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Fight #2: Silverback versus Terahertz

Post by Michuru81 » Fri Feb 15, 2008 10:26 pm

Chapter LXXIV: Down Under
Doctor James Howell looked down at the chart clutched gently in his sausage-like fingers. In the beds before him rested Owen Reagan and Aurora Leigh, two representatives of the New Vindicators Academy of America. Only hours ago, Elemenoh P. Quarez had altered their abilities. He had changed Owen’s powers to enable him to curdle all milk within a certain radius while Aurora was bestowed with the ability to know anyone’s name on sight. For the two of them, these changes were very welcome. For too long, Owen had lived with his curse: his touch drained the life out of living things and the energy was used to heal his afflictions. Aurora’s power was another uncontrollable ability; her touch caused her to rewrite her victim’s brain patterns, replacing them with her own.

For a little over an hour, a very short hour, they had found themselves able to touch another person without the fear of what their abilities would do to them. They had each realized the blessing they had been given and embraced the opportunity and each other. Some of the students claimed to have seen the pair making out, but when Ben Altair had scoured the campus for all of the New Vindicators, he had been unable to find either of them.

Not but an hour ago, someone had thought to look in their rooms. Given their abilities, both of the students roomed alone- to keep them from harming anyone. The pair were found in Owen’s room, clothed only with the young man’s sheets, unconscious.

The most difficult part had been moving them to the med lab. With both of them naked and possessing powers that triggered on flesh-to-flesh contact, it had taken the doctor slipping into a hazmat suit before either could be transported to his sanctuary in the school.

When Elemenoh had changed everyone’s powers back, the pair had been making love. Now, Aurora Leigh’s life was drained from her body and Owen Reagan’s consciousness had been replaced by Aurora’s. The psychic surge had caused the young man to lose consciousness, putting him into a coma the doctor hoped he awoke from soon.

Now, the simian doctor stepped out of their room and went to check on his other guest. For three months he had been praying that the young woman kept here would awaken from her coma. Now he prayed Owen Reagan didn’t share in the red-headed girl’s fate. “It truly is a shame,” he intoned softly, shaking his head at the sleeping beauty before him. “We don’t even know your name, miss… It hardly seems right to be calling you ‘Oscillator’.

“Actually, her name is Chelsea.”

Doctor Howell turned just enough to cast a sideways glance on his unexpected arrival. At the sight of her, clad in a now-torn blackbody suit accented with scratched up silver armor, his face turned pale. “You!” he snapped, recognizing the villainous Terahertz from the sketch Hourglass’ team had compiled together.

“Me,” she said coolly as she casually stepped into the room. On the counter beside the door she spotted Oscillator’s chart; she snatched it up and began looking through page after page of jargon she failed to understand. “How’s the patient doing?” Silverback attempted to plant himself between the patient and the terror and Terahertz chuckled. “Oh, how cute… no, Doctor, I didn’t come here to hurt her.”

“You could have fooled me. You’re the one who pierced her with a radiation blast. She would have died if Mister Farouk hadn’t gotten there so quickly. He healed the hole you shot through her, but she’s been in a coma for weeks!”

“I never intended to hurt her; quite the opposite. That she interposed herself on that girl’s behalf was a terrible misfortune. I had come to collect her. She’s no good to me dead.”

“You seem to be very familiar with her.”

Terahertz smiled and her hands rose up to take her helmet off. “I should be,” she said, letting long, red curls spill down her back. As the silver mask was slipped off, Silverback found himself more disturbed than when the young woman had first entered his lab.

Silverback stared on the face of Oscillator.

“Our name is Chelsea Burk… Last year, after our mother died, our powers activated and Abaddon came to collect us.”

“Abaddon!?” barked the simian. He had not been present when Samael told the New Vindicators about the Fallen, but he had heard about the tale from the children. Deimos had told them all about how his father was conspiring to overthrow hell and use earth as his battleground. The young man hated his father… and dreamt of being the one who ended the Fallen’s existence.

“He told us about our powers and about our destiny. Unfortunately, the Wanderers also found out about the role we would play. They divided me into thirds- dampening my power effectively and scattering the others across the country.”

Doctor Howell understood then; he recalled Patrick Goodman telling him that Michuru Bradshaw had appeared on the campus the night before Oscillator began her career as a student of this institution. He had been careful not to be seen by any save those he allowed to see him…

The man had only spoken to the administration. He had brought a young girl with him- a girl he told them to train and keep safe.


“A gestalt,” Doctor Howell grumbled.

Terahertz could only nod. “The Wanderers divided my consciousness as surely as they divided my body. The husk you call Oscillator represents all that was good about me, where as the final piece is my neutrality. She’s the balance- the one that keeps us sane.”

“You’re not taking her!” Doctor Howell snapped, sweeping his arms to the side in an attempt to block Terahertz from getting his patient.

“She’s in a coma!” snapped Terahertz. “She’s not coherent, doctor! In me… in me she’ll be whole again. We’ll be whole.”

“Over my dead body!”

“Funny you should say that…” Her hands became encased in the glowing energy and with a laugh Terahertz launched herself into battle…
The Set-Up wrote:Silverback and Terahertz are both aware of each other. Terahertz comes into the fight with three injuries given to her at Courtney’s hands. As it has taken Terahertz more than ten minutes to reach the lab, she has recovered from the four bruises she received from the Dressels.

As Terahertz is currently threatening the good doctor’s charges, he earns a hero point for the complication- giving him two to Terahertz’s one. Initiative is rolled and Silverback is going first with a 13, Terahertz having rolled a 3 (+2 bonus gives her a meager 5 on the initiative).

Dan is handling Silverback for this fight- the first time this NPC has ever been out of my control. Normally Dan handles Portal, Tick-tock and Fluke… but he’s willing to give the monkey-man a shot.
Silverback pounced across the lab- his massive hands seizing Terahertz’s shoulders and knocking her back and into a cart holding most of his instruments. Swabs and syringes and everything else spilled onto the floor around them as he wrestled her under him. His enormous maw contorted into a savage roar that hammered her with hot, putrid breath.

The young woman groaned as his immense weight began to crush her. Still, she managed to endure the pain and fought to grab a hold of him. If she could simply touch him she could drain away his health, weakening him enough to throw him off of her…
ROUND ONE wrote:Silverback attempts to grapple Terahertz and makes an attack roll. He rolls a natural 20 on the attempt to make contact and the two go into opposed strength. Terahertz rolls a 12 and has no further bonus to avoid being grappled. Silverback on the other hand has a +16 bonus on top of the 7 he rolls, giving him a whopping 23 on the check. He grapples Terahertz and immediately makes a Toughness save against her Energy Aura (DC 18). He rolls a 19, beating it without even his +5 bonus.

Having grappled Terahertz, he opts to pin her this turn. Dan looks at Silverback’s sheet and realizes he has no feats for grappling. We get into a discussion/argument over Doctor Howell being just a scientist who just happens to have the physical strength of a gorilla- he doesn’t know how to use his abilities effectively but makes up for his lack of combat ability with his skills. This round he burns a hero point to use the effects of Crushing Pin, a feat from the Mastermind’s Manual that lets him inflict his damage on a pinned opponent. This means Terahertz needs to succeed on a DC 25 Toughness save. I roll the skull crusher and an 18 shows. Factoring Terahertz’s +7 bonus into the mix, the animosity my players have for me begins to rise.

Terahertz attempts to use her Drain power on Silverback, but needs to succeed on a DC 20 Concentration check in order to do so. I’ll need a 19 to succeed and I roll a 20. Going ahead with the attack, I roll an 12 and only have a +2 bonus here, but a 14 hits the monkey-man. Still, Silverback rolls a natural 20 on his Fortitude save, negating my attempt to put the hurt on him.
Determination filled the doctor and despite the radiation flowing into his body he pushed on. His massive arm laid across her neck and the young woman began to choke and fight for her right to breathe beneath his might. “I find it difficult to believe that someone as kind and loving and vibrant as Oscillator could ever be a part of you, you demented, murderous-” Though the heat the surrounded her began to diminish, it had been strong enough to sear his flesh. The burns shocked his system and Silverback fought to overcome the momentary upset.
ROUND TWO wrote:Attempting to maintain the grapple is no difficult task for Silverback. He rolls a 2, giving him an 18 when all is said and done. Terahertz rolls a 13 and has no bonus, meaning she remains pinned and Silverback burns his last hero point to gain Crushing Pin for another turn. I roll a 12 for my Toughness save, giving me a 19 total- not enough to beat his DC 25 and resulting in a bruise and a stunned condition.

Though her aura might turn off when she’s rendered stunned, it was still up when Silverback landed his blow, forcing him to make a Toughness save. He rolls a 5; after applying his +5 bonus, it’s still not enough to avoid being injured and stunned himself.
Terahertz used that stunned look in the doctor’s eye to make her escape. She slid out from under him and hurried to her feet. Standing once more she was hardly surprised to find her opponent on his feet and ready to attack once more. He lunged again for her and Terahertz reacted by letting loose a blinding burst of heat.
ROUND THREE wrote:Silverback’s turn means Terahertz shakes off her stun and is able to attack head on. She sends out a flare of energy meant to blind the man, a Visual Dazzle Burst. It’s a DC 16 Reflex save, which Silverback has a +4 bonus to. He rolls a 13, letting him first halve the effect for a second Reflex save, now DC 13. He rolls a second 13, rendering Terahertz’s attack useless.
Silverback covered his eyes and looked away just in time, avoiding being blinded by the attack. He turned back to face her, snarling as he bounded across the floor to close the short gap between the pair. Though Terahertz’s energy had failed to blind him, his fervor had: his wild swing missed the young woman terribly and gave her the opportunity she needed…

She thrust her arms out, sending a column of energy through them to strike against Silverback and leaving a sizzling patch of tender flesh exposed on his chest.
ROUND FOUR wrote:Silverback makes his move, attacking her head on. He rolls a natural 1 though, missing out on a great opportunity to strike. Still, this means avoiding the minor annoyance her Energy Aura poses.

Terahertz opts to blast Silverback directly. She rolls a 15, meaning she’s hitting 21 and higher- easily nailing the doctor. It’s a DC 19 Toughness save and after his +5 bonus is factored in and his previous injury is counted, Silverback has rolled a 12, leaving him with a new injury and stunned once more.
Her blow had succeeded in stunning him once more and gave her the opportunity to strike again. Again she launched a blast of searing heat for Silverback and again the radiation left a bubbling patch of flesh on his thick form.
ROUND FIVE wrote:Thanks to his stunned condition, Silverback is unable to take actions during his turn. Such conditions go away prior to Terahertz’s turn however, granting him his dodge bonus against her blast. She rolls, and hits a 21 after her +6 bonus is factored in. Counting his injuries, he only gets a +3 bonus to make the DC 19 Toughness save. The odds aren’t with him but Silverback manages to roll a 14, meaning he escapes only with an injury.
Surrendering to his animal urges, Silverback sacrificed accuracy for power, swinging mightily at the young woman before him. His blow connected with the girl’s shoulder, where Courtney Dressel’s talons had already pierced and broken her flesh. The blow evoked a pained cry from Terahertz and left her swaying on the spot.

Still, she recovered quickly, though her breathing had changed. More frustrated than ever she unleashed another blast of energy for the doctor and screamed to be heard over the ringing in his ears. “This school is full of cockroaches!” she snarled. “Why won’t you people just die!?!”
ROUND SIX wrote:Silverback sacrifices half of his attack in favor of power, gambling two points of his attack bonus on Power Attack. He rolls a natural 20, forcing a DC 32 Toughness save from Terahertz. The young lady rolls an 18, giving her a 23 when all is said and done. Having failed by 9, she receives a second bruise and is now stunned.

Not wanting to lose my turn I spend Terahertz’s hero point to immediately bounce back from my stunned condition and unleash another blast at Silverback. I roll a 13, hitting after my +6 bonus is taken into account. Silverback rolls a 2, giving him a 5 on the DC 19 Toughness save.
She stepped around an empty bed and looked down on Silverback, sprawled out in the floor at her feet. “In what universe did you believe you could deny me anything?” she scoffed, aiming her hand for him.

The blast struck the healer, but he was still far from out…
ROUND SEVEN wrote:Silverback shakes off the stun just before Terahertz’s turn in the initiative order, but he’s also staggered and disabled. Terahertz blasts him again, rolling an 18 on the roll (+6 = 24 to hit) and forces yet another DC 19 save. This time, Doctor Howell rolls a 14, giving him a 16 on the save and leaving him merely with a fourth injury.
Terahertz turned away from him and he shakily climbed to his feet. He slipped and braced himself against a counter, knocking over a jar of cotton balls and attracting her attention. “Oh, please,” she growled. “You can barely stand…”

A savage cry left Silverback as he charged one last time and prayed that this was enough to spare his patient. He slammed her ferociously and Terahertz’s body sailed across the room, slamming through the glass door and rolling across the hall and into the adjacent wall. “God, don’t let her have Oscillator…” He felt weak- weaker than he had ever before felt, but yet he could smile: he finally knew her name. “Don’t let her have Chelsea…”
ROUND EIGHT wrote:Silverback refuses to merely lie down and let Terahertz take Oscillator. He attacks once more, taking an aggressive stance and feeding his full bonus to Power Attack. He rolls a 17, hitting Terahertz and evoking a DC 31 Toughness save from her. I roll a 17, giving me a 22 total. I have a new bruise and I’m stunned once again, but Silverback was disabled when he attacked, meaning he is now dying.

However, being stunned means knockback. After looking at the chart we see that Silverback slammed Terahertz so hard she would have went sailing back 5,000 feet. That’s insane.

Silverback is forced to make an immediate Fortitude saving throw to avoid… well… death. The difficulty is 10, meaning he needs to roll a 4. Silverback rolls a 14 and is spared for one more hour.

Still, there’s the problem of Terahertz’s pesky Energy Aura. Silverback rolls an 18 on his Toughness save. The DC is 18, but his injuries give him a -4 penalty to this roll, giving him a fifth injury.
Doctor James Howell collapsed in the floor and ceased to move as Terahertz stepped back into the room. “Insects…” she said, watching him closely and trying to see if his chest were rising and falling- if he was still breathing or if he had died.

“I do owe you some thanks for keeping her alive all this time…” Terahertz approached Oscillator’s bed and took her cold hand in hers. “She’ll be fine now,” she said, grinning wildly. “She’s home now…”
ROUND NINE wrote:Terahertz shakes off her stun and regards the immobile gorilla before her. He doesn’t move and that’s all that matters. She turns away from him and grins as she lays eyes on the helpless Oscillator…
Almost instantly all of her injuries melted away. She could feel stronger now. She could feel her power raging inside of her. She was one step closer to being complete. She was one step closer to fulfilling her destiny and releasing Apocatastasis.

With a satisfied smile on her face, Terahertz walked out of the room and left a dying Doctor Howell on the floor beside an empty hospital bed…

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#116: Terahertz [PL 12]

Post by Michuru81 » Sat Feb 16, 2008 3:47 pm

TERAHERTZ (Power Level 12)

Real Name: Chelsea Burke
Aliases: Oscillator, Geiger
Height / Weight: 6’0” / 138 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Red / Green
Place of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: New Vindicators #25

Biography: Once upon a time, Chelsea Burke was a balanced young woman who was blissfully unaware of all that life had in store for. Not long after her powers manifested the Fallen Seraphim known as Abaddon took notice of her and realized she could be instrumental in reviving his favorite son.

Orchestrating the deaths of her parents, Abaddon made his move to steal the child away but his actions were thwarted by the arrival of the Wanderers- the children of his late opponent Samael had learned of her existence as well and saw how he intended to use her. They divided her into three beings, severely weakening her powers and splitting her consciousness.

One part of Chelsea Burke was left in the care of Colonel John Sidell while another was left at the New Vindicators Academy of America. The final piece was spirited away by Abaddon, but weakened as she was Terahertz would be unable to free Apocatastasis.

Terahertz attacked the New Vindicators Academy, intent to take Oscillator and restore a fraction of her lost power. However, Oscillator jumped in front of one of Terahertz’s blasts. Believing she had killed the girl and forever denied herself that power, Terahertz fled. She didn’t know that the healing powers of Gabriel Farouk stabilized Oscillator, but the young girl was now comatose.

Terahertz returned to the school three months later, to collect Gabrielle Farouk, Gabriel’s twin sister, to extract whatever knowledge she could of the mysterious young man known as Hikari. In doing so she learned Oscillator yet lived and reabsorbed that third of herself- leaping in power in the process.
  • STR 12 (+1), DEX 14 (+2), CON 24 (+7), INT 12 (+1), WIS 12 (+1), CHA 14 (+2)

    SKILLS: Intimidate 4 (+8), Knowledge (arcane lore) 4 (+5), Knowledge (theology and philosophy) 4, Notice 4 (+5), Sense Motive 4 (+7)

    FEATS: Accurate Attack, Attack Focus (ranged) 4, Dedicated, Defensive Roll 4, Diehard, Dodge Focus 4, Equipment 1, Favored Environment (air) 3, Fearless, Move-by Action, Precise Shot, Startle, Talented (Intimidate / Sense Motive)

    POWERS: Energy Aura 6, Enhanced Constitution 10, Flight 6, Force Field 6, Gestalt 6 (Power Feats: Progression), Immunity 10 (radiation effects), Radiation Control 15 (Alternate Powers: Blast 12 [Extras: Area {Burst, +1}; Flaws: Range {Touch, -1}], Blast 10 [Extras: Penetrating {+1}], Dazzle 12 [visual; Extras: Area {Burst, +1}; Flaws: Range {Touch, -1}], Drain Constitution 15, Drain Constitution 12 [Extras: Area {Burst, +1}], Environmental Control 12 [irradiated area], Nauseate 10 [Extras: Area {Burst, +1}]; Power Feats: Accurate 2, Incurable, Subtle), Super-Senses 2 (Additional Senses: Infravision, Ultravision)

    Equipment: Armored Jumpsuit (+3 Toughness), Small Shield (+1 dodge bonus, +1 on block rolls)

    COMBAT: Attack +0 (+4 ranged [+5 flying], +8 radiation control [+9 flying]), Grapple +1, Damage +1, Defense +5 (+6 flying, +0 flat-footed), Knockback -8, Initiative +2

    SAVES: Toughness +17 (+13 flat-footed), Fortitude +15, Reflex +10, Will +9

    Abilities 18 + Skills 5 (20 ranks) + Feats 24 + Powers 111 + Combat 0 + Saves 22 = 180 points

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Post by Tattooedman » Sat Feb 16, 2008 6:32 pm

I've got say that despite not being a "fighter" type of character, Dr. Monkey-man sure can duke it out pretty good!! It's good too see my favortie NPC hold his own so well against a "better fighter".

Good stuff as always!! :D Keep up the good work!!
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#117: Gabriel [PC]

Post by Michuru81 » Sun Feb 17, 2008 6:53 pm

GABRIEL (Power Level 8)

Real Name: Gabriel Farouk
Height / Weight: 5’8” / 140 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Black / Black
Place of Birth: Cairo, Egypt (August 15, 1990)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #24

Biography: Egypt’s capital has been dubbed the “Hollywood of the Middle East”. Each year the Cairo International Film Festival only helps to let the industry that is Egyptian cinema soar. One of Egypt’s most beloved actors was also their most famous pop idols: Isis Farouk.

For years, Isis enjoyed her reign as Egypt’s most famous celebrity. She had it all and many feel she threw everything away when she met the mysterious man known only as Levi.

The two shared one passionate night before he disappeared, leaving her pregnant with his twins. She named the pair Gabriel and Gabrielle and never dreamed that their destiny would eclipse her own.
Still, she must have sensed something… With weeks before their fourteenth birthday, the twins manifested their abilities and Isis recognized the mark of the Nephilim. By all rights the twins should have been enrolled at the New Vindicators Academy of Europe, however Isis had a friend at their sister school in the States: Pandora DiMera was more than a teacher, she was a Nephilim herself.

Trusting her children to the school, Isis severed all contact with her children and disappeared fully from the public eye.

Gabriel Farouk was promoted to Frostbite’s squadron of New Vindicators but refused to take a codename. At first he showed bitterness towards his teammates seeing him as only a healer, despite that his powers allowed him to do so much more.

Eventually he revealed to Doctor Jason Pickford that he wasn’t as cold as he seemed: that he truly had feelings for one of his classmates, Jessica Hague. Blessed with spontaneous regeneration, Jessica was one of the few people at the school who didn’t need him or his abilities and his abilities had somehow allowed him to impregnate the young woman when her powers seemingly prevented conception. Though he saw it as a sign that the two belonged together, Jessica began to attempt to reinvent herself, putting her wild past behind her and ignoring his advances.

According to Hikari, Gabriel Farouk would eventually go on to become one of the Synod who served Apocatastasis. Going by the moniker Osiris, Gabriel had switched sides when offered Jessica Hague as his personal slave. Equipped with such knowledge, Gabriel began to debate what side he would take in the coming war. Would he fight his destiny and write his own history or would he use Hikari’s tale as a script for his life?
  • STR 12 (+1), DEX 14 (+2), CON 12 (+1), INT 10, WIS 18 (+4), CHA 8 (-1)

    SKILLS: Bluff 6 (+7), Concentration 8 (+12), Diplomacy 6 (+7), Drive 4 (+6), Intimidate 4 (+5), Knowledge (behavioral sciences) 6, Knowledge (history) 4, Language 1 (Arabic [base], English), Notice 4 (+8), Profession (psychologist) 3 (+7), Search 4, Sense Motive 6 (+14)

    FEATS: Accurate Attack, Attack Focus (melee) 2, Defensive Roll 4, Dodge Focus 2, Equipment 3, Fearless, Improved Flank, Improved Initiative 1, Luck 2, Precise Shot 1, Talented 1 (Bluff / Sense Motive)

    POWERS: Age Shift (Extras: Affects Others [+1]), Enhanced Defense 6, Hellfire Control 12 (Alternate Powers: Corrosion 8, Healing 8 [Extras: Affects Objects {+1}], Mental Blast 6, Paralyze 12, Strike 12 [was scepter; Power Feats: Extended Reach, Mighty], Time Control 3 [50 MPH], Time Stop 3; Power Feats: Precise, Reversible; Drawbacks: Noticeable [glowing blue eyes; -1 point]), Immunity 1 (Gabrielle’s powers), Super-Senses 1 (Additional Senses: Communication Link [Gabrielle]), Suspended Animation (Power Feats: Affects Others)

    Equipment: cell phone, comm link, motorcycle, Vindicators Uniform (+2 Toughness, Immunity 2 [cold and heat])

    COMBAT: Attack +2 (+4 melee), Grapple +5, Damage +1, Defense +9 (+3 flat-footed), Knockback -3, Initiative +6

    SAVES: Toughness +6 (+3 flat-footed), Fortitude +7, Reflex +4, Will +10

    DRAWBACKS: Involuntary Transformation (hellfire beast, uncommon frequency, cannot resist, -4 points), Vulnerable (mithral, uncommon frequency, major intensity, -3 points)

    COMPLICATIONS: Prejudice (SPB), Reputation (Jerk), Responsibility (Gabriel)

    Abilities 14 + Skills 14 (56 ranks) + Feats 19 + Powers 58 + Combat 8 + Saves 14 – Drawbacks 7 = 120 points
Michuru81 wrote:Gabriel is a PC in the control of Kelly, the player behind Deimos, Doctor John O'Reilly, and Jessica Hague. Yet another Nephilim, Gabriel's power is the manipulation of time.

This is Gabriel as he appears in NEW VINDICATORS: Para Bellum, when my campaign made the move from being a PL 5 game to PL 8. As such, it does not reflect the Gabriel who'll be getting trounced by Terahertz when I get around to posting Fight #4. ;)
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#118: Gabrielle [PC]

Post by Michuru81 » Sun Feb 17, 2008 6:59 pm

GABRIELLE (Power Level 8)

Real Name: Gabrielle Farouk
Height / Weight: 5’7” / 132 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Black / Black
Place of Birth: Cairo, Egypt (August 15, 1990)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #24

Biography: Egypt’s capital has been dubbed the “Hollywood of the Middle East”. Each year the Cairo International Film Festival only helps to let the industry that is Egyptian cinema soar. One of Egypt’s most beloved actors was also their most famous pop idols: Isis Farouk.

For years, Isis enjoyed her reign as Egypt’s most famous celebrity. She had it all and many feel she threw everything away when she met the mysterious man known only as Levi.

The two shared one passionate night before he disappeared, leaving her pregnant with his twins. She named the pair Gabriel and Gabrielle and never dreamed that their destiny would eclipse her own.
Still, she must have sensed something… With weeks before their fourteenth birthday, the twins manifested their abilities and Isis recognized the mark of the Nephilim. By all rights the twins should have been enrolled at the New Vindicators Academy of Europe, however Isis had a friend at their sister school in the States: Pandora DiMera was more than a teacher, she was a Nephilim herself.

Trusting her children to the school, Isis severed all contact with her children and disappeared fully from the public eye.

One of the few students at the New Vindicators Academy Hikari felt he could trust, Gabrielle was approached early on in his efforts to stop the coming of Apocatastasis. Following the funeral of Coach Crag, Gabrielle was one of a handful of students who left the school to join Hikari’s boot camp and prepare for the fated day.

Though they failed to stop Apocatastasis’ coming Gabrielle was instrumental in evacuating the school, transporting the surviving students to Canada and merging teams once more…

Gabrielle was charged by Silverback to lead a covert group of Bluetooth, Fluke, Renewal and Suicide King. Their mission: find the concentration camps and liberate the Neo-Sapiens imprisoned by the United States government. In doing so, Gabrielle found herself forming an alliance with a very unlikely ally…
  • STR 14 (+2), DEX 18 (+4), CON 14 (+2), INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 8 (-1)

    SKILLS: Acrobatics 4 (+8), Bluff 4 (+3/+7 attractive), Concentration 4, Craft (writing) 5, Diplomacy 4 (+3/+7 attractive), Drive 4 (+8), Knowledge (popular culture) 5, Knowledge (streetwise) 4, Language 1 (Arabic [base], English), Notice 4, Perform (singing) 6 (+7), Perform (stringed instruments) 6 (+7), Profession (musician) 5, Search 4, Sense Motive 4, Sleight of Hand 4 (+8), Stealth 4 (+8)

    FEATS: Attack Focus (melee) 2, Attractive 1, Defensive Roll 2, Dodge Focus 2, Elusive Target, Evasion 2, Equipment 5, Improved Flank, Improved Initiative 2, Luck 2, Move-by Action, Talented 1 (Perform [singing/stringed instruments]), Teamwork 1

    POWERS: Enhanced Defense 6, Hellfire Control 8 (Dynamic Alternate Powers: Deflect [slow and fast], Duplication [Flaws: Real {-1}], Elongation, Mental Blast, Spatial Control [Alternate Powers: Teleport {Extras: Attack (+0)}, Teleport {Extras: Portal (+2)}; Power Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy; Extras: Accurate {+1}, Castling {Gabriel, +0}], Strike [hellfire daggers; Power Feats: Improved Critical, Mighty, Split Attack; Extras: Autofire {+1}]; Power Feats: Accurate 2; Extras: Wide [+1]; Drawbacks: Noticeable [glowing blue eyes, -1 point]), Immunity 1 (Gabriel’s powers), Super-Senses 1 (Additional Senses: Communication Link [Gabriel])

    Equipment: cell phone, comm link, laptop, leather jacket (+1 Toughness), PDA, sports car (+2 Toughness; Features: alarm, navigation system), Vindicators Uniform (+2 Toughness, Immunity 2 [cold and heat]); 4 free equipment points

    COMBAT: Attack +2 (+4 melee, +6 hellfire blasts, +8 hellfire daggers), Grapple +6, Damage +2, Defense +10 (+4 flat-footed), Knockback -3 (-2 flat-footed), Initiative +12

    SAVES: Toughness +6 (+4 flat-footed), Fortitude +4, Reflex +10, Will +2

    DRAWBACKS: Involuntary Transformation (hellfire beast, uncommon frequency, cannot resist, -4 points), Vulnerable (mithral, uncommon frequency, major intensity, -3 points)

    COMPLICATIONS: Prejudice (SPB), Responsibility (Gabriel)

    Abilities 14 + Skills 18 (72 ranks) + Feats 23 + Powers 54 + Combat 8 + Saves 10 – Drawbacks 7 = 120 points
Michuru81 wrote:Aaron is Gabrielle's player. He's controlled Fathom, the Aurelius (Coup Field) and Savant. He also insists that he had more to do with creating the twins' backgrounds and fleshing out their characters than Kelly, who plays Gabrielle's twin brother Gabriel.

Yes, it is as confusing as you think having two PCs named Gabriel and Gabrielle.

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Fight #3: Coach Crag and Miss Mist versus Terahertz

Post by Michuru81 » Sun Feb 17, 2008 8:01 pm

THE SET-UP wrote:For this battle I’ve given control of Coach Crag and Miss Mist over to my two remaining players- Kelly and Bob. Kelly is the player behind Deimos, Doctor John O’Reilly and Gabriel Farouk but at the moment he’s the headmaster of the New Vindicators Academy. Rolling for his wife is Bob, the player behind Lodestone, Xrix and Bulwark.

Since Terahertz absorbed Oscillator back into her, she’s a brand new woman. I’ve eliminated all injuries from her and let her start fresh. Coach Crag and Miss Mist are in the same shape- no injuries to be heard of and with a hero point for each character.

With that out of the way, initiative is rolled. Terahertz is going first, having rolled a natural 20 while Miss Mist follows her with a 16. Coach Crag rolls a 4, letting him sit at the bottom of the initiative order.
As Coach Crag charged for her, Terahertz threw her hands into the air, sending out her energy in waves in an effort to blind her opponents. While Miss Mist was able to look away in time, the headmaster was not so fortunate…

As his wife slithered through the air, seeping her gaseous form into Terahertz’s throat and clogging her nostrils, the mountain of a man fumbled about and swung wildly in a desperate attempt to connect with the villain.

Terahertz leapt back, easily dodging the wild blow, and expelled Miss Mist from her body. “And here I thought two former Vindicators would be a challenge…”
ROUND ONE wrote:Terahertz starts things off with her Dazzle power. It’s a burst area so both of her opponents first get to roll a DC 22 Reflex save to try and halve the effect. Miss Mist rolls a 17 while her husband makes a 7; both get to try and save against the full effect. Here, Miss Mist rolls a 23 and Coach Crag rolls a 14; Miss Mist is not dazzled but Coach Crag is.

Miss Mist makes her move and attempts to Suffocate Terahertz. It’s a DC 24 Fortitude save but Terahertz is sporting a fairly strong bonus here, thanks to Enhanced Constitution gained in the fusion. She gets a +15 bonus and rolls a 19, giving her one disgusting save that blows the DC away.

Coach Crag’s turn is here and he wants to attack Terahertz. Trouble is, he’s blinded at the moment, meaning she has total concealment from him. Kelly decides right away that he’s going to be swinging wildly, throwing all of his attack bonus into Power Attack. First, he rolls against the concealment and lands a 13. Then he makes his attack roll and rolls a 7- a miss.
Coach Crag’s vision slowly came back into focus, just in time to watch as Terahertz blanketed the area with her energy again. He moved to shield his eyes, only to realize something was different about her attack. He could still see but he was beginning to feel nauseous and feeble.

He looked to his wife; still in her vaporous form there was no telling if she had been hindered by the assault. As she swarmed about Terahertz’s head, once again attempting to suffocate the young woman, Coach Crag bounded forward and landed a punch her tattered armor intercepted. Though she hadn’t felt the weight of his blow, she came to understand his strength as his fingers seized her neck and hefted her into the air. With one swift motion he swing her to the side and slammed her into the floor, dropping himself onto her and barely having to struggle to hold her down. “Give it up!” he snarled. “Know when you’re beaten!”
ROUND TWO wrote:We start the turn off by giving Coach Crag a Fortitude save to recover from his blindness. Fortitude is his best save (+11 bonus) so he’s confident he can make the DC 22 save. He rolls a 14 and finds he can suddenly see again.

Terahertz switches things over to her Drain Constitution power, but she has a new twist on an old favorite. She unleashes the burst and the pair get to make Reflex saves again. Miss Mist rolls a total of 19 on the save and her husband doesn’t do much better, rolling a 3 and getting a +4 bonus. Now they get to roll a DC 22 Fortitude save; Miss Mist rolls a 6 (+4 = 10) and Coach Crag rolls a 5 (+11 = 16). Coach Crag loses six points off his Constitution score and his wife loses twelve. Trouble is, Miss Mist’s Constitution IS 12 and 1 is as low as she can go…

On Miss Mist’s turn she attempts once more to Suffocate her opponent. Terahertz rolls a total of 28 on the DC 24 Fortitude save, making things look bleak for the headmistress.

Coach Crag opts to attack again and botches the roll. Kelly decides to spend his hero point here to improve the roll. He rolls again and gets a 14, connecting once his bonus is factored in. Terahertz rolls a 15 on her Toughness save, beating the DC 30 by the time her +17 bonus is factored in. Still, there is something else to worry about: Improved Grab.

Coach Crag rolls a total of 41 on the grapple check, while Terahertz rolls a 12. He decides to pin her an then attempt to apply a Chokehold, given that she’s shrugged off his hardest punches. Terahertz can hold her breath for 24 rounds almost two and a half minutes in the game. Still, Coach Crag is confident he can hold her for that long given the difference between their grapple results. Besides, his Impervious Toughness is higher than her Energy Aura, meaning he doesn’t have to worry about that aspect of her.

Most importantly… he’s sparing his wife from further harm, right?
Terahertz unleashed a frustrated scream that was muted by the roar of her blast. Her energy began to melt the tiles beneath them and even spread to the walls and dome ceiling overhead. Rather than attempt to leap clear of the explosion of energy, Coach Crag maintained the pin and let his invulnerable flesh soak up the effects of her radiation. “Please… you have to try better than that!” he snapped.

“You may be thicker than a rock, but what about your wife?”

The headmaster’s head rose up and found his wife, no longer Miss Mist by Victoria Goodman, lying still on the floor, near the doors that led back to the halls. The concussion had forced her back into her human form… but whether because she was unconscious or dead he couldn’t tell.

“VIC!” he screamed, letting go of Terahertz and rushing to his wife’s side. “Vic, baby… Tell me you’re still with me!” It felt as though a lifetime had passed since his days in Army training but now, as he needed it more than ever, he fought to summon up what little first aid he had learned. “You can’t die on me, Vic…” He watched as her chest began to heave again; she was unconscious still, but she was breathing.
ROUND THREE wrote:On Terahertz’s turn she opts to unleash an area Blast. First, I roll a natural 20 on my Concentration check and force the Goodman’s to roll respective DC 22 Reflex saves to try and cut the damage. Miss Mist rolls a total of 20 and spends her hero point to re-roll, this time getting a 26. Her husband on the other hand only rolls an 8- not that big of a problem as his Imperviousness will eat most of the damage.

Miss Mist now has to succeed on a DC 21 Toughness save, which she has no bonus to. Coach Crag is being hit with a DC 16 which his +12 bonus can easily handle, even with his Constitution loss. Miss Mist rolls a 4, which fails by 17, while her husband rolls a natural 20.

Miss Mist is officially dying but I make Bob roll his Constitution check in secret- to keep Kelly from using OOC knowledge to decide what course of action to take now. With her Constitution at 1, she takes a -5 penalty to the DC 10 check, forcing Bob to roll a 15 in order to save Miss Mist’s life.

Bob rolls a 17.

At the sight of his wife reverting to her human form, he has a decision to make. He can either release Terahertz to stabilize her or he can continue to maintain the grapple and put the hurt on. For the complication, Kelly is awarded a hero point and he ultimately decides to RP Coach Crag rushing to ensure his wife is yet amongst the living.

With no ranks in Medicine and lacking the Leadership feat, Coach Crag decides to spend his newly won hero point to gain the benefits of Jack-of-all-Trades- allowing him to use Medicine untrained. With only a +2 bonus to the roll he needs a 13 to stabilize Miss Mist. He rolls and lands a natural 20.
He turned back to face Terahertz, knowing that if either of them had any chance of making it through this alive he would need to finish this. He couldn’t concern himself with saving Oscillator; he had to focus on stopping Terahertz anyway he could, before anyone else suffered.

Terahertz flew across the battle field and her hands slammed against his rock-hard barrel chest. He could feel the life draining out of him now and feebly swatted her off of him. His knees shook and he felt like he might collapse now. He trembled and fell to one knee and then picked himself back up. He was running on sheer determination now.

“Look at you… do you need to sit down, old man? Catch your breath?”

With a wordless snarl Coach Crag swung up into Terahertz and clipped her jaw with his punch. The young woman staggered back and he saw his opening. Lunging forward he tackled her around the waist and knocked her to the floor once again, pinning her beneath him.
ROUND FOUR wrote:Terahertz grabs Coach Crag and attempts to Drain his Constitution, realizing that she’s getting nowhere throwing Blast after Blast at the chuck of rock. His previous loss of six points brings his Fortitude save to +8 and the DC is 25 as Terahertz is using the targeted version of her power. The headmaster’s luck has apparently run out; he rolls a 6 (+8 = 14), meaning he has failed by 11.

His Constitution score drops to 1.

Rising up from where Miss Mist lay, Coach Crag swings at Terahertz and rolls a 14 (+4 = 18), hitting her. She makes the DC 30 Toughness save, rolling a 14 (+17 = 31) but now comes the grapple. Coach Crag rolls a total of 31 on the check while Terahertz only ends up with a 9. He immediately attempts to deal unarmed damage, not wanting to let this draw on any further. Terahertz rolls an 18 (+17 = 35) on the DC 30 Toughness save, letting her pass with room to spare.
“Back to this are we?” she asked. “Because this worked out so well for your side the last time.”

“The last time I wasn’t trying to kill you,” he said, laying his massive arm across her throat and pressing down onto her.

“And now you are?” she managed. She chuckled softly. “I suppose I should actually take you seriously now, huh?”
ROUND FIVE wrote:It’s a long shot but I go for the Concentration check to use my powers. I roll a 4 (+1 = 5), failing the DC 20 check.

Coach Crag continues to inflict damage while maintaining the grapple. This time, Terahertz rolls a 15 on the save, once more beating it after adding in her bonus.
She managed to writhe away one of her hands and put it to his head. “Bang,” she said, sending a blast of radiation into the side of his face.

The attack was enough to not only throw the big man off of her but it had apparently left him shaken; he now lay prone on the floor, a pillar of dust and debris rising up from his injury. Though in this rocky form he was nigh-invulnerable, he could still be harmed.
ROUND SIX wrote:Once more I attempt to shoot off a blast. I roll a 19 on my Concentration check and my +1 bonus puts me over the top. I go for the attack roll and roll a natural 17 with my bonus. Coach Crag’s Imperviousness eats some of the damage, leaving him with a DC 19 Toughness save, which he has a +6 bonus to.

He rolls a 6, meaning he fails by 7 after his bonus is added in. Injured and stunned, he loses his action and I escape the grapple.
A malicious grin appeared on Terahertz’s face as she eyed the crack running down the right side of the headmaster’s face. Slowly he was coming around. His hand moved first, touching at the scar as if he could hardly believe he had been hurt in this state. “Don’t worry,” she said, aiming for the left side now. “I’ll even that up for you…”
ROUND SEVEN wrote:Just before Terahertz’ turn Coach Crag ceases to be stunned and Terahertz hits him with another Blast. I roll a 28 total on my attack roll and force Coach Crag to make a DC 19 Toughness save, with only a +5 bonus now. He rolls a 7, leaving him injured and stunned once more.
Again and again she pelted the headmaster with blasts of energy. Each time left him visible scarred; her blasts penetrated even his armor-like skin, announcing to him that she was unlike every other opponent he had faced in his career.
ROUND EIGHT wrote:The last round repeats itself with Coach Crag shaking off the stun and Terahertz attacking once more. Terahertz rolls a total of 15 on the attack, hitting and forcing another DC 19 Toughness save. Coach Crag has only a +4 bonus now and rolls a 10, leaving him injured and stunned.

“I’m sorry…” he managed weakly.

“Begging for your life?” Terahertz smiled proudly, impressed that she could break his spirits in such a short span of time. “Perhaps you’re asking for a swift end? What’s the matter, Mister Goodman? Can’t stand the pain? Is the suffering too much?”

He coughed and looked up at the face of one of his students with gentle eyes. “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you from her, Oscillator…”

“Oscillator’s gone,” spat Terahertz, aiming her hand at her fallen opponent. A final blast rocketed from her palms, hammering into Coach Crag and forcing him to revert to his human form.

Patrick Goodman lay unconscious on the floor before the monster. “And now so are you…”
ROUND NINE wrote:Again Coach Crag shakes off the stun and again he’s attacked. This time Terahertz rolls a natural 20 on the attack roll, meaning it’s a DC 24 Toughness save. That his bonus is only at +3 is a moot point as Coach Crag botches the save, giving him a slew of conditions and reducing him to dying. However, the Diehard feat stabilizes him, keeping him alive for another round.

Unconscious and disabled, Coach Crag reverts to his human form…
A volley of blasts ended his fight. A torrent of energy stopped his suffering. A tempest of radiation killed Patrick Goodman and cemented Terahertz’s place amongst the most dangerous opponents of the Vindicators.
ROUND TEN wrote:Her opponent lying prone before her, Terahertz uses a full-round action to deliver a coup de grace. Coach Crag is forced to make a Fortitude save, DC 35. He has a +2 bonus, given the current state of his Constitution. He rolls a 14 and I announce my intention to fiat…

A lethal coup de grace reduces a character to dying and Coach Crag’s Diehard feat would stabilize him once more. Thus, we ignore the rules and allow Terahertz to end Coach Crag’s life…

The New Vindicators rushed through the portal into the wrecked Wreck Room. Missus Goodman’s unconscious body slumped down into the threshold- she had been leaning against the doors. The young heroes peeked in wearily now- the passion from their crusade now fading…

Suicide King slithered along the wall, looking up into the chamber, and became the first to be treated to the horrific sight. Beside him was Bulwark, Gabrielle sitting on his shoulder, their jaws collectively dropped.

Terahertz hovered in the air, gazing down on the still form of Patrick Goodman. Coach Crag had fought the young girl and lost…

What chance did they have?

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#119: Blur [PC]

Post by Michuru81 » Sun Feb 17, 2008 8:45 pm

BLUR (Power Level 5)

Real Name: Steve Potter
Height / Weight: 6’0” / 155 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Brown / Blue
Place of Birth: Home Township, Kansas (April 1, 1992)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #24

Biography: Born the son of Kip and Leslie Potter, Steve never really knew his dad. He knew of the man, but it wasn’t until Kip Potter was paroled that he truly became an important part of Steve’s life. It was the day that a thirteen-year-old Steve Potter came home from school and learned that his mother had been killed by his father that the name Kip Potter began to mean anything.

Steve was put into foster care but when he attempted to run away his Neo-Sapien powers manifested and he found himself capable of moving at great speeds. He moved one more time, now enrolled in the New Vindicators Academy of America.

Steve was promoted to the ranks of the New Vindicators and assigned to Frostbite’s squadron. On his earliest missions he performed dismally, leaving the administration questioning their decision to promote him.

Not long after his promotion Steve found himself involved with Donna-Anne Manther, the advisor to another squad. Due to their age difference, the two kept their relationship a secret…

Not long after Steve was abducted by his father, now calling himself Red Shift and leading a team of villains with movement-based powers. The Order of Movement had learned of Steve’s powers and wanted him in their family. Still, Steve had another family and Frostbite and Jetstream’s squads partnered to rescue him.

The entire scenario only helped to further cast doubt on his aptitude and his demotion was not far behind. Still, the cosmic kender, Elemenoh P. Quarez, arrived and attempted to spare Steve Potter from termination. Though he failed to cement Steve’s place on the team he had spilled the secret about Steve and Donna-Anne’s tryst, resulting in the senior’s termination from the school.

In the wake of Senator Bedford’s assassination, the New Vindicators Academy was raided by the Church of Genetic Purity. Though only a student, Steve couldn’t be kept from the battle. However, his career was ended when one of the men shot the would-be hero at point blank range and in his knee.

Ultimately, his wound was enough to slow him down and allow the Sentry units to capture him, imprisoning Steve in a concentration camp for Neo-Sapiens.
  • STR 10, DEX 16 (+3), CON 10, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 10

    SKILLS: Bluff 3 (+4), Knowledge (popular culture) 3, Sense Motive 2 (+4)

    FEATS: Equipment, Move-by Action, Taunt

    POWERS: Blur, Super-Speed 8 (2,500 MPH; Alternate Powers: Bullet 8, Spinning 8, Strike 8; Power Feats: Dodge Focus 6, Rapid Attack)

    Equipment: comm link, Vindicators Uniform (+2 Toughness, Immunity 2 [cold and heat])

    COMBAT: Attack +2, Grapple +2, Damage +0, Defense +8 (+1 flat-footed), Knockback -1, Initiative +23

    SAVES: Toughness +2, Fortitude +1, Reflex +4, Will +3

    DRAWBACKS: Prejudice (Neo-Sapien, Secret (Jetstream)

    Abilities 6 + Skills 2 (8 ranks) + Feats 3 + Powers 53 + Combat 8 + Saves 3 = 75 points
Michuru81 wrote:Scott was a veteran player from my old D&D campaigns. Actually, Axeion is based on a human ranger he played waaay back then. Anywho, Scott was eager to jump into our New Vindicators campaign after hearing tales from the other players. Blur became his first and only attempt at a character in this system.

Originally, Blur was sporting much higher scores in Wisdom and Charisma, but the character was never roleplayed as possessing such. I'm a mean DM who actually expects his players to RP their characters as statted. It's something I did with Deimos too- stepping in and making the player lower his abilities and resulting in Scott dumping the points into his Super-Speed.

Ultimately, real life and work have kept Scott from joining us for quite some time, causing us to write Blur's demotion into the story.

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#120: Boson

Post by Michuru81 » Sun Feb 17, 2008 9:23 pm

BOSON (Power Level 8)

Real Name: Clarissa “Rissa” Townsend
Height / Weight: 6'0" / 164 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Blonde / Blue
Place of Birth: New Castle, Wyoming (March 3, 1991)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #25

Biography: Clarissa Townsend was fourteen-years-old when she asked her mother and father who her real parents were. The couple was floored that she had deciphered that she had been adopted and asked her how she knew. She answered by scrunching up her face and concentrating hard on the vase of flowers sitting on the table between them. When the vase exploded, they had their answer.

From her birth parents, Rissa had inherited a Neo-Sapien ability to create force fields around or inside things. Still, her powers were very taxing- causing her headaches and requiring a great degree of concentration to use at first. She was recruited by the Department of SPB Affairs and enrolled in the New Vindicators Academy of America.

The night of Terahertz’ attack, Rissa found herself fighting off Paragon alongside her roommates, Gabrielle Farouk and Adrianna Covington. Surviving the encounter, she was one of the numerous students promoted to the ranks of the New Vindicators, put on Jetstream’s squadron alongside her ex-boyfriend and perpetual annoyance, Peter Errons.

Following Coach Crag’s funeral, many students left the school to join Hikari’s more militant Next Vindicators. Boson remained and watched as the handful of New Vindicators were melded into a single squad overseen by the newest member of the faculty: Chienne Bedford.

Chienne’s first move was the make the New Vindicators enter a free-for-all battle with each other to determine who should lead the amalgamated squadron. In the end it came down to a battle between Boson and Fluke, with Boson ultimately coming out the victor and being named the leader of the New Vindicators.
  • STR 12 (+1), DEX 12 (+1), CON 12 (+1), INT 14 (+2), WIS 16 (+3), CHA 14 (+2)

    SKILLS: Concentration 4 (+7), Diplomacy 4 (+6), Knowledge (history) 4 (+6), Notice 4 (+7), Sense Motive 4 (+7)

    FEATS: Challenge 1 (Sense Motive [Combat Clarity]), Equipment 2, Inspire 1, Leadership, Precise Shot 1, Teamwork 1

    POWERS: Flight 2 (25 MPH; Flaws: Platform [-1]), Force Constructs 10 (Alternate Powers: Blast 10, Blast 6 [Extras: Penetrating {+1}, Range {Perception, +1}; Flaws: Limited {objects, -1}], Deflect 8 [slow and fast projectiles], Nauseate 6 [Extras: Range {Ranged, +1}], Snare 10, Suffocate 6 [Extras: Range {Ranged, +1}]; Power Feats: Subtle), Force Field 10 (Extras: Affects Others [+1], Linked [Immunity, +0], Range [Range, +1]), Immunity 9 (life support; Extras: Linked [Force Field, +0]; Flaws: Duration [Sustained, -2])

    Equipment: cell phone, comm link, GPS, Vindicators Uniform (Immunity 2 [cold and heat], Protection 2); 3 free equipment points

    COMBAT: Attack +4, Grapple +5, Damage +1, Defense +4 (+2 flat-footed), Knockback -5, Initiative +1

    SAVES: Toughness +11, Fortitude +3, Reflex +3, Will +9

    COMPLICATIONS: Enemy (Savant), Prejudice (Neo-Sapien), Responsibility (New Vindicators), Rivalry (Kitten)

    Abilities 20 + Skills 5 (20 ranks) + Feats 7 + Powers 62 + Combat 16 + Saves 10 = 120 points

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#121: Wilt

Post by Michuru81 » Mon Feb 18, 2008 7:34 am

WILT (Power Level 8)

Real Name: Owen Reagan
Height / Weight: Brown / Green
Hair / Eyes: 5’10” / 163 lbs.
Place of Birth: Hoboken, New Jersey (November 6, 1989)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #8

Biography: The night Sonya DuPree got her driver’s license, she took her boyfriend out for a ride that ended with the pair being broadsided by a semi truck. Both were injured badly but Owen had retained consciousness. Though he needed help himself, he concerned himself with saving Sonya. As he touched her, his Neo-Sapien powers manifested…

Owen Reagan’s abilities suck the life out of anything he touches and uses that energy to heal himself. Drained of all her health and dying, Sonya lacked the strength to live while Owen escaped unharmed.

News spread of Owen’s abilities and his father sided with the town in an attempt to kill him before his touch killed again. He began living on the streets and that was when the New Vindicators Academy heard of him…

NEW VINDICATORS: Radix Malorum Est Cupiditas
Unsure what they were dealing with, the school sent five students to recruit him. Copycat, Deimos, Fog, Forecast and Rumble were all sent to bring the young man back but Deimos’ over-zealous behavior frightened him and sent him running. As Copycat’s powers raged out of control, the kids had bigger problems than chasing after him and lost his trail…

Supported by criminal syndicates, Owen began to climb the ladder in the Wisent’s army as a small time enforcer. However, when he came across several New Vindicators in danger he jumped into battle with them, turning the tide of battle to their side and accepting their invitation to cut his criminal ties and join the school.

Owen found himself promoted to the ranks of the New Vindicators squadrons following Terahertz’s raid on the school. Assigned to Fathom’s group, Owen simply contributed his skill gained from time served on the other side of the law- wanting to not use his powers.

However, a visit from Elemenoh not only changed his abilities but also Aurora Leigh’s. The pair were both cursed with the inability to touch others and for a night they found that curse removed. Jumping on the opportunity, the seniors ended up in bed with each other, where they were when their powers were restored… Aurora had overridden Owen’s memories with her own and his powers had drained her of her health.
Both survived and eventually recovered but Owen felt both closer to Aurora given their similar curses and what they had shared. He wanted to know her touch again but didn’t want to hurt her any further. He accepted Hikari’s invitation to join the Next Vindicators, leaving the school and Aurora behind him.

In training he accidently fell atop Jessica Hague, only to watch as her regenerative powers counteracted his own draining abilities. At the realization that the two could touch harmlessly, Owen developed a crush on the girl…
  • STR 16 (+3), DEX 14 (+2), CON 16 (+3), INT 12 (+1), WIS 14 (+2), CHA 10

    SKILLS: Bluff 4, Gather Information 8 (+10), Intimidate 8, Knowledge (streetwise) 8 (+9), Notice 4 (+6), Sense Motive 4 (+6), Stealth 4 (+5), Survival 8 (+10)

    FEATS: Attack Focus (melee) 4, Defensive Roll 4, Dodge Focus 4, Equipment 1, Fearless, Endurance, Startle

    POWERS: Transfer 10 (Drain Constitution, Boost Regeneration; Extras: Aura [+1], Duration [Continuous, +3]; Flaws: Permanent [-1])

    Equipment: comm link, Vindicators Uniform (+2 Toughness, Immunity 2 [cold and heat])

    COMBAT: Attack +0 (+4 melee), Grapple +7, Damage +3, Defense +4 (+0 flat-footed), Knockback -4 (-2 flat-footed), Initiative +2

    SAVES: Toughness +4, Fortitude +9, Reflex +4, Will +4

    DRAWBACKS: Accident (Sonya DuPree’s Death), Prejudice (Neo-Sapien), Secret (Crush on Jessica Hague)

    Abilities 22 + Skills 12 (48 ranks) + Feats 16 + Powers 50 + Combat 0 + Saves 10 = 110 points

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#122: Bluetooth [PC]

Post by Michuru81 » Mon Feb 18, 2008 7:41 am

BLUETOOTH (Power Level 8)

Real Name: Melynda Halcyon
Height / Weight: 5’6” / 125 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Brown / Hazel
Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York (August 11, 1990)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #25

Biography: Melynda was always a bright child, but that was expected given her parentage. Her mother and father were intelligent people as well. Luthor Halcyon was an engineer at Patriot Robotics- where he caught the eye of Amanda Garrison, the daughter of J. Robert Garrison, one of the five owners of Patriot Robotics. The two married and shortly after Melynda’s birth, Amanda’s father died and left her with his stake in the company.

As Melynda grew older, her gifts began to surface and Luthor was forced to come clean. He revealed he was a Neo-Sapien to his wife and that his technopathy had apparently been passed on to their daughter. His brain allowed him a remote access to most computers- at least those capable of receiving a signal. In the age of the information superhighway, this gift was furthered beyond being able to send and receive electronic signals. His gift had helped him to succeed on the development floor and Amanda believed such a talent would be put to great use by their daughter when she inherited the company.

Upon reaching high school age, Melynda was sent to study at the New Vindicators Academy of America. At the end of her sophomore year, she used her strategic genius to survive the Massacre. Despite her mother’s complaints, Melynda returned the following year.

While the first semester was uneventful, the second semester saw the arrival of Terahertz. Witnessing the radiating woman’s descent, Melynda leapt into action, formulating a plan of action to spare her fellow classmates. With the help of fellow junior David Kennel, Melynda saved Jetstream, Oscillator, Blur and several students. Thanks to her actions, Melynda was promoted to the status of New Vindicator and placed on Jetstream’s newly formed squad- along with Peter Errons (Savant), Jessica Hague (Renewal), David Kennel (Suicide King), and Clarissa Townsend (Boson).
  • STR 10, DEX 10, CON 10, INT 14 [36] (+15), WIS 14 (+2), CHA 8 (-1)

    SKILLS: Computers 4 (+19), Disable Device 4 (+19), Knowledge (any) +15, Knowledge (technology) 4 (+19), Notice 4 (+6), Sense Motive 4 (+6)

    FEATS: Attack Focus (melee) 2, Defensive Roll 2, Dodge Focus 2, Equipment 2, Leadership, Master Plan, Speed of Thought, Teamwork

    POWERS: Comprehend 5 (Code, Electronics, Languages [read, speak and understand]), Datalink 8 (WiFi; 200,000 miles; Alternate Powers: Communication 8, Deflect 8 [Flaws: Limited {electronically guided weapons, -1}, Machine Control 8), Enhanced Intelligence 22, Quickness 8 (Flaws: One Type [Mental, -1]; Power Feats: Eidetic Memory), Reflex Memory 4 (Extras: Feats [+1])

    Equipment: cell phone, comm link, laptop, Vindicators Uniform (+2 Toughness, Immunity 2 [cold and heat]); 3 free equipment points

    COMBAT: Attack +0 (+2 melee), Grapple +2, Damage +0, Defense +2 (+0 flat-footed), Knockback -2 (-1 flat-footed), Initiative +15

    SAVES: Toughness +4 (+2 flat-footed), Fortitude +2, Reflex +2, Will +7

    DRAWBACKS: Prejudice (Neo-Sapien), Reputation (Computer)

    Abilities 6 + Skills 5 (20 ranks) + Feats 12 + Powers 88 + Combat 0 + Saves 9 = 120 points
Michuru81 wrote:Another PC, Bluetooth is in the hands of Tribe who plays Frostbite and William Benson.

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#123: Renewal [PC]

Post by Michuru81 » Mon Feb 18, 2008 8:16 am

RENEWAL (Power Level 8)

Real Name: Jessica Hague
Height / Weight: 5’10” / 120 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Blonde / Blue
Place of Birth: Madison, Wisconsin (April 23, 1991)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #25

Biography: Jessica’s powers manifested halfway through her sophomore year of high school, when she found herself a victim in a school shooting. Her spontaneous regeneration kicked in, repairing the damage and bringing her back from the brink of death. It was long before the young girl found herself at the New Vindicators Academy of America and there she began to learn that her powers were more than simply repairing damage to her body…

For starters, her metabolism allowed her to eat whatever she wanted and never gain a pound. Her skin cells regenerated, keeping her appearance youthful and without blemishes. Further, as her first boyfriend would observe, Jessica was a perpetual virgin.

The super-strong Sean Tore was killed in the massacre, leaving Jessica devastated. She was comforted by one of her upperclassmen, Vincent Haynes, who discovered what Sean had as well. Thanks to Vincent, word spread of Jessica’s powers and before long the male constituent of the school wanted to test her abilities out. Jessica fluttered from guy-to-guy, realizing her powers also made her immune to STDs and prevented her from getting pregnant, and a reputation developed…

Jessica was promoted to the New Vindicators squadrons and assigned to Frostbite’s squad. However, her flirtatious attitude evoked the wrath of Katie Merrick and Jessica was demoted back to student.

Following her encounter with Terahertz during the attack, Jessica was promoted again, this time to Jetstream’s group. Though she hadn’t physically aged, the young girl had begun to mature and wanted to reinvent herself. She struggled to put her past behind her (a difficult thing as one of her many ex’s was on the team with her). Still, she looked to one boy, David Kennel, apparently oblivious to her reputation. David became one of the few boys at the school who treated her like a person. Though she developed a crush on David, he appeared oblivious to her feelings.

When Hikari extended an invitation to all of the students to join his Next Vindicators, David Kennel jumped at the chance and Jessica watched the object of her infatuation slipping away. Not wanting to be separated from David, Jessica also joined Hikari’s group…
  • STR 10, DEX 16 (+3), CON 10, INT 10, WIS 14 (+2), CHA 14 (+2)

    SKILLS: Acrobatics 6 (+9), Bluff 4 (+6/+14 attractive), Diplomacy 4 (+6/+14 attractive), Gather Information 3 (+5), Knowledge (popular culture) 3, Notice 4 (+5), Perform (dancing) 6 (+8), Search 4, Sense Motive 4 (+6), Stealth 6 (+9)

    FEATS: Acrobatic Bluff, Attractive 1, Defensive Roll 2, Dodge Focus 2, Equipment 2, Inspire 2, Luck 2, Set-Up, Teamwork 1

    POWERS: Features 1 (cannot conceive), Immunity 3 (aging, disease, poison), Regeneration 49 (Recovery Bonus 5, Recovery Rate 26 [all conditions, no action], Ability Damage 8, Resurrection 10 [no action]; Power Feats: Attractive, Diehard, Persistent, Regrowth; Extras: True Resurrection)

    Equipment: cell phone, comm link, Vindicators Uniform (+2 Toughness, Immunity 2 [cold and heat]); 4 free equipment points

    COMBAT: Attack +2, Grapple +2, Damage +0, Defense +4 (+1 flat-footed), Knockback -2 (-1 flat-footed), Initiative +7

    SAVES: Toughness +4 (+2 flat-footed), Fortitude +2, Reflex +9, Will +4

    Abilities 14 + Skills 11 (44 ranks) + Feats 10 + Powers 67 + Combat 8 + Saves 10 = 120 points
Michuru81 wrote:Kelly has an affinity for wanting to play variations of the same character over and over and one of those characters is a regenerator. While one player points out the similarities between Deimos and Gabriel (in their RP), I point to the similarities between Doctor John O'Reilly and Jessica Hague in concept and execution. This regenerator comes into the campaign without any real combat ability though, acting as a bit of a skill monkey instead.

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Keep up the good work Michuru. :)
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Fight #4: The New Vindicators versus Terahertz

Post by Michuru81 » Mon Feb 25, 2008 9:30 pm

“O-Osc?” asked Bulwark, shocked to see his teammate conscious once more and wearing the armor he had come to know from the description of Terahertz. “What’s going on?”

“That’s not Oscillator!” snapped Hourglass. “That’s Terahertz…”

“It’s Osc!” thundered Bulwark. “Osc, what happened?”

“What happened?” Terahertz asked, smirking at her next opponents. “I killed your pompous headmaster and was about to do in his whore of a wife before you popped in.”

Hourglass’ eyes went to her father’s body. She couldn’t believe that he was dead. She wouldn’t. “Daddy?” she asked weakly, her spirit starting to falter.

“Pull it together!” Boson snapped, putting herself between Terahertz and Hourglass. “Your mom needs help, right? Get her out of here and we’ll deal with Terahertz!”

Hourglass nodded weakly and dropped to the floor, pulling her mother’s body into her lap. Boson’s fists trembled as she faced the enemy who had previously disabled Hourglass’ full roster. She knew that they stood little chance against the villain and wasn’t about to let the squad leader become a liability by mourning her father instead of fighting his killer.

“Bulwark!” Boson snapped. “That’s not Oscillator, okay? It looks like her but… Oscillator was a nice person. She’d never talk the way this chick just did…”

Bulwark nodded, convinced that he was not facing his former teammate. “I getcha… You’re right. Besides, Oscillator was way hotter than this chick…”
THE SET-UP wrote:The New Vindicators have just arrived in the Wreck Room and discover Terahertz standing over Coach Crag’s body. His wife, Miss Mist, is unconscious and near the entrance to the chamber. We roll initiative…

Three characters roll a natural 20 on their initiative: Gabrielle, Boson and Terahertz. Gabby has the highest bonus, followed by Terahertz and Boson brings up the rear. After them comes Fluke (24), Gabriel (19), Iron Curtain (18), Suicide King (14), Bulwark (13), the Damned (11), Savant (10), Vincent Haynes (9), Bluetooth (8), Kitten (7) and Christmas Clark (6).
Gabrielle’s eyes began to glow with her azure energy as she sent a blast of psionic force for Terahertz. The red-headed woman gave out a pained cry and clutched the sides of her head. Still, she quickly recovered and pulled her hands away to raise them up and send out a surge of energy in every direction.

“Get down!” Gabrielle screamed, teleporting out of the reach of the burst of energy. She watched as one of the students, a young man known simply as John Smith tripped and accidently avoided the blast. Adrianna Covington, transformed into her feline form, deftly leapt clear of the blast’s radius while the Iron Curtain and Bulwark simply shrugged off the wave of power.

Still, others were not so lucky. Gabrielle’s eyes swept over the still forms of David Kennel, Vincent Haynes, Roland Birkmeyer and Christmas Clark sprawled across the chamber’s floor. Peter Errons, Rissa Townsend and her brother were still standing, though they appeared shaken by the blow.

One-by-one, Terahertz was charged by the Iron Curtain and then Bulwark. Both of the heroes swung powerful blows that the agile young woman easily dodged. Still, they created an opening for Kitten to lunge in and swipe with her claws.

The young heroine came away with shreds of black fabric on her claws but without having drawn blood. Still, despite her attack yielding nothing, Terahertz’s powers still disabled her attacker. The heat from her aura burned Kitten and the young girl fell helpless at the woman’s feet, reverting back to her human form in the process…
ROUND ONE wrote:Gabrielle shifts all the points of her dynamic array into Mental Blast and forces Terahertz to make a DC 20 Will save against the damage. Terahertz rolls a total of 18, giving her an injury.

Terahertz’s turn is next and with so many opponents she opts to just use her area Blast. Everyone gets a Reflex save (DC 22) to attempt to halve the effects. Going down our initiative order, Gabrielle rolled a total of 28, Boson rolled a 14, Fluke gets a natural 20, Gabriel gets a 13, the Iron Curtain rolls a 5, Suicide King rolls 18, Bulwark gets a 7, the Damned gets a 6, Savant rolls 19, Vincent Haynes gets a 9, Bluetooth gets 14, Kitten gets 23 and Christmas Clark botches.

Now for their Toughness saves… Only Gabrielle, Fluke and Kitten passed, so while the others now need to succeed a DC 27 Toughness save, they only need to pass a DC 21. However, Gabrielle and Kitten both have Evasion meaning they suffer no damage here. Fluke opts to burn a hero point to use Ultimate Effort, giving him a natural 20 on his Toughness save. As for the others…

Boson rolls a 14 and has a +8 bonus, meaning she has failed by 5; she is now injured and stunned. Gabriel makes a total of 16, giving him an injury and leaving him stunned, staggered and disabled… but conscious! The Iron Curtain rolls a 24, giving him an injury. Suicide King ends up with an 11, which leaves him unconscious and dying. He rolls the DC 10 Fortitude save and lands a 14, leaving him alive for another hour.

Bulwark lands a natural 20 while the Damned (same player) botches the roll. Still, he rolls exactly what he needs on the DC 10 Fortitude save. Savant rolls a total of 20 when all is said and done, leaving him injured and stunned. Vincent Haynes on the other hand fails by 17 and is now unconscious and dying. He rolls a 17 on his Fortitude save while Bluetooth joins him on the floor, rolling a 10 on her Toughness save and another 10 on her Fortitude save. Christmas rolls a 4 on her Toughness save and then rolls a 17 on the Fortitude save, leaving her unconscious and dying as well.

Boson is stunned so we shift down the order to Fluke who tries to Trip Terahertz. Terahertz makes the DC 15 Dexterity check with room a little room to spare, landing a an 18 when all is said and done. Gabriel is stunned but the Iron Curtain is feeling fine. He rushes forward, taking a swing at Terahertz and rolling a 9 for his attack. With Suicide King out of commission it goes to Bulwark who mimics the Iron Curtain’s attack- rolling only slightly higher (12) but achieving the same result. Savant is still stunned but Kitten is up. She lunges for Terahertz and rolls a 19, hitting, but Terahertz’s Toughness save (rolling a 28 against the DC 20) spares her from further injury. However, he Energy Aura brushes Kitten who rolls a 6 on her Toughness save (DC 21), leaving her unconscious and dying as well. She rolls a 13 on her Fortitude save, keeping her alive.
Again Terahertz screamed in pain, though this time the effects of Gabrielle’s psionic assault seemed to linger, leaving Terahertz writhing in agony as she clutched her skull and staggered about blindly.

Boson saw the opportunity to attack but knew she couldn’t risk her friends dying. She created a stretch out of force particles between Suicide King and the floor and quickly grabbed an end and proceeded to drag him out of the room. Savant soon shook off the effects of the blast as well and mimicked her movements, sweeping Kitten into his arms and running out of the room with her.

Gabriel merely opted to run. He knew a losing battle when he saw one and he was determined not to die here- fighting to avenge a man he barely tolerated. Gabrielle’s jaw dropped as she watched her brother run from the fray and her heart recalled the premonition Hikari had brought with him.

Was this a precursor to Gabriel’s transformation into Osiris?

In the face of so many others opting to retreat, the Iron Curtain and Bulwark stayed to fight. Though Bulwark’s wild swing connected only with the air, the Iron Curtain’s punch landed against Terahertz’s side- bruising a few ribs but failing to do much damage to the young woman.
ROUND TWO wrote:Gabrielle goes for another Mental Blast and I roll a total of 14 on the save, giving me another injury and leaving me stunned. Between turns those who were stunned cease to be, while I will be for the remainder of this round. Realizing they have their chance, the kids make their move…

Boson opts to try and stabilize any she can. As Hourglass has already taken Miss Mist out of the room, Boson moves to help her teammate, Suicide King. She doesn’t have any way of helping him, so she begins to transport him on a force stretcher to the medical bay…

Fluke attempts to Trip once more, seeing that it came close last time. Terahertz rolls a natural 20 on the check, leaving Fluke grumbling.

On Gabriel’s turn, he flees- seeing the fight as a pointless one.

The Iron Curtain attacks and hits, forcing a DC 22 Toughness save from Terahertz. Even stunned she’s got this, having the benefits of a high Constitution. She rolls a total of 25, rolling low but making it all the same. Bulwark attacks and misses though.

Savant, having seen Kitten dropped by Terahertz’s aura, stays back and retreats, opting to help Boson transport others out of the room. He starts with Kitten, carrying her out in his arms and rushing for the medical bay.
Once more Terahertz screamed in pain but she quickly shook it off, determined to end the threat the young Nephilim possessed. Blasting across the battlefield, Terahertz seized the teleporter and began to exhaust her energy- leaving the young girl weak and enabled with one attack.

“We should be more careful…” John Smith said, looking to the ceiling. It wore the brunt of a few of Terahertz’s energy bursts and suddenly the young man found his inspiration. “It would be really unfortunate if someone were hurt by falling debris…” On cue a tile from the Wreck Room fell through the chamber and broke over Terahert’z back.

Though a valiant effort it wasn’t enough to deter Terahertz.

Again and again Bulwark and the Iron Curtain charged and missed. “You boys are out of your league!” Terahertz laughed, easily dodging their wild jabs. “Honestly, I thought the purpose of this school was to teach Neo-Sapiens to protect themselves.” A sinister sneer spread across her face then. “You’re all doing a bang-up job!”
ROUND THREE wrote:At the start of the round Terahertz shakes off the stun and Gabrielle goes in for another Mental Blast. Terahertz rolls an 18 and hasn’t forgotten that it’s been Gabrielle who’s been hurting her this fight. She goes in for a Drain and lands the hit with a natural 20. Gabrielle is forced to make a DC 25 Fortitude save, something she’s not confident about. She rolls a 9 after adding in her bonus- dropping her Constitution score down to 1 with one hit.

Fluke shifts over to the Damage power, specifying that a chuck of the ceiling damaged by one of Terahertz’s bursts falls and smacks her over the head. It’s a DC 20 Toughness save for Terahertz, something she has in spades. She rolls a 28 total, leaving Fluke more enraged than before.

Iron Curtain and Bulwark both attempt to attack again and both miss, rolling a 10 and 12 respectively. Three rounds in and with only four of them still on her, I deem now to be the right time for the relief I had planned…
“Gabby!” screamed Frostbite, barreling into the Wreck Room with the other students and registering that he may have arrived too late. “Get out of there!”

One look into Terahertz’s eyes was all Gabrielle needed. There she found the same murderous intent that had been Coach Crag’s last vision. There she saw all of the young woman’s rage focused on her. Terahertz had killed before and for less; Gabrielle knew she was done for…

Between Terahertz and Gabrielle the air began to crack. Suddenly fingertips of darkest onyx burst through the cracks and pulled open a hole in reality.

Two figures, both darker than deep shade, emerged from the portal and locked eyes with Terahertz. One she had encountered several times before. The other was new to her. “You,” she growled, looking at the young man cloaked in black hellfire.

That young man threw his arm back and his fingers closed around nothing. With a thought a staff blazed there, forming into a massive scythe balanced by a pair of crescent moons. “You’ve upgraded,” the other man said, looking at him in surprise.

This man was built like a brick; his muscular form was darker even that the black flames that flickered across his accomplice’s body. Under his weight the floor began to cave in and his companion had to physically resist being drawn closer to him. Both were effects of his powers; he entered his dense state by becoming a spatial anomaly- a living black hole with an intense gravitational pull that even light could not escape. “I wasn’t aware a Nephilim’s soul weapon could change shape…”

“Seems I’m only half Nephilim,” the other growled, glaring at Terahertz and eager his rematch with the woman. “I’m part Neo-Sapien too.” The big man opened his mouth to question the validity of such a statement and was cut off. “It’s easier if you don’t try to think about it…”

“A-Anomaly?” Gabrielle asked, having met the man just recently after the New Vindicators battle with Amalgam. “Mister Sway!?”

“What does it take to kill you, Deimos?” snarled Terahertz.

Deimos laughed. “Whatever it is, you don’t have it. I have to thank you though... After our last fight, I got to thinking about my Neo-Sapien powers more. I’ve been training, embracing my other side in anticipation of taking you down…”

A ball of electricity appeared in the room then and exploded to expel two more into the fight. “We came as soon as we could,” Lodestone said as Portal let go of his fellow Vindicator. “Sorry we didn’t come in full force. Portal and I were trying to track…” He couldn’t bring himself to say ‘our mom’ and instead settled for, “…Miss Multiple. The others will get here when they can.”

“What are you doing here?” Fathom asked. “How did you…? I’m lost.”

“There’s a shocker,” grumbled Deimos. “Crag sent out a distress to the Vindicators, the Guardians, the Illuminati… We were the only ones who could answer, all right?”

“Just like old times,” Frostbite said, stepping ahead of Bulwark and the Iron Curtain. “The four of you pull back!” he said to the New Vindicators. “We’ll handle her from here…"

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Fight #5

Post by Michuru81 » Tue Feb 26, 2008 8:01 am

Chapter LXXXI: My Brilliant Feat
THE SET-UP wrote:With three bruises and three injuries carrying over from her encounter with the New Vindicators, Terahertz goes into battle with Anomaly, Deimos, Fathom, Frostbite, Lodestone and Portal- six of the seven original PCs from when this campaign first began.

Initiative is rolled and Deimos is going first with a total of 25. Fathom has a 17 and Anomaly is just under her with a 16. Lodestone rolls a 12 and Portal gets 10. Terahertz manages to beat only Frostbite, rolling an 8 to his 5.
Deimos charged forward then, tired of his former classmates’ tendency to talk more than they fought. Wings shot out from his back and the shadows of the heroes rose up and hurried to fight alongside of him. “He’s just full of new tricks,” Anomaly mused, hurrying after Deimos. He looked to Mister Goodman’s body, still lying at Terahertz’s feet. If he was lucky there may still be a chance for the man…

As he ran to check for signs of life, Fathom shot for Terahertz; her body elongated out and allowed her to traverse the distance between the two in no time. Her hand enlarged and fell over the once-masked woman’s now-exposed face. She flinched as the heat from Terahertz’s energy aura burned her even in her aquatic form but still she pushed on. Her hand gelled and forced its way into her throat and nostrils. Terahertz whipped back her head, coughing and expelling the woman’s hand from her breathing passages.

Lodestone flung his arms out to his sides and summoned the tiles that coated the chamber to him. “What do you think you’re doing!?” snapped Portal. “We came here to bust skulls, not wreck the Wreck Room!”

“I’ll put it back when I’m down,” groaned Lodestone, flinging the tiles in rapid succession at Terahertz. One by one the spinning floor tiles sliced through her, cutting Terahertz with each successive strike.

“Dude, you totally stole that from the Legend of Zelda,” Portal said as he flew forward.

“I haven’t played any since Ocarina of Time,” Lodestone said with a shrug. “I can’t figure out how to get out of the water temple.”

“Haven’t you ever heard of GameFAQs?” asked Portal as he slammed Terahertz with a punch empowered by the hydraulics in his powersuit. “Honestly, man- you’re so behind the times…”

Frostbite found his target shaken by the successive blows of his former classmates and hurled a handful of icicles with deadly precision. Still, that precision was for nothing as his blows missed even the stunned villain before him. “Same old Ben,” Deimos growled. “Still reluctant to get your hands dirty huh? Here… let me show you how it’s done!”
ROUND ONE wrote:Deimos charges and opts to throw 4 into Power Attack. He rolls a natural 20 on the attack, upping the DC even more and earning his name as the personification of fear. Forced to make a DC 35 Toughness save (and with three injuries given to her by Gabrielle), I roll and land a total of 31, leaving me injured, bruised and stunned.

Fathom attempts to Suffocate Terahertz and rolls a 17 on her attempt to hit. Terahertz has to make a DC 30 Fortitude save and she rolls a 33. Fathom, however, now has to deal with a DC 21 Toughness save against Terahertz’s aura; she rolls and gets a total of 17, leaving her with an injury.

Anomaly goes to Coach Crag. Without the right skills he has no inkling how to check the man. He opts to burn a hero point, using it on Leadership in an attempt to get rid of the man’s worst condition. As Coach Crag is dead, nothing happens.

Lodestone decides to tear apart the Wreck Room and throw it at their opponent. Portal threatens to attack Lodey for destroying property (Dan is adamant that Portal could care less about the sanctity of life, but property damage is an unforgiveable sin). His autofire blast connects with Lodestone rolling a 24 on his attempt to connect. As Terahertz has yet to act this battle she’s flat-footed, meaning her Defense is 10, meaning Lodestone hit 14 over on the autofire. He forces Terahertz to make a DC 32 Toughness save. Thanks to her battles with the Nephilim of each team Terahertz’s bonus is now only +13. She rolls and gets 24, leaving her just a bit more worse for wear.

Still, Portal launches into Terahertz with a punch and rolls a 14 on hit attempt to hit. Terahertz is forced to make a DC 25 Toughness save. She rolls a total of 19, giving her another bruise and another injury (putting her at 6 for each condition).

Stunned, Terahertz loses her action and we shift to Frostbite. He flies up and launches a series of icicles at Terahertz, botching the attack roll and failing to hit her.
With a mighty cry Deimos swung his spectral scythe through Terahertz, bringing a cry from her and creating an opening for Fathom to attack. The young woman’s arms changed shape, becoming flowing whips of water that she lashed at Terahertz with.

As Lodestone readied another attack with more floor tiles, Anomaly rose up from Coach Crag’s body. He knew for certain that the man was dead now. He knew that the woman before them had killed him. “This is her second time here,” he said, thinking back to what Ben had told him on his recent return to the school. Ben had told him all about the night Katie had died; Ben had told the Guardian of Terahertz’s first assault on the school. “She’s just going to keep coming back, killing more and more… unless someone stops her…”

A mad scream tore its way from Anomaly’s soul as the protector charged for Terahertz. His howl unraveled even his comrades; they stopped and stared at him in shock and awe, watching as he threw everything away and gambled it all on one last attack…

“No more!” Anomaly screamed, thinking of all the pain and suffering he had been through. Addison Truman. Lucas Howell. Malachi Brown. Cloud Goodman. Doctor Styles. Mister Goodman.

Drew Jenkins…

Drew smiled as he watched Anomaly’s punch rupture the breastplate Terahertz wore. The woman went sailing through the air, landing in a heap of scattered and shattered tiles. Her armor destroyed, the unconscious figure was clad only in the tattered remains of her black jumpsuit.

Deimos looked to Frostbite and grinned. “Now THAT’S how it’s freakin’ done!”
ROUND TWO wrote:Deimos attacks again and rolls a 16, hitting and forcing a Toughness save (DC 25) from the already worn out Terahertz. She rolls a 24, which giving her a new bruise and a new injury.

Seeing her opening in directly attacking her, Fathom lashes out, using her arms as water whips and rolls a 15 on the attempt to hit. Terahertz rolls a 28 on her Toughness save (DC 30), giving her another injury.

Anomaly, realizing nothing more can be done for their former teacher, charges Terahertz and takes an aggressive stance. Further, he opts to throw everything fully into All-out Attack and Power Attack. He rolls a natural 20 on the attack roll and the room grows quiet…

Terahertz has eight bruises and eight injuries, bringing her total Toughness save bonus down to +9. The DC for Anomaly’s attack is 40. I roll and end up with a 24, which fails by 16- giving her a slew of conditions but most importantly… leaving her dying.

Still, the group’s spirits sink as they realize Terahertz’s Toughness came from her Enhanced Constitution- meaning she has the bonus needed to make the DC 10 Fortitude saving throw against death. Still, they’ve put her down, which means it’s time for backup…

The heroes’ moment of joy was short lived as something flew from one of the shadows Deimos had manipulated. Immediately the young Nephilim cursed and charged for their new opponent. “Stop him!” he screamed to the others. “Before he takes her away!”

Anomaly was the first to move and the others, perhaps out of habit, moved to follow him. The Shadow sneered as he realized they were about to descend upon him and suddenly the room was plunged into darkness.

Still, Deimos could see. His Neo-Sapien abilities had begun to grow- granting him powers similar to his half-brother. He fought to wrest control of the darkness from the Shadow but still he was not strong enough.

He was not strong enough to break through the barrier which obscured all sight from his friends, but his eyes still allowed him to see through the darkness and watch helplessly as Terahertz was taken up, swallowed by the darkness. Though his eyes let him see her and he could still see his friends, the Shadow was virtually invisible in these conditions. No doubt he had hefted her into his arms and returned the herald to his father.

The darkness subsided and Deimos was left clutching his scythe with hands that dripped with his own blood; his fists were clenched so tightly that his hands were now bleeding.

“Someone want to tell me what just happened?” Fathom asked.

“I should have made them leave,” Deimos said. “I bragged about how I was more in control of the Neo-Sapien side of my powers… my control over darkness… I could have controlled the shadows. I could have expelled them from the room…”

“What are you talking about?” Frostbite asked. “You’re… you’re not a Neo-Sapien. You’re a Nephilim…”

“I forgot about my brother. I forgot about him scrying on the battle through the shadows, waiting to rescue her the moment she fell…”

“Who?” asked Portal. “Who rescued Terahertz?”

“I failed,” Deimos growled. One of his father’s precious pawns had been right before him- finally defeated –and he had failed to slay her. “I failed this time…” He turned to the shadows and released his hold over hellfire, abandoning his black armor and standing only in the strait jacket he now wore.

He wanted them to see his face as he smiled at them. “You’re still watching us, right?” he asked, staring into the shadows. “Ask our father if he’s scared yet. His precious herald is half-dead now, and with one more piece of her soul back in her body. Ask him if he’s shaking yet. Ask him if he knows just how badly I’m going to screw up all those plans he made.

“Ask him if he’s regretting how he cast me aside.

“Ask him if he’s ready to fight.

“Ask him if he’s ready to lose.”

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#124: Suicide King [PC]

Post by Michuru81 » Thu Feb 28, 2008 7:23 am

SUICIDE KING (Power Level 8)

Real Name: David Kennel (137)
Height / Weight: 5’10” / 160 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Brown / Brown
Place of Birth: Unrevealed (Unrevealed)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #25

Biography: As of yet little is known of David Kennel’s past- save that he has an older sister whose whereabouts are currently unknown.

David Kennel was promoted to Jetstream’s squadron of New Vindicators following the first assault on the school by Terahertz.

Following the New Vindicators retreat to Canada, David heard Hikari’s full story and learned that at one point (in Hikari’s dimension) he would become leader of the Vindicators XI, handing the reigns of leadership over to Hikari after the death of his wife Melynda Kennel (Bluetooth). Further, his powers would grow to the point that he was able to send Mister Mayhem, Hikari and Bogart into the past…

His powers weren’t at that point yet but David was skilled enough that he was recruited on one of the rescue teams. Along with Gabrielle Farouk, Bluetooth, Fluke and Renewal, Suicide King was sent to locate and liberate the concentration camps where the American government had been detaining Neo-Sapiens.
  • STR 14 (+2), DEX 12 (+1), CON 14 (+2), INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 14 (+2)

    SKILLS: Bluff 4 (+6), Diplomacy 4 (+6), Knowledge (behavioral sciences) 3, Knowledge (physical sciences) 4, Knowledge (tactics) 4, Languages 1 (English [base], French), Notice 4, Sense Motive 4

    FEATS: Attack Specialization 2 (unarmed), Equipment 2, Improved Trip, Inspire 3, Leadership, Instant Up, Luck 4, Set-up

    POWERS: Dimensional Control 16 (Power Feats: Dodge Focus 4; Extras: Affects Others [+1])

    Equipment: comm link, Vindicators Uniform (+2 Toughness, Immunity 2 [cold and heat]); 5 free equipment points

    COMBAT: Attack +4 (+8 unarmed), Grapple +4, Damage +2, Defense +8 (+2 flat-footed), Knockback, Initiative +1

    SAVES: Toughness +4, Fortitude +5, Reflex +3, Will +8

    COMPLICATIONS: Prejudice (Neo-Sapien)

    Abilities 14 + Skills 7 (28 ranks) + Feats 14 + Powers 56 + Combat 16 + Saves 13 = 120 points
Michuru81 wrote:Suicide King is a PC, run by Bob, the player behind Lodestone and Bulwark. The name is a reference to the King of Hearts, where the playing card is holding a sword behind his head and appears to be killing himself, hence the King of Hearts being known as the Suicide King. Originally, David Kennel's ability left him paper thin and his player associated it with playing cards.

I don't really get it either.

The David Kennel was all know and love identifies himself as David Kennel-137. The player has something planned that... hasn't really come up in the campaign yet. He has something called the David Kennel Exchange Program inwhich David Kennel (now knowing that multiple dimensions exist, thanks to Hikari's exposition) has ventured into other dimensions to meet other David Kennel's. Much in the way that the core Marvel universe is 616, the core OUBLIETTE universe is 137.

David Kennel-358 may differ only in skin color while David Kennel-964 may be a woman. Bob has decreed that there is a David Kennel who is an intelligent dog (from the intelligent dog universe) and an evil David Kennel (from the quasi-bizzaro universe). David Kennel-1 is a normal human and is an accountant.