + Saves 2 = 15 points
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#47: Frostbite [PC]

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FROSTBITE (Power Level 10)

Real Name: Benjamin "Ben" Altair
Height / Weight: 5’11” / 170 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: White / Blue
Place of Birth: Kansas City, Missouri (February 10, 1989)
First Appearance: Vindicators #1

Biography: Benjamin was born one cold, February day to Alan and Alison Altair- their first and only child. Early on, the couple debated with whether or not to tell Ben of his father’s dual identity. Alan Altair was more than a simple musician… he was the costumed superhero who defended Kansas City, Missouri.

Alan Altair was Firn.

Alison never approved of her husband’s double identity. Alan had worried that telling Ben would be the same as exposing himself- children had less restraint than adults and an excited Ben may have told everyone in his kindergarten class that he was the son of a superhero. Believing that telling Ben would lead to ending Alan’s alternate career, Alison told a young Ben everything she knew.

What she did not know was that Alan had been approached by Semyazza, one of the Seven Fallen, at Ben’s birth. She claimed Ben would one day blanket the world in frost and usher in a new ice age. The man lived his every moment in constant fear that the fallen seraphim would come to claim Ben and use him in her dark plot. He prayed no fraction of his ability transferred to Ben…

On September 8, 2001, Semyazza returned. Her last puppet had failed her and she was ready to move onto to Ben. She bound the Altairs with a terrifying ritual: when Alan touched Ben next, his power would transfer and Ben would become the destroyer. Seeking to spare his son from such a fate, Alan faked his death and fled the country.

Heartbroken, Ben carried on as best as he could. His mother appeared glad for his husband’s death, almost liberated, and quickly married into money. Ben felt truly alone and began to invent aspects of his life in an attempt to entice her to notice him once more- to love him the way his father did. The young man even went so far as to hide his Neo-Sapien powers from her, knowing how she had disapproved of his father’s talents.

As Ben reached his senior year of high school, his status was fully exposed and he was approached with the offer of joining the New Vindicators Academy of America. His mother, a perpetual jetsetter, approved of it without another thought and was as free of the child as she was of her first husband.

NEW VINDICATORS: Radix Malorum Est Cupiditas – Ben viewed many of his peers the way he viewed his mother- as people uninterested in him unless he could prove himself interesting enough. It earned him a reputation as a pathological liar and helped to steer many away from him. All but two- ironically neither of the school he was taken in by.

Katie Merrick and Ryan Mueller were not students of the New Vindicators Academy but rather of Eleanor Roosevelt High School. In band with Ben, Ryan quickly befriended him while Katie and Ben began a whirlwind relationship. To Ben, Katie became his world- she appreciated him while his peers at the Academy avoided him. However, their best friend Ryan had long harbored a crush on Katie that bordered on obsessive…
Ryan secretly began using his knowledge of chemistry to create incendiary devices he could detonate by phone. Installed in the homes of Katie’s former boyfriends- the New Vindicators began to assume Ben’s girlfriend to be the culprit. Indeed, even Neo-Sapien hunter ZERO believed Katie responsible. When Ryan’s actions were finally exposed, it was too late. ZERO attacked Katie unmercifully, and though the young girl’s Neo-Sapien powers had been revealed to protect Ben, the injuries she suffered left her comatose.

For months after, Ben remained by her bedside- until her body was abducted by the Affiliation as a bargaining chip to be used to turn Ben to their side. Ben refused them, instead entrusting Anomaly and Tripper to help him get his love back. The heroes began to plot against the Affiliation, but the villains struck first- attacking the heroes at their high school graduation.

Katie’s body was possessed by the tulpa of Lucas Howell during the battle, using her ionization powers to battle alongside the heroes. However, an explosion saw Ben’s leg badly broken and left him unable to join in on the climactic final battle.

NEW VINDICATORS: Sic Semper Tyrannis – After the battle ended, Lucas left Katie’s body, telepathically coaxing her out of her stupor. Despite his unwavering loyalty to her for so many months, Katie broke things off with Ben and left to put her tragic past behind her as college loomed closer. Ben attempted to move as well, filling the void she left with his new mission: Ben remained at the school and applied himself to catch up to his teammates. For months, he diligently trained, determined not to be a burden to his friends.

Indeed, time after time during the Trials Ben displayed that his powers had grown significantly. He used them to fight off attack after attack – assisting his team as they fought against Phobos’ group and then again when he fought Brickhouse alone. Still, he showed perhaps the most growth while he fought Quintessence – posing a threat to a man considered one of the more powerful graduates present. Though he didn’t win the battle, had won an unknown war- Ben was unaware that his matches were being watched by France’s headmaster… Firn, his father Alan Altair.

NEW VINDICATORS: Memento Mori – In the midst of the war with the Bisons, Ben was reunited with Katie Merrick. The young woman had dropped out of college and returned to him, citing him as the best thing that had ever happened to her. She also revealed that she was now pregnant, left in such a condition after a drunken one night stand. Simply happy to have her back in his life, Ben embraced her and Katie moved in to his apartment on campus.

Their reunion was short lived as another ghost from the past returned. Ryan Mueller was now the personal bodyguard and pilot for Noah Meinstein and had proved himself loyal enough to be given the 002 armor- also known as the Deus ex-Machina. Built to combat and apprehend ZERO and Portal, Ryan used it to enact his revenge on Ben Altair- tracking the man down and becoming enraged to find the couple together.

Ryan was able to best Ben in combat and abducted him- taking him back to Patriot Robotics to lay a trap for Portal. The New Vindicators and the armored hero made their way into the skyscraper to free their friend and teammate, aided by Katie (taking the codename Ion) and Blitzkrieg. Together, their forces freed Frostbite and forced Deus ex-Machine to retreat.

NEW VINDICATORS: Absit Omen – Months from her due date, Ben and Katie were up late one night when the power was cut across campus. Each of their friends found themselves facing a threatening foe- many from the New Vindicators’ pasts. For Ben and Katie, that foe was Ryan Mueller.

At the sight of the armor, Ben became enraged, using his arctic powers to turn into a hulking brute, covered in ice spikes. He pinned the armored man to the wall and viciously beat him into unconsciousness- ignoring the meager injuries the armor’s flame spurts provided.

However, one of the jets struck Katie and ruptured her amniotic sac. Doctor Howell was forced to induce labor on the spot and delivered Katie’s daughter, Neige. However, complications arouse and Katie died of a pulmonary embolism.

Following her death, Ben became more violent, showing no mercy in his battles as Frostbite. This darker side began to expose new abilities in the hero, revealing that his powers were not thermal as he had guessed, but rather were temporal.

With Coach Crag’s death Frostbite left the school to join Hikari’s rogue group, the Next Vindicators. Under the young man’s tutelage Frostbite began to learn more about his new powers.

NEW VINDICATORS: Para Bellum – After Apocatastasis was released, Loess recruited Frostbite to her team of rogue Vindicators and departed, determined to bring Lodestone back to their side.

NEW VINDICATORS: Et Spe – In the conquered New York City, Frostbite found himself working with Fathom and Hourglass and fighting their way through Brooklyn, only to have Firn stand in their way. A battle ensued between the father and son, one that resulted in Firn’s powers being transferred to his boy before he lost his life.
  • STR 10, DEX 12 (+1), CON 10, INT 14 (+2), WIS 12, CHA 12

    SKILLS: Computers 2 (+4), Concentration 4 (+5), Disable Device 2 (+4), Knowledge (earth sciences) 4 (+6), Knowledge (popular culture) 4 (+6), Knowledge (technology) 2 (+3), Language 1 (English [base], German), Perform (stringed instruments 2 (+3), Perform (wind instruments) 4 (+5), Profession (educator) 4 (+5), Profession (musician) 3 (+4)

    FEATS: Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, Attack Focus (ranged) 2, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Dodge Focus 2, Equipment 2, Improved Defense, Leadership, Luck 2, Precise Shot, Power Attack, Teamwork 2

    POWERS: Energy Aura 4 (ice spikes; Extras: Linked [Protection, +0]), Flight 4 (100 MPH; ice platforms; Flaws: Platform [-1]), Protection 4 (ice armor; Flaws: Fades [-1]), Time Control 10 (Alternate Powers: Create Object 10 [ice; Alternate Powers: Blast 10, Drain 10 {Toughness; Extras: Range; Flaws: Affects Objects}, Environmental Control 10 {hamper movement}, Growth 20, Snare 10; Power Feats: Precise; Extras: Duration {Continuous, +1}], Ignite 10)

    Equipment: cell phone, comm link, desktop computer, Vindicators Uniform (+2 Toughness, Immunity 2 [cold and heat])

    COMBAT: Attack +2 (+4 ranged), Grapple +2, Damage +0 (+10 blast), Defense +4 (+1 flat-footed), Knockback -2, Initiative +1

    SAVES: Toughness +6 (+4 flat-footed), Fortitude +3, Reflex +4, Will +7

    COMPLICATIONS: Enemy (Deus ex-Machina, Semyazza), Honor, Prejudice (Neo-Sapien), Responsibility (Neige)

    Abilities 10 + Skills 8 (32 ranks) + Feats 19 + Powers 94 + Combat 8 + Saves 11 = 150 points
Michuru81 wrote:One of the PCs, Frostbite is in the hands of Tribe, the player behind William Benson and Bluetooth.
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nice build for forstbite, I love him
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#48: Saya [PC]

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SAYA (Power Level 8)

Real Name: Saya Ahodori
Height / Weight: 5'4" / 102 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Black / Orange (Hazel/Green)
Place of Birth: Sapporo, Japan (May 19, 1989)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #6

Physical Description: Saya is a young Japanese girl of Ainu ancestry. Her skin is dark from a strong work discipline; she can be regularly seen outside, practicing kata or hard at work on maintaining the appearance of the school. Her long, dark hair is regularly pulled into a braid that she has a habit of ringing her hands on when she’s nervous. Saya has a propensity for wearing a glow rather than makeup- her rigorous training tends to work up a healthy sweat and shatter through the mask most girls her age are regularly attending to the maintenance of.

Biography: Fewer students from the New Vindicators Academy of Asia are as dangerous as the quiet Ahodori Saya- literally “albatross sheath.”

Her parents didn’t know the irony of naming their only child Saya. The young girl’s Neo-Sapien ability to contain the powers of others made her a true sheath. She is a double-edge sword, however; while her ability is to bring her opponent to her level- her level is usually significantly higher than most others. Trained in the Ahodori dojo, she learned her family’s style of karate- the Way of the Albatross. Like the name implies, students of the Ahodori style are dangerous to engage with a violent intent.

Despite that she regularly stands victorious over an abundance of the male populace of her school, Saya has a soft side she’s notorious for. She’s prone to fits of blushing and is polite to a fault. She’s more willing to allow people to walk over her, all to avoid confrontation. Still, be it for her power or her combative ability or her quiet demeanor, Saya is a facet of the school that many would be remiss to see leave.

NEW VINDICATORS: Sic Semper Tyrannis – Saya found herself drafted to the Rising Sun’s team during the Trials, along with Hanabi and Mazui. Their team became separated during the Fourth Trial and she and Mazui found themselves teaming up with several other students from their school in the battle against Paragon and then in guarding Lodestone’s group through their recovery.

In the Final Trial she drew Split for her first opponent, advancing over him easily and then agreeing to go out with him once they returned home.

For her second match she was thrown into a free-for-all against Anomaly, Fathom and Hourglass. In the end, it was Anomaly and Hourglass who advanced, bumping the girl from the tournament.

NEW VINDICATORS: Absit Omen – Saya was among the group dispatched to America, following Silverback’s call for aid. They showed up at the right time, saving their cousins from an invasion of Sentries.

NEW VINDICATORS: Suum Cuique – When the forces gathered in Canada were divided, Saya took Orbit to Japan with the purpose of rallying the New Vindicators of Asia against Apocatastasis’ army. They discovered, however, that one of Apocatastasis’ minions was already in place and a battle against Mayonaka began in the land of the rising sun…
  • STR 16 (+3), DEX 18 (+4), CON 16 (+3), INT 14 (+2), WIS 10, CHA 10

    SKILLS: Acrobatics 6 (+10), Climb 3 (+6), Concentration 4, Intimidate 4, Knowledge (art) 2 (+4), Knowledge (history) 2 (+4), Knowledge (theology and philosophy) 5 (+7), Language 1 (English, Japanese [base]), Notice 4, Search 4, Sense Motive 4, Stealth 6 (+10), Swim 3 (+6)

    FEATS: All-out Attack, Attack Focus (melee) 6, Attractive 1, Defensive Roll 3, Dodge Focus 6, Equipment 1, Improved Block 3, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative 2, Instant Up, Martial Artist 1 (Karate), Martial Strike 3, Power Attack, Stunning Attack, Takedown Attack 2, Teamwork 1

    POWERS: Power Control 8 (Flaws: Limited [Neo-Sapiens, -1]), Power Resistance 8 (Neo-Sapiens)

    Equipment: comm link, Vindicators Uniform (+2 Toughness, Immunity 2 [cold and heat])

    COMBAT: Attack +2 (+5 melee), Grapple +8, Damage +3 (+6 unarmed), Defense +5 (+1 flat-footed), Knockback -4 (-2 flat-footed), Initiative +12

    SAVES: Toughness +8 (+5 flat-footed), Fortitude +5, Reflex +10, Will +2

    Abilities 24 + Skills 12 (48 ranks) + Feats 34 + Powers 24 + Combat 16 + Saves 10 = 120 points
Michuru81 wrote:Saya is a PC under the control of Bob, the player behind Lodestone and Fey.
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#49: The Imperial Regalia

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The sword, the shield, and the gem- collectively they are known as the Imperial Regalia of Japan. For ages, these three items have been the subject of many myths. They have long been evoked into modern tales of fantasy and heroism- appearing in manga, anime, video games and even American comics.

The simple truth is that they were the raiment worn by a noble from the lost continent of Hyperborea. The young hero was stranded in a foreign land as his armada had been sunk in a terrible storm. Still, the young prince used the weapons to slay Orochi- the eight-headed wyrm attacking the simple island nation. The man became a national hero- who began to share his mystical knowledge with the people. Indeed, it was from him that the ninja arts were born.

Though his name has been forever lost to history, his arms are immortalized in the hearts of the Japanese. Kusanagi no Tsurugi, the sword, is capable of controlling the wind. The shield, Yata no Kagami, can deflect attacks back at the wearer’s opponent. Lastly, the jewel Yasakani no Magatama is capable of turning whoever carries it into an unstoppable juggernaut with a manipulation of sheer force.

The items have passed hands over the years- transfiguring those who wield them into heroes of legend. They have since resurfaced- recently stolen by the criminal Jacquelyn Webber. She was detained of them however, and the legendary artifacts have begun to create new legends once more in a new age…
    Device 7 - Deflect 3 (all ranged attacks; Extras: Action [Reaction, +3]), Air Control 7 (Alternate Powers: Blast, Tornado, Wind), Flight 3 (Flaws: Gliding [-1])

    Device 7 - Force Field 5 (Extras: Impervious [+1]), Immovable 5 (Extras: Unstoppable [+1]), Kinetic Control 6 (Alternate Powers: Paralyze, Speed, and Telekinesis)

    Device 7Reflection Field 4, Shield 3
[quote="Michuru81"]I felt like something different. The legandary artifacts change hands over the course of the campaign- thus far having been entered into the hands of Jacquelyn Webber (Senior) and Jack Olsen. Still, they will eventually find their way to Magnus Loder and Michuru Bradshaw as well... it's just a matter of time before they find their way to another...
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#50: The Plaid

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THE PLAID (Power Level 10)

Real Name: Plaidington Plaidmeister
Height / Weight: 7' (he hunches) / 137 lbs. (needs to eat more)
Hair / Eyes: Plaid / Plaid
Place of Birth: New York City (created by Elemenoh, summer '07)
First Appearance: New Vindicators Annual #1

Biography: When the New Vindicators first met the cosmic kinder known as Elemenoh P. Quarez, he tricked them into helping him wade through fractured reality to find the seven pieces of his hoopak. Though he claimed the staff was all that could reverse the affect, he himself had the power to alter reality and during their trip through the bizarre, Elemenoh sent a villain known as the Plaid on them.

The Plaid is a monster capable of turning all that he touches to plaid. While this may seem like a useless ability- being plaid makes it hard to blend in with non-plaid environments. It also reduces the dating skill by seven ranks… whatever that means. Still, the Plaid has a more dangerous weapon at his disposal: his ability to bore any he comes into contact with, using tales of his dying marriage.

“I have the sinking suspicion that my marriage counselor is trying to sabotage my marriage so he can steal my wife,” the Plaid has admitted.

As he has established, being a monster doesn’t pay much (yet does pay, apparently) and he has long suffered from the depression that he can not supply his wife and daughters with all that he wants them to have. Further, his father-in-law parades more eligible mates through the couple’s life in an attempt to expedite their separation, his successful younger brother gloats over all that he has and their neighbors look at him as if they know. Just what they know, the Plaid isn’t sure… but he knows it probably isn’t good.

Thankfully, when the Elemenoh situation was defused, the effect of the Plaid’s power seemed to wane… however, the young heroes have since learned that despite undoing the damage he caused, Elemenoh left the Plaid stranded in this dimension. He now seeks a means to return home, fearing a greeting similar to the one that awaited Odysseus in Homer’s Odyssey.
  • STR 18 [22] (+6), DEX 12 (+1), CON 14 [18] (+4), INT 10, WIS 12 (+1), CHA 6 (-2)

    SKILLS: Intimidate 8 (+6), Profession (monster) 4 (+5)

    FEATS: All-out Attack, Attack Specialization (unarmed) 4, Dodge Focus 10, Fearsome Presence 6, Power Attack, Tough 3

    POWERS: Color Control 10 (Extras: Aura [+1], Duration [continuous, +1], No Saving Throw [+2]; Flaws: Limited [plaid, -1], Permanent [-1], Range [touch, -1]), Growth 4 (Flaws: Permanent [-1]), Insubstantial 1, Regeneration 32 (Recovery Bonus +6, Recovery Rate [all conditions 1/round without rest]; Power Feats: Persistent, Regrowth)

    COMBAT: Attack +3 (+10 unarmed, includes -1 due to size), Damage, Defense +13 (+2 flat-footed, includes -1 due to size), Initiative +1

    SAVES: Toughness +7, Fortitude +11, Reflex +4, Will +4

    Abilities 8 + Skills 3 (12 ranks) + Feats 25 + Powers 77 + Combat 16 + Saves 13 = 140 points
Michuru81 wrote:Upon finishing up the Affiliation story arc, I took my PC's through our first "annual"- the point where I raised their power level and let them unwind from the darkly serious sessions with a bit of silliness. I introduced a PL X in the make of Mister Mxyzptlk and Quark- a homage to one of the PCs from an old Dungeons & Dragons campaign I had run. One of the oddball lackies conjured up was a monster capable of turning anything he touched into plaid.

Sadly, the players enjoyed him and he's become a fixture in reality. Due to their badgering here he is... as my 50th character.
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#51: Blitzkrieg

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BLITZKRIEG (Power Level 7)

Real Name: Daniel Meinstein
Height / Weight: 5'11" / 169 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Brown / Green
Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York (April 23, 1985)
First Appearance: Vindicators #674

Biography: For the longest time, little was known about the man known as Blitzkrieg… including his real name.

He was one of the first students of the New Vindicators Academy- a competent and intelligent young man with an uncanny aptitude for leading. For his ability he was named prefect alongside Breanne Jordan (Rift), whom he developed a crush on. It was his feelings for Breanne that made him oblivious to the advances of another teammate- the Prime codenamed Ambrosia. Together, with Bogart and Nor’easter, the five experienced what it meant to be a Vindicator first hand- going toe-to-toe with the rogue’s gallery of previous Vindicator teams.

Despite his potential, Blitzkrieg failed to pursue a career with the Vindicators after his graduation. In fact, he altogether vanished- eluding the school in their efforts to keep communications open with their graduates. He finally resurfaced years later- identified as one of two lieutenants in the Affiliation.

NEW VINDICATORS: Radix Malorum Est Cupiditas
For months he appeared before the New Vindicators, testing them and offering positions within the Affiliation. Ultimately, he led the assault on the graduation ceremonies at Eleanor Roosevelt High School- making his move against David Meinstein… the wielder of the Portal armor and Blitzkrieg’s little brother.

Blitzkrieg was the first born child of Noah Meinstein. Despite the legacy left by Noah’s grandfather, the Vindicator known as Uncle Sam, Noah became an adamant opponent of Neo-Sapiens following the death of his wife- killed by an NS who had chosen to use his genetic gifts for ill-gain. His hatred had grown so that when Daniel and David displayed the very powers their mother had, he worked to find a way to dampen their abilities.

Ultimately, Noah engineered a drug that could “cure” Neo-Sapiens and was able to administer it on the younger Meinstein. Daniel saw what their father had done and anticipated the same for himself; he ran away, joining the New Vindicators Academy in his attempt to hide from his father. Ultimately, he sided with the Affiliation to help stop Noah Meinstein and Forrest N. Bedford’s initiative to administer the drug to all Neo-Sapiens. Though he partially succeeded in his plan, a secondary stage of the drug (Knitter) had survived courtesy of the criminal kingpin known as the Wisent.

Blitzkrieg would later return to side with the New Vindicators in their war against the Wisent- one that would cost him much. Moving to save his former enemies, Blitzkrieg was caught in an explosion brought on by Dues ex-Machina. Though he survived, he had been pinned by the debris and left without the use of one of his legs. Ultimately, his father gave him the choice of living his life as a crippled speedster or retaining his powers.
  • STR 12 (+1), DEX 14 [26] (+8 ), CON 14 (+2), INT 16 (+3), WIS 12 (+1), CHA 14 (+2)

    SKILLS: Craft (electronics) 2 (+5), Gather Information 6 (+8 ), Knowledge (business) 4 (+7), Knowledge (technology) 4 (+7)

    FEATS: Attack Specialization (unarmed), Fast Overrun, Improved Overrun, Inspire 2, Leadership

    POWERS: Displacement, Energy Aura 5 (electricity), Enhanced Dexterity 12, Immunity 1 (siblings’ powers), Speed 7 (1,000 MPH; Power Feats: Dodge Focus 10, Elusive Target, Evasion)

    COMBAT: Attack +2 (+4 unarmed), Grapple +3, Damage +1, Defense +12 (+1 flat-footed), Knockback -1, Initiative +8

    SAVES: Toughness +2, Fortitude +4, Reflex +13, Will +3

    Abilities 22 + Skills 4 (16 ranks) + Feats 6 + Powers 56 + Combat 8 + Saves 9 = 105 points
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