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#52: Adonis

Post by Michuru81 » Sun Mar 11, 2007 10:02 pm

ADONIS (Power Level 10)

Real Name: Adonis Michelle Skraag
Aliases: Acrimony, Armistice
Height / Weight: 6' / 180 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Blonde / Blue
Place of Birth: Philadelphia Pennsylvania (May 14, 1989)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #1

Relationships: Arthur Skraag (father), Denise Skraag (mother), Chienne Bedford (ex-girlfriend), Alicia Gladstone (lover), Emily Stewart (daughter), Magnus Loder (rival), Cassandra Goodman (ex-girlfriend), Laura Geraldo (girlfriend)

Physical Description: No one is really sure what Adonis looks like as everyone gives a different description of him. Those attracted to tall, dark men describe him as tall and dark; gentlemen prefer blondes and to those individuals, Adonis is described as having blonde hair. Those attracted to body art / piercings claim that the man is covered in them while those with an affinity for Asians perceive him to be of Japanese descent.

In reality, Adonis has a shaggy mop of blonde hair that hangs to his jaw line. A meticulous groomer, Adonis is almost always clean shaven. Adonis typically wears a hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled lower over his face, so that only his mouth is visible.

Biography: Adonis Michelle Skraag was born to Arthur and Denise Skraag in Philadelphia, where the Skraags lived comfortably until Arthur’s role as a high-demand attorney moved the family to Manhattan.

It was there that all of Adonis’ troubles began, when in the second grade, he laid eyes on Chienne Bedford. Even at a young age the boy was a hopeless romantic who imagined that his and her fates were irreversibly intertwined. The two were best friends for years- the Skraags evoked a measure of high society that resonated with the Bedfords- Arthur Skraag even belonged to the same firm Amy Bedford did.

Despite his incredible intellect, the young protégé was a shy young man and incapable of truly telling Chienne how he felt about her. As such, he watched as their relationship evolved when her older brother was killed by a Neo-Sapien- John Olsen, a pyrokinetic unable to fully control his powers.

Adonis watched as Chienne sacrificed their relationship- using it as a component in her transfiguration. Almost overnight she began a new person… and Adonis lacked the strength to tell her he wanted the old her back… and he wanted her in his life.

As the pair drifted through high school they drifted further and further apart, until their senior year when Chienne and her long-term boyfriend Jack suffered a very public breakup. Adonis wanted to comfort her… though underneath he hoped she would come to her senses and see how much she loved him. It was then that his own Neo-Sapien abilities manifested- draining all common sense from her (and every other girl in the halls of Eleanor Roosevelt High School) and enchanting her soul.

The next morning, Adonis woke up to Chienne’s father wondering what Adonis was doing in his daughter’s bed… and where their clothes were at. Startled by her father’s wake up call, Chienne snapped from Adonis’ spell and found herself unable to remember anything after her break up with Jack Olsen. Realizing Adonis was a Neo-Sapien, Forrest N. Bedford attacked Adonis; the young man evaded and eluded him, escaping the Bedford’s home and retreating to his own. He barely had time to hastily explain everything to his parents when the Church of Genetic Purity, a group formed from the KKK and led by Forrest Bedford, surfaced on their doorstep. The Skraags refused to hand over their son; the Church of Genetic Purity knowing that Adonis’ powers had to come from one of them, the Skraags were lynched on their own yard.

Adonis was rescued by Breanne Jordan, the Vindicator better known as Rift. Rift had accepted a teaching possession with the New Vindicators Academy of America and was nearby when the commotion roused her interest. Upon learning what Adonis’ powers were, she asked if he were capable of making people love anyone- or if only he gained their adoration.

The two knew how they could help each other- Breanne was in love with one of her former teammates, a man who barely knew she existed as she assumed. Adonis wanted to avenge his parents- feeling himself weak compared to so many other Neo-Sapiens. Adonis was able to put his superior intellect to work, playing on Breanne’s hopes for a life with Michuru Bradshaw in exchange for her help in organizing a cell of soldiers he would use to wage war on bigotry.

Thus was born the Affiliation…

NEW VINDICATORS: Radix Malorum est Cupiditas—Adonis feared that as their numbers increased, so to would that chance that his soldiers become less than loyal. He allowed Breanne to recruit one more he would trust with his identity; she chose Blitzkrieg. From then on, all of Adonis’ orders were funneled from him through the pair- allowing him to hide himself from all their recruits.

At first, Breanne focused herself on the other teachers- advancing on those she knew suffered from unrequited love- Professor Incendiary harbored feelings for Chimera while Doctor Splash had yet to recover from his relationship with Miss Mist. Likewise, Pandora was infatuated with Halogen. Each Breanne told would be rewarded for their servitude; she claimed Adonis could be used as a weapon, that his powers could ultimately be used to play cupid. Enticed by such an offer, they agreed…

Each began approaching students- both past and present –of the New Vindicators Academy. Initially they recruited Lurker, Black Widow, Circe, Forecast and Coriolis. However, Black Widow informed her friend Addison Truman (Avian) of the Affiliation and invited her to join them as well. Avian refused, tattling to Professor Philip Alston of the clandestine group. Adonis sought to rectify the problem peacefully. His powers had left Chienne Bedford with no recollection of the time she spent under his influence- perhaps he could use his powers to make Addison forget about the Affiliation?

Adonis made his move and bedded the winged girl… yet still, when released from his hold, Addison was able to recall everything. More drastic measures had to be taken and Adonis ordered her murder.

Insisting that his abilities needed refinement and that his powers couldn’t simply be honed in the Wreck Room like the other students’ had, Adonis began to practice with his abilities- at first targeting Alicia Gladstone (Captain Canada IV). The girl had no clue how she had become pregnant and Adonis realized if he continued with such practices, he would eventually draw unwanted suspicions. Instead he attempted to appear to have a normal relationship with Cassandra Goodman (Hourglass).

Still, during this period Adonis realized their army lacked muscle. His attempts to recruit Lex Sway (Anomaly; then known as Amalgam) to the Affiliation had failed. The only other strong student at the school was Atlanta White (Rumble), but her powers shut off if she used them for an act she knew to be morally wrong. Still, Adonis wondered what if she was not in true control of her mental faculties. Knowing her pattern, Adonis stalked her as she left the nursing home she had been volunteering at. He took control of her senses- intending both to test her abilities and his own.

Before he could rape the young woman, Malachi Brown (Kelvin) arrived on the scene. Rumble was ordered to attack, her punch counting for nothing as she struck Kelvin. The young man quickly pieced together Adonis’ connection to the deaths- even incorrectly attributing Adonis’ powers as being the trigger that caused Deimos to murder Psion (it had actually been Chimera who murdered Lucas Howell IV, posing as Deimos). Kelvin attempted to warn Deimos that Adonis was the true culprit, though he was intercepted by Breanne Jordan.

Using her intangibility, Rift thrust Michuru’s katana through Kelvin’s chest and let go of the blade- letting it become substantial as it jutted through him. She had stolen the sword from Michuru’s room- further alerting Adonis to her growing obsession with the man. Still, it created chaos and confusion- Adonis allowed the teachers to suspect Michuru to be Kelvin’s true killer.

After the third death of a student, Adonis thought to lie low. One of his agents, the morphing Chimera, had become a suspect in the killings and Adonis commanded it to lay low. Already enraged by Cloud Goodman’s accusations concerning Adonis’ relationship with his sister, Adonis ordered Fog’s death and had Chimera begin to pose as the youth.

Still, Adonis had made yet another enemy- Magnus Loder, the fourth Neo-Sapien to carry the mantle of the Lodestone, had begun dating Chienne Bedford, whom Adonis convinced was meant for him. As Adonis plotted his revenge on Forrest Bedford and his followers, he likewise planned to act against the Loder family. For months Adonis endured sleeping in the same room as Magnus, promising himself that soon the time would come for his Affiliation to strike…

On May 27, 2007, the Affiliation moved in full force. In a single afternoon they had disabled the Vindicators, dispatched their fellow students and prevented any other hero from entering New York City. Adonis declared war on the Church of Genetic Purity and soon unleashed his most terrifying weapon on humanity. The power that the world recognized as having defeated Atlas erupted in the streets of New York. Adonis had awakened a monster unlike anything mankind would ever know… and before the day was done he had cemented himself into the history books.

Adonis had succeeded where so many terrorist groups had failed; in a single day he not only conquered one of the most powerful cities on this earth, he crippled it and left her people shaking… Adonis had proved himself to be more than a competent foe… he had become the most dangerous villain the New Vindicators would ever know.

NEW VINDICATORS: para bellum—After aiding Abaddon in reviving Apocatastasis, Lodestone was given the exact location of the Affiliation and he departed to bring his nemesis down. After fighting his way through the ranks of Adonis’ followers, Lodestone was bested when he pulled back Adonis’ hood and discovered that the man’s abilities had evolved: Adonis’ powers now affected anyone who looked upon him.

NEW VINDICATORS: contraria contrariis curantur—Needing the Affiliation’s help in saving his wife’s life, Lodestone assembled a small group to track down Adonis and his band of Neo-Sapien freedom fighters. When the two men met, words were exchanged and a truce appeared to be reached. It wasn’t soon after that Coldfire erupted into the Affiliation’s current home and impaled their leader on a spear of ice.

With the arrival of the Sentries, the Affiliation accepted Lodestone’s invitation to come to the New Vindicators Academy of America, where Adonis’ injuries were treated. There, Adonis was forced to face the gravity of his actions and, in an attempt to repent, moved to strike against Black Box—the only possible culprit behind the pandemic attacking his alma mater.

The Affiliation, joined by Hourglass, laid siege to the Peoria base and returned with the files the militia had absconded from the school. Pouring over the database, Adonis pieced together who was responsible for the outbreak and moved to join the strike force determined to take the fiend out.

NEW VINDICATORS: condemnant quod non intellegunt—Adonis learned of the existence of Autumn, a Nephilim capable of nullifying all Neo-Sapien powers on the planet. Against Black Box, he entered a race to find the woman and save the Neo-Sapien race from the planned genocide. At the zero hour, he drafted members of the New Vindicators into his cause. Ultimately, when one of his followers took an assassin’s bullet meant for him, Adonis assumed the role of headmaster of the New Vindicators Academy of America and declared war on humanity.

THE AFFILIATION: ira deorum—Adopting the codename ‘Acrimony’, Adonis loaded a six-shooter revolver with six rounds, claiming each one would be a victory for the Neo-Sapien race. He announced his intended targets: Hajime Hanyou, Doctor Noah Meinstein, Forrest Bedford, Doctor Cheryl Colbenson, Justice, and one other he kept secret: himself.
  • STR 10, DEX 10, CON 10, INT 20 (+5), WIS 16 (+3), CHA 20 [30] (+10)

    SKILLS: Bluff 5 (+15/+23 attraction), Concentration 2 (+5), Diplomacy 0 (+16/+24 attraction), Knowledge (current events) 5 (+10), Perform (oratory) 5 (+15), Perform (wind instruments) 2 (+12), Sense Motive 5 (+10)

    FEATS: Attractive 1, Dedication, Distract 1 (Bluff), Eidetic Memory, Equipment 5, Fascinate 1 (Perform [oratory]), Inspire 5, Leadership, Master Plan, Minions 12 (twenty-five 120-point minions), Skill Mastery 1 (Bluff, Diplomacy, Perform [oratory], Sense Motive), Speed of Thought, Talented 1 (Diplomacy/Sense Motive)

    POWERS: Comprehend 2 (Languages [speak and understand]), Drain Wisdom 10 (Power Feats: Subtle 2; Extras: Area [cloud, +1], Duration [Continuous, +3], Insidious [+1]; Flaws: Permanent [-1], Sense-Dependant [visual, -1]), Emotion Control 10 (Power Feats: Mind Blank, Subtle 2; Extras: Area [cloud, +1], Duration [Continuous, +1]; Flaws: Limited-one emotion [love, -1], Permanent [-1], Sense-Dependent [visual, -1]), Enhanced Charisma 10 (Power Feats: Attractive 1), Immunity 10 (mental effects)

    COMBAT: Attack +2, Grapple +2, Damage +0, Defense +2 (+1 flat-footed), Knockback -0, Initiative +5

    SAVES: Toughness +0, Fortitude +3, Reflex +3, Will +10

    COMPLICATIONS: Prejudice, Reputation, Responsibility

    Abilities 26 + Skills 6 (24 ranks) + Feats 32 + Powers 80 + Combat 8 + Saves 13 = 165 points
Michuru81 wrote:Adonis is a lover, not a fighter. His powers serve little effect in combat without a woman around for him to enchant and turn against her teammates. Without such a weapon, Adonis relies on his minions. As they're all PL 8, there's not much they can do in combat, but they can get in a few surprise hits courtesy of Adonis' +10 Charisma modifier and five ranks of Inspire.

Who are Adonis' minions? At present, the Affiliation consists of Beekeeper, Bile, Black Widow, Bleach, Bluetooth, Cerulean, Circe, Coulomb, Didgeridoo, Dingo, Fluke, Lurker, Mara, Pack Master, Prompt,
Rapunzel, Renewal, Torrent.

Most importantly, Adonis has a Fascinate (Perform [oratory]), meaning that when he gives his villainous speech, the PCs need to make a DC d20+15 save in order to say, "Screw the 'No, Mister Bond, I expect you to die' speech! Let's fight!" That's right: when they confront the villain, they may have no choice but to listen to his ego-stroking rant about how smart he is!
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#53: Circe

Post by Michuru81 » Tue Mar 13, 2007 8:54 am

CIRCE (Power Level 8 / Minion Rank 8)

Real Name: Mae O'Connell
Height / Weight: 5'3" / 154 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Red / Green
Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada (February 1, 1989)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #1

Physical Description: Circe is a timid young woman with a lissome build. Her red hair has a natural curl to it that she has tried numerous times to straighten and her face is perforated by freckles that she abhors.

Relationships: Emma O’Connell / Nightingale (mother)

Biography: Mae O’Connell was raised in foster care, having been taken from her mother at a young age. That was the price paid for the life of crime led by the villainous Nightingale. As with most prices, someone else had to pay it. Nightingale never seemed bothered that her daughter wasn’t a factor in her life. She made no attempts to reform and bring her daughter back to her; she simply accepted that Mae was gone and continued as if nothing had happened.

The young Irish-American bottled it up for years along with the biggest thing connecting her with her mother: her power to control another with the mere song in her voice. The sultry-sounding songstress was given over to the New Vindicators Academy when she reached the proper age, under the naïve notion that she may one day become the antithesis of what her mother was.

Like mother, like daughter; Circe cut ties with the New Vindicators at the first opportunity, joining up with the Affiliation with nothing asked in return, making her an enigma amongst the other cohorts. She simply wished to be a part of something larger- something that might one day bring her closer to her mother.

  • STR 12 (+1), DEX 15 (+2), CON 12 (+1), INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 10

    SKILLS: Acrobatics 4 (+6), Concentration 4, Language 1 (English [base]), French), Knowledge (popular culture) 3 (+4), Perform (piano) 6 (+8), Perform (singing) 6 (+8), Stealth 4 (+6)

    FEATS: Acrobatic Bluff, Defensive Roll 4, Equipment 1, Evasion 1, Talented 1 (Perform [piano]/Perform [singing]), Teamwork 2, Ultimate Effort 1 (Ultimate Skill [Perform {singing}])

    POWERS: Mind Control 8 (Extras: Conscious [+1], Duration [Sustained, +1]; Flaws: Check Required [Perform {singing}, -1], Sense-Dependent [auditory {hypnotic music, -1}]), Mind Shield 8 (Extras: Affects Others [+1]), Sensory Shield 5 (hearing)

    Equipment: cell phone; 4 free equipment points

    COMBAT: Attack +4, Grapple +5, Damage +0, Defense +4 (+2 flat-footed), Knockback -2 (-0 flat-footed), Initiative +2

    SAVES: Toughness +5 (+1 flat-footed), Fortitude +3, Reflex +8, Will +2 (+10 mental)

    COMPLICATIONS: Hatred (mother), Prejudice (Neo-Sapien)

    Abilities 9 + Skills 7 (28 ranks) + Feats 11 + Powers 37 + Combat 16 + Saves 10 = 90/120 points
Michuru81 wrote:Mae's not bright: Circe didn't lure men with her siren song--that'd be the sirens; Circe turned men into pigs. Also, Circe was Greek and Mae's Irish. Her codename doesn't make a whole of sense to anyone but her and... well, that's fine.

Circe is horribly underpowered. She has 30 free points floating around. I'm not a big fan of just adding powers that don't fit the idea of the character so... things like Flight are right out. If anyone has a suggestion, feel free to pass them on and maybe together we can make her not suck so much.

Like the rest of the Affiliation, Circe is horribly underdeveloped, but all that's going to change with THE AFFILIATION: ira deorum. I have plans...
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Re: #15: Sarutobi Sasuke

Post by Michuru81 » Tue Mar 13, 2007 9:19 am

Michuru81 wrote:SARUTOBI SASUKE (Power Level 8 )

STR 14 (+2), DEX 16 [26] (+8 ), CON 14 (+2), INT 12 (+1), WIS 18 (+4), CHA 10

SKILLS: Acrobatics 6 (+14), Climb 6 (+9), Knowledge (history) 3 (+4), Languages 2 (English, Japanese [base], Portuguese), Stealth 6 (+14), Survival 5 (+9)

FEATS: Ninjutsu (Blind-Fight, Chokehold, Dodge Focus 5, Evasion 2, Hide in Plain Sight, Sneak Attack, Stunning Attack, Takedown Attack), Ambidexterity, Attack Focus 2, Attack Specialization (katana) 2, Attractive, Challenge 5 (Acrobatics [Accelerated Acrobatics], Climb [Accelerated Climb, Fighting Climb, Secured Climb], Stealth [Accelerated Stealth]), Equipment 2, Favored Environment (trees) 3, Martial Artist

Equipment: katana x2 (+3 damage)

POWERS: Enhanced Dexterity 10 (Power Feats: Dodge Focus 5), Illusion 5 (visual), Immortality, Leaping 2 (x5), Speed 2 (25 MPH)

COMBAT: Attack +2 (+4 melee, +8 katana), Grapple +8, Damage +2 (+5 katana), Defense +12 (+1 flat-footed), Knockback -1, Initiative +8

SAVES: Toughness +2, Fortitude +5, Reflex +11, Will +11

Abilities 24 + Skills 7 (28 ranks) + Feats 30 + Powers 38 + Combat 8 + Saves 13 = 120 points

:!: Characters like Saru are always a pain... 400-years-old and only an under-pointed PL8... For the most part, Sasuke doesn't get as crazy as he could. He's just a modest build... with a glassjaw and a major problem with Impervious Toughness.
Starting next month with Vindicators #740, Kirigakure Saizou becomes a PC. Given than Saizou is the man who trained Sasuke in the ninja arts, Sasuke got a little face lift to mirror his stats in small ways. Looking at the two, Sasuke is certainly more combat-focused- but Saizou has more options in the way of powers (in addition to being a much better illusionist and all-around ninja). Could Sasuke take Saizou in a fight? I think so... but he'd have a hard time actually finding him. Other than that, I fixed my math and adjusted a point here and there.

Guess now I'm going to have to post Saizou...

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#54: Beekeeper

Post by Michuru81 » Tue Mar 13, 2007 9:42 am

BEEKEEPER (Power Level 8 / Minion Rank 8)

Real Name: Chad Matthew Davidson
Height / Weight: 5'7" / 194 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Blonde / Hazel
Place of Birth: Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas (June 28, 1990)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #11

Physical Description: Beekeeper is a pudgy young man with shoulder-length blonde hair, muttonchops and a bushy patch of red hair on his chin. He is often seen in a T-shirt and jeans with his favorite suit jacket worn over it: a black coat with mustard-yellow pinstripes he believes makes him look slimmer. He seldom has it cleaned and as a result, there are several stains on the chest and sleeves.

Biography: Her name was Mary-Beth Andrews and from the moment Chad Matthew Davidson laid eyes on her… he knew she was the only girl for him.

Granted, they were only kindergarteners at George Washington Carver Elementary School but that didn’t make what they had anything less. For years he shyly watched her. At such a young age, impure thoughts were alien to him. His crush was pure, in his mind… and it stayed that way through the years.

It was his feelings, perhaps, that led him to try and fend off the swarm of bees that attacked her one recess when they were in the fourth grade. He shielded her with his body and felt it odd that their stings brought him no pain. The teachers panicked at the display of his latent Neo-Sapien abilities awakening before them. They insisted the other students stay away but a few didn’t heed their warnings. That far into the south- the youth knew what their fathers said about Chad’s kind.

He had shielded Mary-Beth and when the kids began throwing rocks, she moved to shield him.

He was taken away… but he never forgot that day, or what she had done for him. She was the bargaining chip the Affiliation needed to recruit him. His powers at their beck and call and he could have her… all to himself.
  • STR 12 (+1), DEX 14 (+2), CON 12 (+1), INT 12 (+1), WIS 14 (+2), CHA 10

    SKILLS: Intimidate 4, Knowledge (popular culture) 4 (+5), Notice 4 (+8), Survival 4 (+6)

    FEATS: Improved Initiative 2, Move-by Action, Teamwork

    POWERS: Alternate Form 14 (sword [bees]; Environmental Control 8 [distraction {DC 10; swarm of flies; Flaws: Range (Touch, -1)}], Flight 3 [50 MPH], Immunity 1 [poison], Insubstantial 2, Protection 6 [Extras: Impervious {+1}], Strike 8 [Alternate Powers: Paralyze 8 [Extras: Area {Burst, +1}, Poison {+1}]; Extras: Alternate Save {Fortitude, +1}, Area {Burst, +1}, Poison {+1}])

    COMBAT: Attack +4, Grapple +3, Damage +0 (+3 strike), Defense +4 (+2 flat-footed), Knockback -1, Initiative +2

    SAVES: Toughness +6 (+6 Impervious), Fortitude +2, Reflex +10, Will +2

    COMPLICATIONS: Prejudice (Neo-Sapien)

    Abilities 14 + Skills 4 (16 ranks) + Feats 4 + Powers 70 + Combat 16 + Saves 12 = 120 points
Michuru81 wrote:I like Beekeeper; I really do. I think he has a nifty ability and I think I could have a lot of fun playing him as a PC somewhere... but I also feel bad for having left his character so incredibly underdeveloped. Let's be honest: none of his background has ever been revealed in the narrative. He's probably never uttered more then two words in the story. He's a concept and a build that I like but a character I just can't seem to get interested in enough to give him more of a pronounced presence as opposed to buffing the Affiliation's numbers.

Hopefully, in ira deorum, that can be rectified a bit...
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#55: Portal [PC]

Post by Michuru81 » Tue Mar 13, 2007 11:16 am

PORTAL (Power Level 10)

Real Name: David Meinstein
Height / Weight:
Hair / Eyes: Brown / Blue
Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York (November 27, 1988)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #1

Biography: David Meinstein was a son of privilege- born to Noah Meinstein, the great-grandson of legendary superhero Uncle Sam had everything he ever desired. In all his life, there was only one thing the young man was ever denied…

…His Neo-Sapien abilities.

His mother was a duplicate spawned from Miss Multiple- one spawned with electrical-based abilities. Noah Meinstein remained unaware of his wife’s origins, up until the day David’s older brother Daniel manifested his abilities. Hating what they were, Noah worked to engineer a means of stamping down those abilities. His panacea was administered on young David, but Daniel had used his powers to flee before he could be cured himself.

NEW VINDICATORS: Radix Malorum Est Cupiditas
For years David repressed those memories- though the floodgates opened during his senior year of high school. During a class field trip to Patriot Robotics- the very company David was set to inherit –Chimera attacked, posing as Atlas. Chimera’s target had been the Portal 001 battlesuit in development there and through a twist of fate, David ended up donning the armor and subsequently used it to expel the invader from the corporation.

After debating whether or not to return the armor and confess his deed to his father, David instead opted to use the armor to fight crime as a costumed vigilante. His escapades across the city had him cross paths with the New Vindicators numerous times- which led to the fateful reunion with his brother- now the costumed villain known as Blitzkrieg.

Blitzkrieg was high up in the hierarchy of the Affiliation and led the assault on David’s graduation ceremony- abducting several students from the ceremony. He fought to keep David from becoming involved in the melee, but when Rift broke her word and attacked David, Blitzkrieg turned on the Affiliation- using his electrical powers to injure Rift and remove her from the final battle. David recognized the goodness still in his brother but the New Vindicators failed to see him as anything but a tyrant. In the end, David donned the armor and used it to help Blitzkrieg runaway once more.

NEW VINDICATORS: Sic Semper Tyrannis
His questionable actions and mysterious identity only led the graduates of the New Vindicators Academy to mistrust him. While the young heroes underwent the Trials, Portal continued to investigate the growing threat of the criminal underworld. His hunt exposed a planned assassination attempt on Lodestone- the forerunner of the New Vindicators suspicious of the armored hero. Ultimately it was because of Portal that Lodestone survived the ordeal- redeeming him ever so slightly in the eyes of the heroes.

Portal continued to act as a solo hero, though the New Vindicators soon became embroiled in his investigation of the Wisent’s organization. It was during this period that his father, Noah Meinstein, created a new addition to the Portal line of battlesuits. The 002, dubbed Deus ex-Machina, was dispatched to hunt down ZERO and Portal and return the armors to Patriot Robotics. Deus was able to best Portal in combat, capturing him and returning him to Noah. Intending to unmask the man who had humiliated him, Noah discovered his son within the heart of the machine and further abandoned his attempts to destroy the hero. However, the unmasking was also witnessed by another- Lodestone had infiltrated Patriot Robotics, determined to rescue a teammate captured by the wearer of the Deus armor.

Since learning Portal’s true identity, Magnus and David have become uneasy friends. Though they are aware both are descended from the legendary Meinstein brothers (Portal from Uncle Sam and Lodestone from the Fuhrer), they are unaware that they are also half-brothers. Still, their relationship has furthered in the aftermath of the Wisent’s arrest- the event that led to the pair being invited to join the Vindicators.
  • STR 10, DEX 12 (+1), CON 10, INT 16 (+3), WIS 12 (+1), CHA 12 (+1)

    SKILLS: Acrobatics 2 (+3), Bluff 6 (+7), Diplomacy 6 (+7), Computers 2 (+5), Knowledge (business) 7 (+10), Knowledge (current events) 3 (+6), Knowledge (popular culture) 3 (+6), Knowledge (tactics) 3 (+6), Knowledge (technology) 3 (+6), Language 1 (English [base], Japanese), Profession (industrialist) 5 (+6), Sense Motive 6 (+7)

    FEATS: Benefit 7 (Status, Wealth x6), Connected, Mastermind, Minion 3 (Quint), Sneak Attack 4, Speed of Thought

    POWERS: Device 22 (Portal 001 [hard to lose] - Comprehend 3 [languages {read, speak, understand}], Datalink 10 [Alternate Powers: Communication 10, Machine Control 10], Energy Aura 5 [electricity; Alternate Powers: Blast 5 {electricity; Extras: Area (line, +1), Penetrating (+1)}], Immunity 11 [critical hits, life support], Protection 15 [Extras: Impervious 10 {+1}, Super-Senses 6 [Additional Senses: Communication Link {Quint}, Danger Sense, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Infravision, Radio, Time Sense], Super-Strength 10 [MAX: 16 tons; Alternate Powers: Strike 10 {Extras: Penetrating (+1)}], Teleport 5 [500 feet; Alternate Powers: Flight 5 {250 MPH}; Power Feats: Attack Focus [melee] 3, Dodge Focus 3], Immunity 1 (siblings’ powers)

    COMBAT: Attack +2 (+5 melee), Damage +0 (+5 blast, +10 strike), Defense +5 (+1 flat-footed), Initiative +3

    SAVES: Toughness +15 (+10 Impervious), Fortitude +3, Reflex +4, Will +8

    DRAWBACKS: Normal Identity (uncommon frequency, major intensity; 3 points)

    Abilities 12 + Skills 12 (48 ranks) + Feats 17 + Powers 88 + Combat 8 + Saves 13 – Drawbacks 3 = 150 points
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Post by smashed247 » Tue Mar 13, 2007 11:58 am

Why does Portal have Quint as a minion? :?

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Post by Michuru81 » Tue Mar 13, 2007 12:10 pm

smashed247 wrote:Why does Portal have Quint as a minion? :?
In New Vindicators #11, prior to the graduation ceremony, David Meinstein launches his own company in competition with Noah Meinstein and Samson Wayridge. This scene wasn't shown as... it would have revealed David's secret just a smidge earlier than I would have liked, but in the coming issues, I promise to be doing more with Hub Enterprises (Portal's company).

David Meinstein had been friends with Quinton Jorgenson- even trusting him with his identity as Portal (as Quinton's devices actually made it possible) but was not aware that Quinton's death was a facade. After the events surrounding the Affiliation, David brought Quint on as his #2 at Hub Enterprises.

Portal's player has actually utilized Quint's gifts from time-to-time- Quint's abuse of the Aid action actually playing a major role in Portal's battle with the Patriot (coming in New Vindicators #18 ) and it got to a point where Quint just became a part of who Portal is.

David Meinstein is smart- but not smart enough to handle the upgrades and maintanence the armor requires. Quint has been handling nearly everything technological that David needs since the Affiliation's arc. Since being promoted to Vindicator status- Portal made it official and made Quint a full-time minion. Sure, there are a few drawbacks to being a minion, but it allows Portal to have full control over him.

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#56: Falkenburg

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FALKENBURG (Power Level 10)

Real Name: Bernard Fokke
Height / Weight: 6' / 210 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: White / White
Place of Birth: Leeuwarden, Friesland (May 17, 1637)
First Appearance: Vindicators #2

Biography: People were more superstitious in the 17th century than they are today. It was not uncommon for accusations of witchcraft to be heard, nor to claim your neighbor was in league with the devil. While most dreaded such accusations, Bernard Fokke reveled in it.

A captained for the Dutch East India Company, Fokke was renowned for his uncanny speed. None made the trek from Holland to Java faster than Captain Fokke, leading a great many to whisper that he had made a deal with the devil. Fokke himself helped to keep such rumors strong- he didn’t care what people thought of him, such rumors bolstered his reputation as the fastest and that allowed him to fetch higher prices for his runs.

A storm erupted over the Cape of Good Hope, determined to keep the Flying Dutchman anchored at port. Still, more determined than Mother Nature was the captain- against the pleas of his crew to wait out the storm and not set sail, Captain Fokke triumphantly cried, “I’ll sail ‘til Judgment Day!”

Assisting the claims that he was in league with the devil had drawn some unwanted attention from the Fallen and the demons opted to make use of Captain Fokke. Cursed with immortality, Captain Fokke ceased aging that day and has risen from the dead time and time again. Forbidden to forever rest, Bernard Fokke became the immortal Falkenburg, an adventurer who’s quest for peace has taken him to places he could have only dreamed of.

After an encounter with the awakened Ogier the Dane, Falkenburg received Curtana- the hero’s legendary sword. His mystical journey has also given him a magical eye that allows him to sense arcane dealings and makes him immune to the art of illusion.

Over the years Falkenburg has ceased seeking an end to his existence and instead has turned it against the Fallen- opting instead to fight alongside the Vindicators. Though long thought to have been the sole survivor of the second incarnation of the team he has since learned the truth of what really happened in 1957- though at the price of many of his teammates. Intent to keep fighting evil, Falkenburg worked to assemble a new team of Vindicators, gathering friends made in his mystical journeys and graduates from the New Vindicators Academy as well.

Though his experience has made him something of the de facto leader of the group, Falkenburg has made no secret he intends to follow this new generation and not command it. Still, the arrogance of his younger colleagues has begun to test the immortal sea captain.
  • STR 16 (+3), DEX 12 (+1), CON 16 (+3), INT 12 (+1), WIS 12 (+1), CHA 10

    SKILLS: Acrobatics 6 (+7), Bluff 4, Craft (mechanical) 3 (+4), Drive 6 (+7), Knowledge (arcane lore) 5 (+6), Knowledge (earth sciences) 6 (+7), Knowledge (streetwise) 4 (+5), Language 1 (Danish [base], English), Medicine 3 (+4), Notice 4 (+5), Profession (sailor) 6 (+7), Sense Motive 4 (+5)

    FEATS: Accurate Attack, Acrobatic Bluff, Attack Focus (melee) 5, Benefit (Status [Vindicator]), Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 6, Dodge Focus 4, Equipment 7, Improved Block, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Leadership, Martial Artist (Swashbuckling), Power Attack, Taunt

    POWERS: Device 3 (Curtana [easy to lose]; Immovable 7, Strike 7 [Power Feats: Mighty]), Immortality, Immunity 5 (illusion), Regeneration 15 (Recovery Bonus +5; Resurrection [no action]; Extras: True Resurrection [+1]), Super-Senses 5 (Enhanced Senses: Extended Magical Awareness; Additional Senses: Magical Awareness, Detect Magic 3)

    Equipment: dueling pistol x2 (as hold-out pistol, +2 damage), the Flying Dutchman (as cutter), leather armor (+1 Toughness)

    COMBAT: Attack +5 (+10 melee), Grapple +13, Damage +3 (+10 Curtana, +2 dueling pistols), Defense +10 (+3 flat-footed), Knockback, Initiative +6

    SAVES: Toughness +10 (+4 flat-footed), Fortitude +6, Reflex +4, Will +8

    Abilities 18 + Skills 13 (52 ranks) + Feats 32 + Powers 52 + Combat 22 + Saves 13 = 150 points
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I've been waiting for this one, folks.

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#57: Ark

Post by Michuru81 » Thu Apr 19, 2007 8:18 am

ARK (Power Level 5)

Real Name: Arnold Roland Kennedy
Height / Weight: 7' / 260 lbs. (3,120 lbs., dense)
Hair / Eyes: Black / Black
Place of Birth: Discovery Bay, Jamaica (April 7, 1989)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #13

Biography: Jeanette Kennedy lived a carefree life in Discovery Bay, Jamaica. Her life was filled with swimming and singing, laughing and loving. Her life could not have been more simple but, as if often the case, when you’re so high up, there is no where left to go but down.

Everything changed the day she met those five people. They were Americans, hiding from something on the island. Her simple life have left her unaware of the outside world and of the current events. She had never heard of the Order of Chaos- the legion of terrible foes who had been plaguing America for months with their random acts of destruction and devastation.

One of their number, the density-changing Meat, sired a son with Jeanette before leaving once more.

Doctor Collins said Arnold Roland Kennedy was the biggest baby he had ever delivered. The child was born at eleven pounds, nine ounces. At ten he stood taller than most teenagers. Lovingly called Ark, there was none on the island who wasn’t his friend. Despite not having his father in his life, Ark managed to live the safe carefree lifestyle his mother had.

It was while swimming with his friends that he attempted to impress them with his cannonball. His density magnified then and Ark sunk like a rock.

To this day Ark has been unable to revert to his natural state. As such, his weight leaves him little options for leaving his home. Denied his love of swimming, Ark sat on the sidelines while his friends had fun- pondering over all life’s mysterious while he sat alone on the beaches.

It wasn’t long before news of his uncanny strength and invulnerability reached the ears of the wild man known as the Rastafarian. The former hero was training a trio of young Americans who had been unable to join the New Vindicators Academy for different reasons. Together, they worked hard to become an elite force that could prove their worth to those who rejected them. With Beatbox, Jamaican Love and Mirage, Ark set out to show the world what he was capable of in the Trials.

NEW VINDICATORS: Sic Semper Tyrannis
Team Jamaica challenge the New Vindicators of America, just prior to the start of the Trials, under the conditions that if they won, they be allowed to participate (despite not being graduates of any New Vindicators Academy). The heroes fought and Ark proved to be a valuable member of his team- while also showing his biggest weakness... Ark does not condone violence against women.

Team Jamaica continued on, ultimately making it to the Final Trial. Ark first bested Francois (Team F.A.S.T.) and moved on to the group battle. Alongside Beatbox, Ark faced off against Sclera and Lodestone- the two members of Team Jamaica falling before the odd pairing.

Months after returning to his homeland, Ark was one of the young heroes drafted into the newest incarnation of Vindicators.
  • STR 10 [30] (+10), DEX 10, CON 12 [14] (+2), INT 12 (+1), WIS 16 (+3), CHA 10

    SKILLS: Concentration 4 (+7), Handle Animal 5, Knowledge (earth sciences), Knowledge (theology and philosophy) 3 (+4), Notice 4 (+7), Sense Motive 4 (+7)

    FEATS: Animal Empathy, Chokehold, Crushing Pin, Improved Defense 2, Improved Grab, Improved Pin, Takedown Attack 2, Teamwork 2

    POWERS: Density 10 (Enhanced Strength 20, Immovable 3, Protection 5 [Extras: Impervious 5 {+1}, Super-Strength 3; Power Feats: Subtle 2; Extras: Duration [Continuous, +1]; Flaws: Permanent [-1]), Growth 2 (Power Feats: Innate, Tough 3; Flaws: Permanent [-1])

    COMBAT: Attack +0, Grapple +13, Damage +10, Defense +0, Knockback -10, Initiative +0

    SAVES: Toughness +10 [+5 Impervious], Fortitude +7, Reflex +1, Will +7

    Abilities 10 + Skills 5 (20 ranks) + Feats 11 + Powers 40 + Combat 0 + Saves 9 = 75 points
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#58: Beatbox

Post by Michuru81 » Thu Apr 19, 2007 8:29 am

BEATBOX (Power Level 5)

Real Name: Michael Merrideth
Height / Weight: 5'10" / 184 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Dirty Blonde / Green
Place of Birth: Boone, North Carolina (September 22, 1989)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #13

Biography: When Michael Merrideth was thirteen-years-old, Atlas held the world in rotation and brought a permanent day to North Carolina. Riots ensued with many believing this to be the end of the world. Some lashed out at Neo-Sapiens- believing them to be the cause of the destruction. The Ragnarok culminated on September 8, 2001 and while the world mourned the passing of two Vindicators, Michael mourned the deaths of his mother and father.

James and Karen Merrideth had been killed because word had gotten out about Michael’s abilities. At an early age, Michael Merrideth discovered his Neo-Sapien ability to imitate any sound he had ever heard. It allowed him to mimic another’s voice perfectly once he had heard their pitch, tone and inflection.

His parents had died… and his only relation was his widowed aunt Lily; the woman had retired to Jamaica on her inheritance.

Though the pair had been approached by the New Vindicators Academy, Lily was not willing to hand over her only blood relation to strangers and abandon him in New York City. She refused to allow him to attend, moving him instead to the island paradise.

Michael grew up fostering an amazing ambition: his parents had died because one of them had passed on their Neo-Sapien abilities. As time passed on, Michael came to learn of others like him. He was determined to become stronger and defend his brothers and sisters from those who feared and hated them. The Vindicators protected humanity from Neo-Sapiens, but who would protect Neo-Sapiens from humanity? Michael was determined to lead a group of defenders- the Warders.

Still, Michael knew his limits. He knew he couldn’t melt steel with his eyes, catch a bullet with his bare hands or chew rocks. He knew his weaknesses and short-comings… so he would have to expand his strengths. To that cause he trained on the island under the Rastafarian. He developed his leadership abilities, his people skills… all in the name of chasing his dream and founding his own team… to follow his vision.
  • STR 14 (+2), DEX 12 (+1), CON 14 (+2), INT 12 (+1), WIS 12 (+1), CHA 16 (+3)

    SKILLS: Bluff 5 (+8 ), Concentration 2 (+3), Diplomacy 5 (+12), Gather Information 5 (+8 ), Knowledge (life sciences) 3 (+4), Knowledge (tactics) 3 (+4), Language 3 (English [base], French, Mandarin, Russian), Medicine 2 (+3), Notice 2 (+3), Sense Motive 5 (+6), Survival 3 (+4), Swim 2 (+4)

    FEATS: Attack Focus (melee) 2, Defensive Roll 4, Dodge Focus 2, Inspire 2, Leadership, Sneak Attack 2, Teamwork 2

    POWERS: Illusion 5 (auditory; Alternate Powers: Blast 2 [sonic; Extras: Alternate Save {Fortitude, +1}, Area {Burst, +1}, Dazzle 3 [auditory; Extras: Alternate Save {Fortitude, +1}, Area {Burst, +1}]; Power Feats: Progression 2; Extras: Action [Free Action, +2]; Flaws: Duration [Instant, -1])

    COMBAT: Attack +2 (+4 melee), Grapple +6, Damage +2, Defense +4 (+2 flat-footed), Knockback -0, Initiative +1

    SAVES: Toughness +6 (+2 flat-footed), Fortitude +6, Reflex +2, Will +2

    Abilities 20 + Skills 10 (40 ranks) + Feats 15 + Powers 16 + Combat 8 + Saves 6 = 75 points
Michuru81 wrote:Could Beatbox have been stronger if his powers were purchased differently? Absolutely. Trouble is, Beatbox's only ability is to immitate sounds. His ability to damage or daze is an extention of that ability. The blast comes from his ability to create such a booming illusion that it damages those hearing it. While the Damaging extra for Illusion might have worked better, I wanted something a little different. The result is that BB's blast is weak... but it's also forcing a Fortitude save so... meh.

Additionally, his power is pretty much speech so it's doubt up as a free action and instant duration. Kinda self-explanitory...

At his core, Beatbox isn't the tank. Team Jamaica has Ark and Mirage for damage output/combat monkey... his role is to coordinate his team and disorient his opponents.
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#59: Jamaican Love

Post by Michuru81 » Thu Apr 19, 2007 8:37 am

JAMAICAN LOVE (Power Level 5)

Real Name: Zachary Williams
Height / Weight: 5'7" / 159 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Dishwater-Blonde / Hazel
Place of Birth: Naples, Florida (June 7, 1989)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #13

Biography: Zachary Williams started smoking when he was thirteen. He tried to impress his friends- puffing out smoke rings and sending grey streams from his nostrils and ears. There even came a point when he was able to make smoke come out his tear ducts. At first, he thought he was just gifted…

… He never imagined for a second he was witnessing the manifestation of his Neo-Sapien abilities.

They had come from his father- the man had died of lung cancer when Zach was seven. As Zach grew, so did his powers. As he moved from cigarettes to marijuana, he found his smoke had other effects. Those caught within it could be made confused or unnaturally hungry.

The young man applied for enrollment at the New Vindicators Academy- only to be turned away after failing a drug test. Discouraged, he was contacted by the Rastafarian and offered the chance to learn more about his powers on the island of Jamaica.

Zach left home and his teacher theorized that the youth’s true power is to emit what he intakes. Still, Zach had not pushed himself to learn the full effects of his abilities- only using it to blow smoke at his enemies.
  • STR 12 (+1), DEX 14 (+2), CON 8 (-1), INT 10, WIS 14 (+2), CHA 14 (+2)

    SKILLS: Craft (artistic) 3, Disable Device 2, Escape Artist 2 (+4), Knowledge (life sciences) 3, Medicine 3 (+5), Perform (percussion instruments) 3 (+5)

    FEATS: Beginner’s Luck, Teamwork

    POWERS: Confuse 5 (Extras: Area [Cloud, +1], Linked [Nauseate, +0], Range [Ranged, +1]; Flaws: Limited [Obscured victims, -1]), Nauseate 5 (Extras: Area [Cloud, +1], Linked [Confuse, +0]; Flaws: Limited [Obscured victims, -1]), Obscure 5 (visual [smoke])

    COMBAT: Attack +1, Grapple, Damage, Defense +2 (+1 flat-footed), Knockback, Initiative

    SAVES: Toughness -1, Fortitude +0, Reflex +3, Will +6

    Abilities 12 + Skills 4 (16 ranks) + Feats 2 + Powers 25 + Combat 6 + Saves 6 = 55 points
Michuru81 wrote:Jamaican Love's power is to emit a haze of smoke that obscures an area. If he catches an opponent inside his smoke, he can opt to affect them in strange ways. Basically, he turns his obscure into a cannabis cloud- baffling those who breathe in the smoke and leaving them with "the munchies".

I know, I know... I'm ashamed enough for all of us.
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#60: Mirage

Post by Michuru81 » Thu Apr 19, 2007 8:44 am

MIRAGE (Power Level 5)

Real Name: Alexander Winters
Height / Weight: 5'10" / 190 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Black / Blue
Place of Birth: Reno, Nevada (November 27, 1988)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #13

Biography: Reeve Winters never joined the Vindicators. Fueled by blue hellfire, Reeve used his powers of teleportation to defend Las Vegas, Nevada. The city was rife with the criminal element and Reeve Winters was a man taking a stand against Sin City. Over time he was joined by his son Daniel. When his second eldest, John, joined them when he became old enough. The youngest of the three children, Alexander, dreamed of the day his father’s Neo-Sapien abilities manifested in him and he joined in on the war on organized crime.

That day never came.

Most children who inherit their parent’s Neo-Sapien abilities curse their abilities. Alexander Winters envied them. He put himself in precarious situations, trying to make himself teleport out of danger. As he began to accept the hand fate had dealt him, he took his martial arts training to a new level. He even went so far as to apply at the New Vindicators Academy of America- believing the school could help him become the hero he so desperately wanted to be.

Alex was a human with no actual abilities though and was quickly turned away. Hearing of the young man’s plight, the Rastafarian invited the boy to Jamaica to take his training to a new level. He was outfitted with a belt designed by Wayne Bruce’s division. It magnified the gravity around Alex- forcing him to endure intense physical resistance at all times. Even the slightest movement became a strain to him. However, as he became accustomed to it, he discovered how strong and fast he was without it.

Though he didn’t have any Neo-Sapien powers, his physical abilities had reached superhuman levels through his rigorous training. Now, alongside his teammates Ark, Beatbox and Jamaican Love, Alexander Winters fights to prove that powers don’t make the hero… but the heart inside does.
  • STR 14 [20] (+5), DEX 12 [24] (+7), CON 14 (+2), INT 10, WIS 8 (-1), CHA 10

    SKILLS: Concentration 5 (+4), Intimidate 5, Knowledge (tactics) 2

    FEATS: Assessment, Attack Specialization (unarmed) 2, Defensive Attack, Dodge Focus 4, Improved Block, Improved Critical, Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Improved Trip, Instant Up, Martial Artist (Kung Fu), Martial Strike, Power Attack, Startle, Teamwork

    POWERS: Device 1 (Gravity Belt [hard to lose]; Gravity Control 15 [Flaws: Limited [Increased Gravity, -1], Range [Personal, -2]), Enhanced Dexterity 12 (Power Feats: Dodge Focus 4), Enhanced Strength 6, Leaping 2, Speed 2, Super-Strength 5

    COMBAT: Attack +0 (+4 unarmed), Grapple +10, Damage +5 (+6 unarmed), Defense +8 (+0 flat-footed), Knockback -1, Initiative +11

    SAVES: Toughness +2, Fortitude +3, Reflex +10, Will +0

    Abilities 8 + Skills 3 (12 ranks) + Feats 19 + Powers 40 + Combat 0 + Saves 5= 75 points
Michuru81 wrote:Mirage is 100% human... but with a twist. Mirage has spent the last few years of his life living under a staggering force. Every round he's forced to make a Strength check (DC 25) to avoid just falling flat on his face. It's built up his strength to uncanny levels (for a human) and when out from under the strain his speed and agility increases drastically. All coupled with his martial arts mastery and Mirage becomes another hurdle for the heroes to climb.
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Post by smashed247 » Thu Apr 19, 2007 12:34 pm

These guys are awesome!

Do they have backgrounds?

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Post by Michuru81 » Thu Apr 19, 2007 8:51 pm

smashed247 wrote:These guys are awesome!

Do they have backgrounds?
They do now.