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  • oubliette: ü-blE-'et (n), 1. a dungeon with an opening only at the top; 2. French, from oublier- “to forget”; 3. a campaign universe full of strife.
Welcome to Oubliette, a campaign universe similar to our own, save for the existence of Super-Powered Beings. These SPBs are men and women capable of performing acts normal humans could only dream of. They can fly, walk through walls or breathe fire. Some can lift staggering weights or are nigh-invulnerable, possessing bulletproof skin. An overwhelming majority of these people are Neo-Sapiens. The general public is relatively unaware of where Neo-Sapiens come from, save that they can be born into humanity and are often indistinguishable from normal humans.

The true ancestors of the Neo-Sapien race, the Nephilim, are identified by their eyes which glow eerily when they channel hellfire: the strange energy that gives them their abilities.

Other SPBs may have received their powers through science or mystical training. Some men wear armor which grants them phenomenal abilities while others learn to wield arcane might or manipulate their body’s life energy.

Sometimes, rare individuals are born with powerful minds and can read the thoughts of those around them. As Espers grow, they can even develop their abilities to allow them to control another’s very actions.

Rarer still are Æsir, normal humans who gained immortality and other abilities in ages long since past. Though many have been hunted down, a scant few survive. Others are modern Æsir--the descendants of those long ago worshiped as gods.

Because of the potential each SPB possesses, humanity often views these unique people as threats. Regardless of the source of their abilities, SPBs are often persecuted or worse. Many people believe such actions are vindicated, given that the first SPB to reveal himself to the world chose to use his psionic powers to hurt humanity and begin a war.

Since then, many more terrorists have followed in his footsteps, using their gifts to usher in an age of chaos and fear. Still, for as long as mankind has trembled before such powers the world has been protected by brave souls who stand for justice. The Vindicators have gone through many incarnations over the years but have long been a stalwart force fighting for humanity.

Welcome to OUBLIETTE… a world populated by Men of Great Renown.
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CHAPTER I: History
History is not a never-ending story. All stories have in them a beginning and an ending. History simply is a collective of tales—a book with many, many chapters. This is the story of a great era: a time in which Men of Great Renown dwelled on the earth.

It is the story of the Age of Heroes.

Still, it is a difficult thing to chronicle the history of the heroes. Things beyond the meager reckoning of man have been happening since the dawn of creation- evidence in our futile struggle to understand just where it is we come from… and where we are going.

To most, this age began on September 8, 2001. It was a day that would forever live in infamy—an event recorded as the Ragnarok. It is the day the Vindicators VII journeyed into the Himalayas to deal with one of the most dangerous beings to ever walk this life. Atlas was defeated, two heroes lost their lives, and the Vindicators disbanded- leaving the world without heroes for the first time in nearly sixty years.

To some, September 8, 1945 is the true beginning. It is the day that the Fuhrer of the Fourth Reich struck out at the world… and was stopped by the first team of Vindicators on their maiden adventure. It was a day that marked a turning point in man’s history, yes… but it is not the beginning of this story…

Perhaps, however, everything truly began at the beginning…

  • Ragnarok
    Time Without Heroes
    The White War
    The Apocatastasis War
    The Invasion
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Every Wednesday, news stands are bombared with the new releases of comic books- even in the world of OUBLIETTE. This is true in the worlds of DC and Marvel; some of the citizens of Smallville follow the comic book exploits depicted in Avenging Angel- a fictitious serial, while the denizens of the Marvel Comics universe see their own deeds plotted out and drawn in the printed form. The citizens of the OUBLIETTE universe read the titles published each week from DC and Marvel.

The simple truth is that everyone needs heroes- even heroes. In a world where humanity scorns their saviors- grouping their would-be heroes in with the villains that persistently plague them, it’s no wonder why.

The world first learned of the existence of Neo-Sapiens on September 8, 1945, when the man claiming himself to be “the Fuhrer of the Fourth Reich” used his psionic talents to amass a new army from amongst the allied forces still occupying Europe. During the war, five exceptional people had revealed their gifts to their respective countries. United they had stopped the Fuhrer but they had terrified mankind.

More and more SPBs appeared- some became allies to the Vindicators, the world’s premier group of super-heroes; others seemed hell-bent to become opposition to the heroes’ cause. In the eyes of the people however, there was nothing that separated the heroes from the villains. Each possessed frightening abilities and while they may have had the power of gods, they still have the fragile minds of mortals. Nothing ensured that their champions of today would not be their tormentors tomorrow; there was no assurance that the heroes would always use their powers for the good of mankind and that led to man’s budding contempt for the super-powered beings.

In the years that followed, many men devoted themselves to learning more and more about Neo-Sapiens. At times it called the “Neo-Sapien epidemic” and other times it was known more simply as a crisis or situation. In the early days, many feared that Neo-Sapiens were normal humans who had been infected by a new plague engineered by the Nazi forces. As the world transitioned out of the World War II era and into the Red Scare, nations began to accuse each other of manufacturing SPBs to be used as weapons.

It wasn’t until the early 1970s that anyone had truly learned anything. Doctor Alf Mitchell was the first to realize that the situation was hardly an outbreak; the geneticist discovered that Neo-Sapien abilities were hereditary, passed on from parent to child. It was impossible for the child of two humans to manifest Neo-Sapien abilities; however, it was possible for a Neo-Sapien to give birth to a human child.

He also theorized that if their abilities were hereditary, then Neo-Sapiens may have shared a common ancestor- a genetic benefactor bestowing uncanny abilities on the rest of mankind.

In the years that followed, Doctor Mitchell went on to make other discoveries concerning the Neo-Sapien race. He discovered that a Neo-Sapien’s abilities could manifest at any age- in infancy or in their golden years. The catalyst for such an evolution was stress; Neo-Sapiens manifested their abilities out of necessity. A woman may find herself possessing super-strength when her child is pinned under a car; a man could discover his ability to fly after falling from a ladder.

Humanity was learning more and more about Neo-Sapiens, but their opinion of them was not changing. Man still viewed the existence of SPBs as a threat to their wellbeing… and acted accordingly.

On September 8, 2001, fifty-six years to the day that the Vindicators had first formed… the seventh incarnation of the team disbanded and the world entered a Time Without Heroes. With the lapse in protection, a Druzian Neo-Sapien named Jihad single-handedly moved against the United States. Three days after the Vindicators disbanded, a Neo-Sapien performed the terrible events of 9/11 and humanity had finally had enough.

Not only were SPBs to blame for causing it, many blamed them for not preventing it. One voice seemed more powerful than the rest- Forrest N. Bedford was a retired army officer who had climbed the ladder of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Bedford was a Grand Dragon amongst the order, and one with ambitions far surpassing the group. From the Klan he formed the Church of Genetic Purity, a church dedicated to all that the KKK had once stood for, but encompassing “genetic impurities” such as Neo-Sapiens and other SPBs.

Two years into their creation the group had their first martyr. In 2003, Mort Bedford was killed by a Neo-Sapien. Troy Olsen’s abilities had manifested and killed the young man and the sixteen-year-old atoned by taking his own life with his abilities. Still, the damage had been done. Mort’s death had spurred the CGP onward while also encouraging Forrest’s wife Amy to run for office- campaigning to become a senator on an anti-NS platform.

Despite the persecution they face, some SPBs have become something of pop culture icons. These super-powered celebrities are typically dynasties- the son or daughter of a legendary hero. To date, the most well known dynasty is the Lodestone dynasty. The legacy began during World War II, when William Loder first took on the name as an ally of the first incarnation of the Vindicators. Over time, the original Lodestone found himself the leader of the team’s second roster.

Though William Loder disappeared in 1957, he left behind his legacy. The mantle of the Lodestone was inherited by his unborn son, James.

James Loder served the world and the Vindicators as the second Lodestone through out the 1980s. Though he continued to act as the Lodestone into the 1990s, his son Jacob had joined a second team of Vindicators operating parallel with his father’s.

In 2007, James and Jacob both lost their lives during the events of the White War. The mantle was then taken up by Jacob’s son Magnus- a recent graduate of the New Vindicators Academy of America. Within a year Magnus found himself leading a new team of Vindicators- alongside veteran member Falkenburg and the armored hero Portal.

Other dynasties exist, however. Canada has long been defended by Captain Canada- the original fighting side-by-side with the original Lodestone in the Vindicators. He too vanished without a trace a half-century ago, only to leave the mantle to his son. His grandson as well would one day claim the name of Canada’s defender, as would his great-granddaughter during her tenure with the New Vindicators Academy of America.

Coach Crag and Miss Mist, two members of the 1970s’ incarnation of the team (Vindicators IV), have also begun something of their own dynasty. The pair gave birth to twins- Cloud and Cassandra Goodman, codenamed Fog and Hourglass. As well, Rumble is the daughter of the Aurelius (Doctor Steven O. White) and Phenomena.

Some countries have their own dynasties, however. China had long been blessed to be protected by the Drake- a family of shape shifters who take on the form of a dragon to defend the country.

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CHAPTER III: Geography

On December 24, 1978, he declared the sovereignty of Antarctica. History would eternally brand him as a villain and generations would forever know him by the name Mister Mayhem. Some would truly look back on him and wonder over the miraculous dream he had brought to life.

Moksha, the capital city of the nation of Neo-Sapiens, was truly a remarkable place. In the society he created, Neo-Sapiens used their genetic gifts to benefit the rest of their brethren. Neo-Sapiens with an ability to manipulate crops cultivated the food they ate, while those with pyrokentic abilities warmed the city. Others were employed to create homes and roads, repair machines, heal the wounded or panacea the sick.

ASIA: Tokyo, Japan
New Vindicators Academy of Asia: Established in 2002, the Asian Academy is governed by the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation. As per the Vindication Charter, the academies would be co-administered by the five founding United Nations members and would be held in neutral zones. In the case of the Asian Academy, this placed the school in Tokyo, Japan.

The Sanada Ten Brave

EUROPE: The Vatican City
With the Vindication Charter, the Vindicators are at the beck and call of the United Nations, handling non-diplomatic disputes on behalf of member nations. However, the Holy See is merely an observer- making the Vatican City one of the few sovereign nations not a member of the United Nations. As such, they have come to find their own means of defending themselves from SPB attacks.

The Seven Virtues are a branch of the Papal Swiss Guard. Though many of the members of the Seven Virtues are also individually ranked soldiers within the Swiss Guard, being part of the Swiss Guard is not a requirement to be part of the Seven Virtues. Indeed, two members are nothing more than 2007 graduates of the New Vindicators Academy of Europe and another is simply a Catholic priest blessed with Neo-Sapien abilities.

EUROPE: Vienna, Austria
New Vindicators Academy of Europe: Established in 2002, the European Academy is governed by the French Republic and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. As per the Vindication Charter, the five founding United Nations members would oversee the administration of the trio of academies- although each school would be built in neutral territory. Due to the location of an existing United Nations Headquarters, Vienna was chosen as the site for the European School.

NORTH AMERICA: New York, New York
The most populous city in the United States of America, New York City is made up of five boroughs: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. Excepting Staten Island, each borough is home to at least a million people and would be among the nation’s largest cities if considered independently.

The Big Apple claims a total populace of over 8 million in an area of 231 square miles. It is the epicenter for international finance, fashion, entertainment and culture, making it no small wonder that this is where the Vindicators hang their hates.

Of course, New York City is also home to the United Nations- the governing body that currently commands the Vindicators. Located in Turtle Bay, the Vindicators’ headquarters sites on the same grounds and gives them access to the city when in their civilian identities.

Turtle Bay is a neighborhood in New York City, on the east side of Midtown Manhattan, with a long and rich history. This shinning jewel of New York extends between 42nd and 53rd streets and eastward from Lexington Avenue to the East River- just across from Roosevelt Island.

Most know Turtle Bay as the home of the United Nations Headquarters- but there’s more to the district than that. Turtle Bay was originally a 40 acre grant given by the Dutch governor to two English farmers in 1639. Turtle Bay Farm, as it came to be known, was a valuable shelter from the usually harsh weather that the East Wind is still known for- a feature that made Turtle Bay intricate to the ship-building industry as time passed on.

By the 1860s, Turtle Bay was home to slaughterhouses, cattle pins, railroad piers, and most importantly, an army enrollment office.

Hallmark Tower: The building located at 767 3rd Avenue was bought in 2001 by Wendy Edwards and renovated to accommodate a battery of businesses.
  • Cold Trading - from the sixth floor of Hallmark Tower is Cold Trading, a small brokerage and financial investment advisory group.

    Harbor Therapies - a group dealing in clinical psychology, the offices of doctors Jason Pickford are found on the tenth floor of the tower.

    Wisent Law Offices - the son of an immigrant from Belarus, Bo Vidae was a shooting star in the world of law. His offices are located on the twelfth floor of the tower.

Hub Enterprises

The Loyal Order of the Flame: Housed in the remnants of an old church, the Loyal Order of the Flame is (publicly) a private gentlemen’s club. The truth is that it is an organization open only to Nephilim- what the hierarchy of the Order calls themselves. There is a single prerequisite to become a member… the ability to channel Hellfire energy.

Patriot Robotics

Wayridge Industries
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Chapter IV: Agencies
While home to heroes and villains alike, the world of OUBLIETTE is also home to many people who straddle the fence. At times they are allies to the heroes and to the world they protect and at others they are set against the champions. These groups, these clandestine agencies are neutral to the objectives of the heroes and their malicious counterparts.

The Department of SPB Affairs
In 1974, the public was growing increasingly afraid as more and more Neo-Sapien terrorists were appearing. Miss Multiple’s assault on a high school in Chicago marked not only the formation of a new team of Vindicators but also pushed the United Nations to take initiative.

The United Nations Security Council is the organ of the United Nations charged with maintaining peace and security amongst nations. Under the United Nations Charter, the UNSC possesses the power to make decisions member nations must carry out. Exercising this power, the UNSC established Resolution 348- the formation of the Department of SPB Affairs, a branch of the Security Council exclusively dealing with any situation involving super-powered beings and member nations.

The resolution was passed on May 17, 1974, with a vote of fourteen to zero (China did not participate in the voting). The resolution established the office and saw General Hampton Sidell placed in the top position as director.

The Vindicators IV (and all subsequent teams) were forced to operate under the Department, which dispatches the team on the behest of UN member nations and on peace-keeping missions were SPBs are involved. For many, the Department of SPB Affairs is what gives some measure of credibility to the Vindicators. Others fail to see the Department as an authority SPBs must answer to but something to hide behind for the time being. Regardless of public opinion where the Vindicators are concerned, opinions of the Department are relatively high.

In 2001, the Department felt pressured to make some changes, given that a Neo-Sapien had been found responsible for the events of 9/11 and the Vindicators had chosen to disband just days before. Many cited a total lack of preparation on the Department’s fault; the events that led to formation of the Vindicators VII displayed a similar incompetence. As a result, then-director Doctor Marcus Hill was removed from office and Colonel John “Crowbar” Sidell- son of General Sidell -replaced him. Under pressure from member nations, Colonel Crowbar submitted the Vindication Charter.

Under the charter, member nations would begin to train young Neo-Sapiens for the purpose of deployment in the event of a crisis such as those that occurred at the beginning and end of the Vindicators VII’s legend. It also made it unlawful for SPBs to operate outside of the direction of the Department. During this Time Without Heroes, the Department tapped many individuals (most untrained) to undertake missions that would have otherwise been granted to a team of Vindicators.

In 2006 the Vindication Charter was rescinded with the reformation of a new team of Vindicators. Today, the invasive directions taken are a thing of a past- the Department’s only deeds being overseeing the direction of the Vindicators as well as acting as a liaison to the various New Vindicators Academies dotting the globe.

In the 1950s and 1960s, many believe came to believe they had witnessed a UFO. It was not uncommon for these people to later describe being met by men in black suits who would harass and intimidate witnesses into silence. Society dubbed these men the Men in Black and have concocted many explanations for their existence.

Some believe them to be psychological- mere figments of the mind. Others believe them to be aliens or demons, walking amongst mankind to silence humanity as they tread precariously closer to the truth. Some even claim to be the agents in question and debunk conspiracy theories as a hoax.

The truth is that with the revelations brought about by Johann Meinstein in 1945, the United States government could not deny the existence of Neo-Sapiens- or SPBs. Johann was not a Neo-Sapien himself- though he was the son of one. The Fuhrer of the Fourth Reich was a psion- a human with a hyper-developed mind that allowed him to influence the actions of others.

Seeking to harness such a power, while also building a defense against future psionic assaults, the United States government commissioned the Office of Scientific Investigation and Research (O.S.I.R.) to covertly deal with the oddities mankind suddenly found themselves facing.

In a sense, O.S.I.R. was a precursory to the Department of SPB Affairs- albeit directly under the control of the United States government and shrouded in secrecy. Few within the government know of the existence of the agency and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today, the Office of Scientific Investigation and Research is an agency which conducts scientific investigation, research and experimentation in all fields of science; from astronomy to geology, from biology to psychology, from physics to zoology. In addition, the organization has a “Phenomenology Division” which focuses entirely on the investigation and research of anomalous phenomena dealing with paranormal, supernatural, parapsychological and metaphysical phenomena. As such, they have a propensity for clashing with the Illuminati’s missions from time to time. Despite all of their best efforts they have yet been unable to track the Illuminati back to their home base- a good thing considering what O.S.I.R. would do if they know about the Book of the Grigori and the trove of Hyperborean artifacts the Aurelius has stored within the Vault.

The group operates out of the Aerie- a mobile sky fortress typically cloaked above Pinewood, West Virginia. Their main mode of dispatching agents to the earth, single-manned, narrow, silver jets known as “cigars” is responsible for the escalated number of UFO sightings across the globe.



The Thule Society
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Alcatraz Island: one time prison, one time tourist attraction and now? It’s back to being a prison. Every prison needs guards though, and who better to hold back the world’s most dangerous Neo-Sapiens than Neo-Sapiens?

To the general public, the Guardians are select specialists chosen from our fire departments, police forces, military and special agencies- outfitted with technology that enables them to police the most dangerous criminals the world has ever known. The truth is that only the most accomplished and dedicated students from the New Vindicators Academy are asked to join the ranks of this important team of heroes.

In the midst of the Thule Society’s study of all things related to the lost continent of Hyperborea, several members came across an ancient artifact known as the Sephirot- ten keys that could open a portal into Atziluth, the World of Emanations. Fearing the destructive power the keys held, the men formed a secret society within their secret society.

The Illuminati are sentries set to protect the world from the possible onslaught of all existence. At least, they were until one of their number, Ahasuerus, saw the keys as a way to end his maddening wanderings and bring his immortal life to an end. In his quest to unite the ten shards, the Illuminati charged a new generation of heroes- brave souls who now take up the mantle to protect mankind from things that would drive the average person insane.

The Illuminati are a collective of men experienced with the odd. These explorers of mystery, these journeymen into the unknown are dedicated to protecting mankind from that which goes bump in the night.

Established in 2000, the New Vindicators Academy is a private school where Neo-Sapiens receive a formal education without the fear of persecution they might otherwise receive. Located on Roosevelt Island, the faculty is composed of Neo-Sapiens, though exceptions have been made. An overwhelming majority of the school is staffed by former Vindicators, serving dual roles as both educators and counselors, helping their charges through the rigors of adolescence coupled with the burden of honing their genetic talents.

The main objective of the school is to allow young Neo-Sapiens a better chance to assimilate into a society that fears and hates them. Students are taught how to use their powers for self-defenses and how to protect those they love from the inevitable threats that crop up when their identities are exposed. Still, there is another purpose…

Many of the students are invited to audition themselves for other super-heroes teams sanctioned by the Department of SPB Affairs, such as the Vindicators or the Guardians. In displaying the totality of their training through an annual test known as the Trials, young Neo-Sapiens can pursue a career in using their powers to protect this world from those who would use their genetic traits to do the exact opposite.

As of 2002, three academies lay across the earth- with one in Asia administrated by the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation and another administrated by the French Republic and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland located in Europe. Equally staffed by qualified individuals, these sister schools are just as devoted to training the heroes of tomorrow- young men and women destined to make this world a better place.
  • Current Members:

    Former Members: Amalgam I, Ambrosia, Anomaly, Avian, Blitzkrieg, Bluetooth, Blur, Bogart, Bulwark, Caliber, Copycat, Coriolis, Fathom, Fog, Gabriel, Gabrielle, Hourglass, Jetstream, Lodestone, Loess, Lurker, Nocti, Nor'easter, Okami, Oscillator, Psion, Rift, Rumble, Tenebrae, Tide, Tripper, Tusk

Amongst the United Nations’ member states is one non-member with the status of permanent observer. The Vatican City is under the sovereignty of the Holy See. Through the Roman Curia, the Holy See administers several diplomatic states and, as a result, has strove to remain independent of the United Nations. As such, Holy See has its own team of superheroes—a special unit of the Papal Swiss Guard: the Seven Virtues.
  • Current Members: Charity, Chastity, Father Meekness, Haptmann Humility, Oberst Moderation, Oberstleutnant Generosity, Wachtmeister Zeal


Since 1945, the world has defended on the Vindicators to protect it.

See Also: Vindicators of Asia, Vindicators of Europe
  • Current Members: The Aurelia, Boson, Breeze, Bulwark, Chienne Bedford, Cold Fire, the Damned, John Doe, Lodestone, Michael McDougall, Tierra, Wilt

    Former Members: Absolute Zero (presumed deceased), the Archmagus (presumed deceased), Ark (deceased), the Aurelius (Stephen White), Bio (presumed deceased), Blacksmith (deceased), Brimstone, Captain Canada (presumed deceased), Cecaelia (presumed deceased), Chimera (deceased), Coach Crag (deceased), Crusader, Detective (deceased), Doctor Splash (imprisoned), Druid, Falkenburg (comatose), Guiren (deceased), Hikari, Holly Golightly, Hound (deceased), Hourglass, the Iron Curtain, Jarhead, Liberty (presumed deceased), Lodestone I (William Loder), Lodestone II (James Loder), Lodestone III (Jacob Loder), Lodestone IV (Magnus Loder), Michuru (deceased), Miss Mist, Mithril, Murmillo (presumed deceased), Namatar, Nock (deceased), Onyx (deceased), Pandora, Phenomena (presumed deceased), Phobos (deceased), Portal, Professor Incendiary (imprisoned), Rumble, Siphon (deceased), the Templar (presumed deceased), Tick-Tock (presumed deceased), Trappist (presumed deceased), Uncle Sam (deceased), Walkabout (deceased), Xianbei (deceased)

    Future Vindicators (2025): Albedo, the Aurelia (Clementine Luom), Caliber II (Matthew Sway), Captain Canada V (Alan Joseph Altair), Centennial Kid, Entropy, Ithildin, Lodestone V (Margaret Loder), Salience

    Future Vindicators (2137): Aphelion, Bulwark, Echelon, Legacy, Pother, Sentry, Umbra

Many heroes are unaffiliated with any organization, acting wholly independently or serving simply as vigilantes. Regardless of how they serve, these souls fight the good fight: the very definition of heroes.
  • Cabal, Detective II, Detective Shirley Holmes, Momentum, Nano, The Patriot, The Thespian
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CHAPTER VI: Villains
In all things is there a balance. Just as there is a balance between light and dark, so there is a balance between right and wrong. It then goes without saying that there is a balance between good and evil.

Within the world of OUBLIETTE Comics exist many heroes, and often as naught it seems that for every heroes exists and army of villains. Some see themselves as pioneers and visionaries burning the way to a better tomorrow through their misguided mannerisms. Others act only for self-gain and use their genetic gifts to rob and steal, pillage and plunder. The worst however are terrorists: they are the beings which cause the human populace to mistrust the Neo-Sapien community.

They are the progenitors of the misconception that those blessed with amazing abilities will inevitably use them for ill-deeds.

The Affiliation
As Neo-Sapien outcry grew, the United Nations’ Department of SPB Affairs enacted a special social experiment held in conjunction with the New Vindicators Academy of America. Several Neo-Sapiens would be positioned in a public high school in New York where their behavior would be monitored and recorded. Their hardships and their interactions would be viewed and in the end, when the students had graduate, the project’s findings would be made public.

It was a gamble; on one hand, the project could successfully display that Neo-Sapiens and humans could live together in peaceful coexistence. On the flip side it could also become a major black mark on the record of the Department, the Academy, and on the nations which allowed such a plan to go through.

This bold endeavor was not without its hitches. From the very beginning there was another group set against these New Vindicators. In the beginning it seemed like little but a team recruited under Atlas- but the truth came out slowly. Over the course of those months, the New Vindicators began to distrust each other- many of their own had betrayed them to join the ranks of the Affiliation. Some had been spies for the group all along. For so long the would-be heroes came to dread each waking moment for fear of what this clad of cads would do next…

Ultimately, the Affiliation laid all of their cards on the table. Like the Order of Chaos before them, they were Neo-Sapiens who had merely grown tired of being persecuted. Unlike their predecessors they were not simply out to wreak havoc. They existed to rule over mankind- natural selection was to be their law of the land and the creed of the new world order they would create.

At the helm was the New Vindicator known as Adonis. When Adonis Skraag unveiled his treachery, it shook the core foundation of the New Vindicators Academy and left many unwilling to accept the level of terror he brought as being the fruit of his machinations. A tactical genius and a charismatic leader, Adonis was a danger none had perceived coming. Under him were gathered many young Neo-Sapiens who not only believed in his message but were lured by what his abilities could offer them.

Though his former classmates stopped his initial ambitions, he would escape and return- each time his powers, minions and resolve strengthened. The product of anti-NS sentiments, Adonis is also responsible for negative opinions- making him the most dangerous thing for the New Vindicators to fight…

… An idea.

Black Box
Current Members: Doctor Cheryl Colbenson (leader), Okami, Phase, Tide, Tinnitus, Tusk

Former Members: Iron Curtain (deceased)

The Church of Genetic Purity
In 1865, a social organization was first founded in Pulaski, Tennessee. It served to resist Reconstruction in the wake of the American Civil War- intimidating carpetbaggers and scalawags- but most of all… the Freedmen.

The Klan’s practices in the art of terror became infamous through out the nation. Their methods soon turned violent, even going so far as to murder 1,300 Republican voters in 1868. President Ulysses S. Grant destroyed the Klan- abolishing their vigorous action under the Civil Rights Act of 1871- but it would not be the end of them.

Over the decades, the Ku Klux Klan has undergone resurrection after resurrection- adopting new causes as the flow of time moves on. The Klan seeks to terrorize not only Blacks and Jews, but Catholics, immigrants, suspected communists, civil rights activists, and those seeking equal rights for women and homosexuals.

And now, Neo-Sapiens have been added to the list.

In the wake of 9/11, Grand Dragon Forrest N. Bedford was on the fast track to becoming an Imperial Wizard. Instead, he revitalized his region with the formation of the Church of Genetic Purity. Under his direction, the tactics of the old days were revived- mostly targeting Neo-Sapiens. Bedford has publicly announced that his organization maintains a militia- perpetually on guard to fight against an emergency attack from Neo-Sapiens.

Things grew worse in 2007, when Chienne Bedford disappeared into the night in late spring. Believing her to have been abducted by Neo-Sapiens, Bedford investigated her room only to discover the ZERO armor.

Despite that the armor had been stolen nearly a year prior from Patriot Robotics, Bedford revealed his daughter’s dual life to the public on national television. He then claimed that Neo-Sapiens had learned of their enemy’s identity and abducted her. Claiming such actions to be in her memory, Bedford donned the armor and now leads his militia of zealous knights as the second ZERO.
  • Current Members: Forrest Bedford (leader), Scott Baxter, Red Kreichgauer, Jonathon Strauss

    Former Members: Amy Bedford (deceased), Jehu Grossman (deceased), Johnny Vance, Mortimer Bedford (deceased), Ryan Mueller (deceased)

Crimson Shadow
Kurenaikage was once an elite organization of Neo-Sapien shinobi. However, in the wake of the last leader’s death, numbers had drastically decreased. Under the leadership of the new Okashira, the clan has been transformed by a lucrative career focusing on assassinations and mercenary work, specializing in combating SPBs.

With its doors open to any skilled warrior, the former glory has been restored- but the group’s honor has been lost.
  • Current Members: Hajime Hanyou (leader), B.B. Jones, Kaze and Kunai, Pike, Shiroi Kage

The Order of Chaos
  • Current Members: Solar (leader), Bipolar, Blaze, Kitty, Meat

The Order of Movement
Super-speed, flight, spinning, bouncing, kinetic explosions... this group of villains attacks fast and is gone just as fast. Almost impossible to catch, they have been plaguing the world for years leaving a rash of robberies (and the heroes who manage to tussle with them) in their dust.
  • Current Members: Caliber (leader), Centrifugal, Inertia, the Jerk, Jounce, Magnitude, Propel, Tesseract

    Former Members: Red Shift (deceased), Velocity (deceased)

These super-powered young men have taken their game to the next level; opting to use their powers to lead a life of crime, rather than work to feed their habit, they have thrown their lives into god mode.

Project: PRIME

  • Current Members: Doctor Noah Meinstein (leader), Ambrossia, Besitz, Epitome, Garuda, Izzy, Ombre, Nocti, Providence

    Former Members: Fathom, Precipice (deceased), Steam (missing; believed deceased)

The Sixth Reich
The defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945 was not the end of the Nazi’s campaign for power. In fact, it was only the beginning. In Hitler’s entourage were many SPBs- some had gained power through mysticism while others were merely born with uncanny abilities. It was these men, granted powers that placed them on a higher tier of humanity, who continued the dark ambitions held by Adolf Hitler.

It was one such man, the psionic Johann Meinstein who took the name of the Fuhrer and dreamed of conquering the world in the name of the Fourth Reich.

The countries that stood victorious at the war’s climax feared the army the Fuhrer was generating would march on the rest of the world. Most nations were still recuperating from Hitler’s onslaught and could not stand another assault. It was to this end that the Vindicators first banded together and though they defeated the Fuhrer- they could not destroy the evil ideals which he personified.

Again his minions struck and the world- returning decades later under the banner of the Fifth Reich. Once more they were bested before returning again in modern times. Now, dubbed the Sixth Reich, this legion of evil and tyranny is stronger than ever before and ready to deal a major blow to the Vindicators.

  • Current Members: The Fuhrer (leader), Inferno, Lebender Schatten, Schadenfreude and Weltschmerz

Triple Threat
  • Current Members: Paper (leader), Rock and Scissors

Solo Villains
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The world of OUBLIETTE is rife with urban legends, mythologies and tall tales. Some are true to their source while others exaggerate. What follows are numerous legends in our world… and how they are actually presented in the campaign.

On the continent of Hyperborea was born a Neo-Sapien woman, blessed with the power to grew apples that bestowed powers to humans. Iðunn’s apples created the Æsir- beings bestowed with powers that put them on a higher plateau. Many gained a much higher intellect and used their advanced understanding to create a technological utopia. Despite the state of the rest of the world, Hyperborea was thousands of years ahead of social expectations and their capital city, Thule, was a shinning beacon.

With the destruction of Hyperborea came the evacuation of many of the Æsir. The royal family boarded a ship and made their way to the what is now modern Scandinavia. Other ships made way for Greece and Egypt where the clans would go on to become the pantheons of those respective cultures.

The powers an Æsir grants seem to be random, however all Æsir receive an immunity to aging.

The world of OUBLIETTE uses a monotheistic belief system- the Judeo-Christian God created the heavens and the earth, man and beast and everything that ever was. As such, heaven and hell exist and both are populated by the begins known as angels.
  • SERAPHIM (Power Level 5 / Minion Level 7)

    STR 12 (+1), DEX 16 (+3), CON 14 (+2), INT 10, WIS 20 (+5), CHA 12 (+1)

    SKILLS: Handle Animal 4 (+5), Intimidate 6 (+7), Knowledge (history) 10, Knowledge (theology) 10, Notice 4 (+9), Perform (singing) 6 (+7)

    FEATS: Attack Specialization (sword), Attractive, Dedication, Defensive Roll 3, Favored Environment (air) 4, Improved Initiative, Inspire, Power Attack

    POWERS: Comprehend 2 (languages [read, speak and understand]) Flight 3 (75 MPH; Alternate Powers: Super-Movement 1 [Dimensional Movement]; Drawbacks: Power Loss [wings, 1 points]), Hellfire Control 5 (Alternate Powers: Emotion Control 5, Healing 5, Strike 5 [Power Feats: Mighty]), Morph 3

    COMBAT: Attack +0 (+2 sword), Grapple +1, Damage +1, Defense +2 (+1 flat-footed), Knockback -0, Initiative +7

    SAVES: Toughness +5 (+2 flat-footed), Fortitude +6, Reflex +4, Will +9

    Abilities 24 + Skills 10 (40 ranks) + Feats 13 + Powers 35 + Combat 4 + Saves 9 = 95 points

In the old days, humanity used magic and sorcery as a way to describe phenomena beyond their understanding. These days we truly understand that the magical things they encountered have a reasonable explanation. Today, mankind is no closer to understanding arcana- the catchall for magic, sorcery, enchantment and such rituals. Indeed, many people are convinced that such powers are idle fantasies- nonexistent in the world in which we live in.

The truth is that the Grigori taught mankind to wield arcane might many thousands of years ago. One such human, an elder known as Aurelius, transcribed all that they taught and cobbled it together as the Book of the Grigori. When the deluge wiped out many, seemingly claiming the knowledge of arcana with it, the tome survived… passed on to a young woman descended of the Aurelius.

Having married Ham, one of Noah’s sons, the Aurelius’ daughter survived the destruction of the antediluvian era and gave birth to a new tradition. Her son Canaan was entrusted with the tome then and given the task of protecting mankind from the things detailed within- that which had brought about the deluge in the first place.

Today, there are but two ways for mankind to learn to channel arcane energies- one is to be taught by the Aurelius- the guardian of the Book of the Grigori. The other is to be trained up by those who originally taught such forbidden arts- the Fallen Grigori themselves.

The Astral Plane exists as a mirror world- an invisible layer over the material plane, invisible to the naked eye. Once one crosses over to this dimension, they find themselves in an environment exactly matching the physical plane- save that they cannot interact with the people or structures in any way, shape, or form.

Hallowed ground does not exist within the Astral Plane. Where graveyards and churches would be in the real world, only a black pillar blazing upward into infinity exists in the Astral Plane. It is unknown what would happen were one to enter the Astral Plane from a graveyard- though many have theorized that such an action would obliterate the being from time itself, not just destroying them but ensuring that they never existed.

The Aurelius, Doctor Steven O. White, noted that Nephilim brought into the Astral Plane have a much more limited ability to control their movements and also are left with a horribly uncomfortable feeling; this sensation grows the longer they remain in the Astral Plane.

First mentioned in Plato’s writings, the legendary island was purportedly a naval powerhouse which had conquered most of Europe and Africa millennia before Plato’s own time. After a failed attempt to invade the powerful nation, Atlantis was said to have sunk into the ocean.

The truth is that Atlantis was fashioned from the Chicxulub meteor by the Æsir Mímir. The fortress, constructed mostly of the tektite Mithral, was a floating fortress used by the Gibborim to jail the Nephilim they defeated. When Apocatastasis made a move to liberate those kept on the rock, Aryan gave his life to sink the vessel deep into the ocean.

In Persian mythology, a div is a being who lives for chaos. Divs resemble bipedal beasts- their facial appearance may resemble lions or pigs, monkeys or horses… Generally, their body is covered in pale, chalk-white hair and their hands are tipped with claws.

The truth is, div are servants of Asmodeus, creatures specially bred in the deepest bowels of Hell by his magical fusion of humans and animals. The twisted result is a terrible fiend the Fallen long ago used to manipulate Leviathan to his side. Since Leviathan’s defection, the div are occasionally unleashed by Asmodeus for his mere amusement.
  • DIV (Power Level 5 / Minion Level 4)

    STR 20 (+5), DEX 16 (+3), CON 18 (+4), INT 6 (-2), WIS 10, CHA 6 (-2)

    SKILLS: Climb 2 (+7), Notice 4, Stealth 4 (+7), Survival 4, Swim 2 (+7)

    FEATS: All-out Attack, Power Attack

    POWERS: Leaping 3 (x10), Speed 3 (50 MPH), Strike 3 (Power Feats: Improved Critical, Mighty), Super-Senses 4 (Additional Senses: Low-Light Vision, Scent, Tracking, Ultra-Hearing)

    COMBAT: Attack +2, Grapple +7, Damage +5, Defense +6 (+3 flat-footed), Knockback -2, Initiative +3

    SAVES: Toughness +4, Fortitude +7, Reflex +5, Will +2

    Abilities 16 + Skills 4 (16 ranks) + Feats 2 + Powers 15 + Combat 16 + Saves 7 = 60 points

Australia’s indigenous peoples have long believed in two forms of time. One is the material world, an objective reality we all interface with on a daily basis. The other is considered more real than reality. What happens in this other plane constructs the values and laws of Aboriginal society.

It is the Dreamtime, and there are those born in this life with the power to contact the Dreamtime… and to walk its infinite pathways.

Whenever any living being slumbers, the subconscious reaches out to a realm of infinite possibilities known as the Dreamtime. Humans, with their logical thinking and doubts, typically hold less control over this plane than the animals who sojourn here do; this is why many people have nightmares where they are helpless against animals- in the Dreamtime, they truly are helpless.

Humans possessing some level of psionic talent typically are at home in the Dreamtime and have a greater mastery over the environment. These people can enter the dreams of others or even manipulate the scene’s outcome. Others take advantage of other aspects of the Dreamtime- utilizing the communication with all life to learn and grow.

Many ages ago there existed an eighth continent- the continent of Hyperborea. The land extended through what is today known as the Nordic Seas; Greenland was once a part of the great continent until the nation’s untimely destruction several millennia ago.

Hyperborea was home to a great woman- a Neo-Sapien who was capable of cultivating apples that bestowed humans with fantastic powers. Overtime, a great man was empowered with these powers- Mímir was blessed with uncanny intellect and unparalleled wisdom. With such mental faculties, he engineered a new empire and helped to evolve an ancient civilization into a nation more advanced than the empires of today.

This great power came at a terrible cost though. Mímir was loyal to Óðr Óðinn, the emperor of Hyperborea. The man and his children ruled the land from their capital, Thule, and the other noble clans hungered for his power.

With their own Æsirian abilities, the other clans waged war on Thule and terrible forces were evoked in the nation’s defense. Ultimately, the superior technology Mímir developed destroyed Hyperborea- shattering the continent into pieces and sinking a majority of it into the waters.

Still, the legacy lives on; many of the Æsir escaped, taking some of the artifacts developed in their homeland with them. Today, these items are known as Hyperborean artifacts and each year many turn up in the hands of the unwitting.

The sword, the shield, and the gem- collectively they are known as the Imperial Regalia of Japan. For ages, these three items have been the subject of many myths. They have long been evoked into modern tales of fantasy and heroism- appearing in manga, anime, video games and even American comics.

The simple truth is that they were the raiment worn by a noble from the lost continent of Hyperborea. The young hero was stranded in a foreign land as his armada had been sunk in a terrible storm. Still, the young prince used the weapons to slay Orochi- the eight-headed wyrm attacking the simple island nation. The man became a national hero- who began to share his mystical knowledge with the people. Indeed, it was from him that the ninja arts were born.

Though his name has been forever lost to history, his arms are immortalized in the hearts of the Japanese. Kusanagi no Tsurugi, the sword, is capable of controlling the wind. The shield, Yata no Kagami, can deflect attacks back at the wearer’s opponent. Lastly, the jewel Yasakani no Magatama is capable of turning whoever carries it into an unstoppable juggernaut with a manipulation of sheer force.

The items have passed hands over the years- transfiguring those who wield them into heroes of legend. They have since resurfaced- recently stolen by the criminal Jacquelyn Webber. She was detained of them however, and the legendary artifacts have begun to create new legends once more in a new age…
    Device 7 - Deflect 2 (all ranged attacks; Extras: Action [Reaction, +3]), Air Control 7 (Alternate Powers: Blast, Tornado, Wind), Flight 3 (Flaws: Gliding [-1]), Strike 3 (Power Feats: Improved Critical, Mighty)

    Device 7 - Force Field 5 (Extras: Impervious [+1]), Immovable 5 (Extras: Unstoppable [+1]), Kinetic Control 6 (Alternate Powers: Paralyze, Speed and Telekinesis)

    Device 7Reflection Field 4, Shield 3

It is said that as Mrs. Deborah Leeds was giving birth to her thirteenth child she exclaimed that she would rather bear the devil’s son than give birth to another Leeds. It was then that the midwife screamed as the gruesome sight of the swaddling babe. Cloven hooves, claws, wings and tail marked the child as something less than human.

According to the legend, the child devoured the other twelve children to flee through the chimney. Since the 18th century, the creature has been believed to dwell deep in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

In actuality, Damian Leeds is the son of Leviathan. Born with a hideous physique, the young boy is cursed with several immunities- which have helped him to survive the last three hundred years of existence. Still, the Nephilim is insane from his experiences and is more animal than man. During the hunt for the Sephirot, the Illuminati and Nock encountered and captured the beast- turning it over to Alcatraz Island for alleged crimes dating back over numerous decades. When the government deemed it unconstitutional to hold the half-man for alleged attacks, O.S.I.R. stole the beast away…

Thousands of years ago, Semyazza convinced the Grigori to act on their lustful desires and mate with the human women they had been set upon to watch. The seraphim who mated with mankind found that their passion had created the Nephilim- half-human, half-angelic cambion capable of wielding the energy known as hellfire.

Widely believed to be an evil djinni unleashed in the 1970s to wreak vengeance, the demonic beast is believed to attack men as they sleep soundly where he overpowers them and brutally sodomizes them. To further add to the legend’s incredulity, it is said that Popo Bawa’s attacks fluctuate with the election cycle of Zanzibar.

The Vindicators IV and the Aurelius investigated the attacks in the late 1970s, with the Aurelius forced to return in the early 21st century. They discovered that Popo Bawa is in fact an Æsirian div named Imran- a nocturnal shapeshifter who takes the form of a child during the day.
  • POPO BAWA (Power Level 7)

    STR 22 (+6), DEX 16 (+3), CON 20 (+5), INT 8 (-1), WIS 12 (+1), CHA 8 (-1)

    SKILLS: Climb 3 (+9), Intimidate 5 (+4), Language 1 (English, Swahili), Notice 4 (+5), Stealth 4 (+7), Survival 4 (+5), Swim 3 (+9)

    FEATS: All-out Attack, Fearsome Presence 5, Power Attack

    POWERS: Flight 2 (20 MPH; Drawbacks: Power Loss [wings, 1 point]), Immunity 1 (aging), Leaping 2 (x10), Morph 3 (single form; Power Feats: Metamorph), Paralyze 5 (Extras: Range [Perception, +2]), Speed 2 (50 MPH), Strike 3 (Power Feats: Improved Critical, Mighty), Super-Senses 4 (Additional Senses: Low-Light Vision, Scent, Tracking, Ultra-Hearing), Teleport 2 (Drawbacks: Noticeable [1 point])

    COMBAT: Attack +4, Grapple +10, Damage +6, Defense +4 (+2 flat-footed), Knockback -2, Initiative +3

    SAVES: Toughness +5, Fortitude +8, Reflex +4, Will +2

    Abilities 26 + Skills 6 (24 ranks) + Feats 7 + Powers 44 + Combat 16 + Saves 6 = 105 points

In Hindu mythology, the rakshasa are demonic man-eaters who were wicked humans in previous incarnations. They were notorious for disturbing sacrifices, desecrating graves, possessing mortals and pestering priests.

The Hyperboreans created the rakshasa to minister to their daily needs- needing the genetically engineered spirits as simple servants. When the island continent sank into the oceans, the device binding the creatures was destroyed, giving them a measure of freedom. Fortunately, rakshasa were only available to the most wealthy of Hyperborean citizens, meaning that not many existed to begin with. Thanks to the efforts of hunters, the number of these carnivorous shapechangers has depleted to less than a dozen.

Lake Okanagan. Loch Ness. Lake Tianchi. These lakes have one thing in common- they were hotbeds of monster sightings. Countless people claim to have seen Nessie, Champ, Ogopogo… the list goes on and on.

These creatures indeed exist, albeit as the twisted cambion spawned by Leviathan’s tendencies toward bestiality.

Believed to be a witch that could siphon the spiritus vitae from a person while they slept- the shtriga would drain the life force from children- finding a better taste the younger their victims were. It is believed that these beings could change their shape- taking on the form of an insect and were only vulnerable whilst feeding.

During the Victorian era, England was plagued by sightings of a terrifying man capable of leaping extraordinarily high. As the sightings increased, a diabolical image was collected. Over time, many began to fantasize about the fantastic origins such a being held- ranging from ingenious devices to Jack being the devil himself.

The truth is that Spring-heeled Jack’s real name is Jack Dawkins and he is a tulpa, a being born from the mind of Charles Dickens. The first recorded appearance of Spring-heeled Jack occurred in 1837- when Bentley’s Miscellany began to publish the serial that would later be collected as Oliver Twist. One of the characters, more popularly known as the Artful Dodger, took on a life of his own and became the villainous Spring-heeled Jack.


A thoughtform is an consciousness manifested. They are created through sheer willpower- and only by the most powerful minds. While this typically means psions are among the most capable of creating a tulpa, leaving a psionic imprint of themselves in this realm, several humans have created tulpa as well.

Walter B. Gibson, writing under the name Maxwell Grant, created the Shadow. During the 1930s and 1940s, his stories were in demand and Gibson fervently churned out tale after tale- subconsciously creating the tulpa of Kent Allard who frequently “haunts” Gibson’s former apartment in Greenwich Village. As well, Charles Dickens- long accredited for birthing some the most well-imagined characters in literature -gave birth to a tulpa whilst penning the serials that composed Oliver Twist.

At the time of his horrific murder, Lucas Howell left a psychic imprint of himself behind. This tulpa of himself aided the New Vindicators through the White War before eventually fading away.

More commonly known as the Abominable Snowman, the Yeti is purported to be an apelike creature that inhabits the Himalayas.

The Yeti is actually a man, a hero who dwells in the mountains through Tibet. In a secluded monastery, the monks that tend the temple choose one from among them to wear the amulet of Meh-Teh, which imbues its wearer with uncanny strength and various cold-based powers. Defender of the mountain, the yeti gets his powers from this hyperborean artifact.
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One being more powerful than our finite little minds could even hope to comprehend created the entire universe in under a week. He has numerous names—perhaps more than we can count. He is known, almost universally however, as God and his kingdom is populated with the created beings known as angels.

It wasn’t long after that when God created Adam, the first man. Adam was created in his own image and this infuriated Lucifer. The proud seraphim refused to bow before God’s image, claiming that this being was fallible and nothing compared to the glory the angels were made with. The affront was not to Adam but to God’s image itself.

Lucifer recruited an army of angels who rebelled against their brothers and their creator. They were exiled for their pride and fell to earth, to forever dwell amongst those they hated so much.

Of the horde of angels who had fallen, five others were of Lucifer’s choir. Seraphim were the highest order—the most powerful angels. They had been imbued with a power unlike anything the world had ever known. Humanity dubbed it “hellfire”: a nightmarish energy that could be formed into almost anything or be made to do anything. The power the seraphim had once wielded had changed color for each. Abaddon’s white flames now crackled black while Asmodeous’ was yellow. Astaroth’s flames burned red, Leviathan’s had become as blue as the ocean and Semyazza’s was green. Their leader—the angel who had orchestrated their rebellion—found his flames now blazed purple.

As time drew on, the Grigori (“Watchers”) were sent to Earth to simply chronicle existence. It isn’t long before they begin to lust after the human women that they saw. At Semyazza’s prodding, they defected en masse to marry and live amongst the humans. To further condemn themselves, they began to teach mankind the things God had forbidden them: how to make metal weapons, enchantments, astrology and other such forbidden arts. Man learned to read the signs of the sun and moon and was able to wage war with forces they were never meant to wield.

Still, amongst them was but one seraphim: the angel Samael, who had truly fallen in love with a mortal woman and surrendered his angelic status for a fleeting existence with her. Samael, whose name means “Venom to God”, curiously found no change in his energy. Once, all of the seraphim had all been able to channel the white flame… but now only he could.

Their children were capable of summoning the same power. Dubbed Nephilim by the remainder of humanity, they were written of as savage giants who pillaged the earth and endangered humanity. Everywhere they went they carried chaos and terror.

Ironically, one Nephilim would rise up to become mankind’s champion in the face of his cousins. Samael found love with mortal women but mourned their mortality. His third wife gave him a son—Aryan—who became the world’s first true hero.

From an early age Aryan demonstrated how different from the rest of humanity he truly was. His genetic make-up was different from anything mankind had ever known. He was gifted with unparalleled strength and renowned for his astonishing invulnerability and uncanny speed. His hellfire and his abilities weren’t the only weapon Aryan had in his war against the Nephilim however…

As if in an answer to mankind’s prayers came the only poison for the Nephilim. A meteor hurtled for the earth and struck in a yet-uninhabited area (modern day Yucatán Peninsula). Estimated at a six mile diameter, the impact is believed to have released 5.0×10²³ joules of energy—the equivalent of one-hundred thousand gigatons of trinitrotoluene. By contrast, the most powerful explosive device ever detonated, the Tsar Bomba (1961, Arctic Sea) yielded only one-twentieth of a gigaton.

With its impact came major tsunamis in all directions and environmental changes bordering on a nuclear winter. The impact and high concentration of iridium was a necessity in creating the strange new element spawned that day. Formed like tektite, the iridium-dosed clay fused with shocked quartz to generate beads of liquid metal that had a strange effect on Nephilim and their offshoot.

Aryan set out towards the impact and arrived at ground-zero. He was not without company, however…
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The eighth continent—Mu—was a massive island located in the Arctic Ocean where, for unknown reasons, several of the inhabitants began developing mental abilities. Many of them showed incredible mental aptitude and proceeded to create technology even more advanced than the modern day possesses. As a result, the noble houses that ruled Mu began to recruit these people—the Espers—seeing their abilities as true power.

Once such Esper—Iðunn—found herself in possession of a spring of the Tree of Life from the Garden of Eden. While she never revealed how she got it, she did proceed to grow a duplicate tree—the apples of which bestowed powers upon normal humans in addition to granting them immortality.

Mu’s advancements made them the strongest of the ancient civilizations. It didn’t take long for their ruler, Achamán, to consider increasing their territory to the other lands. Amongst those sent out as conquerors was Odin—the lord of one of the noble houses.

In his travels, Odin met a Nephilim by the name of Cimejas. The son of Semyazza used his ability to take possession of Odin’s body and returned to Mu with the intent of crippling the powerful nation.

Using Odin’s strength, Cimejas killed many of the Espers and magi employed by the noble families and proceeded to destroy the very island itself.

The Æsir were scattered: some simply settled nearby in Scandinavia while others saw fit to traverse to Egypt, Greece, and other Mediterranean nations. Some were content to install themselves as gods among men and some sought revenge against the infernal brood that had destroyed their homeland…
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Allied with the Æsir, Aryan watched on as they transformed the meteorite into a mobile fortress—an island soaring in the sky. Calling this strange wonder Atlantis, they devoted it and themselves to hunting down the Nephilim and imprisoning them within.

Aryan and his Æsir cohorts had formed the world’s first team of heroes: Enoshi Ha Shem—or the Gibborim—meant giants or heroes in their archaic tongue. With him stood the brothers Thor and Balder, as well as Chronos Aeon (the essence of time) and the Aurelius (a man who had transcribed the totality of knowledge passed on from the Grigori). Together, they managed to imprison many of Ayran’s Nephilim cousins (as well as many rogue Æsir) within the halls of Atlantis.

Chaos erupted when Apocatastasis arrived. He was more dangerous than any other Nephilim the heroes had contended with as he had also eaten of Iðunn’s apples and gained a new power: immortality.

Apocatastasis quickly amassed a terrifying arm and built himself up as a god among men. Under the religion he created man fell further from grace and degenerated into a twisted breed. It was his teachings that all beings had to eventually reconcile with him and return to him—establishing himself as the origin of life and eternity.

Aryan had proven that even he could not keep Apocatastasis contained. Worse, he and his allies had not created a prison but provided the tyrant and his army a floating fortress. Apocatastasis defeated the Gibborim and claimed Atlantis as his own. Aryan watched the Æsir build it; he knew how to bring it down. Giving all he was and more, Aryan fought Atlantis itself and sank the colossal prison deep into the depths of the ocean and Aryan’s life was sacrificed to prevent Apocatastasis from finding a new hope in the new world.

Many of the Fallen were distraught at the passing of their heirs—the ones who could help them usurp power from the one who lorded over all of them. Still, in the wake of the Deluge they began to move more secretively—now that mankind had the key to their offspring’s defeat. They continued for well over a millennia before Solomon bound the Fallen to their infernal prison…
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In ancient Rome, a gens was a clan, a group of families that shared a common name and a belief in a common ancestor. Often it was a great prestige- it was a sign of your heritage and pedigree; it was a claim to the reputation of those who shared the name. In those days, no name evoked more power than the Aurelii Gens.

Gaius Aurelius Cotta lived from 124 to 73 BC and was the uncle to Gaius Julius Caesar (through his mother, Aurelia Cotta).

Through most of the second century, Rome was ruled by the Aureli Gens; Titus Aurelius Fulvus Boionius Arrius Antoninus Pius and his son Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus- the fourth and final of the “Five Great Emperors” had their respective rules, as did Marcus’ son, Marcus Aurelius Commodus.

Fourth century Christian poet Aurelius Prudentius Clemens carried the name. One member of the gens even became a saint of the Roman Catholic Church.

Before any of them, however, there was a common ancestor. The original Aurelius is a man to this day shrouded in mystery… but one thing is not a mystery: the secret to his success.

With each generation, the Aurelius chooses an heir amongst his bloodline to inherit the Book of the Grigori- a tome containing the secrets of the ages and the wisdom of the cosmos. While it may take a lifetime to understand all of it, it still serves as a valuable tool in the Aurelius’ sworn battle against all that is mystical in nature.

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King David was not the only one who fell in love with Bathsheba: one of the Fallen—Asmodeus—had been smitten when he watched her bathing on the roof. He moved to Uriah’s wife himself but was barred by one of the Archangels, Raphael.

Enraged over this turn of events, Asmodeus swore vengeance on the king of the United Monarchy. Seeking the throne, Asmodeus took possession of the heir-apparent’s cousin—Jonadab—and convinced Amnon to seduce his half-sister. When Tamar protested, Amnon raped her.

Tamar’s brother, Absalom, devised a trap for Amnon and commanded his servants to slay the man during a feast for the king’s sons.

Enraged by the infernal machinations that undid his family, the surviving heir—Solomon—left on a crusade against the Fallen and their offspring. Asmodeus began to pose as Solomon in that time and for nine years ruled Israel as the Third King.

Solomon eventually returned, however, with several weapons in his arsenal: he had been trained in the art of arcana by the Aurelius and though not of the blood himself, Solomon was a capable divinator; the Seal of Solomon was a ring which allowed him to impress his will upon those of demonic origin and the sword Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar was forged from Mithril and shielded its wielder from all forms of magic.

Solomon reclaimed his identity after dominating Asmodeus; with the Fallen under his command, Solomon forced him to construct the First Temple. He then tore information from Asmodeus’ maw and learned how to seal the Fallen away. Through an unprecedented ritual, Solomon forged bindings around the Fallen, keeping them from stepping foot on Earth for thousands of years…
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For thousands of years, the Book of the Grigori had passed from one descendant to the next as the Apprentice became the Aurelius. Over time the gens developed prominent clans within their order. Among their number was the Tharivol clan, a group renowned for the arrogance and thirst for power. It was likely due to their reputation that the Apprentice was never chosen from their order.

In 1900, the eldest of their clan, Charles Tharivol, devised a way to ensure the next Aurelius would be chosen from their number: he led his family in a world-wide massacre of the other descendants of the Aurelius.

One such descendant, a divinator named Henry Carlyle, divined their ambitions and moved to rally the survivors against them. A war began between the Tharivol clan and any other mages. Amongst the surviving mages was the Apprentice, Thaddeus Buchanan, who had several powerful allies…

Odin had always been a friend of the Aurelius line and Thaddeus’ lover, Naomi Brewington, was descended from Odin’s Æsir kin. The Tengu King, Sojobo, also joined the mage alliance, as did Auberon, Lord of the Fey.

In dire need of power, the Tharivol clan united in a ritual that sundered the seal Solomon had put in place. Once more, the Fallen were able to move upon the world but were incapable of directly influencing those who inhabited it. While many refused the aid the Tharivol clan, one saw potential in their order: Abaddon sought to use them to achieve his own machinations.

Ultimately, what little aid he was able to supply them failed to win the war. The Tharivol clan was destroyed and only seven members of the Aureli gens survived: Thaddeus and Lola Buchanan, Henry Carlyle, Abraham Field, Bruno Marsh, Rachel Stark and Eldritch White.
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The Torah describes a race of people created by the crossbreeding of the sons of God and the daughters of men. These beings are known as the Nephilim- or “those who cause others to fall”. The half-angelic, half-human cambion are beings capable of channeling an otherworldly energy known as hellfire. They serve as boons, connecting this world to the dark realms of hell- funneling the heatless, lightless flames into this dimension and on occasion acting as a host to the beasts born in the depths of the abyss.

The Fallen
All Nephilim are the children of seven beings who were once considered part of a heavenly choir of angels. Seraphim, the highest order in heaven, are the beings the Creator bestows a wondrous power upon. Seraphim are capable of wielding a white energy that appears to be fire like, the energy shares none of the properties of flame.

Of those capable of channeling such a force, seven have fallen from grace- their wings severed from their body, they are condemned to never again claim paradise as their home.

The majority of the Fallen were exiled during the first fall that occurred shortly after Creation. Abaddon, Asmodeus, Astaroth, Leviathan and Semyazza followed Lucifer out of Heaven when they refused to bow before humans. Many generations later, another group defected out of lust- among them only the Seraphim known as Samael.

It was Semyazza who tempted the second group- the group which initially created the Nephilim.

Aside from Samael, the other Seraphim have discovered their energy signature sports a new colour. Their children are born with an ability to manipulate the same energy and the corresponding colour declares their lineage.

See: THE FALLEN; History
  • Lucifer
    Pride immortal, the dawn-bearer orchestrated a revolution against God. When the War of Heaven ended and his rebellion failed, Lucifer and a third of the heavenly host was exiled from the kingdom, banished to the material plane.

    The Morning Star is staggeringly beautiful and- although he is capable of changing his shape he seldom takes on an appearance that doesn’t stroke his ego nor hint at his extreme narcissism. Lucifer’s revolt was spurred by his pride- believing himself and his kind above humanity; typically he incorporates features to accent his egotistical ideals.

    Lucifer’s hellfire burns purple- the colour of royalty. Likely do to his contempt of humanity, Lucifer has yet to actually spawn a Nephilim. Today he has taken on the form of Indrid Cold, a financial advisor in New York City who has established contact with the current Illuminati- which he original formed in the guise of the Collector.

    The great destroyer, the angel of the abyss and the king of the locusts, Abaddon is the demon of wrath. Since the day he followed Lucifer out of the kingdom his flames have burned black.

    Abaddon typically fights his brothers with an yet unrevealed strategy. Given that more black hellfire users exist more than any other color, it is believed by his brothers that he is amassing an army of Nephilim. Given that Abaddon’s powers augment his own already heightened combative ability- this seems highly plausible.

    In recent years, Abaddon has adopted the identity of Doctor Jason Pickford - a psychologist working out of Manhattan.

    Abaddon’s Known Off-Shoot: Apocatastasis, Deimos, Cameron Kirk [Neo-Sapien, once removed], Lurker [Neo-Sapien, once removed], Mayonaka, Occultus Unus [Neo-Sapien, once removed], Pandora, Phobos, the Shadow

    The demon of avarice, Asmodeus is considered one of the most wily and trick some of the Fallen. He is a meticulous planner and a shrewd thinker; he possesses an insatiable thirst for knowledge and craves to “know it all”. This hunger is generally put to astonishing use as his otherwise worthless information has been what many of schemes revolve around.

    In ancient days, King Solomon through the use of portents and spells known as goetia, summoned the demon to him- intending to contract the former Seraphim to construct a temple. A contract was reached, one in which Asmodeus came out on top. As the king later learned, their agreement was that for every day Asmodeus spent building the temple, he would be allowed to spend a day posing as the king. In this guise he had access to the Seal of Solomon, a signet ring which allowed him command over the Fallen, their underlings and their off-spring. With such an artifact in his possession, Asmodeus began a campaign for power- he had watched Lucifer lose the War of Heaven and was not satisfied with following him into further misfortune.

    Such a blow began the millennia-old war of the Fallen- many competing with each other to usurp leadership of the fallen hordes of host. Ever the schemer, it is unknown what plot Asmodeus had concocted in his war with the other Fallen.

    His hellfire burns yellow.

    Asmodeus’ Known Off-Shoot: Enyo

    The demon of sloth, Astaroth is the most lazy and incompetent of the Seven Fallen. Since his fall, his hellfire has burned red. Typically, when forced to actually act in battle, Astaroth is content to lash out wildly- failing to put the thought or effort into combat that his opponents often do. He tends to utilize brute force more than any other weapon.

    Like Samael, Astaroth had little care for winning the other’s petty war. Instead he opted to settle down in a human guise, spawning a son in this generation and bringing him up to fight on in his behalf. The most mellow of his brethren, Astaroth is content to spend his days posing as Sebastian Astaroth- a wealthy American enjoying the hedonism the Mediterranean coast can offer.

    Astaroth’s Known Off-Shoot: Aamon [deceased], Barbados [deceased], Paragon, Pruslas [deceased], Rashaverak [deceased]

    The demon of envy, the coiled one is the father of chaos- electing to generally use his powers to assume the form of ferociously terrible beasts. In these guises, Leviathan generally wreaks havoc on humanity- be it as a terrible sea serpent destroying sea-fairing vessels or by terrorizing villages in one form or another.

    In the days long past, Leviathan mated with the beasts of the earth, skies and sea- spawning hellish cambion that would plague humanity for generations. Many of the sentient monsters in folklore are his children.

    In recent years he has become more involved in the Fallen’s war- having been manipulated too often by Asmodeus’ insidious plots. More commonly now, he has begun to conceive true Nephilim with human women. While Leviathan does not act as the father to his modern offspring, he makes appearances in their lives in an effort to steer them towards greater power.

    Leviathan’s hellfire is blue.

    Leviathan’s Known Off-Shoot: Adramelech [deceased], Asterius [deceased], Choronzon, Firn, Frostbite [Neo-Sapien, once removed], Gabriel, Gabrielle, Hajime Hanyou, Hanuman [deceased], Damien Leeds, Lilith, the Night Stalker, Tarasque [deceased], Yamata no Orochi [deceased]

    The demon of gluttony, Semyazza is considered to be the weakest of the Fallen. Lacking Abaddon’s physical prowess and Asmodeus’ mental faculties- Semyazza relies heavily on trickery and deception to further his plots.

    Typically, Semyazza attempts to appeal to the most base desires of humanity- appearing to men as an attractive woman in a green dress or to women as a handsome man in a green suit. Knowing of his own shortcomings, Semyazza seeks out and appears before Neo-Sapiens with the potential to inflict terrible scars on the human populace. Realizing that each of the Fallen is playing chess with their human pawns- steering them to complete their goals, Semyazza has moved to counter such blows. Through Atlas originally and now through Frostbite, Semyazza is attempting to undo all of his brothers’ schemes by wiping out humanity.

    Semyazza possesses green hellfire.

    Semyazza’s Known Off-Shoot: Elisabeth Mallory [deceased], Taegan [Neo-Sapien, once removed], Tapion [psionic, once removed]

    The Seventh Fallen was not exiled in the War of Heaven. Samael had no rebelled against the Creator but fought against his brothers with his swordsmanship. He later defected along with many of the Grigori, succumbing to his lust for human women. Whereas the Grigori were simply spurred on by the notion of a physical relationship, Samael had truly fallen in love with a human woman and wished to give up his angelic heritage to be with her. Likely, it is for these reasons that Samael’s hellfire did not change colour- his had remained white as the other Seraphim.

    His first son, Aryan, became the leader of the Gibborim, a collective of heroes in ancient times who fought against the Nephilim that plagued mankind. His son lost his life fighting Abaddon’s son, Apocatastasis, and Samael was left in a state of depression for many years.

    When Asmodeus assumed the identity of King Solomon, Samael moved to avoid becoming involved in the other’s conflict. Several centuries later, when the Fallen’s war had reached new heights, he realized he could not sit idly by and do nothing. He became involved- not in a bid for power but to act as an equalizer. He fathered a second son then- and watched as the Nephilim joined the ranks of the Vindicators VII. He had also spawned a daughter- a contingency to be used against his son, should the boy rage out of control.

    Not only did Samael realize what Abaddon’s new plot was, he realized Abaddon’s ambitions could prove the most successful. Seeking a contingency to what Abaddon’s was planning, Samael empowered the human Drew Jenkins with the otherworldly ability to mimic Neo-Sapien abilities. Though he had intended for Drew to be used as a weapon against Abaddon’s most cherished child, Drew took part in the White War- losing his life fighting against Samael’s son Michuru Bradshaw. Unfortunately, Samael himself had been cut down by another child of Abaddon (the Shadow), realizing what Samael was up to and the foil he would present himself as.

    Samael’s Known Off-Shoot: Aryan [deceased], Chienne Bedford, Hikari [Neo-Sapien, once removed], Michuru Bradshaw

Hellfire is a lightless, heatless energy resembling flames. Hellfire is typically one of seven colours- black, blue, green, red and yellow being the most common. White and purple hellfire do exist, but those capable of channeling such a power are rare- leaving many unaware that such shades exist.

The energy is psionic in nature and composes the dimension from which it takes its name. Many theological opponents have contended that hell cannot be cast into absolute dark (as some texts suggest) and yet contain a lake of fire. Given that hellfire does not produce light nor heat (merely a sensation of pain), it is possible.

All instances of hellfire are noticeable. So long as a Nephilim is touching at their power source and channeling the energy, their eyes burn with an eerie glow representing their respective colour.

Additionally, hellfire is never indirect- it always originates from the Nephilim.
  • Appropriate Alternate Powers
    From Firn’s manipulation of time to Paragon’s tethered snare, a Nephilim’s hellfire can take on virtually any characteristic. What follows are simply some of the more common forms a Nephilim’s hellfire may take.

    Corrosion: Some Nephilim have such a finite control over their ability that they can fray the flesh from their opponents- severely weakening their defenses with hellfire. Gabriel’s hellfire allows him to create and destroy life- taking on this form of hellfire.

    Create Object: One of the most simpler of tricks a Nephilim possesses is the ability to shape their energy. At early stages this manifests as a weapon symbolic of the user’s nature, but more advanced Nephilim are capable of creating larger, more intricate objects. Lilith, for instance, has such a fine control that she was able to conjure a landing for the remaining graduates to stand upon during the Trials.

    Dazzle: A sudden flare of hellfire energy can leave its victims momentarily blinded, unable to see save for the well of colour before them.

    Emotion Control: Given the psionic nature of hellfire, nearly all Nephilim possess some level of influence over the emotion of others- albeit limited to certain emotions. Deimos and Phobos are the personifications of fear and dread (respectively) and as such command despair and fear. Others, such as Chienne Bedford, manipulate affection while Michuru Bradshaw bestows hope.

    Energy Aura: Just as some Nephilim can produce an armor of hellfire, some proceed to coat themselves in crackling flames that render those around them.

    Flight: Although their father’s long ago lost their ability to fly, many Nephilim are able to compose wings made of their respective energy. Such an power should not receive a power loss drawback typically given to winged heroes- a Nephilim can easily dispel their wings and reform them outside of their binds.

    Force Field: It is a simple trick for a Nephilim to fashion a wall of hellfire or to don energy armor to absorb attacks. Some, such as Pandora, were able to evoke walls to shield both herself and her teammates.

    Healing: It’s a misconception most have that healing is reserved for white hellfire- the truth is that it is an ability many are capable of grasping. As previously stated, Gabriel’s hellfire abilities stem in this direction, while Taegan’s mother dealt with similar effects (albeit on a much more broad scope).

    Illusion: As previously stated, one of the most basic tricks a Nephilim possesses is the ability to form their hellfire into a weapon. From there, they go on to create larger objects. However, those with peak ability can form interactive objects- physical phantasms as it were. It is theorized that such a talent would not be possible, were it not for the psionic nature of hellfire. Lilith’s control is so fine, she is capable of staggering illusions.

    Obscure: Many Nephilim are able to blanket an area in hellfire- obscuring the senses through a visual veil of coloured energy.

    Protection: Some Nephilim (such as Phobos and Deimos) are able to mold their hellfire into an armor.

    Shield: Much like a Force Field, Nephilim such as Pandora are able to summon barriers of hellfire to intercept attacks.

    Spirit Control: Given the nature of hellfire, it should go without saying that many Nephilim have an ability to command the dead and similar manifestations.

    Strike: Many Nephilim are capable of solidifying hellfire energy into a weapon- typically shaping a weapon representing them. For instance, Deimos typically forms a scythe for his weapon while Phobos’ hellfire weapon forms as a sword or lance.

    Summon: Some Nephilim are capable of calling upon lesser demons to do their bidding. Pandora has been known to call upon demonic imps from time to time.

    Teleport: Nephilim are a boon connecting this world to Hell; as such, many are able to traverse between dimensions- instantly moving from one point on the material plane to another. Pandora and Gabrielle respectively posses this talent.

Hellfire Beast
At times when a Nephilim’s emotions reach a fever pitch, they lose control and surrender themselves to a lesser demon. In these instances, they become an NPC whose sole motivation is destruction and carnage who are no longer able to distinguish between friend or foe.

Typically, this means that the Nephilim becomes the heart of an often enormous exoskeleton composed of hellfire energy. GMs should take care not to overuse such an event as the players typically lack the firepower necessary to deal with such a threat. However, because of the threat possessed by such a transformation, Nephilim qualify for the Involuntary Transformation drawback. Uncommon in its frequency, there is no resisting the change when it takes place.

Their own Hellfire Control array is superseded by the following:
  • Hellfire Control (Dynamic Alternate Powers: Disintegration [howl; Extras: Area {burst, +1}], Drain Wisdom [Flaws: Limited {Nephilim, -1}, Emotion Control, Force Field [exoskeleton; Flaws: Limited {ineffective against Hellfire, -1}], Growth, Strike [claws; Power Feats: Mighty], Transfer [Hellfire Control]; Extras: Wide [+1]; Drawbacks: Involuntary Transformation [4 points], Noticeable [1 point])
While in this form, the beasts experience a trade off, optimizing their damage output and Toughness saves at the cost of accuracy and defense.

The Loyal Order of the Flame
In Manhattan exists a clandestine group of Nephilim, known as the Loyal Order of the Flame.


Nephilim Hunters
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